Book of Obadiah Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 31_OBA_01_18
a fire and 31_OBA_01_18
a flame and 31_OBA_01_01
a rumour from 31_OBA_01_01
a rumour from the 31_OBA_01_10
against thy brother 31_OBA_01_15
all the heathen 31_OBA_01_16
all the heathen 31_OBA_01_07
all the men 31_OBA_01_07
all the men of 31_OBA_01_01
ambassador is sent 31_OBA_01_01
among the heathen 31_OBA_01_02
among the heathen 31_OBA_01_01
an ambassador is 31_OBA_01_01
an ambassador is sent 31_OBA_01_01
and an ambassador 31_OBA_01_01
and an ambassador is 31_OBA_01_11
and cast lots 31_OBA_01_11
and cast lots upon 31_OBA_01_18
and devour them 31_OBA_01_01
and let us 31_OBA_01_07
and prevailed against 31_OBA_01_20
and the captivity 31_OBA_01_20
and the captivity of 31_OBA_01_19
and the fields 31_OBA_01_17
and the house 31_OBA_01_18
and the house 31_OBA_01_18
and the house 31_OBA_01_17
and the house of 31_OBA_01_18
and the house of 31_OBA_01_18
and the house of 31_OBA_01_18
and the house of 31_OBA_01_21
and the kingdom 31_OBA_01_21
and the kingdom shall 31_OBA_01_17
And there shall 31_OBA_01_18
And there shall 31_OBA_01_17
And there shall be 31_OBA_01_18
and there shall not 31_OBA_01_19
And they of 31_OBA_01_19
And they of 31_OBA_01_19
and they of the 31_OBA_01_16
and they shall 31_OBA_01_18
and they shall 31_OBA_01_19
and they shall 31_OBA_01_16
and they shall be 31_OBA_01_19
and they shall possess 31_OBA_01_10
and thou shalt 31_OBA_01_10
and thou shalt be 31_OBA_01_09
and thy mighty 31_OBA_01_06
are the things 31_OBA_01_01
Arise ye and 31_OBA_01_01
Arise ye and let 31_OBA_01_05
art thou cut 31_OBA_01_11
as one of 31_OBA_01_11
as one of them 31_OBA_01_04
as the eagle 31_OBA_01_04
as the eagle and 31_OBA_01_15
as thou hast 31_OBA_01_15
as thou hast done 31_OBA_01_16
as though they had 31_OBA_01_16
as ye have 31_OBA_01_07
at peace with 31_OBA_01_07
at peace with thee 31_OBA_01_16
be as though 31_OBA_01_16
be as though they 31_OBA_01_09
be cut off 31_OBA_01_10
be cut off 31_OBA_01_10
be cut off for 31_OBA_01_09
be dismayed to 31_OBA_01_15
be done unto 31_OBA_01_15
be done unto thee 31_OBA_01_21
be the LORD's 31_OBA_01_02
Behold I have 31_OBA_01_02
Behold I have made 31_OBA_01_03
bring me down 31_OBA_01_03
bring me down to 31_OBA_01_04
bring thee down 31_OBA_01_12
brother in the 31_OBA_01_11
carried away captive 31_OBA_01_20
children of Israel 31_OBA_01_20
children of Israel shall 31_OBA_01_12
children of Judah 31_OBA_01_20
cities of the 31_OBA_01_20
cities of the south 31_OBA_01_03
clefts of the 31_OBA_01_21
come up on 31_OBA_01_10
cover thee and 31_OBA_01_14
cut off those 31_OBA_01_12
day of distress 31_OBA_01_14
day of distress 31_OBA_01_15
day of the 31_OBA_01_15
day of the LORD 31_OBA_01_12
day of their 31_OBA_01_13
day of their 31_OBA_01_13
day of their calamity 31_OBA_01_13
day of their calamity 31_OBA_01_13
day of their calamity 31_OBA_01_12
day of thy 31_OBA_01_08
day saith the 31_OBA_01_08
day saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_12
day that he 31_OBA_01_11
day that the 31_OBA_01_11
day that thou 31_OBA_01_11
day that thou stoodest 31_OBA_01_07
deceived thee and 31_OBA_01_08
destroy the wise 31_OBA_01_08
destroy the wise men 31_OBA_01_18
devour them and 31_OBA_01_15
done unto thee 31_OBA_01_16
down and they shall 31_OBA_01_04
down saith the 31_OBA_01_04
down saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_03
down to the 31_OBA_01_03
down to the ground 31_OBA_01_03
dwellest in the 31_OBA_01_03
dwellest in the clefts 31_OBA_01_13
entered into the 31_OBA_01_19
Ephraim and the 31_OBA_01_07
even to the 31_OBA_01_07
even to the border 31_OBA_01_09
every one of 31_OBA_01_09
every one of the 31_OBA_01_18
fire and the 31_OBA_01_16
For as ye 31_OBA_01_16
For as ye have 31_OBA_01_15
for the day 31_OBA_01_15
for the day of 31_OBA_01_18
for the LORD 31_OBA_01_18
for the LORD hath 31_OBA_01_01
from the LORD 31_OBA_01_01
from the LORD and 31_OBA_01_13
gate of my 31_OBA_01_13
gate of my people 31_OBA_01_16
had not been 31_OBA_01_15
hast done it 31_OBA_01_03
hath deceived thee 31_OBA_01_18
hath spoken it 31_OBA_01_07
have brought thee 31_OBA_01_14
have delivered up 31_OBA_01_13
have entered into 31_OBA_01_13
have entered into the 31_OBA_01_01
have heard a 31_OBA_01_01
have heard a rumour 31_OBA_01_12
have looked on 31_OBA_01_13
have looked on 31_OBA_01_02
have made thee 31_OBA_01_01
heard a rumour 31_OBA_01_01
heard a rumour from 31_OBA_01_03
heart Who shall 31_OBA_01_11
his forces and foreigners 31_OBA_01_11
his forces and foreigners 31_OBA_01_17
holiness and the 31_OBA_01_20
host of the 31_OBA_01_18
house of Esau for 31_OBA_01_18
house of Esau for 31_OBA_01_17
house of Jacob 31_OBA_01_18
house of Jacob 31_OBA_01_17
house of Jacob shall 31_OBA_01_18
house of Joseph 31_OBA_01_06
how are the 31_OBA_01_05
how art thou 31_OBA_01_05
how art thou cut 31_OBA_01_04
I bring thee 31_OBA_01_02
I have made 31_OBA_01_02
I have made thee 31_OBA_01_03
in his heart 31_OBA_01_08
in that day 31_OBA_01_08
In that day saith 31_OBA_01_11
in the day 31_OBA_01_11
in the day 31_OBA_01_12
in the day 31_OBA_01_13
in the day 31_OBA_01_14
in the day 31_OBA_01_12
in the day of 31_OBA_01_12
in the day of 31_OBA_01_13
in the day of 31_OBA_01_13
in the day of 31_OBA_01_13
in the day of 31_OBA_01_14
in the day of 31_OBA_01_11
in the day that 31_OBA_01_11
in the day that 31_OBA_01_12
in the day that 31_OBA_01_18
in them and 31_OBA_01_11
into his gates 31_OBA_01_20
Israel shall possess 31_OBA_01_15
it shall be 31_OBA_01_15
it shall be done 31_OBA_01_20
Jerusalem which is 31_OBA_01_20
Jerusalem which is in 31_OBA_01_12
Judah in the 31_OBA_01_21
kingdom shall be 31_OBA_01_01
Let us rise 31_OBA_01_01
Let us rise up 31_OBA_01_12
looked on the 31_OBA_01_13
looked on their 31_OBA_01_01
LORD and an 31_OBA_01_01
LORD and an ambassador 31_OBA_01_01
Lord GOD concerning 31_OBA_01_18
LORD hath spoken 31_OBA_01_18
LORD hath spoken it 31_OBA_01_09
may be cut off 31_OBA_01_03
me down to 31_OBA_01_07
men of thy 31_OBA_01_08
men out of 31_OBA_01_07
men that were 31_OBA_01_07
men that were at 31_OBA_01_08
mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_09
mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_21
mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_19
mount of Esau and 31_OBA_01_21
mount of Esau and 31_OBA_01_16
my holy mountain 31_OBA_01_12
neither shouldest thou 31_OBA_01_14
neither shouldest thou 31_OBA_01_12
neither shouldest thou have 31_OBA_01_12
neither shouldest thou have 31_OBA_01_14
neither shouldest thou have 31_OBA_01_18
not be any 31_OBA_01_12
not have looked 31_OBA_01_13
not have looked 31_OBA_01_12
not have looked on 31_OBA_01_13
not have looked on 31_OBA_01_08
not in that 31_OBA_01_05
not leave some 31_OBA_01_08
of Edom and 31_OBA_01_19
of Ephraim and 31_OBA_01_19
of Esau and 31_OBA_01_21
of Esau and 31_OBA_01_18
of Esau for 31_OBA_01_14
of his that 31_OBA_01_14
of his that did 31_OBA_01_14
of his that did 31_OBA_01_20
of Israel shall 31_OBA_01_20
of Israel shall possess 31_OBA_01_17
of Jacob shall 31_OBA_01_18
of Jacob shall 31_OBA_01_20
of Jerusalem which 31_OBA_01_12
of Judah in 31_OBA_01_12
of Judah in the 31_OBA_01_13
of my people 31_OBA_01_19
of Samaria and 31_OBA_01_20
of the Canaanites 31_OBA_01_20
of the children 31_OBA_01_20
of the children of 31_OBA_01_18
of the house 31_OBA_01_18
of the house of 31_OBA_01_15
of the LORD 31_OBA_01_15
of the LORD is 31_OBA_01_08
of the mount 31_OBA_01_09
of the mount 31_OBA_01_08
of the mount of 31_OBA_01_19
of the plain 31_OBA_01_03
of the rock 31_OBA_01_19
of the south 31_OBA_01_20
of the south 31_OBA_01_19
of the south shall 31_OBA_01_13
of their calamity 31_OBA_01_12
of their destruction 31_OBA_01_03
of thine heart 31_OBA_01_10
off for ever 31_OBA_01_12
on the day 31_OBA_01_11
on the other 31_OBA_01_11
on the other side 31_OBA_01_09
one of the 31_OBA_01_11
one of them 31_OBA_01_08
out of the 31_OBA_01_13
people in the 31_OBA_01_19
Philistines and they 31_OBA_01_07
prevailed against thee 31_OBA_01_03
pride of thine 31_OBA_01_03
pride of thine heart 31_OBA_01_14
remain in the 31_OBA_01_18
remaining of the 31_OBA_01_01
rise up against 31_OBA_01_01
rumour from the 31_OBA_01_01
rumour from the LORD 31_OBA_01_01
saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_04
saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_08
saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_08
saith the LORD Even 31_OBA_01_01
saith the LORD God 31_OBA_01_16
shall all the 31_OBA_01_18
shall be a 31_OBA_01_16
shall be as 31_OBA_01_16
shall be as though 31_OBA_01_17
shall be deliverance 31_OBA_01_09
shall be dismayed 31_OBA_01_15
shall be done 31_OBA_01_17
shall be holiness 31_OBA_01_21
shall be the 31_OBA_01_21
shall be the LORD's 31_OBA_01_03
shall bring me 31_OBA_01_21
shall come up 31_OBA_01_21
shall come up on 31_OBA_01_10
shall cover thee 31_OBA_01_10
shall cover thee and 31_OBA_01_16
shall drink and 31_OBA_01_08
shall I not 31_OBA_01_18
shall kindle in 31_OBA_01_18
shall not be 31_OBA_01_18
shall not be any 31_OBA_01_19
shall possess the 31_OBA_01_20
shall possess the 31_OBA_01_15
shall return upon 31_OBA_01_10
shalt be cut off 31_OBA_01_10
shame shall cover 31_OBA_01_12
shouldest not have 31_OBA_01_13
shouldest not have 31_OBA_01_12
shouldest not have looked 31_OBA_01_13
shouldest not have looked 31_OBA_01_12
shouldest thou have 31_OBA_01_14
shouldest thou have 31_OBA_01_11
side in the 31_OBA_01_02
small among the 31_OBA_01_02
small among the heathen 31_OBA_01_14
stood in the 31_OBA_01_08
that day saith 31_OBA_01_08
that day saith the 31_OBA_01_03
that dwellest in 31_OBA_01_03
that dwellest in the 31_OBA_01_09
that every one 31_OBA_01_09
that every one of 31_OBA_01_20
that of the 31_OBA_01_07
that were at 31_OBA_01_20
the captivity of 31_OBA_01_20
the captivity of 31_OBA_01_12
the children of 31_OBA_01_20
the children of 31_OBA_01_20
the children of Israel 31_OBA_01_12
the children of Judah 31_OBA_01_20
the cities of 31_OBA_01_20
the cities of the 31_OBA_01_03
the clefts of 31_OBA_01_03
the clefts of the 31_OBA_01_12
the day of 31_OBA_01_13
the day of 31_OBA_01_14
the day of 31_OBA_01_15
the day of 31_OBA_01_12
the day of distress 31_OBA_01_14
the day of distress 31_OBA_01_15
the day of the 31_OBA_01_12
the day of their 31_OBA_01_13
the day of their 31_OBA_01_13
the day of their 31_OBA_01_13
the day of their 31_OBA_01_12
the day of thy 31_OBA_01_11
the day that 31_OBA_01_12
the day that he 31_OBA_01_11
the day that the 31_OBA_01_11
the day that thou 31_OBA_01_04
the eagle and 31_OBA_01_09
the end that 31_OBA_01_19
the fields of 31_OBA_01_13
the gate of 31_OBA_01_13
the gate of my 31_OBA_01_15
the heathen as 31_OBA_01_02
the heathen thou 31_OBA_01_17
the house of 31_OBA_01_18
the house of 31_OBA_01_18
the house of Esau 31_OBA_01_18
the house of Esau 31_OBA_01_17
the house of Jacob 31_OBA_01_18
the house of Jacob 31_OBA_01_18
the house of Joseph 31_OBA_01_21
the kingdom shall 31_OBA_01_01
the LORD and 31_OBA_01_01
the LORD and an 31_OBA_01_08
the LORD even 31_OBA_01_01
the LORD God 31_OBA_01_01
the Lord GOD concerning 31_OBA_01_18
the LORD hath 31_OBA_01_18
the LORD hath spoken 31_OBA_01_15
the LORD is 31_OBA_01_07
the men of 31_OBA_01_07
the men of thy 31_OBA_01_07
the men that 31_OBA_01_07
the men that were 31_OBA_01_08
the mount of 31_OBA_01_09
the mount of 31_OBA_01_19
the mount of 31_OBA_01_21
the mount of 31_OBA_01_08
the mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_09
the mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_21
the mount of Esau 31_OBA_01_11
the other side 31_OBA_01_19
the Philistines and 31_OBA_01_19
the Philistines and they 31_OBA_01_03
the pride of 31_OBA_01_03
the pride of thine 31_OBA_01_19
the south shall 31_OBA_01_06
the things of 31_OBA_01_01
the vision of 31_OBA_01_08
the wise men 31_OBA_01_10
thee and thou 31_OBA_01_02
thee small among 31_OBA_01_02
thee small among the 31_OBA_01_05
thee would they 31_OBA_01_05
thee would they not 31_OBA_01_18
them and there 31_OBA_01_04
thence will I 31_OBA_01_04
thence will I bring 31_OBA_01_07
There is none 31_OBA_01_17
there shall be 31_OBA_01_18
there shall not be 31_OBA_01_16
they had not 31_OBA_01_05
they not have 31_OBA_01_05
they not leave 31_OBA_01_05
they not leave some 31_OBA_01_19
they of the 31_OBA_01_16
they shall be 31_OBA_01_16
they shall be as 31_OBA_01_16
they shall drink 31_OBA_01_16
they shall drink and 31_OBA_01_19
they shall possess 31_OBA_01_19
they shall possess the 31_OBA_01_03
thine heart hath 31_OBA_01_14
those of his 31_OBA_01_14
those of his that 31_OBA_01_14
those of his that 31_OBA_01_02
thou art greatly 31_OBA_01_15
thou hast done 31_OBA_01_10
thou shalt be 31_OBA_01_13
thou shouldest not 31_OBA_01_13
thou shouldest not 31_OBA_01_12
thou shouldest not have 31_OBA_01_13
thou shouldest not have 31_OBA_01_03
thou that dwellest 31_OBA_01_03
thou that dwellest in 31_OBA_01_16
though they had 31_OBA_01_04
though thou set 31_OBA_01_01
Thus saith the 31_OBA_01_01
Thus saith the LORD 31_OBA_01_12
thy brother in 31_OBA_01_09
thy mighty men 31_OBA_01_05
till they had 31_OBA_01_14
to cut off 31_OBA_01_21
to judge the 31_OBA_01_07
to the border 31_OBA_01_09
to the end 31_OBA_01_09
To the end that 31_OBA_01_03
to the ground 31_OBA_01_05
to thee would 31_OBA_01_05
to thee would they 31_OBA_01_15
unto thee Thy 31_OBA_01_01
up against her 31_OBA_01_15
upon all the 31_OBA_01_11
upon Jerusalem even 31_OBA_01_17
upon mount Zion 31_OBA_01_16
upon my holy 31_OBA_01_01
us rise up 31_OBA_01_01
we have heard 31_OBA_01_01
We have heard a 31_OBA_01_20
which is in 31_OBA_01_03
who shall bring 31_OBA_01_03
whose habitation is 31_OBA_01_04
will I bring 31_OBA_01_04
will I bring thee 31_OBA_01_05
would they not have 31_OBA_01_05
would they not leave 31_OBA_01_01
ye and let 31_OBA_01_01
ye and let us 31_OBA_01_16
Yea they shall