Book of Zephaniah Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 36_ZEP_01_13
a booty and 36_ZEP_01_15
a day of 36_ZEP_01_16
a day of 36_ZEP_01_15
a day of clouds 36_ZEP_01_15
A day of darkness 36_ZEP_01_15
a day of trouble 36_ZEP_03_13
a deceitful tongue 36_ZEP_02_13
a desolation and 36_ZEP_01_13
a desolation they 36_ZEP_02_04
a desolation they 36_ZEP_01_13
a desolation they shall 36_ZEP_02_04
a desolation they shall 36_ZEP_02_15
a place for 36_ZEP_01_18
able to deliver 36_ZEP_01_18
able to deliver them 36_ZEP_03_11
against me for 36_ZEP_01_16
against the fenced 36_ZEP_01_16
against the fenced cities 36_ZEP_01_17
against the LORD 36_ZEP_01_17
against the LORD and 36_ZEP_02_10
against the people 36_ZEP_02_10
against the people of 36_ZEP_01_08
all such as 36_ZEP_01_08
all such as are 36_ZEP_02_14
all the beasts 36_ZEP_02_14
all the beasts of 36_ZEP_03_08
all the earth 36_ZEP_03_08
all the earth shall 36_ZEP_02_11
all the gods 36_ZEP_02_11
all the gods of 36_ZEP_03_14
all the heart 36_ZEP_01_04
all the inhabitants 36_ZEP_01_04
all the inhabitants of 36_ZEP_01_18
all them that 36_ZEP_01_11
all they that 36_ZEP_01_02
all things from 36_ZEP_01_09
all those that 36_ZEP_01_04
also stretch out 36_ZEP_01_04
also stretch out mine 36_ZEP_01_09
also will I 36_ZEP_01_10
and a great 36_ZEP_01_16
and against the 36_ZEP_01_08
and all such 36_ZEP_01_08
and all such as 36_ZEP_01_10
and an howling 36_ZEP_02_13
And he will 36_ZEP_01_03
And I will 36_ZEP_01_04
And I will 36_ZEP_01_17
And I will 36_ZEP_03_19
And I will 36_ZEP_01_17
and I will bring 36_ZEP_01_03
and I will cut 36_ZEP_01_04
and I will cut 36_ZEP_03_19
and I will get 36_ZEP_03_19
and I will save 36_ZEP_01_08
and it shall 36_ZEP_01_10
and it shall 36_ZEP_01_12
and it shall 36_ZEP_01_08
and it shall come 36_ZEP_01_10
and it shall come 36_ZEP_01_12
and it shall come 36_ZEP_03_13
and lie down 36_ZEP_02_08
and magnified themselves 36_ZEP_02_10
and magnified themselves 36_ZEP_02_08
and magnified themselves against 36_ZEP_02_10
and magnified themselves against 36_ZEP_03_13
and none shall 36_ZEP_03_13
and none shall make 36_ZEP_01_05
and that swear by 36_ZEP_01_05
and that swear by 36_ZEP_02_14
and the bittern 36_ZEP_02_14
and the bittern shall 36_ZEP_02_09
And the children 36_ZEP_02_09
And the children of 36_ZEP_02_07
And the coast 36_ZEP_02_07
And the coast shall 36_ZEP_01_03
and the fishes 36_ZEP_01_03
and the fishes of 36_ZEP_01_08
And the king's 36_ZEP_01_04
And the name 36_ZEP_01_04
And the name of 36_ZEP_02_09
And the remnant 36_ZEP_02_09
And the remnant of 36_ZEP_02_06
and the sea 36_ZEP_01_17
and their blood shall 36_ZEP_01_13
and their houses 36_ZEP_01_05
And them that 36_ZEP_01_05
And them that 36_ZEP_01_06
And them that 36_ZEP_01_06
And them that are 36_ZEP_01_05
and them that worship 36_ZEP_01_05
and them that worship 36_ZEP_02_15
and there is 36_ZEP_02_15
and there is none 36_ZEP_01_13
and they shall 36_ZEP_03_12
and they shall 36_ZEP_01_06
and those that 36_ZEP_01_06
and those that have 36_ZEP_03_11
and thou shalt 36_ZEP_02_07
and turn away 36_ZEP_01_04
and upon all 36_ZEP_01_04
and upon all the 36_ZEP_02_15
and wag his 36_ZEP_02_13
and will make 36_ZEP_02_02
anger of the 36_ZEP_02_02
anger of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_11
are cut off 36_ZEP_03_18
are of thee 36_ZEP_01_06
are turned back 36_ZEP_01_17
as dust and 36_ZEP_02_09
as I live 36_ZEP_02_09
as I live saith 36_ZEP_02_09
as Sodom and the 36_ZEP_01_12
at that time 36_ZEP_03_19
at that time 36_ZEP_03_19
at that time I 36_ZEP_01_07
at the presence 36_ZEP_01_07
at the presence of 36_ZEP_03_11
away out of 36_ZEP_03_11
away out of the 36_ZEP_01_06
back from the 36_ZEP_01_18
be able to 36_ZEP_01_18
be able to deliver 36_ZEP_03_11
be ashamed for 36_ZEP_03_07
be cut off 36_ZEP_01_18
be devoured by 36_ZEP_01_18
be devoured by the 36_ZEP_03_08
be devoured with 36_ZEP_03_08
be devoured with the 36_ZEP_02_07
be for the 36_ZEP_02_04
be forsaken and 36_ZEP_03_13
be found in 36_ZEP_03_14
be glad and 36_ZEP_03_14
be glad and rejoice 36_ZEP_02_03
be hid in 36_ZEP_02_14
be in the 36_ZEP_01_17
be poured out 36_ZEP_02_04
be rooted up 36_ZEP_03_16
be said to 36_ZEP_02_12
be slain by 36_ZEP_02_14
beasts of the 36_ZEP_01_17
because they have 36_ZEP_02_10
because they have 36_ZEP_01_17
because they have sinned 36_ZEP_02_15
become a desolation 36_ZEP_02_15
become a desolation a 36_ZEP_03_10
beyond the rivers 36_ZEP_03_10
beyond the rivers of 36_ZEP_01_17
blood shall be 36_ZEP_01_18
but the whole 36_ZEP_02_15
by her shall 36_ZEP_01_05
by the LORD 36_ZEP_03_09
call upon the 36_ZEP_03_09
call upon the name 36_ZEP_02_05
Canaan the land 36_ZEP_02_05
Canaan the land of 36_ZEP_02_02
chaff before the 36_ZEP_01_08
children and all 36_ZEP_02_08
children of Ammon 36_ZEP_02_09
children of Ammon 36_ZEP_01_15
clouds and thick 36_ZEP_01_15
clouds and thick darkness 36_ZEP_02_06
coast shall be 36_ZEP_02_07
coast shall be 36_ZEP_01_08
come to pass 36_ZEP_01_10
come to pass 36_ZEP_01_12
come to pass 36_ZEP_01_12
come to pass at 36_ZEP_01_08
come to pass in 36_ZEP_01_10
come to pass in 36_ZEP_02_02
come upon you 36_ZEP_02_14
cormorant and the bittern 36_ZEP_01_10
cry from the 36_ZEP_01_11
cut down all 36_ZEP_01_03
cut off man 36_ZEP_03_06
cut off the 36_ZEP_03_14
daughter of Jerusalem 36_ZEP_03_10
daughter of my 36_ZEP_03_14
daughter of Zion 36_ZEP_03_14
daughter of Zion shout 36_ZEP_01_15
day is a 36_ZEP_01_15
day is a day 36_ZEP_03_16
day it shall 36_ZEP_03_16
day it shall be 36_ZEP_01_15
day of clouds 36_ZEP_01_15
day of clouds and 36_ZEP_01_15
day of darkness and 36_ZEP_01_07
day of the 36_ZEP_01_08
day of the 36_ZEP_01_14
day of the 36_ZEP_01_16
day of the 36_ZEP_01_18
day of the 36_ZEP_02_02
day of the 36_ZEP_02_03
day of the 36_ZEP_01_07
day of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_14
day of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_14
day of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_18
day of the LORD's 36_ZEP_02_02
day of the LORD's 36_ZEP_02_03
day of the LORD's 36_ZEP_01_15
day of trouble 36_ZEP_01_15
day of trouble and 36_ZEP_01_10
day saith the 36_ZEP_01_10
day saith the LORD 36_ZEP_03_11
day shalt thou 36_ZEP_03_08
day that I 36_ZEP_03_08
day that I 36_ZEP_01_01
days of Josiah 36_ZEP_02_02
decree bring forth before 36_ZEP_02_02
decree bring forth before 36_ZEP_01_18
deliver them in 36_ZEP_01_18
deliver them in the 36_ZEP_01_13
desolation they shall 36_ZEP_02_04
desolation they shall 36_ZEP_01_18
devoured by the 36_ZEP_01_18
devoured by the fire 36_ZEP_03_08
devoured with the 36_ZEP_03_13
down and none 36_ZEP_03_13
down and none shall 36_ZEP_02_07
down in the 36_ZEP_02_14
down in the 36_ZEP_02_14
down in the midst 36_ZEP_01_13
drink the wine 36_ZEP_01_13
drink the wine thereof 36_ZEP_03_19
driven out and 36_ZEP_01_18
dwell in the 36_ZEP_01_18
dwell in the land 36_ZEP_03_08
earth shall be 36_ZEP_02_11
even all the 36_ZEP_03_15
even the LORD 36_ZEP_02_11
every one from 36_ZEP_02_11
every one from his 36_ZEP_02_15
every one that 36_ZEP_02_15
every one that passeth 36_ZEP_03_16
Fear thou not 36_ZEP_01_16
fenced cities and 36_ZEP_02_02
fierce anger of 36_ZEP_02_02
fierce anger of the 36_ZEP_03_08
fire of my 36_ZEP_03_08
fire of my jealousy 36_ZEP_01_03
fishes of the 36_ZEP_01_03
fishes of the sea 36_ZEP_01_11
For all the 36_ZEP_03_08
For all the 36_ZEP_03_08
for all the earth 36_ZEP_03_11
for all thy 36_ZEP_01_18
for he shall 36_ZEP_02_14
for he shall 36_ZEP_02_11
for he will 36_ZEP_01_07
for the day 36_ZEP_01_07
for the day of 36_ZEP_01_07
for the LORD 36_ZEP_02_07
for the LORD 36_ZEP_01_07
for the LORD hath 36_ZEP_02_07
for the remnant 36_ZEP_02_07
for the remnant of 36_ZEP_03_13
for they shall 36_ZEP_01_03
fowls of the 36_ZEP_01_03
fowls of the heaven 36_ZEP_02_11
from his place 36_ZEP_01_02
from off the 36_ZEP_01_03
from off the 36_ZEP_01_02
from off the land 36_ZEP_01_03
from off the land 36_ZEP_01_06
from the LORD 36_ZEP_01_06
from the LORD and 36_ZEP_01_04
from this place and 36_ZEP_03_19
gather her that 36_ZEP_02_01
Gather yourselves together 36_ZEP_01_01
Gedaliah the son 36_ZEP_01_01
Gedaliah the son of 36_ZEP_03_14
glad and rejoice 36_ZEP_01_15
gloominess a day 36_ZEP_01_15
gloominess a day of 36_ZEP_01_07
god for the 36_ZEP_03_17
God in the 36_ZEP_02_09
God of Israel 36_ZEP_02_11
gods of the 36_ZEP_01_18
gold shall be 36_ZEP_01_10
great crashing from the 36_ZEP_01_10
great crashing from the 36_ZEP_01_14
great day of 36_ZEP_01_14
great day of the 36_ZEP_02_13
hand against the 36_ZEP_01_07
hand for the 36_ZEP_03_11
hast transgressed against 36_ZEP_03_15
hath cast out 36_ZEP_03_15
hath taken away 36_ZEP_03_15
hath taken away thy 36_ZEP_03_06
have cut off 36_ZEP_02_08
have heard the 36_ZEP_01_06
have not sought 36_ZEP_01_06
have not sought the 36_ZEP_01_17
have sinned against 36_ZEP_01_17
have sinned against the 36_ZEP_03_15
he hath cast 36_ZEP_01_18
he shall make 36_ZEP_03_05
he will not 36_ZEP_03_05
he will not do 36_ZEP_03_17
he will save 36_ZEP_01_12
heart the Lord will 36_ZEP_01_03
heaven and the 36_ZEP_01_05
heaven upon the 36_ZEP_02_14
her all the 36_ZEP_02_15
her heart I 36_ZEP_03_04
Her priests have 36_ZEP_03_19
her that halteth 36_ZEP_03_19
her that halteth and 36_ZEP_03_01
her that is 36_ZEP_03_19
her that was 36_ZEP_02_03
hid in the 36_ZEP_03_09
him with one 36_ZEP_02_13
his hand against 36_ZEP_02_13
his hand against the 36_ZEP_02_15
hiss and wag 36_ZEP_01_07
Hold thy peace 36_ZEP_01_05
host of heaven 36_ZEP_02_09
hosts the God 36_ZEP_02_09
hosts the God of 36_ZEP_02_07
house of Judah 36_ZEP_02_15
how is she 36_ZEP_01_11
howl ye inhabitants 36_ZEP_01_11
howl ye inhabitants of 36_ZEP_02_15
I AM and 36_ZEP_02_08
I have heard 36_ZEP_02_08
I have heard the 36_ZEP_02_09
I live saith 36_ZEP_02_09
I live saith the 36_ZEP_03_07
I punished them 36_ZEP_01_04
I will also 36_ZEP_03_12
I will also 36_ZEP_01_04
I will also stretch 36_ZEP_01_17
I will bring 36_ZEP_01_03
I will consume 36_ZEP_01_03
I will cut 36_ZEP_01_04
I will cut 36_ZEP_01_03
I will cut off 36_ZEP_01_04
I will cut off 36_ZEP_02_05
I will even 36_ZEP_03_18
I will gather 36_ZEP_03_18
I will gather them 36_ZEP_03_19
I will get 36_ZEP_01_08
I will punish 36_ZEP_01_08
I will punish the 36_ZEP_03_19
I will save 36_ZEP_03_11
I will take 36_ZEP_03_11
I will take away 36_ZEP_01_02
I will utterly 36_ZEP_02_15
in her heart 36_ZEP_02_15
in her heart I 36_ZEP_03_17
in his love 36_ZEP_01_10
in that day 36_ZEP_03_11
in that day 36_ZEP_03_16
in that day 36_ZEP_03_16
in that day it 36_ZEP_01_10
In that day saith 36_ZEP_01_08
in the day 36_ZEP_01_18
in the day 36_ZEP_02_03
in the day 36_ZEP_01_08
in the day of 36_ZEP_01_18
in the day of 36_ZEP_02_03
in the day of 36_ZEP_01_01
in the days 36_ZEP_02_07
in the evening 36_ZEP_02_07
in the houses 36_ZEP_02_07
in the houses of 36_ZEP_01_18
in the land 36_ZEP_03_02
in the LORD 36_ZEP_02_14
in the midst 36_ZEP_03_05
in the midst 36_ZEP_03_12
in the midst 36_ZEP_03_15
in the midst 36_ZEP_03_17
in the midst 36_ZEP_02_14
in the midst of 36_ZEP_03_12
in the midst of 36_ZEP_03_15
in the midst of 36_ZEP_03_17
in the midst of 36_ZEP_03_05
in the midst thereof 36_ZEP_03_12
in the name 36_ZEP_03_12
in the name of 36_ZEP_01_09
In the same 36_ZEP_01_09
In the same day 36_ZEP_02_14
in the upper 36_ZEP_01_12
in their heart 36_ZEP_01_12
in their heart The 36_ZEP_03_13
in their mouth 36_ZEP_01_04
inhabitants of Jerusalem 36_ZEP_01_04
inhabitants of Jerusalem and 36_ZEP_02_05
inhabitants of the 36_ZEP_01_15
is a day 36_ZEP_01_15
is a day of 36_ZEP_01_07
is at hand 36_ZEP_03_05
is in the 36_ZEP_03_15
is in the 36_ZEP_03_05
is in the midst 36_ZEP_03_15
is in the midst 36_ZEP_03_17
is mighty he 36_ZEP_01_14
is near and 36_ZEP_03_06
is no man 36_ZEP_03_06
is no man that 36_ZEP_02_15
is none beside 36_ZEP_02_15
is she become 36_ZEP_02_11
isles of the 36_ZEP_01_14
it is near 36_ZEP_02_03
it may be 36_ZEP_03_16
it shall be 36_ZEP_03_16
it shall be said 36_ZEP_01_08
it shall come 36_ZEP_01_10
it shall come 36_ZEP_01_12
it shall come 36_ZEP_01_08
it shall come to 36_ZEP_01_10
it shall come to 36_ZEP_01_12
it shall come to 36_ZEP_03_18
it was a 36_ZEP_01_04
Judah and upon all 36_ZEP_02_07
Judah They shall 36_ZEP_03_15
king of Israel 36_ZEP_01_01
king of Judah 36_ZEP_02_05
land of the 36_ZEP_02_05
land of the Philistines 36_ZEP_01_02
land saith the 36_ZEP_01_03
land saith the 36_ZEP_01_02
land saith the LORD 36_ZEP_01_03
land saith the LORD 36_ZEP_01_18
land shall be 36_ZEP_03_09
language that they 36_ZEP_03_09
language that they may 36_ZEP_03_16
let not thine 36_ZEP_03_13
lie down and 36_ZEP_03_13
lie down and none 36_ZEP_02_07
lie down in 36_ZEP_02_14
lie down in 36_ZEP_02_15
lie down in 36_ZEP_02_07
lie down in the 36_ZEP_02_14
lie down in the 36_ZEP_02_13
like a wilderness 36_ZEP_02_09
live saith the 36_ZEP_02_09
live saith the LORD 36_ZEP_02_14
lodge in the 36_ZEP_02_03
LORD all ye 36_ZEP_01_05
LORD and that 36_ZEP_01_17
LORD and their 36_ZEP_01_07
LORD hath prepared 36_ZEP_03_15
LORD hath taken 36_ZEP_03_15
LORD hath taken away 36_ZEP_02_05
LORD is against 36_ZEP_03_05
LORD is in 36_ZEP_03_15
LORD is in 36_ZEP_03_15
LORD is in the 36_ZEP_01_14
LORD is near 36_ZEP_02_09
LORD of hosts 36_ZEP_02_10
LORD of hosts 36_ZEP_02_09
LORD of hosts the 36_ZEP_02_07
LORD their God 36_ZEP_02_07
LORD their God shall 36_ZEP_03_17
LORD thy God 36_ZEP_03_17
LORD thy God in 36_ZEP_03_09
LORD to serve 36_ZEP_03_08
LORD until the 36_ZEP_01_01
LORD which came 36_ZEP_02_11
LORD will be 36_ZEP_01_12
LORD will not 36_ZEP_02_08
magnified themselves against 36_ZEP_02_10
magnified themselves against 36_ZEP_03_13
make them afraid 36_ZEP_01_03
man and beast 36_ZEP_03_08
me saith the 36_ZEP_03_08
me saith the LORD 36_ZEP_01_17
men because they 36_ZEP_01_12
men that are 36_ZEP_01_17
men that they 36_ZEP_01_17
men that they shall 36_ZEP_02_14
midst of her 36_ZEP_03_11
midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_12
midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_15
midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_17
midst of thee 36_ZEP_01_14
mighty man shall 36_ZEP_01_04
mine hand upon 36_ZEP_02_08
Moab and the 36_ZEP_02_09
Moab shall be 36_ZEP_03_08
my fierce anger 36_ZEP_03_11
my holy mountain 36_ZEP_02_08
my people and 36_ZEP_02_09
my people shall 36_ZEP_01_04
name of the 36_ZEP_03_09
name of the 36_ZEP_03_12
name of the 36_ZEP_01_04
name of the Chemarims 36_ZEP_01_04
name of the Chemarims 36_ZEP_03_09
name of the LORD 36_ZEP_03_12
name of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_05
nation of the 36_ZEP_03_08
nations that I 36_ZEP_03_13
neither shall a 36_ZEP_01_12
neither will he 36_ZEP_03_06
No man that 36_ZEP_03_11
no more be 36_ZEP_01_10
noise of a 36_ZEP_03_13
none shall make 36_ZEP_03_13
none shall make them 36_ZEP_03_16
not and to 36_ZEP_03_11
not be ashamed 36_ZEP_03_11
not be ashamed for 36_ZEP_03_07
not be cut 36_ZEP_03_07
not be cut off 36_ZEP_03_05
not do iniquity 36_ZEP_03_13
not do iniquity 36_ZEP_03_02
not in the 36_ZEP_03_02
not in the 36_ZEP_03_02
not near to 36_ZEP_01_06
not sought the 36_ZEP_01_06
not sought the LORD 36_ZEP_03_02
not the voice 36_ZEP_03_14
O daughter of 36_ZEP_03_14
O daughter of Jerusalem 36_ZEP_03_14
O daughter of Zion 36_ZEP_03_02
obeyed not the 36_ZEP_03_02
obeyed not the voice 36_ZEP_01_10
of a cry 36_ZEP_01_18
of all them 36_ZEP_01_18
of all them that 36_ZEP_01_04
of Baal from 36_ZEP_01_15
of clouds and 36_ZEP_01_15
of darkness and 36_ZEP_01_05
of heaven upon 36_ZEP_01_05
of heaven upon the 36_ZEP_02_09
of hosts the 36_ZEP_02_09
of hosts the God 36_ZEP_03_15
of Israel even 36_ZEP_03_13
of Israel shall 36_ZEP_03_18
of it was 36_ZEP_03_18
of it was a 36_ZEP_01_04
of Jerusalem and 36_ZEP_01_01
of Josiah the 36_ZEP_02_07
of Judah they 36_ZEP_02_07
of Judah They shall 36_ZEP_02_08
of Moab and 36_ZEP_02_08
of Moab and the 36_ZEP_03_11
of my holy 36_ZEP_03_08
of my jealousy 36_ZEP_02_09
of my people 36_ZEP_02_09
of my people shall 36_ZEP_02_05
of the Cherethites 36_ZEP_02_08
of the children 36_ZEP_02_08
of the children of 36_ZEP_01_14
of the day 36_ZEP_01_14
of the day of 36_ZEP_02_03
of the earth 36_ZEP_02_11
of the earth 36_ZEP_02_11
of the earth and 36_ZEP_02_03
of the earth which 36_ZEP_02_11
of the heathen 36_ZEP_01_03
of the heaven 36_ZEP_01_03
of the heaven and 36_ZEP_02_07
of the house 36_ZEP_02_07
of the house of 36_ZEP_01_01
of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_07
of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_07
of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_14
of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_02
of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_05
of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_10
of the LORD 36_ZEP_03_09
of the LORD 36_ZEP_03_12
of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_02
of the LORD come 36_ZEP_01_07
of the LORD God 36_ZEP_01_07
of the LORD is 36_ZEP_01_14
of the LORD is 36_ZEP_02_05
of the LORD is 36_ZEP_02_10
of the LORD of 36_ZEP_01_14
of the LORD the 36_ZEP_03_09
of the LORD to 36_ZEP_01_01
of the LORD which 36_ZEP_01_18
of the LORD's 36_ZEP_02_02
of the LORD's 36_ZEP_02_03
of the LORD's 36_ZEP_02_02
of the LORD's anger 36_ZEP_03_11
of the midst 36_ZEP_03_11
of the midst of 36_ZEP_02_14
of the nations 36_ZEP_02_05
of the Philistines 36_ZEP_01_03
of the sea 36_ZEP_02_05
of the sea 36_ZEP_01_03
of the sea and 36_ZEP_02_05
of the sea coast 36_ZEP_01_16
of the trumpet 36_ZEP_01_16
of the trumpet and 36_ZEP_03_15
of thee Thou 36_ZEP_03_15
of thee Thou shalt 36_ZEP_03_18
of thee to 36_ZEP_01_15
of trouble and 36_ZEP_03_14
of Zion shout 36_ZEP_03_14
of Zion shout O 36_ZEP_01_02
off the land 36_ZEP_01_03
off the land 36_ZEP_01_02
off the land saith 36_ZEP_01_03
off the land saith 36_ZEP_01_09
on the threshold 36_ZEP_02_11
one from his 36_ZEP_02_15
one that passeth 36_ZEP_03_19
out and I 36_ZEP_03_19
out and I will 36_ZEP_02_13
out his hand 36_ZEP_02_13
out his hand against 36_ZEP_01_04
out mine hand 36_ZEP_01_04
out mine hand upon 36_ZEP_03_11
out of the 36_ZEP_03_11
out of the midst 36_ZEP_03_17
over thee with 36_ZEP_02_02
pass as the 36_ZEP_01_12
pass at that 36_ZEP_01_12
pass at that time 36_ZEP_01_10
pass in that 36_ZEP_01_10
pass in that day 36_ZEP_01_08
pass in the 36_ZEP_03_12
people and they 36_ZEP_03_12
people and they shall 36_ZEP_01_11
people are cut 36_ZEP_02_10
people of the 36_ZEP_02_10
people of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_09
people shall spoil 36_ZEP_01_04
place and the 36_ZEP_01_07
presence of the 36_ZEP_01_07
presence of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_08
princes and the 36_ZEP_03_19
put to shame 36_ZEP_03_11
rejoice in thy 36_ZEP_03_17
rejoice over thee 36_ZEP_03_13
remnant of Israel 36_ZEP_02_09
remnant of my 36_ZEP_02_07
remnant of the 36_ZEP_02_09
residue of my 36_ZEP_03_08
rise up to 36_ZEP_03_08
rise up to the 36_ZEP_03_10
rivers of Ethiopia 36_ZEP_01_08
sacrifice that I 36_ZEP_01_02
saith the LORD 36_ZEP_01_03
saith the LORD 36_ZEP_01_10
saith the LORD 36_ZEP_02_09
saith the LORD 36_ZEP_03_08
saith the LORD 36_ZEP_02_09
saith the LORD of 36_ZEP_01_10
saith the LORD that 36_ZEP_03_04
sanctuary they have 36_ZEP_01_12
say in their 36_ZEP_01_12
say in their heart 36_ZEP_01_03
sea and the 36_ZEP_02_03
Seek ye the LORD 36_ZEP_03_09
serve him with 36_ZEP_01_18
shall be able 36_ZEP_01_18
shall be able to 36_ZEP_02_09
shall be as 36_ZEP_01_18
shall be devoured 36_ZEP_03_08
shall be devoured 36_ZEP_01_18
shall be devoured by 36_ZEP_03_08
shall be devoured with 36_ZEP_02_07
shall be for 36_ZEP_02_07
shall be for the 36_ZEP_02_04
shall be forsaken 36_ZEP_02_04
shall be forsaken and 36_ZEP_02_03
shall be hid 36_ZEP_02_03
shall be hid in 36_ZEP_02_14
shall be in 36_ZEP_02_14
shall be in the 36_ZEP_02_05
shall be no 36_ZEP_01_17
shall be poured 36_ZEP_01_17
shall be poured out 36_ZEP_02_04
shall be rooted up 36_ZEP_03_16
shall be said 36_ZEP_02_12
shall be slain 36_ZEP_02_12
shall be slain by 36_ZEP_01_10
shall be the 36_ZEP_01_13
shall become a 36_ZEP_01_08
shall come to 36_ZEP_01_10
shall come to 36_ZEP_01_12
shall come to 36_ZEP_01_08
shall come to pass 36_ZEP_01_10
shall come to pass 36_ZEP_01_12
shall come to pass 36_ZEP_02_04
shall drive out 36_ZEP_03_13
shall feed and 36_ZEP_02_15
shall hiss and 36_ZEP_02_14
shall lie down 36_ZEP_03_13
shall make them 36_ZEP_03_13
shall make them afraid 36_ZEP_03_13
shall not do 36_ZEP_02_14
shall sing in 36_ZEP_02_14
shall sing in the 36_ZEP_02_09
shall spoil them 36_ZEP_02_09
shall spoil them and 36_ZEP_02_07
shall they lie 36_ZEP_03_12
shall trust in 36_ZEP_03_12
shall trust in the 36_ZEP_02_11
shall worship him 36_ZEP_03_11
shalt no more 36_ZEP_03_11
shalt no more be 36_ZEP_03_15
shalt not see 36_ZEP_03_11
shalt thou not 36_ZEP_03_11
shalt thou not be 36_ZEP_03_07
should not be 36_ZEP_01_17
sinned against the 36_ZEP_01_17
sinned against the LORD 36_ZEP_03_06
so that there 36_ZEP_03_06
so that there is 36_ZEP_01_01
son of Cushi 36_ZEP_01_06
sought the LORD 36_ZEP_02_09
spoil them and 36_ZEP_01_04
stretch out mine 36_ZEP_01_04
stretch out mine hand 36_ZEP_01_08
such as are 36_ZEP_03_07
Surely thou wilt 36_ZEP_01_05
swear by the 36_ZEP_01_05
swear by the LORD 36_ZEP_03_15
taken away thy 36_ZEP_03_19
that afflict thee 36_ZEP_01_15
that day is 36_ZEP_03_16
that day it 36_ZEP_03_16
that day it shall 36_ZEP_01_10
that day saith 36_ZEP_01_10
that day saith the 36_ZEP_01_18
that dwell in the 36_ZEP_03_19
that halteth and 36_ZEP_01_06
that have not 36_ZEP_03_08
that I may 36_ZEP_01_08
that I will 36_ZEP_01_12
that I will 36_ZEP_01_08
that I will punish 36_ZEP_01_12
that I will search 36_ZEP_03_06
that none passeth 36_ZEP_02_15
that passeth by 36_ZEP_03_11
that rejoice in 36_ZEP_01_12
that say in 36_ZEP_01_05
that swear by 36_ZEP_01_05
that swear by the 36_ZEP_03_06
that there is 36_ZEP_03_06
that there is no 36_ZEP_03_06
that there is none 36_ZEP_01_10
that there shall 36_ZEP_02_05
that there shall 36_ZEP_01_10
that there shall be 36_ZEP_02_05
that there shall be 36_ZEP_03_09
that they may 36_ZEP_01_17
that they shall 36_ZEP_03_19
that time I 36_ZEP_01_12
that time that 36_ZEP_02_14
the beasts of 36_ZEP_02_14
the beasts of the 36_ZEP_02_14
the bittern shall 36_ZEP_02_08
the children of 36_ZEP_02_09
the children of 36_ZEP_02_08
the children of Ammon 36_ZEP_02_09
the children of Ammon 36_ZEP_02_07
the coast shall 36_ZEP_03_10
the daughter of 36_ZEP_03_10
the daughter of my 36_ZEP_01_07
the day of 36_ZEP_01_08
the day of 36_ZEP_01_14
the day of 36_ZEP_01_18
the day of 36_ZEP_02_02
the day of 36_ZEP_02_03
the day of 36_ZEP_01_07
the day of the 36_ZEP_01_08
the day of the 36_ZEP_01_14
the day of the 36_ZEP_01_18
the day of the 36_ZEP_02_02
the day of the 36_ZEP_02_03
the day of the 36_ZEP_03_08
the day that 36_ZEP_03_08
the day that I 36_ZEP_01_01
the days of 36_ZEP_01_01
the days of Josiah 36_ZEP_02_11
the earth and 36_ZEP_03_08
the earth shall 36_ZEP_03_08
the earth shall be 36_ZEP_02_03
the earth which 36_ZEP_01_16
the fenced cities 36_ZEP_01_16
the fenced cities and 36_ZEP_02_02
the fierce anger 36_ZEP_02_02
the fierce anger of 36_ZEP_01_18
the fire of 36_ZEP_03_08
the fire of 36_ZEP_03_08
the fire of my 36_ZEP_01_10
the fish gate 36_ZEP_01_03
the fishes of 36_ZEP_01_03
the fishes of the 36_ZEP_01_03
the fowls of 36_ZEP_01_03
the fowls of the 36_ZEP_02_09
the God of Israel 36_ZEP_02_11
the gods of 36_ZEP_02_11
the gods of the 36_ZEP_01_14
The great day 36_ZEP_01_14
The great day of 36_ZEP_01_03
the heaven and 36_ZEP_01_03
the heaven and the 36_ZEP_01_05
the host of 36_ZEP_01_05
the host of heaven 36_ZEP_02_07
the house of 36_ZEP_02_07
the house of Judah 36_ZEP_02_07
the houses of 36_ZEP_01_05
the housetops and 36_ZEP_01_04
the inhabitants of 36_ZEP_02_05
the inhabitants of 36_ZEP_01_04
the inhabitants of Jerusalem 36_ZEP_02_05
the inhabitants of the 36_ZEP_02_11
the isles of 36_ZEP_02_11
the isles of the 36_ZEP_03_15
the king of 36_ZEP_03_15
the king of Israel 36_ZEP_02_05
the land of 36_ZEP_02_05
the land of the 36_ZEP_01_02
the land saith 36_ZEP_01_02
the land saith the 36_ZEP_02_03
the LORD all 36_ZEP_02_03
the LORD all 36_ZEP_02_03
the LORD all ye 36_ZEP_01_05
the LORD and 36_ZEP_01_06
the LORD and 36_ZEP_01_17
the LORD and 36_ZEP_01_05
the LORD and that 36_ZEP_01_17
the LORD and their 36_ZEP_02_02
the LORD come 36_ZEP_01_07
the LORD God 36_ZEP_01_07
the LORD hath 36_ZEP_03_15
the LORD hath 36_ZEP_01_07
The LORD hath prepared 36_ZEP_03_15
the LORD hath taken 36_ZEP_01_07
the LORD is 36_ZEP_01_14
the LORD is 36_ZEP_02_05
the LORD is 36_ZEP_03_15
the LORD is 36_ZEP_02_05
the LORD is against 36_ZEP_03_15
the LORD is in 36_ZEP_01_14
the LORD is near 36_ZEP_01_06
the LORD nor 36_ZEP_02_09
the lord of 36_ZEP_02_10
the lord of 36_ZEP_02_09
the LORD of hosts 36_ZEP_02_10
the LORD of hosts 36_ZEP_03_02
the LORD she 36_ZEP_01_10
the LORD that 36_ZEP_01_14
the LORD the 36_ZEP_02_07
the LORD their 36_ZEP_02_07
the LORD their God 36_ZEP_03_17
the LORD thy 36_ZEP_03_17
the LORD thy God 36_ZEP_03_09
the LORD to 36_ZEP_03_09
the LORD to serve 36_ZEP_03_08
the LORD until 36_ZEP_03_08
the LORD until the 36_ZEP_01_01
the Lord which 36_ZEP_01_01
the LORD which came 36_ZEP_01_12
the LORD will 36_ZEP_02_11
the LORD will 36_ZEP_02_11
the LORD will be 36_ZEP_01_12
the LORD will not 36_ZEP_02_02
the LORD's anger 36_ZEP_02_03
the LORD's anger 36_ZEP_01_18
the LORD's wrath 36_ZEP_01_12
the men that 36_ZEP_01_12
the men that are 36_ZEP_02_14
the midst of 36_ZEP_03_11
the midst of 36_ZEP_03_12
the midst of 36_ZEP_03_15
the midst of 36_ZEP_02_14
the midst of her 36_ZEP_03_11
the midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_12
the midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_15
the midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_17
the midst of thee 36_ZEP_03_05
the midst thereof 36_ZEP_01_14
the mighty man 36_ZEP_01_14
the mighty man shall 36_ZEP_01_04
The name of 36_ZEP_03_09
The name of 36_ZEP_03_12
The name of 36_ZEP_01_04
The name of the 36_ZEP_03_09
The name of the 36_ZEP_03_12
The name of the 36_ZEP_02_05
the nation of 36_ZEP_02_05
the nation of the 36_ZEP_03_08
the nations that 36_ZEP_03_08
the nations that I 36_ZEP_03_06
the nations their 36_ZEP_01_10
the noise of 36_ZEP_01_10
the noise of a 36_ZEP_02_04
the noon day 36_ZEP_02_13
the north and 36_ZEP_02_10
the people of 36_ZEP_02_10
the people of the 36_ZEP_01_07
the presence of 36_ZEP_01_07
the presence of the 36_ZEP_03_08
the prey for 36_ZEP_01_08
the princes and 36_ZEP_01_08
the princes and the 36_ZEP_01_04
the remnant of 36_ZEP_02_07
the remnant of 36_ZEP_02_09
the remnant of 36_ZEP_03_13
the remnant of 36_ZEP_03_13
the remnant of Israel 36_ZEP_02_09
the remnant of my 36_ZEP_02_07
the remnant of the 36_ZEP_02_08
the reproach of 36_ZEP_03_18
the reproach of 36_ZEP_02_09
the residue of 36_ZEP_02_09
the residue of my 36_ZEP_03_10
the rivers of 36_ZEP_03_10
the rivers of Ethiopia 36_ZEP_01_09
the same day 36_ZEP_01_03
the sea and 36_ZEP_01_03
the sea and the 36_ZEP_02_05
the sea coast 36_ZEP_01_10
the second and 36_ZEP_01_01
the son of 36_ZEP_01_01
the son of Cushi 36_ZEP_01_16
the trumpet and 36_ZEP_01_14
the voice of 36_ZEP_01_14
the voice of the 36_ZEP_01_18
the whole land 36_ZEP_01_18
The whole land shall 36_ZEP_01_03
the wicked and 36_ZEP_01_13
the wine thereof 36_ZEP_01_01
the word of 36_ZEP_02_05
the word of 36_ZEP_01_01
the word of the 36_ZEP_02_05
the word of the 36_ZEP_03_19
thee and I 36_ZEP_03_19
thee and I will 36_ZEP_03_15
thee thou shalt 36_ZEP_03_15
thee thou shalt not 36_ZEP_01_17
their blood shall 36_ZEP_01_17
their blood shall be 36_ZEP_02_07
their God shall 36_ZEP_01_18
their gold shall 36_ZEP_01_18
their gold shall be 36_ZEP_01_12
their heart The 36_ZEP_02_09
them and the 36_ZEP_01_13
them and they 36_ZEP_01_13
them and they shall 36_ZEP_03_07
them but they 36_ZEP_02_11
them for he 36_ZEP_01_18
them in the 36_ZEP_01_18
them in the day 36_ZEP_01_06
them that are 36_ZEP_03_18
them that are 36_ZEP_01_18
them that dwell 36_ZEP_01_18
them that dwell in 36_ZEP_03_11
them that rejoice in 36_ZEP_01_05
them that worship 36_ZEP_03_11
then I will 36_ZEP_03_06
there is no 36_ZEP_03_06
there is no man 36_ZEP_02_15
There is none 36_ZEP_03_06
There is none 36_ZEP_02_15
there is none beside 36_ZEP_01_10
there shall be 36_ZEP_02_05
there shall be 36_ZEP_02_05
there shall be no 36_ZEP_01_10
there shall be the 36_ZEP_03_19
they have been 36_ZEP_03_04
they have done 36_ZEP_02_10
they have reproached 36_ZEP_01_17
they have sinned 36_ZEP_01_17
they have sinned against 36_ZEP_01_13
They shall also 36_ZEP_03_13
They shall feed 36_ZEP_01_17
they shall walk 36_ZEP_02_15
This is the 36_ZEP_01_04
this place and 36_ZEP_01_06
those that have 36_ZEP_03_11
thou hast transgressed 36_ZEP_03_11
thou hast transgressed against 36_ZEP_03_16
thou not and 36_ZEP_03_11
Thou shalt no 36_ZEP_03_11
Thou shalt no more 36_ZEP_03_15
thou shalt not 36_ZEP_03_15
Thou shalt not see 36_ZEP_03_07
thou wilt receive 36_ZEP_03_17
thy God in 36_ZEP_03_17
thy God in the 36_ZEP_03_11
thy pride and 36_ZEP_01_12
time that I 36_ZEP_01_18
to deliver them 36_ZEP_01_18
to deliver them in 36_ZEP_02_15
to lie down 36_ZEP_01_12
to pass at 36_ZEP_01_12
to pass at that 36_ZEP_01_08
to pass in 36_ZEP_01_10
to pass in 36_ZEP_01_10
to pass in that 36_ZEP_01_08
to pass in the 36_ZEP_03_09
to serve him 36_ZEP_03_04
to the law 36_ZEP_03_09
to the people 36_ZEP_03_09
to the people a 36_ZEP_03_08
to the prey 36_ZEP_03_18
to whom the 36_ZEP_03_11
transgressed against me 36_ZEP_03_11
transgressed against me for 36_ZEP_03_12
trust in the 36_ZEP_03_12
trust in the name 36_ZEP_03_02
trusted not in 36_ZEP_02_07
turn away their 36_ZEP_03_09
turn to the 36_ZEP_01_06
turned back from 36_ZEP_03_08
until the day 36_ZEP_03_08
until the day that 36_ZEP_02_05
unto the inhabitants 36_ZEP_02_05
unto the inhabitants of 36_ZEP_02_11
unto them for 36_ZEP_03_08
up to the 36_ZEP_01_04
upon all the 36_ZEP_01_04
upon all the inhabitants 36_ZEP_01_04
upon Judah and 36_ZEP_01_04
upon Judah and upon 36_ZEP_01_05
upon the housetops 36_ZEP_03_09
upon the name 36_ZEP_03_09
upon the name of 36_ZEP_01_14
voice of the 36_ZEP_03_19
where they have 36_ZEP_03_19
where they have been 36_ZEP_02_08
whereby they have 36_ZEP_03_11
wherein thou hast 36_ZEP_01_01
which came unto 36_ZEP_03_18
who are of 36_ZEP_01_18
whole land shall 36_ZEP_01_18
whole land shall be 36_ZEP_01_04
will also stretch 36_ZEP_01_04
will also stretch out 36_ZEP_01_03
will cut off 36_ZEP_01_04
will cut off 36_ZEP_01_04
will cut off the 36_ZEP_01_12
will he do 36_ZEP_01_09
will I punish 36_ZEP_01_12
will not do 36_ZEP_03_05
will not do 36_ZEP_01_08
will punish the 36_ZEP_02_13
will stretch out 36_ZEP_03_11
will take away 36_ZEP_03_14
with all the 36_ZEP_03_14
with all the heart 36_ZEP_03_08
with the fire of 36_ZEP_01_04
with the priests 36_ZEP_01_03
with the wicked 36_ZEP_01_03
with the wicked and 36_ZEP_01_01
word of the 36_ZEP_02_05
word of the 36_ZEP_01_01
word of the LORD 36_ZEP_02_05
word of the LORD 36_ZEP_01_05
worship the host 36_ZEP_01_05
worship the host of 36_ZEP_01_11
ye inhabitants of 36_ZEP_02_03
ye shall be 36_ZEP_02_12
ye shall be 36_ZEP_02_03
ye the LORD 36_ZEP_02_02
you before the 36_ZEP_01_01
Zephaniah the son 36_ZEP_01_01
Zephaniah the son of 36_ZEP_03_14
Zion shout O