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Filename Size Filename Size 
00STRONGSNUMBERS.htm 332,489  10a TRANPHR2 greek str num.htm 2,201,884
01grkdicx1.htm 806,038  10B TRANPHR2.htm 10,684,871
02greek dic with root definitions updated.htm 4,185,286  11KJVSTNTnum only1.htm 73,697,556
02GRKDICX2.htm 19,111,514  12EXPNTcon.htm 2,101,125
03SYNONYMS GREEK exp strongs numbers.htm 1,025,663  13STRNT2 num gold.htm 47,598,095
06trans phr one line grk.htm 784,512  15XNUMG2.htm 27,366,493
07a GRK_cross_ref_6.htm 2,181,165  16greek dic with syn inserted.htm 5,124,953
07b GRKxref1.htm 2,049,397  17GRKDICX2numbers.htm 2,028,493
08greek_nt_conc_num_order.htm 3,240,475  index.html 8,928
09greek_nt_conc_eng_order.htm 3,240,465  

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