Book of Song of Solomon Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 22_SON_01_13
A bundle of 22_SON_03_09
a chariot of 22_SON_01_09
a company of 22_SON_07_01
a cunning workman 22_SON_04_01
a flock of 22_SON_04_02
a flock of 22_SON_06_06
a flock of 22_SON_04_01
a flock of goats 22_SON_06_05
a flock of goats 22_SON_04_02
a flock of sheep 22_SON_06_06
a flock of sheep 22_SON_04_15
a fountain of 22_SON_03_04
a little that 22_SON_08_09
a palace of 22_SON_07_07
a palm tree 22_SON_04_03
a piece of 22_SON_06_07
a piece of 22_SON_04_03
a piece of a 22_SON_06_07
a piece of a 22_SON_02_09
a roe or 22_SON_02_17
a roe or 22_SON_02_09
a roe or a 22_SON_02_17
a roe or a 22_SON_08_06
a seal upon 22_SON_08_06
a seal upon thine 22_SON_08_06
a seal upon thine 22_SON_08_12
a thousand and 22_SON_08_11
a thousand pieces 22_SON_08_11
a thousand pieces of 22_SON_04_03
a thread of 22_SON_08_10
a wall and 22_SON_04_15
a well of 22_SON_02_09
a young hart 22_SON_02_17
a young hart 22_SON_02_17
a young hart upon 22_SON_08_14
a young hart upon 22_SON_03_02
about the city 22_SON_03_03
about the city 22_SON_05_07
about the city 22_SON_03_03
about the city found 22_SON_05_07
about the city found 22_SON_01_04
after thee the 22_SON_07_13
all manner of 22_SON_07_13
all manner of pleasant 22_SON_08_07
all the substance 22_SON_08_07
all the substance of 22_SON_05_01
am come into 22_SON_06_03
am my beloved's 22_SON_07_10
am my beloved's 22_SON_06_03
am my beloved's and 22_SON_07_10
am my beloved's and 22_SON_02_05
am sick of 22_SON_05_08
am sick of 22_SON_02_05
am sick of love 22_SON_05_08
am sick of love 22_SON_02_02
among the daughters 22_SON_02_16
among the lilies 22_SON_04_05
among the lilies 22_SON_02_03
among the sons 22_SON_02_03
among the trees 22_SON_02_03
among the trees of 22_SON_06_04
an army with 22_SON_06_10
an army with 22_SON_06_04
an army with banners 22_SON_06_10
an army with banners 22_SON_07_02
an heap of 22_SON_02_17
and be thou 22_SON_08_14
and be thou 22_SON_02_17
and be thou like 22_SON_08_14
and be thou like 22_SON_08_02
and bring thee 22_SON_02_07
and by the 22_SON_03_05
and by the 22_SON_02_07
and by the hinds 22_SON_03_05
and by the hinds 22_SON_02_10
and come away 22_SON_02_13
and come away 22_SON_04_16
and come thou 22_SON_02_03
and his fruit 22_SON_02_06
and his right 22_SON_02_06
and his right hand 22_SON_07_06
and how pleasant 22_SON_02_16
and I am 22_SON_02_16
and I am his 22_SON_08_09
And if she 22_SON_08_09
And if she be 22_SON_03_02
And in the 22_SON_03_11
And in the 22_SON_03_11
and in the day 22_SON_03_04
and into the 22_SON_05_05
and my fingers 22_SON_01_04
and rejoice in 22_SON_01_04
and rejoice in thee 22_SON_02_10
and said unto 22_SON_02_10
And said unto me 22_SON_07_05
and the hair of 22_SON_06_11
and the pomegranates 22_SON_02_17
and the shadows 22_SON_04_06
and the shadows 22_SON_02_17
and the shadows flee 22_SON_04_06
and the shadows flee 22_SON_04_10
and the smell 22_SON_04_11
and the smell 22_SON_04_10
and the smell of 22_SON_04_11
and the smell of 22_SON_02_12
and the voice 22_SON_02_12
and the voice of 22_SON_06_06
and there is 22_SON_06_06
and there is not 22_SON_05_16
and this is my 22_SON_08_12
and those that 22_SON_04_03
and thy speech 22_SON_06_11
and to see 22_SON_04_06
and to the 22_SON_05_06
and was gone 22_SON_03_04
and would not 22_SON_05_13
are as a 22_SON_06_06
are as a 22_SON_05_12
are as the 22_SON_04_03
are like a 22_SON_04_05
are like two 22_SON_07_03
are like two 22_SON_04_05
are like two young 22_SON_07_03
are like two young 22_SON_06_04
army with banners 22_SON_06_10
army with banners 22_SON_01_15
art fair my 22_SON_01_16
art fair my 22_SON_01_15
art fair my love 22_SON_04_01
art fair my love 22_SON_01_15
art fair thou 22_SON_04_01
art fair thou 22_SON_01_15
art fair thou hast 22_SON_04_01
art fair thou hast 22_SON_02_14
art in the 22_SON_07_06
art thou O 22_SON_04_01
as a flock 22_SON_06_05
as a flock 22_SON_04_01
as a flock of 22_SON_06_05
as a flock of 22_SON_06_07
as a piece 22_SON_06_07
as a piece of 22_SON_08_06
as a seal upon 22_SON_08_06
as a seal upon 22_SON_06_04
as an army 22_SON_06_10
as an army 22_SON_06_04
as an army with 22_SON_06_10
as an army with 22_SON_05_14
as bright ivory overlaid 22_SON_05_14
as bright ivory overlaid 22_SON_06_13
as it were 22_SON_06_13
as it were the 22_SON_01_07
as one that 22_SON_08_10
as one that 22_SON_05_15
as pillars of 22_SON_02_03
as the apple 22_SON_05_12
as the eyes 22_SON_08_06
as the grave 22_SON_02_02
As the lily 22_SON_06_10
as the sun 22_SON_01_07
at noon for 22_SON_02_09
at the windows 22_SON_02_07
awake my love 22_SON_03_05
awake my love 22_SON_02_07
awake my love till 22_SON_03_05
awake my love till 22_SON_04_06
away I will 22_SON_04_02
barren among them 22_SON_06_06
barren among them 22_SON_01_07
be as one 22_SON_01_07
be as one that 22_SON_01_04
be glad and 22_SON_08_08
be spoken for 22_SON_02_17
be thou like 22_SON_08_14
be thou like 22_SON_01_06
because I am 22_SON_01_03
because of the 22_SON_01_06
because the sun 22_SON_02_08
behold he cometh 22_SON_01_15
Behold thou art 22_SON_01_15
Behold thou art 22_SON_01_16
Behold thou art 22_SON_04_01
Behold thou art 22_SON_04_01
Behold thou art 22_SON_01_15
behold thou art fair 22_SON_01_15
behold thou art fair 22_SON_04_01
behold thou art fair 22_SON_04_01
behold thou art fair 22_SON_05_14
belly is as 22_SON_02_17
beloved and be 22_SON_08_14
beloved and be 22_SON_02_17
beloved and be thou 22_SON_08_14
beloved and be thou 22_SON_02_16
beloved is mine 22_SON_06_03
beloved is mine 22_SON_07_11
beloved let us 22_SON_05_09
beloved more than another 22_SON_05_09
beloved more than another 22_SON_08_09
boards of cedar 22_SON_02_17
break and the 22_SON_04_06
break and the 22_SON_02_17
break and the shadows 22_SON_04_06
break and the shadows 22_SON_04_05
breasts are like 22_SON_07_03
breasts are like 22_SON_04_05
breasts are like two 22_SON_07_03
breasts are like two 22_SON_08_02
bring thee into 22_SON_03_04
brought him into 22_SON_01_04
brought me into 22_SON_02_04
brought me to 22_SON_02_04
brought me to the 22_SON_08_05
brought thee forth 22_SON_03_04
but a little 22_SON_05_06
but I could 22_SON_05_06
but I could not 22_SON_03_01
but I found 22_SON_03_04
but I found 22_SON_03_01
but I found him 22_SON_03_02
but I found him 22_SON_05_02
but my heart 22_SON_07_04
by the gate 22_SON_02_07
by the hinds 22_SON_03_05
by the hinds 22_SON_02_07
by the hinds of 22_SON_03_05
by the hinds of 22_SON_02_07
by the roes 22_SON_03_05
by the roes 22_SON_02_07
by the roes and 22_SON_03_05
by the roes and 22_SON_04_02
came up from 22_SON_04_02
came up from the 22_SON_08_13
cause me to 22_SON_08_13
Cause me to hear 22_SON_08_02
cause thee to 22_SON_01_10
chains of gold 22_SON_02_07
charge you O 22_SON_03_05
charge you O 22_SON_08_04
charge you O 22_SON_05_08
charge you O daughters 22_SON_08_04
charge you O daughters 22_SON_02_07
charge you O ye 22_SON_03_05
charge you O ye 22_SON_03_09
chariot of the 22_SON_03_03
city found me 22_SON_05_07
city found me 22_SON_02_14
clefts of the 22_SON_02_14
clefts of the rock 22_SON_07_08
clusters of the 22_SON_07_08
clusters of the vine 22_SON_08_06
coals of fire 22_SON_02_12
come and the 22_SON_04_16
come into his 22_SON_05_01
come into my 22_SON_03_06
cometh out of 22_SON_03_06
cometh out of the 22_SON_05_06
could not find 22_SON_01_05
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_02_07
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_03_10
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_05_08
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_05_16
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_08_04
daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_02_07
daughters of Jerusalem by 22_SON_03_05
daughters of Jerusalem by 22_SON_03_11
daughters of Zion 22_SON_03_11
daughters of Zion and 22_SON_02_17
day break and 22_SON_04_06
day break and 22_SON_02_17
day break and the 22_SON_04_06
day break and the 22_SON_03_11
day of his 22_SON_03_11
day of the 22_SON_08_08
day when she 22_SON_05_02
dove my undefiled 22_SON_06_09
dove my undefiled 22_SON_06_11
down into the 22_SON_04_11
drop as the 22_SON_08_13
dwellest in the 22_SON_03_08
every man hath 22_SON_03_08
every man hath his 22_SON_08_11
every one for 22_SON_03_08
expert in war 22_SON_07_04
eyes like the 22_SON_06_10
fair as the 22_SON_01_15
fair my love 22_SON_04_01
fair my love 22_SON_01_15
fair my love behold 22_SON_04_01
fair my love behold 22_SON_02_10
fair one and 22_SON_02_13
fair one and 22_SON_02_10
fair one and come 22_SON_02_13
fair one and come 22_SON_01_15
fair thou hast 22_SON_04_01
fair thou hast 22_SON_01_15
fair thou hast doves' 22_SON_04_01
fair thou hast doves' 22_SON_01_08
fairest among women 22_SON_05_09
fairest among women 22_SON_03_08
fear in the 22_SON_06_02
feed in the 22_SON_02_16
feedeth among the 22_SON_06_03
feedeth among the 22_SON_02_16
feedeth among the lilies 22_SON_06_03
feedeth among the lilies 22_SON_02_07
field that ye 22_SON_03_05
field that ye 22_SON_02_07
field that ye stir 22_SON_03_05
field that ye stir 22_SON_05_11
fine gold his 22_SON_05_15
fine gold his 22_SON_04_01
flock of goats 22_SON_06_05
flock of goats 22_SON_04_01
flock of goats that 22_SON_06_05
flock of goats that 22_SON_04_02
flock of sheep 22_SON_06_06
flock of sheep 22_SON_01_07
flocks of thy 22_SON_02_05
for I am 22_SON_08_06
for love is 22_SON_03_10
for the daughters 22_SON_08_11
for the fruit 22_SON_06_05
for they have 22_SON_01_07
for why should 22_SON_06_10
forth as the 22_SON_06_10
forth as the morning 22_SON_02_09
forth at the 22_SON_01_08
forth by the 22_SON_07_11
forth into the 22_SON_07_11
forth into the field 22_SON_07_12
forth there will 22_SON_03_01
found him not 22_SON_04_01
from mount Gilead 22_SON_04_08
from the mountains of 22_SON_04_08
from the top 22_SON_04_08
from the top of 22_SON_04_08
from the top of 22_SON_04_02
from the washing 22_SON_06_06
from the washing 22_SON_04_02
from the washing whereof 22_SON_06_06
from the washing whereof 22_SON_08_05
from the wilderness 22_SON_06_11
fruits of the 22_SON_05_06
gave me no 22_SON_05_06
gave me no answer 22_SON_08_07
give all the 22_SON_08_07
give all the substance 22_SON_07_12
give thee my 22_SON_03_02
go about the 22_SON_03_02
go about the city 22_SON_03_03
go about the city 22_SON_07_11
go forth into 22_SON_07_11
go forth into the 22_SON_01_08
go thy way 22_SON_07_08
go up to 22_SON_07_08
go up to the 22_SON_04_01
goats that appear 22_SON_06_05
goats that appear 22_SON_04_01
goats that appear from 22_SON_06_05
goats that appear from 22_SON_06_02
gone down into 22_SON_08_11
had a vineyard 22_SON_03_04
had brought him 22_SON_04_01
hair is as 22_SON_06_05
hair is as 22_SON_04_01
hair is as a 22_SON_06_05
hair is as a 22_SON_07_01
hands of a 22_SON_02_17
hart upon the 22_SON_08_14
hart upon the 22_SON_02_17
hart upon the mountains 22_SON_08_14
hart upon the mountains 22_SON_01_15
hast doves' eyes 22_SON_04_01
hast doves' eyes 22_SON_04_09
hast ravished my heart 22_SON_04_09
hast ravished my heart 22_SON_01_04
hath brought me 22_SON_01_06
hath looked upon 22_SON_05_01
have eaten my 22_SON_01_06
have I not 22_SON_07_13
have laid up 22_SON_05_03
have put off 22_SON_02_04
He brought me 22_SON_02_04
He brought me to 22_SON_02_16
he feedeth among 22_SON_06_03
he feedeth among 22_SON_02_16
he feedeth among the 22_SON_06_03
he feedeth among the 22_SON_05_06
he gave me 22_SON_05_06
he gave me no 22_SON_03_10
he made the 22_SON_03_10
he made the pillars 22_SON_01_13
he shall lie 22_SON_02_06
head and his 22_SON_08_03
head and his 22_SON_02_06
head and his right 22_SON_08_03
head and his right 22_SON_07_05
head upon thee 22_SON_02_14
hear thy voice 22_SON_08_13
hearken to thy 22_SON_08_13
hearken to thy voice 22_SON_08_06
heart as a 22_SON_06_09
her that bare 22_SON_06_09
her The daughters 22_SON_06_09
her yea the 22_SON_03_04
him and would 22_SON_03_04
him and would not 22_SON_05_06
him but he 22_SON_03_02
him but I 22_SON_05_06
him but I 22_SON_03_01
him but I found 22_SON_03_02
him but I found 22_SON_03_11
him in the 22_SON_03_11
him in the day 22_SON_03_04
him into my 22_SON_05_08
him that I 22_SON_03_01
him whom my 22_SON_03_02
him whom my 22_SON_03_04
him whom my 22_SON_03_01
him whom my soul 22_SON_03_02
him whom my soul 22_SON_03_04
him whom my soul 22_SON_06_01
him with thee 22_SON_02_07
hinds of the 22_SON_03_05
hinds of the 22_SON_02_07
hinds of the field 22_SON_03_05
hinds of the field 22_SON_05_12
his eyes are 22_SON_08_10
his eyes as 22_SON_04_16
his garden and 22_SON_05_14
his hands are 22_SON_08_07
his house for 22_SON_02_06
his left hand 22_SON_08_03
his left hand 22_SON_01_02
his mouth for 22_SON_02_06
his right hand 22_SON_08_03
his right hand 22_SON_03_08
his sword upon 22_SON_03_08
his sword upon his 22_SON_07_08
hold of the 22_SON_05_04
hole of the 22_SON_02_04
house and his 22_SON_03_04
house and into 22_SON_07_01
How beautiful are 22_SON_04_10
How much better 22_SON_04_10
How much better is 22_SON_05_03
how shall I 22_SON_05_03
how shall I put 22_SON_08_10
I am a 22_SON_01_05
I am black 22_SON_01_06
I am black 22_SON_05_01
I am come 22_SON_05_01
I am come into 22_SON_02_16
I am his 22_SON_06_03
I am my 22_SON_06_03
I am my beloved's 22_SON_07_10
I am my beloved's 22_SON_02_05
I am sick 22_SON_05_08
I am sick 22_SON_02_05
I am sick of 22_SON_05_08
I am sick of 22_SON_02_01
I am the 22_SON_05_06
I called him 22_SON_02_07
I charge you 22_SON_03_05
I charge you 22_SON_08_04
I charge you 22_SON_02_07
I charge you O 22_SON_03_05
I charge you O 22_SON_08_04
I charge you O 22_SON_03_01
I found him 22_SON_03_02
I found him 22_SON_03_01
I found him not 22_SON_03_02
I found him not 22_SON_07_12
I give thee 22_SON_03_04
I had brought 22_SON_05_01
I have drunk 22_SON_05_01
I have eaten 22_SON_05_01
I have gathered 22_SON_05_03
I have put 22_SON_08_05
I raised thee 22_SON_08_05
I raised thee up 22_SON_05_05
I rose up 22_SON_07_08
I said I 22_SON_07_08
I said I will 22_SON_02_03
I sat down 22_SON_08_01
I should not 22_SON_08_01
I should not be 22_SON_03_01
I sought him 22_SON_05_06
I sought him 22_SON_03_01
I sought him but 22_SON_05_06
I sought him but 22_SON_06_11
I went down 22_SON_07_08
I will go 22_SON_07_08
I will go up 22_SON_03_02
I will rise 22_SON_07_08
I will take 22_SON_08_07
if a man 22_SON_08_09
if she be 22_SON_08_09
if she be 22_SON_08_09
If she be a 22_SON_08_09
If she be a 22_SON_01_08
if thou know 22_SON_08_10
in his eyes 22_SON_05_04
in his hand 22_SON_02_12
in our land 22_SON_03_02
in the broad 22_SON_03_02
in the broad ways 22_SON_02_14
in the clefts 22_SON_02_14
in the clefts of 22_SON_03_11
in the day 22_SON_08_08
in the day 22_SON_03_11
in the day of 22_SON_03_11
in the day of 22_SON_08_08
in the day when 22_SON_06_02
in the gardens 22_SON_08_13
in the gardens 22_SON_03_08
in the night 22_SON_03_08
in the night 22_SON_02_14
in the secret 22_SON_02_14
in the secret places 22_SON_03_02
in the streets 22_SON_03_02
in the streets and 22_SON_07_11
in the villages 22_SON_01_14
in the vineyards 22_SON_04_16
into his garden 22_SON_06_02
into his garden 22_SON_04_16
into his garden and 22_SON_03_04
into my mother's 22_SON_08_02
into my mother's 22_SON_03_04
into my mother's house 22_SON_08_02
into my mother's house 22_SON_03_04
into the chamber 22_SON_03_04
into the chamber of 22_SON_07_11
into the field 22_SON_06_11
into the garden 22_SON_06_11
into the garden of 22_SON_04_01
is as a 22_SON_06_05
is as a 22_SON_07_04
is as a 22_SON_04_01
is as a flock 22_SON_06_05
is as a flock 22_SON_05_11
is as the 22_SON_07_04
is as the 22_SON_08_12
is before me 22_SON_01_02
is better than 22_SON_06_09
is but one 22_SON_02_12
is come and 22_SON_02_12
is come and the 22_SON_02_12
is heard in 22_SON_02_09
is like a 22_SON_07_02
is like a 22_SON_04_04
is like the 22_SON_04_11
is like the 22_SON_07_07
is like to a 22_SON_02_16
is mine and 22_SON_02_16
is mine and I 22_SON_02_03
is my beloved 22_SON_05_16
is my beloved 22_SON_04_12
is my sister 22_SON_06_06
is not one 22_SON_02_11
is past the 22_SON_06_10
is she that 22_SON_05_02
is the voice 22_SON_05_02
is the voice of 22_SON_03_06
is this that 22_SON_08_05
is this that 22_SON_03_06
is this that cometh 22_SON_08_05
is this that cometh 22_SON_05_09
is thy beloved 22_SON_06_01
is thy beloved 22_SON_05_09
is thy beloved more 22_SON_05_09
is thy beloved more 22_SON_01_14
is unto me 22_SON_01_14
is unto me as 22_SON_05_02
it is the 22_SON_05_02
it is the voice 22_SON_03_07
it of The 22_SON_03_04
It was but 22_SON_06_13
it were the 22_SON_01_05
Jerusalem as the 22_SON_03_05
Jerusalem by the 22_SON_02_07
Jerusalem by the roes 22_SON_03_05
Jerusalem by the roes 22_SON_01_06
keeper of the 22_SON_05_07
keepers of the 22_SON_03_09
king Solomon made 22_SON_02_06
left hand is 22_SON_03_04
let him go 22_SON_02_14
let me see 22_SON_02_14
let me see thy 22_SON_07_11
let us go 22_SON_07_11
let us go forth 22_SON_07_12
let us see 22_SON_01_13
lie all night 22_SON_04_02
like a flock 22_SON_02_09
like a roe 22_SON_02_17
like a roe 22_SON_02_09
like a roe or 22_SON_02_17
like a roe or 22_SON_04_03
like a thread 22_SON_07_07
like to a 22_SON_08_14
like to a 22_SON_04_05
like two young 22_SON_07_03
like two young 22_SON_04_05
like two young roes 22_SON_07_03
like two young roes 22_SON_07_09
lips of those 22_SON_07_09
lips of those that 22_SON_04_15
living waters and 22_SON_07_11
lodge in the 22_SON_04_08
look from the 22_SON_06_13
look upon thee 22_SON_01_06
looked upon me 22_SON_01_15
love behold thou 22_SON_04_01
love behold thou 22_SON_01_15
love behold thou art 22_SON_04_01
love behold thou art 22_SON_02_10
love my fair 22_SON_02_13
love my fair 22_SON_02_10
love my fair one 22_SON_02_13
love my fair one 22_SON_02_07
love till he 22_SON_03_05
love till he 22_SON_02_07
love till he please 22_SON_03_05
love till he please 22_SON_03_01
loveth I sought 22_SON_03_02
loveth I sought 22_SON_03_01
loveth I sought him 22_SON_03_02
loveth I sought him 22_SON_01_06
made me the 22_SON_03_10
made the pillars 22_SON_03_08
man hath his 22_SON_07_13
manner of pleasant 22_SON_06_13
may look upon 22_SON_01_14
me as a 22_SON_08_06
me as a 22_SON_01_06
me because I 22_SON_06_05
me for they 22_SON_01_13
me he shall 22_SON_08_02
me I would 22_SON_05_02
me my sister 22_SON_05_06
me no answer 22_SON_01_07
me O thou 22_SON_02_14
me see thy 22_SON_02_04
me to the 22_SON_04_06
me to the 22_SON_01_02
me with the 22_SON_02_16
mine and I 22_SON_02_16
mine and I am 22_SON_05_09
more than another beloved 22_SON_05_09
more than another beloved 22_SON_05_11
most fine gold 22_SON_01_06
mother's children were angry 22_SON_01_06
mother's children were angry 22_SON_04_08
mountains of the 22_SON_05_04
moved for him 22_SON_04_10
much better is 22_SON_08_12
must have a 22_SON_03_01
my bed I 22_SON_02_17
my beloved and 22_SON_05_05
my beloved and 22_SON_08_14
my beloved and 22_SON_02_17
my beloved and be 22_SON_08_14
my beloved and be 22_SON_01_14
My beloved is 22_SON_02_09
My beloved is 22_SON_05_10
My beloved is 22_SON_06_02
My beloved is 22_SON_06_03
My beloved is 22_SON_02_16
My beloved is mine 22_SON_06_03
My beloved is mine 22_SON_05_02
my beloved that 22_SON_05_08
my beloved that 22_SON_06_03
my beloved's and 22_SON_07_10
my beloved's and 22_SON_08_01
my brother that 22_SON_05_02
my dove my 22_SON_06_09
my dove my 22_SON_05_02
my dove my undefiled 22_SON_06_09
my dove my undefiled 22_SON_02_10
my fair one 22_SON_02_13
my fair one 22_SON_02_10
my fair one and 22_SON_02_13
my fair one and 22_SON_02_06
my head and 22_SON_08_03
my head and 22_SON_02_06
my head and his 22_SON_08_03
my head and his 22_SON_01_15
my love behold 22_SON_04_01
my love behold 22_SON_01_15
my love behold thou 22_SON_04_01
my love behold thou 22_SON_02_10
my love my 22_SON_02_13
my love my 22_SON_02_10
my love my fair 22_SON_02_13
my love my fair 22_SON_02_07
my love till 22_SON_03_05
my love till 22_SON_02_07
my love till he 22_SON_03_05
my love till he 22_SON_01_06
my mother's children 22_SON_03_04
my mother's house 22_SON_08_02
my mother's house 22_SON_04_09
my sister my 22_SON_04_10
my sister my 22_SON_05_01
my sister my 22_SON_05_02
my sister my 22_SON_04_09
my sister my spouse 22_SON_04_10
my sister my spouse 22_SON_05_01
my sister my spouse 22_SON_01_07
my soul loveth 22_SON_03_01
my soul loveth 22_SON_03_03
my soul loveth 22_SON_03_04
my soul loveth 22_SON_03_01
my soul loveth I 22_SON_03_02
my soul loveth I 22_SON_04_14
myrrh and aloes 22_SON_08_07
neither can the 22_SON_07_13
new and old 22_SON_02_07
nor awake my 22_SON_03_05
nor awake my 22_SON_02_07
nor awake my love 22_SON_03_05
nor awake my love 22_SON_05_06
not find him 22_SON_03_04
not let him 22_SON_03_04
not let him go 22_SON_02_07
not up nor 22_SON_08_04
not up nor 22_SON_02_07
not up nor awake 22_SON_03_05
not up nor awake 22_SON_05_08
O daughters of 22_SON_05_16
O daughters of 22_SON_05_08
O daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_05_16
O daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_01_09
O my love 22_SON_06_04
O my love 22_SON_08_01
O that thou 22_SON_01_08
O thou fairest 22_SON_05_09
O thou fairest 22_SON_01_08
O thou fairest among 22_SON_05_09
O thou fairest among 22_SON_01_05
O ye daughters 22_SON_02_07
O ye daughters 22_SON_03_11
O ye daughters 22_SON_01_05
O ye daughters of 22_SON_02_07
O ye daughters of 22_SON_03_11
O ye daughters of 22_SON_04_03
of a pomegranate 22_SON_06_07
of a pomegranate 22_SON_05_15
of fine gold his 22_SON_04_01
of goats that 22_SON_06_05
of goats that 22_SON_04_01
of goats that appear 22_SON_06_05
of goats that appear 22_SON_03_10
of gold the 22_SON_06_09
of her mother 22_SON_03_04
of her that 22_SON_06_09
of her that 22_SON_03_11
of his heart 22_SON_08_07
of his house 22_SON_01_02
of his mouth 22_SON_01_02
of his mouth for 22_SON_01_05
of Jerusalem as 22_SON_02_07
of Jerusalem by 22_SON_03_05
of Jerusalem by 22_SON_02_07
of Jerusalem by the 22_SON_03_05
of Jerusalem by the 22_SON_08_04
of Jerusalem that 22_SON_07_04
of Lebanon which 22_SON_04_15
of living waters 22_SON_04_15
of living waters and 22_SON_04_04
of mighty men 22_SON_02_08
of my beloved 22_SON_05_02
of my beloved 22_SON_08_01
of my mother 22_SON_04_03
of scarlet and 22_SON_08_09
of silver and 22_SON_03_10
of silver the 22_SON_05_13
of spices as 22_SON_05_04
of the door 22_SON_02_07
of the field 22_SON_03_05
of the field 22_SON_02_07
of the field that 22_SON_03_05
of the field that 22_SON_01_08
of the flock 22_SON_01_08
of the flock and 22_SON_07_01
of the hands 22_SON_07_01
of the hands of 22_SON_05_02
of the night 22_SON_02_14
of the rock 22_SON_02_14
of the stairs 22_SON_06_11
of the valley 22_SON_02_01
of the valleys 22_SON_07_08
of the vine 22_SON_01_06
of the vineyards 22_SON_03_06
of the wilderness 22_SON_02_03
of the wood 22_SON_03_09
of the wood 22_SON_04_09
of thine eyes 22_SON_04_09
of thine eyes with 22_SON_07_05
of thine head 22_SON_07_09
of those that 22_SON_07_09
of those that are 22_SON_04_11
of thy garments 22_SON_07_09
of thy mouth 22_SON_04_09
of thy neck 22_SON_03_11
of Zion and 22_SON_02_12
on the earth 22_SON_02_12
on the earth the 22_SON_02_10
one and come 22_SON_02_13
one and come 22_SON_02_10
one and come away 22_SON_02_13
one and come away 22_SON_08_11
one for the 22_SON_06_09
one of her 22_SON_04_09
one of thine 22_SON_05_02
Open to me 22_SON_02_09
or a young 22_SON_02_17
or a young 22_SON_02_09
or a young hart 22_SON_02_17
or a young hart 22_SON_03_06
out of the 22_SON_03_06
out of the wilderness 22_SON_04_03
piece of a 22_SON_06_07
piece of a 22_SON_04_03
piece of a pomegranate 22_SON_06_07
piece of a pomegranate 22_SON_08_11
pieces of silver 22_SON_05_15
pillars of marble 22_SON_03_06
pillars of smoke 22_SON_02_14
places of the 22_SON_05_04
put in his 22_SON_05_03
put it on 22_SON_05_03
put off my 22_SON_02_13
putteth forth her 22_SON_08_05
raised thee up 22_SON_05_12
rivers of waters 22_SON_02_14
rock in the 22_SON_02_09
roe or a 22_SON_02_17
roe or a 22_SON_02_09
roe or a young 22_SON_02_17
roe or a young 22_SON_02_07
roes and by 22_SON_03_05
roes and by 22_SON_02_07
roes and by the 22_SON_03_05
roes and by the 22_SON_04_05
roes that are 22_SON_07_03
roes that are 22_SON_04_05
roes that are twins 22_SON_07_03
roes that are twins 22_SON_07_09
roof of thy 22_SON_07_09
roof of thy mouth 22_SON_05_05
rose up to 22_SON_07_08
said I will 22_SON_07_08
said I will go 22_SON_02_10
said unto me 22_SON_02_03
sat down under 22_SON_06_09
saw her and 22_SON_07_12
see if the 22_SON_08_06
set me as 22_SON_08_06
set me as a 22_SON_05_14
set with the 22_SON_02_17
shadows flee away 22_SON_04_06
shadows flee away 22_SON_07_08
shall be as 22_SON_08_08
shall be spoken 22_SON_05_03
shall I put 22_SON_08_08
shall we do 22_SON_08_08
shall we do for 22_SON_08_08
she hath no 22_SON_08_08
she shall be 22_SON_04_02
sheep that are 22_SON_08_01
should not be 22_SON_02_05
sick of love 22_SON_05_08
sick of love 22_SON_08_08
sister and she 22_SON_04_09
sister my spouse 22_SON_04_10
sister my spouse 22_SON_05_01
sister my spouse 22_SON_04_11
smell of thy 22_SON_07_08
smell of thy 22_SON_02_03
so is my 22_SON_03_01
sought him but 22_SON_05_06
sought him but 22_SON_03_01
sought him but I 22_SON_03_02
sought him but I 22_SON_03_01
soul loveth I 22_SON_03_02
soul loveth I 22_SON_03_01
soul loveth I sought 22_SON_03_02
soul loveth I sought 22_SON_02_10
spake and said 22_SON_02_10
spake and said unto 22_SON_02_07
stir not up 22_SON_03_05
stir not up 22_SON_02_07
stir not up nor 22_SON_03_05
stir not up nor 22_SON_08_07
substance of his 22_SON_08_07
substance of his house 22_SON_05_05
sweet smelling myrrh 22_SON_05_13
sweet smelling myrrh 22_SON_03_08
sword upon his 22_SON_07_08
take hold of 22_SON_07_08
take hold of the 22_SON_06_06
teeth are as 22_SON_05_08
tell him that 22_SON_01_05
tents of Kedar 22_SON_06_04
terrible as an 22_SON_06_10
terrible as an 22_SON_06_04
terrible as an army 22_SON_06_10
terrible as an army 22_SON_04_01
that appear from 22_SON_06_05
that appear from 22_SON_04_05
that are twins 22_SON_07_03
that are twins 22_SON_08_05
that bare thee 22_SON_03_06
that cometh out of 22_SON_08_05
that cometh up 22_SON_08_13
that dwellest in 22_SON_08_13
that dwellest in the 22_SON_07_09
that goeth down 22_SON_05_08
THAT I AM 22_SON_08_12
that keep the 22_SON_05_09
that thou dost 22_SON_01_07
that turneth aside 22_SON_06_01
that we may 22_SON_06_13
that we may 22_SON_02_07
that ye stir 22_SON_03_05
that ye stir 22_SON_02_07
that ye stir not 22_SON_03_05
that ye stir not 22_SON_02_03
the apple tree 22_SON_08_05
the apple tree 22_SON_01_17
the beams of 22_SON_03_10
the bottom thereof 22_SON_07_08
the boughs thereof 22_SON_08_01
the breasts of 22_SON_03_02
the broad ways 22_SON_03_04
the chamber of 22_SON_06_12
the chariots of 22_SON_03_03
the city found 22_SON_05_07
the city found 22_SON_03_03
the city found me 22_SON_05_07
the city found me 22_SON_03_02
the city in 22_SON_03_02
the city in the 22_SON_02_14
the clefts of 22_SON_02_14
the clefts of the 22_SON_08_06
the coals thereof 22_SON_06_13
the company of 22_SON_06_09
the concubines and 22_SON_03_10
the covering of 22_SON_01_05
the curtains of 22_SON_03_10
the daughters of 22_SON_02_17
the day break 22_SON_04_06
the day break 22_SON_02_17
the day break and 22_SON_04_06
the day break and 22_SON_03_11
the day of 22_SON_03_11
the day of his 22_SON_03_11
the day of the 22_SON_08_08
the day when 22_SON_08_08
the day when she 22_SON_05_04
the door And 22_SON_02_12
the earth the 22_SON_05_12
the eyes of 22_SON_07_11
the field let 22_SON_02_07
the field that 22_SON_03_05
the field that 22_SON_02_07
the field that ye 22_SON_03_05
the field that ye 22_SON_02_13
the fig tree 22_SON_01_08
the flock and 22_SON_01_07
the flocks of 22_SON_01_07
the flocks of thy 22_SON_01_08
the footsteps of 22_SON_08_11
the fruit thereof 22_SON_08_12
the fruit thereof 22_SON_06_11
the fruits of 22_SON_06_11
the fruits of the 22_SON_06_11
the garden of 22_SON_07_04
the gate of 22_SON_03_11
the gladness of 22_SON_07_05
the hair of 22_SON_07_01
the hands of 22_SON_07_01
the hands of a 22_SON_04_06
the hill of 22_SON_02_07
the hinds of 22_SON_03_05
the hinds of 22_SON_02_07
the hinds of the 22_SON_03_05
the hinds of the 22_SON_05_04
the hole of the 22_SON_01_06
the keeper of 22_SON_01_06
the keeper of the 22_SON_05_07
the keepers of 22_SON_05_07
the keepers of the 22_SON_01_04
the king hath 22_SON_07_05
the king is 22_SON_01_02
the kisses of 22_SON_07_09
the lips of 22_SON_07_09
the lips of those 22_SON_03_10
the midst thereof 22_SON_05_11
the most fine 22_SON_05_11
the most fine gold 22_SON_04_06
the mountain of 22_SON_02_17
the mountains of 22_SON_04_08
the mountains of 22_SON_08_14
the mountains of 22_SON_04_08
the mountains of the 22_SON_03_10
the pillars thereof 22_SON_05_12
the rivers of 22_SON_05_12
the rivers of waters 22_SON_02_14
the rock in 22_SON_02_07
the roes and 22_SON_03_05
the roes and 22_SON_02_07
the roes and by 22_SON_03_05
the roes and by 22_SON_07_09
the roof of 22_SON_07_09
the roof of thy 22_SON_01_03
the savour of 22_SON_02_14
the secret places 22_SON_02_17
the shadows flee 22_SON_04_06
the shadows flee 22_SON_02_17
the shadows flee away 22_SON_04_06
the shadows flee away 22_SON_04_10
the smell of 22_SON_07_08
the smell of 22_SON_04_11
the smell of thy 22_SON_07_08
the smell of thy 22_SON_01_01
the song of 22_SON_02_03
The sons I 22_SON_03_02
the streets and 22_SON_08_07
the substance of 22_SON_08_07
the substance of his 22_SON_06_10
the sun and 22_SON_02_13
the tender grape 22_SON_07_12
the tender grape 22_SON_01_05
the tents of 22_SON_01_05
the tents of Kedar 22_SON_02_12
the time of 22_SON_02_12
the time of the 22_SON_04_08
the top of 22_SON_04_04
the tower of 22_SON_07_04
the tower of 22_SON_02_03
the trees of 22_SON_02_03
the trees of the 22_SON_06_11
the valley and 22_SON_06_11
the valley and to 22_SON_07_08
the vine and the 22_SON_08_11
the vineyard unto 22_SON_01_14
the vineyards of 22_SON_02_08
the voice of 22_SON_02_12
the voice of 22_SON_05_02
the voice of 22_SON_02_08
the voice of my 22_SON_05_02
the voice of my 22_SON_02_12
the voice of the 22_SON_04_02
the washing whereof 22_SON_06_06
the washing whereof 22_SON_04_02
the washing whereof every 22_SON_06_06
the washing whereof every 22_SON_03_03
The watchmen that 22_SON_05_07
The watchmen that 22_SON_03_06
the wilderness like 22_SON_03_09
the wood of 22_SON_07_01
the work of 22_SON_07_01
the work of the 22_SON_08_02
thee and bring thee 22_SON_08_02
thee into my 22_SON_01_09
thee O my 22_SON_08_02
thee to drink 22_SON_01_04
thee we will 22_SON_08_01
thee yea I 22_SON_03_04
them but I 22_SON_08_10
then was I 22_SON_08_10
then was I in 22_SON_04_07
there is no 22_SON_06_06
there is not 22_SON_06_06
there is not one 22_SON_07_12
there will I 22_SON_03_10
thereof of gold 22_SON_06_05
thine eyes from 22_SON_04_09
thine eyes with 22_SON_07_05
Thine head upon 22_SON_07_05
Thine head upon thee 22_SON_08_06
thine heart as 22_SON_05_16
This is my 22_SON_05_16
This is my 22_SON_05_16
This is my beloved 22_SON_03_06
this that cometh 22_SON_08_05
this that cometh 22_SON_08_05
this that cometh up 22_SON_07_09
those that are 22_SON_01_15
thou art fair 22_SON_01_16
thou art fair 22_SON_01_15
thou art fair my 22_SON_01_16
thou art fair my 22_SON_01_15
thou art fair thou 22_SON_04_01
thou art fair thou 22_SON_01_08
thou fairest among 22_SON_05_09
thou fairest among 22_SON_01_08
thou fairest among women 22_SON_05_09
thou fairest among women 22_SON_01_15
thou hast doves' 22_SON_04_01
thou hast doves' 22_SON_01_15
thou hast doves' eyes 22_SON_04_01
thou hast doves' eyes 22_SON_04_09
thou hast ravished 22_SON_04_09
thou hast ravished 22_SON_04_09
Thou hast ravished my 22_SON_04_09
Thou hast ravished my 22_SON_01_08
thou know not 22_SON_01_07
thou makest thy 22_SON_08_13
thou that dwellest in 22_SON_08_11
thousand pieces of silver 22_SON_02_09
through the lattice 22_SON_05_09
thy beloved more than 22_SON_05_09
thy beloved more than 22_SON_01_07
thy flock to 22_SON_04_01
thy hair is 22_SON_06_05
thy hair is 22_SON_04_01
thy hair is as 22_SON_06_05
thy hair is as 22_SON_01_03
Thy name is 22_SON_04_04
Thy neck is 22_SON_07_04
Thy neck is 22_SON_04_13
Thy plants are 22_SON_04_02
Thy teeth are 22_SON_06_06
Thy teeth are 22_SON_04_05
Thy two breasts 22_SON_07_03
Thy two breasts 22_SON_04_05
Thy two breasts are 22_SON_07_03
Thy two breasts are 22_SON_02_14
thy voice and 22_SON_02_14
thy voice for 22_SON_02_07
till he please 22_SON_03_05
till he please 22_SON_02_12
time of the 22_SON_08_02
to drink of 22_SON_08_13
to hear it 22_SON_05_05
to my beloved 22_SON_05_06
to my beloved 22_SON_06_11
to see the 22_SON_04_06
to the hill 22_SON_04_06
to the mountain 22_SON_04_06
to the mountain of 22_SON_07_12
to the vineyards 22_SON_02_03
tree among the 22_SON_02_03
tree among the trees 22_SON_07_08
tree I will 22_SON_02_03
trees of the 22_SON_04_05
two breasts are 22_SON_07_03
two breasts are 22_SON_04_05
two breasts are like 22_SON_07_03
two breasts are like 22_SON_04_05
two young roes 22_SON_07_03
two young roes 22_SON_04_05
two young roes that 22_SON_07_03
two young roes that 22_SON_02_03
under his shadow 22_SON_02_06
under my head 22_SON_08_03
under my head 22_SON_02_06
under my head and 22_SON_08_03
under my head and 22_SON_03_04
until I had 22_SON_02_17
until the day 22_SON_04_06
until the day 22_SON_02_17
Until the day break 22_SON_04_06
Until the day break 22_SON_01_14
unto me as a 22_SON_04_02
up from the 22_SON_06_06
up from the 22_SON_08_05
up from the 22_SON_04_02
up from the washing 22_SON_06_06
up from the washing 22_SON_08_05
up from the wilderness 22_SON_02_07
up nor awake 22_SON_03_05
up nor awake 22_SON_02_07
up nor awake my 22_SON_03_05
up nor awake my 22_SON_07_08
up to the 22_SON_03_08
upon his thigh 22_SON_01_06
Upon me my 22_SON_02_08
upon the mountains 22_SON_02_17
upon the mountains 22_SON_08_14
upon the mountains 22_SON_08_14
upon the mountains of 22_SON_07_11
us go forth 22_SON_03_07
valiant men are 22_SON_06_11
valley and to 22_SON_07_08
vine and the 22_SON_02_08
voice of my 22_SON_05_02
voice of my 22_SON_02_08
voice of my beloved 22_SON_05_02
voice of my beloved 22_SON_02_12
voice of the 22_SON_03_04
was but a 22_SON_08_10
was I in 22_SON_05_03
washed my feet 22_SON_04_02
washing whereof every 22_SON_06_06
washing whereof every 22_SON_04_02
washing whereof every one 22_SON_06_06
washing whereof every one 22_SON_08_08
we do for 22_SON_08_08
We have a 22_SON_01_04
we will be 22_SON_01_04
we will be glad 22_SON_08_09
We will build 22_SON_01_04
we will remember 22_SON_06_11
went down into 22_SON_06_11
went down into the 22_SON_05_09
What is thy 22_SON_05_09
What is thy 22_SON_05_09
what is thy beloved 22_SON_05_09
what is thy beloved 22_SON_08_08
what shall we 22_SON_08_08
What shall we do 22_SON_06_13
What will ye 22_SON_05_06
when he spake 22_SON_04_02
whereof every one 22_SON_06_06
whereof every one 22_SON_04_02
which came up 22_SON_04_02
which came up from 22_SON_08_06
which hath a 22_SON_07_13
which I have 22_SON_01_01
which is Solomon's 22_SON_03_07
which is Solomon's 22_SON_07_04
which looketh toward 22_SON_06_01
whither is thy 22_SON_06_01
whither is thy 22_SON_06_01
whither is thy beloved 22_SON_06_01
whither is thy beloved 22_SON_03_06
who is this 22_SON_08_05
who is this 22_SON_03_06
Who is this that 22_SON_03_03
whom I said 22_SON_01_07
whom my soul 22_SON_03_01
whom my soul 22_SON_03_03
whom my soul 22_SON_03_04
whom my soul 22_SON_01_07
whom my soul loveth 22_SON_03_01
whom my soul loveth 22_SON_03_03
whom my soul loveth 22_SON_03_04
whom my soul loveth 22_SON_01_07
why should I be 22_SON_01_04
will be glad 22_SON_07_08
will go up 22_SON_07_08
will go up to 22_SON_07_12
will I give 22_SON_07_12
will I give thee 22_SON_01_11
will make thee 22_SON_01_04
will remember thy 22_SON_01_04
will run after 22_SON_04_10
wine and the 22_SON_08_02
wine of the 22_SON_04_14
with all the 22_SON_04_08
with me from 22_SON_04_08
with me from Lebanon 22_SON_04_08
with me from Lebanon 22_SON_05_12
with milk and 22_SON_03_06
with myrrh and 22_SON_05_05
with myrrh and 22_SON_04_09
with one of 22_SON_04_01
within thy locks 22_SON_04_03
within thy locks 22_SON_07_01
work of the 22_SON_03_04
would not let 22_SON_01_05
Ye daughters of 22_SON_03_05
Ye daughters of 22_SON_03_11
Ye daughters of 22_SON_01_05
ye daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_02_07
ye daughters of Jerusalem 22_SON_03_03
ye him whom 22_SON_02_07
ye stir not 22_SON_03_05
ye stir not 22_SON_02_07
ye stir not up 22_SON_03_05
ye stir not up 22_SON_05_16
yea he is 22_SON_05_08
you O daughters 22_SON_08_04
you O daughters 22_SON_05_08
you O daughters of 22_SON_08_04
you O daughters of 22_SON_02_07
you O ye 22_SON_03_05
you O ye 22_SON_02_07
you O ye daughters 22_SON_03_05
you O ye daughters 22_SON_02_17
young hart upon 22_SON_08_14
young hart upon 22_SON_02_17
young hart upon the 22_SON_08_14
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