Book of Matthew Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 40_MAT_12_20
A bruised reed 40_MAT_12_20
A bruised reed shall 40_MAT_05_15
a bushel but 40_MAT_05_15
a bushel but on 40_MAT_19_24
a camel to 40_MAT_19_24
a camel to go 40_MAT_05_15
a candle and 40_MAT_05_15
a candlestick and 40_MAT_05_15
a candlestick and it 40_MAT_18_23
a certain king 40_MAT_22_02
a certain king 40_MAT_18_23
a certain king which 40_MAT_22_02
a certain king which 40_MAT_17_14
a certain man 40_MAT_21_28
a certain man 40_MAT_21_28
A certain man had 40_MAT_09_18
a certain ruler 40_MAT_20_20
a certain thing 40_MAT_14_11
a charger and 40_MAT_02_23
a city called 40_MAT_05_14
a city that 40_MAT_21_05
a colt the 40_MAT_21_05
a colt the foal 40_MAT_07_17
a corrupt tree 40_MAT_07_18
a corrupt tree 40_MAT_07_18
a corrupt tree bring 40_MAT_27_29
a crown of 40_MAT_27_29
a crown of thorns 40_MAT_10_42
a cup of 40_MAT_26_69
a damsel came 40_MAT_24_50
a day when 40_MAT_24_50
a day when he 40_MAT_21_13
a den of 40_MAT_21_13
a den of thieves 40_MAT_14_13
a desert place 40_MAT_14_15
a desert place 40_MAT_14_15
a desert place and 40_MAT_03_16
a dove and 40_MAT_01_20
a dream saying 40_MAT_02_19
a dream to 40_MAT_09_32
a dumb man 40_MAT_24_45
a faithful and 40_MAT_21_33
a far country 40_MAT_25_14
a far country 40_MAT_25_21
a few things 40_MAT_25_23
a few things 40_MAT_25_21
a few things I 40_MAT_25_23
a few things I 40_MAT_21_19
a fig tree 40_MAT_07_10
a fish will 40_MAT_07_10
a fish will he 40_MAT_07_26
a foolish man 40_MAT_11_19
a friend of 40_MAT_11_19
a friend of publicans 40_MAT_13_42
a furnace of 40_MAT_15_05
a gift by 40_MAT_15_05
a gift by whatsoever 40_MAT_12_35
a good man 40_MAT_12_35
A good man out 40_MAT_07_18
A good tree 40_MAT_08_30
a good way off 40_MAT_26_10
a good work 40_MAT_13_31
a grain of 40_MAT_17_20
a grain of 40_MAT_13_31
a grain of mustard 40_MAT_17_20
a grain of mustard 40_MAT_08_26
a great calm 40_MAT_28_02
a great earthquake 40_MAT_14_14
a great multitude 40_MAT_20_29
a great multitude 40_MAT_26_47
a great multitude 40_MAT_14_14
a great multitude and 40_MAT_20_29
a great multitude followed 40_MAT_26_47
a great multitude with 40_MAT_27_60
a great stone 40_MAT_11_11
a greater than 40_MAT_12_41
a greater than 40_MAT_12_41
a greater than Jonas 40_MAT_12_42
a greater than Solomon 40_MAT_01_19
a just man 40_MAT_08_02
a leper and 40_MAT_18_02
a little child 40_MAT_26_39
a little farther 40_MAT_25_19
a long time 40_MAT_27_46
a loud voice 40_MAT_27_50
a loud voice 40_MAT_26_18
a man and 40_MAT_15_11
a man but 40_MAT_15_20
a man but 40_MAT_11_08
A man clothed 40_MAT_11_08
A man clothed in 40_MAT_16_26
a man give 40_MAT_16_26
a man give in 40_MAT_13_44
a man hath 40_MAT_18_12
a man have 40_MAT_12_43
a man he walketh 40_MAT_09_09
a man named 40_MAT_27_32
a man of 40_MAT_13_52
a man that 40_MAT_13_52
a man that 40_MAT_13_52
a man that is 40_MAT_20_01
a man that is 40_MAT_19_03
a man to 40_MAT_19_03
a man to put 40_MAT_13_31
a man took 40_MAT_13_31
a man took and 40_MAT_08_09
a man under 40_MAT_12_10
a man which 40_MAT_13_24
a man which 40_MAT_12_10
a man which had 40_MAT_22_11
a man which had 40_MAT_26_13
a memorial of 40_MAT_26_13
a memorial of her 40_MAT_18_06
a millstone were 40_MAT_18_06
a millstone were hanged 40_MAT_05_01
a mountain and 40_MAT_19_24
a needle than 40_MAT_19_24
a needle than for 40_MAT_04_18
a net into 40_MAT_04_18
a net into the 40_MAT_24_32
a parable of 40_MAT_24_32
a parable of the 40_MAT_13_34
a parable spake 40_MAT_13_34
a parable spake he 40_MAT_09_12
a physician but 40_MAT_09_12
a physician but they 40_MAT_09_16
a piece of 40_MAT_17_27
a piece of 40_MAT_17_27
a piece of money 40_MAT_09_16
a piece of new 40_MAT_04_05
a pinnacle of 40_MAT_04_05
a pinnacle of the 40_MAT_26_36
a place called 40_MAT_27_33
a place called 40_MAT_27_33
a place of 40_MAT_23_14
a pretence make 40_MAT_23_14
a pretence make long 40_MAT_10_41
a prophet in 40_MAT_13_57
A prophet is 40_MAT_13_57
A prophet is not 40_MAT_10_41
a prophet shall 40_MAT_11_09
A prophet yea 40_MAT_11_09
A prophet yea I 40_MAT_20_28
a ransom for 40_MAT_20_28
a ransom for many 40_MAT_27_48
a reed and 40_MAT_27_48
a reed and gave 40_MAT_11_07
A reed shaken 40_MAT_11_07
A reed shaken with 40_MAT_19_23
a rich man 40_MAT_19_24
a rich man 40_MAT_19_24
a rich man to 40_MAT_10_41
a righteous man 40_MAT_26_51
a servant of 40_MAT_26_51
a servant of the 40_MAT_09_01
a ship and 40_MAT_13_02
a ship and 40_MAT_13_02
a ship and sat 40_MAT_04_21
a ship with 40_MAT_12_39
a sign and 40_MAT_16_04
a sign and 40_MAT_12_39
a sign and there 40_MAT_16_04
a sign and there 40_MAT_12_38
a sign from 40_MAT_16_01
a sign from 40_MAT_16_01
a sign from heaven 40_MAT_01_23
a son and 40_MAT_01_21
a son and thou 40_MAT_13_03
a sower went 40_MAT_14_26
a spirit and they 40_MAT_08_32
a steep place 40_MAT_08_32
a steep place into 40_MAT_25_35
a stranger and 40_MAT_25_38
a stranger and 40_MAT_25_43
a stranger and 40_MAT_25_35
a stranger and ye 40_MAT_25_43
a stranger and ye 40_MAT_12_29
a strong man's 40_MAT_12_29
a strong man's house 40_MAT_10_18
a testimony against 40_MAT_10_18
a testimony against them 40_MAT_08_04
a testimony unto 40_MAT_08_04
a testimony unto them 40_MAT_26_55
a thief with 40_MAT_26_55
a thief with swords 40_MAT_21_33
a tower and 40_MAT_21_33
a tower and let 40_MAT_24_31
a trumpet and 40_MAT_24_31
a trumpet and they 40_MAT_21_08
a very great 40_MAT_21_33
a vineyard and 40_MAT_01_23
a virgin shall 40_MAT_03_17
a voice from 40_MAT_03_17
a voice from heaven 40_MAT_17_05
a voice out 40_MAT_17_05
a voice out of 40_MAT_22_11
a wedding garment 40_MAT_22_12
a wedding garment 40_MAT_13_21
a while for 40_MAT_11_19
a winebibber a 40_MAT_11_19
a winebibber a friend 40_MAT_07_24
a wise man 40_MAT_24_14
a witness unto 40_MAT_26_07
a woman having 40_MAT_26_07
a woman having an 40_MAT_15_22
a woman of 40_MAT_05_28
a woman to 40_MAT_13_33
a woman took 40_MAT_13_33
a woman took and 40_MAT_09_20
a woman which 40_MAT_12_32
a word against 40_MAT_12_32
a word against the 40_MAT_15_23
a word and 40_MAT_05_31
a writing of 40_MAT_19_07
a writing of 40_MAT_05_31
a writing of divorcement 40_MAT_19_07
a writing of divorcement 40_MAT_23_12
abased and he 40_MAT_23_12
abased and he that 40_MAT_23_35
Abel unto the 40_MAT_23_35
Abel unto the blood 40_MAT_10_11
abide till ye 40_MAT_03_09
able of these 40_MAT_03_09
able of these stones 40_MAT_10_28
able to destroy 40_MAT_26_61
able to destroy 40_MAT_09_28
able to do 40_MAT_19_12
able to receive 40_MAT_24_15
abomination of desolation 40_MAT_24_15
abomination of desolation spoken 40_MAT_14_21
about five thousand 40_MAT_14_21
about five thousand men 40_MAT_08_18
about him he 40_MAT_18_06
about his neck 40_MAT_20_06
about the eleventh 40_MAT_20_09
about the eleventh 40_MAT_20_06
about the eleventh hour 40_MAT_20_09
about the eleventh hour 40_MAT_27_46
about the ninth 40_MAT_27_46
about the ninth hour 40_MAT_20_05
about the sixth 40_MAT_01_11
about the time 40_MAT_10_24
above his master 40_MAT_08_11
Abraham And Isaac 40_MAT_08_11
Abraham and Isaac and 40_MAT_22_32
Abraham and the 40_MAT_22_32
Abraham and the God 40_MAT_01_02
Abraham begat Isaac and 40_MAT_03_09
Abraham to our 40_MAT_03_09
Abraham to our father 40_MAT_12_34
abundance of the 40_MAT_12_34
abundance of the heart 40_MAT_16_27
according to his 40_MAT_25_15
according to his 40_MAT_16_27
according to his works 40_MAT_02_16
according to the 40_MAT_02_16
according to the time 40_MAT_09_29
according to your 40_MAT_27_12
accused of the 40_MAT_06_33
added unto you 40_MAT_26_63
adjure thee by 40_MAT_15_19
adulteries fornications thefts FALSE 40_MAT_15_19
adulteries fornications thefts FALSE 40_MAT_12_39
adulterous generation seeketh 40_MAT_16_04
adulterous generation seeketh 40_MAT_12_39
adulterous generation seeketh after 40_MAT_16_04
adulterous generation seeketh after 40_MAT_05_32
adultery and whosoever 40_MAT_19_18
adultery Thou shalt 40_MAT_19_18
adultery Thou shalt not 40_MAT_05_28
adultery with her 40_MAT_12_39
after a sign 40_MAT_16_04
after a sign 40_MAT_12_39
after a sign and 40_MAT_16_04
after a sign and 40_MAT_26_73
after a while 40_MAT_26_32
After I am 40_MAT_03_11
after me is 40_MAT_10_38
after me is 40_MAT_16_24
after me let 40_MAT_16_24
after me let him 40_MAT_17_01
after six days 40_MAT_17_01
after six days Jesus 40_MAT_18_32
after that he 40_MAT_27_31
after that they 40_MAT_27_31
after that they had 40_MAT_23_03
after their works 40_MAT_01_12
after they were 40_MAT_06_09
after this manner 40_MAT_26_02
After two days 40_MAT_17_23
again and they 40_MAT_26_43
again for their 40_MAT_26_43
again for their eyes 40_MAT_17_09
again from the 40_MAT_17_09
again from the dead 40_MAT_21_36
again he sent 40_MAT_22_04
again he sent forth 40_MAT_20_05
Again he went 40_MAT_18_19
Again I say 40_MAT_19_24
Again I say 40_MAT_18_19
Again I say unto 40_MAT_19_24
Again I say unto 40_MAT_02_08
again that I 40_MAT_02_08
again that I may 40_MAT_13_44
Again the kingdom 40_MAT_13_45
Again the kingdom 40_MAT_13_44
Again the kingdom of 40_MAT_13_45
Again the kingdom of 40_MAT_26_42
again the second 40_MAT_26_42
again the second time 40_MAT_16_21
again the third 40_MAT_16_21
again the third day 40_MAT_04_07
Again thou shalt 40_MAT_04_06
against a stone 40_MAT_26_55
against a thief 40_MAT_26_55
against a thief with 40_MAT_10_35
against her mother 40_MAT_10_35
against her mother in 40_MAT_12_14
against him how 40_MAT_12_14
against him how they 40_MAT_12_26
against himself how 40_MAT_12_26
against himself how shall 40_MAT_12_25
against itself is 40_MAT_12_25
against itself is brought 40_MAT_26_59
against Jesus to 40_MAT_27_01
against Jesus to 40_MAT_26_59
against Jesus to put 40_MAT_27_01
against Jesus to put 40_MAT_24_07
against kingdom and 40_MAT_24_07
against kingdom and there 40_MAT_12_30
against me and 40_MAT_18_21
against me and 40_MAT_12_30
against me and he 40_MAT_18_21
against me and I 40_MAT_24_07
against nation and 40_MAT_24_07
against nation and kingdom 40_MAT_12_31
against the Holy 40_MAT_12_32
against the Holy 40_MAT_12_31
against the Holy Ghost 40_MAT_12_32
against the Holy Ghost 40_MAT_12_32
against the Son 40_MAT_12_32
against the Son of 40_MAT_10_21
against their parents 40_MAT_10_21
against their parents and 40_MAT_10_18
against them and 40_MAT_10_18
against them and the 40_MAT_21_02
against you and 40_MAT_08_20
air have nests 40_MAT_08_20
air have nests but 40_MAT_26_07
alabaster box of 40_MAT_19_27
all and followed 40_MAT_19_27
all and followed thee 40_MAT_22_10
all as many 40_MAT_22_10
all as many as 40_MAT_05_18
all be fulfilled 40_MAT_14_20
all eat and 40_MAT_15_37
all eat and 40_MAT_14_20
all eat and were 40_MAT_15_37
all eat and were 40_MAT_06_29
all his glory 40_MAT_06_29
all his glory was 40_MAT_24_47
all his goods 40_MAT_03_05
all Judaea and 40_MAT_04_23
all manner of 40_MAT_05_11
all manner of 40_MAT_10_01
all manner of 40_MAT_12_31
all manner of 40_MAT_04_23
all manner of disease 40_MAT_10_01
all manner of disease 40_MAT_04_23
all manner of sickness 40_MAT_10_01
all manner of sickness 40_MAT_10_22
all men for 40_MAT_10_22
all men for my 40_MAT_26_33
all men shall 40_MAT_24_14
all nations and 40_MAT_25_32
all nations and 40_MAT_24_09
all nations for 40_MAT_26_27
all of it 40_MAT_05_15
all that are 40_MAT_05_15
all that are in 40_MAT_09_31
all that country 40_MAT_14_35
all that country 40_MAT_13_44
all that he 40_MAT_13_46
all that he 40_MAT_18_25
all that he 40_MAT_13_46
all that he had 40_MAT_18_25
all that he had 40_MAT_13_44
all that he hath 40_MAT_09_26
all that land 40_MAT_18_31
all that was 40_MAT_18_34
all that was 40_MAT_18_31
all that was done 40_MAT_08_16
all that were 40_MAT_14_35
all that were 40_MAT_14_35
all that were diseased 40_MAT_02_04
all the chief 40_MAT_27_01
all the chief 40_MAT_02_04
all the chief priests 40_MAT_27_01
all the chief priests 40_MAT_02_16
all the children 40_MAT_09_35
all the cities 40_MAT_21_10
all the city 40_MAT_21_10
all the city was 40_MAT_02_16
all the coasts 40_MAT_26_59
all the council 40_MAT_26_59
all the council sought 40_MAT_20_06
all the day 40_MAT_26_35
all the disciples 40_MAT_26_56
all the disciples 40_MAT_25_31
all the holy 40_MAT_04_08
all the kingdoms 40_MAT_04_08
all the kingdoms of 40_MAT_27_45
all the land 40_MAT_27_45
all the land unto 40_MAT_22_40
all the law 40_MAT_12_23
all the people 40_MAT_27_25
all the people 40_MAT_27_25
all the people And 40_MAT_12_23
all the people were 40_MAT_11_13
all the prophets 40_MAT_11_13
all the prophets and 40_MAT_03_05
all the region 40_MAT_03_05
all the region round 40_MAT_23_35
all the righteous 40_MAT_28_11
all the things 40_MAT_28_11
all the things that 40_MAT_24_30
all the tribes 40_MAT_24_30
all the tribes of 40_MAT_22_27
all the woman 40_MAT_22_27
all the woman died 40_MAT_24_14
all the world 40_MAT_23_05
all their works 40_MAT_21_12
all them that 40_MAT_24_08
All these are 40_MAT_24_08
All these are the 40_MAT_26_01
all these sayings 40_MAT_04_09
all these things 40_MAT_06_32
all these things 40_MAT_06_33
all these things 40_MAT_06_33
all these things 40_MAT_13_51
all these things 40_MAT_13_56
all these things 40_MAT_19_20
all these things 40_MAT_23_36
all these things 40_MAT_24_02
all these things 40_MAT_24_06
all these things 40_MAT_24_33
all these things 40_MAT_24_34
all these things 40_MAT_24_34
all these things be 40_MAT_06_32
all these things do 40_MAT_06_33
all these things shall 40_MAT_04_09
All these things will 40_MAT_26_52
all they that 40_MAT_11_27
All things are 40_MAT_22_04
All things are 40_MAT_11_27
All things are delivered 40_MAT_19_26
all things are possible 40_MAT_13_41
all things that 40_MAT_07_12
all things whatsoever 40_MAT_21_22
all things whatsoever 40_MAT_07_12
all things whatsoever ye 40_MAT_21_22
all things whatsoever ye 40_MAT_21_04
all this was 40_MAT_26_56
all this was 40_MAT_01_22
all this was done 40_MAT_21_04
all this was done 40_MAT_22_37
all thy mind 40_MAT_22_37
all thy soul 40_MAT_22_37
all thy soul and 40_MAT_26_31
All ye shall 40_MAT_26_31
All ye shall be 40_MAT_11_28
all ye that 40_MAT_04_04
alone but by 40_MAT_04_04
alone but by every 40_MAT_22_26
also and the 40_MAT_10_04
also betrayed him 40_MAT_19_03
also came unto 40_MAT_21_21
also if ye 40_MAT_20_04
also into the 40_MAT_20_04
also into the vineyard 40_MAT_20_07
also into the vineyard 40_MAT_03_10
also the ax 40_MAT_03_10
also the ax is 40_MAT_27_41
also the chief 40_MAT_27_41
also the chief priests 40_MAT_24_27
also the coming 40_MAT_24_37
also the coming 40_MAT_24_27
also the coming of 40_MAT_24_37
also the coming of 40_MAT_25_11
also the other 40_MAT_17_12
also the son 40_MAT_17_12
also the son of 40_MAT_16_18
also unto thee 40_MAT_18_35
also unto you 40_MAT_26_69
also wast with 40_MAT_26_69
also wast with Jesus 40_MAT_16_01
also with the 40_MAT_23_18
altar it is 40_MAT_28_20
alway even unto 40_MAT_28_20
alway even unto the 40_MAT_08_09
am a man 40_MAT_09_28
am able to 40_MAT_26_61
am able to 40_MAT_20_22
am baptized with 40_MAT_20_23
am baptized with 40_MAT_24_05
am Christ and 40_MAT_24_05
am Christ and shall 40_MAT_05_17
am come to 40_MAT_10_34
am come to 40_MAT_10_35
am come to 40_MAT_10_34
am come to send 40_MAT_18_20
am I in the 40_MAT_05_17
am not come 40_MAT_09_13
am not come 40_MAT_05_17
am not come to 40_MAT_09_13
am not come to 40_MAT_03_11
am not worthy 40_MAT_08_08
am not worthy that 40_MAT_03_11
am not worthy to 40_MAT_22_32
am the God 40_MAT_22_32
am the God of 40_MAT_27_43
am the son 40_MAT_27_43
am the son of 40_MAT_03_17
am well pleased 40_MAT_17_05
am well pleased 40_MAT_28_20
am with you 40_MAT_12_23
amazed and said 40_MAT_12_23
amazed and said Is 40_MAT_28_15
among the Jews 40_MAT_04_23
among the people 40_MAT_09_35
among the people 40_MAT_26_05
among the people 40_MAT_13_22
among the thorns 40_MAT_27_35
among them and 40_MAT_11_11
among them that 40_MAT_11_11
among them that are 40_MAT_16_07
among themselves saying 40_MAT_16_07
among themselves saying It 40_MAT_21_38
among themselves This 40_MAT_21_38
among themselves This is 40_MAT_13_07
among thorns and 40_MAT_13_07
among thorns and the 40_MAT_20_26
among you but 40_MAT_20_26
among you but whosoever 40_MAT_20_26
among you let 40_MAT_20_27
among you let 40_MAT_20_26
among you let him 40_MAT_20_27
among you let him 40_MAT_23_11
among you shall be 40_MAT_12_11
among you that 40_MAT_26_07
an alabaster box 40_MAT_26_07
an alabaster box of 40_MAT_02_19
an angel of 40_MAT_02_19
an angel of the 40_MAT_21_05
an ass and 40_MAT_11_01
an end of 40_MAT_11_01
an end of commanding 40_MAT_12_35
an evil man out 40_MAT_08_30
an herd of 40_MAT_08_30
an herd of many 40_MAT_17_01
an high mountain 40_MAT_17_01
an high mountain apart 40_MAT_24_50
an hour that 40_MAT_13_52
an householder which 40_MAT_20_01
an householder which 40_MAT_18_12
an hundred sheep 40_MAT_13_08
an hundredfold some 40_MAT_13_23
an hundredfold some 40_MAT_25_35
an hungered and 40_MAT_25_37
an hungered and 40_MAT_25_35
an hungered and ye 40_MAT_25_42
an hungered and ye 40_MAT_12_01
an hungred and 40_MAT_12_03
an hungred and 40_MAT_26_30
an hymn they 40_MAT_26_30
an hymn they went 40_MAT_09_20
an issue of blood 40_MAT_09_16
an old garment 40_MAT_08_19
And a certain 40_MAT_21_02
and a colt 40_MAT_21_05
and a colt 40_MAT_21_08
and a very 40_MAT_21_08
and a very great 40_MAT_11_19
and a winebibber 40_MAT_11_19
and a winebibber a 40_MAT_27_46
And about the 40_MAT_12_39
and adulterous generation 40_MAT_16_04
and adulterous generation 40_MAT_12_39
and adulterous generation seeketh 40_MAT_16_04
and adulterous generation seeketh 40_MAT_26_73
And after a 40_MAT_17_01
And after six 40_MAT_17_01
And after six days 40_MAT_27_31
And after that 40_MAT_27_31
and after that they 40_MAT_01_12
and after they 40_MAT_26_72
and again he 40_MAT_19_24
And again I 40_MAT_19_24
And again I say 40_MAT_04_23
and all manner 40_MAT_10_01
and all manner 40_MAT_04_23
and all manner of 40_MAT_10_01
and all manner of 40_MAT_18_25
and all that 40_MAT_18_25
and all that he 40_MAT_03_05
and all the 40_MAT_12_23
and all the 40_MAT_25_31
and all the 40_MAT_26_59
and all the 40_MAT_26_59
and all the council 40_MAT_12_23
and all the people 40_MAT_06_33
And all these 40_MAT_06_33
and all these things 40_MAT_21_22
and all things 40_MAT_22_04
and all things 40_MAT_22_04
and all things are 40_MAT_23_08
and all ye 40_MAT_12_35
and an evil 40_MAT_12_35
and an evil man 40_MAT_04_18
and Andrew his 40_MAT_10_02
and Andrew his 40_MAT_04_18
and Andrew his brother 40_MAT_10_02
and Andrew his brother 40_MAT_08_21
And another of 40_MAT_02_02
and are come 40_MAT_24_03
And as he 40_MAT_24_03
And as he sat 40_MAT_09_09
And as Jesus 40_MAT_09_09
And as Jesus passed 40_MAT_14_36
and as many 40_MAT_14_36
and as many as 40_MAT_11_07
And as they 40_MAT_17_09
And as they 40_MAT_20_29
And as they 40_MAT_26_21
And as they 40_MAT_26_26
And as they 40_MAT_27_32
And as they 40_MAT_28_09
And as they 40_MAT_17_09
And as they came 40_MAT_27_32
And as they came 40_MAT_11_07
And as they departed 40_MAT_20_29
And as they departed 40_MAT_26_21
And as they did 40_MAT_26_26
And as they were 40_MAT_08_13
and as thou hast 40_MAT_10_07
And as ye 40_MAT_25_06
And at midnight 40_MAT_08_25
and awoke him 40_MAT_08_25
and awoke him saying 40_MAT_20_23
and be baptized 40_MAT_20_23
and be baptized with 40_MAT_16_21
and be killed 40_MAT_16_21
and be killed and 40_MAT_17_07
And be not 40_MAT_17_07
and be not afraid 40_MAT_16_21
and be raised 40_MAT_02_13
and be thou 40_MAT_21_21
and be thou 40_MAT_21_21
and be thou cast 40_MAT_07_25
and beat upon 40_MAT_07_27
and beat upon 40_MAT_07_25
and beat upon that 40_MAT_07_27
and beat upon that 40_MAT_13_06
and because they 40_MAT_25_32
and before him 40_MAT_12_01
and began to 40_MAT_26_37
and began to 40_MAT_26_37
and began to be 40_MAT_16_22
and began to rebuke 40_MAT_27_58
and begged the 40_MAT_27_58
and begged the body 40_MAT_07_04
and behold a 40_MAT_09_20
and behold a 40_MAT_12_41
and behold a 40_MAT_12_42
and behold a 40_MAT_15_22
and behold a 40_MAT_17_05
and behold a 40_MAT_17_05
and behold a 40_MAT_12_41
and behold a greater 40_MAT_12_42
and behold a greater 40_MAT_09_20
and behold a woman 40_MAT_28_07
and behold he 40_MAT_19_16
And behold one 40_MAT_26_51
And behold one 40_MAT_26_51
And behold one of 40_MAT_08_32
and behold the 40_MAT_08_34
and behold the 40_MAT_27_51
and behold the 40_MAT_08_32
And behold the whole 40_MAT_08_02
And behold there 40_MAT_08_24
And behold there 40_MAT_12_10
And behold there 40_MAT_17_03
And behold there 40_MAT_28_02
And behold there 40_MAT_08_02
And behold there came 40_MAT_12_10
and behold there was 40_MAT_28_02
and behold there was 40_MAT_08_29
and behold they 40_MAT_09_02
and behold they 40_MAT_20_30
and behold two 40_MAT_15_23
and besought him 40_MAT_18_29
and besought him 40_MAT_15_23
and besought him saying 40_MAT_18_29
and besought him saying 40_MAT_14_36
And besought him that 40_MAT_16_06
and beware of 40_MAT_13_30
and bind them 40_MAT_13_30
and bind them in 40_MAT_11_06
And blessed is 40_MAT_11_06
And blessed is he 40_MAT_26_26
and blessed it 40_MAT_26_26
and blessed it and 40_MAT_23_17
and blind for 40_MAT_23_19
and blind for 40_MAT_23_17
and blind for whether 40_MAT_23_19
and blind for whether 40_MAT_09_17
and both are 40_MAT_09_17
and both are preserved 40_MAT_21_12
and bought in 40_MAT_21_12
and bought in the 40_MAT_27_07
and bought with 40_MAT_14_03
and bound him 40_MAT_14_19
and brake and 40_MAT_14_19
and brake and gave 40_MAT_26_26
and brake it 40_MAT_26_26
and brake it and 40_MAT_15_36
and brake them 40_MAT_21_02
and bring them 40_MAT_21_02
and bring them unto 40_MAT_27_03
and brought again 40_MAT_13_08
and brought forth 40_MAT_13_26
and brought forth 40_MAT_13_08
and brought forth fruit 40_MAT_13_26
and brought forth fruit 40_MAT_21_07
and brought the 40_MAT_27_40
and buildest it 40_MAT_27_40
and buildest it in 40_MAT_21_33
and built a tower 40_MAT_14_12
and buried it 40_MAT_08_21
and bury my 40_MAT_08_21
and bury my father 40_MAT_25_09
and buy for 40_MAT_14_15
and buy themselves 40_MAT_23_21
And by him 40_MAT_23_22
And by him 40_MAT_23_21
and by him that 40_MAT_23_22
and by him that 40_MAT_12_37
And by thy 40_MAT_20_32
and called them 40_MAT_11_16
and calling unto 40_MAT_18_31
and came and 40_MAT_28_02
and came and 40_MAT_18_31
and came and told 40_MAT_02_21
and came into 40_MAT_09_01
and came into 40_MAT_15_39
and came into 40_MAT_19_01
and came into 40_MAT_09_01
and came into his 40_MAT_02_21
and came into the 40_MAT_15_39
and came into the 40_MAT_19_01
and came into the 40_MAT_27_53
And came out of 40_MAT_25_39
and came unto 40_MAT_18_30
and cast him 40_MAT_21_39
and cast him 40_MAT_22_13
and cast him 40_MAT_18_30
and cast him into 40_MAT_22_13
and cast him into 40_MAT_21_39
and cast him out 40_MAT_03_10
and cast into 40_MAT_03_10
and cast into the 40_MAT_05_29
and cast it 40_MAT_05_30
and cast it 40_MAT_15_26
and cast it 40_MAT_18_09
and cast it 40_MAT_05_29
and cast it from 40_MAT_05_30
and cast it from 40_MAT_21_12
and cast out 40_MAT_15_30
and cast them 40_MAT_18_08
and cast them 40_MAT_14_31
and caught him 40_MAT_14_31
and caught him and 40_MAT_10_21
and cause them 40_MAT_10_21
and cause them to 40_MAT_12_16
and charged them 40_MAT_16_21
and chief priests 40_MAT_16_21
and chief priests and 40_MAT_18_25
and children and 40_MAT_26_64
and coming in 40_MAT_26_64
and coming in the 40_MAT_10_05
and commanded them 40_MAT_10_05
and commanded them saying 40_MAT_15_22
and cried unto 40_MAT_18_34
and delivered him 40_MAT_18_34
and delivered him to 40_MAT_27_02
and delivered him to 40_MAT_27_05
and departed and 40_MAT_24_01
and departed from 40_MAT_24_01
and departed from the 40_MAT_02_14
and departed into 40_MAT_15_21
and departed into 40_MAT_19_15
and departed thence 40_MAT_09_07
and departed to 40_MAT_09_07
and departed to his 40_MAT_06_24
and despise the 40_MAT_06_24
and despise the other 40_MAT_13_04
and devoured them 40_MAT_21_06
and did as 40_MAT_28_15
and did as 40_MAT_12_04
and did eat 40_MAT_12_04
and did eat the 40_MAT_25_44
and did not 40_MAT_21_33
and digged a 40_MAT_21_33
and digged a winepress 40_MAT_21_33
and digged a winepress 40_MAT_23_03
and do not 40_MAT_07_24
and doeth them 40_MAT_07_26
and doeth them 40_MAT_07_24
and doeth them I 40_MAT_24_49
and drink with 40_MAT_12_45
and dwell there 40_MAT_12_45
and dwell there and 40_MAT_02_23
and dwelt in 40_MAT_04_13
and dwelt in 40_MAT_04_13
and dwelt in 40_MAT_24_35
and earth shall 40_MAT_24_35
and earth shall pass 40_MAT_26_59
and elders and 40_MAT_26_47
and elders of 40_MAT_27_01
and elders of 40_MAT_26_47
and elders of the 40_MAT_27_01
and elders of the 40_MAT_12_25
and every city 40_MAT_07_26
and every one 40_MAT_19_29
and every one 40_MAT_07_26
and every one that 40_MAT_19_29
and every one that 40_MAT_25_21
and faithful servant 40_MAT_25_23
and faithful servant 40_MAT_25_21
and faithful servant thou 40_MAT_25_23
and faithful servant thou 40_MAT_24_24
and FALSE prophets 40_MAT_25_37
and fed thee 40_MAT_02_11
and fell down 40_MAT_26_39
and fell on 40_MAT_26_39
and fell on his 40_MAT_27_48
and filled it 40_MAT_27_48
and filled it with 40_MAT_26_40
and findeth them 40_MAT_25_02
And five of 40_MAT_16_24
and follow me 40_MAT_19_21
and follow me 40_MAT_04_20
and followed him 40_MAT_04_22
and followed him 40_MAT_09_19
and followed him 40_MAT_09_19
and followed him and 40_MAT_19_27
and followed thee 40_MAT_23_14
and for a 40_MAT_23_14
and for a pretence 40_MAT_28_04
and for fear 40_MAT_28_04
and for fear of 40_MAT_19_14
and forbid them 40_MAT_19_14
and forbid them not 40_MAT_06_12
And forgive us 40_MAT_06_12
And forgive us our 40_MAT_04_02
and forty nights 40_MAT_04_02
and forty nights he 40_MAT_21_19
and found nothing 40_MAT_02_11
and frankincense and 40_MAT_04_25
and from beyond 40_MAT_04_25
and from beyond Jordan 40_MAT_05_42
and from him 40_MAT_05_42
and from him that 40_MAT_04_25
and from Jerusalem 40_MAT_04_25
and from Jerusalem and 40_MAT_04_25
and from Judaea 40_MAT_26_16
And from that 40_MAT_01_17
and from the 40_MAT_11_12
and from the 40_MAT_13_28
and gather them 40_MAT_13_48
and gathered the 40_MAT_22_10
and gathered together 40_MAT_22_10
and gathered together all 40_MAT_27_48
and gave him 40_MAT_27_48
and gave him to 40_MAT_26_26
and gave it 40_MAT_26_27
and gave it 40_MAT_26_26
and gave it to 40_MAT_26_27
and gave it to 40_MAT_15_36
and gave thanks 40_MAT_15_36
and gave thanks and 40_MAT_26_27
and gave thanks and 40_MAT_25_37
and gave thee 40_MAT_27_10
and gave them 40_MAT_15_36
and gave to 40_MAT_15_36
and gave to his 40_MAT_25_28
and give it 40_MAT_25_28
and give it unto 40_MAT_20_08
and give them 40_MAT_19_21
and give to the 40_MAT_17_27
And give unto 40_MAT_21_43
and given to 40_MAT_26_09
and given to 40_MAT_26_09
and given to the 40_MAT_09_08
and glorified God 40_MAT_08_12
and gnashing of 40_MAT_13_42
and gnashing of 40_MAT_22_13
and gnashing of 40_MAT_24_51
and gnashing of 40_MAT_25_30
and gnashing of 40_MAT_08_12
and gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_13_42
and gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_22_13
and gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_24_51
and gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_25_30
and gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_02_20
and go into 40_MAT_28_07
and go quickly 40_MAT_20_14
and go thy 40_MAT_05_24
and go thy way 40_MAT_20_14
and go thy way 40_MAT_18_12
and goeth into 40_MAT_10_15
and Gomorrha in 40_MAT_10_15
and Gomorrha in the 40_MAT_22_10
and good and 40_MAT_22_10
and good and the 40_MAT_24_30
and great glory 40_MAT_12_15
and great multitudes 40_MAT_13_02
and great multitudes 40_MAT_19_02
and great multitudes 40_MAT_15_30
And great multitudes came 40_MAT_12_15
and great multitudes followed 40_MAT_19_02
and great multitudes followed 40_MAT_23_07
And greetings in 40_MAT_23_07
And greetings in the 40_MAT_28_12
and had taken 40_MAT_27_05
and hanged himself 40_MAT_11_25
and hast revealed 40_MAT_11_25
and hast revealed them 40_MAT_13_17
and have not 40_MAT_13_17
and have not heard 40_MAT_13_17
and have not seen 40_MAT_15_32
and have nothing 40_MAT_15_32
and have nothing to 40_MAT_19_04
And he answered 40_MAT_21_30
And he answered 40_MAT_26_23
And he answered 40_MAT_27_14
And he answered 40_MAT_19_04
And he answered and 40_MAT_21_30
And he answered and 40_MAT_26_23
And he answered and 40_MAT_27_14
And he answered him 40_MAT_02_21
and he arose 40_MAT_09_07
and he arose 40_MAT_09_09
and he arose 40_MAT_02_21
and he arose and 40_MAT_09_07
and he arose and 40_MAT_09_09
and he arose and 40_MAT_01_25
and he called 40_MAT_04_21
and he called 40_MAT_15_10
and he called 40_MAT_01_25
and he called his 40_MAT_15_10
and he called the 40_MAT_04_21
And he called them 40_MAT_02_23
And he came 40_MAT_21_28
And he came 40_MAT_21_30
And he came 40_MAT_26_43
And he came 40_MAT_02_23
And he came and 40_MAT_21_28
and he came to 40_MAT_21_30
and he came to 40_MAT_08_16
And he cast 40_MAT_27_05
And he cast 40_MAT_08_09
and he cometh 40_MAT_26_40
and he cometh 40_MAT_08_09
and he cometh and 40_MAT_14_19
And he commanded 40_MAT_15_35
And he commanded 40_MAT_14_19
And he commanded the 40_MAT_15_35
And he commanded the 40_MAT_17_18
and he departed 40_MAT_13_58
and he did 40_MAT_13_58
and he did not 40_MAT_08_09
and he doeth 40_MAT_08_09
and he doeth it 40_MAT_09_01
and he entered 40_MAT_09_01
and he entered into 40_MAT_08_09
and he goeth 40_MAT_08_09
and he goeth and 40_MAT_04_24
and he healed 40_MAT_12_15
and he healed 40_MAT_14_14
and he healed 40_MAT_15_30
and he healed 40_MAT_19_02
and he healed 40_MAT_21_14
and he healed 40_MAT_04_24
and he healed them 40_MAT_12_15
and he healed them 40_MAT_19_02
and he healed them 40_MAT_21_14
and he healed them 40_MAT_18_28
And he laid 40_MAT_19_15
And he laid 40_MAT_19_15
And he laid his 40_MAT_16_04
And he left 40_MAT_21_17
And he left 40_MAT_26_44
And he left 40_MAT_16_04
And he left them 40_MAT_21_17
And he left them 40_MAT_21_17
And he lodged 40_MAT_21_17
And he lodged there 40_MAT_05_02
And he opened his 40_MAT_08_32
And he said 40_MAT_12_11
And he said 40_MAT_14_29
And he said 40_MAT_19_17
And he said 40_MAT_20_21
And he said 40_MAT_21_27
And he said 40_MAT_26_18
And he said 40_MAT_26_18
And he said Go 40_MAT_08_32
And he said unto 40_MAT_12_11
And he said unto 40_MAT_19_17
And he said unto 40_MAT_20_21
And he said unto 40_MAT_21_27
And he said unto 40_MAT_04_19
and he saith 40_MAT_08_26
and he saith 40_MAT_09_09
and he saith 40_MAT_20_23
and he saith 40_MAT_22_12
and he saith 40_MAT_22_20
and he saith 40_MAT_04_19
And he saith unto 40_MAT_08_26
And he saith unto 40_MAT_20_23
And he saith unto 40_MAT_22_12
And he saith unto 40_MAT_22_20
And he saith unto 40_MAT_03_16
And he saw 40_MAT_03_16
and he saw the 40_MAT_02_08
And he sent 40_MAT_14_10
And he sent 40_MAT_15_39
And he sent 40_MAT_22_07
And he sent 40_MAT_22_07
And he sent forth 40_MAT_02_08
And he sent them 40_MAT_12_18
and he shall 40_MAT_13_12
and he shall 40_MAT_24_31
and he shall 40_MAT_25_29
and he shall 40_MAT_25_32
and he shall 40_MAT_25_33
and he shall 40_MAT_26_53
and he shall 40_MAT_13_12
and he shall have 40_MAT_25_29
and he shall have 40_MAT_25_33
And he shall set 40_MAT_12_18
and he shall show 40_MAT_13_03
And he spake 40_MAT_12_49
And he stretched 40_MAT_12_13
And he stretched it 40_MAT_07_08
And he that 40_MAT_10_37
And he that 40_MAT_10_38
And he that 40_MAT_10_39
And he that 40_MAT_10_40
And he that 40_MAT_10_41
And he that 40_MAT_12_30
And he that 40_MAT_15_04
And he that 40_MAT_23_12
And he that 40_MAT_23_22
And he that 40_MAT_15_04
And he that curseth 40_MAT_12_30
And he that gathereth 40_MAT_10_37
and he that loveth 40_MAT_10_40
and he that receiveth 40_MAT_10_41
and he that receiveth 40_MAT_07_08
and he that seeketh 40_MAT_23_12
and he that shall 40_MAT_23_22
and he that shall 40_MAT_11_27
and he to 40_MAT_15_36
and he took 40_MAT_26_27
and he took 40_MAT_26_37
and he took 40_MAT_15_36
and he took the 40_MAT_26_27
and he took the 40_MAT_26_37
and he took with 40_MAT_08_15
And he touched 40_MAT_22_12
and he was 40_MAT_20_03
And he went 40_MAT_26_39
And he went 40_MAT_26_75
And he went 40_MAT_20_03
And he went out 40_MAT_26_75
And he went out 40_MAT_03_12
And he will 40_MAT_03_12
and he will thoroughly 40_MAT_04_23
and healing all 40_MAT_09_35
and healing every 40_MAT_13_15
and hear with 40_MAT_13_15
and hear with their 40_MAT_13_13
and hearing they 40_MAT_15_28
and her daughter 40_MAT_13_33
and hid in 40_MAT_13_33
and hid in three 40_MAT_04_10
and him only 40_MAT_04_10
and him only shalt 40_MAT_25_41
and his angels 40_MAT_01_02
And his brethren 40_MAT_01_11
And his brethren 40_MAT_12_46
And his brethren 40_MAT_13_55
And his brethren 40_MAT_08_25
And his disciples 40_MAT_09_10
And his disciples 40_MAT_13_36
And his disciples 40_MAT_14_12
And his disciples 40_MAT_15_23
And his disciples 40_MAT_15_33
And his disciples 40_MAT_17_10
And his disciples 40_MAT_24_01
And his disciples 40_MAT_17_10
And his disciples asked 40_MAT_08_25
And his disciples came 40_MAT_13_36
And his disciples came 40_MAT_15_23
And his disciples came 40_MAT_24_01
And his disciples came 40_MAT_17_02
and his face 40_MAT_04_24
and his fame 40_MAT_04_24
and his fame went 40_MAT_14_11
and his head 40_MAT_03_04
and his meat 40_MAT_02_13
and his mother 40_MAT_02_14
and his mother 40_MAT_02_20
and his mother 40_MAT_02_21
and his mother 40_MAT_02_13
and his mother and 40_MAT_02_20
and his mother and 40_MAT_02_21
and his mother and 40_MAT_17_02
and his raiment 40_MAT_28_03
and his raiment 40_MAT_17_02
and his raiment was 40_MAT_06_33
and his righteousness 40_MAT_08_13
and his servant 40_MAT_18_25
and his wife 40_MAT_18_25
and his wife and 40_MAT_16_09
and how many 40_MAT_16_10
and how many 40_MAT_16_09
and how many baskets 40_MAT_16_10
and how many baskets 40_MAT_17_16
and I brought 40_MAT_17_16
and I brought him 40_MAT_08_11
and I say 40_MAT_16_18
and I say 40_MAT_19_09
and I say 40_MAT_08_09
and I say to 40_MAT_08_11
And I say unto 40_MAT_13_15
and I should 40_MAT_13_15
and I should heal 40_MAT_25_25
and I was 40_MAT_25_25
and I was afraid 40_MAT_04_19
And I will 40_MAT_11_28
And I will 40_MAT_15_32
And I will 40_MAT_16_19
And I will 40_MAT_18_26
And I will 40_MAT_18_29
And I will 40_MAT_26_15
And I will 40_MAT_26_15
and I will deliver 40_MAT_11_28
And I will give 40_MAT_16_19
And I will give 40_MAT_04_19
And I will make 40_MAT_15_32
and I will not 40_MAT_18_26
and I will pay 40_MAT_05_40
And if any 40_MAT_21_03
And if any 40_MAT_05_40
And if any man 40_MAT_21_03
And if any man 40_MAT_18_17
and if he 40_MAT_18_17
and if he shall 40_MAT_12_27
and if I 40_MAT_12_27
And if I by 40_MAT_12_11
And if it 40_MAT_12_26
And if Satan 40_MAT_18_13
And if so 40_MAT_18_13
And if so be 40_MAT_24_48
and if that 40_MAT_10_13
And if the 40_MAT_15_14
And if the 40_MAT_18_09
And if thine 40_MAT_18_09
And if thine eye 40_MAT_05_29
And if thy 40_MAT_05_30
And if thy 40_MAT_05_29
And if thy right 40_MAT_05_30
And if thy right 40_MAT_05_47
And if ye 40_MAT_11_14
And if ye 40_MAT_11_14
And if ye will 40_MAT_08_03
And immediately his 40_MAT_26_74
And immediately the 40_MAT_26_74
And immediately the cock 40_MAT_02_16
and in all 40_MAT_02_16
And in all the 40_MAT_28_18
and in earth 40_MAT_12_21
and in his 40_MAT_13_57
and in his 40_MAT_13_57
and in his own 40_MAT_06_02
And in the 40_MAT_06_05
And in the 40_MAT_13_30
And in the 40_MAT_14_25
And in the 40_MAT_16_03
And in the 40_MAT_16_03
And in the morning 40_MAT_06_02
and in the streets 40_MAT_13_30
And in the time 40_MAT_04_06
and in their 40_MAT_04_06
and in their hands 40_MAT_13_14
And in them 40_MAT_07_22
And in thy 40_MAT_07_22
and in thy name 40_MAT_10_11
And into whatsoever 40_MAT_10_11
And into whatsoever city 40_MAT_08_11
and Isaac and 40_MAT_08_11
and Isaac and Jacob 40_MAT_01_02
and Isaac begat 40_MAT_01_02
and Isaac begat Jacob 40_MAT_07_28
and it came 40_MAT_09_10
and it came 40_MAT_11_01
and it came 40_MAT_13_53
and it came 40_MAT_19_01
and it came 40_MAT_26_01
and it came 40_MAT_07_28
and it came to 40_MAT_09_10
and it came to 40_MAT_11_01
and it came to 40_MAT_13_53
and it came to 40_MAT_19_01
and it came to 40_MAT_26_01
and it came to 40_MAT_07_25
And it fell 40_MAT_07_27
And it fell 40_MAT_21_42
and it is 40_MAT_21_42
and it is marvellous 40_MAT_07_07
and it shall 40_MAT_17_20
and it shall 40_MAT_07_07
and it shall be 40_MAT_07_07
and it shall be 40_MAT_12_13
and it was 40_MAT_01_02
and Jacob begat 40_MAT_01_16
and Jacob begat 40_MAT_01_06
and Jesse begat David 40_MAT_16_17
And Jesus answered 40_MAT_17_11
And Jesus answered 40_MAT_22_01
And Jesus answered 40_MAT_24_04
And Jesus answered 40_MAT_16_17
And Jesus answered and 40_MAT_17_11
And Jesus answered and 40_MAT_22_01
And Jesus answered and 40_MAT_24_04
And Jesus answered and 40_MAT_03_15
And Jesus answering 40_MAT_03_15
And Jesus answering said 40_MAT_17_07
And Jesus came 40_MAT_28_18
And Jesus came 40_MAT_17_07
And Jesus came and 40_MAT_28_18
And Jesus came and 40_MAT_17_18
And Jesus rebuked 40_MAT_17_18
And Jesus rebuked the 40_MAT_08_13
And Jesus said 40_MAT_09_15
And Jesus said 40_MAT_17_20
And Jesus said 40_MAT_19_28
And Jesus said 40_MAT_24_02
And Jesus said 40_MAT_26_50
And Jesus said 40_MAT_27_11
And Jesus said 40_MAT_08_13
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_09_15
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_19_28
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_24_02
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_26_50
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_27_11
And Jesus said unto 40_MAT_08_04
And Jesus saith 40_MAT_08_07
And Jesus saith 40_MAT_09_28
And Jesus saith 40_MAT_15_34
And Jesus saith 40_MAT_21_16
And Jesus saith 40_MAT_08_04
And Jesus saith unto 40_MAT_08_07
And Jesus saith unto 40_MAT_09_28
And Jesus saith unto 40_MAT_15_34
And Jesus saith unto 40_MAT_21_16
And Jesus saith unto 40_MAT_20_32
And Jesus stood 40_MAT_27_11
And Jesus stood 40_MAT_20_32
And Jesus stood still 40_MAT_04_23
And Jesus went 40_MAT_09_35
And Jesus went 40_MAT_21_12
And Jesus went 40_MAT_24_01
And Jesus went 40_MAT_04_23
And Jesus went about 40_MAT_09_35
And Jesus went about 40_MAT_21_12
And Jesus went into 40_MAT_24_01
And Jesus went out 40_MAT_03_16
And Jesus when 40_MAT_03_16
And Jesus when he 40_MAT_04_21
and John his 40_MAT_10_02
and John his 40_MAT_04_21
and John his brother 40_MAT_10_02
and John his brother 40_MAT_13_55
and Joses and 40_MAT_27_56
and Joses and 40_MAT_10_04
and Judas Iscariot 40_MAT_24_07
and kingdom against 40_MAT_24_07
and kingdom against kingdom 40_MAT_10_18
and kings for 40_MAT_10_18
and kings for my 40_MAT_26_49
and kissed him 40_MAT_24_39
And knew not 40_MAT_26_50
and laid hands 40_MAT_26_50
and laid hands on 40_MAT_27_60
and laid it 40_MAT_27_60
and laid it in 40_MAT_22_27
And last of 40_MAT_22_27
And last of all 40_MAT_23_04
and lay them 40_MAT_09_18
and lay thy 40_MAT_06_13
And lead us 40_MAT_06_13
And lead us not 40_MAT_27_31
and led him 40_MAT_27_31
and led him away 40_MAT_21_33
and let it 40_MAT_21_33
and let it out 40_MAT_08_22
and let the 40_MAT_21_38
and let us 40_MAT_03_17
and lo a 40_MAT_02_09
and lo the 40_MAT_03_16
and lo the 40_MAT_13_32
and lodge in the 40_MAT_14_19
and looking up 40_MAT_14_19
and looking up to 40_MAT_18_27
and loosed him 40_MAT_16_26
and lose his 40_MAT_16_26
and lose his own 40_MAT_23_06
and love the 40_MAT_06_24
and love the other 40_MAT_27_66
and made the 40_MAT_25_16
and made them 40_MAT_15_30
and many others 40_MAT_27_56
and Mary the 40_MAT_27_56
and Mary the mother 40_MAT_04_11
and ministered unto 40_MAT_04_11
and ministered unto him 40_MAT_08_15
and ministered unto them 40_MAT_27_29
and mocked him 40_MAT_15_04
and mother and 40_MAT_15_04
and mother and he 40_MAT_19_05
and mother and shall 40_MAT_12_49
and my brethren 40_MAT_08_08
and my servant 40_MAT_08_08
and my servant shall 40_MAT_11_27
and no man 40_MAT_22_46
and no man 40_MAT_11_27
and no man knoweth 40_MAT_22_46
And no man was 40_MAT_07_29
and not as 40_MAT_07_29
and not as the 40_MAT_09_13
and not sacrifice 40_MAT_05_29
and not that 40_MAT_05_29
and not that thy 40_MAT_05_30
and not that thy 40_MAT_23_23
and not to 40_MAT_23_23
and not to leave 40_MAT_03_10
And now also 40_MAT_03_10
And now also the 40_MAT_01_05
And Obed begat 40_MAT_23_27
and of all 40_MAT_12_38
and of the 40_MAT_16_06
and of the 40_MAT_16_11
and of the 40_MAT_16_12
and of the 40_MAT_23_25
and of the 40_MAT_24_03
and of the 40_MAT_28_19
and of the 40_MAT_28_19
and of the holy 40_MAT_12_38
and of the Pharisees 40_MAT_16_06
and of the Sadducees 40_MAT_16_11
and of the Sadducees 40_MAT_28_19
and of the son 40_MAT_08_04
and offer the 40_MAT_05_24
and offer thy 40_MAT_20_23
and on my 40_MAT_20_23
and on my left 40_MAT_27_25
and on our 40_MAT_05_45
And on the 40_MAT_17_04
and one for 40_MAT_17_04
and one for Elias 40_MAT_17_04
and one for Moses 40_MAT_10_29
and one of 40_MAT_18_12
and one of 40_MAT_10_29
and one of them 40_MAT_21_12
and overthrew the 40_MAT_21_12
and overthrew the tables 40_MAT_09_01
and passed over 40_MAT_09_01
and passed over and 40_MAT_08_32
and perished in 40_MAT_08_32
and perished in the 40_MAT_05_11
and persecute you 40_MAT_05_44
and persecute you 40_MAT_17_17
and perverse generation 40_MAT_17_17
and perverse generation how 40_MAT_24_07
and pestilences and 40_MAT_14_28
And Peter answered 40_MAT_26_75
And Peter remembered 40_MAT_26_75
And Peter remembered the 40_MAT_23_13
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_14
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_23
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_25
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_27
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_29
and Pharisees hypocrites 40_MAT_23_13
and Pharisees hypocrites for 40_MAT_23_14
and Pharisees hypocrites for 40_MAT_23_23
and Pharisees hypocrites for 40_MAT_23_25
and Pharisees hypocrites for 40_MAT_23_27
and Pharisees hypocrites for 40_MAT_14_06
and pleased Herod 40_MAT_26_07
and poured it on 40_MAT_19_13
and pray and 40_MAT_05_44
and pray for 40_MAT_05_44
and pray for them 40_MAT_26_39
and prayed saying 40_MAT_26_42
and prayed saying 40_MAT_26_39
and prayed saying O 40_MAT_26_42
and prayed saying O 40_MAT_04_23
and preaching the 40_MAT_09_35
and preaching the 40_MAT_04_23
and preaching the gospel 40_MAT_09_35
and preaching the gospel 40_MAT_11_25
and prudent and 40_MAT_11_25
and prudent and hast 40_MAT_14_03
and put him 40_MAT_14_03
and put him in 40_MAT_27_31
and put his 40_MAT_27_31
and put his own 40_MAT_05_15
and put it 40_MAT_27_48
and put it 40_MAT_27_48
and put it on 40_MAT_21_07
and put on 40_MAT_27_28
and put on 40_MAT_24_32
and putteth forth 40_MAT_24_32
and putteth forth leaves 40_MAT_22_24
and raise up seed 40_MAT_08_26
and rebuked the 40_MAT_24_06
and rumours of 40_MAT_24_06
and rumours of wars 40_MAT_17_07
and said Arise 40_MAT_17_07
and said Arise and 40_MAT_12_49
and said Behold 40_MAT_12_49
and said Behold my 40_MAT_21_23
And said By 40_MAT_17_24
and said Doth 40_MAT_02_08
and said Go 40_MAT_02_08
and said Go and 40_MAT_26_49
and said Hail 40_MAT_26_66
and said He 40_MAT_26_66
and said He is 40_MAT_26_23
and said He that 40_MAT_11_25
and said I 40_MAT_15_24
and said I 40_MAT_15_32
and said I 40_MAT_21_29
and said I 40_MAT_21_30
and said I 40_MAT_15_24
and said I am 40_MAT_15_32
and said I have 40_MAT_11_25
and said I thank 40_MAT_21_29
and said I will 40_MAT_12_23
and said Is 40_MAT_04_04
and said It 40_MAT_15_26
and said It 40_MAT_27_06
and said It 40_MAT_04_04
and said It is 40_MAT_15_26
and said It is 40_MAT_27_06
and said It is 40_MAT_08_08
and said Lord 40_MAT_14_28
and said Lord 40_MAT_18_21
and said Lord 40_MAT_25_22
and said Lord 40_MAT_25_24
and said Lord 40_MAT_08_08
and said LORD I 40_MAT_25_22
and said Lord thou 40_MAT_26_25
and said Master 40_MAT_17_17
and said O 40_MAT_26_26
and said Take 40_MAT_26_26
and said Take eat 40_MAT_26_61
and said This 40_MAT_16_16
and said Thou 40_MAT_16_16
and said Thou art 40_MAT_08_10
and said to 40_MAT_26_73
and said to 40_MAT_08_10
and said to them 40_MAT_08_19
and said unto 40_MAT_11_03
and said unto 40_MAT_11_04
and said unto 40_MAT_12_25
and said unto 40_MAT_12_39
and said unto 40_MAT_12_48
and said unto 40_MAT_13_10
and said unto 40_MAT_13_11
and said unto 40_MAT_13_27
and said unto 40_MAT_13_37
and said unto 40_MAT_14_02
and said unto 40_MAT_14_31
and said unto 40_MAT_15_03
and said unto 40_MAT_15_10
and said unto 40_MAT_15_12
and said unto 40_MAT_15_15
and said unto 40_MAT_15_28
and said unto 40_MAT_16_02
and said unto 40_MAT_16_17
and said unto 40_MAT_16_23
and said unto 40_MAT_17_04
and said unto 40_MAT_17_11
and said unto 40_MAT_19_04
and said unto 40_MAT_19_16
and said unto 40_MAT_19_26
and said unto 40_MAT_19_27
and said unto 40_MAT_20_04
and said unto 40_MAT_20_17
and said unto 40_MAT_21_13
and said unto 40_MAT_21_16
and said unto 40_MAT_21_19
and said unto 40_MAT_21_21
and said unto 40_MAT_21_24
and said unto 40_MAT_22_29
and said unto 40_MAT_24_04
and said unto 40_MAT_25_26
and said unto 40_MAT_26_15
and said unto 40_MAT_26_33
and said unto 40_MAT_26_62
and said unto 40_MAT_26_63
and said unto 40_MAT_26_71
and said unto 40_MAT_27_21
and said unto 40_MAT_28_05
and said unto 40_MAT_15_28
and said unto her 40_MAT_08_19
and said unto him 40_MAT_11_03
and said unto him 40_MAT_12_48
and said unto him 40_MAT_13_10
and said unto him 40_MAT_13_27
and said unto him 40_MAT_14_31
and said unto him 40_MAT_15_12
and said unto him 40_MAT_15_15
and said unto him 40_MAT_16_17
and said unto him 40_MAT_19_16
and said unto him 40_MAT_19_27
and said unto him 40_MAT_21_16
and said unto him 40_MAT_25_26
and said unto him 40_MAT_26_33
and said unto him 40_MAT_26_62
and said unto him 40_MAT_26_63
and said unto him 40_MAT_14_02
and said unto his 40_MAT_21_19
and said unto it 40_MAT_17_04
and said unto Jesus 40_MAT_16_23
and said unto Peter 40_MAT_28_05
and said unto the 40_MAT_11_04
and said unto them 40_MAT_12_25
and said unto them 40_MAT_12_39
and said unto them 40_MAT_13_11
and said unto them 40_MAT_13_37
and said unto them 40_MAT_15_03
and said unto them 40_MAT_15_10
and said unto them 40_MAT_16_02
and said unto them 40_MAT_17_11
and said unto them 40_MAT_19_04
and said unto them 40_MAT_19_26
and said unto them 40_MAT_20_04
and said unto them 40_MAT_20_17
and said unto them 40_MAT_21_13
and said unto them 40_MAT_21_21
and said unto them 40_MAT_21_24
and said unto them 40_MAT_22_29
and said unto them 40_MAT_26_15
and said unto them 40_MAT_26_71
and said unto them 40_MAT_27_21
and said unto them 40_MAT_18_03
And said Verily 40_MAT_25_12
And said Verily 40_MAT_18_03
And said Verily I 40_MAT_25_12
And said Verily I 40_MAT_21_27
and said We 40_MAT_20_32
and said What 40_MAT_17_19
and said Why 40_MAT_20_22
and said Ye 40_MAT_20_25
and said Ye 40_MAT_20_22
and said Ye know 40_MAT_20_25
and said Ye know 40_MAT_04_06
And saith unto 40_MAT_04_09
And saith unto 40_MAT_26_36
And saith unto 40_MAT_26_40
And saith unto 40_MAT_26_45
And saith unto 40_MAT_04_06
And saith unto him 40_MAT_04_09
And saith unto him 40_MAT_26_40
and saith unto Peter 40_MAT_20_06
and saith unto them 40_MAT_26_45
and saith unto them 40_MAT_01_05
And Salmon begat 40_MAT_09_10
and sat down 40_MAT_13_48
and sat down 40_MAT_15_29
and sat down 40_MAT_13_48
and sat down and 40_MAT_28_02
and sat upon 40_MAT_14_14
and saw a 40_MAT_14_14
and saw a great 40_MAT_09_23
and saw the 40_MAT_25_40
and say unto 40_MAT_26_18
and say unto 40_MAT_26_18
and say unto him 40_MAT_27_64
and say unto the 40_MAT_25_40
and say unto them 40_MAT_08_06
And saying Lord 40_MAT_09_27
and saying Thou 40_MAT_27_40
and saying Thou 40_MAT_19_03
and saying unto 40_MAT_19_03
and saying unto him 40_MAT_11_17
And saying We 40_MAT_11_17
And saying We have 40_MAT_16_21
and scribes and 40_MAT_23_34
and scribes and 40_MAT_16_21
and scribes and be 40_MAT_05_01
And seeing the 40_MAT_13_14
and seeing ye 40_MAT_13_14
and seeing ye shall 40_MAT_02_16
and sent forth 40_MAT_18_02
and set him 40_MAT_27_37
and set up 40_MAT_04_16
and shadow of 40_MAT_24_49
And shall begin 40_MAT_24_49
And shall begin to 40_MAT_01_23
and shall bring 40_MAT_13_50
and shall cast 40_MAT_13_42
And shall cast them 40_MAT_13_50
And shall cast them 40_MAT_19_05
and shall cleave 40_MAT_12_41
and shall condemn 40_MAT_12_42
and shall condemn 40_MAT_12_41
and shall condemn it 40_MAT_12_42
and shall condemn it 40_MAT_24_51
and shall cut 40_MAT_24_05
and shall deceive 40_MAT_24_11
and shall deceive 40_MAT_24_05
and shall deceive many 40_MAT_24_11
and shall deceive many 40_MAT_20_19
And shall deliver 40_MAT_20_19
And shall deliver him 40_MAT_19_29
and shall inherit 40_MAT_24_09
and shall kill 40_MAT_13_14
and shall not 40_MAT_13_14
and shall not 40_MAT_13_14
and shall not understand 40_MAT_05_11
and shall say 40_MAT_24_24
and shall show 40_MAT_08_11
and shall sit 40_MAT_08_11
and shall sit down 40_MAT_08_15
And she arose 40_MAT_14_08
and she being 40_MAT_14_11
and she brought 40_MAT_14_11
And she brought it 40_MAT_15_27
And she said 40_MAT_01_21
and she shall 40_MAT_09_18
and she shall 40_MAT_09_18
and she shall live 40_MAT_13_15
and should be 40_MAT_13_15
and should be converted 40_MAT_04_08
and showeth him 40_MAT_04_08
and showeth him all 40_MAT_11_22
and Sidon at 40_MAT_11_22
and Sidon at the 40_MAT_13_55
and Simon and 40_MAT_16_16
And Simon Peter 40_MAT_02_16
and slew all 40_MAT_02_16
and slew all the 40_MAT_21_39
and slew him 40_MAT_22_06
and slew them 40_MAT_27_30
and smote him 40_MAT_09_19
And so did 40_MAT_25_20
And so he 40_MAT_13_07
And some fell 40_MAT_13_07
And some fell among 40_MAT_23_34
And some of 40_MAT_23_34
And some of them 40_MAT_23_34
And some of them 40_MAT_17_15
and sore vexed 40_MAT_22_01
and spake unto 40_MAT_28_18
and spake unto 40_MAT_22_01
and spake unto them 40_MAT_28_18
and spake unto them 40_MAT_12_29
and spoil his 40_MAT_12_29
and spoil his goods 40_MAT_26_47
and staves from 40_MAT_26_47
and staves from the 40_MAT_23_37
and stonest them 40_MAT_21_03
and straightway he 40_MAT_21_03
and straightway he will 40_MAT_25_15
and straightway took 40_MAT_21_08
and strowed them 40_MAT_21_08
and strowed them in 40_MAT_05_40
and take away 40_MAT_05_40
and take away thy 40_MAT_22_13
and take him 40_MAT_22_13
and take him away 40_MAT_02_13
and take the 40_MAT_02_20
and take the 40_MAT_02_13
and take the young 40_MAT_16_24
and take up 40_MAT_17_27
and take up 40_MAT_16_24
and take up his 40_MAT_26_45
And take your 40_MAT_26_45
and take your rest 40_MAT_05_02
and taught them 40_MAT_18_06
and that he 40_MAT_23_35
and the altar 40_MAT_28_05
And the angel 40_MAT_28_05
And the angel answered 40_MAT_08_20
and the birds 40_MAT_15_31
and the blind 40_MAT_06_25
and the body 40_MAT_09_17
and the bottles 40_MAT_23_06
And the chief 40_MAT_27_06
And the chief 40_MAT_27_06
And the chief priests 40_MAT_23_06
and the chief seats 40_MAT_17_18
And the child 40_MAT_17_18
and the child was 40_MAT_10_21
And the children 40_MAT_21_15
And the children 40_MAT_10_35
And the daughter 40_MAT_10_35
and the daughter against 40_MAT_10_35
and the daughter in 40_MAT_11_05
and the deaf 40_MAT_13_22
and the deceitfulness 40_MAT_13_22
and the deceitfulness of 40_MAT_13_10
And the disciples 40_MAT_14_19
And the disciples 40_MAT_19_13
And the disciples 40_MAT_21_06
And the disciples 40_MAT_26_19
And the disciples 40_MAT_14_19
and the disciples to 40_MAT_15_36
and the disciples to 40_MAT_27_51
and the earth 40_MAT_21_23
and the elders 40_MAT_26_03
and the elders 40_MAT_26_57
and the elders 40_MAT_21_23
and the elders of 40_MAT_26_03
and the elders of 40_MAT_10_21
and the father 40_MAT_10_21
and the father the 40_MAT_20_16
And the first 40_MAT_22_25
And the first 40_MAT_07_27
and the floods 40_MAT_07_25
and the floods came 40_MAT_07_27
and the floods came 40_MAT_13_04
and the fowls 40_MAT_16_18
and the gates 40_MAT_16_18
And the gates of 40_MAT_04_08
And the glory 40_MAT_06_13
And the glory 40_MAT_04_08
And the glory of 40_MAT_22_32
and the God 40_MAT_22_32
and the God of 40_MAT_22_32
and the God of 40_MAT_27_11
and the governor 40_MAT_27_23
and the governor 40_MAT_21_31
and the harlots 40_MAT_21_32
and the harlots 40_MAT_26_62
and the high 40_MAT_26_63
and the high 40_MAT_26_62
and the high priest 40_MAT_05_25
and the judge 40_MAT_05_25
and the judge deliver 40_MAT_14_09
and the king 40_MAT_25_40
and the king 40_MAT_14_09
And the king was 40_MAT_11_05
and the lame 40_MAT_21_14
and the lame 40_MAT_04_15
And the land 40_MAT_04_15
and the land of 40_MAT_12_45
and the last 40_MAT_19_30
and the last 40_MAT_12_45
and the last state 40_MAT_11_13
and the law 40_MAT_09_25
And the maid 40_MAT_24_29
and the moon 40_MAT_24_29
and the moon shall 40_MAT_27_56
And the mother of 40_MAT_20_31
and the multitude 40_MAT_21_11
and the multitude 40_MAT_09_33
and the multitudes 40_MAT_21_09
and the multitudes 40_MAT_20_21
and the other 40_MAT_24_40
and the other 40_MAT_24_41
and the other 40_MAT_27_61
and the other 40_MAT_28_01
and the other 40_MAT_24_40
and the other left 40_MAT_24_41
and the other left 40_MAT_27_61
and the other Mary 40_MAT_28_01
and the other Mary 40_MAT_20_21
and the other on 40_MAT_09_23
and the people 40_MAT_09_14
and the Pharisees 40_MAT_23_02
and the Pharisees 40_MAT_11_05
and the poor 40_MAT_06_13
and the power and 40_MAT_24_29
and the powers 40_MAT_24_29
and the powers of 40_MAT_07_12
and the prophets 40_MAT_22_40
and the prophets 40_MAT_07_25
And the rain 40_MAT_07_27
And the rain 40_MAT_07_25
And the rain descended 40_MAT_07_27
And the rain descended 40_MAT_22_06
And the remnant 40_MAT_09_16
and the rent 40_MAT_09_16
and the rent is 40_MAT_03_04
and the same 40_MAT_26_03
and the scribes 40_MAT_26_03
and the scribes and 40_MAT_08_26
and the sea 40_MAT_08_27
and the sea 40_MAT_08_26
and the sea and 40_MAT_08_27
and the sea obey 40_MAT_21_12
and the seats 40_MAT_21_12
and the seats of 40_MAT_22_39
And the second 40_MAT_22_39
And the second is 40_MAT_10_25
And the servant 40_MAT_26_31
and the sheep 40_MAT_26_31
and the sheep of 40_MAT_20_18
and the son 40_MAT_26_02
and the son 40_MAT_26_45
and the son 40_MAT_20_18
and the son of 40_MAT_26_02
and the son of 40_MAT_26_45
and the son of 40_MAT_24_29
and the stars 40_MAT_17_23
and the third 40_MAT_20_19
and the third 40_MAT_22_26
and the third 40_MAT_17_23
and the third day 40_MAT_20_19
and the third day 40_MAT_13_07
and the thorns 40_MAT_14_15
And the time 40_MAT_14_19
and the two 40_MAT_26_37
and the two 40_MAT_26_37
and the two 40_MAT_14_19
and the two fishes 40_MAT_26_37
And the two sons 40_MAT_13_02
And the whole 40_MAT_13_02
and the whole multitude 40_MAT_07_25
and the winds 40_MAT_07_27
and the winds 40_MAT_07_25
and the winds blew 40_MAT_07_27
and the winds blew 40_MAT_09_17
and the wine 40_MAT_09_22
And the woman 40_MAT_09_22
and the woman was 40_MAT_13_15
and their ears 40_MAT_13_15
and their ears are 40_MAT_13_15
and their eyes 40_MAT_09_30
and their eyes were 40_MAT_04_22
and their father 40_MAT_13_41
and them which 40_MAT_12_29
And then he 40_MAT_12_29
and then he will 40_MAT_24_10
And then shall 40_MAT_24_14
And then shall 40_MAT_24_30
And then shall 40_MAT_24_30
And then shall 40_MAT_09_15
and then shall they 40_MAT_07_05
and then shalt 40_MAT_07_05
and then shalt thou 40_MAT_10_11
and there abide 40_MAT_19_12
and there are 40_MAT_19_12
and there be 40_MAT_04_25
and there followed 40_MAT_04_25
and there followed him 40_MAT_12_39
And there shall 40_MAT_16_04
And there shall 40_MAT_24_07
And there shall 40_MAT_28_10
And there shall 40_MAT_24_07
And there shall be 40_MAT_12_39
and there shall no 40_MAT_16_04
and there shall no 40_MAT_08_26
and there was 40_MAT_08_30
and there was 40_MAT_27_61
and there was 40_MAT_08_26
And there was a 40_MAT_08_26
And there was a 40_MAT_14_02
and therefore mighty 40_MAT_14_02
and therefore mighty works 40_MAT_21_27
And they answered 40_MAT_12_10
And they asked him 40_MAT_27_29
and they bowed 40_MAT_04_24
and they brought 40_MAT_22_19
and they brought 40_MAT_04_24
And they brought unto 40_MAT_28_09
and they came 40_MAT_28_09
and they came and 40_MAT_21_39
and they caught him 40_MAT_14_26
and they cried 40_MAT_14_26
and they cried out 40_MAT_27_35
And they crucified 40_MAT_27_35
And they crucified him 40_MAT_28_08
and they departed 40_MAT_14_20
and they did 40_MAT_15_37
and they did 40_MAT_21_36
and they did 40_MAT_14_20
And they did all 40_MAT_15_37
And they did all 40_MAT_12_45
and they enter 40_MAT_12_45
and they enter in 40_MAT_20_34
and they followed 40_MAT_20_34
and they followed him 40_MAT_15_31
and they glorified 40_MAT_27_16
And they had 40_MAT_17_12
and they knew 40_MAT_17_12
and they knew him 40_MAT_09_24
And they laughed 40_MAT_09_24
And they laughed him 40_MAT_26_19
And they made 40_MAT_26_19
And they made ready 40_MAT_16_07
And they reasoned 40_MAT_21_25
And they reasoned 40_MAT_16_07
And they reasoned among 40_MAT_21_25
And they reasoned with 40_MAT_02_05
And they said 40_MAT_15_34
And they said 40_MAT_16_14
And they said 40_MAT_27_04
And they said 40_MAT_15_34
And they said Seven 40_MAT_02_05
And they said unto 40_MAT_27_04
And they said What 40_MAT_11_18
and they say 40_MAT_11_19
and they say 40_MAT_14_17
and they say 40_MAT_14_17
and they say unto 40_MAT_22_16
and they sent 40_MAT_21_07
And they set 40_MAT_21_07
and they set him 40_MAT_01_23
and they shall 40_MAT_13_41
and they shall 40_MAT_17_23
and they shall 40_MAT_20_18
and they shall 40_MAT_24_30
and they shall 40_MAT_24_31
and they shall 40_MAT_01_23
and they shall call 40_MAT_20_18
and they shall condemn 40_MAT_13_41
and they shall gather 40_MAT_17_23
and they shall kill 40_MAT_24_30
and they shall see 40_MAT_08_33
And they that 40_MAT_12_03
And they that 40_MAT_14_21
And they that 40_MAT_20_25
And they that 40_MAT_25_10
And they that 40_MAT_26_57
And they that 40_MAT_27_39
And they that 40_MAT_27_54
And they that 40_MAT_20_25
And they that are 40_MAT_15_38
And they that did 40_MAT_14_21
And they that had 40_MAT_26_57
And they that had 40_MAT_27_39
And they that passed 40_MAT_12_03
and they that were 40_MAT_25_10
and they that were 40_MAT_27_54
and they that were 40_MAT_14_20
and they took 40_MAT_15_37
and they took 40_MAT_27_07
and they took 40_MAT_27_09
and they took 40_MAT_27_09
and they took the 40_MAT_15_37
And they took up 40_MAT_19_05
and they twain 40_MAT_19_05
and they twain shall 40_MAT_20_04
And they went 40_MAT_20_04
And they went their 40_MAT_13_57
And they were 40_MAT_17_23
And they were 40_MAT_26_22
And they were 40_MAT_17_23
And they were exceeding 40_MAT_26_22
And they were exceeding 40_MAT_13_57
And they were offended 40_MAT_10_17
and they will 40_MAT_22_03
and they would 40_MAT_22_03
and they would not 40_MAT_28_15
and this saying 40_MAT_04_24
and those that 40_MAT_27_54
and those things 40_MAT_04_24
and those which were 40_MAT_04_24
and those which were 40_MAT_05_25
and thou be 40_MAT_11_23
And thou Capernaum 40_MAT_11_23
And thou Capernaum which 40_MAT_20_12
and thou hast 40_MAT_20_12
and thou hast made 40_MAT_01_21
and thou shalt 40_MAT_19_19
and thou shalt 40_MAT_19_21
and thou shalt 40_MAT_19_21
And thou shalt have 40_MAT_12_40
and three nights in 40_MAT_12_40
and three nights in 40_MAT_12_47
and thy brethren 40_MAT_12_47
and thy brethren stand 40_MAT_06_04
and thy father 40_MAT_06_06
and thy father 40_MAT_06_18
and thy father 40_MAT_06_04
and thy Father which 40_MAT_06_06
and thy Father which 40_MAT_19_19
and thy mother 40_MAT_19_19
and thy mother and 40_MAT_08_09
and to another 40_MAT_25_15
and to another 40_MAT_08_09
and to another Come 40_MAT_05_13
and to be 40_MAT_20_22
and to be 40_MAT_23_07
and to be 40_MAT_26_61
and to build 40_MAT_12_01
and to eat 40_MAT_24_49
and to eat 40_MAT_24_49
and to eat and 40_MAT_20_28
and to give 40_MAT_20_28
and to give his 40_MAT_14_22
and to go 40_MAT_10_01
and to heal 40_MAT_13_17
and to hear 40_MAT_13_17
and to hear those 40_MAT_07_08
and to him 40_MAT_07_08
and to him that 40_MAT_23_01
and to his 40_MAT_06_30
and to morrow 40_MAT_06_30
and to morrow is 40_MAT_08_09
and to my 40_MAT_08_09
and to my servant 40_MAT_19_07
and to put 40_MAT_19_07
and to put her 40_MAT_04_17
and to say 40_MAT_26_74
and to swear 40_MAT_26_74
and to swear saying 40_MAT_04_16
and to them 40_MAT_24_19
and to them 40_MAT_24_19
and to them that 40_MAT_04_16
and to them which 40_MAT_27_48
and took a 40_MAT_09_25
and took her 40_MAT_09_25
and took her by 40_MAT_18_28
and took him 40_MAT_26_50
and took him 40_MAT_02_21
and took the 40_MAT_14_19
and took the 40_MAT_27_30
and took the 40_MAT_24_39
and took them 40_MAT_01_24
and took unto 40_MAT_14_12
and took up 40_MAT_08_03
and touched him 40_MAT_08_03
and touched him saying 40_MAT_09_20
and touched the 40_MAT_07_06
and turn again 40_MAT_14_17
and two fishes 40_MAT_13_19
and understandeth it 40_MAT_13_23
and understandeth it 40_MAT_22_21
and unto GOD the 40_MAT_20_18
and unto the 40_MAT_20_18
and unto the scribes 40_MAT_27_35
and upon my 40_MAT_09_35
and villages teaching 40_MAT_14_14
and was moved 40_MAT_14_14
and was moved with 40_MAT_02_15
and was there 40_MAT_06_17
and wash thy 40_MAT_27_42
and we will 40_MAT_02_18
and weeping and 40_MAT_14_12
and went and 40_MAT_25_25
and went and 40_MAT_27_05
and went and 40_MAT_14_12
and went and told 40_MAT_26_44
and went away 40_MAT_26_44
and went away again 40_MAT_25_01
and went forth 40_MAT_25_01
and went forth to 40_MAT_26_58
and went in 40_MAT_26_58
and went in and 40_MAT_13_36
and went into 40_MAT_21_33
and went into 40_MAT_27_53
and went into 40_MAT_21_33
and went into a 40_MAT_13_36
and went into the 40_MAT_27_53
and went into the 40_MAT_21_30
and went not 40_MAT_21_17
and went out 40_MAT_21_17
and went out of 40_MAT_22_05
and went their 40_MAT_22_22
and went their 40_MAT_08_33
and went their ways 40_MAT_22_05
and went their ways 40_MAT_15_29
and went up 40_MAT_26_75
and wept bitterly 40_MAT_03_06
And were baptized 40_MAT_21_01
and were come 40_MAT_21_01
and were come to 40_MAT_14_20
and were filled 40_MAT_14_20
and were filled and 40_MAT_17_06
and were sore 40_MAT_17_06
and were sore afraid 40_MAT_24_03
and what shall be 40_MAT_20_04
And whatsoever is 40_MAT_20_04
and whatsoever is right 40_MAT_20_07
and whatsoever is right 40_MAT_16_19
and whatsoever thou shalt 40_MAT_18_18
and whatsoever ye 40_MAT_18_18
and whatsoever ye shall 40_MAT_02_04
and when he 40_MAT_04_02
and when he 40_MAT_05_01
and when he 40_MAT_08_23
and when he 40_MAT_08_28
and when he 40_MAT_09_22
and when he 40_MAT_09_28
and when he 40_MAT_10_01
and when he 40_MAT_12_09
and when he 40_MAT_12_44
and when he 40_MAT_13_04
and when he 40_MAT_13_54
and when he 40_MAT_14_05
and when he 40_MAT_14_23
and when he 40_MAT_17_25
and when he 40_MAT_18_24
and when he 40_MAT_20_02
and when he 40_MAT_21_10
and when he 40_MAT_21_19
and when he 40_MAT_21_23
and when he 40_MAT_23_15
and when he 40_MAT_26_71
and when he 40_MAT_27_12
and when he 40_MAT_27_26
and when he 40_MAT_27_34
and when he 40_MAT_02_04
And when he had 40_MAT_04_02
And when he had 40_MAT_10_01
And when he had 40_MAT_14_23
And when he had 40_MAT_18_24
And when he had 40_MAT_20_02
And when he had 40_MAT_20_02
And when he had 40_MAT_27_34
And when he had 40_MAT_12_44
and when he is 40_MAT_09_22
and when he saw 40_MAT_21_19
and when he saw 40_MAT_05_01
And when he was 40_MAT_08_23
And when he was 40_MAT_08_28
And when he was 40_MAT_09_28
And when he was 40_MAT_12_09
And when he was 40_MAT_13_54
And when he was 40_MAT_17_25
And when he was 40_MAT_21_10
And when he was 40_MAT_21_23
And when he was 40_MAT_26_71
And when he was 40_MAT_27_12
And when he was 40_MAT_14_05
And when he would 40_MAT_16_05
And when his 40_MAT_16_05
And when his disciples 40_MAT_14_15
and when it 40_MAT_14_15
and when it was 40_MAT_08_05
And when Jesus 40_MAT_08_14
And when Jesus 40_MAT_09_27
And when Jesus 40_MAT_09_23
And when Jesus came 40_MAT_08_05
And when Jesus was 40_MAT_08_14
And when Jesus was 40_MAT_27_59
And when Joseph 40_MAT_14_29
And when Peter 40_MAT_14_29
And when Peter was 40_MAT_04_03
And when the 40_MAT_09_11
And when the 40_MAT_09_33
And when the 40_MAT_13_06
And when the 40_MAT_14_13
And when the 40_MAT_14_23
And when the 40_MAT_14_26
And when the 40_MAT_14_35
And when the 40_MAT_17_06
And when the 40_MAT_20_24
And when the 40_MAT_21_15
And when the 40_MAT_21_20
And when the 40_MAT_21_34
And when the 40_MAT_21_45
And when the 40_MAT_22_11
And when the 40_MAT_22_33
And when the 40_MAT_21_15
And when the chief 40_MAT_21_45
And when the chief 40_MAT_09_33
And when the devil 40_MAT_14_26
And when the disciples 40_MAT_17_06
And when the disciples 40_MAT_22_11
and when the king 40_MAT_14_35
And when the men 40_MAT_14_13
and when the people 40_MAT_13_06
And when the sun 40_MAT_20_24
And when the ten 40_MAT_21_34
And when the time 40_MAT_02_11
And when they 40_MAT_02_11
And when they 40_MAT_02_13
And when they 40_MAT_08_32
And when they 40_MAT_08_34
And when they 40_MAT_14_32
And when they 40_MAT_14_34
And when they 40_MAT_17_08
And when they 40_MAT_17_14
And when they 40_MAT_17_24
And when they 40_MAT_20_09
And when they 40_MAT_20_11
And when they 40_MAT_21_01
And when they 40_MAT_26_30
And when they 40_MAT_27_02
And when they 40_MAT_27_29
And when they 40_MAT_27_33
And when they 40_MAT_28_12
And when they 40_MAT_28_17
And when they 40_MAT_20_09
And when they came 40_MAT_02_11
And when they had 40_MAT_17_08
And when they had 40_MAT_20_11
And when they had 40_MAT_26_30
And when they had 40_MAT_27_02
And when they had 40_MAT_27_29
And when they had 40_MAT_08_34
And when they saw 40_MAT_28_17
And when they saw 40_MAT_02_11
And when they were 40_MAT_02_13
And when they were 40_MAT_08_32
And when they were 40_MAT_14_32
And when they were 40_MAT_14_34
And when they were 40_MAT_17_14
And when they were 40_MAT_17_24
And when they were 40_MAT_27_33
And when they were 40_MAT_28_12
And when they were 40_MAT_06_05
and when thou 40_MAT_06_06
and when thou 40_MAT_17_27
and when thou 40_MAT_06_06
And when thou hast 40_MAT_17_27
And when thou hast 40_MAT_02_08
And when ye 40_MAT_10_12
And when ye 40_MAT_06_19
and where thieves 40_MAT_06_20
and where thieves 40_MAT_26_47
And while he 40_MAT_26_47
And while he yet 40_MAT_17_22
and while they 40_MAT_25_10
and while they 40_MAT_21_23
and who gave 40_MAT_21_23
and who gave thee 40_MAT_18_05
And whoso shall 40_MAT_23_21
And whoso shall 40_MAT_05_21
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_05_32
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_05_41
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_10_14
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_10_42
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_21_44
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_23_12
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_23_18
and whosoever shall 40_MAT_10_14
And whosoever shall not 40_MAT_16_25
And whosoever will 40_MAT_07_03
And why beholdest 40_MAT_07_03
And why beholdest thou 40_MAT_03_04
and wild honey 40_MAT_21_41
and will let 40_MAT_22_37
and with all 40_MAT_22_37
and with all thy 40_MAT_22_37
and with all thy 40_MAT_03_11
and with fire 40_MAT_26_47
and with him a 40_MAT_07_02
and with what 40_MAT_02_08
and worship him 40_MAT_08_02
and worshipped him 40_MAT_09_18
and worshipped him 40_MAT_14_33
and worshipped him 40_MAT_15_25
and worshipped him 40_MAT_18_26
and worshipped him 40_MAT_28_09
and worshipped him 40_MAT_02_11
and worshipped him and 40_MAT_08_02
and worshipped him saying 40_MAT_09_18
and worshipped him saying 40_MAT_15_25
and worshipped him saying 40_MAT_18_26
and worshipped him saying 40_MAT_02_18
and would not 40_MAT_24_43
and would not 40_MAT_21_32
and ye believed 40_MAT_21_32
and ye believed him 40_MAT_25_36
And ye came 40_MAT_25_36
and ye came unto 40_MAT_25_36
and ye clothed 40_MAT_25_43
and ye clothed 40_MAT_25_36
and ye clothed me 40_MAT_25_43
and ye clothed me 40_MAT_25_35
and ye gave 40_MAT_25_42
and ye gave 40_MAT_25_35
and ye gave me 40_MAT_25_35
and ye gave me 40_MAT_25_42
and ye gave me 40_MAT_11_17
And ye have 40_MAT_11_17
and ye have not 40_MAT_07_07
and ye shall 40_MAT_10_18
and ye shall 40_MAT_10_22
and ye shall 40_MAT_11_29
and ye shall 40_MAT_24_06
and ye shall 40_MAT_24_09
and ye shall 40_MAT_10_18
and ye shall be 40_MAT_10_22
and ye shall be 40_MAT_24_09
and ye shall be 40_MAT_11_29
and ye shall find 40_MAT_25_35
and ye took 40_MAT_25_43
and ye took 40_MAT_25_35
and ye took me 40_MAT_25_43
and ye took me 40_MAT_25_36
and ye visited 40_MAT_25_43
and ye visited 40_MAT_25_36
and ye visited me 40_MAT_25_43
and ye visited me 40_MAT_23_37
and ye would 40_MAT_23_37
and ye would not 40_MAT_06_29
And yet I 40_MAT_06_29
And yet I say 40_MAT_04_18
Andrew his brother 40_MAT_10_02
Andrew his brother 40_MAT_04_18
Andrew his brother casting 40_MAT_10_02
Andrew his brother James 40_MAT_28_05
angel answered and 40_MAT_28_05
angel answered and said 40_MAT_01_20
angel of the 40_MAT_01_24
angel of the 40_MAT_02_13
angel of the 40_MAT_02_19
angel of the 40_MAT_28_02
angel of the 40_MAT_01_20
angel of the LORD 40_MAT_01_24
angel of the LORD 40_MAT_02_13
angel of the LORD 40_MAT_02_19
angel of the LORD 40_MAT_28_02
angel of the LORD 40_MAT_24_10
another and shall 40_MAT_08_09
another Come and 40_MAT_08_09
another Come and he 40_MAT_19_09
another committeth adultery 40_MAT_19_09
another committeth adultery and 40_MAT_13_24
Another parable put 40_MAT_13_31
Another parable put 40_MAT_13_24
Another parable put he 40_MAT_13_31
Another parable put he 40_MAT_24_02
another that shall 40_MAT_24_02
another that shall not 40_MAT_22_05
another to his 40_MAT_25_40
answer and say 40_MAT_25_40
answer and say unto 40_MAT_25_37
answer him saying 40_MAT_25_44
answer him saying 40_MAT_25_37
answer him saying Lord 40_MAT_25_44
answer him saying Lord 40_MAT_04_04
answered and said 40_MAT_08_08
answered and said 40_MAT_11_04
answered and said 40_MAT_11_25
answered and said 40_MAT_12_39
answered and said 40_MAT_12_48
answered and said 40_MAT_13_11
answered and said 40_MAT_13_37
answered and said 40_MAT_15_03
answered and said 40_MAT_15_13
answered and said 40_MAT_15_24
answered and said 40_MAT_15_26
answered and said 40_MAT_15_28
answered and said 40_MAT_16_02
answered and said 40_MAT_16_16
answered and said 40_MAT_16_17
answered and said 40_MAT_17_11
answered and said 40_MAT_17_17
answered and said 40_MAT_19_04
answered and said 40_MAT_20_22
answered and said 40_MAT_21_21
answered and said 40_MAT_21_24
answered and said 40_MAT_21_29
answered and said 40_MAT_21_30
answered and said 40_MAT_22_29
answered and said 40_MAT_24_04
answered and said 40_MAT_25_12
answered and said 40_MAT_25_26
answered and said 40_MAT_26_23
answered and said 40_MAT_26_25
answered and said 40_MAT_26_33
answered and said 40_MAT_26_63
answered and said 40_MAT_26_66
answered and said 40_MAT_27_21
answered and said 40_MAT_28_05
answered and said 40_MAT_26_23
answered and said He 40_MAT_26_66
answered and said He 40_MAT_11_25
answered and said I 40_MAT_15_24
answered and said I 40_MAT_21_29
answered and said I 40_MAT_21_30
answered and said I 40_MAT_04_04
answered and said It 40_MAT_15_26
answered and said It 40_MAT_26_25
answered and said Master 40_MAT_17_17
answered and said O 40_MAT_16_16
answered and said Thou 40_MAT_11_04
answered and said unto 40_MAT_12_39
answered and said unto 40_MAT_12_48
answered and said unto 40_MAT_13_11
answered and said unto 40_MAT_13_37
answered and said unto 40_MAT_15_03
answered and said unto 40_MAT_15_03
answered and said unto 40_MAT_16_02
answered and said unto 40_MAT_16_17
answered and said unto 40_MAT_17_11
answered and said unto 40_MAT_19_04
answered and said unto 40_MAT_21_21
answered and said unto 40_MAT_21_24
answered and said unto 40_MAT_22_29
answered and said unto 40_MAT_24_04
answered and said unto 40_MAT_25_26
answered and said unto 40_MAT_26_33
answered and said unto 40_MAT_26_63
answered and said unto 40_MAT_27_21
answered and said unto 40_MAT_28_05
answered and said unto 40_MAT_25_12
answered and said Verily 40_MAT_22_01
answered and spake 40_MAT_21_27
answered Jesus and 40_MAT_21_27
answered Jesus and said 40_MAT_15_15
answered Peter and 40_MAT_17_04
answered Peter and 40_MAT_15_15
answered Peter and said 40_MAT_17_04
answered Peter and said 40_MAT_26_62
Answerest thou nothing 40_MAT_26_62
Answerest thou nothing what 40_MAT_03_15
answering said unto 40_MAT_03_15
answering said unto him 40_MAT_22_16
any man for 40_MAT_12_19
any man hear 40_MAT_21_03
any man say 40_MAT_24_23
any man shall say 40_MAT_11_27
any man the 40_MAT_05_40
any man will 40_MAT_16_24
any man will 40_MAT_16_24
any man will come 40_MAT_24_17
any thing out 40_MAT_24_17
any thing out of 40_MAT_18_19
any thing that 40_MAT_18_19
any thing that they 40_MAT_05_25
any time the 40_MAT_13_15
any time they 40_MAT_13_15
any time they should 40_MAT_04_06
any time thou 40_MAT_04_06
any time thou dash 40_MAT_01_20
appeared unto him 40_MAT_17_03
appeared unto them 40_MAT_24_51
appoint him his 40_MAT_24_51
appoint him his portion 40_MAT_10_30
are all numbered 40_MAT_22_30
are as the 40_MAT_22_30
are as the angels 40_MAT_11_11
are born of women 40_MAT_22_21
are Caesar's and 40_MAT_02_02
are come to 40_MAT_02_20
are dead which 40_MAT_02_20
are dead which sought 40_MAT_13_15
are dull of 40_MAT_13_15
are dull of hearing 40_MAT_19_30
are first shall 40_MAT_19_30
are first shall be 40_MAT_01_17
are fourteen generations and 40_MAT_01_17
are fourteen generations and 40_MAT_23_25
are full of 40_MAT_23_28
are full of 40_MAT_18_20
are gathered together 40_MAT_22_30
are given in 40_MAT_22_30
are given in marriage 40_MAT_11_08
are in kings' 40_MAT_05_15
are in the 40_MAT_23_27
are like unto 40_MAT_12_48
are my brethren 40_MAT_19_06
are no more 40_MAT_19_06
are no more twain 40_MAT_10_28
are not able 40_MAT_10_28
are not able to 40_MAT_10_31
are of more 40_MAT_10_31
are of more value 40_MAT_23_37
are sent unto 40_MAT_23_37
are sent unto thee 40_MAT_19_12
are some eunuchs which 40_MAT_19_12
are some eunuchs which 40_MAT_13_39
are the angels 40_MAT_13_38
are the children 40_MAT_17_26
are the children 40_MAT_23_31
are the children 40_MAT_13_38
are the children of 40_MAT_13_38
are the children of 40_MAT_23_31
are the children of 40_MAT_15_20
are the things 40_MAT_10_02
are these the 40_MAT_13_56
Are they not 40_MAT_13_56
are they not all 40_MAT_05_04
are they that 40_MAT_05_10
are they which 40_MAT_05_10
are they which are 40_MAT_24_19
are with child 40_MAT_24_19
are with child and 40_MAT_20_22
Are ye able 40_MAT_15_16
Are ye also 40_MAT_26_55
are ye come 40_MAT_26_55
are ye come out 40_MAT_05_11
are ye when 40_MAT_05_11
are ye when men 40_MAT_17_07
Arise and be 40_MAT_02_13
Arise and take 40_MAT_02_20
Arise and take 40_MAT_02_13
Arise and take the 40_MAT_02_20
Arise and take the 40_MAT_08_24
arose a great 40_MAT_09_07
arose and departed 40_MAT_09_09
arose and followed 40_MAT_09_09
arose and followed him 40_MAT_09_19
arose and followed him 40_MAT_08_15
arose and ministered 40_MAT_08_15
arose and ministered unto 40_MAT_08_26
arose and rebuked 40_MAT_08_26
arose and rebuked the 40_MAT_02_21
arose and took 40_MAT_06_29
arrayed like one 40_MAT_06_29
arrayed like one of 40_MAT_06_09
art in heaven 40_MAT_06_09
art in heaven Hallowed 40_MAT_05_25
art in the way 40_MAT_26_73
art one of 40_MAT_26_73
art one of them 40_MAT_16_16
art the Christ 40_MAT_16_16
art the Christ the 40_MAT_14_33
art the son 40_MAT_14_33
art the son of 40_MAT_26_50
art thou come 40_MAT_11_03
Art thou he 40_MAT_27_11
Art thou the 40_MAT_27_11
Art thou the King 40_MAT_22_16
art TRUE and 40_MAT_17_20
as a grain 40_MAT_17_20
as a grain of 40_MAT_23_37
as a hen 40_MAT_25_14
as a man 40_MAT_14_05
as a prophet 40_MAT_21_26
as a prophet 40_MAT_25_32
as a shepherd 40_MAT_26_55
as against a 40_MAT_26_55
as against a thief 40_MAT_28_04
as dead men 40_MAT_18_25
as he had 40_MAT_28_06
as he said 40_MAT_26_07
as he sat 40_MAT_26_07
as he sat at 40_MAT_24_03
as he sat upon 40_MAT_21_23
as he was 40_MAT_21_23
as he was teaching 40_MAT_10_25
as his master 40_MAT_18_33
as I had 40_MAT_26_39
as I will 40_MAT_24_38
as in the 40_MAT_24_38
as in the days 40_MAT_06_10
as it is 40_MAT_26_24
as it is 40_MAT_06_10
as it is in 40_MAT_26_24
as it is written 40_MAT_26_19
as Jesus had 40_MAT_09_09
as Jesus passed 40_MAT_09_10
as Jesus sat 40_MAT_09_10
as Jesus sat at 40_MAT_12_40
as Jonas was 40_MAT_09_15
as long as 40_MAT_09_15
as long as the 40_MAT_14_36
as many as 40_MAT_22_09
as many as 40_MAT_22_10
as many as 40_MAT_14_36
as many as touched 40_MAT_01_24
as the angel 40_MAT_01_24
as the angel of 40_MAT_22_30
as the angels 40_MAT_09_15
as the bridegroom 40_MAT_24_37
as the days 40_MAT_24_37
as the days of 40_MAT_06_07
as the heathen 40_MAT_06_02
as the hypocrites 40_MAT_06_05
as the hypocrites 40_MAT_17_02
as the light 40_MAT_24_27
as the lightning 40_MAT_27_10
as the LORD 40_MAT_12_13
as the other 40_MAT_07_29
as the scribes 40_MAT_20_28
as the son 40_MAT_20_28
as the son of 40_MAT_13_43
as the sun 40_MAT_17_02
as the sun 40_MAT_17_02
as the sun and 40_MAT_17_09
as they came 40_MAT_27_32
as they came 40_MAT_17_09
as they came down 40_MAT_11_07
as they departed 40_MAT_20_29
as they departed 40_MAT_20_29
as they departed from 40_MAT_26_21
as they did 40_MAT_26_21
as they did eat 40_MAT_09_32
as they went 40_MAT_28_09
as they went 40_MAT_09_32
as they went out 40_MAT_28_09
as they went to 40_MAT_26_26
as they were 40_MAT_28_15
as they were 40_MAT_26_26
as they were eating 40_MAT_08_13
as thou hast 40_MAT_15_28
as thou wilt 40_MAT_26_39
as thou wilt 40_MAT_24_21
as was not 40_MAT_24_21
as was not since 40_MAT_25_40
as ye have 40_MAT_25_40
as ye have done 40_MAT_22_09
as ye shall 40_MAT_05_48
as your Father 40_MAT_07_10
ask a fish 40_MAT_07_10
ask a fish will 40_MAT_07_07
Ask and it 40_MAT_07_07
Ask and it shall 40_MAT_22_46
ask him any 40_MAT_21_24
ask you one 40_MAT_21_24
ask you one thing 40_MAT_12_10
asked him saying 40_MAT_27_11
asked him saying 40_MAT_27_11
asked him saying Art 40_MAT_17_10
asked him saying Why 40_MAT_16_13
asked his disciples 40_MAT_16_13
asked his disciples saying 40_MAT_07_08
asketh receiveth and 40_MAT_07_08
asketh receiveth and he 40_MAT_26_43
asleep again for 40_MAT_26_43
asleep again for their 40_MAT_21_05
ass and a 40_MAT_07_28
astonished at his 40_MAT_07_28
astonished at his doctrine 40_MAT_22_33
astonished at his doctrine 40_MAT_04_06
at any time 40_MAT_05_25
at any time 40_MAT_13_15
at any time 40_MAT_05_25
at any time the 40_MAT_13_15
at any time they 40_MAT_04_06
at any time thou 40_MAT_26_45
at hand and 40_MAT_07_28
at his doctrine 40_MAT_22_33
at his doctrine 40_MAT_18_29
at his feet 40_MAT_18_29
at his feet and 40_MAT_15_30
at Jesus' feet 40_MAT_15_30
at Jesus' feet and 40_MAT_09_10
at meat in 40_MAT_09_10
at meat in the 40_MAT_25_27
at my coming 40_MAT_25_27
at my coming I 40_MAT_27_15
at that feast 40_MAT_11_25
at that time 40_MAT_12_01
at that time 40_MAT_14_01
at that time 40_MAT_11_25
At that time Jesus 40_MAT_12_01
At that time Jesus 40_MAT_19_04
at the beginning 40_MAT_11_22
at the day 40_MAT_24_33
at the doors 40_MAT_13_49
at the end 40_MAT_26_60
at the last 40_MAT_05_40
at the law 40_MAT_15_17
at the mouth 40_MAT_12_41
at the preaching 40_MAT_12_41
at the preaching of 40_MAT_09_09
at the receipt 40_MAT_09_09
at the receipt of 40_MAT_18_01
at the same 40_MAT_18_01
at the same time 40_MAT_07_13
at the strait 40_MAT_07_13
at the strait gate 40_MAT_26_18
at thy house 40_MAT_07_29
authority and not 40_MAT_07_29
authority and not as 40_MAT_21_23
authority doest thou 40_MAT_21_23
authority doest thou these 40_MAT_21_24
authority I do 40_MAT_21_27
authority I do 40_MAT_21_24
authority I do these 40_MAT_21_27
authority I do these 40_MAT_20_25
authority upon them 40_MAT_22_13
away and cast 40_MAT_27_02
away and delivered 40_MAT_27_02
away and delivered him 40_MAT_13_36
away and went 40_MAT_24_35
away but my 40_MAT_24_35
away but my words 40_MAT_13_12
away even that 40_MAT_25_29
away even that 40_MAT_26_42
away from me 40_MAT_05_31
away his wife 40_MAT_19_03
away his wife 40_MAT_19_09
away his wife 40_MAT_01_17
away into Babylon 40_MAT_08_31
away into the 40_MAT_14_15
away that they 40_MAT_14_15
away that they may 40_MAT_15_39
away the multitude 40_MAT_08_25
awoke him saying 40_MAT_03_10
ax is laid 40_MAT_03_10
ax is laid unto 40_MAT_21_16
babes and sucklings 40_MAT_27_27
band of soldiers 40_MAT_21_25
baptism of John 40_MAT_20_22
baptism that I 40_MAT_20_23
baptism that I 40_MAT_20_22
baptism that I am 40_MAT_20_23
baptism that I am 40_MAT_03_11
baptize you with 40_MAT_03_11
baptize you with the 40_MAT_03_11
baptize you with water 40_MAT_03_06
baptized of him 40_MAT_03_13
baptized of him 40_MAT_03_06
baptized of him in 40_MAT_20_22
baptized with the 40_MAT_20_23
baptized with the 40_MAT_20_22
baptized with the baptism 40_MAT_20_23
baptized with the baptism 40_MAT_27_26
Barabbas unto them 40_MAT_27_26
Barabbas unto them and 40_MAT_16_09
baskets ye took 40_MAT_16_10
baskets ye took 40_MAT_16_09
baskets ye took up 40_MAT_16_10
baskets ye took up 40_MAT_23_12
be abased and 40_MAT_23_12
be abased and he 40_MAT_06_33
be added unto 40_MAT_06_33
be added unto you 40_MAT_24_09
be afflicted and 40_MAT_12_11
be among you 40_MAT_26_05
be an uproar 40_MAT_24_03
be and what 40_MAT_24_03
be and what shall 40_MAT_10_25
be as his 40_MAT_10_25
be as his master 40_MAT_06_05
be as the 40_MAT_13_49
be at the 40_MAT_03_13
be baptized of 40_MAT_03_14
be baptized of 40_MAT_03_13
be baptized of him 40_MAT_20_22
be baptized with 40_MAT_20_23
be baptized with 40_MAT_20_22
be baptized with the 40_MAT_20_23
be baptized with the 40_MAT_23_04
be borne and 40_MAT_16_19
be bound in 40_MAT_18_18
be bound in 40_MAT_16_19
be bound in heaven 40_MAT_18_18
be bound in heaven 40_MAT_21_44
be broken but 40_MAT_21_44
be broken but on 40_MAT_10_18
be brought before 40_MAT_11_23
be brought down 40_MAT_11_23
be brought down to 40_MAT_23_07
be called of 40_MAT_05_09
be called The 40_MAT_05_19
be called The 40_MAT_21_13
be called The 40_MAT_05_09
be called the children 40_MAT_05_09
be called the children 40_MAT_05_25
be cast into 40_MAT_05_29
be cast into 40_MAT_05_30
be cast into 40_MAT_18_08
be cast into 40_MAT_18_09
be cast into 40_MAT_05_29
be cast into hell 40_MAT_05_30
be cast into hell 40_MAT_05_13
be cast out 40_MAT_08_12
be cast out 40_MAT_13_15
be converted and 40_MAT_18_03
be converted and 40_MAT_13_15
be converted and I 40_MAT_24_29
be darkened and 40_MAT_24_29
be darkened and the 40_MAT_18_19
be done for 40_MAT_06_10
be done in 40_MAT_24_07
be famines and 40_MAT_20_16
be first and 40_MAT_12_32
be forgiven him 40_MAT_12_32
be forgiven him but 40_MAT_09_02
be forgiven thee 40_MAT_09_05
be forgiven thee 40_MAT_09_05
be forgiven thee or 40_MAT_12_31
be forgiven unto 40_MAT_12_31
be forgiven unto men 40_MAT_12_31
be forgiven unto men 40_MAT_26_54
be fulfilled that 40_MAT_01_22
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_02_15
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_04_14
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_08_17
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_12_17
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_13_35
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_21_04
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_27_35
be fulfilled which 40_MAT_01_22
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_02_15
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_04_14
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_08_17
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_12_17
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_13_35
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_21_04
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_27_35
be fulfilled which was 40_MAT_06_22
be full of 40_MAT_06_23
be full of 40_MAT_06_22
be full of light 40_MAT_24_28
be gathered together 40_MAT_13_12
be given and 40_MAT_25_29
be given and 40_MAT_13_12
be given and he 40_MAT_25_29
be given and he 40_MAT_14_09
be given her 40_MAT_12_39
be given to 40_MAT_20_23
be given to 40_MAT_20_23
be given to them 40_MAT_16_04
be given unto 40_MAT_16_04
be given unto it 40_MAT_07_07
be given you 40_MAT_10_19
be given you in 40_MAT_07_07
be given you seek 40_MAT_20_26
be great among 40_MAT_20_26
be great among you 40_MAT_10_22
be hated of 40_MAT_24_09
be hated of 40_MAT_10_22
be hated of all 40_MAT_24_09
be hated of all 40_MAT_06_07
be heard for 40_MAT_05_21
be in danger 40_MAT_05_22
be in danger 40_MAT_05_21
be in danger of 40_MAT_05_22
be in danger of 40_MAT_05_22
be in danger of 40_MAT_24_16
be in Judaea 40_MAT_24_16
be in Judaea flee 40_MAT_13_40
be in the 40_MAT_24_40
be in the 40_MAT_16_22
Be it far 40_MAT_16_22
Be it far from 40_MAT_09_29
be it unto 40_MAT_15_28
be it unto 40_MAT_07_02
be judged and 40_MAT_12_37
be justified and 40_MAT_16_21
be killed and 40_MAT_19_30
be last and 40_MAT_19_30
be last and the 40_MAT_07_26
be likened unto 40_MAT_16_19
be loosed in 40_MAT_18_18
be loosed in 40_MAT_16_19
be loosed in heaven 40_MAT_18_18
be loosed in heaven 40_MAT_04_03
be made bread 40_MAT_07_02
be measured to 40_MAT_07_02
be measured to you 40_MAT_20_28
be ministered unto 40_MAT_20_28
be ministered unto but 40_MAT_10_15
be more tolerable 40_MAT_11_22
be more tolerable 40_MAT_10_15
be more tolerable for 40_MAT_11_22
be more tolerable for 40_MAT_14_27
be not afraid 40_MAT_17_07
be not afraid 40_MAT_28_10
be not afraid 40_MAT_24_20
be not in the 40_MAT_23_08
be not ye 40_MAT_06_08
Be not ye therefore 40_MAT_16_23
be of God 40_MAT_16_23
be of God but 40_MAT_09_02
Be of good 40_MAT_09_22
Be of good 40_MAT_14_27
Be of good 40_MAT_09_02
be of good cheer 40_MAT_14_27
be of good cheer 40_MAT_09_22
be of good comfort 40_MAT_16_23
be of men 40_MAT_22_28
be of the 40_MAT_26_31
be offended because 40_MAT_26_33
be offended because 40_MAT_26_31
be offended because of 40_MAT_26_33
be offended because of 40_MAT_11_06
be offended in 40_MAT_11_06
be offended in me 40_MAT_19_05
be one flesh 40_MAT_07_07
be opened unto 40_MAT_07_07
be opened unto you 40_MAT_24_14
be preached in 40_MAT_26_13
be preached in 40_MAT_15_05
be profited by 40_MAT_15_05
be profited by me 40_MAT_10_21
be put to 40_MAT_10_21
be put to death 40_MAT_16_21
be raised again 40_MAT_17_23
be raised again 40_MAT_05_24
be reconciled to 40_MAT_10_26
be revealed and 40_MAT_15_13
be rooted up 40_MAT_24_22
be saved but 40_MAT_24_22
be saved but for 40_MAT_26_31
be scattered abroad 40_MAT_06_01
be seen of 40_MAT_23_05
be seen of 40_MAT_06_05
be seen of men 40_MAT_23_05
be seen of men 40_MAT_03_15
be so now 40_MAT_19_10
be so with 40_MAT_16_28
be some standing 40_MAT_16_28
be some standing here 40_MAT_26_37
be sorrowful and 40_MAT_24_40
be taken and 40_MAT_24_41
be taken and 40_MAT_24_40
be taken and the 40_MAT_13_12
be taken away 40_MAT_25_29
be taken away 40_MAT_13_12
be taken away even 40_MAT_25_29
be taken away even 40_MAT_09_15
be taken from 40_MAT_21_43
be taken from 40_MAT_26_63
be the Christ 40_MAT_27_42
be the King 40_MAT_27_42
be the King of 40_MAT_24_03
be the sign 40_MAT_04_03
be the Son 40_MAT_04_06
be the Son 40_MAT_04_03
be the Son of 40_MAT_04_06
be the Son of 40_MAT_21_21
be thou cast 40_MAT_21_21
be thou cast into 40_MAT_08_03
be thou clean 40_MAT_08_03
be thou clean And 40_MAT_21_21
Be thou removed 40_MAT_21_21
Be thou removed and 40_MAT_24_02
be thrown down 40_MAT_05_13
be trodden under foot 40_MAT_16_22
be unto thee 40_MAT_18_17
be unto thee 40_MAT_13_42
be wailing and 40_MAT_13_50
be wailing and 40_MAT_13_42
be wailing and gnashing 40_MAT_13_50
be wailing and gnashing 40_MAT_08_12
be weeping and 40_MAT_22_13
be weeping and 40_MAT_25_30
be weeping and 40_MAT_08_12
be weeping and gnashing 40_MAT_22_13
be weeping and gnashing 40_MAT_25_30
be weeping and gnashing 40_MAT_17_17
be with you 40_MAT_17_17
be with you how 40_MAT_23_31
be witnesses unto 40_MAT_24_44
be ye also 40_MAT_05_48
Be ye therefore 40_MAT_05_37
be Yea yea 40_MAT_12_27
be your judges 40_MAT_20_26
be your minister 40_MAT_20_27
be your servant 40_MAT_23_11
be your servant 40_MAT_07_05
beam out of 40_MAT_07_05
beam out of thine 40_MAT_07_03
beam that is 40_MAT_07_03
beam that is in 40_MAT_27_32
bear his cross 40_MAT_04_06
bear thee up 40_MAT_04_06
bear thee up lest 40_MAT_07_25
beat upon that 40_MAT_07_27
beat upon that 40_MAT_07_25
beat upon that house 40_MAT_07_27
beat upon that house 40_MAT_20_15
because I am 40_MAT_13_11
because it is 40_MAT_27_06
because it is 40_MAT_20_07
because no man 40_MAT_27_19
because of him 40_MAT_26_31
because of me 40_MAT_26_31
because of me this 40_MAT_13_21
because of the 40_MAT_19_08
because of the 40_MAT_13_21
because of the word 40_MAT_26_33
because of thee 40_MAT_13_58
because of their 40_MAT_13_58
because of their unbelief 40_MAT_02_18
because they are 40_MAT_02_18
because they are not 40_MAT_13_05
because they had 40_MAT_13_06
because they had 40_MAT_13_05
because they had no 40_MAT_13_06
because they had no 40_MAT_11_20
because they repented 40_MAT_12_41
because they repented 40_MAT_11_25
Because thou hast 40_MAT_16_07
because we have 40_MAT_16_08
because ye have 40_MAT_21_42
become the head 40_MAT_21_42
become the head of 40_MAT_09_06
bed and go 40_MAT_12_27
Beelzebub cast out 40_MAT_12_27
Beelzebub cast out devils 40_MAT_11_21
been done in 40_MAT_11_21
been done in Tyre 40_MAT_25_21
been faithful over 40_MAT_25_23
been faithful over 40_MAT_25_21
been faithful over a 40_MAT_25_23
been faithful over a 40_MAT_26_24
been good for 40_MAT_23_30
been in the 40_MAT_26_09
been sold for 40_MAT_01_06
been the wife 40_MAT_01_06
been the wife of 40_MAT_27_29
before him and 40_MAT_14_22
before him unto 40_MAT_10_32
before men him 40_MAT_10_33
before men him 40_MAT_10_32
before men him will 40_MAT_10_33
before men him will 40_MAT_10_32
before my Father 40_MAT_10_33
before my Father 40_MAT_10_32
before my Father which 40_MAT_10_33
before my Father which 40_MAT_05_24
before the altar 40_MAT_26_34
before the cock 40_MAT_26_75
before the cock 40_MAT_26_34
before the cock crow 40_MAT_26_75
before the cock crow 40_MAT_27_24
before the multitude 40_MAT_08_29
before the time 40_MAT_06_02
before thee as 40_MAT_26_70
before them all 40_MAT_14_06
before them and 40_MAT_14_06
before them and 40_MAT_11_10
before thy face 40_MAT_11_10
before thy face which 40_MAT_28_07
before you into 40_MAT_26_32
before you into Galilee 40_MAT_28_07
before you into Galilee 40_MAT_11_20
began he to 40_MAT_26_37
began to be 40_MAT_26_37
began to be sorrowful 40_MAT_16_22
began to rebuke 40_MAT_16_22
began to rebuke him 40_MAT_11_07
began to say 40_MAT_11_07
began to say unto 40_MAT_01_02
begat Isaac and 40_MAT_01_02
begat Jacob and 40_MAT_01_02
begat Jacob and Jacob 40_MAT_27_58
begged the body 40_MAT_27_58
begged the body of 40_MAT_20_08
beginning from the 40_MAT_24_21
beginning of the 40_MAT_24_21
beginning of the world 40_MAT_19_26
beheld them and 40_MAT_19_26
beheld them and said 40_MAT_09_20
behind him and 40_MAT_09_20
behind him and touched 40_MAT_16_23
behind me Satan 40_MAT_12_41
behold a greater 40_MAT_12_42
behold a greater 40_MAT_12_41
behold a greater than 40_MAT_12_42
behold a greater than 40_MAT_11_19
behold a man 40_MAT_01_23
Behold a virgin 40_MAT_01_23
Behold a virgin shall 40_MAT_09_20
behold a woman 40_MAT_24_26
behold he is 40_MAT_24_26
behold he is 40_MAT_26_46
behold he is 40_MAT_24_26
Behold he is in 40_MAT_24_26
Behold he is in 40_MAT_22_04
Behold I have 40_MAT_24_25
Behold I have 40_MAT_25_20
Behold I have 40_MAT_25_22
Behold I have 40_MAT_25_20
behold I have gained 40_MAT_25_22
behold I have gained 40_MAT_10_16
Behold I send 40_MAT_23_34
Behold I send 40_MAT_11_10
Behold I send my 40_MAT_10_16
Behold I send you 40_MAT_12_49
Behold my mother 40_MAT_12_49
Behold my mother and 40_MAT_12_18
Behold my servant whom 40_MAT_26_51
behold one of 40_MAT_01_20
behold the angel 40_MAT_01_20
behold the angel of 40_MAT_02_13
behold the angel of 40_MAT_18_10
behold the face 40_MAT_18_10
behold the face of 40_MAT_26_45
behold the hour 40_MAT_08_32
behold the whole 40_MAT_17_03
behold there appeared 40_MAT_02_01
behold there came 40_MAT_08_02
behold there came 40_MAT_09_18
behold there came 40_MAT_08_02
behold there came a 40_MAT_09_18
behold there came a 40_MAT_12_10
behold there was 40_MAT_28_02
behold there was 40_MAT_12_10
behold there was a 40_MAT_28_02
behold there was a 40_MAT_09_02
behold they brought 40_MAT_09_32
behold they brought 40_MAT_09_02
behold they brought to 40_MAT_09_32
behold they brought to 40_MAT_21_05
behold thy King 40_MAT_21_05
behold thy King cometh 40_MAT_12_47
Behold thy mother 40_MAT_12_47
Behold thy mother and 40_MAT_20_18
Behold we go 40_MAT_20_18
Behold we go up 40_MAT_23_38
Behold your house 40_MAT_23_38
Behold your house is 40_MAT_07_03
beholdest thou the 40_MAT_07_03
beholdest thou the mote 40_MAT_07_11
being evil know 40_MAT_07_11
being evil know how 40_MAT_01_24
being raised from 40_MAT_02_12
being warned of 40_MAT_02_22
being warned of 40_MAT_02_12
being warned of God 40_MAT_02_22
being warned of God 40_MAT_18_06
believe in me 40_MAT_18_06
believe in me it 40_MAT_24_23
believe it not 40_MAT_24_26
believe it not 40_MAT_21_32
believed him not 40_MAT_03_17
beloved Son in 40_MAT_17_05
beloved Son in 40_MAT_03_17
beloved Son in whom 40_MAT_17_05
beloved Son in whom 40_MAT_14_21
beside women and 40_MAT_15_38
beside women and 40_MAT_14_21
beside women and children 40_MAT_15_38
beside women and children 40_MAT_08_31
besought him saying 40_MAT_15_23
besought him saying 40_MAT_15_23
besought him saying Send 40_MAT_08_34
besought him that 40_MAT_14_36
besought him that 40_MAT_08_34
besought him that he 40_MAT_14_36
besought him that they 40_MAT_21_17
Bethany and he 40_MAT_26_06
Bethany in the 40_MAT_26_06
Bethany in the house 40_MAT_02_08
Bethlehem and said 40_MAT_02_06
Bethlehem in the 40_MAT_02_01
Bethlehem of Judaea 40_MAT_02_05
Bethlehem of Judaea 40_MAT_11_21
Bethsaida for if 40_MAT_11_21
Bethsaida for if the 40_MAT_17_22
betrayed into the 40_MAT_26_45
betrayed into the 40_MAT_17_22
betrayed into the hands 40_MAT_26_45
betrayed into the hands 40_MAT_18_06
better for him 40_MAT_18_06
better for him that 40_MAT_18_08
better for thee 40_MAT_18_08
better for thee to 40_MAT_12_12
better than a 40_MAT_06_26
better than they 40_MAT_18_15
between thee and 40_MAT_16_06
beware of the 40_MAT_16_11
beware of the 40_MAT_16_06
beware of the leaven 40_MAT_16_11
beware of the leaven 40_MAT_16_19
bind on earth 40_MAT_18_18
bind on earth 40_MAT_16_19
bind on earth shall 40_MAT_18_18
bind on earth shall 40_MAT_12_29
bind the strong 40_MAT_12_29
bind the strong man 40_MAT_13_30
bind them in 40_MAT_13_32
birds of the 40_MAT_08_20
birds of the air 40_MAT_05_44
bless them that curse 40_MAT_14_19
blessed and brake 40_MAT_05_03
Blessed are the 40_MAT_05_07
Blessed are the 40_MAT_05_08
Blessed are the 40_MAT_05_09
Blessed are the 40_MAT_05_04
Blessed are they 40_MAT_05_06
Blessed are they 40_MAT_05_10
Blessed are they 40_MAT_05_04
Blessed are they that 40_MAT_05_06
Blessed are they which 40_MAT_05_10
Blessed are they which 40_MAT_05_11
Blessed are ye 40_MAT_05_11
Blessed are ye when 40_MAT_11_06
Blessed is he 40_MAT_21_09
Blessed is he 40_MAT_23_39
Blessed is he 40_MAT_21_09
Blessed is he that 40_MAT_23_39
Blessed is he that 40_MAT_11_06
blessed is he whosoever 40_MAT_24_46
Blessed is that 40_MAT_24_46
Blessed is that servant 40_MAT_26_26
blessed it and 40_MAT_26_26
blessed it and brake 40_MAT_07_25
blew and beat 40_MAT_07_27
blew and beat 40_MAT_07_25
blew and beat upon 40_MAT_07_27
blew and beat upon 40_MAT_21_14
blind and the 40_MAT_21_14
blind and the lame 40_MAT_23_17
blind for whether 40_MAT_23_19
blind for whether 40_MAT_23_17
blind for whether is 40_MAT_23_19
blind for whether is 40_MAT_23_16
blind guides which 40_MAT_23_24
blind guides which 40_MAT_15_14
blind lead the 40_MAT_15_14
blind lead the blind 40_MAT_23_30
blood of the 40_MAT_26_28
blood of the 40_MAT_26_28
blood of the new 40_MAT_23_35
blood of Zacharias 40_MAT_09_20
blood twelve years 40_MAT_27_52
bodies of the 40_MAT_06_22
body is the 40_MAT_06_22
body is the eye 40_MAT_27_58
body of Jesus 40_MAT_06_22
body shall be 40_MAT_06_22
body shall be full 40_MAT_06_23
body shall be full 40_MAT_05_29
body should be 40_MAT_05_30
body should be 40_MAT_05_29
body should be cast 40_MAT_05_30
body should be cast 40_MAT_27_58
body to be 40_MAT_06_25
body what ye 40_MAT_06_25
body what ye shall 40_MAT_01_01
book of the 40_MAT_23_05
borders of their 40_MAT_23_05
borders of their garments 40_MAT_11_11
born of women 40_MAT_11_11
born of women there 40_MAT_09_17
both are preserved 40_MAT_10_28
both soul and 40_MAT_10_28
both soul and body 40_MAT_09_17
bottles and both 40_MAT_09_17
bottles and both are 40_MAT_09_17
bottles else the 40_MAT_21_12
bought in the 40_MAT_21_12
bought in the temple 40_MAT_16_19
bound in heaven 40_MAT_18_18
bound in heaven 40_MAT_16_19
bound in heaven and 40_MAT_18_18
bound in heaven and 40_MAT_27_29
bowed the knee 40_MAT_14_19
brake and gave 40_MAT_26_26
brake it and 40_MAT_26_26
brake it and gave 40_MAT_24_32
branch is yet 40_MAT_24_32
branch is yet tender 40_MAT_04_04
bread alone but 40_MAT_04_04
bread alone but by 40_MAT_26_26
bread and blessed 40_MAT_26_26
bread and blessed it 40_MAT_15_33
bread in the 40_MAT_09_17
break and the 40_MAT_22_25
brethren and the 40_MAT_22_25
brethren and the first 40_MAT_19_29
brethren or sisters 40_MAT_19_29
brethren or sisters or 40_MAT_12_47
brethren stand without 40_MAT_12_47
brethren stand without desiring 40_MAT_28_10
brethren that they 40_MAT_25_40
brethren ye have 40_MAT_09_15
bridegroom is with 40_MAT_09_15
bridegroom is with them 40_MAT_09_15
bridegroom shall be 40_MAT_09_15
bridegroom shall be taken 40_MAT_01_23
bring forth a 40_MAT_01_21
bring forth a son 40_MAT_01_23
bring forth a son 40_MAT_07_18
bring forth good 40_MAT_07_18
bring forth good fruit 40_MAT_03_08
Bring forth therefore 40_MAT_03_08
Bring forth therefore fruits 40_MAT_17_17
bring him hither 40_MAT_02_08
bring me word 40_MAT_02_08
bring me word again 40_MAT_21_02
bring them unto 40_MAT_21_02
bring them unto me 40_MAT_07_17
bringeth forth evil 40_MAT_12_35
bringeth forth evil 40_MAT_07_17
bringeth forth good 40_MAT_12_35
bringeth forth good 40_MAT_03_10
bringeth not forth 40_MAT_07_19
bringeth not forth 40_MAT_03_10
bringeth not forth good 40_MAT_07_19
bringeth not forth good 40_MAT_21_44
broken but on 40_MAT_21_44
broken but on whomsoever 40_MAT_15_37
broken meat that 40_MAT_15_37
broken meat that was 40_MAT_04_18
brother casting a 40_MAT_04_18
brother casting a net 40_MAT_07_04
brother Let me 40_MAT_07_04
brother Let me pull 40_MAT_14_03
brother Philip's wife 40_MAT_10_21
brother to death 40_MAT_10_21
brother to death and 40_MAT_07_03
brother's eye but 40_MAT_11_23
brought down to 40_MAT_11_23
brought down to hell 40_MAT_13_08
brought forth fruit 40_MAT_13_26
brought forth fruit 40_MAT_01_25
brought forth her 40_MAT_01_25
brought forth her firstborn 40_MAT_17_16
brought him to 40_MAT_14_11
brought in a 40_MAT_14_11
brought it to 40_MAT_01_12
brought to Babylon 40_MAT_12_25
brought to desolation 40_MAT_12_25
brought to desolation and 40_MAT_09_02
brought to him 40_MAT_09_32
brought to him 40_MAT_09_02
brought to him a 40_MAT_09_32
brought to him a 40_MAT_04_24
brought unto him 40_MAT_08_16
brought unto him 40_MAT_14_35
brought unto him 40_MAT_18_24
brought unto him 40_MAT_19_13
brought unto him 40_MAT_22_19
brought unto him 40_MAT_22_19
brought unto him a 40_MAT_04_24
brought unto him all 40_MAT_14_35
brought unto him all 40_MAT_12_20
bruised reed shall 40_MAT_12_20
bruised reed shall he 40_MAT_21_42
builders rejected the 40_MAT_21_42
builders rejected the same 40_MAT_27_40
buildest it in 40_MAT_27_40
buildest it in three 40_MAT_21_33
built a tower 40_MAT_21_33
built a tower and 40_MAT_07_24
built his house 40_MAT_07_26
built his house 40_MAT_07_24
built his house upon 40_MAT_07_26
built his house upon 40_MAT_13_40
burned in the 40_MAT_08_21
bury my father 40_MAT_08_22
bury their dead 40_MAT_05_15
bushel but on 40_MAT_05_15
bushel but on a 40_MAT_21_29
but afterward he 40_MAT_24_48
But and if 40_MAT_24_48
But and if that 40_MAT_22_30
but are as 40_MAT_22_30
but are as the 40_MAT_24_37
but as the 40_MAT_22_31
But as touching 40_MAT_22_31
But as touching the 40_MAT_23_08
But be not 40_MAT_04_04
but by every 40_MAT_04_04
but by every word 40_MAT_17_21
but by prayer 40_MAT_17_21
but by prayer and 40_MAT_06_13
but deliver us 40_MAT_06_13
but deliver us from 40_MAT_23_03
but do not 40_MAT_14_17
but five loaves 40_MAT_14_17
but five loaves and 40_MAT_24_22
but for the 40_MAT_24_22
but for the elect's 40_MAT_18_25
but forasmuch as 40_MAT_18_25
but forasmuch as he 40_MAT_19_08
but from the 40_MAT_19_08
but from the beginning 40_MAT_08_04
but go thy 40_MAT_08_04
but go thy way 40_MAT_09_13
But go ye 40_MAT_17_12
but have done 40_MAT_04_04
But he answered 40_MAT_12_39
But he answered 40_MAT_12_48
But he answered 40_MAT_15_03
But he answered 40_MAT_15_13
But he answered 40_MAT_15_23
But he answered 40_MAT_15_24
But he answered 40_MAT_15_26
But he answered 40_MAT_20_13
But he answered 40_MAT_25_12
But he answered 40_MAT_04_04
But he answered and 40_MAT_12_39
But he answered and 40_MAT_15_03
But he answered and 40_MAT_15_13
But he answered and 40_MAT_15_24
But he answered and 40_MAT_15_26
But he answered and 40_MAT_25_12
But he answered and 40_MAT_26_70
But he denied 40_MAT_12_03
but he said 40_MAT_13_29
but he said 40_MAT_19_11
but he said 40_MAT_12_03
But he said unto 40_MAT_19_11
But he said unto 40_MAT_03_11
but he that 40_MAT_07_21
but he that 40_MAT_10_22
but he that 40_MAT_13_20
but he that 40_MAT_13_23
but he that 40_MAT_23_11
but he that 40_MAT_24_13
but he that 40_MAT_25_18
but he that 40_MAT_03_11
But he that cometh 40_MAT_07_21
but he that doeth 40_MAT_23_11
but he that is 40_MAT_13_20
But he that received 40_MAT_13_23
But he that received 40_MAT_24_13
but he that shall 40_MAT_16_23
But he turned 40_MAT_16_23
But he turned and 40_MAT_03_12
but he will 40_MAT_05_22
But I say 40_MAT_05_28
But I say 40_MAT_05_34
But I say 40_MAT_05_39
But I say 40_MAT_05_44
But I say 40_MAT_11_22
But I say 40_MAT_11_24
But I say 40_MAT_12_06
But I say 40_MAT_12_36
But I say 40_MAT_17_12
But I say 40_MAT_26_29
But I say 40_MAT_05_22
But I say unto 40_MAT_05_28
But I say unto 40_MAT_05_34
But I say unto 40_MAT_05_39
But I say unto 40_MAT_05_44
But I say unto 40_MAT_11_22
But I say unto 40_MAT_11_24
But I say unto 40_MAT_12_06
But I say unto 40_MAT_12_36
But I say unto 40_MAT_17_12
But I say unto 40_MAT_26_29
But I say unto 40_MAT_18_16
But if he 40_MAT_18_17
But if he 40_MAT_10_13
but if it 40_MAT_10_13
but if it be 40_MAT_05_13
But if the 40_MAT_05_13
but if the salt 40_MAT_06_23
But if thine 40_MAT_19_17
But if thou 40_MAT_19_17
But if thou wilt 40_MAT_21_26
But if we 40_MAT_21_26
But if we shall 40_MAT_06_15
But if ye 40_MAT_12_07
But if ye 40_MAT_15_09
but in vain 40_MAT_20_23
But it shall 40_MAT_20_26
But it shall 40_MAT_20_23
But it shall be 40_MAT_20_26
but it shall not 40_MAT_20_22
But Jesus answered 40_MAT_20_25
But Jesus called 40_MAT_20_25
But Jesus called them 40_MAT_08_22
But Jesus said 40_MAT_13_57
But Jesus said 40_MAT_19_14
But Jesus said 40_MAT_08_22
But Jesus said unto 40_MAT_13_57
But Jesus said unto 40_MAT_19_30
But many that 40_MAT_19_30
But many that are 40_MAT_26_11
but me ye 40_MAT_26_11
but me ye have 40_MAT_16_17
but my Father 40_MAT_24_36
but my Father 40_MAT_24_35
But my words 40_MAT_24_35
but my words shall 40_MAT_24_36
But of that 40_MAT_24_36
But of that day 40_MAT_16_12
But of the 40_MAT_22_32
But of the 40_MAT_22_32
but of the living 40_MAT_05_15
but on a 40_MAT_05_15
but on a candlestick 40_MAT_21_44
but on whomsoever 40_MAT_21_44
but on whomsoever it 40_MAT_19_06
but one flesh 40_MAT_19_17
but one that 40_MAT_19_17
but one that is 40_MAT_09_13
but sinners to 40_MAT_09_13
but sinners to repentance 40_MAT_08_08
but speak the 40_MAT_15_11
but that which 40_MAT_09_06
but that ye 40_MAT_09_06
But that ye may 40_MAT_27_20
But the chief 40_MAT_27_20
But the chief priests 40_MAT_08_12
But the children 40_MAT_08_12
But the children of 40_MAT_09_15
but the days 40_MAT_09_15
but the days will 40_MAT_24_06
but the end 40_MAT_24_06
but the end is 40_MAT_11_27
but the Father 40_MAT_26_41
But the flesh 40_MAT_26_41
but the flesh is 40_MAT_09_37
but the labourers 40_MAT_09_37
but the labourers are 40_MAT_08_27
But the men 40_MAT_09_34
But the Pharisees 40_MAT_25_46
but the righteous 40_MAT_18_28
But the same 40_MAT_12_39
but the sign 40_MAT_16_04
but the sign 40_MAT_12_39
but the sign of 40_MAT_16_04
but the sign of 40_MAT_08_20
but the Son 40_MAT_08_20
but the Son of 40_MAT_25_04
but the wise 40_MAT_15_08
but their heart 40_MAT_15_08
but their heart is 40_MAT_20_31
but they cried 40_MAT_27_23
but they cried 40_MAT_27_23
But they cried out 40_MAT_22_05
but they made 40_MAT_26_05
But they said 40_MAT_26_05
But they said Not 40_MAT_09_12
but they that 40_MAT_09_12
but they that are 40_MAT_22_08
but they which 40_MAT_16_23
But those that 40_MAT_15_18
but those things 40_MAT_15_18
but those things which 40_MAT_06_06
But thou when 40_MAT_06_17
But thou when 40_MAT_06_06
But thou when thou 40_MAT_06_17
But thou when thou 40_MAT_09_14
but thy disciples 40_MAT_09_14
but thy disciples fast 40_MAT_05_13
but to be 40_MAT_20_28
but to minister 40_MAT_20_28
but to minister and 40_MAT_20_23
but to sit 40_MAT_20_23
but to sit on 40_MAT_13_11
But to them 40_MAT_15_24
But unto the 40_MAT_18_30
but went and 40_MAT_11_08
But what went 40_MAT_11_09
But what went 40_MAT_11_08
But what went ye 40_MAT_11_09
But what went ye 40_MAT_02_22
But when he 40_MAT_03_07
But when he 40_MAT_09_36
But when he 40_MAT_14_30
But when he 40_MAT_03_07
But when he saw 40_MAT_09_36
But when he saw 40_MAT_02_19
But when Herod 40_MAT_26_08
But when his 40_MAT_26_08
But when his disciples 40_MAT_13_32
but when it 40_MAT_13_32
but when it is 40_MAT_09_12
But when Jesus 40_MAT_12_15
But when Jesus 40_MAT_09_12
But when Jesus heard 40_MAT_09_08
But when the 40_MAT_09_25
But when the 40_MAT_12_02
But when the 40_MAT_12_24
But when the 40_MAT_13_26
But when the 40_MAT_19_22
But when the 40_MAT_20_10
But when the 40_MAT_21_38
But when the 40_MAT_22_07
But when the 40_MAT_22_34
But when the 40_MAT_21_38
But when the husbandmen 40_MAT_09_25
But when the people 40_MAT_12_02
But when the Pharisees 40_MAT_12_24
But when the Pharisees 40_MAT_10_23
But when they 40_MAT_21_46
But when they 40_MAT_06_03
But when thou 40_MAT_16_15
But whom say 40_MAT_16_15
But whom say ye 40_MAT_05_19
but whosoever shall 40_MAT_05_22
but whosoever shall 40_MAT_10_33
but whosoever shall 40_MAT_23_16
but whosoever shall 40_MAT_20_26
but whosoever will 40_MAT_20_26
but whosoever will be 40_MAT_11_19
but wisdom is 40_MAT_11_19
But wisdom is justified 40_MAT_18_07
but woe to 40_MAT_18_07
but woe to that 40_MAT_23_13
But woe unto 40_MAT_26_24
But woe unto 40_MAT_26_24
but woe unto that 40_MAT_23_13
But woe unto you 40_MAT_21_13
but ye have 40_MAT_21_13
but ye have made 40_MAT_15_05
But ye say 40_MAT_13_21
by and by 40_MAT_12_27
by Beelzebub cast 40_MAT_12_27
by Beelzebub cast out 40_MAT_04_04
by bread alone 40_MAT_04_04
by bread alone but 40_MAT_24_15
by Daniel the 40_MAT_24_15
by Daniel the prophet 40_MAT_04_14
by Esaias the 40_MAT_08_17
by Esaias the 40_MAT_04_14
by Esaias the prophet 40_MAT_08_17
by Esaias the prophet 40_MAT_04_04
by every word 40_MAT_04_04
by every word that 40_MAT_22_31
by God saying 40_MAT_23_21
by him that 40_MAT_23_20
by it and 40_MAT_23_21
by it and 40_MAT_23_20
by it and by 40_MAT_23_21
by it and by 40_MAT_02_17
by Jeremy the 40_MAT_27_09
by Jeremy the 40_MAT_02_17
by Jeremy the prophet 40_MAT_27_09
by Jeremy the prophet 40_MAT_02_14
by night and 40_MAT_27_64
by night and 40_MAT_28_13
by night and 40_MAT_22_01
by parables and 40_MAT_22_01
by parables and said 40_MAT_17_21
by prayer and 40_MAT_17_21
by prayer and fasting 40_MAT_23_18
by the altar 40_MAT_23_20
by the altar 40_MAT_05_35
by the earth 40_MAT_28_09
by the feet 40_MAT_09_25
by the hand 40_MAT_09_25
by the hand and 40_MAT_26_63
by the living 40_MAT_02_05
by the prophet 40_MAT_02_15
by the prophet 40_MAT_03_03
by the prophet 40_MAT_13_35
by the prophet 40_MAT_21_04
by the prophet 40_MAT_27_35
by the prophet 40_MAT_01_22
by the prophet saying 40_MAT_02_15
by the prophet saying 40_MAT_21_04
by the prophet saying 40_MAT_04_18
by the sea 40_MAT_13_01
by the sea 40_MAT_04_18
by the sea of 40_MAT_12_28
by the spirit 40_MAT_12_28
by the spirit of 40_MAT_23_16
by the temple 40_MAT_23_21
by the temple 40_MAT_04_15
by the way 40_MAT_13_04
by the way 40_MAT_13_19
by the way 40_MAT_20_30
by the way 40_MAT_04_15
by the way of 40_MAT_13_04
by the way side 40_MAT_20_30
by the way side 40_MAT_07_16
by their fruits 40_MAT_07_20
by their fruits 40_MAT_05_21
by them of 40_MAT_05_27
by them of 40_MAT_05_21
by them of old 40_MAT_05_27
by them of old 40_MAT_12_37
by thy words thou 40_MAT_12_37
by thy words thou 40_MAT_21_23
By what authority 40_MAT_21_24
By what authority 40_MAT_21_23
By what authority doest 40_MAT_21_24
by what authority I 40_MAT_21_27
by what authority I 40_MAT_15_05
by whatsoever thou 40_MAT_15_05
by whatsoever thou mightest 40_MAT_12_27
by whom do 40_MAT_12_27
by whom do your 40_MAT_18_07
by whom the 40_MAT_26_24
by whom the 40_MAT_26_24
by whom the Son 40_MAT_15_03
by your tradition 40_MAT_15_06
by your tradition 40_MAT_22_17
Caesar or not 40_MAT_22_21
Caesar the things 40_MAT_22_21
Caesar the things which 40_MAT_22_21
Caesar's and unto 40_MAT_22_21
Caesar's and unto God 40_MAT_26_57
Caiaphas the high 40_MAT_26_57
Caiaphas the high priest 40_MAT_22_43
call him Lord 40_MAT_22_45
call him Lord 40_MAT_01_21
call his name 40_MAT_01_23
call his name 40_MAT_01_21
call his name JESUS 40_MAT_09_13
call the righteous 40_MAT_09_13
call the righteous but 40_MAT_20_16
called but few 40_MAT_22_14
called but few 40_MAT_15_32
called his disciples 40_MAT_15_32
called his disciples unto 40_MAT_01_25
called his name 40_MAT_02_15
called my son 40_MAT_04_18
called Peter and 40_MAT_10_02
called Peter and 40_MAT_04_18
called Peter and Andrew 40_MAT_10_02
called Peter and Andrew 40_MAT_05_09
called the children 40_MAT_05_09
called the children of 40_MAT_15_10
called the multitude 40_MAT_02_07
called the wise 40_MAT_02_07
called the wise men 40_MAT_20_32
called them and 40_MAT_20_25
called them unto 40_MAT_20_25
called them unto him 40_MAT_10_01
called unto him 40_MAT_10_01
called unto him his 40_MAT_19_17
callest thou me 40_MAT_19_17
callest thou me good 40_MAT_09_18
came a certain 40_MAT_08_02
came a leper 40_MAT_25_11
came also the 40_MAT_15_23
came and besought 40_MAT_25_20
came and brought 40_MAT_13_04
came and devoured 40_MAT_02_23
came and dwelt 40_MAT_04_13
came and dwelt 40_MAT_02_23
came and dwelt in 40_MAT_04_13
came and dwelt in 40_MAT_26_43
came and found 40_MAT_26_43
came and found them 40_MAT_08_19
came and said 40_MAT_13_10
came and said 40_MAT_13_27
came and said 40_MAT_19_16
came and said 40_MAT_25_22
came and said 40_MAT_25_24
came and said 40_MAT_25_22
came and said Lord 40_MAT_25_24
came and said Lord 40_MAT_08_19
came and said unto 40_MAT_13_10
came and said unto 40_MAT_19_16
came and said unto 40_MAT_09_10
came and sat down 40_MAT_28_18
came and spake 40_MAT_02_09
came and stood 40_MAT_07_27
came and the 40_MAT_07_25
came and the winds 40_MAT_07_27
came and the winds 40_MAT_25_10
came and they 40_MAT_25_10
came and they that 40_MAT_18_31
came and told 40_MAT_14_12
came and took 40_MAT_24_39
came and took 40_MAT_14_12
came and took up 40_MAT_17_07
came and touched 40_MAT_26_47
came and with 40_MAT_26_47
came and with him 40_MAT_09_20
came behind him 40_MAT_09_20
came behind him and 40_MAT_28_13
came by night 40_MAT_28_13
came by night and 40_MAT_17_09
came down from 40_MAT_17_09
came down from the 40_MAT_11_19
came eating and drinking 40_MAT_11_19
came eating and drinking 40_MAT_12_42
came from the 40_MAT_15_12
came his disciples 40_MAT_15_12
came his disciples and 40_MAT_22_11
came in to 40_MAT_09_01
came into his 40_MAT_09_01
came into his own 40_MAT_02_21
came into the 40_MAT_09_23
came into the 40_MAT_14_34
came into the 40_MAT_15_39
came into the 40_MAT_16_13
came into the 40_MAT_19_01
came into the 40_MAT_28_11
came into the 40_MAT_28_11
came into the city 40_MAT_15_39
came into the coasts 40_MAT_16_13
came into the coasts 40_MAT_02_21
came into the land 40_MAT_14_34
came into the land 40_MAT_11_18
came neither eating 40_MAT_15_29
came nigh unto 40_MAT_15_29
came nigh unto the 40_MAT_20_28
came not to 40_MAT_20_28
came not to be 40_MAT_12_44
came out and 40_MAT_15_22
came out of 40_MAT_27_53
came out of 40_MAT_15_22
came out of the 40_MAT_27_53
came out of the 40_MAT_27_32
came out they 40_MAT_08_34
came out to 40_MAT_08_34
came out to meet 40_MAT_17_19
came the disciples 40_MAT_18_01
came the disciples 40_MAT_04_03
came to him 40_MAT_08_25
came to him 40_MAT_09_14
came to him 40_MAT_09_28
came to him 40_MAT_14_15
came to him 40_MAT_17_14
came to him 40_MAT_20_20
came to him 40_MAT_21_14
came to him 40_MAT_22_23
came to him 40_MAT_24_01
came to him 40_MAT_08_25
came to him and 40_MAT_09_28
came to him and 40_MAT_04_03
came to him he 40_MAT_14_15
came to him saying 40_MAT_09_14
came to him the 40_MAT_20_20
came to him the 40_MAT_21_19
came to it 40_MAT_15_01
came to Jesus 40_MAT_26_17
came to Jesus 40_MAT_26_49
came to Jesus and 40_MAT_07_28
came to pass 40_MAT_09_10
came to pass 40_MAT_11_01
came to pass 40_MAT_13_53
came to pass 40_MAT_19_01
came to pass 40_MAT_26_01
came to pass 40_MAT_09_10
came to pass as 40_MAT_13_53
came to pass that 40_MAT_19_01
came to pass that 40_MAT_07_28
came to pass when 40_MAT_11_01
came to pass when 40_MAT_26_01
came to pass when 40_MAT_21_28
came to the 40_MAT_21_30
came to the 40_MAT_27_62
came together unto 40_MAT_05_01
came unto him 40_MAT_08_05
came unto him 40_MAT_13_36
came unto him 40_MAT_15_30
came unto him 40_MAT_19_03
came unto him 40_MAT_21_23
came unto him 40_MAT_24_03
came unto him 40_MAT_26_07
came unto him 40_MAT_26_69
came unto him 40_MAT_26_73
came unto him 40_MAT_08_05
came unto him a 40_MAT_26_07
came unto him a 40_MAT_13_36
came unto him saying 40_MAT_26_69
came unto him saying 40_MAT_25_36
came unto me 40_MAT_19_24
camel to go 40_MAT_19_24
camel to go through 40_MAT_03_04
camel's hair and 40_MAT_19_25
can be saved 40_MAT_16_03
can discern the 40_MAT_16_03
can discern the face 40_MAT_06_24
can serve two 40_MAT_06_24
can serve two masters 40_MAT_09_15
Can the children 40_MAT_09_15
Can the children of 40_MAT_05_15
candlestick and it 40_MAT_05_14
cannot be hid 40_MAT_07_18
cannot bring forth evil 40_MAT_07_18
cannot bring forth evil 40_MAT_06_24
cannot serve God 40_MAT_06_24
cannot serve God and 40_MAT_21_27
cannot tell And 40_MAT_08_02
canst make me 40_MAT_08_02
canst make me clean 40_MAT_11_23
Capernaum which art 40_MAT_11_23
Capernaum which art exalted 40_MAT_01_11
carried away to 40_MAT_01_11
carried away to Babylon 40_MAT_01_17
carrying away into Babylon 40_MAT_01_17
carrying away into Babylon 40_MAT_19_10
case of the 40_MAT_27_05
cast down the 40_MAT_18_30
cast him into 40_MAT_22_13
cast him into 40_MAT_17_19
cast him out 40_MAT_21_39
cast him out 40_MAT_21_39
cast him out of 40_MAT_05_29
cast into hell 40_MAT_05_30
cast into hell 40_MAT_18_09
cast into hell fire 40_MAT_04_12
cast into prison 40_MAT_05_25
cast into prison 40_MAT_03_10
cast into the 40_MAT_06_30
cast into the 40_MAT_07_19
cast into the 40_MAT_13_47
cast into the 40_MAT_21_21
cast into the 40_MAT_07_19
cast into the fire 40_MAT_06_30
cast into the oven 40_MAT_13_47
cast into the sea 40_MAT_05_29
cast it from 40_MAT_05_30
cast it from 40_MAT_05_29
cast it from thee 40_MAT_05_30
cast it from thee 40_MAT_15_26
cast it to 40_MAT_07_22
cast out devils 40_MAT_10_08
cast out devils 40_MAT_12_27
cast out devils 40_MAT_12_28
cast out devils 40_MAT_07_22
cast out devils and 40_MAT_12_27
cast out devils by 40_MAT_12_28
cast out devils by 40_MAT_08_12
cast out into 40_MAT_15_17
cast out into 40_MAT_15_17
cast out into the 40_MAT_12_26
cast out Satan 40_MAT_07_05
cast out the 40_MAT_08_16
cast out the 40_MAT_09_33
cast out the 40_MAT_27_44
cast the same 40_MAT_13_42
cast them into 40_MAT_13_50
cast them into 40_MAT_13_50
cast them into the 40_MAT_10_01
cast them out 40_MAT_12_27
cast them out 40_MAT_10_01
cast them out and 40_MAT_12_27
cast them out therefore 40_MAT_04_06
cast thyself down 40_MAT_09_34
casteth out devils 40_MAT_09_34
casteth out devils through 40_MAT_04_18
casting a net 40_MAT_04_18
casting a net into 40_MAT_21_39
caught him and 40_MAT_19_05
cause shall a 40_MAT_19_05
cause shall a man 40_MAT_10_21
cause them to 40_MAT_18_23
certain king which 40_MAT_22_02
certain king which 40_MAT_21_28
certain man had 40_MAT_21_28
certain man had two 40_MAT_09_03
certain of the 40_MAT_12_38
certain of the 40_MAT_09_03
certain of the scribes 40_MAT_12_38
certain of the scribes 40_MAT_04_06
charge concerning thee 40_MAT_17_09
charged them saying 40_MAT_12_16
charged them that they 40_MAT_14_27
cheer it is 40_MAT_14_27
cheer it is I 40_MAT_02_04
chief priests and 40_MAT_16_21
chief priests and 40_MAT_21_15
chief priests and 40_MAT_21_23
chief priests and 40_MAT_21_45
chief priests and 40_MAT_26_03
chief priests and 40_MAT_26_47
chief priests and 40_MAT_26_59
chief priests and 40_MAT_27_01
chief priests and 40_MAT_27_03
chief priests and 40_MAT_27_12
chief priests and 40_MAT_27_20
chief priests and 40_MAT_27_62
chief priests and 40_MAT_26_47
chief priests and elders 40_MAT_26_59
chief priests and elders 40_MAT_27_03
chief priests and elders 40_MAT_27_12
chief priests and elders 40_MAT_27_20
chief priests and elders 40_MAT_21_45
chief priests and Pharisees 40_MAT_27_62
chief priests and Pharisees 40_MAT_02_04
chief priests and scribes 40_MAT_16_21
chief priests and scribes 40_MAT_21_23
chief priests and the 40_MAT_26_03
chief priests and the 40_MAT_20_18
chief priests and unto 40_MAT_27_41
chief priests mocking 40_MAT_23_06
chief seats in 40_MAT_23_06
chief seats in the 40_MAT_02_13
child and his 40_MAT_02_14
child and his 40_MAT_02_21
child and his 40_MAT_02_13
child and his mother 40_MAT_02_14
child and his mother 40_MAT_02_21
child and his mother 40_MAT_10_21
child and the 40_MAT_24_19
child and to 40_MAT_24_19
child and to them 40_MAT_18_05
child in my 40_MAT_18_05
child in my name 40_MAT_01_18
child of the 40_MAT_07_11
children how much 40_MAT_07_11
children how much more 40_MAT_05_09
children of God 40_MAT_27_09
children of Israel 40_MAT_27_09
children of Israel did 40_MAT_08_12
children of the 40_MAT_09_15
children of the 40_MAT_13_38
children of the 40_MAT_09_15
children of the bridechamber 40_MAT_08_12
children of the kingdom 40_MAT_13_38
children of the kingdom 40_MAT_23_31
children of them 40_MAT_19_29
children or lands 40_MAT_19_29
children or lands for 40_MAT_10_21
children shall rise 40_MAT_10_21
children shall rise up 40_MAT_11_16
children sitting in 40_MAT_11_16
children sitting in the 40_MAT_02_16
children that were 40_MAT_03_09
children unto Abraham 40_MAT_15_26
children's bread and 40_MAT_13_22
choke the word 40_MAT_13_22
choke the word and 40_MAT_11_21
Chorazin woe unto 40_MAT_11_21
Chorazin woe unto thee 40_MAT_24_05
Christ and shall 40_MAT_24_05
Christ and shall deceive 40_MAT_02_04
Christ should be 40_MAT_01_01
Christ the son 40_MAT_16_16
Christ the son 40_MAT_01_01
Christ the son of 40_MAT_16_16
Christ the son of 40_MAT_26_68
Christ Who is 40_MAT_24_24
Christs and FALSE 40_MAT_24_24
Christs and FALSE prophets 40_MAT_09_35
cities and villages 40_MAT_09_35
cities and villages teaching 40_MAT_10_23
cities of Israel 40_MAT_08_33
city and told 40_MAT_05_35
city of the 40_MAT_10_05
city of the 40_MAT_05_35
city of the great 40_MAT_10_14
city shake off 40_MAT_10_14
city shake off the 40_MAT_05_14
city that is 40_MAT_23_34
city to city 40_MAT_21_10
city was moved 40_MAT_08_03
clean And immediately 40_MAT_23_25
clean the outside 40_MAT_23_25
clean the outside of 40_MAT_11_05
cleansed and the 40_MAT_19_05
cleave to his 40_MAT_19_05
cleave to his wife 40_MAT_06_30
clothe the grass 40_MAT_06_30
clothe you O 40_MAT_06_30
clothe you O ye 40_MAT_11_08
clothed in soft 40_MAT_11_08
clothed in soft raiment 40_MAT_24_30
clouds of heaven 40_MAT_19_01
coasts of Judaea 40_MAT_15_21
coasts of Tyre 40_MAT_15_21
coasts of Tyre and 40_MAT_02_16
coasts thereof from 40_MAT_26_34
cock crow thou 40_MAT_26_75
cock crow thou 40_MAT_26_34
cock crow thou shalt 40_MAT_26_75
cock crow thou shalt 40_MAT_21_05
colt the foal 40_MAT_21_05
colt the foal of 40_MAT_16_24
come after me 40_MAT_16_24
come after me let 40_MAT_23_35
come all the 40_MAT_27_01
come all the 40_MAT_08_09
come and he 40_MAT_08_09
Come and he cometh 40_MAT_08_07
come and heal 40_MAT_09_18
come and lay 40_MAT_09_18
come and lay thy 40_MAT_14_29
Come And when 40_MAT_02_08
come and worship 40_MAT_02_08
come and worship him 40_MAT_18_07
come but woe 40_MAT_08_01
come down from 40_MAT_27_40
come down from 40_MAT_27_42
come down from 40_MAT_27_40
come down from the 40_MAT_27_42
come down from the 40_MAT_14_29
come down out 40_MAT_14_29
come down out of 40_MAT_24_17
come down to 40_MAT_24_17
come down to take 40_MAT_13_49
come forth and 40_MAT_15_18
come forth from 40_MAT_08_11
come from the 40_MAT_08_11
come from the east 40_MAT_26_20
come he sat 40_MAT_26_20
come he sat down 40_MAT_24_43
come he would 40_MAT_24_43
come he would have 40_MAT_08_29
come hither to 40_MAT_24_50
come in a 40_MAT_24_50
come in a day 40_MAT_25_31
come in his 40_MAT_24_05
come in my 40_MAT_24_05
come in my name 40_MAT_13_54
come into his 40_MAT_02_11
come into the 40_MAT_09_28
come into the 40_MAT_14_32
come into the 40_MAT_17_25
come into the 40_MAT_21_23
come into the 40_MAT_02_11
come into the house 40_MAT_09_28
come into the house 40_MAT_17_25
come into the house 40_MAT_14_32
come into the ship 40_MAT_21_38
Come let us 40_MAT_21_38
come let us kill 40_MAT_26_55
come out as 40_MAT_26_55
come out as against 40_MAT_08_16
come they brought 40_MAT_06_10
come Thy will 40_MAT_06_10
come Thy will be 40_MAT_09_13
come to call 40_MAT_05_17
come to destroy 40_MAT_03_07
come to his 40_MAT_24_06
come to pass 40_MAT_24_06
come to pass but 40_MAT_18_11
come to save 40_MAT_27_49
come to save 40_MAT_10_34
come to send 40_MAT_08_28
come to the 40_MAT_16_05
come to the 40_MAT_17_14
come to the 40_MAT_28_14
come to the 40_MAT_08_28
come to the other 40_MAT_16_05
come to the other 40_MAT_11_28
come unto me 40_MAT_19_14
come unto me 40_MAT_19_14
come unto me for 40_MAT_22_04
come unto the 40_MAT_14_28
come unto thee 40_MAT_14_28
come unto thee on 40_MAT_12_28
come unto you 40_MAT_09_15
come when the 40_MAT_09_15
come when the bridegroom 40_MAT_03_11
cometh after me 40_MAT_03_11
cometh after me is 40_MAT_08_09
cometh and to 40_MAT_08_09
cometh and to my 40_MAT_26_45
cometh he to 40_MAT_23_39
cometh in the 40_MAT_21_09
cometh in the name 40_MAT_15_11
cometh out of 40_MAT_24_27
cometh out of 40_MAT_15_11
cometh out of the 40_MAT_24_27
cometh out of the 40_MAT_24_46
cometh shall find 40_MAT_24_46
cometh shall find so 40_MAT_26_40
cometh unto the 40_MAT_17_27
cometh up and 40_MAT_09_22
comfort thy faith 40_MAT_09_22
comfort thy faith hath 40_MAT_24_30
coming in the 40_MAT_26_64
coming in the 40_MAT_24_30
coming in the clouds 40_MAT_26_64
coming in the clouds 40_MAT_24_37
coming of the 40_MAT_24_39
coming of the 40_MAT_24_27
coming of the Son 40_MAT_24_37
coming of the Son 40_MAT_08_28
coming out of 40_MAT_08_28
coming out of the 40_MAT_08_04
commanded for a 40_MAT_08_04
commanded for a testimony 40_MAT_18_25
commanded him to 40_MAT_18_25
commanded him to be 40_MAT_14_19
commanded the multitude 40_MAT_15_35
commanded the multitude 40_MAT_14_19
commanded the multitude to 40_MAT_15_35
commanded the multitude to 40_MAT_10_05
commanded them saying 40_MAT_10_05
commanded them saying Go 40_MAT_28_20
commanded you and 40_MAT_22_36
commandment in the 40_MAT_15_03
commandment of God 40_MAT_15_06
commandment of God 40_MAT_15_09
commandments of men 40_MAT_19_18
commit adultery Thou 40_MAT_19_18
commit adultery Thou shalt 40_MAT_19_09
committeth adultery and 40_MAT_15_32
compassion on the 40_MAT_15_32
compassion on the multitude 40_MAT_09_36
compassion on them 40_MAT_20_34
compassion on them 40_MAT_14_14
compassion toward them 40_MAT_11_07
concerning John What 40_MAT_11_07
concerning John What went 40_MAT_04_06
concerning thee and 40_MAT_20_18
condemn him to 40_MAT_20_18
condemn him to death 40_MAT_12_42
condemn it for 40_MAT_10_32
confess me before 40_MAT_10_32
confess me before men 40_MAT_03_06
confessing their sins 40_MAT_06_28
Consider the lilies 40_MAT_14_22
constrained his disciples 40_MAT_14_22
constrained his disciples to 40_MAT_26_04
consulted that they 40_MAT_26_04
consulted that they might 40_MAT_13_15
converted and I 40_MAT_13_15
converted and I should 40_MAT_12_01
corn and to 40_MAT_06_05
corners of the 40_MAT_06_19
corrupt and where 40_MAT_06_20
corrupt and where 40_MAT_06_19
corrupt and where thieves 40_MAT_06_20
corrupt and where thieves 40_MAT_07_18
corrupt tree bring 40_MAT_07_18
corrupt tree bring forth 40_MAT_17_19
could not we 40_MAT_17_19
could not we cast 40_MAT_28_03
countenance was like 40_MAT_13_57
country and in 40_MAT_08_28
country of the 40_MAT_14_35
country round about 40_MAT_14_35
country round about and 40_MAT_10_26
covered that shall 40_MAT_10_26
covered that shall not 40_MAT_08_29
cried out saying 40_MAT_27_23
cried out the 40_MAT_27_23
cried out the more 40_MAT_21_09
cried saying Hosanna 40_MAT_20_31
cried the more 40_MAT_27_46
cried with a 40_MAT_27_46
cried with a loud 40_MAT_16_24
cross and follow 40_MAT_16_24
cross and follow me 40_MAT_26_34
crow thou shalt 40_MAT_26_75
crow thou shalt 40_MAT_26_34
crow thou shalt deny 40_MAT_26_75
crow thou shalt deny 40_MAT_27_29
crown of thorns 40_MAT_27_35
crucified him and 40_MAT_27_38
crucified with him 40_MAT_27_44
crucified with him 40_MAT_03_03
crying in the 40_MAT_21_15
crying in the 40_MAT_03_03
crying in the wilderness 40_MAT_26_27
cup and gave 40_MAT_26_27
cup and gave thanks 40_MAT_20_22
cup that I 40_MAT_26_74
curse and to 40_MAT_26_74
curse and to swear 40_MAT_15_04
curseth father or 40_MAT_15_04
curseth father or mother 40_MAT_09_09
custom and he 40_MAT_21_08
cut down branches 40_MAT_05_30
cut it off 40_MAT_05_30
cut it off and 40_MAT_18_08
cut them off 40_MAT_26_55
daily with you 40_MAT_11_17
danced we have 40_MAT_11_17
danced we have mourned 40_MAT_05_21
danger of the 40_MAT_05_22
danger of the 40_MAT_05_21
danger of the judgment 40_MAT_05_22
danger of the judgment 40_MAT_24_15
Daniel the prophet 40_MAT_24_29
darkened and the moon 40_MAT_27_45
darkness over all 40_MAT_27_45
darkness over all the 40_MAT_08_12
darkness there shall 40_MAT_22_13
darkness there shall 40_MAT_08_12
darkness there shall be 40_MAT_22_13
darkness there shall be 40_MAT_04_06
dash thy foot 40_MAT_04_06
dash thy foot against 40_MAT_09_22
Daughter be of 40_MAT_09_22
Daughter be of good 40_MAT_10_35
daughter in law 40_MAT_10_35
daughter in law against 40_MAT_21_05
daughter of Sion 40_MAT_21_05
daughter of Sion Behold 40_MAT_21_09
David Blessed is 40_MAT_21_09
David Blessed is he 40_MAT_12_03
David did when 40_MAT_12_03
David did when he 40_MAT_09_27
David have mercy 40_MAT_09_27
David have mercy on 40_MAT_01_06
David The king 40_MAT_01_01
David the son 40_MAT_01_01
David the son of 40_MAT_21_15
David they were 40_MAT_16_03
day for the 40_MAT_20_02
day he sent 40_MAT_17_23
day he shall 40_MAT_20_19
day he shall 40_MAT_20_19
day he shall rise 40_MAT_27_19
day in a 40_MAT_06_30
day is and to 40_MAT_06_30
day is and to 40_MAT_06_34
day is the 40_MAT_26_05
day lest there 40_MAT_26_05
day lest there be 40_MAT_25_13
day nor the 40_MAT_10_15
day of judgment 40_MAT_11_22
day of judgment 40_MAT_12_36
day of judgment 40_MAT_10_15
day of judgment than 40_MAT_11_22
day of judgment than 40_MAT_26_17
day of the 40_MAT_27_62
day of the 40_MAT_28_01
day of the 40_MAT_26_17
day of the feast 40_MAT_28_01
day of the week 40_MAT_06_11
day our daily 40_MAT_06_11
day our daily bread 40_MAT_24_38
day that Noe 40_MAT_24_38
day that Noe entered 40_MAT_24_50
day when he 40_MAT_24_50
day when he looketh 40_MAT_26_29
day when I 40_MAT_04_02
days and forty 40_MAT_04_02
days and forty nights 40_MAT_15_32
days and have 40_MAT_15_32
days and have nothing 40_MAT_12_40
days and three nights 40_MAT_17_01
days Jesus taketh 40_MAT_02_01
days of Herod 40_MAT_02_01
days of Herod the 40_MAT_24_37
days of Noe 40_MAT_23_30
days of our 40_MAT_23_30
days of our fathers 40_MAT_24_29
days shall the 40_MAT_24_38
days that were 40_MAT_24_38
days that were before 40_MAT_09_15
days will come 40_MAT_09_15
days will come when 40_MAT_28_07
dead and behold 40_MAT_14_02
dead and therefore 40_MAT_14_02
dead and therefore mighty 40_MAT_11_05
dead are raised 40_MAT_08_22
dead bury their 40_MAT_08_22
dead bury their dead 40_MAT_22_32
dead but of 40_MAT_22_32
dead but of the 40_MAT_09_24
dead but sleepeth 40_MAT_02_20
dead which sought 40_MAT_11_05
deaf hear the 40_MAT_11_05
deaf hear the dead 40_MAT_10_21
death And the 40_MAT_10_21
death and the father 40_MAT_26_38
death tarry ye 40_MAT_26_38
death tarry ye here 40_MAT_16_28
death till they 40_MAT_16_28
death till they see 40_MAT_13_22
deceitfulness of riches 40_MAT_13_36
declare unto us 40_MAT_15_15
declare unto us 40_MAT_13_36
declare unto us the 40_MAT_15_18
defile the man 40_MAT_24_48
delayeth his coming 40_MAT_20_19
deliver him to 40_MAT_20_19
deliver him to the 40_MAT_26_15
deliver him unto 40_MAT_05_25
deliver thee to 40_MAT_05_25
deliver thee to the 40_MAT_10_21
deliver up the 40_MAT_06_13
deliver us from 40_MAT_06_13
deliver us from evil 40_MAT_10_17
deliver you up 40_MAT_10_19
deliver you up 40_MAT_10_19
deliver you up take 40_MAT_10_17
deliver you up to 40_MAT_24_09
deliver you up to 40_MAT_27_02
delivered him to 40_MAT_27_26
delivered him to 40_MAT_27_26
delivered him to be 40_MAT_11_27
delivered unto me 40_MAT_25_14
delivered unto them 40_MAT_25_20
deliveredst unto me 40_MAT_25_22
deliveredst unto me 40_MAT_21_13
den of thieves 40_MAT_16_24
deny himself and 40_MAT_16_24
deny himself and take 40_MAT_26_34
deny me thrice 40_MAT_26_75
deny me thrice 40_MAT_26_75
deny me thrice And 40_MAT_07_23
depart from me 40_MAT_25_41
depart from me 40_MAT_07_23
Depart from me ye 40_MAT_08_34
depart out of 40_MAT_10_14
depart out of 40_MAT_08_34
depart out of their 40_MAT_27_05
departed and went 40_MAT_24_01
departed from the 40_MAT_17_18
departed out of 40_MAT_12_09
departed thence he 40_MAT_09_07
departed to his 40_MAT_18_06
depth of the 40_MAT_07_25
descended and the 40_MAT_07_27
descended and the 40_MAT_07_25
descended and the floods 40_MAT_07_27
descended and the floods 40_MAT_14_15
desert place and 40_MAT_14_15
desert place and the 40_MAT_16_01
desired him that 40_MAT_16_01
desired him that he 40_MAT_13_17
desired to see 40_MAT_13_17
desired to see those 40_MAT_12_46
desiring to speak 40_MAT_12_47
desiring to speak 40_MAT_12_46
desiring to speak with 40_MAT_12_47
desiring to speak with 40_MAT_24_15
desolation spoken of 40_MAT_24_15
desolation spoken of by 40_MAT_06_24
despise the other 40_MAT_06_24
despise the other Ye 40_MAT_05_44
despitefully use you 40_MAT_27_40
destroyest the temple 40_MAT_27_40
destroyest the temple and 40_MAT_17_18
devil and he 40_MAT_04_05
devil taketh him 40_MAT_04_08
devil taketh him 40_MAT_04_05
devil taketh him up 40_MAT_04_08
devil taketh him up 40_MAT_08_31
devils besought him 40_MAT_08_31
devils besought him saying 40_MAT_12_27
devils by whom 40_MAT_12_27
devils by whom do 40_MAT_23_14
devour widows' houses 40_MAT_23_14
devour widows' houses and 40_MAT_14_20
did all eat 40_MAT_15_37
did all eat 40_MAT_14_20
did all eat and 40_MAT_15_37
did all eat and 40_MAT_21_06
did as Jesus 40_MAT_26_19
did as Jesus 40_MAT_01_24
did as the 40_MAT_12_04
did eat the showbread 40_MAT_25_45
did it not to 40_MAT_25_45
did it not to 40_MAT_21_36
did unto them 40_MAT_12_03
did when he 40_MAT_12_03
did when he was 40_MAT_21_25
did ye not 40_MAT_13_27
Didst not thou 40_MAT_15_04
die the death 40_MAT_26_35
die with thee 40_MAT_25_18
digged in the 40_MAT_16_03
discern the face 40_MAT_16_03
discern the face of 40_MAT_10_24
disciple is not 40_MAT_10_24
disciple is not above 40_MAT_12_49
disciples and said 40_MAT_15_12
disciples and said 40_MAT_15_12
disciples and said unto 40_MAT_26_45
disciples and saith 40_MAT_26_45
disciples and saith unto 40_MAT_14_19
disciples and the 40_MAT_15_36
disciples and the 40_MAT_14_19
disciples and the disciples 40_MAT_15_36
disciples and the disciples 40_MAT_17_16
disciples and they 40_MAT_17_10
disciples asked him 40_MAT_17_10
disciples asked him saying 40_MAT_13_10
disciples came and 40_MAT_14_12
disciples came and 40_MAT_08_25
disciples came to 40_MAT_14_15
disciples came to 40_MAT_26_17
disciples came to 40_MAT_08_25
disciples came to him 40_MAT_14_15
disciples came to him 40_MAT_05_01
disciples came unto 40_MAT_13_36
disciples came unto 40_MAT_05_01
disciples came unto him 40_MAT_13_36
disciples came unto him 40_MAT_09_14
disciples fast not 40_MAT_17_06
disciples heard it 40_MAT_19_25
disciples heard it 40_MAT_17_06
disciples heard it they 40_MAT_19_25
disciples heard it they 40_MAT_09_14
disciples of John 40_MAT_08_21
disciples said unto 40_MAT_08_21
disciples said unto him 40_MAT_21_20
disciples saw it 40_MAT_26_08
disciples saw it 40_MAT_21_20
disciples saw it they 40_MAT_26_08
disciples saw it they 40_MAT_15_33
disciples say unto 40_MAT_19_10
disciples say unto 40_MAT_15_33
disciples say unto him 40_MAT_19_10
disciples say unto him 40_MAT_26_36
disciples Sit ye 40_MAT_26_36
disciples Sit ye here 40_MAT_16_20
disciples that they 40_MAT_16_20
disciples that they should 40_MAT_14_22
disciples to get 40_MAT_14_22
disciples to get into 40_MAT_14_19
disciples to the 40_MAT_15_36
disciples to the 40_MAT_14_19
disciples to the multitude 40_MAT_15_36
disciples to the multitude 40_MAT_15_32
disciples unto him 40_MAT_15_32
disciples unto him and 40_MAT_28_16
disciples went away 40_MAT_04_23
disease among the 40_MAT_09_35
disease among the 40_MAT_04_23
disease among the people 40_MAT_09_35
disease among the people 40_MAT_04_24
divers diseases and 40_MAT_12_26
divided against himself 40_MAT_12_26
divided against himself how 40_MAT_12_25
divided against itself 40_MAT_12_25
divided against itself is 40_MAT_19_07
divorcement and to 40_MAT_19_07
divorcement and to put 40_MAT_05_19
do and teach 40_MAT_05_44
do good to 40_MAT_05_44
do good to them 40_MAT_06_02
do in the 40_MAT_16_13
do men say 40_MAT_16_13
do men say that 40_MAT_05_46
do not even 40_MAT_05_46
do not even the 40_MAT_05_47
do not even the 40_MAT_16_11
do not understand 40_MAT_15_17
do not ye 40_MAT_14_02
do show forth 40_MAT_14_02
do show forth themselves 40_MAT_19_16
do that I 40_MAT_19_16
do that I may 40_MAT_12_02
do that which 40_MAT_12_02
do that which is 40_MAT_12_50
do the will 40_MAT_12_50
do the will of 40_MAT_21_24
do these things 40_MAT_21_27
do these things 40_MAT_08_09
do this and 40_MAT_08_09
Do this and he 40_MAT_07_12
do to you 40_MAT_07_12
do to you do 40_MAT_21_40
do unto those 40_MAT_27_19
do with that 40_MAT_08_29
do with thee 40_MAT_08_29
do with thee Jesus 40_MAT_15_03
do ye also 40_MAT_16_09
do ye not 40_MAT_16_12
doctrine of the 40_MAT_15_09
doctrines the commandments 40_MAT_15_09
doctrines the commandments of 40_MAT_21_23
doest thou these 40_MAT_21_23
doest thou these things 40_MAT_07_21
doeth the will 40_MAT_07_21
doeth the will of 40_MAT_07_24
doeth them I 40_MAT_07_24
doeth them I will 40_MAT_21_42
doing and it 40_MAT_21_42
doing and it is 40_MAT_23_23
done and not 40_MAT_23_23
done and not to 40_MAT_11_21
done in Tyre 40_MAT_11_21
done in Tyre and 40_MAT_11_21
done in you 40_MAT_01_22
done that it 40_MAT_21_04
done that it 40_MAT_01_22
done that it might 40_MAT_21_04
done that it might 40_MAT_26_56
done that the 40_MAT_21_21
done to the 40_MAT_17_12
done unto him 40_MAT_17_12
done unto him whatsoever 40_MAT_08_13
done unto thee 40_MAT_08_13
done unto thee and 40_MAT_27_60
door of the 40_MAT_27_60
door of the sepulchre 40_MAT_06_19
doth corrupt and 40_MAT_06_20
doth corrupt and 40_MAT_06_19
doth corrupt and where 40_MAT_06_20
doth corrupt and where 40_MAT_22_43
doth David in spirit 40_MAT_22_43
doth David in spirit 40_MAT_08_32
down a steep 40_MAT_08_32
down a steep place 40_MAT_03_10
down and cast 40_MAT_07_19
down and cast 40_MAT_03_10
down and cast into 40_MAT_07_19
down and cast into 40_MAT_04_09
down and worship 40_MAT_02_11
down and worshipped 40_MAT_02_11
down and worshipped him 40_MAT_18_26
down and worshipped him 40_MAT_18_29
down at his 40_MAT_18_29
down at his feet 40_MAT_15_30
down at Jesus' 40_MAT_15_30
down at Jesus' feet 40_MAT_04_06
down for it 40_MAT_04_06
down for it is 40_MAT_08_01
down from the 40_MAT_17_09
down from the 40_MAT_27_40
down from the 40_MAT_27_42
down from the 40_MAT_27_40
down from the cross 40_MAT_27_42
down from the cross 40_MAT_08_01
down from the mountain 40_MAT_17_09
down from the mountain 40_MAT_14_19
down on the 40_MAT_27_19
down on the 40_MAT_15_35
down on the ground 40_MAT_14_29
down out of 40_MAT_11_23
down to hell 40_MAT_17_14
down to him 40_MAT_17_14
down to him and 40_MAT_24_17
down to take 40_MAT_09_10
down with him 40_MAT_26_20
down with the 40_MAT_15_08
draweth nigh unto 40_MAT_02_19
dream to Joseph 40_MAT_21_01
drew nigh unto 40_MAT_26_29
drink it new 40_MAT_20_22
drink of and 40_MAT_20_22
drink of the 40_MAT_20_22
drink of the cup 40_MAT_11_18
drinking and they 40_MAT_11_19
drinking and they 40_MAT_11_18
drinking and they say 40_MAT_11_19
drinking and they say 40_MAT_18_06
drowned in the 40_MAT_12_43
dry places seeking 40_MAT_12_43
dry places seeking rest 40_MAT_13_15
dull of hearing 40_MAT_13_15
dull of hearing and 40_MAT_09_33
dumb spake and 40_MAT_09_33
dumb spake and the 40_MAT_15_31
dumb to speak 40_MAT_10_14
dust of your 40_MAT_12_45
dwell there and 40_MAT_12_45
dwell there and the 40_MAT_02_23
dwelt in a 40_MAT_24_28
eagles be gathered 40_MAT_24_28
eagles be gathered together 40_MAT_20_01
early in the 40_MAT_20_01
early in the morning 40_MAT_13_15
ears are dull 40_MAT_13_15
ears are dull of 40_MAT_12_01
ears of corn 40_MAT_12_01
ears of corn and 40_MAT_13_09
ears to hear 40_MAT_13_43
ears to hear 40_MAT_11_15
ears to hear let 40_MAT_13_09
ears to hear let 40_MAT_06_10
earth as it 40_MAT_05_13
earth but if 40_MAT_05_35
earth for it 40_MAT_05_35
earth for it is 40_MAT_23_35
earth from the 40_MAT_24_30
earth mourn and 40_MAT_16_19
earth shall be 40_MAT_18_18
earth shall be 40_MAT_16_19
earth shall be bound 40_MAT_18_18
earth shall be bound 40_MAT_16_19
earth shall be loosed 40_MAT_18_18
earth shall be loosed 40_MAT_24_35
earth shall pass 40_MAT_24_35
earth shall pass away 40_MAT_09_06
earth to forgive 40_MAT_09_06
earth to forgive sins 40_MAT_12_42
earth to hear 40_MAT_12_42
earth to hear the 40_MAT_24_07
earthquakes in divers 40_MAT_24_07
earthquakes in divers places 40_MAT_19_24
easier for a 40_MAT_19_24
easier for a camel 40_MAT_09_05
easier to say 40_MAT_09_05
easier to say Thy 40_MAT_02_02
east and are 40_MAT_08_11
east and west 40_MAT_24_49
eat and drink 40_MAT_24_49
eat and drink with 40_MAT_15_37
eat and were 40_MAT_14_20
eat and were filled 40_MAT_12_04
eat neither for 40_MAT_15_27
eat of the 40_MAT_06_25
eat or what 40_MAT_06_25
eat or what ye 40_MAT_26_17
eat the passover 40_MAT_12_04
eat the showbread 40_MAT_12_04
eat the showbread which 40_MAT_26_26
eat this is 40_MAT_26_26
eat this is my 40_MAT_14_21
eaten were about 40_MAT_11_19
eating and drinking 40_MAT_24_38
eating and drinking 40_MAT_06_24
either he will 40_MAT_06_24
either he will hate 40_MAT_26_59
elders and all 40_MAT_26_59
elders and all the 40_MAT_16_21
elders and chief 40_MAT_16_21
elders and chief priests 40_MAT_21_23
elders of the 40_MAT_26_03
elders of the 40_MAT_26_47
elders of the 40_MAT_27_01
elders of the 40_MAT_21_23
elders of the people 40_MAT_26_03
elders of the people 40_MAT_26_47
elders of the people 40_MAT_27_01
elders of the people 40_MAT_24_31
elect from the 40_MAT_24_31
elect from the four 40_MAT_16_14
Elias and others 40_MAT_17_10
Elias must first 40_MAT_17_10
Elias must first come 40_MAT_27_49
Elias will come 40_MAT_27_49
Elias will come to 40_MAT_06_24
else he will 40_MAT_06_24
else he will hold 40_MAT_24_06
end is not 40_MAT_11_01
end of commanding 40_MAT_11_01
end of commanding his 40_MAT_24_31
end of heaven 40_MAT_13_39
end of the 40_MAT_13_49
end of the 40_MAT_24_03
end of the 40_MAT_28_01
end of the 40_MAT_28_20
end of the 40_MAT_13_49
end of the world 40_MAT_24_03
end of the world 40_MAT_28_20
end of the world 40_MAT_10_22
end shall be 40_MAT_24_13
end the same 40_MAT_24_13
end the same shall 40_MAT_24_13
endure unto the 40_MAT_24_13
endure unto the end 40_MAT_22_44
enemies thy footstool 40_MAT_13_28
enemy hath done 40_MAT_10_25
enough for the 40_MAT_12_45
enter in and 40_MAT_12_45
enter in and dwell 40_MAT_12_29
enter into a 40_MAT_12_29
enter into a strong 40_MAT_18_08
enter into life 40_MAT_18_09
enter into life 40_MAT_07_21
enter into the 40_MAT_18_03
enter into the 40_MAT_19_23
enter into the 40_MAT_19_24
enter into the 40_MAT_05_20
enter into the kingdom 40_MAT_07_21
enter into the kingdom 40_MAT_19_23
enter into the kingdom 40_MAT_19_24
enter into the kingdom 40_MAT_26_41
enter not into 40_MAT_26_41
enter not into temptation 40_MAT_25_21
enter thou into 40_MAT_25_21
enter thou into the 40_MAT_25_23
enter thou into the 40_MAT_08_23
entered into a 40_MAT_09_01
entered into a 40_MAT_08_23
entered into a ship 40_MAT_09_01
entered into a ship 40_MAT_08_05
entered into Capernaum 40_MAT_12_04
entered into the 40_MAT_24_38
entered into the 40_MAT_24_38
entered into the ark 40_MAT_12_04
entered into the house 40_MAT_04_14
Esaias the prophet 40_MAT_08_17
Esaias the prophet 40_MAT_04_14
Esaias the prophet saying 40_MAT_08_17
Esaias the prophet saying 40_MAT_20_28
even as the 40_MAT_15_28
even as thou 40_MAT_20_14
even as unto 40_MAT_24_33
even at the 40_MAT_24_33
even at the doors 40_MAT_12_08
even of the 40_MAT_11_26
Even so Father 40_MAT_11_26
Even so Father for 40_MAT_18_14
even so it 40_MAT_18_14
Even so it is 40_MAT_12_45
even so shall 40_MAT_07_12
even so to 40_MAT_23_28
Even so ye 40_MAT_13_12
even that he 40_MAT_13_12
even that he hath 40_MAT_25_29
even that which he 40_MAT_05_46
even the publicans 40_MAT_05_47
even the publicans 40_MAT_08_27
even the winds 40_MAT_08_27
even the winds and 40_MAT_24_27
even unto the 40_MAT_28_20
even unto the 40_MAT_28_20
even unto the end 40_MAT_08_16
even was come 40_MAT_20_08
even was come 40_MAT_27_57
even was come 40_MAT_26_20
even was come he 40_MAT_20_08
even was come the 40_MAT_07_17
every good tree 40_MAT_12_25
Every kingdom divided 40_MAT_12_25
Every kingdom divided against 40_MAT_20_09
every man a 40_MAT_20_10
every man a 40_MAT_20_09
every man a penny 40_MAT_20_10
every man a penny 40_MAT_16_27
every man according 40_MAT_25_15
every man according 40_MAT_16_27
every man according to 40_MAT_25_15
every man according to 40_MAT_18_35
every one his 40_MAT_26_22
every one of 40_MAT_26_22
every one of them 40_MAT_07_08
every one that 40_MAT_07_21
every one that 40_MAT_07_26
every one that 40_MAT_19_29
every one that 40_MAT_25_29
every one that 40_MAT_07_08
every one that asketh 40_MAT_19_29
every one that hath 40_MAT_07_26
every one that heareth 40_MAT_09_35
every sickness and 40_MAT_09_35
every sickness and every 40_MAT_08_33
every thing and 40_MAT_07_19
every tree that 40_MAT_03_10
every tree which 40_MAT_04_04
every word that 40_MAT_04_04
every word that proceedeth 40_MAT_05_11
evil against you 40_MAT_27_23
evil hath he 40_MAT_27_23
evil hath he done 40_MAT_09_04
evil in your 40_MAT_09_04
evil in your hearts 40_MAT_07_11
evil know how 40_MAT_07_11
evil know how to 40_MAT_12_35
evil man out 40_MAT_12_35
evil man out of 40_MAT_05_12
exceeding glad for 40_MAT_19_09
except it be 40_MAT_19_09
except it be for 40_MAT_18_03
Except ye be 40_MAT_16_26
exchange for his 40_MAT_16_26
exchange for his soul 40_MAT_20_25
exercise authority upon 40_MAT_20_25
exercise authority upon them 40_MAT_07_05
eye and then 40_MAT_07_05
eye and then shalt 40_MAT_06_23
eye be evil 40_MAT_19_24
eye of a 40_MAT_19_24
eye of a needle 40_MAT_05_29
eye offend thee 40_MAT_18_09
eye offend thee 40_MAT_05_29
eye offend thee pluck 40_MAT_18_09
eye offend thee pluck 40_MAT_13_15
eyes and hear 40_MAT_13_15
eyes and hear with 40_MAT_13_16
eyes for they 40_MAT_20_33
eyes may be 40_MAT_18_09
eyes to be 40_MAT_18_09
eyes to be cast 40_MAT_26_43
eyes were heavy 40_MAT_09_30
eyes were opened 40_MAT_09_30
eyes were opened and 40_MAT_18_10
face of my 40_MAT_16_03
face of the 40_MAT_16_03
face of the sky 40_MAT_11_10
face which shall 40_MAT_11_10
face which shall prepare 40_MAT_17_20
faith as a 40_MAT_17_20
faith as a grain 40_MAT_09_29
faith be it 40_MAT_15_28
faith be it 40_MAT_09_29
faith be it unto 40_MAT_15_28
faith be it unto 40_MAT_09_22
faith hath made 40_MAT_09_22
faith hath made thee 40_MAT_08_10
faith no not 40_MAT_08_10
faith no not in 40_MAT_24_45
faithful and wise 40_MAT_25_21
faithful over a 40_MAT_25_23
faithful over a 40_MAT_25_21
faithful over a few 40_MAT_25_23
faithful over a few 40_MAT_25_21
faithful servant thou 40_MAT_25_23
faithful servant thou 40_MAT_25_21
faithful servant thou hast 40_MAT_25_23
faithful servant thou hast 40_MAT_17_17
faithless and perverse 40_MAT_17_17
faithless and perverse generation 40_MAT_04_09
fall down and 40_MAT_04_09
fall down and worship 40_MAT_24_29
fall from heaven 40_MAT_15_14
fall into the 40_MAT_15_14
fall into the ditch 40_MAT_21_44
fall it will 40_MAT_21_44
fall it will grind 40_MAT_24_24
FALSE Christs and 40_MAT_24_24
FALSE Christs and FALSE 40_MAT_24_11
FALSE prophets shall 40_MAT_24_11
FALSE prophets shall rise 40_MAT_26_59
FALSE witness against 40_MAT_24_07
famines and pestilences 40_MAT_24_07
famines and pestilences and 40_MAT_03_12
fan is in 40_MAT_03_12
fan is in his 40_MAT_15_08
far from me 40_MAT_16_22
far from thee 40_MAT_26_53
father and he 40_MAT_15_04
father and mother 40_MAT_19_05
father and mother 40_MAT_15_04
father and mother and 40_MAT_11_27
Father and no 40_MAT_11_27
Father and no man 40_MAT_28_19
father and of 40_MAT_10_35
father and the 40_MAT_19_19
father and thy 40_MAT_19_19
father and thy mother 40_MAT_03_09
father for I 40_MAT_03_09
father for I say 40_MAT_11_26
Father for so 40_MAT_11_26
Father for so it 40_MAT_15_13
father hath not 40_MAT_06_32
Father knoweth that 40_MAT_06_32
Father knoweth that ye 40_MAT_11_25
Father Lord of 40_MAT_11_25
Father Lord of heaven 40_MAT_15_05
father or his 40_MAT_15_06
father or his 40_MAT_15_05
father or his mother 40_MAT_15_06
father or his mother 40_MAT_10_37
father or mother 40_MAT_15_04
father or mother 40_MAT_15_04
father or mother let 40_MAT_19_29
father or mother or 40_MAT_06_09
Father which art 40_MAT_06_09
Father which art in 40_MAT_05_16
Father which is 40_MAT_05_45
Father which is 40_MAT_06_01
Father which is 40_MAT_06_06
Father which is 40_MAT_06_18
Father which is 40_MAT_07_11
Father which is 40_MAT_07_21
Father which is 40_MAT_10_32
Father which is 40_MAT_10_33
Father which is 40_MAT_12_50
Father which is 40_MAT_16_17
Father which is 40_MAT_18_10
Father which is 40_MAT_18_14
Father which is 40_MAT_18_19
Father which is 40_MAT_23_09
Father which is 40_MAT_05_16
Father which is in 40_MAT_05_45
Father which is in 40_MAT_06_01
Father which is in 40_MAT_06_06
Father which is in 40_MAT_06_18
Father which is in 40_MAT_07_11
Father which is in 40_MAT_07_21
Father which is in 40_MAT_10_32
Father which is in 40_MAT_10_33
Father which is in 40_MAT_12_50
Father which is in 40_MAT_16_17
Father which is in 40_MAT_18_10
Father which is in 40_MAT_18_14
Father which is in 40_MAT_18_19
Father which is in 40_MAT_23_09
Father which is in 40_MAT_06_04
Father which seeth 40_MAT_06_06
Father which seeth 40_MAT_06_04
Father which seeth in 40_MAT_06_06
Father which seeth in 40_MAT_10_28
fear him which 40_MAT_01_20
fear not to 40_MAT_28_05
Fear not ye 40_MAT_28_04
fear of him 40_MAT_10_26
fear them not 40_MAT_10_31
fear ye not 40_MAT_14_05
feared the multitude 40_MAT_21_46
feared the multitude 40_MAT_14_05
feared the multitude because 40_MAT_21_46
feared the multitude because 40_MAT_26_05
feast day lest 40_MAT_26_05
feast day lest there 40_MAT_26_02
feast of the 40_MAT_26_02
feast of the passover 40_MAT_26_17
feast of unleavened 40_MAT_26_17
feast of unleavened bread 40_MAT_18_29
feet and besought 40_MAT_18_29
feet and besought him 40_MAT_15_30
feet and he 40_MAT_28_09
feet and worshipped 40_MAT_28_09
feet and worshipped him 40_MAT_18_08
feet to be 40_MAT_18_08
feet to be cast 40_MAT_13_07
fell among thorns 40_MAT_13_07
fell among thorns and 40_MAT_07_27
fell and great 40_MAT_13_04
fell by the 40_MAT_13_04
fell by the way 40_MAT_02_11
fell down and 40_MAT_18_26
fell down and 40_MAT_02_11
fell down and worshipped 40_MAT_18_26
fell down and worshipped 40_MAT_18_26
fell down and worshipped 40_MAT_18_29
fell down at 40_MAT_18_29
fell down at his 40_MAT_26_39
fell on his 40_MAT_26_39
fell on his face 40_MAT_17_06
fell on their 40_MAT_08_15
fever left her 40_MAT_08_15
fever left her and 40_MAT_25_21
few things I 40_MAT_25_23
few things I 40_MAT_25_21
few things I will 40_MAT_25_23
few things I will 40_MAT_27_08
field of blood 40_MAT_24_40
field the one 40_MAT_24_40
field the one shall 40_MAT_24_32
fig tree When 40_MAT_21_19
fig tree withered 40_MAT_21_20
fig tree withered 40_MAT_21_19
fig tree withered away 40_MAT_21_20
fig tree withered away 40_MAT_14_20
filled and they 40_MAT_15_37
filled and they 40_MAT_14_20
filled and they took 40_MAT_15_37
filled and they took 40_MAT_27_48
filled it with 40_MAT_07_07
find knock and 40_MAT_07_07
find knock and it 40_MAT_24_46
find so doing 40_MAT_07_08
findeth and to 40_MAT_07_08
findeth and to him 40_MAT_13_42
fire there shall 40_MAT_13_50
fire there shall 40_MAT_13_42
fire there shall be 40_MAT_13_50
fire there shall be 40_MAT_20_16
first and the 40_MAT_12_29
first bind the 40_MAT_12_29
first bind the strong 40_MAT_26_17
first day of 40_MAT_28_01
first day of 40_MAT_26_17
first day of the 40_MAT_28_01
first day of the 40_MAT_19_30
first shall be 40_MAT_19_30
first shall be last 40_MAT_08_21
first to go 40_MAT_08_21
first to go and 40_MAT_01_25
firstborn son and 40_MAT_07_10
fish will he 40_MAT_04_19
fishers of men 40_MAT_14_19
fishes and looking 40_MAT_14_19
fishes and looking up 40_MAT_14_17
five loaves and 40_MAT_14_19
five loaves and 40_MAT_14_19
five loaves and the 40_MAT_14_17
five loaves and two 40_MAT_16_09
five loaves of 40_MAT_25_02
five of them 40_MAT_16_09
five thousand and 40_MAT_14_21
five thousand men 40_MAT_12_20
flax shall he 40_MAT_12_20
flax shall he not 40_MAT_08_33
fled and went 40_MAT_03_07
flee from the 40_MAT_03_07
flee from the wrath 40_MAT_24_16
flee into the 40_MAT_16_17
flesh and blood 40_MAT_26_41
flesh is weak 40_MAT_24_20
flight be not 40_MAT_24_20
flight be not in 40_MAT_24_39
flood came and 40_MAT_07_25
floods came and 40_MAT_07_27
floods came and 40_MAT_07_25
floods came and the 40_MAT_07_27
floods came and the 40_MAT_21_05
foal of an 40_MAT_21_05
foal of an ass 40_MAT_04_19
follow me and 40_MAT_09_09
follow me and 40_MAT_09_09
Follow me And he 40_MAT_04_19
follow me and I 40_MAT_08_19
follow thee whithersoever 40_MAT_08_19
follow thee whithersoever thou 40_MAT_21_09
followed cried saying 40_MAT_21_09
followed cried saying Hosanna 40_MAT_26_58
followed him afar 40_MAT_26_58
followed him afar off 40_MAT_09_19
followed him and 40_MAT_12_15
followed him and 40_MAT_12_15
followed him and he 40_MAT_19_02
followed him and he 40_MAT_05_22
fool shall be 40_MAT_23_17
fools and blind 40_MAT_23_19
fools and blind 40_MAT_23_17
fools and blind for 40_MAT_23_19
fools and blind for 40_MAT_04_06
foot against a 40_MAT_04_06
foot against a stone 40_MAT_18_08
foot offend thee 40_MAT_18_08
foot offend thee cut 40_MAT_14_13
foot out of 40_MAT_19_24
for a camel 40_MAT_19_24
for a camel to 40_MAT_19_03
for a man 40_MAT_19_03
for a man to 40_MAT_26_13
for a memorial 40_MAT_26_13
for a memorial of 40_MAT_20_02
for a penny 40_MAT_20_13
for a penny 40_MAT_23_14
for a pretence 40_MAT_23_14
for a pretence make 40_MAT_19_24
for a rich 40_MAT_19_24
for a rich man 40_MAT_08_04
for a testimony 40_MAT_10_18
for a testimony against 40_MAT_08_04
for a testimony unto 40_MAT_13_21
for a while 40_MAT_24_14
for a witness 40_MAT_24_14
for a witness unto 40_MAT_11_13
For all the 40_MAT_24_06
For all these 40_MAT_24_06
for all these things 40_MAT_26_52
for all they 40_MAT_24_38
For as in 40_MAT_12_40
For as Jonas 40_MAT_12_40
For as Jonas was 40_MAT_24_27
for as the 40_MAT_24_27
For as the lightning 40_MAT_12_37
For by thy 40_MAT_15_09
for doctrines the 40_MAT_15_09
for doctrines the commandments 40_MAT_06_24
for either he 40_MAT_06_24
for either he will 40_MAT_06_13
for ever Amen 40_MAT_21_19
for ever and 40_MAT_07_08
for every one 40_MAT_07_08
for every one that 40_MAT_28_04
for fear of 40_MAT_15_04
for God commanded 40_MAT_05_12
for great is 40_MAT_19_22
For he had 40_MAT_19_22
for he had great 40_MAT_17_15
for he is 40_MAT_28_06
for he is 40_MAT_17_15
for he is a 40_MAT_27_18
for he knew 40_MAT_27_18
For he knew that 40_MAT_27_43
for he said 40_MAT_27_43
For he said I 40_MAT_01_21
for he shall 40_MAT_07_29
For he taught 40_MAT_07_29
For he taught them 40_MAT_02_18
for her children 40_MAT_02_13
for Herod will 40_MAT_14_03
for Herodias'sake his 40_MAT_14_03
for Herodias'sake his brother 40_MAT_24_50
for him and 40_MAT_18_06
for him that 40_MAT_18_06
for him that a 40_MAT_12_04
for him to 40_MAT_22_02
for his son 40_MAT_08_09
for I am 40_MAT_10_35
for I am 40_MAT_11_29
for I am 40_MAT_08_09
for I am a 40_MAT_27_19
for I have 40_MAT_28_05
For I know 40_MAT_28_05
for I know that 40_MAT_03_09
for I say 40_MAT_05_20
for I say 40_MAT_23_39
for I say 40_MAT_03_09
for I say unto 40_MAT_05_20
for I say unto 40_MAT_23_39
for I say unto 40_MAT_25_35
For I was 40_MAT_25_42
For I was 40_MAT_25_35
For I was an 40_MAT_25_42
For I was an 40_MAT_11_21
for if the 40_MAT_11_23
for if the 40_MAT_11_21
for if the mighty 40_MAT_11_23
for if the mighty 40_MAT_05_46
For if ye 40_MAT_06_14
For if ye 40_MAT_05_46
For if ye love 40_MAT_26_12
for in that 40_MAT_22_30
for in the 40_MAT_04_06
for it is 40_MAT_04_10
for it is 40_MAT_05_29
for it is 40_MAT_05_30
for it is 40_MAT_05_34
for it is 40_MAT_05_35
for it is 40_MAT_10_20
for it is 40_MAT_26_31
for it is 40_MAT_05_35
for it is his 40_MAT_10_20
For it is not 40_MAT_05_29
for it is profitable 40_MAT_05_30
for it is profitable 40_MAT_05_35
for it is the 40_MAT_04_06
for it is written 40_MAT_04_10
for it is written 40_MAT_10_19
for it shall 40_MAT_10_19
for it shall be 40_MAT_07_25
For it was 40_MAT_07_25
for it was founded 40_MAT_11_18
For John came 40_MAT_21_32
For John came 40_MAT_24_05
For many shall 40_MAT_24_05
For many shall come 40_MAT_17_27
for me and 40_MAT_20_15
for me to 40_MAT_17_04
for Moses and 40_MAT_17_04
for Moses and one 40_MAT_26_09
for much and 40_MAT_10_22
For my name's 40_MAT_19_29
For my name's 40_MAT_24_09
For my name's 40_MAT_10_22
For my name's sake 40_MAT_19_29
For my name's sake 40_MAT_24_09
For my name's sake 40_MAT_05_11
for my sake 40_MAT_10_18
for my sake 40_MAT_10_39
for my sake 40_MAT_16_25
for my sake 40_MAT_10_18
for my sake for 40_MAT_10_39
for my sake shall 40_MAT_16_25
for my sake shall 40_MAT_24_07
For nation shall 40_MAT_24_07
For nation shall rise 40_MAT_05_13
for nothing but 40_MAT_19_14
for of such 40_MAT_19_14
for of such is 40_MAT_23_08
for one is 40_MAT_23_09
for one is 40_MAT_23_08
for one is your 40_MAT_23_09
for one is your 40_MAT_02_06
for out of 40_MAT_12_34
for out of 40_MAT_15_19
for out of 40_MAT_12_34
for out of the 40_MAT_15_19
for out of the 40_MAT_15_19
for out of the 40_MAT_12_42
for she came 40_MAT_12_42
for she came from 40_MAT_26_10
For she hath 40_MAT_09_21
for she said 40_MAT_11_26
For so it 40_MAT_11_26
for so it seemed 40_MAT_10_15
for that city 40_MAT_26_24
for that man 40_MAT_26_24
for that man if 40_MAT_01_20
for that which 40_MAT_09_16
for that which 40_MAT_01_20
for that which is 40_MAT_09_16
for that which is 40_MAT_25_41
for the devil 40_MAT_24_22
for the elect's 40_MAT_24_22
for the elect's sake 40_MAT_04_17
for the kingdom 40_MAT_19_12
for the kingdom 40_MAT_20_01
for the kingdom 40_MAT_25_14
for the kingdom 40_MAT_03_02
for the kingdom of 40_MAT_04_17
for the kingdom of 40_MAT_20_01
for the kingdom of 40_MAT_25_14
for the kingdom of 40_MAT_10_15
for the land 40_MAT_11_24
for the land 40_MAT_10_15
for the land of 40_MAT_11_24
for the land of 40_MAT_12_04
for the priests 40_MAT_26_28
for the remission 40_MAT_26_28
for the remission of 40_MAT_16_02
for the sky 40_MAT_16_03
for the sky 40_MAT_16_02
for the sky is 40_MAT_16_03
for the sky is 40_MAT_16_27
for the son 40_MAT_18_11
for the son 40_MAT_12_08
for the son of 40_MAT_18_11
for the son of 40_MAT_06_34
for the things 40_MAT_06_34
for the things of 40_MAT_14_24
for the wind was 40_MAT_02_08
for the young 40_MAT_17_04
for thee and 40_MAT_17_04
for thee and one 40_MAT_05_30
for thee that 40_MAT_05_29
for thee that one 40_MAT_05_30
for thee that one 40_MAT_14_04
for thee to 40_MAT_18_08
for thee to 40_MAT_18_09
for thee to 40_MAT_26_17
for thee to 40_MAT_18_08
for thee to enter 40_MAT_18_09
for thee to enter 40_MAT_14_04
for thee to have 40_MAT_26_43
for their eyes 40_MAT_26_43
for their eyes were 40_MAT_05_03
for theirs is 40_MAT_05_03
for theirs is the 40_MAT_05_10
for theirs is the 40_MAT_18_19
for them of 40_MAT_05_44
for them which 40_MAT_05_44
for them which despitefully 40_MAT_24_21
for then shall 40_MAT_19_12
For there are 40_MAT_10_26
for there is 40_MAT_10_26
for there is nothing 40_MAT_24_24
for there shall 40_MAT_02_20
for they are 40_MAT_13_16
for they hear 40_MAT_05_04
for they shall 40_MAT_05_05
for they shall 40_MAT_05_06
for they shall 40_MAT_05_07
for they shall 40_MAT_05_08
for they shall 40_MAT_05_09
for they shall 40_MAT_05_04
For they shall be 40_MAT_05_06
For they shall be 40_MAT_05_09
For they shall be 40_MAT_05_08
for they shall see 40_MAT_04_18
for they were 40_MAT_04_18
for they were fishers 40_MAT_10_17
for they will 40_MAT_19_05
for this cause 40_MAT_19_05
For this cause shall 40_MAT_03_03
for this is 40_MAT_07_12
for this is 40_MAT_11_10
for this is 40_MAT_26_28
for this is 40_MAT_03_03
for this is he 40_MAT_26_28
For this is my 40_MAT_07_12
for this is the 40_MAT_22_16
for thou regardest 40_MAT_22_16
for thou regardest not 40_MAT_16_23
for thou savourest 40_MAT_16_23
for thou savourest not 40_MAT_02_05
for thus it 40_MAT_03_15
for thus it 40_MAT_23_05
for to be 40_MAT_11_14
for to come 40_MAT_27_06
for to put 40_MAT_11_08
for to see 40_MAT_11_09
for to see 40_MAT_11_08
for to see A 40_MAT_11_09
for to see A 40_MAT_26_55
for to take 40_MAT_11_22
for Tyre and 40_MAT_11_22
for Tyre and Sidon 40_MAT_25_09
for us and 40_MAT_17_04
for us to 40_MAT_17_04
for us to be 40_MAT_05_18
For verily I 40_MAT_10_23
For verily I 40_MAT_17_20
For verily I 40_MAT_05_18
For verily I say 40_MAT_10_23
For verily I say 40_MAT_17_20
For verily I say 40_MAT_02_02
for we have 40_MAT_02_02
for we have seen 40_MAT_16_26
For what is 40_MAT_16_26
For what is a 40_MAT_05_37
for whatsoever is 40_MAT_06_21
For where your 40_MAT_06_21
For where your treasure 40_MAT_09_05
For whether is 40_MAT_23_17
For whether is 40_MAT_23_17
for whether is greater 40_MAT_23_19
for whether is greater 40_MAT_20_23
for whom it 40_MAT_20_23
for whom it is 40_MAT_13_12
For whosoever hath 40_MAT_13_12
For whosoever hath to 40_MAT_12_50
For whosoever shall 40_MAT_12_50
For whosoever shall do 40_MAT_16_25
For whosoever will 40_MAT_16_25
For whosoever will save 40_MAT_23_27
for ye are 40_MAT_26_11
for ye have 40_MAT_26_11
For ye have the 40_MAT_25_13
for ye know 40_MAT_24_42
for ye know not 40_MAT_10_10
for your journey 40_MAT_10_10
for your journey neither 40_MAT_06_25
for your life 40_MAT_06_25
for your life what 40_MAT_06_19
for yourselves treasures 40_MAT_06_20
for yourselves treasures 40_MAT_18_25
forasmuch as he 40_MAT_19_14
forbid them not 40_MAT_06_12
forgive us our 40_MAT_06_15
forgive your trespasses 40_MAT_12_32
forgiven him but 40_MAT_09_05
forgiven thee or 40_MAT_09_05
forgiven thee or to 40_MAT_16_05
forgotten to take 40_MAT_16_05
forgotten to take bread 40_MAT_26_56
forsook him and 40_MAT_26_56
forsook him and fled 40_MAT_01_21
forth a son 40_MAT_01_23
forth a son 40_MAT_01_21
forth a son and 40_MAT_01_23
forth a son and 40_MAT_12_13
forth and it 40_MAT_14_14
forth and saw 40_MAT_14_14
forth and saw a 40_MAT_02_16
forth and slew 40_MAT_13_43
forth as the 40_MAT_07_17
forth evil fruit 40_MAT_07_18
forth evil fruit 40_MAT_15_18
forth from the 40_MAT_09_09
forth from thence 40_MAT_13_08
forth fruit some 40_MAT_03_10
forth good fruit 40_MAT_07_17
forth good fruit 40_MAT_07_19
forth good fruit 40_MAT_03_10
forth good fruit is 40_MAT_07_19
forth good fruit is 40_MAT_01_25
forth her firstborn 40_MAT_01_25
forth her firstborn son 40_MAT_08_03
forth his hand 40_MAT_12_49
forth his hand 40_MAT_14_31
forth his hand 40_MAT_08_03
forth his hand and 40_MAT_14_31
forth his hand and 40_MAT_12_49
forth his hand toward 40_MAT_12_20
forth judgment unto 40_MAT_09_38
forth labourers into 40_MAT_09_38
forth labourers into his 40_MAT_24_32
forth leaves ye 40_MAT_24_32
forth leaves ye know 40_MAT_13_52
forth out of 40_MAT_13_52
forth out of his 40_MAT_14_02
forth themselves in 40_MAT_14_02
forth themselves in him 40_MAT_03_08
forth therefore fruits 40_MAT_12_13
forth thine hand 40_MAT_12_13
forth thine hand and 40_MAT_25_01
forth to meet 40_MAT_13_24
forth unto them 40_MAT_13_24
forth unto them saying 40_MAT_13_31
forth unto them saying 40_MAT_04_02
forty days and 40_MAT_04_02
forty days and forty 40_MAT_04_02
forty nights he 40_MAT_27_32
found a man of 40_MAT_08_10
found so great 40_MAT_08_10
found so great faith 40_MAT_26_43
found them asleep 40_MAT_26_43
found them asleep again 40_MAT_13_35
foundation of the 40_MAT_25_34
foundation of the 40_MAT_13_35
foundation of the world 40_MAT_25_34
foundation of the world 40_MAT_07_25
founded upon a 40_MAT_07_25
founded upon a rock 40_MAT_16_10
four thousand and 40_MAT_15_38
four thousand men 40_MAT_24_31
four winds from 40_MAT_01_17
fourteen generations and from 40_MAT_01_17
fourteen generations and from 40_MAT_14_25
fourth watch of 40_MAT_14_25
fourth watch of the 40_MAT_06_26
fowls of the 40_MAT_06_26
fowls of the 40_MAT_06_26
fowls of the air 40_MAT_08_20
foxes have holes 40_MAT_08_20
foxes have holes and 40_MAT_14_20
fragments that remained 40_MAT_11_19
friend of publicans 40_MAT_11_19
friend of publicans and 40_MAT_13_49
from among the 40_MAT_04_25
from beyond Jordan 40_MAT_23_34
from city to 40_MAT_23_34
from city to city 40_MAT_06_13
from evil for 40_MAT_04_25
from Galilee and 40_MAT_19_01
from Galilee and 40_MAT_03_13
from Galilee to 40_MAT_24_29
from heaven and 40_MAT_28_02
from heaven and 40_MAT_24_29
from heaven and the 40_MAT_21_25
from heaven he 40_MAT_21_25
From heaven he will 40_MAT_21_25
from heaven or 40_MAT_21_25
from heaven or of 40_MAT_03_17
from heaven saying 40_MAT_25_28
from him and 40_MAT_27_31
from him and 40_MAT_27_31
from him and put 40_MAT_13_12
from him shall 40_MAT_13_12
from him shall be 40_MAT_05_42
from him that 40_MAT_25_29
from him that 40_MAT_25_29
from him that hath 40_MAT_04_25
from Jerusalem and 40_MAT_04_25
from Jerusalem and from 40_MAT_26_39
from me nevertheless 40_MAT_26_39
from me nevertheless not 40_MAT_07_23
from me ye 40_MAT_19_20
from my youth 40_MAT_24_31
from one end 40_MAT_22_46
from that day 40_MAT_22_46
from that day forth 40_MAT_09_22
from that hour 40_MAT_04_17
from that time 40_MAT_16_21
from that time 40_MAT_26_16
from that time 40_MAT_15_28
from that very 40_MAT_17_18
from that very 40_MAT_15_28
from that very hour 40_MAT_17_18
from that very hour 40_MAT_19_08
from the beginning 40_MAT_26_47
from the chief 40_MAT_26_47
from the chief priests 40_MAT_27_40
from the cross 40_MAT_27_42
from the cross 40_MAT_11_12
from the days 40_MAT_11_12
from the days of 40_MAT_14_02
from the dead 40_MAT_17_09
from the dead 40_MAT_28_07
from the dead 40_MAT_14_02
from the dead and 40_MAT_28_07
from the dead and 40_MAT_02_01
from the east 40_MAT_08_11
from the east 40_MAT_08_11
from the east and 40_MAT_13_35
from the foundation 40_MAT_13_35
from the foundation of 40_MAT_25_34
from the foundation of 40_MAT_24_31
from the four 40_MAT_24_31
from the four winds 40_MAT_25_32
from the goats 40_MAT_15_18
from the heart 40_MAT_05_18
from the law 40_MAT_08_01
from the mountain 40_MAT_28_08
from the sepulchre 40_MAT_24_01
from the temple 40_MAT_27_51
from the top 40_MAT_27_51
from the top to 40_MAT_21_08
from the trees 40_MAT_21_08
from the trees and 40_MAT_11_25
from the wise 40_MAT_11_25
from the wise and 40_MAT_03_07
from the wrath 40_MAT_03_07
from the wrath to 40_MAT_05_29
from thee for 40_MAT_05_30
from thee for 40_MAT_05_29
from thee for it 40_MAT_05_30
from thee for it 40_MAT_18_08
from thee it 40_MAT_18_08
from thee it is 40_MAT_18_09
from thee it is 40_MAT_09_15
from them and 40_MAT_09_15
from them and then 40_MAT_12_15
from thence and 40_MAT_15_29
from thence and 40_MAT_15_29
from thence and came 40_MAT_09_09
from thence he 40_MAT_04_21
from thence he saw 40_MAT_09_09
from thence he saw 40_MAT_13_27
from whence then 40_MAT_21_43
from you and 40_MAT_03_10
fruit is hewn 40_MAT_07_19
fruit is hewn 40_MAT_03_10
fruit is hewn down 40_MAT_07_19
fruit is hewn down 40_MAT_26_29
fruit of the 40_MAT_26_29
fruit of the vine 40_MAT_02_17
fulfilled that which 40_MAT_02_17
fulfilled that which was 40_MAT_27_09
fulfilled that which was 40_MAT_01_22
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_02_15
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_04_14
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_08_17
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_12_17
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_13_35
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_21_04
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_27_35
fulfilled which was 40_MAT_01_22
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_02_15
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_04_14
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_08_17
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_12_17
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_13_35
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_21_04
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_27_35
fulfilled which was spoken 40_MAT_06_23
full of darkness 40_MAT_06_22
full of light 40_MAT_13_42
furnace of fire 40_MAT_13_50
furnace of fire 40_MAT_13_42
furnace of fire there 40_MAT_13_50
furnace of fire there 40_MAT_16_26
gain the whole 40_MAT_16_26
gain the whole world 40_MAT_28_10
Galilee and there 40_MAT_04_15
Galilee of the 40_MAT_28_07
Galilee there shall 40_MAT_28_07
Galilee there shall ye 40_MAT_14_36
garment and as 40_MAT_14_36
garment and as many 40_MAT_22_12
garment and he 40_MAT_27_35
garments among them 40_MAT_27_35
garments among them and 40_MAT_27_35
garments casting lots 40_MAT_21_08
garments in the way 40_MAT_13_30
gather the wheat 40_MAT_13_30
gather the wheat into 40_MAT_13_28
gather them up 40_MAT_24_31
gather together his 40_MAT_24_31
gather together his elect 40_MAT_13_29
gather up the 40_MAT_13_30
Gather ye together 40_MAT_02_04
gathered all the 40_MAT_23_37
gathered thy children 40_MAT_23_37
gathered thy children together 40_MAT_22_10
gathered together all 40_MAT_13_02
gathered together unto 40_MAT_27_27
gathered unto him 40_MAT_27_27
gathered unto him the 40_MAT_12_30
gathereth not with 40_MAT_12_30
gathereth not with me 40_MAT_08_18
gave commandment to 40_MAT_27_48
gave him to drink 40_MAT_26_26
gave it to 40_MAT_26_27
gave it to 40_MAT_26_27
gave it to them 40_MAT_15_36
gave thanks and 40_MAT_26_27
gave thanks and 40_MAT_15_36
gave thanks and brake 40_MAT_21_23
gave thee this 40_MAT_21_23
gave thee this authority 40_MAT_10_01
gave them power 40_MAT_15_36
gave to his 40_MAT_15_36
gave to his disciples 40_MAT_12_41
generation and shall 40_MAT_12_42
generation and shall 40_MAT_12_41
generation and shall condemn 40_MAT_12_42
generation and shall condemn 40_MAT_17_17
generation how long 40_MAT_17_17
generation how long shall 40_MAT_03_07
generation of vipers 40_MAT_12_34
generation of vipers 40_MAT_12_34
generation of vipers how 40_MAT_23_33
generation of vipers how 40_MAT_03_07
generation of vipers who 40_MAT_12_39
generation seeketh after 40_MAT_16_04
generation seeketh after 40_MAT_12_39
generation seeketh after a 40_MAT_16_04
generation seeketh after a 40_MAT_24_34
generation shall not 40_MAT_24_34
generation shall not pass 40_MAT_16_23
Get thee behind 40_MAT_16_23
Get thee behind me 40_MAT_03_11
Ghost and with 40_MAT_03_11
Ghost and with fire 40_MAT_12_32
Ghost it shall 40_MAT_12_32
Ghost it shall not 40_MAT_15_05
gift by whatsoever 40_MAT_15_05
gift by whatsoever thou 40_MAT_23_18
gift that is 40_MAT_05_23
gift to the 40_MAT_07_11
gifts unto your 40_MAT_07_11
gifts unto your children 40_MAT_20_23
give but it 40_MAT_20_23
give but it shall 40_MAT_07_11
give good gifts 40_MAT_07_11
give good gifts unto 40_MAT_24_29
give her light 40_MAT_07_09
give him a 40_MAT_07_10
give him a 40_MAT_07_10
give him a serpent 40_MAT_07_09
give him a stone 40_MAT_04_06
give his angels 40_MAT_04_06
give his angels charge 40_MAT_20_28
give his life 40_MAT_20_28
give his life a 40_MAT_16_26
give in exchange 40_MAT_16_26
give in exchange for 40_MAT_25_28
give it unto 40_MAT_24_19
give suck in 40_MAT_24_19
give suck in those 40_MAT_20_08
give them their 40_MAT_05_42
give to him 40_MAT_05_42
give to him that 40_MAT_19_21
give to the 40_MAT_19_21
give to the poor 40_MAT_22_17
give tribute unto 40_MAT_22_17
give tribute unto Caesar 40_MAT_17_27
give unto them 40_MAT_06_11
Give us this 40_MAT_14_16
give ye them 40_MAT_14_16
give ye them to 40_MAT_20_04
give you and 40_MAT_13_12
given and he 40_MAT_25_29
given and he 40_MAT_13_12
given and he shall 40_MAT_25_29
given and he shall 40_MAT_22_30
given in marriage 40_MAT_22_30
given in marriage but 40_MAT_21_43
given to a 40_MAT_12_39
given to it 40_MAT_14_11
given to the 40_MAT_26_09
given to the 40_MAT_26_09
given to the poor 40_MAT_20_23
given to them 40_MAT_20_23
given to them for 40_MAT_16_04
given unto it 40_MAT_28_18
given unto me 40_MAT_13_11
given unto you 40_MAT_10_19
given you in 40_MAT_10_19
given you in that 40_MAT_07_07
given you seek 40_MAT_07_07
given you seek and 40_MAT_06_13
glory for ever 40_MAT_06_13
glory for ever Amen 40_MAT_16_27
glory of his 40_MAT_16_27
glory of his Father 40_MAT_04_08
glory of them 40_MAT_06_29
glory was not 40_MAT_06_29
glory was not arrayed 40_MAT_08_12
gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_13_42
gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_22_13
gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_24_51
gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_25_30
gnashing of teeth 40_MAT_08_21
go and bury 40_MAT_08_21
go and bury my 40_MAT_08_09
Go And he 40_MAT_08_09
Go and he goeth 40_MAT_26_36
go and pray 40_MAT_11_04
Go and show 40_MAT_18_15
Go and tell 40_MAT_08_32
go and when 40_MAT_08_31
go away into 40_MAT_25_46
go away into 40_MAT_14_22
go before him 40_MAT_26_32
go before you 40_MAT_26_32
go before you into 40_MAT_02_20
go into the 40_MAT_14_15
go into the 40_MAT_21_02
go into the 40_MAT_21_31
go into the 40_MAT_21_31
go into the 40_MAT_26_18
Go into the city 40_MAT_02_20
go into the land 40_MAT_24_26
go not forth 40_MAT_10_05
Go not into 40_MAT_19_24
go through the 40_MAT_19_24
go through the eye 40_MAT_05_24
go thy way 40_MAT_08_04
go thy way 40_MAT_08_13
go thy way 40_MAT_20_14
go thy way 40_MAT_08_04
go thy way show 40_MAT_16_21
go unto Jerusalem 40_MAT_16_21
go unto Jerusalem and 40_MAT_20_18
go up to 40_MAT_20_18
go up to Jerusalem 40_MAT_20_04
Go ye also 40_MAT_20_07
Go ye also 40_MAT_20_04
Go ye also into 40_MAT_20_07
Go ye also into 40_MAT_09_13
go ye and 40_MAT_22_09
Go ye therefore 40_MAT_28_19
Go ye therefore 40_MAT_27_65
go your way 40_MAT_19_26
God all things 40_MAT_19_26
God all things are 40_MAT_21_12
god and cast 40_MAT_12_04
God and did 40_MAT_04_10
God and him 40_MAT_04_10
God and him only 40_MAT_06_33
God and his 40_MAT_06_24
God and mammon 40_MAT_26_61
God and to 40_MAT_08_29
God art thou come 40_MAT_16_23
God but those 40_MAT_04_06
God cast thyself 40_MAT_04_06
God cast thyself down 40_MAT_19_06
God hath joined 40_MAT_19_06
God hath joined together 40_MAT_02_12
God in a 40_MAT_02_12
God in a dream 40_MAT_02_22
God in a dream 40_MAT_22_30
God in heaven 40_MAT_22_16
God in truth 40_MAT_03_09
God is able 40_MAT_03_09
God is able of 40_MAT_12_28
God is come 40_MAT_22_32
God is not 40_MAT_22_32
God is not the 40_MAT_27_43
god let him 40_MAT_27_46
God my God 40_MAT_27_46
God my God why 40_MAT_22_32
God of Abraham 40_MAT_22_32
God of Isaac 40_MAT_22_32
God of Isaac and 40_MAT_15_31
God of Israel 40_MAT_22_32
God of Jacob 40_MAT_15_06
God of none 40_MAT_15_06
God of none effect 40_MAT_22_32
God of the 40_MAT_22_32
God of the dead 40_MAT_21_43
God shall be 40_MAT_06_30
God so clothe 40_MAT_06_30
God so clothe the 40_MAT_26_63
God that thou 40_MAT_22_21
God the things 40_MAT_22_21
God the things that 40_MAT_22_37
God with all 40_MAT_22_37
God with all thy 40_MAT_08_09
goeth and to 40_MAT_08_09
goeth and to another 40_MAT_26_24
goeth as it 40_MAT_26_24
goeth as it is 40_MAT_28_07
goeth before you 40_MAT_28_07
goeth before you into 40_MAT_12_45
goeth he and 40_MAT_12_45
goeth he and taketh 40_MAT_15_11
goeth into the 40_MAT_15_17
goeth into the 40_MAT_18_12
goeth into the 40_MAT_20_17
going up to 40_MAT_20_17
going up to Jerusalem 40_MAT_23_16
gold of the 40_MAT_10_15
Gomorrha in the 40_MAT_10_15
Gomorrha in the day 40_MAT_26_71
gone out into 40_MAT_26_71
gone out into the 40_MAT_12_43
gone out of 40_MAT_12_43
gone out of a 40_MAT_10_23
gone over the 40_MAT_25_21
good and faithful 40_MAT_25_23
good and faithful 40_MAT_25_21
good and faithful servant 40_MAT_25_23
good and faithful servant 40_MAT_22_10
good And the 40_MAT_19_17
good but one 40_MAT_19_17
good but one that 40_MAT_14_27
good cheer it 40_MAT_14_27
good cheer it is 40_MAT_09_22
good comfort thy 40_MAT_09_22
good comfort thy faith 40_MAT_05_13
good for nothing 40_MAT_26_24
good for that 40_MAT_17_04
good for us 40_MAT_17_04
good for us to 40_MAT_03_10
good fruit is 40_MAT_07_19
good fruit is 40_MAT_03_10
good fruit is hewn 40_MAT_07_19
good fruit is hewn 40_MAT_07_11
good gifts unto 40_MAT_07_11
good gifts unto your 40_MAT_13_08
good ground and 40_MAT_11_26
good in thy 40_MAT_12_35
good man out 40_MAT_12_35
good man out of 40_MAT_19_16
Good Master what 40_MAT_13_24
good seed in 40_MAT_13_27
good seed in 40_MAT_19_17
good there is 40_MAT_19_17
good there is none 40_MAT_12_35
good things and 40_MAT_07_11
good things to 40_MAT_05_44
good to them 40_MAT_05_44
good to them that 40_MAT_12_35
good treasure of 40_MAT_07_17
good tree bringeth 40_MAT_08_30
good way off 40_MAT_05_16
good works and 40_MAT_20_11
goodman of the 40_MAT_24_43
goodman of the 40_MAT_20_11
goodman of the house 40_MAT_24_43
goodman of the house 40_MAT_12_29
goods except he 40_MAT_04_23
gospel of the 40_MAT_09_35
gospel of the 40_MAT_04_23
gospel of the kingdom 40_MAT_09_35
gospel of the kingdom 40_MAT_26_13
gospel shall be 40_MAT_26_13
gospel shall be preached 40_MAT_13_31
grain of mustard 40_MAT_17_20
grain of mustard 40_MAT_13_31
grain of mustard seed 40_MAT_17_20
grain of mustard seed 40_MAT_06_30
grass of the 40_MAT_06_30
grass of the field 40_MAT_20_26
great among you 40_MAT_08_10
great faith no 40_MAT_08_10
great faith no not 40_MAT_05_19
great in the 40_MAT_15_28
great is thy 40_MAT_28_08
great joy and 40_MAT_20_29
great multitude followed 40_MAT_20_29
great multitude followed him 40_MAT_26_47
great multitude with 40_MAT_26_47
great multitude with swords 40_MAT_15_30
great multitudes came 40_MAT_08_01
great multitudes followed 40_MAT_12_15
great multitudes followed 40_MAT_08_01
great multitudes followed him 40_MAT_12_15
great multitudes followed him 40_MAT_07_27
great was the 40_MAT_11_11
greater than he 40_MAT_12_41
greater than Jonas 40_MAT_12_41
greater than Jonas is 40_MAT_12_42
greater than Solomon 40_MAT_12_42
greater than Solomon is 40_MAT_12_06
greater than the 40_MAT_23_11
greatest among you 40_MAT_18_01
greatest in the 40_MAT_18_04
greatest in the 40_MAT_18_01
greatest in the kingdom 40_MAT_18_04
greatest in the kingdom 40_MAT_23_07
greetings in the 40_MAT_23_07
greetings in the markets 40_MAT_23_04
grievous to be 40_MAT_23_04
grievous to be borne 40_MAT_21_44
grind him to 40_MAT_21_44
grind him to powder 40_MAT_13_15
gross and their 40_MAT_13_15
gross and their ears 40_MAT_06_28
grow they toil 40_MAT_06_28
grow they toil not 40_MAT_26_66
guilty of death 40_MAT_26_19
had appointed them 40_MAT_28_16
had appointed them 40_MAT_11_21
had been done 40_MAT_11_23
had been done 40_MAT_11_21
had been done in 40_MAT_11_23
had been done in 40_MAT_26_24
had been good 40_MAT_26_24
had been good for 40_MAT_23_30
had been in 40_MAT_23_30
had been in the 40_MAT_01_06
had been the 40_MAT_01_24
had bidden him 40_MAT_27_02
had bound him 40_MAT_01_25
had brought forth 40_MAT_18_33
had compassion on 40_MAT_20_34
had compassion on 40_MAT_20_34
had compassion on them 40_MAT_27_18
had delivered him 40_MAT_14_21
had eaten were 40_MAT_14_21
had eaten were about 40_MAT_26_01
had finished all 40_MAT_13_53
had finished these 40_MAT_19_01
had finished these 40_MAT_16_05
had forgotten to 40_MAT_16_05
had forgotten to take 40_MAT_02_04
had gathered all 40_MAT_02_04
had gathered all the 40_MAT_19_22
had great possessions 40_MAT_11_02
had heard in 40_MAT_11_02
had heard in the 40_MAT_04_12
had heard that 40_MAT_22_34
had heard that 40_MAT_22_34
had heard that he 40_MAT_02_09
had heard the 40_MAT_02_03
had heard these 40_MAT_02_03
had heard these things 40_MAT_12_07
had known what 40_MAT_14_03
had laid hold 40_MAT_26_57
had laid hold 40_MAT_14_03
had laid hold on 40_MAT_26_57
had laid hold on 40_MAT_11_01
had made an 40_MAT_11_01
had made an end 40_MAT_27_31
had mocked him 40_MAT_27_31
had mocked him they 40_MAT_13_06
had no root 40_MAT_26_24
had not been 40_MAT_13_05
had not much 40_MAT_13_05
had not much earth 40_MAT_18_33
had pity on 40_MAT_25_16
had received the 40_MAT_25_24
had received the 40_MAT_25_17
had received two 40_MAT_25_22
had received two 40_MAT_21_32
had seen it 40_MAT_26_30
had sung an 40_MAT_26_30
had sung an hymn 40_MAT_28_12
had taken counsel 40_MAT_27_59
had taken the 40_MAT_21_28
had two sons 40_MAT_21_28
had two sons and 40_MAT_27_29
Hail King of 40_MAT_27_29
Hail King of the 40_MAT_10_30
hairs of your 40_MAT_10_30
hairs of your head 40_MAT_06_09
Hallowed be thy 40_MAT_06_09
Hallowed be thy name 40_MAT_14_31
hand and caught 40_MAT_22_13
hand and foot 40_MAT_03_12
hand And he 40_MAT_12_13
hand And he 40_MAT_12_13
hand And he stretched 40_MAT_03_12
hand and he will 40_MAT_20_23
hand and on 40_MAT_20_23
hand and on my 40_MAT_08_15
hand and the 40_MAT_09_25
hand and the 40_MAT_20_21
hand and the 40_MAT_26_45
hand and the 40_MAT_20_21
hand and the other 40_MAT_27_29
hand and they 40_MAT_08_03
hand and touched him 40_MAT_25_33
hand but the 40_MAT_26_64
hand of power 40_MAT_26_64
hand of power and 40_MAT_05_30
hand offend thee 40_MAT_05_30
hand offend thee cut 40_MAT_22_44
hand till I 40_MAT_22_44
hand till I make 40_MAT_17_22
hands of men 40_MAT_26_45
hands of sinners 40_MAT_18_28
hands on him 40_MAT_21_46
hands on him 40_MAT_18_28
hands on him and 40_MAT_19_13
hands on them 40_MAT_19_15
hands on them 40_MAT_19_13
hands on them and 40_MAT_19_15
hands on them and 40_MAT_04_06
hands they shall 40_MAT_04_06
hands they shall bear 40_MAT_18_06
hanged about his 40_MAT_18_06
hanged about his neck 40_MAT_19_08
hardness of your 40_MAT_09_38
harvest that he 40_MAT_09_37
harvest truly is 40_MAT_19_21
hast and give 40_MAT_19_21
hast and give to 40_MAT_25_21
hast been faithful 40_MAT_25_23
hast been faithful 40_MAT_25_21
hast been faithful over 40_MAT_25_23
hast been faithful over 40_MAT_11_25
hast hid these 40_MAT_11_25
hast hid these things 40_MAT_05_26
hast paid the 40_MAT_11_25
hast revealed them 40_MAT_11_25
hast revealed them unto 40_MAT_27_46
hast thou forsaken 40_MAT_27_46
hast thou forsaken me 40_MAT_06_24
hate the one 40_MAT_06_24
hate the one and 40_MAT_05_44
hate you and 40_MAT_10_22
hated of all 40_MAT_24_09
hated of all 40_MAT_10_22
hated of all men 40_MAT_11_18
hath a devil 40_MAT_05_31
hath been said 40_MAT_05_33
hath been said 40_MAT_05_43
hath been said 40_MAT_13_28
hath done this 40_MAT_11_15
hath ears to 40_MAT_13_09
hath ears to 40_MAT_11_15
hath ears to hear 40_MAT_13_09
hath ears to hear 40_MAT_27_23
hath he done 40_MAT_13_21
hath he not 40_MAT_19_06
hath joined together 40_MAT_19_06
hath joined together let 40_MAT_09_22
hath made thee 40_MAT_09_22
hath made thee whole 40_MAT_21_03
hath need of 40_MAT_13_12
hath not from 40_MAT_13_12
hath not from him 40_MAT_08_20
hath not where 40_MAT_08_20
hath not where to 40_MAT_09_06
hath power on 40_MAT_09_06
hath power on earth 40_MAT_25_29
hath shall be 40_MAT_25_29
hath shall be given 40_MAT_13_54
hath this man 40_MAT_13_56
hath this man 40_MAT_13_12
hath to him 40_MAT_13_12
hath to him shall 40_MAT_03_07
hath warned you 40_MAT_03_07
hath warned you to 40_MAT_26_10
hath wrought a 40_MAT_26_10
hath wrought a good 40_MAT_03_09
have Abraham to 40_MAT_03_09
have Abraham to our 40_MAT_11_23
have been done 40_MAT_11_23
have been done in 40_MAT_13_35
have been kept 40_MAT_26_09
have been sold 40_MAT_26_09
have been sold for 40_MAT_07_22
have cast out 40_MAT_28_20
have commanded you 40_MAT_28_20
have commanded you and 40_MAT_15_32
have compassion on 40_MAT_15_32
have compassion on the 40_MAT_13_17
have desired to 40_MAT_13_17
have desired to see 40_MAT_23_23
have done and 40_MAT_23_23
have done and not 40_MAT_25_40
have done it 40_MAT_25_40
have done it unto 40_MAT_25_40
have done it unto 40_MAT_17_12
have done unto 40_MAT_17_12
have done unto him 40_MAT_19_16
have eternal life 40_MAT_02_08
have found him 40_MAT_23_37
have gathered thy 40_MAT_23_37
have gathered thy children 40_MAT_26_65
have heard his 40_MAT_05_21
have heard that 40_MAT_05_27
have heard that 40_MAT_05_33
have heard that 40_MAT_05_38
have heard that 40_MAT_05_43
have heard that 40_MAT_05_21
have heard that it 40_MAT_05_27
have heard that it 40_MAT_05_38
have heard that it 40_MAT_05_43
have heard that it 40_MAT_08_20
have holes and 40_MAT_02_15
have I called 40_MAT_19_20
have I kept 40_MAT_19_20
have I kept from 40_MAT_05_13
have lost his 40_MAT_05_13
have lost his savour 40_MAT_21_13
have made it 40_MAT_21_13
have made it a 40_MAT_09_13
have mercy and 40_MAT_12_07
have mercy and 40_MAT_09_13
have mercy and not 40_MAT_12_07
have mercy and not 40_MAT_09_27
have mercy on 40_MAT_15_22
have mercy on 40_MAT_17_15
have mercy on 40_MAT_20_30
have mercy on 40_MAT_20_31
have mercy on 40_MAT_15_22
Have mercy on me 40_MAT_09_27
have mercy on us 40_MAT_20_30
have mercy on us 40_MAT_06_08
have need of 40_MAT_08_20
have nests but 40_MAT_08_20
have nests but the 40_MAT_26_11
have not always 40_MAT_11_17
have not danced 40_MAT_11_17
have not danced we 40_MAT_08_10
have not found 40_MAT_08_10
have not found so 40_MAT_13_17
have not heard 40_MAT_13_17
have not heard them 40_MAT_13_17
have not seen 40_MAT_13_17
have not seen them 40_MAT_15_32
have nothing to 40_MAT_15_32
have nothing to eat 40_MAT_18_26
have patience with 40_MAT_18_29
have patience with 40_MAT_18_26
have patience with me 40_MAT_18_29
have patience with me 40_MAT_11_17
have piped unto 40_MAT_11_17
have piped unto you 40_MAT_25_27
have put my 40_MAT_02_02
have seen his 40_MAT_27_04
have sinned in 40_MAT_24_43
have suffered his 40_MAT_24_43
have suffered his house 40_MAT_26_11
have the poor 40_MAT_06_02
have their reward 40_MAT_06_05
have their reward 40_MAT_24_25
have told you 40_MAT_28_07
have told you 40_MAT_24_25
have told you before 40_MAT_19_21
have treasure in 40_MAT_19_21
have treasure in heaven 40_MAT_24_43
have watched and 40_MAT_07_22
have we not 40_MAT_08_29
have we to 40_MAT_08_29
have we to do 40_MAT_20_12
have wrought but 40_MAT_15_34
have ye And 40_MAT_15_34
have ye And they 40_MAT_21_16
have ye never 40_MAT_21_16
have ye never read 40_MAT_12_03
have ye not 40_MAT_12_05
have ye not 40_MAT_19_04
have ye not 40_MAT_22_31
have ye not 40_MAT_12_03
Have ye not read 40_MAT_12_05
Have ye not read 40_MAT_22_31
Have ye not read 40_MAT_26_07
having an alabaster 40_MAT_26_07
having an alabaster box 40_MAT_18_09
having two eyes 40_MAT_18_09
having two eyes to 40_MAT_18_08
having two hands 40_MAT_13_22
he also that 40_MAT_25_22
he also that 40_MAT_12_45
he and taketh 40_MAT_04_04
he answered and 40_MAT_12_39
he answered and 40_MAT_12_48
he answered and 40_MAT_13_11
he answered and 40_MAT_13_37
he answered and 40_MAT_15_03
he answered and 40_MAT_15_13
he answered and 40_MAT_15_24
he answered and 40_MAT_15_26
he answered and 40_MAT_16_02
he answered and 40_MAT_19_04
he answered and 40_MAT_21_29
he answered and 40_MAT_21_30
he answered and 40_MAT_25_12
he answered and 40_MAT_26_23
he answered and 40_MAT_04_04
he answered and said 40_MAT_12_39
he answered and said 40_MAT_12_48
he answered and said 40_MAT_13_11
he answered and said 40_MAT_13_37
he answered and said 40_MAT_15_03
he answered and said 40_MAT_15_13
he answered and said 40_MAT_15_24
he answered and said 40_MAT_15_26
he answered and said 40_MAT_16_02
he answered and said 40_MAT_19_04
he answered and said 40_MAT_21_29
he answered and said 40_MAT_21_30
he answered and said 40_MAT_25_12
he answered and said 40_MAT_26_23
he answered and said 40_MAT_27_14
he answered him 40_MAT_27_12
he answered Nothing 40_MAT_02_21
he arose and 40_MAT_08_26
he arose and 40_MAT_09_07
he arose and 40_MAT_09_09
he arose and 40_MAT_09_09
he arose and followed 40_MAT_08_26
he arose and rebuked 40_MAT_07_10
he ask a 40_MAT_07_10
he ask a fish 40_MAT_16_13
he asked his 40_MAT_16_13
he asked his disciples 40_MAT_16_12
he bade them 40_MAT_14_19
he blessed and 40_MAT_01_25
he called his 40_MAT_01_25
he called his name 40_MAT_15_10
he called the 40_MAT_04_21
he called them 40_MAT_02_23
he came and 40_MAT_04_13
he came and 40_MAT_26_43
he came and 40_MAT_02_23
he came and dwelt 40_MAT_04_13
he came and dwelt 40_MAT_21_19
he came to 40_MAT_21_28
he came to 40_MAT_21_28
he came to 40_MAT_26_49
he came to 40_MAT_21_19
he came to it 40_MAT_21_28
he came to the 40_MAT_21_30
he came to the 40_MAT_27_42
he cannot save 40_MAT_08_16
He cast out 40_MAT_08_16
He cast out the 40_MAT_09_34
He casteth out 40_MAT_09_34
He casteth out devils 40_MAT_08_09
he cometh and 40_MAT_08_09
he cometh and to 40_MAT_24_46
he cometh shall 40_MAT_24_46
he cometh shall find 40_MAT_26_40
he cometh unto 40_MAT_14_19
he commanded the 40_MAT_15_35
he commanded the 40_MAT_14_19
he commanded the multitude 40_MAT_15_35
he commanded the multitude 40_MAT_14_30
he cried saying 40_MAT_27_26
he delivered him 40_MAT_27_26
he delivered him to 40_MAT_04_12
he departed into 40_MAT_17_18
he departed out 40_MAT_17_18
he departed out of 40_MAT_11_01
he departed thence 40_MAT_14_13
he departed thence 40_MAT_21_15
he did and 40_MAT_08_09
he doeth it 40_MAT_27_23
he done But they 40_MAT_27_23
he done But they 40_MAT_09_01
he entered into 40_MAT_09_01
he entered into a 40_MAT_12_04
he entered into the 40_MAT_18_13
he find it 40_MAT_12_44
he findeth it 40_MAT_13_24
he forth unto 40_MAT_13_31
he forth unto 40_MAT_13_24
he forth unto them 40_MAT_13_31
he forth unto them 40_MAT_10_01
he gave them 40_MAT_07_09
he give him 40_MAT_07_09
he give him a 40_MAT_07_10
he give him a 40_MAT_08_09
he goeth and 40_MAT_08_09
he goeth and to 40_MAT_28_07
he goeth before 40_MAT_28_07
he goeth before you 40_MAT_13_46
he had and 40_MAT_18_25
he had and 40_MAT_18_24
he had begun 40_MAT_10_01
he had called 40_MAT_18_32
he had called 40_MAT_27_50
he had cried 40_MAT_13_46
he had found 40_MAT_02_04
he had gathered 40_MAT_02_04
he had gathered all 40_MAT_19_22
he had great 40_MAT_19_22
he had great possessions 40_MAT_22_25
he had married 40_MAT_18_25
he had not 40_MAT_26_24
he had not 40_MAT_26_24
he had not been 40_MAT_22_34
he had Put 40_MAT_27_26
he had scourged 40_MAT_14_23
he had sent 40_MAT_11_18
He hath a devil 40_MAT_26_65
he hath spoken 40_MAT_04_24
he healed them 40_MAT_12_15
he healed them 40_MAT_19_02
he healed them 40_MAT_21_14
he healed them 40_MAT_02_22
he heard that 40_MAT_17_15
he is a 40_MAT_23_16
he is a 40_MAT_23_16
he is a debtor 40_MAT_26_46
he is at 40_MAT_12_44
he is come 40_MAT_12_44
he is come he 40_MAT_23_18
he is guilty 40_MAT_26_66
he is guilty 40_MAT_26_66
He is guilty of 40_MAT_24_26
he is in 40_MAT_24_26
he is in the 40_MAT_24_26
he is in the 40_MAT_23_15
he is made 40_MAT_24_50
he is not 40_MAT_28_06
he is not 40_MAT_24_50
he is not aware 40_MAT_28_06
He is not here 40_MAT_14_02
he is risen 40_MAT_27_64
he is risen 40_MAT_28_07
he is risen 40_MAT_14_02
he is risen from 40_MAT_27_64
he is risen from 40_MAT_19_15
he laid his 40_MAT_19_15
he laid his hands 40_MAT_16_04
he left them 40_MAT_21_17
he left them 40_MAT_16_04
he left them and 40_MAT_21_17
he left them and 40_MAT_24_50
he looketh not 40_MAT_24_50
he looketh not for 40_MAT_05_45
he maketh his 40_MAT_12_20
he not break 40_MAT_12_20
he not break and 40_MAT_12_20
he not quench 40_MAT_13_34
he not unto 40_MAT_13_34
he not unto them 40_MAT_11_10
he of whom 40_MAT_11_10
he of whom it 40_MAT_05_02
he opened his 40_MAT_05_02
he opened his mouth 40_MAT_14_18
he said Bring 40_MAT_14_18
he said Bring them 40_MAT_14_29
he said Come 40_MAT_28_06
he said Come 40_MAT_26_18
he said Go 40_MAT_27_43
he said I 40_MAT_27_43
he said I am 40_MAT_04_03
he said If 40_MAT_13_29
he said Nay 40_MAT_03_07
he said unto 40_MAT_08_32
he said unto 40_MAT_09_12
he said unto 40_MAT_09_24
he said unto 40_MAT_12_03
he said unto 40_MAT_12_11
he said unto 40_MAT_13_28
he said unto 40_MAT_16_08
he said unto 40_MAT_19_11
he said unto 40_MAT_19_17
he said unto 40_MAT_20_21
he said unto 40_MAT_21_27
he said unto 40_MAT_26_01
he said unto 40_MAT_26_10
he said unto 40_MAT_26_25
he said unto 40_MAT_20_21
he said unto her 40_MAT_19_17
he said unto him 40_MAT_26_25
he said unto him 40_MAT_26_01
he said unto his 40_MAT_03_07
he said unto them 40_MAT_08_32
he said unto them 40_MAT_09_12
he said unto them 40_MAT_09_24
he said unto them 40_MAT_12_03
he said unto them 40_MAT_12_11
he said unto them 40_MAT_13_28
he said unto them 40_MAT_16_08
he said unto them 40_MAT_19_11
he said unto them 40_MAT_21_27
he said unto them 40_MAT_26_10
he said unto them 40_MAT_26_21
he said Verily 40_MAT_26_21
he said Verily I 40_MAT_12_44
he saith I 40_MAT_12_44
he saith I will 40_MAT_04_19
he saith unto 40_MAT_08_26
he saith unto 40_MAT_16_15
he saith unto 40_MAT_19_08
he saith unto 40_MAT_19_18
he saith unto 40_MAT_20_07
he saith unto 40_MAT_20_23
he saith unto 40_MAT_22_12
he saith unto 40_MAT_22_20
he saith unto 40_MAT_22_43
he saith unto 40_MAT_09_09
he saith unto him 40_MAT_19_18
he saith unto him 40_MAT_04_19
he saith unto them 40_MAT_08_26
he saith unto them 40_MAT_19_08
he saith unto them 40_MAT_20_07
he saith unto them 40_MAT_20_23
he saith unto them 40_MAT_22_20
he saith unto them 40_MAT_22_43
he saith unto them 40_MAT_26_07
he sat at 40_MAT_26_07
he sat at meat 40_MAT_24_03
he sat upon 40_MAT_24_03
he sat upon the 40_MAT_27_42
He saved others 40_MAT_27_42
He saved others himself 40_MAT_09_09
he saw a 40_MAT_21_19
he saw a 40_MAT_09_09
he saw a man 40_MAT_09_22
he saw her 40_MAT_08_14
he saw his 40_MAT_02_16
he saw that 40_MAT_27_03
he saw that 40_MAT_27_03
he saw that he 40_MAT_03_16
he saw the 40_MAT_09_36
he saw the 40_MAT_14_30
he saw the 40_MAT_14_10
he sent and 40_MAT_15_39
he sent away 40_MAT_15_39
he sent away the 40_MAT_22_04
he sent forth 40_MAT_22_07
he sent forth 40_MAT_21_36
he sent other 40_MAT_14_22
he sent the 40_MAT_02_08
he sent them 40_MAT_20_02
he sent them 40_MAT_02_08
he sent them to 40_MAT_11_02
he sent two 40_MAT_11_02
he sent two of 40_MAT_21_37
he sent unto 40_MAT_21_37
he sent unto them 40_MAT_03_11
he shall baptize 40_MAT_03_11
he shall baptize you 40_MAT_02_23
he shall be 40_MAT_05_19
he shall be 40_MAT_15_06
he shall be 40_MAT_17_23
he shall be 40_MAT_02_23
he shall be called 40_MAT_15_06
he shall be free 40_MAT_16_26
he shall gain 40_MAT_16_26
he shall gain the 40_MAT_04_06
he shall give 40_MAT_13_12
he shall have 40_MAT_25_29
he shall have 40_MAT_18_15
he shall hear 40_MAT_18_15
he shall hear thee 40_MAT_24_47
he shall make 40_MAT_12_19
he shall not 40_MAT_16_27
He shall reward 40_MAT_20_19
he shall rise again 40_MAT_01_21
he shall save 40_MAT_01_21
he shall save his 40_MAT_24_31
he shall send 40_MAT_24_31
he shall send his 40_MAT_25_32
He shall separate 40_MAT_25_33
he shall set 40_MAT_12_18
he shall show 40_MAT_18_30
he should pay 40_MAT_18_34
he should pay 40_MAT_13_04
he sowed some 40_MAT_21_45
he spake of 40_MAT_21_45
he spake of them 40_MAT_09_18
he spake these 40_MAT_09_18
he spake these things 40_MAT_17_13
he spake unto 40_MAT_17_13
he spake unto them 40_MAT_12_13
he stretched it 40_MAT_07_29
he taught them 40_MAT_13_54
he taught them 40_MAT_07_29
he taught them as 40_MAT_26_48
he that betrayed 40_MAT_26_48
he that betrayed him 40_MAT_03_11
he that cometh 40_MAT_21_09
he that cometh 40_MAT_23_39
he that cometh 40_MAT_03_11
he that cometh after 40_MAT_21_09
he that cometh in 40_MAT_07_21
He that doeth 40_MAT_07_21
he that doeth the 40_MAT_12_30
he that gathereth 40_MAT_12_30
he that gathereth not 40_MAT_25_16
he that had 40_MAT_25_17
he that had 40_MAT_25_20
he that had 40_MAT_25_16
he that had received 40_MAT_25_17
he that had received 40_MAT_25_20
he that had received 40_MAT_11_15
he that hath 40_MAT_11_15
He that hath ears 40_MAT_13_20
he that heareth 40_MAT_13_22
he that heareth 40_MAT_13_23
he that heareth 40_MAT_13_20
he that heareth the 40_MAT_13_22
he that heareth the 40_MAT_02_02
he that is 40_MAT_11_11
he that is 40_MAT_12_30
he that is 40_MAT_19_12
he that is 40_MAT_23_11
he that is 40_MAT_02_02
he that is born 40_MAT_23_11
he that is greatest 40_MAT_11_11
he that is least 40_MAT_12_30
He that is not 40_MAT_10_37
he that loveth 40_MAT_10_37
he that loveth 40_MAT_13_20
he that received 40_MAT_13_23
he that received 40_MAT_10_40
he that receiveth 40_MAT_10_41
he that receiveth 40_MAT_10_41
he that receiveth 40_MAT_10_41
he that receiveth a 40_MAT_10_41
he that receiveth a 40_MAT_10_40
he that receiveth me 40_MAT_07_08
he that seeketh findeth 40_MAT_23_12
he that shall 40_MAT_23_22
he that shall 40_MAT_24_13
he that shall 40_MAT_24_13
he that shall endure 40_MAT_11_03
he that should 40_MAT_11_03
he that should come 40_MAT_10_38
he that taketh 40_MAT_03_03
he that was 40_MAT_22_08
he to his 40_MAT_26_45
he to his disciples 40_MAT_09_06
he to the 40_MAT_12_13
he to the 40_MAT_02_14
he took the 40_MAT_15_36
he took the 40_MAT_26_27
he took the 40_MAT_26_27
he took the cup 40_MAT_15_36
he took the seven 40_MAT_27_43
He trusted in 40_MAT_16_23
he turned and 40_MAT_16_23
he turned and said 40_MAT_02_22
he turned aside 40_MAT_13_52
he unto them 40_MAT_22_21
he unto them 40_MAT_26_38
he unto them 40_MAT_13_33
he unto them The 40_MAT_12_43
he walketh through 40_MAT_12_43
he walketh through dry 40_MAT_27_12
he was accused 40_MAT_27_12
he was accused of 40_MAT_02_22
he was afraid 40_MAT_14_30
he was afraid 40_MAT_14_30
he was afraid and 40_MAT_02_22
he was afraid to 40_MAT_12_03
he was an 40_MAT_03_16
he was baptized 40_MAT_08_01
he was come 40_MAT_08_28
he was come 40_MAT_09_28
he was come 40_MAT_13_54
he was come 40_MAT_17_25
he was come 40_MAT_21_10
he was come 40_MAT_21_23
he was come 40_MAT_13_54
he was come into 40_MAT_17_25
he was come into 40_MAT_21_10
he was come into 40_MAT_21_23
he was come into 40_MAT_12_09
he was departed 40_MAT_12_09
he was departed thence 40_MAT_08_23
he was entered 40_MAT_08_23
he was entered into 40_MAT_26_71
he was gone 40_MAT_26_71
he was gone out 40_MAT_09_36
he was moved 40_MAT_09_36
he was moved with 40_MAT_05_01
he was set 40_MAT_27_19
he was set 40_MAT_21_23
he was teaching 40_MAT_14_23
he was there 40_MAT_02_03
he was troubled 40_MAT_02_03
he was troubled and 40_MAT_22_07
he was wroth 40_MAT_27_63
he was yet 40_MAT_27_63
he was yet alive 40_MAT_19_22
he went away 40_MAT_09_25
he went in 40_MAT_12_09
he went into 40_MAT_13_02
he went into 40_MAT_13_02
he went into a 40_MAT_20_03
he went out 40_MAT_20_05
he went out 40_MAT_20_06
he went out 40_MAT_26_75
he went out 40_MAT_20_03
he went out about 40_MAT_20_05
he went out about 40_MAT_20_06
he went out and 40_MAT_26_75
he went out and 40_MAT_27_58
he went to 40_MAT_05_01
he went up 40_MAT_14_23
he went up 40_MAT_05_01
he went up into 40_MAT_11_06
he whosoever shall 40_MAT_11_06
he whosoever shall not 40_MAT_03_12
he will burn 40_MAT_06_24
he will hate 40_MAT_06_24
he will hate the 40_MAT_06_24
he will hold 40_MAT_06_24
he will hold to 40_MAT_18_16
he will not 40_MAT_21_25
he will say 40_MAT_21_25
he will say unto 40_MAT_09_38
he will send 40_MAT_21_03
he will send 40_MAT_12_29
he will spoil 40_MAT_12_29
he will spoil his 40_MAT_03_12
he will thoroughly 40_MAT_03_12
he will thoroughly purge 40_MAT_12_15
he withdrew himself 40_MAT_14_05
he would have 40_MAT_24_43
he would have watched 40_MAT_18_30
he would not 40_MAT_27_34
he would not 40_MAT_27_34
he would not drink 40_MAT_26_47
he yet spake 40_MAT_17_05
he yet spake behold 40_MAT_12_46
he yet talked 40_MAT_10_30
head are all 40_MAT_10_30
head are all numbered 40_MAT_14_08
head in a 40_MAT_14_08
head in a charger 40_MAT_21_42
head of the 40_MAT_21_42
head of the corner 40_MAT_12_10
heal on the 40_MAT_12_10
heal on the sabbath 40_MAT_10_08
Heal the sick 40_MAT_08_13
healed in the 40_MAT_12_15
healed them all 40_MAT_13_17
hear and have 40_MAT_13_17
hear and have not 40_MAT_13_14
hear and shall 40_MAT_13_14
hear and shall not 40_MAT_10_27
hear in the 40_MAT_11_15
hear let him 40_MAT_13_09
hear let him 40_MAT_11_15
hear let him hear 40_MAT_13_09
hear let him hear 40_MAT_13_13
hear not neither 40_MAT_24_06
hear of wars 40_MAT_24_06
hear of wars and 40_MAT_11_05
hear the dead 40_MAT_11_05
hear the dead are 40_MAT_12_42
hear the wisdom 40_MAT_12_42
hear the wisdom of 40_MAT_13_17
hear those things 40_MAT_13_17
hear those things which 40_MAT_13_15
hear with their 40_MAT_13_15
hear with their ears 40_MAT_17_05
hear ye him 40_MAT_13_18
Hear ye therefore 40_MAT_13_18
Hear ye therefore the 40_MAT_11_02
heard in the 40_MAT_08_10
heard it he 40_MAT_12_24
heard it they 40_MAT_17_06
heard it they 40_MAT_19_25
heard it they 40_MAT_20_24
heard it they 40_MAT_12_24
heard it they said 40_MAT_19_25
heard it they were 40_MAT_14_13
heard of it 40_MAT_14_01
heard of the 40_MAT_09_12
heard that he 40_MAT_22_34
heard that he 40_MAT_09_12
heard that he said 40_MAT_05_21
heard that it 40_MAT_05_33
heard that it 40_MAT_05_38
heard that it 40_MAT_05_43
heard that it 40_MAT_05_33
heard that it hath 40_MAT_05_38
heard that it hath 40_MAT_05_21
heard that it was 40_MAT_20_30
heard that Jesus 40_MAT_19_22
heard that saying 40_MAT_19_22
heard that saying he 40_MAT_22_07
heard thereof he 40_MAT_02_03
heard these things he 40_MAT_22_22
heard these words 40_MAT_15_12
heard this saying 40_MAT_22_33
heard this they 40_MAT_22_33
heard this they were 40_MAT_27_13
Hearest thou not 40_MAT_13_19
heareth the word 40_MAT_13_20
heareth the word 40_MAT_13_23
heareth the word 40_MAT_13_20
heareth the word and 40_MAT_13_22
heareth the word and 40_MAT_07_24
heareth these sayings 40_MAT_07_26
heareth these sayings 40_MAT_07_24
heareth these sayings of 40_MAT_07_26
heareth these sayings of 40_MAT_13_15
hearing and their 40_MAT_13_15
hearing and their eyes 40_MAT_13_14
hearing ye shall 40_MAT_13_14
hearing ye shall hear 40_MAT_13_15
heart and should 40_MAT_13_15
heart and should be 40_MAT_15_18
heart and they 40_MAT_22_37
heart and with 40_MAT_22_37
heart and with all 40_MAT_11_29
heart and ye 40_MAT_11_29
heart and ye shall 40_MAT_06_21
heart be also 40_MAT_12_35
heart bringeth forth 40_MAT_15_08
heart is far 40_MAT_15_08
heart is far from 40_MAT_24_48
heart My lord 40_MAT_24_48
heart My lord delayeth 40_MAT_12_40
heart of the 40_MAT_20_12
heat of the 40_MAT_20_12
heat of the day 40_MAT_28_02
heaven and came 40_MAT_19_21
heaven and come 40_MAT_05_18
heaven and earth 40_MAT_11_25
heaven and earth 40_MAT_24_35
heaven and earth 40_MAT_24_35
Heaven and earth shall 40_MAT_28_18
heaven and in 40_MAT_24_29
heaven and the 40_MAT_16_19
heaven and whatsoever 40_MAT_18_18
heaven and whatsoever 40_MAT_16_19
heaven and whatsoever thou 40_MAT_16_19
heaven and whatsoever thou 40_MAT_07_21
heaven but he 40_MAT_07_21
heaven but he that 40_MAT_24_36
heaven but my 40_MAT_24_36
heaven but my Father 40_MAT_06_09
heaven Hallowed be 40_MAT_06_09
heaven Hallowed be thy 40_MAT_14_19
heaven he blessed 40_MAT_21_25
heaven he will 40_MAT_21_25
heaven he will say 40_MAT_03_02
heaven is at 40_MAT_04_17
heaven is at 40_MAT_03_02
heaven is at hand 40_MAT_04_17
heaven is at hand 40_MAT_13_31
heaven is like 40_MAT_13_33
heaven is like 40_MAT_13_45
heaven is like 40_MAT_13_47
heaven is like 40_MAT_13_52
heaven is like 40_MAT_20_01
heaven is like 40_MAT_22_02
heaven is like 40_MAT_13_33
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_13_44
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_13_47
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_13_52
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_20_01
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_22_02
heaven is like unto 40_MAT_21_25
heaven or of 40_MAT_21_25
heaven or of men 40_MAT_11_23
heaven shalt be 40_MAT_24_29
heavens shall be 40_MAT_03_16
heavens were opened 40_MAT_23_04
heavy burdens and 40_MAT_16_06
heed and beware 40_MAT_16_06
heed and beware of 40_MAT_06_01
heed that ye 40_MAT_18_10
heed that ye 40_MAT_21_38
heir come let 40_MAT_21_38
heir come let us 40_MAT_28_09
held him by 40_MAT_28_09
held him by the 40_MAT_26_63
held his peace 40_MAT_26_63
held his peace And 40_MAT_16_18
hell shall not 40_MAT_09_20
hem of his 40_MAT_14_36
hem of his 40_MAT_09_20
hem of his garment 40_MAT_14_36
hem of his garment 40_MAT_08_15
her and she 40_MAT_09_18
her and she 40_MAT_09_18
her and she shall 40_MAT_15_23
her away for 40_MAT_09_25
her by the 40_MAT_09_25
her by the hand 40_MAT_02_18
her children and 40_MAT_01_25
her firstborn son 40_MAT_01_25
her firstborn son and 40_MAT_08_15
her hand and 40_MAT_10_35
her mother and 40_MAT_10_35
her mother in 40_MAT_10_35
her mother in law 40_MAT_14_08
her mother said 40_MAT_15_23
her not a 40_MAT_01_06
her that had 40_MAT_05_32
her that is 40_MAT_05_32
her that is divorced 40_MAT_23_37
her wings and 40_MAT_23_37
her wings and ye 40_MAT_08_30
herd of many 40_MAT_08_30
herd of many swine 40_MAT_08_31
herd of swine 40_MAT_08_32
herd of swine 40_MAT_26_38
here and watch 40_MAT_24_23
here is Christ 40_MAT_24_23
here is Christ or 40_MAT_16_28
here which shall 40_MAT_16_28
here which shall not 40_MAT_26_36
here while I 40_MAT_02_01
Herod the king 40_MAT_02_03
Herod the king 40_MAT_14_01
Herod the tetrarch 40_MAT_14_01
Herod the tetrarch heard 40_MAT_02_07
Herod when he 40_MAT_02_16
Herod when he 40_MAT_14_03
Herodias sake his 40_MAT_14_03
Herodias sake his brother 40_MAT_03_10
hewn down and 40_MAT_03_10
hewn down and cast 40_MAT_07_19
hewn down and cast 40_MAT_13_44
hid in a 40_MAT_13_33
hid in three 40_MAT_13_33
hid in three measures 40_MAT_10_26
hid that shall 40_MAT_10_26
hid that shall not 40_MAT_11_25
hid these things 40_MAT_11_25
hid these things from 40_MAT_04_08
high mountain and 40_MAT_17_01
high mountain apart 40_MAT_26_65
high priest rent 40_MAT_26_65
high priest rent his 40_MAT_26_03
high priest who 40_MAT_17_14
him a certain 40_MAT_17_14
him a certain man 40_MAT_26_47
him a great 40_MAT_26_47
him a great multitude 40_MAT_09_02
him a man 40_MAT_07_10
him a serpent 40_MAT_07_09
him a stone 40_MAT_26_07
him a woman 40_MAT_09_22
him about and 40_MAT_26_58
him afar off 40_MAT_14_35
him all that were 40_MAT_04_08
him all the 40_MAT_04_08
him all the kingdoms 40_MAT_04_09
him all these 40_MAT_04_09
him All these things 40_MAT_19_20
him All these things 40_MAT_18_28
him an hundred 40_MAT_08_25
him and awoke 40_MAT_08_25
him and awoke him 40_MAT_16_22
him and began 40_MAT_16_22
him and began to 40_MAT_04_11
him and behold 40_MAT_21_39
him and cast 40_MAT_26_56
him and fled 40_MAT_03_16
him and he 40_MAT_12_15
him and he 40_MAT_12_18
him and he 40_MAT_19_02
him and he 40_MAT_12_15
him and he healed 40_MAT_19_02
him and he healed 40_MAT_12_18
him and he shall 40_MAT_09_10
him and his 40_MAT_24_50
him and in 40_MAT_09_28
him and Jesus 40_MAT_27_31
him and led 40_MAT_27_31
him and led him 40_MAT_21_38
him and let 40_MAT_14_03
him and put 40_MAT_27_28
him and put 40_MAT_27_31
him and put 40_MAT_27_31
him and put his 40_MAT_14_28
him and said 40_MAT_14_31
him and said 40_MAT_15_32
him and said 40_MAT_18_21
him and said 40_MAT_20_25
him and said 40_MAT_26_71
him and said 40_MAT_15_32
him and said I 40_MAT_14_28
him and said Lord 40_MAT_18_21
him and said Lord 40_MAT_14_31
him and said unto 40_MAT_26_71
him and said unto 40_MAT_17_14
him and saying 40_MAT_19_03
him and saying 40_MAT_19_03
him and saying unto 40_MAT_18_02
him and set 40_MAT_18_02
him and set him 40_MAT_09_19
him and so 40_MAT_17_18
him and the 40_MAT_17_23
him and the 40_MAT_20_19
him and the 40_MAT_17_18
him and the child 40_MAT_17_23
him and the third 40_MAT_20_19
him and the third 40_MAT_01_24
him and took 40_MAT_18_28
him and took 40_MAT_27_30
him and took 40_MAT_18_28
him and took him 40_MAT_27_30
him and took the 40_MAT_09_20
him and touched 40_MAT_09_20
him and touched the 40_MAT_22_22
him and went 40_MAT_22_22
him and went their 40_MAT_02_11
him and when 40_MAT_11_03
him Art thou 40_MAT_11_03
him Art thou he 40_MAT_14_05
him as a 40_MAT_21_23
him as he 40_MAT_21_23
him as he was 40_MAT_22_13
him away and 40_MAT_27_02
him away and 40_MAT_27_64
him away and 40_MAT_27_02
him away and delivered 40_MAT_26_57
him away to 40_MAT_27_22
him be crucified 40_MAT_27_23
him be crucified 40_MAT_20_26
him be your 40_MAT_26_75
him before the 40_MAT_26_75
him Before the cock 40_MAT_12_47
him Behold thy 40_MAT_12_47
him Behold thy mother 40_MAT_19_27
him Behold we 40_MAT_13_57
him But Jesus 40_MAT_26_24
him but woe 40_MAT_18_28
him by the 40_MAT_28_09
him by the 40_MAT_28_09
him by the feet 40_MAT_27_43
him deliver him 40_MAT_16_24
him deny himself 40_MAT_16_24
him deny himself and 40_MAT_15_04
him die the 40_MAT_15_04
him die the death 40_MAT_08_22
him Follow me 40_MAT_09_09
him Follow me 40_MAT_08_22
him Follow me and 40_MAT_09_09
him Follow me and 40_MAT_21_46
him for a 40_MAT_27_43
him for he 40_MAT_24_01
him for to 40_MAT_04_10
him Get thee 40_MAT_19_16
him Good Master 40_MAT_19_16
him Good Master what 40_MAT_08_18
him he gave 40_MAT_04_03
him he said 40_MAT_21_41
him he will 40_MAT_21_16
him Hearest thou 40_MAT_27_13
him Hearest thou 40_MAT_24_51
him his portion 40_MAT_24_51
him his portion with 40_MAT_12_14
him how they 40_MAT_12_14
him how they might 40_MAT_18_22
him I say 40_MAT_08_07
him I will 40_MAT_04_06
him if thou 40_MAT_04_06
him If thou be 40_MAT_19_21
him If thou wilt 40_MAT_01_20
him in a 40_MAT_22_15
him in his 40_MAT_14_03
him in prison 40_MAT_14_03
him in prison for 40_MAT_18_02
him in the 40_MAT_21_14
him in the 40_MAT_21_14
him in the temple 40_MAT_12_22
him insomuch that 40_MAT_18_30
him into prison 40_MAT_19_03
him Is it 40_MAT_19_03
him Is it lawful 40_MAT_04_07
him It is 40_MAT_14_04
him It is not 40_MAT_27_22
him let him be 40_MAT_22_45
him Lord how 40_MAT_22_45
him Lord how is 40_MAT_20_33
him Lord that 40_MAT_17_12
him not but 40_MAT_21_32
him not but 40_MAT_14_31
him O thou 40_MAT_18_32
him O thou 40_MAT_04_05
him on a 40_MAT_04_05
him on a pinnacle 40_MAT_27_30
him on the 40_MAT_27_30
him on the head 40_MAT_04_10
him only shalt 40_MAT_04_10
him only shalt thou 40_MAT_21_39
him out of 40_MAT_21_39
him out of the 40_MAT_26_37
him Peter and 40_MAT_24_47
him ruler over 40_MAT_27_11
him saying Art 40_MAT_27_11
him saying Art thou 40_MAT_15_22
him saying Have 40_MAT_18_29
him saying Have 40_MAT_03_14
him saying I 40_MAT_03_14
him saying I have 40_MAT_08_03
him saying I will 40_MAT_08_31
him saying If 40_MAT_08_31
him saying If thou 40_MAT_08_02
him saying Lord 40_MAT_08_25
him saying Lord 40_MAT_18_26
him saying Lord 40_MAT_25_37
him saying Lord 40_MAT_25_44
him saying Lord 40_MAT_08_02
him saying Lord if 40_MAT_25_37
him saying Lord when 40_MAT_25_44
him saying Lord when 40_MAT_15_23
him saying Send 40_MAT_14_15
him saying This 40_MAT_26_69
him saying Thou 40_MAT_17_25
him saying What 40_MAT_17_10
him saying Why 40_MAT_08_04
him See thou 40_MAT_08_04
him See thou tell 40_MAT_13_12
him shall be 40_MAT_25_32
him shall be 40_MAT_13_12
him shall be given 40_MAT_13_12
him shall be taken 40_MAT_13_02
him so that 40_MAT_18_06
him that a 40_MAT_18_06
him that a millstone 40_MAT_25_29
him that hath 40_MAT_25_29
him that hath not 40_MAT_16_01
him that he 40_MAT_08_34
him that he would 40_MAT_07_08
him that knocketh 40_MAT_07_08
him that knocketh it 40_MAT_23_22
him that sitteth 40_MAT_14_36
him that they might 40_MAT_27_09
him that was 40_MAT_05_42
him that would 40_MAT_09_14
him the disciples 40_MAT_21_31
him The first 40_MAT_22_23
him the Sadducees 40_MAT_22_23
him the Sadducees which 40_MAT_25_31
him then shall he 40_MAT_08_34
him they besought 40_MAT_08_34
him they besought him 40_MAT_27_31
him they took 40_MAT_26_25
him Thou hast 40_MAT_26_64
him Thou hast 40_MAT_26_25
him Thou hast said 40_MAT_26_64
him Thou hast said 40_MAT_27_11
him Thou sayest 40_MAT_22_37
him Thou shalt 40_MAT_18_25
him to be 40_MAT_27_26
him to be 40_MAT_27_26
him to be crucified 40_MAT_14_05
him to death 40_MAT_20_18
him to death 40_MAT_26_59
him to death 40_MAT_27_01
him to death 40_MAT_27_48
him to drink 40_MAT_12_04
him to eat 40_MAT_21_44
him to powder 40_MAT_09_24
him to scorn 40_MAT_18_34
him to the 40_MAT_20_19
him to the 40_MAT_25_10
him to the 40_MAT_20_19
him to the Gentiles 40_MAT_07_24
him unto a 40_MAT_14_22
him unto the 40_MAT_26_15
him unto you 40_MAT_04_05
him up into 40_MAT_04_08
him up into 40_MAT_04_08
him up into an 40_MAT_26_34
him Verily I 40_MAT_26_34
him Verily I say 40_MAT_27_39
him wagging their 40_MAT_27_39
him wagging their heads 40_MAT_20_22
him We are 40_MAT_14_17
him We have 40_MAT_25_21
him Well done 40_MAT_25_23
him Well done 40_MAT_17_12
him whatsoever they 40_MAT_17_12
him whatsoever they listed 40_MAT_27_03
him when he 40_MAT_27_03
him when he saw 40_MAT_26_17
him Where wilt 40_MAT_26_17
him Where wilt thou 40_MAT_25_28
him which hath 40_MAT_24_17
him which is 40_MAT_24_18
him which is 40_MAT_19_17
him Why callest 40_MAT_19_17
him Why callest thou 40_MAT_13_10
him Why speakest 40_MAT_13_10
him Why speakest thou 40_MAT_10_32
him will I 40_MAT_10_33
him will I 40_MAT_13_28
him wilt thou 40_MAT_26_67
him with the 40_MAT_27_41
him with the 40_MAT_27_41
him with the 40_MAT_26_67
him with the palms 40_MAT_09_28
him Yea Lord 40_MAT_13_51
him Yea Lord 40_MAT_16_24
himself and take 40_MAT_16_24
himself and take up 40_MAT_12_45
himself and they enter 40_MAT_27_42
himself he cannot 40_MAT_27_42
himself he cannot save 40_MAT_12_26
himself how shall 40_MAT_23_12
himself shall be 40_MAT_23_12
himself shall be abased 40_MAT_23_12
himself shall be exalted 40_MAT_13_41
his angels and 40_MAT_16_27
his angels and 40_MAT_04_06
his angels charge 40_MAT_22_07
his armies and 40_MAT_27_25
his blood be 40_MAT_17_01
his brother and 40_MAT_04_18
his brother casting 40_MAT_04_18
his brother casting a 40_MAT_04_21
his brother in 40_MAT_10_02
his brother James 40_MAT_14_03
his brother Philip's 40_MAT_14_03
his brother Philip's wife 40_MAT_28_03
his countenance was like 40_MAT_10_38
his cross and 40_MAT_16_24
his cross and 40_MAT_16_24
his cross and follow 40_MAT_12_49
his disciples and 40_MAT_14_19
his disciples and 40_MAT_15_36
his disciples and 40_MAT_26_45
his disciples and 40_MAT_12_49
his disciples and said 40_MAT_15_12
his disciples and said 40_MAT_26_45
his disciples and saith 40_MAT_14_19
his disciples and the 40_MAT_15_36
his disciples and the 40_MAT_17_10
his disciples asked 40_MAT_17_10
his disciples asked him 40_MAT_05_01
his disciples came 40_MAT_08_25
his disciples came 40_MAT_14_12
his disciples came 40_MAT_14_15
his disciples came 40_MAT_15_23
his disciples came 40_MAT_24_01
his disciples came 40_MAT_28_13
his disciples came 40_MAT_14_12
his disciples came and 40_MAT_15_23
his disciples came and 40_MAT_08_25
his disciples came to 40_MAT_14_15
his disciples came to 40_MAT_05_01
his disciples came unto 40_MAT_13_36
his disciples came unto 40_MAT_19_25
his disciples heard 40_MAT_19_25
his disciples heard it 40_MAT_16_21
his disciples how 40_MAT_08_21
his disciples said 40_MAT_08_21
his disciples said unto 40_MAT_26_08
his disciples saw 40_MAT_26_08
his disciples saw it 40_MAT_15_33
his disciples say 40_MAT_19_10
his disciples say 40_MAT_15_33
his disciples say unto 40_MAT_19_10
his disciples say unto 40_MAT_16_13
his disciples saying 40_MAT_16_20
his disciples that 40_MAT_28_07
his disciples that 40_MAT_14_22
his disciples to 40_MAT_14_22
his disciples to get 40_MAT_15_32
his disciples unto 40_MAT_15_32
his disciples unto him 40_MAT_12_01
his disciples were 40_MAT_16_05
his disciples were 40_MAT_24_31
his elect from 40_MAT_24_31
his elect from the 40_MAT_26_39
his face and 40_MAT_26_67
his face and 40_MAT_04_24
his fame went 40_MAT_10_35
his father and 40_MAT_15_05
his father or 40_MAT_15_06
his father or 40_MAT_15_05
his father or his 40_MAT_15_06
his father or his 40_MAT_21_31
his father They 40_MAT_16_27
his Father with 40_MAT_18_29
his feet and 40_MAT_18_29
his feet and besought 40_MAT_03_12
his floor and 40_MAT_14_36
his garment and 40_MAT_14_36
his garment and as 40_MAT_27_35
his garments casting 40_MAT_27_35
his garments casting lots 40_MAT_06_29
his glory was 40_MAT_06_29
his glory was not 40_MAT_12_29
his goods except 40_MAT_12_29
his goods except he 40_MAT_03_12
his hand and 40_MAT_08_03
his hand and 40_MAT_14_31
his hand and 40_MAT_26_51
his hand and 40_MAT_14_31
his hand and caught 40_MAT_03_12
his hand and he 40_MAT_12_49
his hand toward 40_MAT_26_23
his hand with 40_MAT_19_15
his hands on 40_MAT_19_13
his hands on them 40_MAT_19_15
his hands on them 40_MAT_27_29
his head and 40_MAT_26_07
his head as 40_MAT_24_48
his heart My 40_MAT_24_48
his heart My lord 40_MAT_24_43
his house to 40_MAT_24_43
his house to be 40_MAT_07_24
his house upon 40_MAT_07_26
his house upon 40_MAT_24_45
his household to 40_MAT_24_45
his household to give 40_MAT_12_26
his kingdom stand 40_MAT_20_28
his life a 40_MAT_20_28
his life a ransom 40_MAT_16_25
his life for 40_MAT_10_39
his life for my 40_MAT_16_25
his life for my 40_MAT_10_39
his life shall 40_MAT_16_25
his life shall 40_MAT_10_39
his life shall lose 40_MAT_16_25
his life shall lose 40_MAT_03_04
his loins and 40_MAT_03_04
his loins and his 40_MAT_10_25
his lord If 40_MAT_10_25
his lord If they 40_MAT_25_21
His lord said 40_MAT_25_23
His lord said 40_MAT_25_21
His lord said unto 40_MAT_25_23
His lord said unto 40_MAT_24_46
his lord when 40_MAT_24_46
his lord when he 40_MAT_10_25
his master and 40_MAT_02_11
his mother and 40_MAT_02_13
his mother and 40_MAT_02_20
his mother and 40_MAT_02_21
his mother and 40_MAT_12_46
his mother and 40_MAT_12_46
his mother and his 40_MAT_13_55
his mother called 40_MAT_15_06
his mother he 40_MAT_05_02
his mouth and 40_MAT_01_21
his name JESUS 40_MAT_01_25
his name JESUS 40_MAT_12_21
his name shall 40_MAT_18_06
his neck and 40_MAT_13_57
his own country 40_MAT_13_57
his own country and 40_MAT_13_57
his own house 40_MAT_27_31
his own raiment 40_MAT_25_14
his own servants 40_MAT_16_26
his own soul 40_MAT_03_03
his paths straight 40_MAT_26_63
his peace And 40_MAT_01_21
his people from 40_MAT_26_52
his place for 40_MAT_24_51
his portion with 40_MAT_24_51
his portion with the 40_MAT_17_02
his raiment was 40_MAT_17_02
his raiment was white 40_MAT_27_53
his resurrection and 40_MAT_25_33
his right hand 40_MAT_25_34
his right hand 40_MAT_27_29
his right hand 40_MAT_27_29
his right hand and 40_MAT_25_33
his right hand but 40_MAT_06_33
his righteousness and 40_MAT_06_33
his righteousness and all 40_MAT_05_13
his savour wherewith 40_MAT_05_13
his savour wherewith shall 40_MAT_21_35
his servants and 40_MAT_22_06
his servants and 40_MAT_22_08
his servants the 40_MAT_22_03
his servants to 40_MAT_26_51
his sword and 40_MAT_10_01
his twelve disciples 40_MAT_11_01
his twelve disciples 40_MAT_10_01
his twelve disciples he 40_MAT_11_01
his twelve disciples he 40_MAT_18_25
his wife and 40_MAT_19_05
his wife and 40_MAT_22_24
his wife and 40_MAT_22_24
his wife and raise 40_MAT_19_03
his wife for 40_MAT_22_25
his wife unto 40_MAT_08_16
his word and 40_MAT_08_16
his word and healed 40_MAT_17_17
hither to me 40_MAT_26_48
hold him fast 40_MAT_12_11
hold on it 40_MAT_06_24
hold to the 40_MAT_06_24
hold to the one 40_MAT_27_53
holy city and 40_MAT_03_11
Holy Ghost and 40_MAT_03_11
Holy Ghost and with 40_MAT_12_32
Holy Ghost it 40_MAT_12_32
Holy Ghost it shall 40_MAT_12_31
Holy Ghost shall 40_MAT_07_06
holy unto the 40_MAT_15_04
Honour thy father 40_MAT_19_19
Honour thy father 40_MAT_19_19
Honour thy father and 40_MAT_15_08
honoureth me with 40_MAT_15_08
honoureth me with their 40_MAT_21_09
Hosanna in the 40_MAT_21_09
Hosanna in the highest 40_MAT_21_09
Hosanna to the 40_MAT_21_15
Hosanna to the 40_MAT_21_09
Hosanna to the son 40_MAT_21_15
Hosanna to the son 40_MAT_27_46
hour Jesus cried 40_MAT_27_46
hour Jesus cried with 40_MAT_24_36
hour knoweth no 40_MAT_24_36
hour knoweth no man 40_MAT_10_19
hour what ye 40_MAT_13_36
house and his 40_MAT_07_25
house and it 40_MAT_07_27
house and it 40_MAT_07_25
house and it fell 40_MAT_13_01
house and sat 40_MAT_09_23
house and saw 40_MAT_12_29
house and spoil 40_MAT_12_29
house and spoil his 40_MAT_12_25
house divided against 40_MAT_24_43
house had known 40_MAT_23_38
house is left 40_MAT_23_38
house is left unto 40_MAT_12_04
house of God 40_MAT_12_04
house of God and 40_MAT_10_06
house of Israel 40_MAT_15_24
house of Israel 40_MAT_21_13
house of prayer 40_MAT_21_13
house of prayer but 40_MAT_26_06
house of Simon 40_MAT_26_06
house of Simon the 40_MAT_21_13
house shall be 40_MAT_21_13
house shall be called 40_MAT_24_43
house to be broken 40_MAT_24_45
household to give 40_MAT_24_45
household to give them 40_MAT_23_14
houses and for 40_MAT_23_14
houses and for a 40_MAT_12_29
how can one 40_MAT_12_34
how can ye 40_MAT_23_33
how can ye 40_MAT_06_23
how great is 40_MAT_22_45
how is he 40_MAT_16_11
How is it 40_MAT_17_17
How long shall 40_MAT_17_17
How long shall I 40_MAT_17_17
How long shall I 40_MAT_16_09
how many baskets 40_MAT_16_10
how many baskets 40_MAT_16_09
how many baskets ye 40_MAT_16_10
how many baskets ye 40_MAT_15_34
How many loaves 40_MAT_15_34
How many loaves have 40_MAT_27_13
how many things 40_MAT_27_13
how many things they 40_MAT_07_11
how much more 40_MAT_10_25
how much more 40_MAT_07_11
how much more shall 40_MAT_10_25
how much more shall 40_MAT_18_21
how oft shall my 40_MAT_18_21
how oft shall my 40_MAT_23_37
how often would 40_MAT_23_37
how often would I 40_MAT_10_19
how or what 40_MAT_16_12
how that he 40_MAT_16_21
how that he 40_MAT_22_43
How then doth 40_MAT_06_28
how they grow 40_MAT_06_28
how they grow they 40_MAT_12_14
how they might 40_MAT_22_15
how they might 40_MAT_12_14
how they might destroy 40_MAT_07_11
how to give 40_MAT_07_11
how to give good 40_MAT_07_04
how wilt thou 40_MAT_18_28
hundred pence and 40_MAT_05_06
hunger and thirst 40_MAT_25_35
hungered and ye 40_MAT_25_42
hungered and ye 40_MAT_25_35
hungered and ye gave 40_MAT_25_42
hungered and ye gave 40_MAT_21_33
husbandmen and went 40_MAT_21_33
husbandmen and went into 40_MAT_21_34
husbandmen that they 40_MAT_26_30
hymn they went 40_MAT_26_30
hymn they went out 40_MAT_23_13
hypocrites for ye 40_MAT_23_14
hypocrites for ye 40_MAT_23_23
hypocrites for ye 40_MAT_23_25
hypocrites for ye 40_MAT_23_27
hypocrites for ye 40_MAT_23_27
hypocrites for ye are 40_MAT_16_03
hypocrites ye can 40_MAT_16_03
hypocrites ye can discern 40_MAT_26_63
I adjure thee by 40_MAT_21_24
I also will 40_MAT_08_09
I am a 40_MAT_08_09
I am a man 40_MAT_09_28
I am able 40_MAT_26_61
I am able 40_MAT_09_28
I am able to 40_MAT_26_61
I am able to 40_MAT_20_22
I am baptized 40_MAT_20_23
I am baptized 40_MAT_20_22
I am baptized with 40_MAT_20_23
I am baptized with 40_MAT_24_05
I am Christ 40_MAT_24_05
I am Christ and 40_MAT_05_17
I am come 40_MAT_10_34
I am come 40_MAT_10_35
I am come 40_MAT_05_17
I am come to 40_MAT_10_34
I am come to 40_MAT_10_35
I am come to 40_MAT_03_11
I am not 40_MAT_05_17
I am not 40_MAT_08_08
I am not 40_MAT_09_13
I am not 40_MAT_15_24
I am not 40_MAT_05_17
I am not come 40_MAT_09_13
I am not come 40_MAT_03_11
I am not worthy 40_MAT_22_32
I am the 40_MAT_27_43
I am the 40_MAT_22_32
I am the God 40_MAT_27_43
I am the son 40_MAT_03_17
I am well 40_MAT_17_05
I am well 40_MAT_03_17
I am well pleased 40_MAT_17_05
I am well pleased 40_MAT_28_20
I am with 40_MAT_28_20
I am with you 40_MAT_14_27
I be not afraid 40_MAT_17_17
I be with 40_MAT_17_17
I be with you 40_MAT_17_16
I brought him 40_MAT_12_27
I by Beelzebub 40_MAT_12_27
I by Beelzebub cast 40_MAT_02_15
I called my 40_MAT_10_34
I came not 40_MAT_10_34
I came not to 40_MAT_12_44
I came out and 40_MAT_12_28
I cast out 40_MAT_12_28
I cast out devils 40_MAT_26_72
I do not 40_MAT_19_16
I do that 40_MAT_19_16
I do that I 40_MAT_21_24
I do these 40_MAT_21_27
I do these 40_MAT_21_24
I do these things 40_MAT_21_27
I do these things 40_MAT_26_29
I drink it 40_MAT_26_42
I drink it 40_MAT_26_29
I drink it new 40_MAT_04_09
I give thee 40_MAT_26_36
I go and 40_MAT_18_33
I had pity 40_MAT_12_18
I have chosen 40_MAT_28_20
I have commanded 40_MAT_28_20
I have commanded you 40_MAT_15_32
I have compassion 40_MAT_15_32
I have compassion on 40_MAT_25_20
I have gained 40_MAT_25_22
I have gained 40_MAT_23_37
I have gathered thy 40_MAT_08_10
I have not 40_MAT_25_26
I have not 40_MAT_22_04
I have prepared 40_MAT_27_04
I have sinned 40_MAT_27_19
I have suffered 40_MAT_28_07
I have told 40_MAT_24_25
I have told you 40_MAT_28_07
I have told you 40_MAT_18_20
I in the 40_MAT_03_11
I indeed baptize 40_MAT_03_11
I indeed baptize you 40_MAT_19_20
I kept from 40_MAT_19_20
I kept from my 40_MAT_25_24
I knew thee 40_MAT_26_70
I know not 40_MAT_26_74
I know not 40_MAT_26_74
I know not the 40_MAT_26_70
I know not what 40_MAT_28_05
I know that 40_MAT_28_05
I know that ye 40_MAT_25_12
I know you 40_MAT_25_12
I know you not 40_MAT_22_44
I make thine 40_MAT_22_44
I make thine enemies 40_MAT_02_08
I may come 40_MAT_19_16
I may have 40_MAT_27_17
I release unto 40_MAT_27_21
I release unto 40_MAT_27_17
I release unto you 40_MAT_27_21
I release unto you 40_MAT_18_22
I say not 40_MAT_18_22
I say not unto 40_MAT_03_09
I say unto 40_MAT_05_18
I say unto 40_MAT_05_20
I say unto 40_MAT_05_22
I say unto 40_MAT_05_26
I say unto 40_MAT_05_28
I say unto 40_MAT_05_32
I say unto 40_MAT_05_34
I say unto 40_MAT_05_39
I say unto 40_MAT_05_44
I say unto 40_MAT_06_02
I say unto 40_MAT_06_05
I say unto 40_MAT_06_16
I say unto 40_MAT_06_25
I say unto 40_MAT_06_29
I say unto 40_MAT_08_10
I say unto 40_MAT_08_11
I say unto 40_MAT_08_11
I say unto 40_MAT_10_23
I say unto 40_MAT_10_42
I say unto 40_MAT_11_09
I say unto 40_MAT_11_11
I say unto 40_MAT_11_22
I say unto 40_MAT_11_24
I say unto 40_MAT_12_06
I say unto 40_MAT_12_31
I say unto 40_MAT_12_36
I say unto 40_MAT_13_17
I say unto 40_MAT_16_28
I say unto 40_MAT_17_12
I say unto 40_MAT_17_20
I say unto 40_MAT_18_03
I say unto 40_MAT_18_10
I say unto 40_MAT_18_13
I say unto 40_MAT_18_18
I say unto 40_MAT_18_19
I say unto 40_MAT_19_09
I say unto 40_MAT_19_23
I say unto 40_MAT_19_24
I say unto 40_MAT_19_28
I say unto 40_MAT_21_21
I say unto 40_MAT_21_31
I say unto 40_MAT_23_36
I say unto 40_MAT_23_39
I say unto 40_MAT_24_02
I say unto 40_MAT_24_34
I say unto 40_MAT_24_47
I say unto 40_MAT_25_12
I say unto 40_MAT_25_40
I say unto 40_MAT_25_45
I say unto 40_MAT_26_13
I say unto 40_MAT_26_21
I say unto 40_MAT_26_29
I say unto 40_MAT_26_34
I say unto 40_MAT_26_64
I say unto 40_MAT_05_26
I say unto thee 40_MAT_26_34
I say unto thee 40_MAT_03_09
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_20
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_22
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_28
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_32
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_34
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_39
I say unto you 40_MAT_05_44
I say unto you 40_MAT_06_02
I say unto you 40_MAT_06_05
I say unto you 40_MAT_06_16
I say unto you 40_MAT_06_25
I say unto you 40_MAT_06_29
I say unto you 40_MAT_08_10
I say unto you 40_MAT_08_11
I say unto you 40_MAT_10_15
I say unto you 40_MAT_10_23
I say unto you 40_MAT_10_42
I say unto you 40_MAT_11_09
I say unto you 40_MAT_11_11
I say unto you 40_MAT_11_22
I say unto you 40_MAT_11_24
I say unto you 40_MAT_12_06
I say unto you 40_MAT_12_31
I say unto you 40_MAT_12_36
I say unto you 40_MAT_12_36
I say unto you 40_MAT_16_28
I say unto you 40_MAT_17_12
I say unto you 40_MAT_17_20
I say unto you 40_MAT_18_03
I say unto you 40_MAT_18_10
I say unto you 40_MAT_18_13
I say unto you 40_MAT_18_18
I say unto you 40_MAT_18_19
I say unto you 40_MAT_19_09
I say unto you 40_MAT_19_23
I say unto you 40_MAT_19_24
I say unto you 40_MAT_19_28
I say unto you 40_MAT_21_21
I say unto you 40_MAT_21_31
I say unto you 40_MAT_23_36
I say unto you 40_MAT_23_39
I say unto you 40_MAT_24_02
I say unto you 40_MAT_24_34
I say unto you 40_MAT_24_47
I say unto you 40_MAT_25_12
I say unto you 40_MAT_25_40
I say unto you 40_MAT_25_45
I say unto you 40_MAT_26_13
I say unto you 40_MAT_26_21
I say unto you 40_MAT_26_29
I say unto you 40_MAT_26_64
I say unto you 40_MAT_11_10
I send my 40_MAT_11_10
I send my messenger 40_MAT_10_16
I send you 40_MAT_10_16
I send you forth 40_MAT_09_21
I shall be 40_MAT_09_21
I shall be whole 40_MAT_20_32
I shall do 40_MAT_20_32
I shall do unto 40_MAT_26_48
I shall kiss 40_MAT_26_48
I shall kiss that 40_MAT_26_35
I should die 40_MAT_26_35
I should die with 40_MAT_25_27
I should have 40_MAT_13_15
I should heal 40_MAT_13_15
I should heal them 40_MAT_17_17
I suffer you 40_MAT_17_17
I suffer you bring 40_MAT_10_27
I tell you 40_MAT_10_27
I tell you in 40_MAT_11_25
I thank thee 40_MAT_11_25
I thank thee O 40_MAT_21_43
I unto you 40_MAT_25_43
I was a 40_MAT_25_35
I was a stranger 40_MAT_25_43
I was a stranger 40_MAT_25_25
I was afraid 40_MAT_25_42
I was an 40_MAT_25_35
I was an hungered 40_MAT_25_42
I was an hungered 40_MAT_25_36
I was in 40_MAT_25_35
I was thirsty 40_MAT_25_42
I was thirsty 40_MAT_25_35
I was thirsty and 40_MAT_25_42
I was thirsty and 40_MAT_08_03
I will be 40_MAT_08_03
I will be thou 40_MAT_16_18
I will build 40_MAT_26_39
I will but 40_MAT_08_07
I will come 40_MAT_08_07
I will come and 40_MAT_26_15
I will deliver 40_MAT_26_15
I will deliver 40_MAT_26_15
I will deliver him 40_MAT_08_19
I will follow 40_MAT_08_19
I will follow thee 40_MAT_11_28
I will give 40_MAT_16_19
I will give 40_MAT_20_04
I will give 40_MAT_20_14
I will give 40_MAT_20_14
I will give unto 40_MAT_11_28
I will give you 40_MAT_20_04
I will give you 40_MAT_26_32
I will go 40_MAT_09_13
I will have 40_MAT_12_07
I will have 40_MAT_12_07
I will have mercy 40_MAT_26_18
I will keep 40_MAT_26_18
I will keep the 40_MAT_04_19
I will make 40_MAT_25_21
I will make 40_MAT_25_23
I will make 40_MAT_25_21
I will make thee 40_MAT_25_23
I will make thee 40_MAT_04_19
I will make you 40_MAT_15_32
I will not 40_MAT_21_29
I will not 40_MAT_26_29
I will not 40_MAT_26_29
I will not drink 40_MAT_13_35
I will open 40_MAT_18_26
I will pay 40_MAT_18_29
I will pay 40_MAT_18_26
I will pay thee 40_MAT_12_18
I will put 40_MAT_12_18
I will put my 40_MAT_12_44
I will return 40_MAT_27_63
I will rise 40_MAT_13_30
I will say 40_MAT_26_31
I will smite 40_MAT_26_31
I will smite the 40_MAT_21_27
I you by 40_MAT_21_27
I you by what 40_MAT_18_12
if a man 40_MAT_22_24
if a man 40_MAT_18_12
If a man have 40_MAT_05_40
if any man 40_MAT_16_24
if any man 40_MAT_21_03
if any man 40_MAT_24_23
if any man 40_MAT_21_03
if any man say 40_MAT_24_23
if any man shall 40_MAT_05_40
if any man will 40_MAT_16_24
if any man will 40_MAT_06_30
if God so 40_MAT_07_10
if he ask 40_MAT_07_10
if he ask a 40_MAT_27_42
if he be 40_MAT_26_24
if he had 40_MAT_26_24
if he had not 40_MAT_18_15
if he shall 40_MAT_18_17
if he shall 40_MAT_16_26
if he shall gain 40_MAT_18_16
if he will 40_MAT_27_43
if he will 40_MAT_12_27
if I by 40_MAT_12_27
if I by Beelzebub 40_MAT_09_21
If I may 40_MAT_10_13
If it be 40_MAT_14_28
If it be 40_MAT_26_39
If it be 40_MAT_10_13
if it be not 40_MAT_26_39
if it be possible 40_MAT_24_24
if it were 40_MAT_24_24
if it were possible 40_MAT_18_13
if so be 40_MAT_18_13
if so be that 40_MAT_24_43
if the goodman 40_MAT_24_43
if the goodman of 40_MAT_11_21
if the mighty 40_MAT_11_23
if the mighty 40_MAT_11_21
if the mighty works 40_MAT_11_23
if the mighty works 40_MAT_05_13
if the salt 40_MAT_05_13
if the salt have 40_MAT_06_23
If therefore the 40_MAT_10_25
If they have 40_MAT_06_23
if thine eye 40_MAT_18_09
if thine eye 40_MAT_18_09
if thine eye offend 40_MAT_04_03
if thou be 40_MAT_04_06
if thou be 40_MAT_27_40
if thou be 40_MAT_04_03
If thou be the 40_MAT_04_06
If thou be the 40_MAT_05_23
if thou bring 40_MAT_04_09
if thou wilt 40_MAT_08_02
if thou wilt 40_MAT_17_04
if thou wilt 40_MAT_19_17
if thou wilt 40_MAT_19_21
if thou wilt 40_MAT_19_21
If thou wilt be 40_MAT_08_02
if thou wilt thou 40_MAT_18_15
If thy brother 40_MAT_18_08
if thy hand 40_MAT_05_29
if thy right 40_MAT_05_30
if thy right 40_MAT_23_30
if we had been 40_MAT_21_25
If we shall 40_MAT_21_26
If we shall 40_MAT_21_25
If we shall say 40_MAT_21_26
If we shall say 40_MAT_06_14
if ye forgive 40_MAT_06_15
if ye forgive 40_MAT_12_07
if ye had known 40_MAT_21_21
if ye have 40_MAT_17_20
If ye have faith 40_MAT_21_21
If ye have faith 40_MAT_05_46
if ye love 40_MAT_05_46
if ye love them 40_MAT_21_21
if ye shall 40_MAT_21_21
if ye shall say 40_MAT_07_11
If ye then 40_MAT_07_11
If ye then being 40_MAT_11_14
if ye will 40_MAT_22_20
image and superscription 40_MAT_26_74
immediately the cock 40_MAT_26_74
immediately the cock crew 40_MAT_14_08
in a charger 40_MAT_14_11
in a charger 40_MAT_14_11
in a charger and 40_MAT_27_59
in a clean 40_MAT_24_50
in a day when 40_MAT_01_20
in a dream 40_MAT_02_12
in a dream 40_MAT_02_13
in a dream 40_MAT_02_19
in a dream 40_MAT_02_22
in a dream 40_MAT_27_19
in a dream 40_MAT_01_20
in a dream saying 40_MAT_04_21
in a ship 40_MAT_06_29
in all his 40_MAT_06_29
in all his glory 40_MAT_09_31
in all that 40_MAT_02_16
in all the 40_MAT_24_14
in all the 40_MAT_02_16
in all the coasts 40_MAT_24_14
in all the world 40_MAT_12_45
in and dwell 40_MAT_12_45
in and dwell there 40_MAT_07_13
in at the 40_MAT_15_17
in at the 40_MAT_07_13
in at the strait 40_MAT_26_06
in Bethany in 40_MAT_26_06
in Bethany in the 40_MAT_02_16
in Bethlehem And 40_MAT_02_01
in Bethlehem of 40_MAT_02_05
in Bethlehem of 40_MAT_02_01
in Bethlehem of Judaea 40_MAT_02_05
in Bethlehem of Judaea 40_MAT_05_21
in danger of 40_MAT_05_22
in danger of 40_MAT_05_21
in danger of the 40_MAT_05_22
in danger of the 40_MAT_10_27
in darkness that 40_MAT_24_07
in divers places 40_MAT_24_45
in due season 40_MAT_06_10
in earth as 40_MAT_16_26
in exchange for 40_MAT_16_26
in exchange for his 40_MAT_11_29
in heart and 40_MAT_05_08
in heart for 40_MAT_16_19
in heaven and 40_MAT_18_18
in heaven and 40_MAT_19_21
in heaven and 40_MAT_24_30
in heaven and 40_MAT_28_18
in heaven and 40_MAT_19_21
in heaven and come 40_MAT_28_18
in heaven and in 40_MAT_16_19
in heaven and whatsoever 40_MAT_18_18
in heaven and whatsoever 40_MAT_05_12
in heaven for 40_MAT_05_45
in heaven for 40_MAT_06_09
in heaven Hallowed 40_MAT_06_09
in heaven Hallowed be 40_MAT_12_50
in heaven the 40_MAT_18_10
in heaven their 40_MAT_26_67
in his face 40_MAT_26_67
in his face and 40_MAT_13_24
in his field 40_MAT_13_31
in his field 40_MAT_25_31
in his glory 40_MAT_03_12
in his hand 40_MAT_03_12
in his hand and 40_MAT_05_28
in his heart 40_MAT_13_19
in his heart 40_MAT_24_48
in his heart 40_MAT_24_48
in his heart My 40_MAT_16_28
in his kingdom 40_MAT_12_21
in his name 40_MAT_13_57
in his own 40_MAT_27_60
in his own 40_MAT_13_57
in his own country 40_MAT_13_57
in his own house 40_MAT_27_29
in his right 40_MAT_27_29
in his right hand 40_MAT_21_33
in it and 40_MAT_24_16
in Judaea flee 40_MAT_10_35
in law against 40_MAT_10_35
in law against her 40_MAT_22_30
in marriage but 40_MAT_22_30
in marriage but are 40_MAT_24_38
in marriage until 40_MAT_24_38
in marriage until the 40_MAT_18_06
in me it 40_MAT_26_29
in my father's 40_MAT_18_05
in my name 40_MAT_18_20
in my name 40_MAT_24_05
in my name 40_MAT_18_05
in my name receiveth 40_MAT_24_05
in my name saying 40_MAT_05_18
in no wise 40_MAT_10_42
in no wise 40_MAT_21_42
in our eyes 40_MAT_25_36
in prison and 40_MAT_25_43
in prison and 40_MAT_25_44
in prison and 40_MAT_25_36
in prison and ye 40_MAT_25_43
in prison and ye 40_MAT_14_03
in prison for 40_MAT_14_03
in prison for Herodias'sake 40_MAT_11_21
in sackcloth and ashes 40_MAT_06_04
in secret and 40_MAT_06_18
in secret and 40_MAT_06_04
in secret and thy 40_MAT_06_06
in secret and thy 40_MAT_06_06
in secret shall 40_MAT_06_18
in secret shall 40_MAT_06_06
in secret shall reward 40_MAT_06_18
in secret shall reward 40_MAT_11_08
in soft raiment 40_MAT_11_08
in soft raiment behold 40_MAT_07_22
in that day 40_MAT_27_04
In that I 40_MAT_27_04
in that I have 40_MAT_10_19
in that same 40_MAT_26_55
in that same 40_MAT_10_19
in that same hour 40_MAT_26_55
in that same hour 40_MAT_26_12
in that she 40_MAT_23_30
in the blood 40_MAT_23_30
in the blood of 40_MAT_04_13
in the borders 40_MAT_04_13
in the borders of 40_MAT_13_32
in the branches 40_MAT_26_64
in the clouds 40_MAT_24_30
in the clouds of 40_MAT_26_64
in the clouds of 40_MAT_10_15
in the day 40_MAT_11_24
in the day 40_MAT_12_36
in the day 40_MAT_10_15
in the day of 40_MAT_11_24
in the day of 40_MAT_12_36
in the day of 40_MAT_02_01
in the days 40_MAT_23_30
in the days 40_MAT_24_38
in the days 40_MAT_02_01
in the days of 40_MAT_23_30
in the days of 40_MAT_24_38
in the days that 40_MAT_18_06
in the depth 40_MAT_24_26
in the desert 40_MAT_24_26
in the desert go 40_MAT_26_23
in the dish 40_MAT_10_27
in the ear 40_MAT_25_18
in the earth 40_MAT_25_25
in the earth 40_MAT_25_18
in the earth and 40_MAT_02_02
in the east 40_MAT_13_40
in the end 40_MAT_28_01
in the end 40_MAT_13_40
in the end of