Book of Acts Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 44_ACT_28_03
A bundle of 44_ACT_07_41
a calf in 44_ACT_10_01
a centurion of 44_ACT_27_01
a centurion of 44_ACT_09_10
a certain disciple 44_ACT_09_36
a certain disciple 44_ACT_27_16
a certain island 44_ACT_27_26
a certain island 44_ACT_18_02
a certain Jew 44_ACT_18_02
a certain Jew named 44_ACT_18_24
a certain Jew named 44_ACT_03_02
a certain man 44_ACT_05_01
a certain man 44_ACT_08_09
a certain man 44_ACT_09_33
a certain man 44_ACT_09_33
a certain man 44_ACT_14_08
a certain man 44_ACT_19_24
a certain man 44_ACT_25_14
a certain man 44_ACT_03_02
a certain man lame 44_ACT_03_02
a certain man lame 44_ACT_05_01
a certain man named 44_ACT_09_33
a certain man named 44_ACT_23_17
a certain thing 44_ACT_10_11
a certain vessel 44_ACT_11_05
a certain vessel 44_ACT_16_01
a certain woman 44_ACT_16_14
a certain woman 44_ACT_16_14
a certain woman named 44_ACT_16_01
a certain woman which 44_ACT_20_09
a certain young 44_ACT_20_09
a certain young man 44_ACT_21_39
a citizen of 44_ACT_21_39
a city in 44_ACT_21_39
a city in Cilicia 44_ACT_22_03
a city in Cilicia 44_ACT_27_05
a city of 44_ACT_17_05
a company And 44_ACT_12_13
a damsel came 44_ACT_17_31
a day in 44_ACT_20_09
a deep sleep 44_ACT_20_09
a deep sleep and 44_ACT_10_02
A devout man 44_ACT_22_12
A devout man 44_ACT_11_24
a good man 44_ACT_22_12
a good report 44_ACT_22_12
a good report of 44_ACT_15_07
a good while 44_ACT_06_07
a great company 44_ACT_23_09
a great cry 44_ACT_16_26
a great earthquake 44_ACT_22_06
a great light 44_ACT_14_01
a great multitude 44_ACT_17_04
a great multitude 44_ACT_11_21
a great number 44_ACT_10_11
a great sheet 44_ACT_11_05
a great sheet 44_ACT_28_06
a great while 44_ACT_19_14
a Jew and 44_ACT_07_27
a judge over 44_ACT_07_27
a judge over us 44_ACT_10_22
a just man 44_ACT_10_22
a just man and 44_ACT_13_21
a king And 44_ACT_04_36
a Levite and 44_ACT_16_29
a light and 44_ACT_09_03
a light from 44_ACT_26_13
a light from 44_ACT_09_03
a light from heaven 44_ACT_26_13
a light from heaven 44_ACT_13_47
a light of 44_ACT_05_34
a little space 44_ACT_07_57
a loud voice 44_ACT_07_60
a loud voice 44_ACT_14_10
a loud voice 44_ACT_16_28
a loud voice 44_ACT_26_24
a loud voice 44_ACT_07_57
a loud voice and 44_ACT_16_28
a loud voice saying 44_ACT_13_22
a man after 44_ACT_09_12
a man named 44_ACT_08_27
a man of 44_ACT_16_09
a man of 44_ACT_13_21
a man of the 44_ACT_10_28
a man that 44_ACT_22_25
a man that 44_ACT_10_28
a man that is 44_ACT_22_25
a man that is 44_ACT_21_39
a man which 44_ACT_22_03
a man which 44_ACT_21_39
a man which am 44_ACT_22_03
a man which am 44_ACT_19_38
a matter against 44_ACT_18_14
a matter of 44_ACT_27_41
a place where 44_ACT_27_41
a place where two 44_ACT_27_08
a place which 44_ACT_27_08
a place which is 44_ACT_07_05
a possession and 44_ACT_05_31
a prince and 44_ACT_02_30
a prophet and 44_ACT_03_22
a prophet shall 44_ACT_03_22
A prophet shall the 44_ACT_07_37
A prophet shall the 44_ACT_13_07
a prudent man 44_ACT_22_25
a Roman and 44_ACT_22_29
a Roman and 44_ACT_07_27
a ruler and 44_ACT_07_35
a ruler and 44_ACT_07_27
a ruler and a 44_ACT_07_35
a ruler and a 44_ACT_27_02
a ship of 44_ACT_27_06
a ship of 44_ACT_27_06
a ship of Alexandria 44_ACT_28_11
a ship of Alexandria 44_ACT_16_16
a spirit of 44_ACT_16_11
a straight course 44_ACT_21_01
a straight course 44_ACT_07_06
a strange land 44_ACT_07_29
a stranger in 44_ACT_07_29
a stranger in the 44_ACT_07_16
a sum of 44_ACT_07_16
a sum of money 44_ACT_12_11
a surety that 44_ACT_07_46
a tabernacle for the 44_ACT_09_12
a vision a 44_ACT_11_05
a vision a 44_ACT_16_09
a vision appeared 44_ACT_09_04
a voice saying 44_ACT_22_07
a voice saying 44_ACT_09_04
a voice saying unto 44_ACT_11_07
a voice saying unto 44_ACT_10_13
a voice to 44_ACT_10_13
a voice to him 44_ACT_11_26
a whole year 44_ACT_13_41
a work in 44_ACT_13_41
a work in your 44_ACT_19_35
a worshipper of 44_ACT_18_11
a year And 44_ACT_27_31
abide in the 44_ACT_15_10
able to bear 44_ACT_21_08
abode with him 44_ACT_18_03
abode with them 44_ACT_21_07
abode with them 44_ACT_01_15
about an hundred 44_ACT_04_04
about five thousand 44_ACT_05_36
about four hundred 44_ACT_14_20
about him he 44_ACT_10_03
about the ninth 44_ACT_10_03
about the ninth hour 44_ACT_10_09
about the sixth 44_ACT_10_09
about the sixth hour 44_ACT_05_07
about the space 44_ACT_19_34
about the space 44_ACT_05_07
about the space of 44_ACT_19_34
about the space of 44_ACT_13_18
about the time 44_ACT_13_18
about the time of 44_ACT_12_08
about thee and 44_ACT_02_41
about three thousand 44_ACT_03_03
about to go 44_ACT_26_21
about to kill 44_ACT_26_21
about to kill me 44_ACT_03_13
Abraham and of 44_ACT_07_32
Abraham and the 44_ACT_07_32
Abraham and the God 44_ACT_07_08
Abraham begat Isaac 44_ACT_07_08
Abraham begat Isaac and 44_ACT_07_02
Abraham when he 44_ACT_07_02
Abraham when he was 44_ACT_15_29
abstain from meats 44_ACT_04_35
according as he 44_ACT_04_35
according as he had 44_ACT_11_29
according to his 44_ACT_13_23
according to his 44_ACT_11_29
according to his ability 44_ACT_13_23
according to his promise 44_ACT_02_30
according to the 44_ACT_07_44
according to the 44_ACT_22_03
according to the 44_ACT_22_12
according to the 44_ACT_07_44
according to the fashion 44_ACT_02_30
according to the flesh 44_ACT_22_12
according to the law 44_ACT_24_02
accuse him saying 44_ACT_22_30
accused of the 44_ACT_26_07
accused of the 44_ACT_22_30
accused of the Jews 44_ACT_26_02
accused of the Jews 44_ACT_02_47
added to the 44_ACT_05_14
added to the 44_ACT_07_34
affliction of my 44_ACT_07_34
affliction of my people 44_ACT_10_04
afraid and said 44_ACT_09_26
afraid of him 44_ACT_09_26
afraid of him And 44_ACT_24_24
after certain days 44_ACT_13_36
after he had 44_ACT_16_10
after he had 44_ACT_18_23
after he had 44_ACT_17_27
after him and 44_ACT_07_05
after him when 44_ACT_05_04
after it was 44_ACT_01_02
after that he 44_ACT_07_36
after that he 44_ACT_13_20
after that he 44_ACT_07_36
after that he had 44_ACT_07_07
after that shall 44_ACT_01_08
after that the 44_ACT_24_10
after that the 44_ACT_23_03
after the law and 44_ACT_15_17
after the LORD 44_ACT_15_01
after the manner 44_ACT_15_01
after the manner of 44_ACT_18_01
After these things 44_ACT_19_21
After these things 44_ACT_14_24
after they had 44_ACT_15_13
after they had 44_ACT_15_33
after they had 44_ACT_28_06
after they had 44_ACT_16_07
after they were 44_ACT_16_07
after they were come 44_ACT_15_23
after this manner 44_ACT_23_25
after this manner 44_ACT_25_01
after three days 44_ACT_28_17
after three days 44_ACT_13_33
again as it 44_ACT_17_03
again from the 44_ACT_10_16
again into heaven 44_ACT_11_10
again into heaven 44_ACT_01_06
Again the kingdom 44_ACT_10_15
again the second 44_ACT_10_15
again the second time 44_ACT_22_17
again to Jerusalem 44_ACT_18_21
again unto you If 44_ACT_19_38
against any man 44_ACT_25_03
against him that 44_ACT_06_11
against Moses and 44_ACT_06_11
against Moses and against 44_ACT_13_50
against Paul and 44_ACT_18_12
against Paul and 44_ACT_14_02
against the brethren 44_ACT_25_08
against the law 44_ACT_25_08
against the law of 44_ACT_04_26
against the LORD 44_ACT_04_26
against the LORD and 44_ACT_21_28
against the people 44_ACT_28_17
against the people 44_ACT_21_28
against the people and 44_ACT_09_05
against the pricks 44_ACT_26_14
against the pricks 44_ACT_25_08
against the temple 44_ACT_13_51
against them and 44_ACT_16_22
against them and 44_ACT_16_22
against them and the 44_ACT_19_16
against them so 44_ACT_25_22
Agrippa said unto 44_ACT_26_01
Agrippa said unto 44_ACT_26_01
Agrippa said unto Paul 44_ACT_26_28
Agrippa said unto Paul 44_ACT_02_07
all amazed and 44_ACT_02_12
all amazed and 44_ACT_19_17
all and the 44_ACT_04_10
all and to 44_ACT_05_36
all as many 44_ACT_05_36
all as many as 44_ACT_02_04
all filled with 44_ACT_04_31
all filled with 44_ACT_02_04
all filled with the 44_ACT_04_31
all filled with the 44_ACT_02_17
all flesh and 44_ACT_02_17
all flesh and your 44_ACT_20_38
all for the 44_ACT_07_10
all his afflictions 44_ACT_07_10
all his house 44_ACT_10_02
all his house 44_ACT_16_34
all his house 44_ACT_18_08
all his house 44_ACT_18_08
all his house and 44_ACT_15_18
all his works 44_ACT_27_37
all in the 44_ACT_01_08
all Judaea and 44_ACT_09_31
all Judaea and 44_ACT_10_37
all Judaea and 44_ACT_10_12
all manner of 44_ACT_19_19
all men and 44_ACT_02_45
all men as 44_ACT_17_30
all men every 44_ACT_17_30
all men every where 44_ACT_21_28
all men every where 44_ACT_17_31
all men in 44_ACT_17_26
all nations of 44_ACT_13_39
all that believe 44_ACT_09_14
all that call 44_ACT_28_30
all that came 44_ACT_14_27
all that God had 44_ACT_16_03
all that his 44_ACT_16_03
all that his father 44_ACT_04_24
all that in 44_ACT_04_24
all that in them 44_ACT_04_23
all that the 44_ACT_13_29
all that was 44_ACT_10_38
all that were 44_ACT_16_32
all that were 44_ACT_16_32
all that were in 44_ACT_15_03
All the brethren 44_ACT_08_40
all the cities 44_ACT_17_05
all the city 44_ACT_21_30
all the city 44_ACT_21_30
all the city was 44_ACT_26_20
all the coasts 44_ACT_26_20
all the coasts of 44_ACT_20_27
all the counsel 44_ACT_20_27
all the counsel of 44_ACT_18_23
all the country 44_ACT_18_23
all the country of 44_ACT_16_26
all the doors 44_ACT_21_18
all the elders 44_ACT_20_28
all the flock 44_ACT_15_17
all the Gentiles 44_ACT_02_02
all the house 44_ACT_02_36
all the house 44_ACT_02_36
all the house of 44_ACT_19_17
all the Jews 44_ACT_21_21
all the Jews 44_ACT_22_12
all the Jews 44_ACT_24_05
all the Jews 44_ACT_26_04
all the Jews 44_ACT_22_12
all the Jews which 44_ACT_03_25
all the kindreds 44_ACT_03_25
all the kindreds of 44_ACT_07_11
all the land 44_ACT_07_11
all the land of 44_ACT_19_07
all the men 44_ACT_15_12
all the multitude 44_ACT_25_24
all the multitude 44_ACT_02_47
all the people 44_ACT_03_09
all the people 44_ACT_03_11
all the people 44_ACT_04_10
all the people 44_ACT_05_34
all the people 44_ACT_13_24
all the people 44_ACT_21_27
all the people 44_ACT_02_47
all the people And 44_ACT_05_34
all the people And 44_ACT_21_27
all the people And 44_ACT_10_41
all the people but 44_ACT_04_10
all the people of 44_ACT_13_24
all the people of 44_ACT_03_09
all the people saw 44_ACT_03_24
all the prophets 44_ACT_10_43
all the prophets 44_ACT_13_49
all the region 44_ACT_26_02
all the things 44_ACT_01_21
all the time that 44_ACT_07_22
all the wisdom 44_ACT_07_22
all the wisdom of 44_ACT_05_20
all the words 44_ACT_05_20
all the words of 44_ACT_11_28
all the world 44_ACT_04_16
all them that 44_ACT_05_05
all them that 44_ACT_27_24
all them that 44_ACT_04_16
all them that dwell 44_ACT_20_32
all them which 44_ACT_20_32
all them which are 44_ACT_07_50
all these things 44_ACT_10_08
all these things 44_ACT_15_17
all these things 44_ACT_24_08
all these things 44_ACT_02_07
All these which 44_ACT_05_17
all they that 44_ACT_05_17
all they that were 44_ACT_08_37
all thine heart 44_ACT_02_44
all things common 44_ACT_04_32
all things common 44_ACT_10_33
all things that 44_ACT_14_15
all things that 44_ACT_15_04
all things that 44_ACT_10_33
all things that are 44_ACT_14_15
all things that are 44_ACT_03_22
all things whatsoever 44_ACT_03_21
all things which 44_ACT_10_39
all things which 44_ACT_22_10
all things which 44_ACT_24_14
all things which 44_ACT_22_10
all things which are 44_ACT_17_22
all things ye 44_ACT_11_14
all thy house 44_ACT_02_01
all with one 44_ACT_19_34
all with one 44_ACT_02_01
all with one accord 44_ACT_05_12
all with one accord 44_ACT_02_14
all ye that 44_ACT_01_13
Alphaeus and Simon 44_ACT_26_29
also all that 44_ACT_10_26
also am a 44_ACT_10_26
also am a man 44_ACT_26_10
also did in 44_ACT_13_22
Also he gave 44_ACT_13_35
also in another 44_ACT_21_28
also into the 44_ACT_27_10
also of our 44_ACT_14_01
also of the 44_ACT_14_05
also of the 44_ACT_17_28
also of your 44_ACT_20_30
also of your 44_ACT_17_28
also of your own 44_ACT_20_30
also of your own 44_ACT_07_45
also our fathers that 44_ACT_19_27
also that the 44_ACT_22_05
also the high 44_ACT_09_32
also to the 44_ACT_11_18
also to the 44_ACT_20_21
also to the 44_ACT_13_33
also written in 44_ACT_21_39
am a Jew 44_ACT_22_03
am a Jew 44_ACT_10_26
am a man 44_ACT_21_39
am a man 44_ACT_26_02
am accused of 44_ACT_26_07
am accused of 44_ACT_26_02
am accused of the 44_ACT_26_07
am accused of the 44_ACT_23_06
am called in 44_ACT_24_21
am called in 44_ACT_23_06
am called in question 44_ACT_24_21
am called in question 44_ACT_07_34
am come down 44_ACT_07_34
am come down to 44_ACT_09_05
am Jesus whom 44_ACT_26_15
am Jesus whom 44_ACT_09_05
am Jesus whom thou 44_ACT_26_15
am Jesus whom thou 44_ACT_13_25
am not worthy 44_ACT_13_25
am not worthy to 44_ACT_26_26
am persuaded that 44_ACT_20_26
am pure from 44_ACT_07_32
am the God 44_ACT_07_32
am the God of 44_ACT_18_10
am with thee 44_ACT_09_21
amazed and said 44_ACT_09_21
amazed and said Is 44_ACT_05_34
among all the 44_ACT_10_22
among all the 44_ACT_24_05
among all the 44_ACT_05_34
among all the people 44_ACT_26_04
among mine own 44_ACT_15_22
among the brethren 44_ACT_15_12
among the Gentiles 44_ACT_15_19
among the Gentiles 44_ACT_21_19
among the Gentiles 44_ACT_21_21
among the Gentiles 44_ACT_15_12
among the Gentiles by 44_ACT_21_19
among the Gentiles by 44_ACT_26_03
among the Jews 44_ACT_03_23
among the people 44_ACT_04_17
among the people 44_ACT_05_12
among the people 44_ACT_06_08
among the people 44_ACT_14_14
among the people 44_ACT_05_12
among the people and 44_ACT_23_10
among them and 44_ACT_04_34
among them that 44_ACT_26_18
among them which 44_ACT_20_25
among whom I 44_ACT_02_22
among you by 44_ACT_20_29
among you not 44_ACT_19_40
an account of 44_ACT_07_30
an angel of 44_ACT_10_03
an angel of 44_ACT_10_03
an angel of God 44_ACT_07_30
an angel of the 44_ACT_27_12
an haven of 44_ACT_01_15
an hundred and 44_ACT_01_15
an hundred and twenty 44_ACT_20_32
an inheritance among 44_ACT_02_30
an oath to 44_ACT_21_26
an offering should 44_ACT_17_05
an uproar and 44_ACT_21_38
an uproar and 44_ACT_27_29
anchors out of 44_ACT_27_30
anchors out of 44_ACT_27_29
anchors out of the 44_ACT_27_30
anchors out of the 44_ACT_03_02
And a certain 44_ACT_10_11
And a certain 44_ACT_16_14
And a certain 44_ACT_18_24
And a certain 44_ACT_03_02
And a certain man 44_ACT_16_14
And a certain woman 44_ACT_01_09
and a cloud 44_ACT_06_07
and a great 44_ACT_11_21
and a great 44_ACT_11_21
and a great number 44_ACT_07_35
and a judge 44_ACT_07_27
and a judge over 44_ACT_12_07
and a light 44_ACT_05_31
and a Saviour 44_ACT_26_16
and a witness 44_ACT_17_34
And a woman 44_ACT_21_07
and abode with 44_ACT_21_08
and abode with him 44_ACT_13_18
And about the 44_ACT_19_21
and Achaia to 44_ACT_25_13
And after certain 44_ACT_24_24
and after certain days 44_ACT_16_10
and after he 44_ACT_18_23
and after he 44_ACT_16_10
and after he had 44_ACT_05_04
and after it 44_ACT_07_07
And after that 44_ACT_09_23
And after that 44_ACT_13_20
And after that 44_ACT_13_20
and after that he 44_ACT_07_07
And after that shall 44_ACT_13_15
and after the 44_ACT_20_01
and after the 44_ACT_15_13
and after they 44_ACT_15_33
and after they 44_ACT_14_24
and after they had 44_ACT_15_33
and after they had 44_ACT_21_15
And after those 44_ACT_21_15
And after those days 44_ACT_28_11
and after three 44_ACT_13_21
And afterward they 44_ACT_04_26
and against his 44_ACT_01_18
and all his 44_ACT_07_10
and all his 44_ACT_07_14
and all his 44_ACT_16_33
and all his 44_ACT_21_24
and all may 44_ACT_25_24
and all men 44_ACT_02_44
and all that 44_ACT_04_24
and all that 44_ACT_06_15
and all that 44_ACT_09_35
and all that 44_ACT_09_35
And all that dwelt 44_ACT_04_24
and all that in 44_ACT_03_09
and all the 44_ACT_03_24
and all the 44_ACT_05_21
and all the 44_ACT_09_39
and all the 44_ACT_15_17
and all the 44_ACT_19_07
and all the 44_ACT_21_18
and all the 44_ACT_21_30
and all the 44_ACT_22_05
and all the 44_ACT_21_30
And all the city 44_ACT_21_18
and all the elders 44_ACT_19_07
And all the men 44_ACT_03_09
and all the people 44_ACT_03_24
and all the prophets 44_ACT_22_30
and all their 44_ACT_05_17
and all they 44_ACT_05_17
And all they that 44_ACT_14_15
and all things 44_ACT_17_24
and all things 44_ACT_17_25
and all things 44_ACT_14_15
and all things that 44_ACT_11_14
and all thy 44_ACT_11_14
and all thy house 44_ACT_02_14
and all ye that 44_ACT_14_01
And also of 44_ACT_14_01
And also of the 44_ACT_20_21
and also to 44_ACT_20_21
and also to the 44_ACT_07_34
and am come 44_ACT_09_18
and arose and 44_ACT_07_31
And as he 44_ACT_09_03
And as he 44_ACT_10_27
And as he 44_ACT_24_25
And as he 44_ACT_26_24
And as he 44_ACT_10_27
And as he talked 44_ACT_11_15
and as I 44_ACT_04_06
and as many 44_ACT_13_48
and as many 44_ACT_04_06
and as many as 44_ACT_13_48
and as many as 44_ACT_20_09
and as Paul 44_ACT_21_37
and as Paul 44_ACT_20_09
and as Paul was 44_ACT_21_37
and as Paul was 44_ACT_10_25
And as Peter 44_ACT_10_25
And as Peter was 44_ACT_03_11
and as the 44_ACT_27_30
and as the 44_ACT_04_01
And as they 44_ACT_08_36
And as they 44_ACT_16_04
And as they 44_ACT_21_31
And as they 44_ACT_22_23
And as they 44_ACT_22_25
And as they 44_ACT_22_25
And as they 44_ACT_08_36
And as they went 44_ACT_16_04
And as they went 44_ACT_21_31
And as they went 44_ACT_21_10
and as we 44_ACT_23_19
and asked him 44_ACT_16_25
And at midnight 44_ACT_08_01
And at that 44_ACT_08_01
And at that time 44_ACT_07_13
and at the 44_ACT_10_30
and at the 44_ACT_10_30
And at the ninth 44_ACT_12_25
And Barnabas and 44_ACT_13_50
And Barnabas and 44_ACT_22_16
and be baptized 44_ACT_03_19
and be converted 44_ACT_09_17
and be filled with 44_ACT_12_03
And because he 44_ACT_18_03
And because he 44_ACT_22_29
And because he 44_ACT_22_29
and because he had 44_ACT_25_20
and because I 44_ACT_28_02
and because of 44_ACT_28_02
and because of the 44_ACT_08_35
and began at 44_ACT_08_35
and began at the 44_ACT_02_04
and began to 44_ACT_02_04
and began to speak 44_ACT_08_27
and behold a 44_ACT_10_30
and behold a 44_ACT_16_01
and behold a 44_ACT_08_27
and behold a man 44_ACT_10_30
and behold a man 44_ACT_12_07
and behold the 44_ACT_12_07
And behold the angel 44_ACT_05_28
And behold ye 44_ACT_09_26
and believed not 44_ACT_25_02
and besought him 44_ACT_23_01
and brethren I 44_ACT_23_06
and brethren I 44_ACT_11_01
and brethren that 44_ACT_13_38
and brethren that 44_ACT_23_24
and bring him 44_ACT_06_12
and brought him 44_ACT_09_08
and brought him 44_ACT_09_27
and brought him 44_ACT_17_19
and brought him 44_ACT_18_12
and brought him 44_ACT_23_18
and brought him 44_ACT_23_31
and brought him 44_ACT_09_08
and brought him into 44_ACT_06_12
and brought him to 44_ACT_09_27
and brought him to 44_ACT_18_12
and brought him to 44_ACT_23_18
and brought him to 44_ACT_04_34
and brought the 44_ACT_04_37
and brought the 44_ACT_05_19
and brought them 44_ACT_05_26
and brought them 44_ACT_16_20
and brought them 44_ACT_16_30
and brought them 44_ACT_16_39
and brought them 44_ACT_16_30
And brought them out 44_ACT_16_39
And brought them out 44_ACT_16_20
and brought them to 44_ACT_05_36
and brought to 44_ACT_05_06
and buried him 44_ACT_19_19
and burned them 44_ACT_13_39
And by him 44_ACT_13_39
And by him all 44_ACT_05_12
and by the 44_ACT_05_12
and by the hands 44_ACT_10_05
and call for 44_ACT_07_14
and called his 44_ACT_05_21
and called the 44_ACT_20_17
and called the 44_ACT_14_20
and came into 44_ACT_14_20
and came into the 44_ACT_18_01
and came to 44_ACT_20_14
and came to 44_ACT_28_13
and came to 44_ACT_13_51
and came unto 44_ACT_18_02
and came unto 44_ACT_20_06
and came unto 44_ACT_21_08
and came unto 44_ACT_18_02
and came unto them 44_ACT_05_06
and carried him 44_ACT_07_58
and cast him 44_ACT_07_58
and cast him out 44_ACT_27_38
and cast out 44_ACT_10_23
and certain brethren 44_ACT_17_06
and certain brethren 44_ACT_19_31
And certain of 44_ACT_19_31
And certain of the 44_ACT_15_02
and certain other 44_ACT_27_01
and certain other 44_ACT_19_14
and chief of 44_ACT_19_14
and chief of the 44_ACT_19_14
and chief of the 44_ACT_15_41
and Cilicia confirming the 44_ACT_15_41
and Cilicia confirming the 44_ACT_07_08
and circumcised him 44_ACT_16_03
and circumcised him 44_ACT_12_19
and commanded that 44_ACT_27_43
and commanded that 44_ACT_12_19
and commanded that they 44_ACT_27_43
and commanded that they 44_ACT_25_17
and commanded the 44_ACT_04_18
and commanded them 44_ACT_16_22
and commanded to 44_ACT_24_26
and communed with 44_ACT_27_15
and could not 44_ACT_10_12
and creeping things 44_ACT_11_06
and creeping things 44_ACT_10_12
and creeping things and 44_ACT_11_06
and creeping things and 44_ACT_16_17
and cried saying 44_ACT_07_60
and cried with 44_ACT_07_60
and cried with a 44_ACT_07_10
and delivered him 44_ACT_12_04
and delivered him 44_ACT_12_04
and delivered him to 44_ACT_23_33
and delivered the 44_ACT_20_01
and departed for 44_ACT_09_02
and desired of 44_ACT_07_46
and desired to 44_ACT_13_07
and desired to 44_ACT_08_02
And devout men carried 44_ACT_08_02
And devout men carried 44_ACT_27_27
and down in 44_ACT_10_09
and drew nigh 44_ACT_07_32
and durst not 44_ACT_14_15
and earth and 44_ACT_04_24
and earth and the 44_ACT_14_15
and earth and the 44_ACT_07_49
and earth is 44_ACT_04_05
and elders and 44_ACT_15_23
and elders and 44_ACT_23_14
and elders and 44_ACT_04_05
and elders and scribes 44_ACT_04_05
and elders and scribes 44_ACT_20_01
and embraced them 44_ACT_20_01
and embraced them and 44_ACT_09_17
and entered into 44_ACT_16_40
and entered into 44_ACT_18_07
and entered into 44_ACT_23_16
and entered into 44_ACT_18_07
and entered into a 44_ACT_09_17
and entered into the 44_ACT_16_40
and entered into the 44_ACT_23_16
and entered into the 44_ACT_02_43
And fear came 44_ACT_19_17
and fear fell 44_ACT_10_25
and fell down 44_ACT_16_29
and fell down 44_ACT_20_09
and fell down 44_ACT_16_29
and fell down before 44_ACT_20_10
and fell on 44_ACT_20_37
and fell on 44_ACT_13_20
and fifty years 44_ACT_02_19
and fire and 44_ACT_12_08
and follow me 44_ACT_12_09
and followed him 44_ACT_12_09
and followed him and 44_ACT_12_10
and forthwith the 44_ACT_21_30
and forthwith the 44_ACT_18_02
and found a 44_ACT_27_28
and found it 44_ACT_05_22
and found them 44_ACT_10_12
and fowls of 44_ACT_11_06
and fowls of 44_ACT_10_12
and fowls of the 44_ACT_11_06
and fowls of the 44_ACT_12_11
and from all 44_ACT_12_11
and from all the 44_ACT_15_20
and from blood 44_ACT_15_29
and from blood 44_ACT_15_29
and from blood and 44_ACT_21_25
and from blood and 44_ACT_15_20
and from fornication 44_ACT_15_29
and from fornication 44_ACT_26_18
and from the 44_ACT_07_04
and from thence 44_ACT_13_04
and from thence 44_ACT_16_12
and from thence 44_ACT_21_01
and from thence 44_ACT_28_13
and from thence 44_ACT_28_15
and from thence 44_ACT_13_04
And from thence they 44_ACT_07_04
and from thence when 44_ACT_28_15
and from thence when 44_ACT_15_20
and from things 44_ACT_15_29
and from things 44_ACT_15_20
and from things strangled 44_ACT_15_29
and from things strangled 44_ACT_07_03
and from thy 44_ACT_07_03
and from thy kindred 44_ACT_11_24
and full of 44_ACT_23_30
and gave commandment 44_ACT_07_10
and gave him 44_ACT_27_03
and gave him 44_ACT_07_10
and gave him favour 44_ACT_27_35
and gave thanks 44_ACT_07_42
and gave them 44_ACT_05_05
and gave up 44_ACT_12_23
and gave up 44_ACT_05_05
and gave up the 44_ACT_12_23
and gave up the 44_ACT_14_17
and gave us rain 44_ACT_14_17
and gave us rain 44_ACT_10_20
and get thee 44_ACT_22_18
and get thee 44_ACT_11_18
and glorified God 44_ACT_11_18
and glorified God saying 44_ACT_16_36
and go in 44_ACT_16_36
and go in peace 44_ACT_09_06
and go into 44_ACT_09_11
and go into 44_ACT_22_10
and go into 44_ACT_09_06
and go into the 44_ACT_09_11
and go into the 44_ACT_10_20
and go with 44_ACT_10_20
and go with them 44_ACT_07_06
And God spake 44_ACT_18_22
and gone up 44_ACT_05_05
and great fear 44_ACT_05_11
and great fear 44_ACT_05_05
and great fear came 44_ACT_05_11
and great fear came 44_ACT_20_02
and had given 44_ACT_20_02
and had given them 44_ACT_11_23
and had seen 44_ACT_11_23
and had seen the 44_ACT_05_30
and hanged on 44_ACT_10_39
and hanged on 44_ACT_05_30
and hanged on a 44_ACT_10_39
and hanged on a 44_ACT_17_26
and hath made 44_ACT_07_53
and have not 44_ACT_07_53
and have not 44_ACT_07_53
and have not kept 44_ACT_12_20
and having made 44_ACT_08_37
And he answered 44_ACT_08_37
And he answered and 44_ACT_08_27
and he arose 44_ACT_09_34
and he arose 44_ACT_08_27
and he arose and 44_ACT_10_10
and he became 44_ACT_18_26
And he began 44_ACT_18_26
And he began to 44_ACT_23_23
and he called 44_ACT_16_18
And he came 44_ACT_18_19
And he came 44_ACT_18_19
and he came to 44_ACT_08_38
And he commanded 44_ACT_10_42
And he commanded 44_ACT_10_48
And he commanded 44_ACT_23_35
And he commanded 44_ACT_24_23
And he commanded 44_ACT_08_38
And he commanded the 44_ACT_10_48
And he commanded them 44_ACT_12_17
and he departed 44_ACT_18_07
and he departed 44_ACT_18_16
and he drave 44_ACT_09_04
And he fell 44_ACT_03_05
And he gave 44_ACT_07_05
And he gave 44_ACT_07_08
And he gave 44_ACT_07_08
And he gave 44_ACT_09_41
And he gave her 44_ACT_07_05
And he gave him 44_ACT_07_08
And he gave him 44_ACT_07_10
and he made 44_ACT_07_10
and he made him 44_ACT_27_06
and he put 44_ACT_01_07
And he said 44_ACT_07_02
And he said 44_ACT_08_31
And he said 44_ACT_09_05
And he said 44_ACT_09_10
And he said 44_ACT_10_04
And he said 44_ACT_10_28
And he said 44_ACT_12_17
And he said 44_ACT_19_03
And he said 44_ACT_22_08
And he said 44_ACT_22_14
And he said 44_ACT_22_21
And he said 44_ACT_23_20
And he said 44_ACT_26_15
And he said 44_ACT_09_10
And he said Behold 44_ACT_12_17
And he said Go 44_ACT_26_15
And he said I 44_ACT_22_14
And he said The 44_ACT_23_20
And he said The 44_ACT_01_07
And he said unto 44_ACT_10_04
And he said unto 44_ACT_10_28
And he said unto 44_ACT_19_03
And he said unto 44_ACT_22_08
And he said unto 44_ACT_22_21
And he said unto 44_ACT_09_05
And he said Who 44_ACT_12_08
and he saith 44_ACT_22_02
and he saith 44_ACT_22_02
and he saith 44_ACT_12_08
And he saith unto 44_ACT_03_20
and he shall 44_ACT_03_20
and he shall send 44_ACT_12_07
and he smote 44_ACT_09_29
And he spake 44_ACT_03_07
and he took 44_ACT_16_33
and he took 44_ACT_03_07
And he took him 44_ACT_16_33
And he took them 44_ACT_01_26
and he was 44_ACT_09_09
and he was 44_ACT_09_28
and he was 44_ACT_12_23
and he was 44_ACT_13_31
and he was 44_ACT_13_31
and he was seen 44_ACT_08_39
And he went 44_ACT_12_09
And he went 44_ACT_12_19
And he went 44_ACT_13_11
And he went 44_ACT_15_41
And he went 44_ACT_19_08
And he went 44_ACT_12_19
and he went down 44_ACT_08_39
And he went on 44_ACT_12_09
And he went out 44_ACT_23_25
And he wrote 44_ACT_10_38
and healing all 44_ACT_28_27
and hear with 44_ACT_09_04
and heard a 44_ACT_22_07
and heard a 44_ACT_09_04
and heard a voice 44_ACT_22_07
and heard a voice 44_ACT_08_30
and heard him 44_ACT_02_14
and hearken to 44_ACT_03_16
and his name 44_ACT_09_27
and how he 44_ACT_14_27
and how he 44_ACT_09_27
and how he had 44_ACT_20_20
and how I 44_ACT_22_08
And I answered 44_ACT_21_39
and I beseech 44_ACT_22_07
And I fell 44_ACT_07_34
and I have 44_ACT_07_34
and I have heard 44_ACT_11_07
and I heard 44_ACT_11_07
and I heard a 44_ACT_26_11
and I punished 44_ACT_22_10
And I said 44_ACT_22_19
And I said 44_ACT_26_15
And I said 44_ACT_22_10
And I said What 44_ACT_28_27
and I should 44_ACT_02_19
And I will 44_ACT_07_43
And I will 44_ACT_15_16
And I will 44_ACT_15_16
and I will build 44_ACT_15_16
And I will set 44_ACT_02_19
and I will show 44_ACT_12_23
And immediately the 44_ACT_09_18
And immediately there 44_ACT_13_11
And immediately there 44_ACT_09_18
And immediately there fell 44_ACT_13_11
And immediately there fell 44_ACT_11_05
and in a 44_ACT_01_08
and in all 44_ACT_24_03
and in all 44_ACT_05_42
And in every 44_ACT_10_39
and in Jerusalem 44_ACT_10_39
and in Jerusalem whom 44_ACT_02_10
And in the 44_ACT_07_36
And in the 44_ACT_08_23
And in the 44_ACT_09_31
And in the 44_ACT_17_17
And in the 44_ACT_24_14
And in the 44_ACT_24_14
and in the prophets 44_ACT_07_36
and in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_39
and in their 44_ACT_01_15
and in those 44_ACT_06_01
and in those 44_ACT_06_01
and in those days 44_ACT_03_25
And in thy 44_ACT_03_25
And in thy seed 44_ACT_16_05
and increased in 44_ACT_07_08
and Isaac begat 44_ACT_07_08
and Isaac begat Jacob 44_ACT_04_05
and it came 44_ACT_09_32
and it came 44_ACT_09_37
and it came 44_ACT_09_43
and it came 44_ACT_11_05
and it came 44_ACT_11_26
and it came 44_ACT_14_01
and it came 44_ACT_16_16
and it came 44_ACT_19_01
and it came 44_ACT_21_01
and it came 44_ACT_22_06
and it came 44_ACT_22_17
and it came 44_ACT_28_08
and it came 44_ACT_28_17
and it came 44_ACT_04_05
and it came to 44_ACT_09_32
and it came to 44_ACT_09_37
and it came to 44_ACT_09_43
and it came to 44_ACT_11_26
and it came to 44_ACT_14_01
and it came to 44_ACT_16_16
and it came to 44_ACT_19_01
and it came to 44_ACT_21_01
and it came to 44_ACT_22_06
and it came to 44_ACT_22_17
and it came to 44_ACT_28_08
and it came to 44_ACT_28_17
and it came to 44_ACT_02_02
and it filled 44_ACT_02_17
and it shall 44_ACT_02_21
and it shall 44_ACT_03_23
and it shall 44_ACT_09_06
and it shall 44_ACT_09_06
and it shall be 44_ACT_02_17
and it shall come 44_ACT_02_21
and it shall come 44_ACT_03_23
and it shall come 44_ACT_01_19
and it was 44_ACT_05_07
and it was 44_ACT_09_42
and it was 44_ACT_05_07
and it was about 44_ACT_01_19
And it was known 44_ACT_09_42
And it was known 44_ACT_01_13
and James and 44_ACT_01_13
and James and John 44_ACT_01_13
and John and 44_ACT_04_06
and John and 44_ACT_04_13
and John and 44_ACT_01_13
and John and Andrew 44_ACT_04_19
And John answered and 44_ACT_01_13
And Judas the 44_ACT_01_13
And Judas the brother 44_ACT_15_24
and keep the 44_ACT_03_15
and killed the 44_ACT_20_37
and kissed him 44_ACT_09_40
and kneeled down and 44_ACT_21_27
and laid hands 44_ACT_21_27
and laid hands on 44_ACT_13_29
and laid him 44_ACT_13_29
and laid him in 44_ACT_28_08
and laid his 44_ACT_04_37
and laid it 44_ACT_05_02
and laid it 44_ACT_04_37
and laid it at 44_ACT_05_02
and laid it at 44_ACT_05_18
and laid their 44_ACT_05_18
And laid their hands 44_ACT_13_03
And laid their hands 44_ACT_04_35
and laid them 44_ACT_05_15
and laid them 44_ACT_28_03
and laid them 44_ACT_04_35
and laid them down 44_ACT_05_15
and laid them on 44_ACT_18_19
and left them 44_ACT_10_11
and let down 44_ACT_27_32
and let her 44_ACT_09_25
and let him 44_ACT_09_25
and let him 44_ACT_09_25
and let him down 44_ACT_01_20
and let no 44_ACT_01_20
and let no man 44_ACT_05_38
and let them 44_ACT_05_40
and let them 44_ACT_05_40
and let them go 44_ACT_09_41
and lifted her 44_ACT_09_41
and lifted her up 44_ACT_03_07
and lifted him 44_ACT_03_07
and lifted him up 44_ACT_08_32
and like a 44_ACT_27_24
and lo God 44_ACT_27_24
and lo God hath 44_ACT_12_21
and made an 44_ACT_14_02
and made their 44_ACT_09_34
and make thy 44_ACT_09_42
And many believed 44_ACT_18_08
and many of 44_ACT_26_10
and many of 44_ACT_18_08
and many of the 44_ACT_26_10
and many of the 44_ACT_19_18
and many that 44_ACT_01_14
and Mary the 44_ACT_01_14
and Mary the mother 44_ACT_26_22
And Moses did 44_ACT_07_22
And Moses was 44_ACT_11_24
and much people 44_ACT_02_26
and my tongue 44_ACT_18_10
and no man 44_ACT_18_10
And no man shall 44_ACT_28_26
and not perceive 44_ACT_07_20
and nourished up 44_ACT_13_11
And now behold 44_ACT_20_22
And now behold 44_ACT_20_25
And now behold 44_ACT_20_22
And now behold I 44_ACT_20_25
And now behold I 44_ACT_13_11
And now behold the 44_ACT_03_17
And now brethren 44_ACT_20_32
And now brethren 44_ACT_03_17
And now brethren I 44_ACT_20_32
And now brethren I 44_ACT_07_34
And now come 44_ACT_07_34
And now come I 44_ACT_05_38
and now I 44_ACT_26_06
and now I 44_ACT_27_22
and now I 44_ACT_28_08
and of a 44_ACT_06_09
and of Asia 44_ACT_20_04
and of Asia 44_ACT_11_24
and of faith 44_ACT_10_22
and of good 44_ACT_03_13
and of Jacob 44_ACT_17_12
and of men 44_ACT_04_32
and of one 44_ACT_03_25
and of the 44_ACT_04_36
and of the 44_ACT_05_13
and of the 44_ACT_06_05
and of the 44_ACT_15_04
and of the 44_ACT_17_04
and of the 44_ACT_17_09
and of the 44_ACT_17_18
and of the 44_ACT_19_35
and of the 44_ACT_20_04
and of the 44_ACT_17_04
and of the chief 44_ACT_06_05
and of the holy 44_ACT_17_09
and of the other 44_ACT_05_13
And of the rest 44_ACT_06_09
and of them 44_ACT_18_15
and of your 44_ACT_02_18
and on my 44_ACT_02_18
and on my 44_ACT_10_23
And on the 44_ACT_16_13
And on the 44_ACT_25_23
And on the 44_ACT_10_23
and on the morrow 44_ACT_25_23
and on the morrow 44_ACT_16_13
And on the sabbath 44_ACT_10_02
and one that 44_ACT_10_02
and one that feared 44_ACT_17_32
And others said 44_ACT_07_11
and our fathers 44_ACT_07_15
and our fathers 44_ACT_28_23
And out of 44_ACT_28_23
And out of the 44_ACT_02_45
and parted them 44_ACT_22_28
And Paul said 44_ACT_26_29
And Paul said 44_ACT_14_09
and perceiving that 44_ACT_14_09
and perceiving that he 44_ACT_06_05
and Philip and 44_ACT_03_08
and praising God 44_ACT_13_03
and prayed and 44_ACT_28_08
and prayed and 44_ACT_13_03
and prayed and laid 44_ACT_28_08
and prayed and laid 44_ACT_16_09
and prayed him 44_ACT_14_15
and preach unto 44_ACT_08_25
and preached the 44_ACT_08_25
and preached the gospel 44_ACT_08_35
and preached unto 44_ACT_19_16
and prevailed against 44_ACT_15_09
and put no 44_ACT_04_03
and put them 44_ACT_05_18
and put them 44_ACT_04_03
and put them in 44_ACT_05_18
and put them in 44_ACT_09_12
and putting his 44_ACT_09_17
and putting his 44_ACT_12_07
and raised him 44_ACT_07_41
and rejoiced in 44_ACT_20_31
And remember that 44_ACT_23_32
and returned to 44_ACT_23_32
and returned to the 44_ACT_23_11
and said Be 44_ACT_07_56
and said Behold 44_ACT_10_21
and said Behold 44_ACT_07_56
and said Behold I 44_ACT_10_21
and said Behold I 44_ACT_23_17
and said Bring 44_ACT_08_34
and said I 44_ACT_08_37
and said I 44_ACT_13_22
and said I 44_ACT_13_22
and said I have 44_ACT_09_21
and said Is 44_ACT_09_21
and said Is not 44_ACT_06_02
and said It 44_ACT_13_46
and said It 44_ACT_06_02
and said It is 44_ACT_19_15
and said Jesus 44_ACT_04_24
and said Lord 44_ACT_04_24
and said Lord thou 44_ACT_13_10
and said O 44_ACT_10_34
and said Of a 44_ACT_16_30
and said Sirs 44_ACT_19_25
and said Sirs 44_ACT_19_25
and said Sirs ye 44_ACT_27_21
and said Sirs ye 44_ACT_01_15
and said The 44_ACT_01_24
and said Thou 44_ACT_21_11
and said thus 44_ACT_21_11
and said Thus saith 44_ACT_16_18
and said to 44_ACT_16_18
and said to the 44_ACT_02_14
and said unto 44_ACT_02_37
and said unto 44_ACT_04_19
and said unto 44_ACT_05_35
and said unto 44_ACT_07_03
and said unto 44_ACT_11_13
and said unto 44_ACT_15_07
and said unto 44_ACT_18_06
and said unto 44_ACT_21_20
and said unto 44_ACT_22_13
and said unto 44_ACT_22_27
and said unto 44_ACT_27_10
and said unto 44_ACT_07_03
and said unto him 44_ACT_11_13
and said unto him 44_ACT_21_20
and said unto him 44_ACT_22_27
and said unto him 44_ACT_22_13
And said unto me 44_ACT_02_37
and said unto Peter 44_ACT_02_14
and said unto them 44_ACT_04_19
and said unto them 44_ACT_05_35
and said unto them 44_ACT_15_07
and said unto them 44_ACT_18_06
and said unto them 44_ACT_27_10
and said unto them 44_ACT_05_29
and said We 44_ACT_23_14
and said We 44_ACT_23_14
and said We have 44_ACT_10_04
and said What 44_ACT_10_04
and said What is 44_ACT_24_22
and said When 44_ACT_25_09
and said Wilt 44_ACT_25_09
and said Wilt thou 44_ACT_17_22
and said Ye 44_ACT_15_39
and sailed unto 44_ACT_20_13
and sailed unto 44_ACT_18_22
and saluted the 44_ACT_21_07
and saluted the 44_ACT_09_31
and Samaria and 44_ACT_13_14
and sat down 44_ACT_13_07
And Saul and 44_ACT_09_08
And Saul arose 44_ACT_12_25
and Saul returned 44_ACT_08_01
And Saul was 44_ACT_22_18
and saw him 44_ACT_28_06
and saw no 44_ACT_07_55
and saw the 44_ACT_07_59
And saying Lord 44_ACT_17_11
and searched the 44_ACT_22_14
and see that 44_ACT_08_06
And seeing the 44_ACT_28_26
and seeing ye 44_ACT_28_26
and seeing ye shall 44_ACT_09_30
and sent him 44_ACT_11_30
and sent it 44_ACT_11_30
and sent it to 44_ACT_05_21
and sent to 44_ACT_07_07
and serve me 44_ACT_22_30
and set him 44_ACT_22_30
and set him before 44_ACT_06_13
and set up 44_ACT_05_09
and shall carry 44_ACT_28_26
and shall not 44_ACT_28_26
and shall not understand 44_ACT_16_15
and she constrained 44_ACT_09_40
And she opened 44_ACT_05_08
And she said 44_ACT_28_27
and should be 44_ACT_28_27
and should be converted 44_ACT_10_40
and showed him 44_ACT_09_39
and showing the 44_ACT_02_19
and signs in 44_ACT_07_36
and signs in 44_ACT_02_19
and signs in the 44_ACT_07_36
and signs in the 44_ACT_02_22
and signs which 44_ACT_08_13
and signs which 44_ACT_16_19
and Silas and 44_ACT_17_04
and Silas and 44_ACT_18_11
and six months 44_ACT_07_24
and smote the 44_ACT_12_08
And so he 44_ACT_05_32
and so is 44_ACT_27_44
and so it 44_ACT_27_44
And so it came 44_ACT_28_14
and so we 44_ACT_16_05
And so were 44_ACT_27_17
And so were 44_ACT_28_24
and some believed 44_ACT_28_24
and some believed 44_ACT_11_20
And some of 44_ACT_17_04
And some of 44_ACT_11_20
And some of them 44_ACT_17_04
And some of them 44_ACT_27_44
and some on 44_ACT_17_05
and sought to 44_ACT_16_13
and spake unto 44_ACT_16_13
and spake unto the 44_ACT_26_16
and stand upon 44_ACT_07_58
and stoned him 44_ACT_22_13
and stood and 44_ACT_22_13
and stood and said 44_ACT_10_17
and stood before 44_ACT_10_17
and stood before the 44_ACT_07_57
and stopped their 44_ACT_07_57
and stopped their ears 44_ACT_09_20
and straightway he 44_ACT_02_02
And suddenly there 44_ACT_16_26
And suddenly there 44_ACT_16_26
And suddenly there was 44_ACT_01_14
and supplication with 44_ACT_09_27
and that he 44_ACT_24_23
and that he 44_ACT_25_04
and that he 44_ACT_25_04
and that he 44_ACT_26_23
and that he 44_ACT_09_27
and that he had 44_ACT_25_04
and that he himself 44_ACT_26_23
and that he should 44_ACT_07_06
and that they 44_ACT_28_28
and that they 44_ACT_07_06
And that they should 44_ACT_17_03
and that this 44_ACT_14_22
And that we 44_ACT_08_26
And the angel 44_ACT_12_08
And the angel 44_ACT_08_26
And the angel of 44_ACT_11_01
And the apostles 44_ACT_15_06
And the apostles 44_ACT_11_01
And the apostles and 44_ACT_15_06
And the apostles and 44_ACT_17_10
And the brethren 44_ACT_04_01
And the captain 44_ACT_05_24
And the captain 44_ACT_04_01
And the captain of 44_ACT_05_24
And the captain of 44_ACT_05_24
And the chief 44_ACT_13_50
And the chief 44_ACT_22_28
And the chief 44_ACT_22_29
And the chief 44_ACT_25_02
And the chief 44_ACT_22_28
And the chief captain 44_ACT_22_29
And the chief captain 44_ACT_25_02
And the chief of 44_ACT_05_24
And the chief priests 44_ACT_09_15
And the children 44_ACT_09_15
And the children of 44_ACT_21_01
and the day 44_ACT_21_18
and the day 44_ACT_21_01
and the day following 44_ACT_09_38
And the disciples 44_ACT_11_26
And the disciples 44_ACT_13_52
And the disciples 44_ACT_11_26
And the disciples were 44_ACT_06_12
and the elders 44_ACT_25_15
and the elders 44_ACT_06_12
and the elders and 44_ACT_25_15
and the elders of 44_ACT_25_15
and the elders of 44_ACT_08_34
And the eunuch 44_ACT_08_36
And the eunuch 44_ACT_19_12
and the evil 44_ACT_19_15
and the evil 44_ACT_07_32
and the God 44_ACT_07_32
and the God of 44_ACT_07_32
and the God of 44_ACT_18_04
and the Greeks 44_ACT_11_21
And the hand 44_ACT_11_21
And the hand of 44_ACT_05_27
and the high 44_ACT_23_02
and the high 44_ACT_05_27
and the high priest 44_ACT_23_02
and the high priest 44_ACT_24_09
and the Jews 44_ACT_24_09
and the Jews also 44_ACT_03_14
and the just 44_ACT_16_27
And the keeper 44_ACT_16_27
And the keeper of 44_ACT_05_23
and the keepers 44_ACT_06_13
and the law 44_ACT_21_28
and the law 44_ACT_21_28
and the law and 44_ACT_02_47
And the LORD 44_ACT_09_05
And the LORD 44_ACT_09_06
And the LORD 44_ACT_09_11
And the LORD 44_ACT_22_10
And the LORD 44_ACT_09_05
And the LORD said 44_ACT_09_06
And the LORD said 44_ACT_09_11
And the LORD said 44_ACT_22_10
And the LORD said 44_ACT_01_26
And the lot 44_ACT_01_26
and the lot fell 44_ACT_19_16
And the man 44_ACT_09_07
And the men 44_ACT_02_20
and the moon 44_ACT_02_20
and the moon into 44_ACT_10_24
and the morrow 44_ACT_04_32
and the multitude 44_ACT_16_22
and the multitude 44_ACT_23_07
and the multitude 44_ACT_04_32
and the multitude of 44_ACT_08_12
And the name 44_ACT_19_17
And the name 44_ACT_08_12
And the name of 44_ACT_19_17
And the name of 44_ACT_07_26
And the next 44_ACT_14_20
And the next 44_ACT_16_11
And the next 44_ACT_20_15
And the next 44_ACT_21_08
And the next 44_ACT_21_26
And the next 44_ACT_25_06
And the next 44_ACT_27_03
And the next 44_ACT_07_26
And the next day 44_ACT_14_20
And the next day 44_ACT_20_15
And the next day 44_ACT_20_15
And the next day 44_ACT_21_08
And the next day 44_ACT_21_26
And the next day 44_ACT_25_06
And the next day 44_ACT_27_03
And the next day 44_ACT_23_11
and the night 44_ACT_04_04
and the number 44_ACT_06_07
and the number 44_ACT_04_04
and the number of 44_ACT_06_07
and the number of 44_ACT_05_29
and the other 44_ACT_23_06
and the other 44_ACT_27_11
and the owner 44_ACT_27_11
and the owner of 44_ACT_04_25
and the people 44_ACT_04_27
and the people 44_ACT_08_06
and the people 44_ACT_12_22
and the people 44_ACT_21_30
and the people 44_ACT_04_25
and the people imagine 44_ACT_04_27
And the people of 44_ACT_13_15
and the prophets 44_ACT_27_44
and the rest 44_ACT_17_18
and the resurrection 44_ACT_04_26
And the rulers 44_ACT_17_08
And the rulers 44_ACT_17_08
And the rulers of 44_ACT_04_26
and the rulers were 44_ACT_04_01
and the Sadducees 44_ACT_23_07
and the Sadducees 44_ACT_02_41
and the same 44_ACT_19_23
and the same 44_ACT_21_09
and the same 44_ACT_22_13
and the same 44_ACT_22_13
And the same hour 44_ACT_21_09
and the same man 44_ACT_06_05
And the saying 44_ACT_06_05
And the saying pleased 44_ACT_06_12
and the scribes 44_ACT_23_09
and the scribes 44_ACT_06_12
and the scribes and 44_ACT_04_24
and the sea 44_ACT_14_15
and the sea 44_ACT_14_15
and the sea and 44_ACT_12_10
And the second 44_ACT_21_32
And the soldiers 44_ACT_07_56
and the son 44_ACT_07_56
and the son of 44_ACT_06_10
And the Spirit 44_ACT_11_12
And the Spirit 44_ACT_27_19
and the third 44_ACT_27_19
and the third day 44_ACT_28_15
and the three 44_ACT_17_30
and the times 44_ACT_10_15
and the voice 44_ACT_19_29
And the whole 44_ACT_06_07
And the word 44_ACT_13_49
And the word 44_ACT_13_49
And the word of 44_ACT_19_27
and the world 44_ACT_05_06
And the young 44_ACT_05_10
And the young 44_ACT_05_06
And the young men 44_ACT_05_10
And the young men 44_ACT_28_27
and their ears 44_ACT_28_27
and their ears are 44_ACT_28_27
and their eyes 44_ACT_05_16
and them which 44_ACT_26_13
and them which 44_ACT_12_19
and there abode 44_ACT_02_03
And there appeared 44_ACT_19_38
and there are 44_ACT_23_09
And there arose 44_ACT_23_09
And there arose a 44_ACT_25_09
and there be 44_ACT_25_20
and there be 44_ACT_25_09
and there be judged 44_ACT_25_20
and there be judged 44_ACT_10_13
And there came 44_ACT_14_19
And there came 44_ACT_10_13
and there came a 44_ACT_09_33
and there he 44_ACT_22_10
And there it 44_ACT_14_08
And there sat 44_ACT_20_09
And there sat 44_ACT_11_28
And there stood 44_ACT_27_06
and there the 44_ACT_14_07
and there they 44_ACT_14_28
and there they 44_ACT_08_08
and there was 44_ACT_09_10
and there was 44_ACT_09_10
And there was a 44_ACT_08_08
And there was great 44_ACT_02_05
And there were 44_ACT_19_14
And there were 44_ACT_20_08
And there were 44_ACT_19_14
And there were seven 44_ACT_17_07
and these all 44_ACT_20_37
and they all 44_ACT_21_05
and they all 44_ACT_27_36
and they also 44_ACT_01_23
And they appointed 44_ACT_21_20
and they are 44_ACT_21_21
and they are 44_ACT_20_12
and they brought 44_ACT_20_12
and they brought the 44_ACT_04_18
And they called 44_ACT_14_12
And they called 44_ACT_23_14
and they came 44_ACT_16_39
and they came and 44_ACT_23_14
And they came to 44_ACT_02_42
and they continued 44_ACT_15_04
and they declared 44_ACT_05_41
and they departed 44_ACT_05_41
and they departed from 44_ACT_19_33
and they drew 44_ACT_16_38
and they feared 44_ACT_01_26
And they gave 44_ACT_22_22
And they gave 44_ACT_22_22
And they gave him 44_ACT_13_05
And they had 44_ACT_07_52
and they have 44_ACT_03_10
and they knew 44_ACT_03_10
and they knew that 44_ACT_04_03
And they laid 44_ACT_04_03
And they laid hands 44_ACT_07_41
And they made 44_ACT_10_45
And they of 44_ACT_21_12
And they of 44_ACT_10_45
and they of the 44_ACT_08_17
And they received 44_ACT_21_06
And they returned 44_ACT_21_06
and they returned home 44_ACT_10_22
And they said 44_ACT_12_15
And they said 44_ACT_16_31
And they said 44_ACT_19_02
And they said 44_ACT_19_03
And they said 44_ACT_28_21
And they said 44_ACT_12_15
And they said unto 44_ACT_19_02
And they said unto 44_ACT_19_03
And they said unto 44_ACT_28_21
And they said unto 44_ACT_11_22
and they sent 44_ACT_02_18
and they shall 44_ACT_02_18
and they shall prophesy 44_ACT_04_31
and they spake 44_ACT_16_32
and they spake 44_ACT_19_06
and they spake 44_ACT_16_32
And they spake unto 44_ACT_19_06
and they spake with 44_ACT_05_21
And they that 44_ACT_17_15
And they that 44_ACT_22_09
And they that 44_ACT_23_04
And they that 44_ACT_26_30
And they that 44_ACT_26_30
And they that sat 44_ACT_05_21
and they that were 44_ACT_22_09
and they that were 44_ACT_04_13
and they took 44_ACT_17_19
and they took 44_ACT_21_30
and they took 44_ACT_09_24
and they watched 44_ACT_09_24
and they watched the 44_ACT_08_38
And they went 44_ACT_12_10
And they went 44_ACT_16_40
And they went 44_ACT_08_38
And they went down 44_ACT_12_10
and they went out 44_ACT_16_40
and they went out 44_ACT_02_04
And they were 44_ACT_02_07
And they were 44_ACT_02_12
And they were 44_ACT_03_10
And they were 44_ACT_04_31
And they were 44_ACT_05_12
And they were 44_ACT_05_16
And they were 44_ACT_06_10
And they were 44_ACT_08_01
And they were 44_ACT_23_13
And they were 44_ACT_02_04
And they were all 44_ACT_02_07
And they were all 44_ACT_02_12
And they were all 44_ACT_04_31
And they were all 44_ACT_05_12
And they were all 44_ACT_08_01
And they were all 44_ACT_05_16
and they were healed 44_ACT_06_10
and they were not 44_ACT_08_25
And they when 44_ACT_08_25
And they when they 44_ACT_10_04
and thine alms 44_ACT_10_31
and thine alms 44_ACT_10_04
and thine alms are 44_ACT_10_31
and thine alms are 44_ACT_11_10
and this was 44_ACT_19_17
and this was 44_ACT_03_24
and those that 44_ACT_10_33
and thou hast 44_ACT_13_11
and thou shalt 44_ACT_16_31
and thou shalt 44_ACT_13_11
and thou shalt be 44_ACT_16_31
and thou shalt be 44_ACT_13_28
and though they 44_ACT_04_10
and to all 44_ACT_16_32
and to all 44_ACT_20_28
and to all 44_ACT_16_32
and to all that 44_ACT_04_10
and to all the 44_ACT_20_28
and to all the 44_ACT_23_10
and to bring 44_ACT_19_36
and to do 44_ACT_20_32
and to give 44_ACT_05_40
and to him 44_ACT_08_11
and to him 44_ACT_09_10
and to him 44_ACT_05_40
And to him they 44_ACT_08_11
And to him they 44_ACT_07_05
and to his 44_ACT_07_05
and to his seed 44_ACT_05_03
and to keep 44_ACT_24_23
and to let him 44_ACT_20_35
and to remember 44_ACT_23_10
and to take 44_ACT_02_37
and to the 44_ACT_06_04
and to the 44_ACT_12_17
and to the 44_ACT_20_32
and to the 44_ACT_26_23
and to the 44_ACT_27_31
and to the 44_ACT_02_37
and to the rest 44_ACT_20_34
and to them 44_ACT_20_34
and to them that 44_ACT_15_15
and to this 44_ACT_26_18
and to turn 44_ACT_02_39
and to your 44_ACT_22_26
and told the 44_ACT_05_25
and told them 44_ACT_16_03
and took and 44_ACT_05_33
and took counsel 44_ACT_21_33
and took him 44_ACT_12_25
and took with 44_ACT_26_20
and turn to 44_ACT_07_51
and uncircumcised in 44_ACT_28_27
and understand with 44_ACT_28_27
and understand with their 44_ACT_01_08
and unto the 44_ACT_14_06
and unto the 44_ACT_12_21
and upon a 44_ACT_20_07
and upon the 44_ACT_03_08
and walked and 44_ACT_09_18
and was baptized 44_ACT_05_32
and we are 44_ACT_10_39
and we are 44_ACT_11_12
and we entered 44_ACT_21_08
and we entered 44_ACT_11_12
and we entered into 44_ACT_21_08
and we entered into 44_ACT_20_06
And we sailed 44_ACT_20_15
And we sailed 44_ACT_20_13
And we went 44_ACT_16_12
and we were 44_ACT_27_37
and we were 44_ACT_16_12
and we were in 44_ACT_26_21
and went about 44_ACT_08_27
and went and 44_ACT_12_17
and went into 44_ACT_13_14
and went into 44_ACT_13_14
and went into the 44_ACT_15_38
and went not 44_ACT_18_23
and went over 44_ACT_21_15
and went up 44_ACT_21_15
and went up to 44_ACT_09_39
and went with 44_ACT_23_19
and went with 44_ACT_09_39
and went with them 44_ACT_22_09
and were afraid 44_ACT_05_17
and were filled 44_ACT_05_17
and were filled with 44_ACT_21_33
And what he 44_ACT_01_09
and when he 44_ACT_07_21
and when he 44_ACT_07_23
and when he 44_ACT_07_60
and when he 44_ACT_08_13
and when he 44_ACT_09_19
and when he 44_ACT_09_41
and when he 44_ACT_10_04
and when he 44_ACT_10_08
and when he 44_ACT_11_26
and when he 44_ACT_12_12
and when he 44_ACT_13_19
and when he 44_ACT_13_22
and when he 44_ACT_16_34
and when he 44_ACT_18_22
and when he 44_ACT_18_27
and when he 44_ACT_19_41
and when he 44_ACT_20_02
and when he 44_ACT_20_14
and when he 44_ACT_20_36
and when he 44_ACT_21_11
and when he 44_ACT_21_14
and when he 44_ACT_21_19
and when he 44_ACT_21_34
and when he 44_ACT_21_35
and when he 44_ACT_21_40
and when he 44_ACT_23_07
and when he 44_ACT_23_34
and when he 44_ACT_24_02
and when he 44_ACT_25_06
and when he 44_ACT_25_07
and when he 44_ACT_26_30
and when he 44_ACT_27_35
and when he 44_ACT_27_35
and when he 44_ACT_28_29
and when he 44_ACT_21_35
And when he came 44_ACT_01_09
And when he had 44_ACT_07_60
And when he had 44_ACT_09_19
And when he had 44_ACT_09_41
And when he had 44_ACT_10_08
And when he had 44_ACT_11_26
And when he had 44_ACT_12_04
And when he had 44_ACT_12_12
And when he had 44_ACT_13_19
And when he had 44_ACT_13_22
And when he had 44_ACT_16_34
And when he had 44_ACT_18_22
And when he had 44_ACT_19_41
And when he had 44_ACT_20_36
And when he had 44_ACT_21_19
And when he had 44_ACT_21_40
And when he had 44_ACT_23_07
And when he had 44_ACT_25_06
And when he had 44_ACT_26_30
And when he had 44_ACT_27_35
And when he had 44_ACT_27_35
And when he had 44_ACT_28_29
And when he had 44_ACT_07_21
And when he was 44_ACT_07_23
And when he was 44_ACT_08_13
And when he was 44_ACT_18_27
And when he was 44_ACT_21_11
And when he was 44_ACT_24_02
And when he was 44_ACT_25_07
And when he was 44_ACT_21_14
And when he would 44_ACT_12_06
And when Herod 44_ACT_09_08
And when his 44_ACT_22_11
and when I 44_ACT_23_28
and when I 44_ACT_16_35
and when it 44_ACT_23_12
and when it 44_ACT_23_30
and when it 44_ACT_27_01
and when it 44_ACT_27_39
and when it 44_ACT_16_35
and when it was 44_ACT_23_12
and when it was 44_ACT_23_30
and when it was 44_ACT_27_01
and when it was 44_ACT_27_39
and when it was 44_ACT_18_14
And when Paul 44_ACT_19_06
And when Paul 44_ACT_28_03
And when Paul 44_ACT_19_06
And when Paul had 44_ACT_28_03
And when Paul had 44_ACT_03_12
And when Peter 44_ACT_12_11
And when Peter 44_ACT_11_02
And when Peter was 44_ACT_09_26
and when Saul 44_ACT_09_40
and when she 44_ACT_12_14
and when she 44_ACT_16_15
and when she 44_ACT_09_40
and when she saw 44_ACT_16_15
And when she was 44_ACT_02_01
And when the 44_ACT_10_07
And when the 44_ACT_13_42
And when the 44_ACT_13_48
And when the 44_ACT_14_11
And when the 44_ACT_19_35
And when the 44_ACT_20_03
And when the 44_ACT_21_27
And when the 44_ACT_22_20
And when the 44_ACT_23_34
And when the 44_ACT_27_13
And when the 44_ACT_27_15
And when the 44_ACT_28_04
And when the 44_ACT_10_07
And when the angel 44_ACT_02_01
and when the day 44_ACT_13_42
And when the Jews 44_ACT_20_03
And when the Jews 44_ACT_14_11
and when the people 44_ACT_21_27
And when the seven 44_ACT_14_05
and when there 44_ACT_21_40
and when there 44_ACT_23_10
and when there 44_ACT_14_05
And when there was 44_ACT_21_40
And when there was 44_ACT_01_13
And when they 44_ACT_04_07
And when they 44_ACT_04_24
And when they 44_ACT_04_31
And when they 44_ACT_05_21
And when they 44_ACT_05_27
And when they 44_ACT_05_40
And when they 44_ACT_06_06
And when they 44_ACT_08_39
And when they 44_ACT_12_16
And when they 44_ACT_13_03
And when they 44_ACT_13_05
And when they 44_ACT_13_06
And when they 44_ACT_13_29
And when they 44_ACT_14_21
And when they 44_ACT_14_23
And when they 44_ACT_14_25
And when they 44_ACT_14_27
And when they 44_ACT_15_04
And when they 44_ACT_15_30
And when they 44_ACT_16_23
And when they 44_ACT_16_40
And when they 44_ACT_17_06
And when they 44_ACT_17_09
And when they 44_ACT_17_32
And when they 44_ACT_18_06
And when they 44_ACT_19_28
And when they 44_ACT_20_18
And when they 44_ACT_21_20
And when they 44_ACT_21_32
And when they 44_ACT_22_02
And when they 44_ACT_25_14
And when they 44_ACT_26_10
And when they 44_ACT_26_31
And when they 44_ACT_27_28
And when they 44_ACT_27_38
And when they 44_ACT_27_40
And when they 44_ACT_28_01
And when they 44_ACT_28_17
And when they 44_ACT_28_23
And when they 44_ACT_28_25
And when they 44_ACT_04_07
And when they had 44_ACT_04_31
And when they had 44_ACT_05_27
And when they had 44_ACT_05_40
And when they had 44_ACT_06_06
And when they had 44_ACT_12_16
And when they had 44_ACT_13_03
And when they had 44_ACT_13_06
And when they had 44_ACT_13_29
And when they had 44_ACT_14_21
And when they had 44_ACT_14_23
And when they had 44_ACT_14_25
And when they had 44_ACT_15_30
And when they had 44_ACT_16_23
And when they had 44_ACT_16_40
And when they had 44_ACT_17_09
And when they had 44_ACT_25_14
And when they had 44_ACT_27_28
And when they had 44_ACT_27_38
And when they had 44_ACT_27_40
And when they had 44_ACT_28_23
And when they had 44_ACT_04_24
and when they heard 44_ACT_05_21
and when they heard 44_ACT_17_32
and when they heard 44_ACT_19_28
and when they heard 44_ACT_21_20
and when they heard 44_ACT_22_02
and when they heard 44_ACT_21_32
And when they saw 44_ACT_01_13
And when they were 44_ACT_01_13
And when they were 44_ACT_13_05
And when they were 44_ACT_14_27
And when they were 44_ACT_15_04
And when they were 44_ACT_20_18
And when they were 44_ACT_26_10
And when they were 44_ACT_26_31
And when they were 44_ACT_28_01
And when they were 44_ACT_28_17
And when they were 44_ACT_21_05
and when we 44_ACT_21_06
and when we 44_ACT_21_07
and when we 44_ACT_21_12
and when we 44_ACT_21_17
and when we 44_ACT_26_14
and when we 44_ACT_27_04
and when we 44_ACT_27_05
and when we 44_ACT_27_07
and when we 44_ACT_28_10
and when we 44_ACT_28_16
and when we 44_ACT_28_10
And when we departed 44_ACT_21_05
And when we had 44_ACT_21_06
And when we had 44_ACT_27_04
And when we had 44_ACT_27_05
And when we had 44_ACT_27_07
And when we had 44_ACT_21_17
And when we were 44_ACT_26_14
And when we were 44_ACT_01_10
and while they 44_ACT_08_33
and who shall 44_ACT_08_33
and who shall declare 44_ACT_10_12
and wild beasts 44_ACT_11_06
and wild beasts 44_ACT_10_12
and wild beasts and 44_ACT_11_06
and wild beasts and 44_ACT_24_01
and with a 44_ACT_13_17
and with an 44_ACT_04_33
and with great 44_ACT_24_07
and with great 44_ACT_18_18
and with him 44_ACT_01_14
and with his 44_ACT_20_19
and with many 44_ACT_13_52
and with the 44_ACT_17_17
and with the 44_ACT_02_22
and wonders and 44_ACT_14_03
and wonders to 44_ACT_10_25
and worshipped him 44_ACT_07_26
and would have 44_ACT_10_10
and would have 44_ACT_14_13
and would have 44_ACT_16_27
and would have 44_ACT_19_33
and would have 44_ACT_24_06
and would have 44_ACT_16_27
and would have killed 44_ACT_18_03
and wrought for 44_ACT_01_08
and ye shall 44_ACT_02_38
and ye shall 44_ACT_01_08
and ye shall be 44_ACT_02_38
and ye shall receive 44_ACT_13_16
and ye that 44_ACT_13_16
and ye that fear 44_ACT_05_10
and yielded up 44_ACT_05_10
and yielded up the 44_ACT_02_17
and your daughters 44_ACT_02_17
and your daughters shall 44_ACT_02_17
and your sons 44_ACT_02_17
and your sons and 44_ACT_12_10
angel departed from 44_ACT_12_10
angel departed from him 44_ACT_12_10
angel departed from him 44_ACT_10_03
angel of God 44_ACT_27_23
angel of God 44_ACT_05_19
angel of the 44_ACT_07_30
angel of the 44_ACT_08_26
angel of the 44_ACT_12_07
angel of the 44_ACT_12_23
angel of the 44_ACT_05_19
angel of the LORD 44_ACT_07_30
angel of the LORD 44_ACT_08_26
angel of the LORD 44_ACT_12_07
angel of the LORD 44_ACT_12_08
angel said unto 44_ACT_12_08
angel said unto him 44_ACT_07_38
angel which spake 44_ACT_10_07
angel which spake 44_ACT_07_53
angels and have 44_ACT_07_53
angels and have not 44_ACT_19_32
another for the 44_ACT_24_10
answer for myself 44_ACT_26_02
answer for myself 44_ACT_04_19
answered and said 44_ACT_05_29
answered and said 44_ACT_08_37
answered and said 44_ACT_19_15
answered and said 44_ACT_08_37
answered and said I 44_ACT_04_19
answered and said unto 44_ACT_25_08
answered for himself 44_ACT_26_01
answered for himself 44_ACT_25_16
answered It is 44_ACT_03_12
answered unto the 44_ACT_19_38
any man the 44_ACT_25_16
any man to 44_ACT_28_21
any of the 44_ACT_28_21
any of the 44_ACT_04_32
any of them 44_ACT_27_42
any of them 44_ACT_04_32
any of them that 44_ACT_27_34
any of you 44_ACT_10_14
any thing that 44_ACT_10_14
any thing that is 44_ACT_15_02
apostles and elders 44_ACT_15_04
apostles and elders 44_ACT_15_22
apostles and elders 44_ACT_15_23
apostles and elders 44_ACT_16_04
apostles and elders 44_ACT_15_04
apostles and elders and 44_ACT_15_23
apostles and elders and 44_ACT_25_11
appeal unto Caesar 44_ACT_28_19
appeal unto Caesar 44_ACT_25_12
appealed unto Caesar 44_ACT_26_32
appealed unto Caesar 44_ACT_07_30
appeared to him 44_ACT_07_35
appeared to him 44_ACT_07_30
appeared to him in 44_ACT_07_35
appeared to him in 44_ACT_09_17
appeared unto thee 44_ACT_26_16
appeared unto thee 44_ACT_02_03
appeared unto them 44_ACT_18_26
Aquila and Priscilla 44_ACT_02_39
are afar off 44_ACT_26_03
are among the 44_ACT_21_21
are among the Gentiles 44_ACT_14_11
are come down to 44_ACT_10_04
are come up 44_ACT_28_27
are dull of 44_ACT_28_27
are dull of hearing 44_ACT_02_13
are full of 44_ACT_05_32
are his witnesses 44_ACT_13_31
are his witnesses 44_ACT_14_15
are men of 44_ACT_02_07
are not all 44_ACT_15_23
are of the 44_ACT_23_15
are ready to 44_ACT_26_18
are sanctified by 44_ACT_03_25
are the children 44_ACT_03_25
are the children of 44_ACT_16_17
are the servants 44_ACT_16_17
are the servants of 44_ACT_10_33
are we all 44_ACT_19_38
are with him 44_ACT_10_39
are witnesses of 44_ACT_24_14
are written in 44_ACT_24_14
are written in the 44_ACT_22_16
Arise and be 44_ACT_08_26
arise and go 44_ACT_09_06
arise and go 44_ACT_09_11
arise and go 44_ACT_22_10
arise and go 44_ACT_09_06
Arise and go into 44_ACT_09_11
Arise and go into 44_ACT_23_10
arose a great 44_ACT_08_27
arose and went 44_ACT_09_39
arose and went 44_ACT_08_27
arose and went and 44_ACT_09_08
arose from the 44_ACT_08_23
art in the 44_ACT_13_33
art my Son 44_ACT_13_33
art my Son this 44_ACT_21_38
Art not thou 44_ACT_09_05
art thou Lord 44_ACT_22_08
art thou Lord 44_ACT_09_05
art thou Lord And 44_ACT_22_08
art thou Lord And 44_ACT_22_05
as also the 44_ACT_02_45
as every man 44_ACT_11_19
As far as 44_ACT_11_22
As far as 44_ACT_28_15
As far as 44_ACT_08_03
As for Saul 44_ACT_08_03
As for Saul he 44_ACT_07_40
as for this 44_ACT_11_17
as he did 44_ACT_15_08
as he did 44_ACT_15_08
as he did unto 44_ACT_07_31
as he drew 44_ACT_04_35
as he had 44_ACT_07_44
as he had 44_ACT_01_10
as he went 44_ACT_01_10
as he went up 44_ACT_26_29
as I am 44_ACT_03_06
as I have 44_ACT_10_29
as I was 44_ACT_06_15
as it had 44_ACT_09_18
as it had 44_ACT_11_05
as it had 44_ACT_06_15
as it had been 44_ACT_09_18
as it had been 44_ACT_11_05
as it had been 44_ACT_07_42
as it is 44_ACT_13_33
as it is 44_ACT_15_15
as it is 44_ACT_07_42
as it is written 44_ACT_15_15
as it is written 44_ACT_12_18
as it was 44_ACT_23_31
as it was 44_ACT_27_25
as it was 44_ACT_12_18
as it was day 44_ACT_27_25
as it was told 44_ACT_17_14
as it were 44_ACT_02_39
as many as 44_ACT_03_24
as many as 44_ACT_04_06
as many as 44_ACT_04_34
as many as 44_ACT_05_11
as many as 44_ACT_05_36
as many as 44_ACT_05_37
as many as 44_ACT_10_45
as many as 44_ACT_13_48
as many as 44_ACT_10_45
as many as came 44_ACT_03_24
as many as have 44_ACT_05_36
as many as obeyed 44_ACT_05_37
as many as obeyed 44_ACT_04_34
as many as were 44_ACT_13_48
as many as were 44_ACT_05_36
as obeyed him 44_ACT_05_37
as obeyed him 44_ACT_05_36
as obeyed him were 44_ACT_05_37
as obeyed him were 44_ACT_02_02
as of a 44_ACT_20_09
as Paul was 44_ACT_21_37
as Paul was 44_ACT_10_25
as Peter was 44_ACT_07_48
As saith the 44_ACT_10_29
as soon as 44_ACT_12_18
as soon as 44_ACT_02_39
as the LORD 44_ACT_08_36
as they went 44_ACT_10_09
as they went 44_ACT_16_04
as they went 44_ACT_21_31
as they went 44_ACT_08_36
as they went on 44_ACT_10_09
as they went on 44_ACT_23_11
as thou hast 44_ACT_17_25
as though he 44_ACT_23_20
as though they 44_ACT_27_30
as though they 44_ACT_23_20
as though they would 44_ACT_21_25
as touching the 44_ACT_15_24
as we have 44_ACT_15_24
As we have heard 44_ACT_27_27
as we were 44_ACT_10_47
as well as 44_ACT_01_11
as ye have 44_ACT_07_05
as yet he 44_ACT_07_05
as yet he had 44_ACT_07_51
as your fathers 44_ACT_07_51
as your fathers did 44_ACT_04_15
aside out of 44_ACT_04_15
aside out of the 44_ACT_23_19
asked him What is 44_ACT_25_20
asked him whether 44_ACT_25_20
asked him whether he 44_ACT_01_06
asked of him 44_ACT_13_12
astonished at the 44_ACT_11_08
at any time 44_ACT_18_22
at Caesarea and 44_ACT_25_04
at Caesarea and 44_ACT_19_17
at Ephesus and 44_ACT_05_10
at his feet 44_ACT_10_25
at his feet 44_ACT_05_10
at his feet and 44_ACT_10_25
at his feet and 44_ACT_08_01
at Jerusalem and 44_ACT_13_27
at Jerusalem and 44_ACT_25_24
at Jerusalem and 44_ACT_26_20
at Jerusalem and 44_ACT_21_13
at Jerusalem for 44_ACT_25_15
at Jerusalem the 44_ACT_08_01
at that time 44_ACT_08_01
at that time there 44_ACT_04_35
at the apostles' 44_ACT_04_37
at the apostles' 44_ACT_04_35
at the apostles' feet 44_ACT_04_37
at the apostles' feet 44_ACT_11_15
at the beginning 44_ACT_05_09
at the door 44_ACT_12_13
at the door 44_ACT_12_13
at the door of 44_ACT_22_03
at the feet of 44_ACT_15_14
at the first 44_ACT_26_04
at the first 44_ACT_03_02
at the gate 44_ACT_03_02
at the gate of 44_ACT_10_30
at the ninth 44_ACT_10_30
at the ninth hour 44_ACT_08_35
at the same 44_ACT_07_31
at the sight 44_ACT_01_06
at this time 44_ACT_09_14
authority from the 44_ACT_26_10
authority from the 44_ACT_09_14
authority from the chief 44_ACT_26_10
authority from the chief 44_ACT_05_37
away much people 44_ACT_19_26
away much people 44_ACT_24_07
away out of 44_ACT_05_02
back part of 44_ACT_05_03
back part of 44_ACT_05_02
back part of the 44_ACT_05_03
back part of the 44_ACT_01_22
baptism of John 44_ACT_18_25
baptism of John 44_ACT_19_04
baptism of repentance 44_ACT_08_16
baptized in the 44_ACT_10_48
baptized in the 44_ACT_08_16
baptized in the name 44_ACT_10_48
baptized in the name 44_ACT_01_05
baptized with the 44_ACT_11_16
baptized with the 44_ACT_19_04
baptized with the 44_ACT_19_04
baptized with the baptism 44_ACT_01_05
baptized with the Holy 44_ACT_11_16
baptized with the Holy 44_ACT_01_05
baptized with water 44_ACT_11_16
baptized with water 44_ACT_01_05
baptized with water but 44_ACT_11_16
baptized with water but 44_ACT_14_14
Barnabas and Paul 44_ACT_15_12
Barnabas and Paul 44_ACT_11_30
Barnabas and Saul 44_ACT_12_25
Barnabas and Saul 44_ACT_13_07
Barnabas and Saul 44_ACT_01_13
Bartholomew and Matthew 44_ACT_13_47
be a light 44_ACT_07_35
be a ruler 44_ACT_01_22
be a witness 44_ACT_22_16
be baptized and 44_ACT_01_05
be baptized with 44_ACT_11_16
be baptized with 44_ACT_01_05
be baptized with the 44_ACT_11_16
be baptized with the 44_ACT_03_19
be blotted out 44_ACT_27_24
be brought before 44_ACT_25_17
be brought forth 44_ACT_19_40
be called in 44_ACT_21_34
be carried into the 44_ACT_28_27
be converted and 44_ACT_01_20
be desolate and 44_ACT_01_20
be desolate and let 44_ACT_03_23
be destroyed from 44_ACT_04_30
be done by 44_ACT_04_30
be done by the 44_ACT_27_25
be even as 44_ACT_09_17
be filled with 44_ACT_09_17
be filled with the 44_ACT_08_22
be forgiven thee 44_ACT_05_39
be found even 44_ACT_07_07
be in bondage 44_ACT_04_10
Be it known 44_ACT_13_38
Be it known 44_ACT_28_28
Be it known 44_ACT_04_10
Be it known unto 44_ACT_13_38
Be it known unto 44_ACT_25_09
be judged of 44_ACT_25_20
be judged of 44_ACT_25_09
be judged of these 44_ACT_25_20
be judged of these 44_ACT_13_39
be justified by 44_ACT_13_39
be justified by the 44_ACT_23_35
be kept in 44_ACT_21_37
be led into 44_ACT_18_09
be not afraid 44_ACT_17_27
Be not far 44_ACT_17_27
Be not far from 44_ACT_05_39
be of God 44_ACT_23_11
Be of good 44_ACT_27_22
Be of good 44_ACT_27_25
Be of good 44_ACT_23_11
be of good cheer 44_ACT_27_22
be of good cheer 44_ACT_27_25
be of good cheer 44_ACT_05_38
be of men 44_ACT_12_19
be put to 44_ACT_12_19
be put to death 44_ACT_19_36
be quiet and 44_ACT_19_36
be quiet and to 44_ACT_25_21
be reserved unto 44_ACT_16_31
be saved and 44_ACT_19_27
be set at 44_ACT_19_27
be set at nought 44_ACT_19_36
be spoken against 44_ACT_13_22
be their king 44_ACT_09_06
be told thee 44_ACT_02_20
be turned into 44_ACT_02_20
be turned into darkness 44_ACT_18_06
be upon your 44_ACT_01_08
be witnesses unto 44_ACT_22_05
bear me witness 44_ACT_10_12
beasts and creeping 44_ACT_11_06
beasts and creeping 44_ACT_10_12
beasts and creeping things 44_ACT_11_06
beasts and creeping things 44_ACT_10_12
beasts of the 44_ACT_11_06
beasts of the 44_ACT_10_12
beasts of the earth 44_ACT_11_06
beasts of the earth 44_ACT_22_29
because he had 44_ACT_17_31
because he hath 44_ACT_14_12
because he was 44_ACT_18_03
because he was 44_ACT_18_03
because he was of 44_ACT_14_12
because he was the 44_ACT_20_16
because he would 44_ACT_02_24
because it was 44_ACT_02_24
because it was not 44_ACT_04_21
because of the 44_ACT_16_03
because of the 44_ACT_28_02
because of the 44_ACT_28_20
because that for 44_ACT_24_11
because that thou 44_ACT_28_18
because there was 44_ACT_28_18
because there was no 44_ACT_13_27
because they knew him 44_ACT_08_20
Because thou hast 44_ACT_19_33
beckoned with the 44_ACT_21_40
beckoned with the 44_ACT_19_33
beckoned with the hand 44_ACT_21_40
beckoned with the hand 44_ACT_04_11
become the head 44_ACT_04_11
become the head of 44_ACT_09_34
bed and he 44_ACT_10_11
been a great 44_ACT_11_05
been a great 44_ACT_10_11
been a great sheet 44_ACT_11_05
been a great sheet 44_ACT_13_01
been brought up 44_ACT_07_46
before God and 44_ACT_10_33
before God to 44_ACT_10_30
before me in 44_ACT_02_25
before my face 44_ACT_10_41
before of God 44_ACT_07_52
before of the 44_ACT_05_27
before the council 44_ACT_24_20
before the council 44_ACT_07_45
before the face 44_ACT_07_45
before the face of 44_ACT_12_14
before the gate 44_ACT_18_17
before the judgment 44_ACT_18_17
before the judgment seat 44_ACT_24_19
before thee and 44_ACT_25_26
before thee O 44_ACT_25_26
before thee O king 44_ACT_16_34
before them and 44_ACT_05_36
before these days 44_ACT_25_26
before you and 44_ACT_24_02
began to accuse 44_ACT_24_02
began to accuse him 44_ACT_02_04
began to speak 44_ACT_11_15
began to speak 44_ACT_18_26
began to speak 44_ACT_07_08
begat Isaac and 44_ACT_07_08
begat Jacob and 44_ACT_07_08
begat Jacob and Jacob 44_ACT_15_18
beginning of the 44_ACT_08_27
behold a man 44_ACT_10_30
behold a man 44_ACT_08_27
behold a man of 44_ACT_09_10
Behold I am 44_ACT_10_21
Behold I am 44_ACT_20_22
Behold I go 44_ACT_12_07
behold the angel 44_ACT_05_25
behold the men 44_ACT_13_25
behold there cometh 44_ACT_13_25
behold there cometh one 44_ACT_01_10
behold two men stood 44_ACT_05_28
behold ye have 44_ACT_07_55
being full of the 44_ACT_21_20
believe And they 44_ACT_19_04
believe on him 44_ACT_16_31
believe on the 44_ACT_08_37
believe that Jesus 44_ACT_09_42
believed in the LORD 44_ACT_11_17
believed on the 44_ACT_18_08
believed on the 44_ACT_11_17
believed on the Lord 44_ACT_18_08
believed on the Lord 44_ACT_13_21
Benjamin by the 44_ACT_15_39
between them that 44_ACT_15_09
between us and 44_ACT_06_11
blasphemous words against 44_ACT_06_13
blasphemous words against 44_ACT_03_26
bless you in 44_ACT_02_19
blood and fire 44_ACT_02_19
blood and fire and 44_ACT_21_25
blood and from 44_ACT_22_20
blood of thy 44_ACT_09_29
boldly in the 44_ACT_14_03
boldly in the 44_ACT_01_20
book of Psalms 44_ACT_07_42
book of the 44_ACT_10_39
both in the 44_ACT_19_10
both Jews and 44_ACT_19_10
both Jews and Greeks 44_ACT_22_04
both men and 44_ACT_22_04
both men and women 44_ACT_05_14
both of men 44_ACT_05_14
both of men and 44_ACT_14_01
both of the 44_ACT_14_05
both of the 44_ACT_24_15
both of the 44_ACT_28_23
both out of 44_ACT_28_23
both out of the 44_ACT_20_21
Both to the 44_ACT_21_12
both we and 44_ACT_22_25
bound him with 44_ACT_20_22
bound in the 44_ACT_09_02
bound unto Jerusalem 44_ACT_22_05
bound unto Jerusalem 44_ACT_12_06
bound with two 44_ACT_21_33
bound with two 44_ACT_12_06
bound with two chains 44_ACT_21_33
bound with two chains 44_ACT_27_35
bread and gave 44_ACT_27_35
bread and gave thanks 44_ACT_02_42
bread and in 44_ACT_20_11
break of day 44_ACT_02_42
breaking of bread 44_ACT_07_02
brethren and fathers 44_ACT_22_01
brethren and fathers 44_ACT_12_17
brethren and he 44_ACT_22_05
brethren and went 44_ACT_13_26
brethren children of the 44_ACT_13_26
brethren children of the 44_ACT_23_06
brethren I am 44_ACT_23_01
brethren I have 44_ACT_02_29
brethren Let me 44_ACT_07_37
brethren like unto 44_ACT_03_22
brethren like unto me 44_ACT_23_05
brethren that he 44_ACT_11_01
brethren that were 44_ACT_07_23
brethren the children 44_ACT_07_23
brethren the children of 44_ACT_15_33
brethren unto the 44_ACT_15_40
brethren unto the 44_ACT_15_23
brethren which are 44_ACT_15_07
brethren ye know 44_ACT_23_15
Bring him down unto 44_ACT_12_04
bring him forth to 44_ACT_09_02
bring them bound 44_ACT_09_21
bring them bound 44_ACT_09_02
bring them bound unto 44_ACT_09_21
bring them bound unto 44_ACT_07_06
bring them into 44_ACT_17_05
bring them out 44_ACT_17_05
bring them out to 44_ACT_23_17
Bring this young 44_ACT_23_18
Bring this young 44_ACT_23_17
Bring this young man 44_ACT_23_18
Bring this young man 44_ACT_01_13
brother of James 44_ACT_05_15
brought forth the 44_ACT_09_30
brought him down 44_ACT_09_30
brought him down to 44_ACT_12_06
brought him forth 44_ACT_23_28
brought him forth 44_ACT_25_26
brought him forth 44_ACT_09_08
brought him into 44_ACT_09_39
brought him into 44_ACT_06_12
brought him to 44_ACT_09_27
brought him to 44_ACT_18_12
brought him to 44_ACT_23_18
brought him to 44_ACT_09_27
brought him to the 44_ACT_18_12
brought him to the 44_ACT_23_18
brought him to the 44_ACT_11_26
brought him unto 44_ACT_17_15
brought him unto 44_ACT_17_19
brought him unto 44_ACT_21_29
brought into the 44_ACT_22_24
brought into the 44_ACT_04_37
brought the money 44_ACT_05_19
brought them forth 44_ACT_16_34
brought them into 44_ACT_07_36
brought them out 44_ACT_16_30
brought them out 44_ACT_16_39
brought them out 44_ACT_16_30
brought them out and 44_ACT_16_39
brought them out and 44_ACT_16_20
brought them to 44_ACT_16_20
brought them to the 44_ACT_05_36
brought to nought 44_ACT_19_12
brought unto the 44_ACT_22_03
brought up in 44_ACT_13_01
brought up with 44_ACT_07_40
brought us out 44_ACT_07_40
brought us out of 44_ACT_15_16
build again the 44_ACT_07_47
built him an 44_ACT_07_47
built him an house 44_ACT_28_06
But after they 44_ACT_28_06
But after they had 44_ACT_26_29
but also all 44_ACT_27_10
but also of 44_ACT_21_13
but also to 44_ACT_23_21
but do not 44_ACT_10_28
but God hath 44_ACT_07_55
But he being 44_ACT_07_55
But he being full 44_ACT_18_19
But he himself 44_ACT_19_22
But he himself 44_ACT_26_25
but he said 44_ACT_02_34
But he saith 44_ACT_07_27
but he that 44_ACT_16_01
but his father 44_ACT_11_08
But I said 44_ACT_18_21
But I will 44_ACT_23_09
But if a 44_ACT_05_39
but if it 44_ACT_18_15
but if it 44_ACT_18_15
but if it be 44_ACT_25_11
but if there 44_ACT_25_11
but if there be 44_ACT_19_39
But if ye 44_ACT_10_35
But in every 44_ACT_16_37
but let them 44_ACT_27_22
But of the 44_ACT_16_37
But Paul said 44_ACT_21_39
But Paul said 44_ACT_04_19
But Peter and 44_ACT_05_03
But Peter said 44_ACT_10_14
But Peter said 44_ACT_08_20
But Peter said unto 44_ACT_04_20
but speak the 44_ACT_03_06
but such as 44_ACT_04_17
But that it 44_ACT_15_20
But that we 44_ACT_05_19
But the angel 44_ACT_05_19
But the angel of 44_ACT_24_07
But the chief 44_ACT_05_21
But the high 44_ACT_13_50
But the Jews 44_ACT_17_05
But the Jews 44_ACT_09_15
But the LORD 44_ACT_09_15
But the LORD said 44_ACT_14_04
but the multitude 44_ACT_05_13
but the people 44_ACT_16_07
But the spirit 44_ACT_02_15
but the third 44_ACT_12_24
But the word 44_ACT_12_24
But the word of 44_ACT_08_09
but there was 44_ACT_08_09
But there was a 44_ACT_07_25
But they understood 44_ACT_07_25
But they understood not 44_ACT_09_29
but they went 44_ACT_09_26
but they were 44_ACT_24_14
But this I 44_ACT_05_04
but unto God 44_ACT_11_19
But unto the 44_ACT_06_04
but we will 44_ACT_25_25
but when I 44_ACT_23_06
But when Paul 44_ACT_25_21
But when Paul 44_ACT_05_22
But when the 44_ACT_07_17
But when the 44_ACT_13_45
But when the 44_ACT_17_13
But when the 44_ACT_27_27
But when the 44_ACT_28_19
But when the 44_ACT_13_45
But when the Jews 44_ACT_17_13
But when the Jews 44_ACT_04_15
But when they 44_ACT_08_12
But when they 44_ACT_13_14
But when they 44_ACT_19_34
But when they 44_ACT_05_23
but when we 44_ACT_10_10
But while they 44_ACT_19_15
but who are 44_ACT_01_05
But ye shall 44_ACT_01_08
But ye shall 44_ACT_11_16
But ye shall 44_ACT_01_05
But ye shall be 44_ACT_11_16
But ye shall be 44_ACT_18_21
by all means 44_ACT_27_12
by any means 44_ACT_28_25
by Esaias the 44_ACT_28_25
by Esaias the prophet 44_ACT_26_18
by faith that 44_ACT_13_39
by him all 44_ACT_23_11
by him and 44_ACT_23_11
by him and said 44_ACT_02_22
by him in 44_ACT_23_02
by him to 44_ACT_07_25
by his hand 44_ACT_10_36
by Jesus Christ 44_ACT_09_25
by night and 44_ACT_09_25
by night and let 44_ACT_23_31
by night to 44_ACT_03_12
by our own 44_ACT_02_43
by the apostles 44_ACT_04_36
by the apostles 44_ACT_15_40
by the brethren 44_ACT_16_02
by the brethren 44_ACT_15_03
by the church 44_ACT_27_02
by the coasts of 44_ACT_07_35
by the hand 44_ACT_09_08
by the hand 44_ACT_13_11
by the hand 44_ACT_22_11
by the hand 44_ACT_23_19
by the hand 44_ACT_09_08
by the hand and 44_ACT_23_19
by the hand and 44_ACT_07_35
by the hand of 44_ACT_22_11
by the hand of 44_ACT_05_12
by the hands 44_ACT_11_30
by the hands 44_ACT_19_11
by the hands 44_ACT_05_12
by the hands of 44_ACT_11_30
by the hands of 44_ACT_19_11
by the hands of 44_ACT_12_20
by the king's 44_ACT_13_39
by the law 44_ACT_13_39
by the law of 44_ACT_01_16
by the mouth 44_ACT_03_18
by the mouth 44_ACT_03_21
by the mouth 44_ACT_04_25
by the mouth 44_ACT_01_16
by the mouth of 44_ACT_03_18
by the mouth of 44_ACT_03_21
by the mouth of 44_ACT_04_25
by the mouth of 44_ACT_04_10
by the name 44_ACT_04_30
by the name 44_ACT_04_10
by the name of 44_ACT_04_30
by the name of 44_ACT_02_16
by the prophet 44_ACT_03_07
by the right 44_ACT_02_33
by the right hand 44_ACT_18_28
by the scriptures 44_ACT_10_06
by the sea 44_ACT_10_32
by the sea 44_ACT_10_06
by the sea side 44_ACT_10_32
by the sea side 44_ACT_07_42
by the space 44_ACT_13_21
by the space 44_ACT_20_31
by the space 44_ACT_07_42
by the space of 44_ACT_13_21
by the space of 44_ACT_20_31
by the space of 44_ACT_11_28
by the spirit 44_ACT_13_36
by the will 44_ACT_13_36
by the will of 44_ACT_01_10
by them in 44_ACT_04_16
by them is 44_ACT_04_09
by what means 44_ACT_17_07
Caesar saying that 44_ACT_10_15
call not thou 44_ACT_11_09
call not thou 44_ACT_10_15
call not thou common 44_ACT_11_09
call not thou common 44_ACT_02_21
call on the 44_ACT_02_21
call on the name 44_ACT_16_29
called for a 44_ACT_19_40
called in question 44_ACT_23_06
called in question 44_ACT_23_17
called one of 44_ACT_23_17
called one of the 44_ACT_06_02
called the multitude 44_ACT_20_01
called unto him 44_ACT_23_23
called unto him 44_ACT_20_01
called unto him the 44_ACT_10_13
came a voice 44_ACT_16_39
came and besought 44_ACT_05_22
came and found 44_ACT_05_22
came and found them 44_ACT_11_23
came and had 44_ACT_22_27
came and said 44_ACT_22_27
came and said unto 44_ACT_05_21
came and they 44_ACT_05_21
came and they that 44_ACT_28_09
came and were 44_ACT_15_01
came down from 44_ACT_21_10
came down from 44_ACT_25_07
came down from 44_ACT_25_07
came down from Jerusalem 44_ACT_15_01
came down from Judaea 44_ACT_21_10
came down from Judaea 44_ACT_16_08
came down to 44_ACT_16_01
came he to 44_ACT_05_10
came in and 44_ACT_28_30
came in unto 44_ACT_28_30
came in unto him 44_ACT_07_23
came into his 44_ACT_14_20
came into the 44_ACT_14_20
came into the city 44_ACT_21_33
came near and 44_ACT_05_05
came on all 44_ACT_08_07
came out of 44_ACT_08_07
came out of many 44_ACT_20_15
came the next 44_ACT_28_13
came the next 44_ACT_20_15
came the next day 44_ACT_28_13
came the next day 44_ACT_13_14
came to Antioch 44_ACT_15_30
came to Antioch 44_ACT_08_40
came to Caesarea 44_ACT_23_33
came to Caesarea 44_ACT_18_19
came to Ephesus 44_ACT_18_24
came to Ephesus 44_ACT_18_19
came to Ephesus and 44_ACT_19_01
came to Ephesus and 44_ACT_04_05
came to pass 44_ACT_09_32
came to pass 44_ACT_09_37
came to pass 44_ACT_09_43
came to pass 44_ACT_11_26
came to pass 44_ACT_11_28
came to pass 44_ACT_14_01
came to pass 44_ACT_16_16
came to pass 44_ACT_19_01
came to pass 44_ACT_21_01
came to pass 44_ACT_22_06
came to pass 44_ACT_22_17
came to pass 44_ACT_27_44
came to pass 44_ACT_28_08
came to pass 44_ACT_28_17
came to pass 44_ACT_09_32
came to pass as 44_ACT_16_16
came to pass as 44_ACT_09_37
came to pass in 44_ACT_11_28
came to pass in 44_ACT_14_01
came to pass in 44_ACT_11_26
came to pass that 44_ACT_19_01
came to pass that 44_ACT_21_01
came to pass that 44_ACT_22_06
came to pass that 44_ACT_22_17
came to pass that 44_ACT_27_44
came to pass that 44_ACT_28_08
came to pass that 44_ACT_28_17
came to pass that 44_ACT_12_12
came to the 44_ACT_23_14
came to the 44_ACT_12_12
came to the house 44_ACT_02_06
came together and 44_ACT_16_29
came trembling and 44_ACT_08_36
came unto a 44_ACT_21_08
came unto Caesarea 44_ACT_25_13
came unto Caesarea 44_ACT_07_31
came unto him 44_ACT_22_13
came unto me 44_ACT_11_22
came unto the 44_ACT_12_10
came unto the 44_ACT_12_10
came unto the 44_ACT_18_02
came unto them 44_ACT_20_06
came unto them 44_ACT_13_31
came up with 44_ACT_13_31
came up with him 44_ACT_05_11
came upon all 44_ACT_06_12
came upon him 44_ACT_12_07
came upon him 44_ACT_06_12
came upon him and 44_ACT_12_07
came upon him and 44_ACT_21_35
came upon the 44_ACT_04_01
came upon them 44_ACT_21_01
came with a 44_ACT_16_11
came with a straight 44_ACT_21_01
came with a straight 44_ACT_24_24
came with his 44_ACT_15_01
cannot be saved 44_ACT_27_31
cannot be saved 44_ACT_04_01
captain of the 44_ACT_21_31
captain of the 44_ACT_28_16
captain of the 44_ACT_28_16
captain of the guard 44_ACT_04_01
captain of the temple 44_ACT_05_24
captain of the temple 44_ACT_07_58
cast him out 44_ACT_07_58
cast him out of 44_ACT_22_23
cast off their 44_ACT_27_38
cast out the 44_ACT_07_19
cast out their 44_ACT_27_19
cast out with 44_ACT_16_23
cast them into 44_ACT_06_12
caught him and 44_ACT_13_28
cause of death 44_ACT_13_28
cause of death in 44_ACT_05_42
ceased not to 44_ACT_20_31
ceased not to 44_ACT_18_02
certain Jew named 44_ACT_18_24
certain Jew named 44_ACT_14_19
certain Jews from 44_ACT_24_18
certain Jews from 44_ACT_05_01
certain man named 44_ACT_09_33
certain man named 44_ACT_06_09
certain of the 44_ACT_12_01
certain of the 44_ACT_15_05
certain of the 44_ACT_19_13
certain of the 44_ACT_19_31
certain of the 44_ACT_21_16
certain of the 44_ACT_23_12
certain of the 44_ACT_23_12
certain of the 44_ACT_23_17
certain thing to 44_ACT_25_26
certain thing to 44_ACT_16_14
certain woman named 44_ACT_16_01
certain woman which 44_ACT_20_09
certain young man 44_ACT_08_27
charge of all 44_ACT_21_32
chief captain and 44_ACT_23_18
chief captain and 44_ACT_21_33
chief captain came 44_ACT_22_27
chief captain came 44_ACT_21_31
chief captain of 44_ACT_25_23
chief captains and 44_ACT_13_50
chief men of 44_ACT_13_50
chief men of the 44_ACT_19_14
chief of the 44_ACT_25_02
chief of the 44_ACT_28_17
chief of the 44_ACT_25_02
chief of the Jews 44_ACT_28_17
chief of the Jews 44_ACT_19_14
chief of the priests 44_ACT_04_23
chief priests and 44_ACT_22_30
chief priests and 44_ACT_23_14
chief priests and 44_ACT_25_15
chief priests and 44_ACT_26_10
chief priests and 44_ACT_22_30
chief priests and all 44_ACT_04_23
chief priests and elders 44_ACT_23_14
chief priests and elders 44_ACT_25_15
chief priests and the 44_ACT_05_24
chief priests heard 44_ACT_09_14
chief priests to 44_ACT_18_08
chief ruler of 44_ACT_18_17
chief ruler of 44_ACT_18_08
chief ruler of the 44_ACT_18_17
chief ruler of the 44_ACT_13_10
child of the 44_ACT_05_21
children of Israel 44_ACT_07_23
children of Israel 44_ACT_07_37
children of Israel 44_ACT_09_15
children of Israel 44_ACT_10_36
children of Israel 44_ACT_07_37
children of Israel a 44_ACT_05_21
children of Israel and 44_ACT_03_25
children of the 44_ACT_13_26
children of the 44_ACT_03_25
children of the prophets 44_ACT_07_19
children to the 44_ACT_15_22
chosen men of 44_ACT_02_38
Christ for the 44_ACT_10_36
Christ he is 44_ACT_09_20
Christ in the 44_ACT_08_37
Christ is the 44_ACT_08_37
Christ is the son 44_ACT_03_06
Christ of Nazareth 44_ACT_04_10
Christ of Nazareth 44_ACT_03_18
Christ should suffer 44_ACT_26_23
Christ should suffer 44_ACT_28_31
Christ with all 44_ACT_11_26
Christians first in Antioch 44_ACT_11_26
Christians first in Antioch 44_ACT_20_28
church of God 44_ACT_20_28
church of God which 44_ACT_08_01
church which was 44_ACT_11_22
church which was 44_ACT_09_06
city and it 44_ACT_07_58
city and stoned 44_ACT_07_58
city and stoned him 44_ACT_14_20
city and the 44_ACT_21_05
city and we 44_ACT_22_03
city at the 44_ACT_16_13
city by a 44_ACT_21_39
city in Cilicia 44_ACT_22_03
city in Cilicia 44_ACT_08_05
city of Samaria 44_ACT_19_35
city of the 44_ACT_14_04
city was divided 44_ACT_10_15
cleansed that call 44_ACT_11_09
cleansed that call 44_ACT_10_15
cleansed that call not 44_ACT_11_09
cleansed that call not 44_ACT_11_23
cleave unto the 44_ACT_19_04
come after him 44_ACT_22_17
come again to 44_ACT_22_17
come again to Jerusalem 44_ACT_23_35
come and he 44_ACT_27_16
come by the 44_ACT_07_34
come down to 44_ACT_14_11
come down to 44_ACT_07_34
come down to deliver 44_ACT_07_07
come forth and 44_ACT_07_07
come forth and serve 44_ACT_03_19
come from the 44_ACT_07_34
come I will 44_ACT_01_11
come in like 44_ACT_16_15
come into my house 44_ACT_07_03
come into the 44_ACT_25_01
come into the 44_ACT_07_03
come into the land 44_ACT_22_06
come nigh unto 44_ACT_10_33
Come now therefore 44_ACT_16_18
come out of 44_ACT_16_18
come out of her 44_ACT_27_07
come over against 44_ACT_09_39
come they brought 44_ACT_11_20
come to Antioch 44_ACT_17_15
come to him 44_ACT_20_18
come to him 44_ACT_28_06
come to him 44_ACT_17_15
come to him with 44_ACT_08_27
come to Jerusalem 44_ACT_09_26
come to Jerusalem 44_ACT_15_04
come to Jerusalem 44_ACT_21_17
come to Jerusalem 44_ACT_05_38
come to nought 44_ACT_02_17
come to pass 44_ACT_02_21
come to pass 44_ACT_03_23
come to pass 44_ACT_02_17
come to pass in 44_ACT_02_21
come to pass that 44_ACT_03_23
come to pass that 44_ACT_09_38
come to them 44_ACT_24_23
come unto him 44_ACT_11_11
come unto the 44_ACT_24_08
come unto thee 44_ACT_21_11
come unto us 44_ACT_08_31
come up and 44_ACT_08_39
come up out 44_ACT_08_39
come up out of 44_ACT_11_02
come up to 44_ACT_08_24
come upon me 44_ACT_01_08
come upon you 44_ACT_13_40
come upon you 44_ACT_01_08
come upon you and 44_ACT_13_40
come upon you which 44_ACT_09_31
comfort of the 44_ACT_16_40
comforted them and 44_ACT_09_12
coming in and 44_ACT_09_28
coming in and 44_ACT_07_52
coming of the 44_ACT_05_28
command you that 44_ACT_05_28
command you that ye 44_ACT_21_33
commanded him to 44_ACT_21_34
commanded him to 44_ACT_22_24
commanded him to 44_ACT_23_35
commanded him to 44_ACT_25_21
commanded him to 44_ACT_21_33
commanded him to be 44_ACT_21_34
commanded him to be 44_ACT_22_24
commanded him to be 44_ACT_23_35
commanded him to be 44_ACT_25_21
commanded him to be 44_ACT_05_40
commanded that they 44_ACT_12_19
commanded that they 44_ACT_27_43
commanded that they 44_ACT_05_40
commanded that they should 44_ACT_12_19
commanded that they should 44_ACT_04_18
commanded them not 44_ACT_01_04
commanded them that 44_ACT_01_04
commanded them that they 44_ACT_04_15
commanded them to 44_ACT_10_48
commanded them to 44_ACT_13_47
commanded us saying 44_ACT_08_03
committed them to 44_ACT_10_14
common or unclean 44_ACT_10_28
common or unclean 44_ACT_24_26
communed with him 44_ACT_06_07
company of the 44_ACT_24_24
concerning the faith 44_ACT_08_12
concerning the kingdom 44_ACT_08_12
concerning the kingdom of 44_ACT_19_08
concerning the kingdom of 44_ACT_24_14
confess unto thee 44_ACT_24_14
confess unto thee that 44_ACT_08_01
consenting unto his 44_ACT_22_20
consenting unto his 44_ACT_08_01
consenting unto his death 44_ACT_22_20
consenting unto his death 44_ACT_14_22
continue in the 44_ACT_14_22
continue in the faith 44_ACT_17_07
contrary to the 44_ACT_18_13
contrary to the 44_ACT_26_09
contrary to the 44_ACT_18_13
contrary to the law 44_ACT_23_03
contrary to the law 44_ACT_07_12
corn in Egypt 44_ACT_13_39
could not be 44_ACT_27_15
could not bear 44_ACT_22_11
could not see 44_ACT_22_11
could not see for 44_ACT_20_27
counsel of God 44_ACT_07_03
country and from 44_ACT_07_03
country and from thy 44_ACT_10_12
creeping things and 44_ACT_11_06
creeping things and 44_ACT_10_12
creeping things and fowls 44_ACT_11_06
creeping things and fowls 44_ACT_19_32
cried one thing 44_ACT_21_34
cried one thing 44_ACT_22_23
cried out and 44_ACT_19_28
cried out saying 44_ACT_07_57
cried out with 44_ACT_07_57
cried out with a 44_ACT_07_60
cried with a 44_ACT_16_28
cried with a 44_ACT_07_60
cried with a loud 44_ACT_16_28
cried with a loud 44_ACT_27_32
cut off the 44_ACT_05_33
cut to the 44_ACT_07_54
cut to the 44_ACT_05_33
cut to the heart 44_ACT_07_54
cut to the heart 44_ACT_05_42
daily in the 44_ACT_05_42
daily in the temple 44_ACT_19_27
danger to be 44_ACT_19_40
danger to be 44_ACT_02_20
darkness and the 44_ACT_02_20
darkness and the moon 44_ACT_02_17
daughters shall prophesy 44_ACT_02_29
David that he 44_ACT_13_22
David the son 44_ACT_13_22
David the son of 44_ACT_15_16
David which is 44_ACT_09_24
day and night 44_ACT_26_07
day and night 44_ACT_26_02
day before thee 44_ACT_04_03
day for it was 44_ACT_13_33
day have I 44_ACT_13_33
day have I begotten 44_ACT_14_20
day he departed 44_ACT_17_31
day In the 44_ACT_27_33
day is the 44_ACT_02_01
day of Pentecost 44_ACT_20_16
day of Pentecost 44_ACT_02_20
day of the 44_ACT_20_07
day of the 44_ACT_02_20
day of the LORD 44_ACT_20_07
day of the week 44_ACT_01_22
day that he 44_ACT_20_18
day that I 44_ACT_20_26
day that I 44_ACT_20_26
day that I am 44_ACT_27_33
day that ye 44_ACT_12_18
day there was 44_ACT_20_15
day we came 44_ACT_10_30
days ago I 44_ACT_28_14
days And so 44_ACT_07_45
days of David 44_ACT_02_18
days of my 44_ACT_05_37
days of the 44_ACT_12_03
days of unleavened 44_ACT_20_06
days of unleavened 44_ACT_12_03
days of unleavened bread 44_ACT_20_06
days of unleavened bread 44_ACT_24_11
days since I 44_ACT_23_06
dead I am 44_ACT_24_21
dead I am 44_ACT_23_06
dead I am called 44_ACT_24_21
dead I am called 44_ACT_25_24
dealt with me 44_ACT_13_28
death in him 44_ACT_28_18
death in me 44_ACT_23_29
death or of 44_ACT_26_31
death or of 44_ACT_23_29
death or of bonds 44_ACT_26_31
death or of bonds 44_ACT_08_33
declare his generation 44_ACT_08_33
declare his generation for 44_ACT_13_41
declare it unto 44_ACT_13_41
declare it unto you 44_ACT_13_32
declare unto you 44_ACT_20_27
declare unto you 44_ACT_09_27
declared unto them 44_ACT_12_17
declared unto them 44_ACT_09_27
declared unto them how 44_ACT_12_17
declared unto them how 44_ACT_21_11
deliver him into 44_ACT_07_25
deliver them but they 44_ACT_02_23
delivered by the 44_ACT_12_04
delivered him to 44_ACT_15_30
delivered the epistle 44_ACT_23_33
delivered the epistle 44_ACT_16_36
Depart and go 44_ACT_16_39
depart out of 44_ACT_16_39
depart out of the 44_ACT_21_08
departed and came 44_ACT_12_17
departed and went 44_ACT_18_23
departed and went 44_ACT_21_05
departed and went 44_ACT_12_17
departed and went into 44_ACT_17_33
departed from among 44_ACT_12_10
departed from him 44_ACT_22_29
departed from him 44_ACT_05_41
departed from the 44_ACT_05_41
departed from the presence 44_ACT_19_09
departed from them 44_ACT_19_12
departed from them 44_ACT_19_09
departed from them and 44_ACT_18_07
departed thence and 44_ACT_18_20
desired him to 44_ACT_09_02
desired of him 44_ACT_09_38
desiring him that 44_ACT_19_31
desiring him that 44_ACT_09_38
desiring him that he 44_ACT_19_31
desiring him that he 44_ACT_01_20
desolate and let 44_ACT_06_14
destroy this place 44_ACT_11_29
determined to send 44_ACT_25_25
determined to send 44_ACT_19_28
Diana of the 44_ACT_19_34
Diana of the 44_ACT_19_28
Diana of the Ephesians 44_ACT_19_34
Diana of the Ephesians 44_ACT_12_08
did and he 44_ACT_10_41
did eat and 44_ACT_10_41
did eat and drink 44_ACT_02_46
did eat their 44_ACT_26_10
did in Jerusalem 44_ACT_05_28
Did not we 44_ACT_04_25
did the heathen 44_ACT_11_17
did unto us 44_ACT_15_08
did unto us 44_ACT_25_11
die but If 44_ACT_01_15
disciples and said 44_ACT_09_01
disciples of the 44_ACT_26_19
disobedient unto the 44_ACT_01_01
do and teach 44_ACT_09_06
do and the 44_ACT_24_16
do I exercise 44_ACT_24_16
do I exercise myself 44_ACT_23_21
do not thou 44_ACT_25_09
do the Jews 44_ACT_13_12
doctrine of the 44_ACT_02_43
done by the 44_ACT_12_09
done by the 44_ACT_10_33
done that thou 44_ACT_04_09
done to the 44_ACT_24_02
done unto this 44_ACT_14_27
done with them 44_ACT_15_04
done with them 44_ACT_12_13
door of the 44_ACT_12_13
door of the gate 44_ACT_21_30
doors were shut 44_ACT_04_10
doth this man 44_ACT_15_16
down and I 44_ACT_09_40
down and prayed 44_ACT_23_10
down and to 44_ACT_10_25
down at his 44_ACT_10_25
down at his feet 44_ACT_04_35
down at the 44_ACT_09_25
down by the 44_ACT_09_25
down by the wall 44_ACT_11_05
down from heaven 44_ACT_25_07
down from Jerusalem 44_ACT_12_19
down from Judaea 44_ACT_15_01
down from Judaea 44_ACT_13_29
down from the 44_ACT_20_09
down from the 44_ACT_20_09
down from the 44_ACT_13_29
down from the tree 44_ACT_07_15
down into Egypt 44_ACT_07_15
down into Egypt and 44_ACT_21_05
down on the 44_ACT_07_34
down to deliver 44_ACT_07_34
down to deliver them 44_ACT_08_05
down to the 44_ACT_10_11
down to the 44_ACT_10_21
down to the 44_ACT_10_11
down to the earth 44_ACT_21_32
down unto them 44_ACT_23_15
down unto you 44_ACT_25_05
down with me 44_ACT_14_19
drew him out 44_ACT_14_19
drew him out of 44_ACT_07_31
drew near to 44_ACT_27_27
drew near to 44_ACT_10_09
drew nigh unto the 44_ACT_07_17
drew nigh which 44_ACT_23_12
drink till they 44_ACT_23_21
drink till they 44_ACT_28_27
dull of hearing 44_ACT_28_27
dull of hearing and 44_ACT_13_27
dwell at Jerusalem 44_ACT_07_48
dwelleth not in 44_ACT_17_24
dwelleth not in 44_ACT_07_48
dwelleth not in temples 44_ACT_17_24
dwelleth not in temples 44_ACT_09_32
dwelt at Lydda 44_ACT_09_35
dwelt at Lydda 44_ACT_07_02
dwelt in Charran 44_ACT_07_04
dwelt in Charran 44_ACT_02_03
each of them 44_ACT_05_21
early in the 44_ACT_05_21
early in the morning 44_ACT_28_27
ears and understand 44_ACT_28_27
ears and understand with 44_ACT_28_27
ears are dull 44_ACT_28_27
ears are dull of 44_ACT_11_22
ears of the 44_ACT_17_26
earth and hath 44_ACT_04_24
Earth and the 44_ACT_14_15
Earth and the 44_ACT_14_15
Earth and the 44_ACT_04_24
earth and the sea 44_ACT_10_12
earth and wild 44_ACT_11_06
earth and wild 44_ACT_10_12
earth and wild beasts 44_ACT_11_06
earth and wild beasts 44_ACT_03_25
earth be blessed 44_ACT_22_22
earth for it 44_ACT_22_22
earth for it is 44_ACT_07_49
earth is my 44_ACT_07_49
earth is my footstool 44_ACT_10_41
eat and drink 44_ACT_09_09
eat nor drink 44_ACT_23_21
eat nor drink 44_ACT_23_12
eat nor drink till 44_ACT_23_21
eat nor drink till 44_ACT_07_10
Egypt and all 44_ACT_07_15
Egypt and died 44_ACT_07_34
Egypt and I 44_ACT_02_10
Egypt and in 44_ACT_07_36
Egypt and in 44_ACT_02_10
Egypt and in the 44_ACT_07_36
Egypt and in the 44_ACT_09_33
eight years and 44_ACT_23_14
elders and said 44_ACT_04_05
elders and scribes 44_ACT_06_12
elders and the scribes 44_ACT_15_04
elders and they 44_ACT_14_23
elders in every 44_ACT_04_08
elders of Israel 44_ACT_25_15
elders of the 44_ACT_20_17
elders of the church 44_ACT_25_15
elders of the Jews 44_ACT_20_01
embraced them and 44_ACT_13_47
ends of the 44_ACT_13_10
enemy of all 44_ACT_14_22
enter into the 44_ACT_14_22
enter into the kingdom 44_ACT_28_08
entered in and 44_ACT_18_07
entered into a 44_ACT_11_08
entered into my 44_ACT_03_02
entered into the 44_ACT_03_02
entered into the 44_ACT_09_17
entered into the 44_ACT_11_12
entered into the 44_ACT_16_40
entered into the 44_ACT_18_19
entered into the 44_ACT_21_08
entered into the 44_ACT_21_26
entered into the 44_ACT_23_16
entered into the 44_ACT_25_23
entered into the 44_ACT_09_17
entered into the house 44_ACT_16_40
entered into the house 44_ACT_21_08
entered into the house 44_ACT_03_02
entered into the temple 44_ACT_05_21
entered into the temple 44_ACT_27_02
entering into a 44_ACT_08_28
Esaias the prophet 44_ACT_28_25
Esaias the prophet 44_ACT_16_05
established in the 44_ACT_22_05
estate of the 44_ACT_15_08
even as he 44_ACT_27_25
even as it 44_ACT_02_39
even as many 44_ACT_02_39
even as many as 44_ACT_05_37
even as many as 44_ACT_12_15
even so Then 44_ACT_11_05
even to me 44_ACT_04_35
every man according 44_ACT_11_29
every man according 44_ACT_04_35
every man according as 44_ACT_11_29
every man according to 44_ACT_02_45
every man had 44_ACT_02_08
every man in 44_ACT_02_38
every one of 44_ACT_03_26
every one of 44_ACT_17_27
every one of 44_ACT_21_26
every one of 44_ACT_21_26
every one of them 44_ACT_17_27
every one of us 44_ACT_02_38
every one of you 44_ACT_03_26
every one of you 44_ACT_13_27
every sabbath day 44_ACT_15_21
every sabbath day 44_ACT_23_05
evil of the 44_ACT_23_26
excellent governor Felix sendeth 44_ACT_23_26
excellent governor Felix sendeth 44_ACT_24_21
except it be for 44_ACT_15_01
Except ye be 44_ACT_12_11
expectation of the 44_ACT_28_27
eyes and hear 44_ACT_28_27
eyes and hear with 44_ACT_09_40
eyes and when 44_ACT_09_40
eyes and when she 44_ACT_03_04
eyes upon him 44_ACT_06_15
face as it 44_ACT_02_25
face for he 44_ACT_20_38
face no more 44_ACT_17_26
face of the 44_ACT_17_26
face of the earth 44_ACT_25_16
face to face 44_ACT_06_05
faith and of 44_ACT_06_05
faith and of the 44_ACT_14_22
faith and that 44_ACT_24_24
faith in Christ 44_ACT_03_16
faith in his 44_ACT_26_18
faith that is 44_ACT_26_18
faith that is in 44_ACT_03_16
faith which is 44_ACT_27_17
fall into the 44_ACT_28_06
fallen down dead 44_ACT_20_09
fallen into a 44_ACT_26_14
fallen to the earth 44_ACT_16_24
fast in the 44_ACT_13_03
fasted and prayed 44_ACT_16_01
father was a 44_ACT_16_03
father was a 44_ACT_16_01
father was a Greek 44_ACT_16_03
father was a Greek 44_ACT_07_04
father was dead 44_ACT_22_03
fathers and was 44_ACT_07_19
fathers so that 44_ACT_07_19
fathers so that they 44_ACT_07_32
fathers the God 44_ACT_07_32
fathers the God of 44_ACT_07_45
fathers unto the 44_ACT_05_05
fear came on 44_ACT_05_05
fear came on all 44_ACT_02_43
Fear came upon 44_ACT_09_31
fear of the 44_ACT_09_31
fear of the LORD 44_ACT_05_26
feared the people 44_ACT_14_10
feet and he 44_ACT_21_11
feet and said 44_ACT_10_25
feet and worshipped 44_ACT_10_25
feet and worshipped him 44_ACT_07_33
feet for the 44_ACT_07_33
feet for the place 44_ACT_05_09
feet of them 44_ACT_05_05
fell down and 44_ACT_10_25
fell down at 44_ACT_10_25
fell down at his 44_ACT_16_29
fell down before 44_ACT_19_35
fell down from 44_ACT_20_09
fell down from 44_ACT_10_44
fell on all 44_ACT_13_11
fell on him 44_ACT_20_10
fell on him 44_ACT_11_15
fell on them 44_ACT_19_17
fell on them 44_ACT_09_04
fell to the 44_ACT_22_07
fell unto the 44_ACT_01_19
field of blood 44_ACT_05_39
fight against God 44_ACT_23_09
fight against God 44_ACT_05_28
filled Jerusalem with 44_ACT_13_52
filled with joy 44_ACT_02_04
filled with the 44_ACT_04_08
filled with the 44_ACT_04_31
filled with the 44_ACT_09_17
filled with the 44_ACT_13_09
filled with the 44_ACT_02_04
filled with the Holy 44_ACT_04_08
filled with the Holy 44_ACT_04_31
filled with the Holy 44_ACT_09_17
filled with the Holy 44_ACT_13_09
filled with the Holy 44_ACT_14_17
filling our hearts with 44_ACT_14_17
filling our hearts with 44_ACT_02_03
fire and it 44_ACT_07_30
fire in a 44_ACT_12_10
first and the 44_ACT_20_07
first day of 44_ACT_20_07
first day of the 44_ACT_20_18
first day that 44_ACT_27_43
first into the 44_ACT_19_16
fled out of 44_ACT_27_30
flee out of 44_ACT_02_17
flesh and your 44_ACT_02_17
flesh and your sons 44_ACT_02_31
flesh did see corruption 44_ACT_02_31
flesh did see corruption 44_ACT_12_09
followed him and 44_ACT_13_43
followed Paul and 44_ACT_16_17
followed Paul and 44_ACT_23_11
following the LORD 44_ACT_19_24
for a certain 44_ACT_16_29
for a light 44_ACT_10_28
for a man 44_ACT_10_28
for a man that 44_ACT_10_04
for a memorial 44_ACT_07_05
for a possession 44_ACT_07_05
for a possession and 44_ACT_13_11
for a season 44_ACT_19_22
for a season 44_ACT_13_11
for a season and 44_ACT_04_21
for all men 44_ACT_17_21
For all the 44_ACT_07_40
for as for 44_ACT_17_23
for as I 44_ACT_04_34
for as many 44_ACT_04_34
for as many as 44_ACT_05_36
For before these 44_ACT_05_36
For before these days 44_ACT_21_26
for every one 44_ACT_18_18
For he had 44_ACT_23_17
for he hath 44_ACT_02_25
for he is 44_ACT_09_15
for he is 44_ACT_09_15
for he is a 44_ACT_01_17
for he was 44_ACT_11_24
for he was 44_ACT_12_19
for him and 44_ACT_20_03
for him as 44_ACT_23_21
for him of 44_ACT_24_26
for him the 44_ACT_20_16
for him to 44_ACT_25_03
for him to 44_ACT_08_33
for his life 44_ACT_20_10
for his life 44_ACT_08_33
for his life is 44_ACT_20_10
for his life is 44_ACT_05_41
for his name 44_ACT_15_14
for his name 44_ACT_18_10
for I am 44_ACT_21_13
for I am 44_ACT_26_26
for I am 44_ACT_26_26
for I am persuaded 44_ACT_21_13
For I am ready 44_ACT_18_10
for I am with 44_ACT_10_14
for I have 44_ACT_10_20
for I have 44_ACT_18_10
for I have 44_ACT_20_27
for I have 44_ACT_26_16
for I have 44_ACT_20_27
for I have not 44_ACT_20_29
For I know 44_ACT_08_23
for I perceive 44_ACT_08_23
for I perceive that 44_ACT_09_16
for I will 44_ACT_18_15
for I will 44_ACT_22_21
for I will 44_ACT_18_15
For I will be 44_ACT_22_21
For I will send 44_ACT_17_28
For in him 44_ACT_01_20
for it is 44_ACT_22_22
for it is 44_ACT_23_05
for it is 44_ACT_22_22
For it is not 44_ACT_01_20
for it is written 44_ACT_23_05
for it is written 44_ACT_04_03
For it was 44_ACT_09_16
For my name's 44_ACT_09_16
For my name's sake 44_ACT_18_17
for none of 44_ACT_04_27
for of a 44_ACT_04_27
for of a truth 44_ACT_08_03
for Saul he 44_ACT_20_13
for so had 44_ACT_13_08
for so is 44_ACT_04_21
for that which 44_ACT_04_21
for that which was 44_ACT_15_31
for the consolation 44_ACT_27_29
for the day 44_ACT_22_11
for the glory 44_ACT_22_11
for the glory of 44_ACT_07_46
for the God 44_ACT_07_46
for the God of 44_ACT_26_06
for the hope 44_ACT_28_20
for the hope 44_ACT_26_06
for the hope of 44_ACT_28_20
for the hope of 44_ACT_26_26
for the king 44_ACT_04_22
for the man 44_ACT_23_30
for the man 44_ACT_21_36
for the multitude 44_ACT_21_36
for the multitude of 44_ACT_15_26
for the name 44_ACT_21_13
for the name 44_ACT_15_26
for the name of 44_ACT_21_13
for the name of 44_ACT_13_15
for the people 44_ACT_07_33
for the place 44_ACT_07_33
for the place where 44_ACT_01_04
for the promise 44_ACT_02_39
for the promise 44_ACT_02_38
for the remission 44_ACT_02_38
for the remission of 44_ACT_21_35
for the violence 44_ACT_21_35
for the violence of 44_ACT_13_02
for the work 44_ACT_14_26
for the work 44_ACT_09_05
for thee to 44_ACT_22_10
for thee to 44_ACT_26_14
for thee to 44_ACT_09_05
for thee to kick 44_ACT_26_14
for thee to kick 44_ACT_10_24
for them and 44_ACT_17_16
for them at 44_ACT_08_15
for them that 44_ACT_04_12
for there is 44_ACT_04_12
for there is none 44_ACT_27_22
for there shall 44_ACT_27_34
for there shall 44_ACT_27_22
For there shall be 44_ACT_02_15
for these are 44_ACT_05_26
for they feared the 44_ACT_21_29
For they had 44_ACT_10_46
for they heard 44_ACT_16_03
for they knew 44_ACT_13_27
for they that 44_ACT_21_22
for they will 44_ACT_22_18
for they will 44_ACT_22_18
for they will not 44_ACT_28_20
for this cause 44_ACT_27_34
for this is 44_ACT_22_26
for this man 44_ACT_26_16
for this purpose 44_ACT_26_26
for this thing 44_ACT_24_25
for this time 44_ACT_22_15
For thou shalt 44_ACT_22_15
For thou shalt 44_ACT_26_01
for thyself Then 44_ACT_22_05
for to be 44_ACT_17_26
for to dwell 44_ACT_05_31
for to give 44_ACT_16_04
for to keep 44_ACT_08_27
for to worship 44_ACT_24_11
for to worship 44_ACT_16_21
for us to 44_ACT_16_28
for we are 44_ACT_17_28
for we are 44_ACT_19_40
for we are 44_ACT_16_28
for we are all 44_ACT_06_14
for we have 44_ACT_24_05
for we have 44_ACT_24_05
for we have found 44_ACT_06_14
For we have heard 44_ACT_10_29
for what intent 44_ACT_19_37
for ye have 44_ACT_19_37
for ye have brought 44_ACT_01_07
for you to 44_ACT_22_25
for you to 44_ACT_28_20
for you to 44_ACT_01_07
for you to know 44_ACT_15_24
forasmuch as we 44_ACT_15_24
forasmuch as we have 44_ACT_11_17
Forasmuch then as 44_ACT_17_29
Forasmuch then as 44_ACT_02_23
foreknowledge of God 44_ACT_05_31
forgiveness of sins 44_ACT_13_38
forgiveness of sins 44_ACT_05_34
forth a little 44_ACT_05_19
forth and said 44_ACT_07_07
forth and serve 44_ACT_25_26
forth before you 44_ACT_13_04
forth by the 44_ACT_12_01
forth his hands 44_ACT_12_01
forth his hands to 44_ACT_27_21
forth in the 44_ACT_27_21
forth in the midst 44_ACT_04_30
forth thine hand 44_ACT_04_30
forth thine hand to 44_ACT_12_04
forth to the 44_ACT_01_03
forty days and 44_ACT_07_42
forty years in 44_ACT_07_42
forty years in the 44_ACT_04_22
forty years old 44_ACT_07_23
forty years old 44_ACT_09_33
found a certain 44_ACT_13_06
found a certain 44_ACT_27_06
found a ship 44_ACT_11_26
found him he 44_ACT_12_19
found him not 44_ACT_13_28
found no cause 44_ACT_13_28
found no cause of 44_ACT_25_25
found that he 44_ACT_25_25
found that he had 44_ACT_05_22
found them not 44_ACT_17_06
found them not 44_ACT_16_26
foundations of the 44_ACT_10_11
four corners and 44_ACT_11_05
four corners and 44_ACT_13_20
four hundred and 44_ACT_13_20
four hundred and fifty 44_ACT_07_06
four hundred years 44_ACT_10_12
fourfooted beasts of 44_ACT_11_06
fourfooted beasts of 44_ACT_10_12
fourfooted beasts of the 44_ACT_11_06
fourfooted beasts of the 44_ACT_10_12
fowls of the 44_ACT_11_06
fowls of the 44_ACT_10_12
fowls of the air 44_ACT_11_06
fowls of the air 44_ACT_12_11
from all the 44_ACT_03_23
from among the 44_ACT_15_19
from among the 44_ACT_03_23
from among the people 44_ACT_17_33
from among them 44_ACT_23_10
from among them 44_ACT_23_10
from among them and 44_ACT_15_29
from blood and 44_ACT_21_25
from blood and 44_ACT_15_29
from blood and from 44_ACT_15_29
from blood and from 44_ACT_21_25
from blood and from 44_ACT_14_17
from heaven and 44_ACT_02_02
from heaven as 44_ACT_11_05
from heaven by 44_ACT_26_26
from him for 44_ACT_22_29
from him which 44_ACT_03_02
from his mother's 44_ACT_03_02
from his mother's womb 44_ACT_02_46
from house to 44_ACT_02_46
from house to house 44_ACT_11_27
from Jerusalem unto 44_ACT_26_04
from my youth 44_ACT_11_04
from the beginning 44_ACT_15_18
from the beginning 44_ACT_26_05
from the beginning 44_ACT_11_04
from the beginning and 44_ACT_26_05
from the beginning if 44_ACT_15_18
from the beginning of 44_ACT_20_26
From the blood 44_ACT_20_26
From the blood of 44_ACT_09_14
from the chief 44_ACT_26_10
from the chief 44_ACT_26_12
from the chief 44_ACT_09_14
from the chief priests 44_ACT_26_10
from the chief priests 44_ACT_26_12
from the chief priests 44_ACT_03_15
from the dead 44_ACT_04_02
from the dead 44_ACT_04_10
from the dead 44_ACT_10_41
from the dead 44_ACT_13_30
from the dead 44_ACT_13_34
from the dead 44_ACT_17_03
from the dead 44_ACT_17_03
from the dead 44_ACT_26_23
from the dead 44_ACT_17_03
from the dead and 44_ACT_26_23
from the dead and 44_ACT_04_10
from the dead even 44_ACT_08_33
from the earth 44_ACT_09_08
from the earth 44_ACT_22_22
from the earth 44_ACT_22_22
from the earth 44_ACT_09_08
from the earth and 44_ACT_13_08
from the faith 44_ACT_20_18
from the first 44_ACT_20_18
from the first day 44_ACT_08_10
from the least 44_ACT_08_10
from the least to 44_ACT_01_12
from the mount 44_ACT_26_17
from the people 44_ACT_26_17
from the people and 44_ACT_26_18
from the power 44_ACT_26_18
from the power of 44_ACT_03_19
from the presence 44_ACT_05_41
from the presence 44_ACT_03_19
from the presence of 44_ACT_05_41
from the presence of 44_ACT_13_29
from the tree 44_ACT_13_29
from the tree and 44_ACT_07_39
from them and 44_ACT_19_09
from them and 44_ACT_19_12
from them and 44_ACT_21_01
from them and 44_ACT_19_12
from them and the 44_ACT_13_04
From thence they 44_ACT_16_12
from thence to 44_ACT_27_04
from thence we 44_ACT_28_13
from thence we 44_ACT_07_04
from thence when 44_ACT_28_15
from thence when 44_ACT_15_20
from things strangled 44_ACT_15_29
from things strangled 44_ACT_15_20
from things strangled and 44_ACT_15_29
from things strangled and 44_ACT_07_03
from thy kindred 44_ACT_07_03
from thy kindred and 44_ACT_14_26
from whence they 44_ACT_13_39
from which ye 44_ACT_13_46
from you and 44_ACT_02_30
fruit of his 44_ACT_06_05
full of faith 44_ACT_06_08
full of faith 44_ACT_06_05
full of faith and 44_ACT_06_08
full of faith and 44_ACT_06_03
full of the 44_ACT_07_55
full of the 44_ACT_11_24
full of the 44_ACT_06_03
full of the Holy 44_ACT_11_24
full of the Holy 44_ACT_19_28
full of wrath 44_ACT_19_24
gain unto the 44_ACT_03_02
gate of the 44_ACT_03_10
gate of the 44_ACT_03_02
gate of the temple 44_ACT_03_10
gate of the temple 44_ACT_04_26
gathered together against 44_ACT_04_26
gathered together against the 44_ACT_12_22
gave a shout 44_ACT_23_30
gave commandment to 44_ACT_03_05
gave heed unto 44_ACT_08_06
gave heed unto 44_ACT_07_10
gave him favour 44_ACT_07_08
gave him the 44_ACT_11_17
gave them the 44_ACT_07_42
gave them up to 44_ACT_13_20
gave unto them 44_ACT_13_21
gave unto them 44_ACT_05_05
gave up the 44_ACT_12_23
gave up the 44_ACT_05_05
gave up the ghost 44_ACT_12_23
gave up the ghost 44_ACT_28_28
Gentiles and that 44_ACT_04_27
Gentiles and the 44_ACT_26_20
Gentiles that they 44_ACT_13_47
Gentiles that thou 44_ACT_10_20
get thee down 44_ACT_10_20
get thee down and 44_ACT_07_03
Get thee out 44_ACT_07_03
Get thee out of 44_ACT_05_03
Ghost and to 44_ACT_15_28
Ghost and to 44_ACT_10_44
Ghost fell on 44_ACT_11_15
Ghost fell on 44_ACT_08_20
gift of God 44_ACT_02_38
gift of the 44_ACT_10_45
gift of the 44_ACT_02_38
gift of the Holy 44_ACT_10_45
gift of the Holy 44_ACT_12_08
gird thyself and 44_ACT_19_40
give an account 44_ACT_19_40
give an account of 44_ACT_03_06
give I thee 44_ACT_07_05
give it to 44_ACT_07_05
give it to him 44_ACT_13_34
give you the 44_ACT_05_32
given to them that 44_ACT_17_25
giveth to all 44_ACT_11_18
glorified God saying 44_ACT_07_55
glory of God 44_ACT_07_55
glory of God and 44_ACT_15_36
Go again and 44_ACT_20_22
go bound in the 44_ACT_20_22
go bound in the 44_ACT_23_10
go down and 44_ACT_25_05
go down with 44_ACT_25_05
go down with me 44_ACT_16_03
go forth with 44_ACT_15_33
Go in peace 44_ACT_16_36
Go in peace 44_ACT_16_10
go into Macedonia 44_ACT_20_01
go into Macedonia 44_ACT_03_03
go into the 44_ACT_09_06
go into the 44_ACT_09_11
go into the 44_ACT_09_06
Go into the city 44_ACT_03_03
go into the temple 44_ACT_08_29
Go near and 44_ACT_09_15
go thy way 44_ACT_24_25
go thy way 44_ACT_09_15
go thy way for 44_ACT_01_25
go to his 44_ACT_19_21
go to Jerusalem 44_ACT_25_20
go to Jerusalem 44_ACT_08_26
go toward the 44_ACT_18_06
Go unto the 44_ACT_15_02
go up to 44_ACT_21_04
go up to 44_ACT_21_12
go up to 44_ACT_25_09
go up to 44_ACT_15_02
go up to Jerusalem 44_ACT_21_04
go up to Jerusalem 44_ACT_21_12
go up to Jerusalem 44_ACT_25_09
go up to Jerusalem 44_ACT_23_32
go with him 44_ACT_10_20
go with them 44_ACT_11_12
go with them 44_ACT_13_23
God according to 44_ACT_07_55
God and Jesus 44_ACT_12_22
God and not 44_ACT_12_22
god and not of 44_ACT_10_22
God and of 44_ACT_07_59
God and saying 44_ACT_06_02
God and serve 44_ACT_08_12
God and the 44_ACT_16_25
God and the 44_ACT_08_12
God and the name 44_ACT_20_32
God and to 44_ACT_20_32
God and to the 44_ACT_24_16
God and toward 44_ACT_22_03
God as ye 44_ACT_15_14
GOD At the 44_ACT_26_07
God day and 44_ACT_26_07
God day and night 44_ACT_14_26
god for the 44_ACT_11_17
God gave them 44_ACT_15_04
God had done 44_ACT_14_27
God had done with 44_ACT_15_04
God had done with 44_ACT_02_30
God had sworn 44_ACT_07_17
God had sworn 44_ACT_15_12
God had wrought 44_ACT_21_19
God had wrought 44_ACT_15_12
God had wrought among 44_ACT_21_19
God had wrought among 44_ACT_10_15
God hath cleansed 44_ACT_11_09
God hath cleansed 44_ACT_10_15
God hath cleansed that 44_ACT_11_09
God hath cleansed that 44_ACT_05_32
God hath given 44_ACT_27_24
God hath given 44_ACT_27_24
God hath given thee 44_ACT_05_32
God hath given to 44_ACT_02_36
God hath made 44_ACT_02_24
God hath raised 44_ACT_03_15
God hath raised 44_ACT_10_28
God hath showed 44_ACT_10_28
God hath showed me 44_ACT_03_21
God hath spoken 44_ACT_13_05
God in the 44_ACT_08_20
God may be 44_ACT_03_13
God of Abraham 44_ACT_07_32
God of Abraham 44_ACT_03_13
God of Abraham and 44_ACT_07_32
God of Abraham and 44_ACT_07_02
God of glory 44_ACT_07_02
God of glory appeared 44_ACT_07_02
God of glory appeared 44_ACT_07_32
God of Isaac 44_ACT_07_32
God of Isaac and 44_ACT_07_32
God of Jacob 44_ACT_07_46
God of Jacob 44_ACT_24_14
God of my 44_ACT_24_14
God of my fathers 44_ACT_03_13
God of our 44_ACT_05_30
God of our 44_ACT_22_14
God of our 44_ACT_03_13
God of our fathers 44_ACT_05_30
God of our fathers 44_ACT_22_14
God of our fathers 44_ACT_13_17
God of this 44_ACT_07_32
God of thy 44_ACT_07_32
God of thy fathers 44_ACT_03_22
God raise up 44_ACT_07_37
God raise up 44_ACT_03_22
God raise up unto 44_ACT_07_37
God raise up unto 44_ACT_02_32
God raised up 44_ACT_10_40
God raised up 44_ACT_10_36
God sent unto 44_ACT_10_36
God sent unto the 44_ACT_27_25
God that it 44_ACT_26_18
God that they 44_ACT_10_42
God to be 44_ACT_15_10
God to put 44_ACT_07_09
God was with 44_ACT_10_38
God was with 44_ACT_10_38
God was with him 44_ACT_20_28
God which he 44_ACT_14_15
God which made 44_ACT_10_02
God with all 44_ACT_16_34
God with all 44_ACT_10_02
God with all his 44_ACT_16_34
God with all his 44_ACT_04_24
God with one 44_ACT_02_23
God ye have 44_ACT_27_28
gone a little 44_ACT_26_31
gone aside they 44_ACT_13_42
gone out of 44_ACT_13_42
gone out of the 44_ACT_18_22
gone up and 44_ACT_14_17
good and gave 44_ACT_27_22
good cheer for 44_ACT_27_25
good cheer for 44_ACT_22_12
good report of 44_ACT_22_12
good report of all 44_ACT_15_28
good to the 44_ACT_15_25
good unto us 44_ACT_09_36
good works and 44_ACT_20_24
gospel of the 44_ACT_11_23
grace of God 44_ACT_14_26
grace of God 44_ACT_15_40
grace of God 44_ACT_20_24
grace of God 44_ACT_14_26
grace of God for 44_ACT_11_23
grace of God was 44_ACT_15_11
grace of the 44_ACT_15_11
grace of the Lord 44_ACT_20_32
grace which is 44_ACT_07_11
great affliction and 44_ACT_05_05
great fear came 44_ACT_05_11
great fear came 44_ACT_19_27
great goddess Diana 44_ACT_19_35
great goddess Diana 44_ACT_19_28
Great is Diana 44_ACT_19_34
Great is Diana 44_ACT_19_28
Great is Diana of 44_ACT_19_34
Great is Diana of 44_ACT_08_08
great joy in 44_ACT_17_04
great multitude and 44_ACT_07_17
grew and multiplied 44_ACT_28_27
gross and their 44_ACT_28_27
gross and their ears 44_ACT_01_20
habitation be desolate 44_ACT_01_20
habitation be desolate and 44_ACT_02_44
had all things 44_ACT_04_32
had all things 44_ACT_02_44
had all things common 44_ACT_04_32
had all things common 44_ACT_28_23
had appointed him 44_ACT_11_05
had been a 44_ACT_10_11
had been a great 44_ACT_11_05
had been a great 44_ACT_13_01
had been brought 44_ACT_13_01
had been brought up 44_ACT_14_19
had been dead 44_ACT_06_15
had been the 44_ACT_25_14
had been there 44_ACT_22_29
had bound him 44_ACT_27_35
had broken it 44_ACT_12_17
had brought him 44_ACT_05_27
had brought them 44_ACT_16_34
had brought them 44_ACT_16_34
had brought them into 44_ACT_09_41
had called the 44_ACT_10_24
had called together 44_ACT_14_27
had done with 44_ACT_15_04
had done with 44_ACT_14_27
had done with them 44_ACT_15_04
had done with them 44_ACT_11_26
had found him 44_ACT_11_26
had found him he 44_ACT_14_27
had gathered the 44_ACT_15_30
had gathered the 44_ACT_21_40
had given him 44_ACT_20_02
had given them 44_ACT_27_28
had gone a 44_ACT_27_28
had gone a little 44_ACT_13_06
had gone through 44_ACT_03_10
had happened unto 44_ACT_03_10
had happened unto him 44_ACT_09_38
had heard that 44_ACT_19_06
had laid his 44_ACT_19_06
had laid his hands 44_ACT_27_30
had let down 44_ACT_03_12
had made this 44_ACT_23_13
had made this 44_ACT_07_05
had no child 44_ACT_12_16
had opened the 44_ACT_12_16
had opened the door 44_ACT_14_27
had opened the door 44_ACT_17_01
had passed through 44_ACT_19_21
had passed through 44_ACT_14_21
had preached the 44_ACT_14_25
had preached the 44_ACT_23_34
had read the 44_ACT_23_34
had read the letter 44_ACT_08_14
had received the 44_ACT_28_29
had said these 44_ACT_28_29
had said these words 44_ACT_07_60
had said this 44_ACT_04_23
had said unto 44_ACT_04_23
had said unto them 44_ACT_09_27
had seen the 44_ACT_11_23
had seen the 44_ACT_16_10
had seen the 44_ACT_16_40
had seen the 44_ACT_09_27
had seen the Lord 44_ACT_16_10
had seen the vision 44_ACT_01_09
had spoken these 44_ACT_01_09
had spoken these things 44_ACT_09_27
had spoken to 44_ACT_02_30
had sworn with 44_ACT_27_17
had taken up 44_ACT_27_40
had taken up 44_ACT_08_27
had the charge 44_ACT_08_27
had the charge of 44_ACT_19_41
had thus spoken 44_ACT_20_36
had thus spoken 44_ACT_26_30
had thus spoken 44_ACT_27_35
had thus spoken 44_ACT_19_41
had thus spoken he 44_ACT_20_36
had thus spoken he 44_ACT_27_35
had thus spoken he 44_ACT_15_12
had wrought among 44_ACT_21_19
had wrought among 44_ACT_15_12
had wrought among the 44_ACT_21_19
had wrought among the 44_ACT_09_08
hand and brought 44_ACT_09_41
hand and lifted 44_ACT_09_41
hand and lifted her 44_ACT_03_07
hand and lifted him 44_ACT_23_19
hand and went 44_ACT_02_33
hand of God 44_ACT_07_55
hand of God 44_ACT_07_56
hand of God 44_ACT_07_35
hand of the 44_ACT_11_21
hand of the 44_ACT_13_11
hand of the 44_ACT_07_35
hand of the angel 44_ACT_11_21
hand of the LORD 44_ACT_13_11
hand of the LORD 44_ACT_22_11
hand of them 44_ACT_22_11
hand of them that 44_ACT_02_25
hand that I 44_ACT_05_31
hand to be 44_ACT_12_17
hand to hold 44_ACT_21_40
hand unto the 44_ACT_05_12
hands of the 44_ACT_21_11
hands of the 44_ACT_28_17
hands of the 44_ACT_09_17
hands on him 44_ACT_21_27
hands on him 44_ACT_28_08
hands on him 44_ACT_28_08
hands on him and 44_ACT_06_06
hands on them 44_ACT_08_17
hands on them 44_ACT_13_03
hands on them 44_ACT_08_17
hands on them and 44_ACT_10_39
hanged on a 44_ACT_10_39
hanged on a tree 44_ACT_03_10
happened unto him 44_ACT_26_14
hard for thee 44_ACT_09_05
hard for thee to 44_ACT_26_14
hard for thee to 44_ACT_04_24
hast made heaven 44_ACT_02_28
hast made known 44_ACT_22_15
hast seen And 44_ACT_22_14
hath chosen thee 44_ACT_10_15
hath cleansed that 44_ACT_11_09
hath cleansed that 44_ACT_10_15
hath cleansed that call 44_ACT_11_09
hath cleansed that call 44_ACT_12_11
hath delivered me 44_ACT_12_11
hath delivered me out 44_ACT_09_13
hath done to 44_ACT_13_33
hath fulfilled the 44_ACT_03_16
hath given him 44_ACT_27_24
hath given thee 44_ACT_05_32
hath given to 44_ACT_20_28
hath made you 44_ACT_01_07
hath put in his 44_ACT_17_31
hath raised him 44_ACT_17_31
hath raised him from 44_ACT_02_24
hath raised up 44_ACT_13_33
hath raised up 44_ACT_09_17
hath sent me that 44_ACT_10_28
hath showed me 44_ACT_13_47
hath the LORD 44_ACT_19_38
have a matter 44_ACT_19_21
have been there 44_ACT_20_18
have been with 44_ACT_12_06
have brought him 44_ACT_12_06
have brought him forth 44_ACT_25_26
have brought him forth 44_ACT_16_37
have cast us 44_ACT_25_24
have dealt with 44_ACT_13_22
have found David 44_ACT_06_14
have heard him 44_ACT_01_04
have heard of 44_ACT_15_24
have heard that 44_ACT_07_34
have heard their 44_ACT_27_21
have hearkened unto 44_ACT_13_33
have I begotten thee 44_ACT_28_20
have I called 44_ACT_25_10
have I done 44_ACT_25_10
have I done no 44_ACT_01_01
have I made 44_ACT_23_21
have killed him 44_ACT_22_30
have known the 44_ACT_23_01
have lived in 44_ACT_19_33
have made his 44_ACT_20_34
have ministered unto 44_ACT_25_26
have no certain 44_ACT_07_53
have not kept 44_ACT_19_02
have not so 44_ACT_15_36
have preached the 44_ACT_20_24
have received of 44_ACT_20_24
have received of the 44_ACT_07_53
have received the 44_ACT_10_47
have received the 44_ACT_04_20
have seen and 44_ACT_04_20
have seen and heard 44_ACT_07_34
have seen I 44_ACT_07_34
have seen the 44_ACT_10_29
have sent for 44_ACT_13_47
have set thee 44_ACT_20_20
have showed you 44_ACT_20_20
have taught you 44_ACT_17_06
have turned the 44_ACT_04_07
have ye done 44_ACT_07_42
Have ye offered 44_ACT_22_12
having a good 44_ACT_02_33
having received of 44_ACT_16_33
he and all 44_ACT_16_33
he and all his 44_ACT_08_37
he answered and 44_ACT_08_37
he answered and said 44_ACT_08_27
he arose and 44_ACT_08_27
he arose and went 44_ACT_09_26
he assayed to 44_ACT_17_27
he be not 44_ACT_10_10
he became very 44_ACT_18_26
he began to 44_ACT_27_35
he began to 44_ACT_07_55
he being full 44_ACT_07_55
he being full of 44_ACT_11_26
he brought him 44_ACT_07_36
he brought them 44_ACT_16_29
he called for 44_ACT_16_29
he called for a 44_ACT_23_23
he called unto 44_ACT_23_23
he called unto him 44_ACT_11_23
he came and 44_ACT_09_32
he came down 44_ACT_20_02
he came into 44_ACT_09_03
he came near 44_ACT_16_18
he came out 44_ACT_08_40
he came to 44_ACT_12_12
he came to 44_ACT_18_19
he came to 44_ACT_12_12
he came to the 44_ACT_10_32
he cometh shall 44_ACT_23_35
he commanded him 44_ACT_21_34
he commanded him to 44_ACT_23_35
he commanded him to 44_ACT_08_38
he commanded the 44_ACT_10_48
he commanded them 44_ACT_10_48
he commanded them to 44_ACT_21_34
he could not 44_ACT_12_17
he departed and 44_ACT_18_23
he departed and 44_ACT_12_17
he departed and went 44_ACT_19_09
he departed from 44_ACT_18_07
he departed thence 44_ACT_12_08
he did and 44_ACT_11_17
he did unto 44_ACT_15_08
he did unto 44_ACT_11_17
he did unto us 44_ACT_15_08
he did unto us 44_ACT_07_31
he drew near 44_ACT_07_31
he drew near to 44_ACT_07_02
he dwelt in 44_ACT_07_60
he fell asleep 44_ACT_09_04
he fell to 44_ACT_09_04
he fell to the 44_ACT_09_41
he gave her 44_ACT_07_05
he gave him 44_ACT_07_08
he gave him 44_ACT_07_08
he gave him the 44_ACT_13_20
he gave unto 44_ACT_17_25
He giveth to 44_ACT_18_18
he had a 44_ACT_14_19
he had been 44_ACT_27_35
he had broken 44_ACT_16_34
he had brought 44_ACT_09_41
he had called 44_ACT_09_41
he had called the 44_ACT_01_02
he had chosen 44_ACT_21_33
he had done 44_ACT_11_26
he had found 44_ACT_11_26
he had found him 44_ACT_21_40
he had given 44_ACT_04_35
he had need 44_ACT_07_05
he had no 44_ACT_26_32
he had not 44_ACT_14_27
he had opened 44_ACT_14_27
he had opened the 44_ACT_09_19
he had received 44_ACT_07_60
he had said 44_ACT_28_29
he had said 44_ACT_28_29
he had said these 44_ACT_07_60
he had said this 44_ACT_07_44
he had seen 44_ACT_09_27
he had seen 44_ACT_10_17
he had seen 44_ACT_11_13
he had seen 44_ACT_16_10
he had seen 44_ACT_09_27
he had seen the 44_ACT_13_36
he had served 44_ACT_07_36
he had showed wonders 44_ACT_07_36
he had showed wonders 44_ACT_23_07
he had so 44_ACT_23_07
he had so said 44_ACT_18_23
he had spent 44_ACT_01_09
he had spoken 44_ACT_09_27
he had spoken 44_ACT_01_09
he had spoken these 44_ACT_19_41
he had thus 44_ACT_20_36
he had thus 44_ACT_26_30
he had thus 44_ACT_27_35
he had thus 44_ACT_19_41
he had thus spoken 44_ACT_20_36
he had thus spoken 44_ACT_26_30
he had thus spoken 44_ACT_27_35
he had thus spoken 44_ACT_23_17
he hath a 44_ACT_17_31
he hath appointed 44_ACT_09_13
he hath done 44_ACT_17_31
he hath given 44_ACT_13_33
he hath raised 44_ACT_17_31
he hath raised 44_ACT_02_33
he hath shed 44_ACT_25_25
he himself hath 44_ACT_25_04
he himself would 44_ACT_17_17
he in the 44_ACT_17_17
he in the synagogue 44_ACT_09_15
he is a 44_ACT_10_36
he is Lord 44_ACT_17_24
he is Lord 44_ACT_10_36
he is Lord of 44_ACT_17_24
he is Lord of 44_ACT_04_09
he is made 44_ACT_09_20
he is the 44_ACT_07_60
he kneeled down 44_ACT_20_36
he kneeled down 44_ACT_07_60
he kneeled down and 44_ACT_20_36
he kneeled down and 44_ACT_22_29
he knew that 44_ACT_22_29
he knew that he 44_ACT_14_17
he left not 44_ACT_10_04
he looked on 44_ACT_07_10
he made him 44_ACT_01_25
he may take 44_ACT_09_21
he might bring 44_ACT_09_02
he might bring them 44_ACT_09_21
he might bring them 44_ACT_09_12
he might receive 44_ACT_09_16
he must suffer 44_ACT_07_04
he out of 44_ACT_13_34
he raised him 44_ACT_13_22
he raised up 44_ACT_10_41
he rose from 44_ACT_10_41
he rose from the 44_ACT_14_20
he rose up 44_ACT_09_10
he said Behold 44_ACT_09_10
he said Behold I 44_ACT_12_17
he said Go 44_ACT_08_31
he said How 44_ACT_26_15
he said I 44_ACT_26_25
he said I 44_ACT_26_15
he said I am 44_ACT_26_25
he said I am 44_ACT_20_35
he said It 44_ACT_20_35
he said It is 44_ACT_12_11
he said Now 44_ACT_22_14
he said The 44_ACT_23_20
he said The 44_ACT_01_07
he said unto 44_ACT_10_04
he said unto 44_ACT_10_28
he said unto 44_ACT_19_02
he said unto 44_ACT_19_03
he said unto 44_ACT_20_18
he said unto 44_ACT_21_37
he said unto 44_ACT_22_08
he said unto 44_ACT_22_21
he said unto 44_ACT_28_17
he said unto 44_ACT_10_04
he said unto him 44_ACT_22_08
he said unto me 44_ACT_22_21
he said unto me 44_ACT_21_37
he said unto the 44_ACT_01_07
he said unto them 44_ACT_10_28
he said unto them 44_ACT_19_02
he said unto them 44_ACT_19_03
he said unto them 44_ACT_20_18
he said unto them 44_ACT_28_17
he said unto them 44_ACT_09_05
he said Who 44_ACT_09_05
he said Who art 44_ACT_19_35
he said Ye 44_ACT_13_35
he saith also 44_ACT_13_35
he saith also in 44_ACT_12_08
he saith unto 44_ACT_12_08
he saith unto him 44_ACT_12_09
he saw a 44_ACT_12_03
he saw it 44_ACT_17_16
he saw the 44_ACT_17_18
he seemeth to 44_ACT_24_24
he sent for 44_ACT_24_26
he sent for him 44_ACT_07_12
he sent out 44_ACT_10_08
he sent them 44_ACT_10_08
he sent them to 44_ACT_20_17
he sent to 44_ACT_03_22
he shall say 44_ACT_03_22
he shall say unto 44_ACT_03_20
he shall send 44_ACT_10_06
he shall tell 44_ACT_10_06
he shall tell thee 44_ACT_02_24
he should be 44_ACT_13_28
he should be 44_ACT_22_24
he should be 44_ACT_26_23
he should be 44_ACT_26_23
he should be the 44_ACT_11_22
he should go 44_ACT_21_04
he should not 44_ACT_21_04
he should not go 44_ACT_01_03
he showed himself 44_ACT_07_26
he showed himself 44_ACT_18_25
he spake and 44_ACT_22_02
he spake in 44_ACT_22_02
he spake in the 44_ACT_20_38
he spake that 44_ACT_21_40
he spake unto 44_ACT_21_40
he spake unto them 44_ACT_20_09
he sunk down 44_ACT_10_27
he talked with 44_ACT_10_27
he talked with him 44_ACT_09_21
he that destroyed 44_ACT_07_27
he that did 44_ACT_10_35
he that feareth 44_ACT_07_38
he that was 44_ACT_25_22
he thou shalt 44_ACT_26_24
he thus spake 44_ACT_03_07
he took him 44_ACT_23_18
he took him 44_ACT_23_18
he took him and 44_ACT_16_33
he took them 44_ACT_09_26
He was a 44_ACT_11_24
He was a 44_ACT_19_34
He was a 44_ACT_22_29
He was a 44_ACT_23_27
He was a 44_ACT_28_06
He was a 44_ACT_11_24
he was a good 44_ACT_19_34
he was a Jew 44_ACT_22_29
he was a Roman 44_ACT_23_27
he was a Roman 44_ACT_20_03
he was about 44_ACT_20_03
he was about to 44_ACT_22_30
he was accused 44_ACT_22_30
he was accused of 44_ACT_10_04
he was afraid 44_ACT_10_04
he was afraid and 44_ACT_21_33
he was and 44_ACT_23_34
he was and 44_ACT_08_13
he was baptized 44_ACT_24_02
he was called 44_ACT_07_21
he was cast 44_ACT_07_21
he was cast out 44_ACT_09_39
he was come 44_ACT_18_27
he was come 44_ACT_21_11
he was come 44_ACT_25_07
he was come 44_ACT_08_16
he was fallen 44_ACT_07_23
he was full 44_ACT_07_02
he was in 44_ACT_01_26
he was numbered 44_ACT_01_26
he was numbered with 44_ACT_18_03
he was of 44_ACT_23_34
he was of 44_ACT_18_03
he was of the 44_ACT_13_31
he was seen 44_ACT_01_02
he was taken 44_ACT_01_09
he was taken 44_ACT_01_22
he was taken 44_ACT_01_02
he was taken up 44_ACT_01_22
he was taken up 44_ACT_14_12
he was the 44_ACT_23_05
he was the 44_ACT_09_28
he was with 44_ACT_09_28
he was with them 44_ACT_22_26
he went and 44_ACT_23_16
he went and 44_ACT_12_19
he went down 44_ACT_18_22
he went down 44_ACT_25_06
he went down 44_ACT_18_22
he went down to 44_ACT_10_27
he went in 44_ACT_10_27
he went in and 44_ACT_19_08
he went into 44_ACT_19_08
he went into the 44_ACT_08_39
he went on 44_ACT_08_39
he went on his 44_ACT_12_09
he went out 44_ACT_12_09
he went out and 44_ACT_15_41
he went through 44_ACT_01_10
he went up 44_ACT_13_37
he whom God 44_ACT_08_31
he would come 44_ACT_25_20
he would go 44_ACT_25_20
he would go to 44_ACT_22_30
he would have 44_ACT_09_38
he would not 44_ACT_19_31
he would not 44_ACT_20_16
he would not 44_ACT_21_14
he would not 44_ACT_25_03
he would send 44_ACT_23_25
he wrote a 44_ACT_23_25
he wrote a letter 44_ACT_04_11
head of the 44_ACT_04_11
head of the corner 44_ACT_28_26
hear and shall 44_ACT_28_26
hear and shall not 44_ACT_21_22
hear that thou 44_ACT_21_22
hear that thou art 44_ACT_22_14
hear the voice 44_ACT_22_14
hear the voice of 44_ACT_13_07
Hear the word 44_ACT_13_44
Hear the word 44_ACT_15_07
Hear the word 44_ACT_13_07
Hear the word of 44_ACT_13_44
Hear the word of 44_ACT_15_07
Hear the word of 44_ACT_02_22
hear these words 44_ACT_09_04
heard a voice 44_ACT_11_07
heard a voice 44_ACT_22_07
heard a voice 44_ACT_26_14
heard a voice 44_ACT_09_04
heard a voice saying 44_ACT_22_07
heard a voice saying 44_ACT_06_14
heard him say 44_ACT_06_11
heard him speak 44_ACT_09_21
heard him were 44_ACT_21_20
heard it they 44_ACT_01_04
heard of me 44_ACT_17_32
heard of the 44_ACT_14_14
heard of they rent 44_ACT_14_14
heard of they rent 44_ACT_28_15
heard of us 44_ACT_22_02
heard that he 44_ACT_22_26
heard that he 44_ACT_11_01
heard that the 44_ACT_07_12
heard that there 44_ACT_04_24
heard that they 44_ACT_05_21
heard that they 44_ACT_05_33
heard that they 44_ACT_16_38
heard that they 44_ACT_05_21
heard that they entered 44_ACT_05_33
heard that they were 44_ACT_04_04
heard the word 44_ACT_10_44
heard the word 44_ACT_19_10
heard the word 44_ACT_19_10
heard the word of 44_ACT_07_34
heard their groaning 44_ACT_07_34
heard their groaning and 44_ACT_02_06
heard them speak 44_ACT_10_46
heard them speak 44_ACT_05_05
heard these things 44_ACT_05_11
heard these things 44_ACT_05_24
heard these things 44_ACT_07_54
heard these things 44_ACT_11_18
heard these things 44_ACT_17_08
heard these things 44_ACT_21_12
heard these things 44_ACT_24_22
heard these things 44_ACT_05_24
heard these things they 44_ACT_07_54
heard these things they 44_ACT_02_37
heard this they 44_ACT_19_05
heard this they 44_ACT_02_37
heard this they were 44_ACT_19_05
heard this they were 44_ACT_28_27
hearing and their 44_ACT_28_27
hearing and their eyes 44_ACT_28_26
hearing ye shall 44_ACT_28_26
hearing ye shall hear 44_ACT_02_14
hearken to my words 44_ACT_15_13
hearken unto me 44_ACT_04_19
hearken unto you 44_ACT_27_21
hearkened unto me 44_ACT_27_21
hearkened unto me and 44_ACT_04_32
heart and of 44_ACT_02_37
heart and said 44_ACT_02_37
heart and said unto 44_ACT_28_27
heart and should 44_ACT_28_27
heart and should be 44_ACT_21_13
heart for I am 44_ACT_08_21
heart is not 44_ACT_08_22
heart may be 44_ACT_16_14
heart the LORD 44_ACT_05_04
heart thou hast 44_ACT_13_22
heart which shall 44_ACT_15_09
hearts by faith 44_ACT_04_25
heathen rage and 44_ACT_04_25
heathen rage and the 44_ACT_04_24
heaven and earth 44_ACT_04_24
heaven and earth 44_ACT_17_24
heaven and earth 44_ACT_14_15
heaven and earth and 44_ACT_07_49
heaven is my 44_ACT_07_49
heaven is my throne 44_ACT_10_11
heaven opened and 44_ACT_07_56
heavens opened and 44_ACT_07_56
heavens opened and the 44_ACT_20_28
heed therefore unto 44_ACT_20_28
heed therefore unto yourselves 44_ACT_05_35
heed to yourselves 44_ACT_11_18
held their peace 44_ACT_15_13
held their peace 44_ACT_11_18
held their peace and 44_ACT_02_27
hell neither wilt 44_ACT_02_27
hell neither wilt thou 44_ACT_16_18
her and he 44_ACT_09_40
her eyes and when 44_ACT_12_01
Herod the king 44_ACT_13_01
Herod the tetrarch 44_ACT_26_26
hidden from him 44_ACT_16_17
high God which 44_ACT_04_06
high priest and 44_ACT_05_24
high priest and 44_ACT_25_02
high priest and 44_ACT_25_02
high priest and the 44_ACT_05_27
high priest asked 44_ACT_05_21
high priest came 44_ACT_23_05
high priest for 44_ACT_05_17
high priest rose 44_ACT_05_17
high priest rose up 44_ACT_10_15
him again the 44_ACT_10_15
him again the second 44_ACT_13_39
him all that 44_ACT_07_47
him an house 44_ACT_12_07
him and a 44_ACT_07_14
him and all 44_ACT_07_14
him and all his 44_ACT_09_26
him and believed 44_ACT_17_34
him and believed 44_ACT_06_12
him and brought 44_ACT_09_27
him and brought 44_ACT_17_19
him and brought 44_ACT_23_18
him and brought 44_ACT_06_12
him and brought him 44_ACT_09_27
him and brought him 44_ACT_17_19
him and brought him 44_ACT_23_18
him and brought him 44_ACT_05_21
him and called 44_ACT_06_12
him and caught 44_ACT_06_12
him and caught him 44_ACT_21_33
him and commanded 44_ACT_28_08
him and healed him 44_ACT_08_30
him and heard 44_ACT_09_27
him and how he 44_ACT_23_21
him and now 44_ACT_23_11
him and said 44_ACT_23_17
him and said 44_ACT_10_03
him and saying 44_ACT_07_58
him and the 44_ACT_22_29
him and the 44_ACT_16_03
him and took 44_ACT_23_15
him and we 44_ACT_09_06
him Arise and 44_ACT_09_06
him Arise and go 44_ACT_09_11
him Arise and go 44_ACT_20_03
him as he 44_ACT_10_11
him as it 44_ACT_12_23
him because he 44_ACT_16_03
him because of 44_ACT_18_17
him before the 44_ACT_23_10
him by force 44_ACT_23_31
him by night 44_ACT_09_25
him by night and 44_ACT_03_07
him by the 44_ACT_09_08
him by the 44_ACT_13_11
him by the 44_ACT_23_19
him by the 44_ACT_09_08
him by the hand 44_ACT_13_11
him by the hand 44_ACT_23_19
him by the hand 44_ACT_24_24
him concerning the 44_ACT_13_29
him down from the 44_ACT_09_30
him down to 44_ACT_23_15
him down unto 44_ACT_07_05
him for a 44_ACT_26_26
him for this 44_ACT_23_28
him forth into 44_ACT_09_30
him forth to 44_ACT_22_30
him from his 44_ACT_13_30
him from the 44_ACT_17_31
him from the 44_ACT_13_30
him from the dead 44_ACT_07_03
him Get thee 44_ACT_07_03
him Get thee out 44_ACT_10_43
him give all the 44_ACT_10_43
him give all the 44_ACT_23_03
him God shall 44_ACT_05_31
him hath God 44_ACT_20_18
him he said 44_ACT_20_18
him he said unto 44_ACT_10_04
him He was 44_ACT_13_29
him in a 44_ACT_13_29
him in a sepulchre 44_ACT_20_14
him in and 44_ACT_12_04
him in prison 44_ACT_12_04
him in prison and 44_ACT_02_22
him in the 44_ACT_03_13
him in the 44_ACT_07_30
him in the 44_ACT_07_35
him in the 44_ACT_07_38
him in the 44_ACT_21_27
him in the 44_ACT_21_29
him in the 44_ACT_21_29
him in the city 44_ACT_02_22
him in the midst 44_ACT_03_13
him in the presence 44_ACT_21_27
him in the temple 44_ACT_07_30
him in the wilderness 44_ACT_28_23
him into his 44_ACT_09_39
him into the 44_ACT_21_11
him into the 44_ACT_23_10
him into the 44_ACT_07_04
him into this 44_ACT_23_09
him Let us 44_ACT_08_39
him no more 44_ACT_08_39
him no more and 44_ACT_12_19
him not he 44_ACT_13_27
him not nor 44_ACT_23_02
him on the 44_ACT_05_06
him out and 44_ACT_01_09
him out of 44_ACT_07_10
him out of 44_ACT_07_58
him out of 44_ACT_12_17
him out of 44_ACT_14_19
him out of 44_ACT_21_30
him out of 44_ACT_07_10
him out of all 44_ACT_07_58
him out of the 44_ACT_12_17
him out of the 44_ACT_14_19
him out of the 44_ACT_21_30
him out of the 44_ACT_01_06
him saying Lord 44_ACT_22_18
him saying unto 44_ACT_23_22
him See thou tell 44_ACT_03_22
him shall ye 44_ACT_03_22
him shall ye hear 44_ACT_07_37
him shall ye hear 44_ACT_09_12
him that he 44_ACT_09_38
him that he 44_ACT_19_31
him that he 44_ACT_25_03
him that he 44_ACT_09_12
him that he might 44_ACT_09_38
him that he would 44_ACT_19_31
him that he would 44_ACT_25_03
him that he would 44_ACT_19_04
him that is 44_ACT_19_04
him that is on 44_ACT_22_09
him that spake 44_ACT_07_24
him that was 44_ACT_20_01
him the disciples 44_ACT_18_26
him the way 44_ACT_18_26
him the way of 44_ACT_16_32
him the word 44_ACT_13_29
him they took 44_ACT_12_16
him they were 44_ACT_17_27
him though he 44_ACT_08_20
him thy money 44_ACT_20_16
him to be 44_ACT_21_33
him to be 44_ACT_21_34
him to be 44_ACT_22_24
him to be 44_ACT_23_35
him to be 44_ACT_25_21
him to be 44_ACT_22_24
him to be brought 44_ACT_23_35
him to be kept 44_ACT_25_21
him to be kept 44_ACT_25_03
him to Jerusalem 44_ACT_23_02
him to smite 44_ACT_23_02
him to smite him 44_ACT_24_10
him to speak 44_ACT_10_48
him to tarry 44_ACT_18_20
him to tarry 44_ACT_06_12
him to the 44_ACT_09_27
him to the 44_ACT_09_40
him to the 44_ACT_18_12
him to the 44_ACT_23_18
him to the 44_ACT_09_38
him two men 44_ACT_20_38
him unto the 44_ACT_18_26
him unto them 44_ACT_03_07
him up and 44_ACT_05_06
him up and 44_ACT_07_21
him up and 44_ACT_13_34
him up from 44_ACT_10_26
him up saying 44_ACT_19_02
him We have 44_ACT_09_39
him weeping and 44_ACT_23_19
him What is 44_ACT_23_19
him What is that 44_ACT_17_16
him when he 44_ACT_25_20
him whether he 44_ACT_05_17
him which is 44_ACT_05_17
him Which is the 44_ACT_19_04
him which should 44_ACT_22_29
him which should 44_ACT_17_15
him with all 44_ACT_07_57
him with one 44_ACT_07_54
him with their 44_ACT_15_38
him with them 44_ACT_12_11
himself he said 44_ACT_02_34
himself the LORD 44_ACT_05_36
himself to be 44_ACT_09_26
himself to the 44_ACT_07_26
himself unto them 44_ACT_12_11
his angel and hath 44_ACT_22_30
his bands and 44_ACT_07_13
his brethren and 44_ACT_07_23
his brethren the 44_ACT_08_01
his death and 44_ACT_22_20
his death and 44_ACT_13_09
his eyes on 44_ACT_09_08
his eyes were 44_ACT_06_15
his face as 44_ACT_07_04
his father was 44_ACT_16_01
his father was 44_ACT_16_03
his father was 44_ACT_16_01
his father was a 44_ACT_16_03
his father was a 44_ACT_16_03
his father was a 44_ACT_13_36
his fathers and 44_ACT_07_20
his father's house 44_ACT_03_07
his feet and 44_ACT_05_10
his feet and 44_ACT_10_25
his feet and 44_ACT_27_03
his friends to refresh 44_ACT_27_03
his friends to refresh 44_ACT_08_33
his generation for 44_ACT_20_32
his grace which 44_ACT_01_20
his habitation be 44_ACT_09_41
his hand and 44_ACT_28_04
his hand they 44_ACT_09_17
his hands on 44_ACT_28_08
his hands on 44_ACT_09_17
his hands on him 44_ACT_28_08
his hands on him 44_ACT_12_01
his hands to 44_ACT_19_06
his hands upon 44_ACT_19_06
his hands upon them 44_ACT_18_18
his head in 44_ACT_07_23
his heart to 44_ACT_03_21
his holy prophets 44_ACT_10_22
his house and 44_ACT_18_08
his house and 44_ACT_16_34
his house he 44_ACT_10_02
his house which 44_ACT_11_13
his house which 44_ACT_08_33
his life is 44_ACT_03_02
his mother's womb 44_ACT_14_08
his mother's womb 44_ACT_08_35
his mouth and 44_ACT_10_34
his mouth and 44_ACT_10_34
his mouth and said 44_ACT_12_10
his own accord 44_ACT_20_28
his own blood 44_ACT_04_32
his own but 44_ACT_01_25
his own place 44_ACT_01_07
his own power 44_ACT_18_06
his raiment and 44_ACT_05_31
his right hand 44_ACT_05_31
his right hand to 44_ACT_07_05
his seed after 44_ACT_07_05
his seed after him 44_ACT_16_27
his sleep and 44_ACT_03_13
his Son Jesus 44_ACT_03_26
his Son Jesus 44_ACT_16_27
his sword and 44_ACT_12_21
his throne and 44_ACT_02_14
his voice and 44_ACT_09_17
his way and 44_ACT_18_09
hold not thy 44_ACT_18_09
hold not thy peace 44_ACT_12_17
hold their peace 44_ACT_04_27
holy child Jesus 44_ACT_04_30
holy child Jesus 44_ACT_02_04
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_04_31
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_05_03
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_06_03
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_06_05
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_10_38
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_11_24
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_15_28
Holy Ghost and 44_ACT_05_03
Holy Ghost and to 44_ACT_15_28
Holy Ghost and to 44_ACT_07_51
Holy Ghost as 44_ACT_10_47
Holy Ghost as 44_ACT_01_16
Holy Ghost by 44_ACT_28_25
Holy Ghost by 44_ACT_15_08
Holy Ghost even 44_ACT_10_44
Holy Ghost fell 44_ACT_11_15
Holy Ghost fell 44_ACT_10_44
Holy Ghost fell on 44_ACT_11_15
Holy Ghost fell on 44_ACT_20_28
Holy Ghost hath 44_ACT_04_08
Holy Ghost said 44_ACT_13_02
Holy Ghost said 44_ACT_05_32
Holy Ghost whom 44_ACT_03_14
holy one and 44_ACT_13_35
Holy One to 44_ACT_02_27
Holy One to see 44_ACT_06_13
holy place and 44_ACT_06_13
holy place and the 44_ACT_16_19
hope of their 44_ACT_07_42
host of heaven 44_ACT_02_15
hour of the 44_ACT_10_03
hour of the 44_ACT_23_23
hour of the 44_ACT_02_15
hour of the day 44_ACT_10_03
hour of the day 44_ACT_16_33
hour of the night 44_ACT_23_23
hour of the night 44_ACT_10_30
house and behold 44_ACT_10_17
house and stood 44_ACT_10_22
house and to 44_ACT_02_46
house did eat 44_ACT_02_36
house of Israel 44_ACT_07_42
house of Israel 44_ACT_11_14
house shall be 44_ACT_07_20
house three months 44_ACT_20_20
house to house 44_ACT_08_31
How can I 44_ACT_09_16
how great things 44_ACT_09_16
how great things he 44_ACT_09_27
how he had 44_ACT_11_13
how he had 44_ACT_14_27
how he had 44_ACT_09_27
how he had seen 44_ACT_11_13
how he had seen 44_ACT_05_09
How is it 44_ACT_05_09
How is it that 44_ACT_13_32
how that the 44_ACT_19_35
how that the 44_ACT_23_30
how that the 44_ACT_12_17
how the LORD 44_ACT_12_17
how the Lord had 44_ACT_04_21
how they might 44_ACT_13_20
hundred and fifty 44_ACT_01_15
hundred and twenty 44_ACT_27_37
hundred threescore and 44_ACT_22_20
I also was 44_ACT_21_39
I am a 44_ACT_21_39
I am a 44_ACT_26_02
I am accused 44_ACT_26_07
I am accused 44_ACT_26_02
I am accused of 44_ACT_26_07
I am accused of 44_ACT_27_23
I AM and 44_ACT_23_06
I am called 44_ACT_23_06
I am called in 44_ACT_24_21
I am called in 44_ACT_10_21
I am he 44_ACT_09_05
I am Jesus 44_ACT_22_08
I am Jesus 44_ACT_09_05
I am Jesus whom 44_ACT_26_15
I am Jesus whom 44_ACT_13_25
I am not 44_ACT_26_25
I am not 44_ACT_13_25
I am not worthy 44_ACT_26_26
I am persuaded 44_ACT_26_26
I am persuaded that 44_ACT_20_26
I am pure 44_ACT_20_26
I am pure from 44_ACT_07_32
I am the 44_ACT_07_32
I am the God 44_ACT_18_10
I am with 44_ACT_18_10
I am with thee 44_ACT_25_20
I asked him 44_ACT_24_04
I be not 44_ACT_13_33
I begotten thee 44_ACT_08_37
I believe that 44_ACT_21_39
I beseech thee 44_ACT_26_03
I beseech thee 44_ACT_20_18
I came into 44_ACT_24_17
I came to 44_ACT_16_18
I command thee 44_ACT_22_11
I could not 44_ACT_24_10
I do the 44_ACT_16_30
I do to 44_ACT_25_10
I done no 44_ACT_24_16
I exercise myself 44_ACT_25_25
I found that 44_ACT_26_10
I gave my 44_ACT_24_25
I have a 44_ACT_19_21
I have been 44_ACT_20_18
I have been 44_ACT_25_26
I have brought 44_ACT_25_26
I have brought him 44_ACT_13_02
I have called 44_ACT_28_17
I have committed 44_ACT_25_25
I have determined 44_ACT_13_22
I have found 44_ACT_13_22
I have found 44_ACT_20_25
I have gone 44_ACT_07_34
I have heard 44_ACT_09_13
I have heard 44_ACT_25_26
I have no 44_ACT_20_27
I have not 44_ACT_20_24
I have received 44_ACT_20_24
I have received of 44_ACT_07_34
I have seen 44_ACT_07_34
I have seen I 44_ACT_07_34
I have seen the 44_ACT_10_20
I have sent 44_ACT_13_47
I have set 44_ACT_13_47
I have set thee 44_ACT_20_35
I have showed 44_ACT_20_35
I have showed you 44_ACT_11_07
I heard a 44_ACT_26_14
I heard a 44_ACT_26_14
I heard a voice 44_ACT_19_15
I know and 44_ACT_12_11
I know of 44_ACT_20_25
I know that 44_ACT_24_10
I know that 44_ACT_26_27
I know that 44_ACT_24_10
I know that thou 44_ACT_26_27
I know that thou 44_ACT_20_25
I know that ye 44_ACT_26_03
I know thee 44_ACT_20_29
I know this 44_ACT_02_35
I make thy 44_ACT_25_26
I might have 44_ACT_10_26
I myself also 44_ACT_10_26
I myself also am 44_ACT_25_10
I ought to 44_ACT_26_09
I ought to 44_ACT_08_23
I perceive that 44_ACT_10_34
I perceive that 44_ACT_17_22
I perceive that 44_ACT_27_10
I perceive that 44_ACT_27_10
I perceive that this 44_ACT_08_23
I perceive that thou 44_ACT_08_34
I pray thee 44_ACT_24_04
I pray thee 44_ACT_08_34
I pray thee of 44_ACT_24_04
I pray thee that 44_ACT_27_34
I pray you 44_ACT_27_34
I pray you to 44_ACT_10_30
I prayed in 44_ACT_22_17
I prayed in 44_ACT_26_11
I punished them 44_ACT_22_10
I said What 44_ACT_26_15
I said Who 44_ACT_26_13
I saw in 44_ACT_26_13
I saw in the 44_ACT_05_38
I say unto 44_ACT_05_38
I say unto you 44_ACT_07_56
I see the 44_ACT_26_17
I send thee 44_ACT_10_33
I sent to 44_ACT_26_02
I shall answer 44_ACT_07_03
I shall show thee 44_ACT_18_14
I should bear 44_ACT_02_25
I should not 44_ACT_10_28
I should not 44_ACT_26_10
I shut up 44_ACT_21_37
I speak unto 44_ACT_25_10
I stand at 44_ACT_24_20
I stood before 44_ACT_11_17
I that I 44_ACT_24_14
I the God 44_ACT_24_14
I the God of 44_ACT_03_06
I thee In 44_ACT_10_29
I unto you 44_ACT_17_23
I unto you 44_ACT_26_09
I verily thought 44_ACT_11_05
I was in 44_ACT_22_17
I was in 44_ACT_22_17
I was in a 44_ACT_11_05
I was in the 44_ACT_26_19
I was not 44_ACT_10_29
I was sent 44_ACT_11_11
I was sent 44_ACT_26_12
I went to 44_ACT_24_11
I went up 44_ACT_24_11
I went up to 44_ACT_26_16
I will appear 44_ACT_18_15
I will be 44_ACT_15_16
I will build 44_ACT_24_25
I will call 44_ACT_24_25
I will call for 44_ACT_07_43
I will carry 44_ACT_13_34
I will give 44_ACT_13_34
I will give you 44_ACT_18_06
I will go 44_ACT_23_35
I will hear 44_ACT_24_22
I will know 44_ACT_02_17
I will pour 44_ACT_02_18
I will pour 44_ACT_02_17
I will pour out 44_ACT_02_18
I will pour out 44_ACT_15_16
I will return 44_ACT_18_21
I will return 44_ACT_15_16
I will return and 44_ACT_07_34
I will send 44_ACT_22_21
I will send 44_ACT_07_34
I will send thee 44_ACT_22_21
I will send thee 44_ACT_02_19
I will show 44_ACT_09_16
I will show 44_ACT_02_19
I will show wonders 44_ACT_23_05
I wist not 44_ACT_03_17
I wot that 44_ACT_23_28
I would have 44_ACT_26_29
I would to 44_ACT_26_29
I would to God 44_ACT_15_20
idols and from 44_ACT_15_29
idols and from 44_ACT_15_29
idols and from blood 44_ACT_21_25
idols and from blood 44_ACT_27_12
if by any 44_ACT_27_12
if by any means 44_ACT_18_21
If God will 44_ACT_26_32
if he had not 44_ACT_25_11
If I be 44_ACT_05_39
If it be 44_ACT_18_15
If it be 44_ACT_18_15
if it be a 44_ACT_05_39
if it be of 44_ACT_18_14
if it were 44_ACT_20_16
if it were 44_ACT_27_39
if it were 44_ACT_20_16
if it were possible 44_ACT_27_39
if it were possible 44_ACT_25_05
If there be 44_ACT_25_11
If there be 44_ACT_25_11
If there be 44_ACT_25_05
if there be any 44_ACT_24_20
If they have 44_ACT_13_15
if ye have 44_ACT_16_15
if ye have 44_ACT_15_29
If ye keep 44_ACT_09_18
immediately there fell 44_ACT_13_11
immediately there fell 44_ACT_26_26
in a corner 44_ACT_07_30
in a flame 44_ACT_07_30
in a flame of 44_ACT_28_11
in a ship 44_ACT_07_06
in a strange 44_ACT_07_06
in a strange land 44_ACT_11_05
in a trance 44_ACT_22_17
in a trance 44_ACT_09_10
in a vision 44_ACT_09_12
in a vision 44_ACT_10_03
in a vision 44_ACT_23_01
in all good 44_ACT_24_03
in all places 44_ACT_07_22
in all the 44_ACT_08_40
in all the 44_ACT_08_40
in all the cities 44_ACT_03_22
in all things 44_ACT_17_22
in all things 44_ACT_17_22
in all things ye 44_ACT_21_31
in an uproar 44_ACT_16_29
in and came 44_ACT_20_14
in and came 44_ACT_05_10
in and found 44_ACT_01_21
in and out 44_ACT_19_22
in Asia for 44_ACT_20_16
in Asia for 44_ACT_02_42
in breaking of 44_ACT_02_42
in breaking of bread 44_ACT_19_27
in danger to 44_ACT_19_40
in danger to 44_ACT_19_27
in danger to be 44_ACT_19_40
in danger to be 44_ACT_02_10
in Egypt and 44_ACT_07_34
in Egypt and 44_ACT_02_10
in Egypt and in 44_ACT_07_12
in Egypt he 44_ACT_14_23
in every church 44_ACT_15_36
in every city 44_ACT_20_23
in every city 44_ACT_22_19
in every synagogue 44_ACT_26_11
in every synagogue 44_ACT_07_51
in heart and 44_ACT_02_19
in heaven above 44_ACT_02_27
in hell neither 44_ACT_02_27
in hell neither wilt 44_ACT_17_16
in him When 44_ACT_17_16
in him When he 44_ACT_08_28
in his chariot 44_ACT_07_20
in his father's 44_ACT_11_13
in his house 44_ACT_16_32
in his house 44_ACT_03_16
in his name 44_ACT_01_07
in his own 44_ACT_02_06
in his own 44_ACT_28_30
in his own 44_ACT_07_05
in it no 44_ACT_01_08
in Jerusalem and 44_ACT_04_16
in Jerusalem and 44_ACT_09_21
in Jerusalem and 44_ACT_11_22
in Jerusalem and 44_ACT_26_10
in Jerusalem and 44_ACT_01_08
in Jerusalem and in 44_ACT_18_21
in Jerusalem but 44_ACT_10_39
in Jerusalem whom 44_ACT_02_09
in Judaea and 44_ACT_01_11
in like manner 44_ACT_10_30
in my house 44_ACT_13_41
in no wise 44_ACT_02_08
in our own 44_ACT_15_33
in peace from the 44_ACT_01_14
in prayer and 44_ACT_12_04
in prison and 44_ACT_12_21
in royal apparel 44_ACT_01_08
in Samaria and 44_ACT_01_08
in Samaria and unto 44_ACT_05_12
in Solomon's porch 44_ACT_07_48
in temples made 44_ACT_17_24
in temples made 44_ACT_07_48
in temples made with 44_ACT_17_24
in temples made with 44_ACT_16_12
in that city 44_ACT_14_17
in that he 44_ACT_17_31
in that he 44_ACT_13_33
in that he hath 44_ACT_17_31
in that he hath 44_ACT_17_11
in that they 44_ACT_08_23
in the bond 44_ACT_08_23
in the bond of 44_ACT_01_20
in the book 44_ACT_07_42
in the book 44_ACT_01_20
in the book of 44_ACT_07_42
in the book of 44_ACT_07_38
in the church 44_ACT_13_01
in the church 44_ACT_11_05
in the city 44_ACT_21_29
in the city 44_ACT_24_12
in the city 44_ACT_11_05
in the city of 44_ACT_05_34
in the council 44_ACT_06_15
in the council 44_ACT_05_37
in the days 44_ACT_11_28
in the days 44_ACT_05_37
in the days of 44_ACT_11_28
in the days of 44_ACT_02_19
in the earth 44_ACT_14_22
in the faith 44_ACT_16_05
in the faith 44_ACT_14_22
in the faith and 44_ACT_16_05
in the faith and 44_ACT_09_31
in the fear 44_ACT_09_31
in the fear of 44_ACT_13_43
in the grace 44_ACT_21_40
in the Hebrew 44_ACT_22_02
in the Hebrew 44_ACT_26_14
in the Hebrew 44_ACT_21_40
in the Hebrew tongue 44_ACT_26_14
in the Hebrew tongue 44_ACT_09_11
in the house 44_ACT_10_32
in the house 44_ACT_09_11
in the house of 44_ACT_10_32
in the house of 44_ACT_28_11
in the isle 44_ACT_07_29
in the land 44_ACT_07_36
in the land 44_ACT_10_39
in the land 44_ACT_13_17
in the land 44_ACT_13_19
in the land 44_ACT_07_29
in the land of 44_ACT_07_36
in the land of 44_ACT_10_39
in the land of 44_ACT_13_17
in the land of 44_ACT_13_19
in the land of 44_ACT_02_17
in the last 44_ACT_02_17
in the last days 44_ACT_24_14
in the law 44_ACT_24_14
in the law and 44_ACT_14_11
in the likeness 44_ACT_14_11
in the likeness of 44_ACT_09_42
in the LORD 44_ACT_14_03
in the LORD 44_ACT_01_15
in the midst 44_ACT_01_18
in the midst 44_ACT_02_22
in the midst 44_ACT_04_07
in the midst 44_ACT_17_22
in the midst 44_ACT_27_21
in the midst 44_ACT_01_18
in the midst and 44_ACT_01_15
in the midst of 44_ACT_02_22
in the midst of 44_ACT_17_22
in the midst of 44_ACT_27_21
in the midst of 44_ACT_05_21
in the morning 44_ACT_05_21
in the morning and 44_ACT_07_38
In the mount 44_ACT_02_38
in the name 44_ACT_03_06
in the name 44_ACT_04_18
in the name 44_ACT_05_40
in the name 44_ACT_08_16
in the name 44_ACT_09_27
in the name 44_ACT_09_29
in the name 44_ACT_10_48
in the name 44_ACT_16_18
in the name 44_ACT_19_05
in the name 44_ACT_02_38
in the name of 44_ACT_03_06
in the name of 44_ACT_04_18
in the name of 44_ACT_05_40
in the name of 44_ACT_08_16
in the name of 44_ACT_09_27
in the name of 44_ACT_09_29
in the name of 44_ACT_10_48
in the name of 44_ACT_16_18
in the name of 44_ACT_19_05
in the name of 44_ACT_16_09
in the night 44_ACT_18_09
in the night 44_ACT_03_11
in the porch 44_ACT_03_13
in the presence 44_ACT_03_16
in the presence 44_ACT_03_13
in the presence of 44_ACT_03_16
in the presence of 44_ACT_05_22
in the prison 44_ACT_12_07
in the prison 44_ACT_12_07
in the prison and 44_ACT_13_40
in the prophets 44_ACT_24_14
in the prophets 44_ACT_07_36
in the Red 44_ACT_07_36
in the Red sea 44_ACT_08_09
In the same 44_ACT_28_07
In the same 44_ACT_18_24
in the scriptures 44_ACT_13_33
in the second 44_ACT_07_16
in the sepulchre 44_ACT_27_31
in the ship 44_ACT_27_37
in the ship 44_ACT_27_39
in the ship 44_ACT_04_19
in the sight 44_ACT_07_10
in the sight 44_ACT_08_21
in the sight 44_ACT_10_31
in the sight 44_ACT_04_19
in the sight of 44_ACT_07_10
in the sight of 44_ACT_08_21
in the sight of 44_ACT_10_31
in the sight of 44_ACT_14_11
in the speech 44_ACT_14_11
in the speech of 44_ACT_18_05
in the spirit 44_ACT_18_25
in the spirit 44_ACT_19_21
in the spirit 44_ACT_20_22
in the spirit 44_ACT_18_05
in the spirit and 44_ACT_18_25
in the spirit he 44_ACT_16_24
in the stocks 44_ACT_17_17
in the synagogue 44_ACT_18_04
in the synagogue 44_ACT_18_26
in the synagogue 44_ACT_09_20
in the synagogues 44_ACT_13_05
in the synagogues 44_ACT_15_21
in the synagogues 44_ACT_24_12
in the synagogues 44_ACT_13_05
in the synagogues of 44_ACT_02_46
in the temple 44_ACT_05_20
in the temple 44_ACT_05_25
in the temple 44_ACT_05_42
in the temple 44_ACT_21_27
in the temple 44_ACT_22_17
in the temple 44_ACT_24_12
in the temple 44_ACT_24_18
in the temple 44_ACT_26_21
in the temple 44_ACT_02_46
in the temple and 44_ACT_05_25
in the temple and 44_ACT_05_42
in the temple and 44_ACT_26_21
in the temple and 44_ACT_20_08
in the upper 44_ACT_09_17
in the way 44_ACT_09_27
in the way 44_ACT_18_25
in the way 44_ACT_25_03
in the way 44_ACT_26_13
in the way 44_ACT_09_27
in the way and 44_ACT_09_17
in the way as 44_ACT_18_25
in the way of 44_ACT_17_31
in the which 44_ACT_26_16
in the which 44_ACT_17_31
in the which he 44_ACT_07_30
in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_36
in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_38
in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_42
in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_44
in the wilderness 44_ACT_13_18
in the wilderness 44_ACT_07_36
in the wilderness forty 44_ACT_07_30
in the wilderness of 44_ACT_07_41
in the works 44_ACT_07_41
in the works of 44_ACT_02_37
in their heart 44_ACT_07_39
in their hearts 44_ACT_14_16
in their own 44_ACT_11_27
in these days 44_ACT_05_04
in thine heart 44_ACT_05_04
in thine heart thou 44_ACT_05_04
in thine own 44_ACT_18_10
in this city 44_ACT_22_03
in this city 44_ACT_08_21
in this matter 44_ACT_04_17
in this name 44_ACT_05_28
in this name 44_ACT_07_07
in this place 44_ACT_01_15
in those days 44_ACT_02_18
in those days 44_ACT_06_01
in those days 44_ACT_07_41
in those days 44_ACT_09_37
in those days 44_ACT_07_41
in those days and 44_ACT_09_37
in those days that 44_ACT_06_01
in those days when 44_ACT_03_25
in thy seed 44_ACT_03_25
in thy seed shall 44_ACT_14_16
in times past 44_ACT_10_03
in to him 44_ACT_10_03
in to him and 44_ACT_28_30
in unto him 44_ACT_19_30
in unto the 44_ACT_17_02
in unto them 44_ACT_17_02
in unto them and 44_ACT_23_21
in wait for 44_ACT_20_19
in wait of 44_ACT_01_02
in which he 44_ACT_01_02
in which he was 44_ACT_19_16
in whom the 44_ACT_07_45
in with Jesus 44_ACT_07_45
in with Jesus into 44_ACT_13_41
in your days 44_ACT_21_24
informed concerning thee are 44_ACT_21_24
informed concerning thee are 44_ACT_26_18
inheritance among them 44_ACT_05_15
insomuch that they 44_ACT_18_25
instructed in the 44_ACT_20_09
into a deep 44_ACT_20_09
into a deep sleep 44_ACT_27_41
into a place 44_ACT_27_02
into a ship 44_ACT_02_20
into blood before 44_ACT_02_20
into darkness and the 44_ACT_07_15
into Egypt and 44_ACT_07_55
into heaven and 44_ACT_07_23
into his heart 44_ACT_10_22
into his house 44_ACT_16_34
into his house 44_ACT_10_22
into his house and 44_ACT_16_34
into his house he 44_ACT_16_09
into Macedonia and 44_ACT_11_08
into my mouth 44_ACT_16_37
into prison and 44_ACT_18_18
into Syria and 44_ACT_21_03
into Syria and 44_ACT_22_23
into the air 44_ACT_21_34
into the castle 44_ACT_21_37
into the castle 44_ACT_23_10
into the castle 44_ACT_23_16
into the castle 44_ACT_22_24
into the castle and 44_ACT_23_16
into the castle and 44_ACT_09_06
into the city 44_ACT_14_20
into the city 44_ACT_09_06
into the city and 44_ACT_14_20
into the city and 44_ACT_28_05
into the fire 44_ACT_28_05
into the fire and 44_ACT_21_11
into the hands 44_ACT_28_17
into the hands 44_ACT_21_11
into the hands of 44_ACT_28_17
into the hands of 44_ACT_02_34
into the heavens 44_ACT_09_17
into the house 44_ACT_16_40
into the house 44_ACT_21_08
into the house 44_ACT_09_17
into the house and 44_ACT_16_40
into the house of 44_ACT_16_24
into the inner 44_ACT_14_22
into the kingdom 44_ACT_14_22
into the kingdom of 44_ACT_07_03
into the land 44_ACT_07_03
into the land which 44_ACT_25_23
into the place 44_ACT_25_23
into the place of 44_ACT_25_01
into the province 44_ACT_27_30
into the sea 44_ACT_27_38
into the sea 44_ACT_27_43
into the sea 44_ACT_27_43
into the sea and 44_ACT_05_15
into the streets and 44_ACT_13_14
into the synagogue 44_ACT_14_01
into the synagogue 44_ACT_17_10
into the synagogue 44_ACT_18_19
into the synagogue 44_ACT_19_08
into the synagogue 44_ACT_18_19
into the synagogue and 44_ACT_19_08
into the synagogue and 44_ACT_14_01
into the synagogue of 44_ACT_17_10
into the synagogue of 44_ACT_13_14
into the synagogue on 44_ACT_03_01
into the temple 44_ACT_03_02
into the temple 44_ACT_03_03
into the temple 44_ACT_03_08
into the temple 44_ACT_05_21
into the temple 44_ACT_21_26
into the temple 44_ACT_21_28
into the temple 44_ACT_21_29
into the temple 44_ACT_21_28
into the temple and 44_ACT_19_29
into the theatre 44_ACT_19_31
into the theatre 44_ACT_08_38
into the water 44_ACT_27_39
into the which 44_ACT_21_38
into the wilderness 44_ACT_23_28
into their council 44_ACT_07_04
into this land 44_ACT_25_14
is a certain 44_ACT_10_28
is a Jew 44_ACT_28_04
is a murderer 44_ACT_22_25
is a Roman 44_ACT_22_26
is a Roman 44_ACT_20_32
is able to 44_ACT_20_32
is able to build 44_ACT_13_33
is also written 44_ACT_13_33
is also written in 44_ACT_04_11
is become the 44_ACT_04_11
is become the head 44_ACT_04_36
is being interpreted 44_ACT_02_15
is but the 44_ACT_10_06
is by the 44_ACT_10_06
is by the 44_ACT_06_09
is called the 44_ACT_27_08
is called the 44_ACT_01_08
is come upon 44_ACT_19_28
is Diana of 44_ACT_19_34
is Diana of 44_ACT_19_28
is Diana of the 44_ACT_19_34
is Diana of the 44_ACT_27_34
is for your 44_ACT_09_05
is hard for 44_ACT_26_14
is hard for 44_ACT_09_05
is hard for thee 44_ACT_26_14
is hard for thee 44_ACT_07_38
is he that 44_ACT_07_38
is he that was 44_ACT_10_42
is he which 44_ACT_10_31
is heard and 44_ACT_13_08
is his name 44_ACT_07_33
is holy ground 44_ACT_19_27
is in danger 44_ACT_26_18
is in me 44_ACT_22_25
Is it lawful 44_ACT_22_25
Is it lawful for 44_ACT_05_09
is it that 44_ACT_05_09
is it that ye 44_ACT_21_22
is it therefore 44_ACT_17_29
is like unto 44_ACT_10_36
is Lord of 44_ACT_17_24
is Lord of 44_ACT_07_49
is my footstool 44_ACT_07_49
is my throne 44_ACT_07_49
is my throne and 44_ACT_04_12
is none other 44_ACT_01_07
is not for 44_ACT_08_21
is not right 44_ACT_25_16
Is not the 44_ACT_09_21
Is not this 44_ACT_19_38
is open and 44_ACT_13_38
is preached unto 44_ACT_13_38
is preached unto you 44_ACT_28_28
is sent unto 44_ACT_28_28
is sent unto the 44_ACT_13_40
is spoken of 44_ACT_08_33
is taken from 44_ACT_08_33
is taken from the 44_ACT_02_16
is that which 44_ACT_16_12
is the chief 44_ACT_08_10
is the great 44_ACT_21_28
is the man 44_ACT_21_28
is the man that 44_ACT_07_49
is the place 44_ACT_07_49
is the place of 44_ACT_08_37
is the son 44_ACT_09_20
is the son 44_ACT_08_37
is the son of 44_ACT_09_20
is the son of 44_ACT_12_22
is the voice 44_ACT_12_22
is the voice of 44_ACT_13_26
is the word 44_ACT_13_26
is the word of 44_ACT_19_35
is there that 44_ACT_01_19
is to say 44_ACT_02_39
is unto you 44_ACT_13_11
is upon thee 44_ACT_28_27
is waxed gross 44_ACT_28_27
is waxed gross and 44_ACT_02_29
is with us 44_ACT_07_42
is written in 44_ACT_01_20
is written in the 44_ACT_07_42
is written in the 44_ACT_03_13
Isaac and of 44_ACT_03_13
Isaac and of Jacob 44_ACT_07_32
Isaac and the 44_ACT_07_32
Isaac and the God 44_ACT_07_08
Isaac begat Jacob 44_ACT_07_08
Isaac begat Jacob and 44_ACT_13_23
Israel a saviour 44_ACT_05_21
Israel and sent 44_ACT_13_16
Israel and ye 44_ACT_28_20
Israel I AM 44_ACT_04_27
Israel were gathered 44_ACT_04_27
Israel were gathered together 44_ACT_07_44
it according to 44_ACT_07_44
it according to the 44_ACT_04_37
it and brought 44_ACT_05_02
it and brought 44_ACT_14_06
it and fled 44_ACT_04_37
it at the 44_ACT_05_02
it at the 44_ACT_04_37
it at the apostles' 44_ACT_05_02
it at the apostles' 44_ACT_18_15
it be a 44_ACT_24_21
it be for 44_ACT_05_39
it be of 44_ACT_05_39
it be of God 44_ACT_04_19
it be right 44_ACT_04_05
it came to 44_ACT_09_32
it came to 44_ACT_09_37
it came to 44_ACT_09_43
it came to 44_ACT_11_26
it came to 44_ACT_14_01
it came to 44_ACT_16_16
it came to 44_ACT_19_01
it came to 44_ACT_21_01
it came to 44_ACT_22_06
it came to 44_ACT_22_17
it came to 44_ACT_27_44
it came to 44_ACT_28_08
it came to 44_ACT_28_17
it came to 44_ACT_04_05
it came to pass 44_ACT_09_32
it came to pass 44_ACT_09_37
it came to pass 44_ACT_09_43
it came to pass 44_ACT_11_26
it came to pass 44_ACT_14_01
it came to pass 44_ACT_16_16
it came to pass 44_ACT_19_01
it came to pass 44_ACT_21_01
it came to pass 44_ACT_22_06
it came to pass 44_ACT_22_17
it came to pass 44_ACT_27_44
it came to pass 44_ACT_28_08
it came to pass 44_ACT_28_17
it came to pass 44_ACT_18_15
it for I will 44_ACT_06_15
it had been 44_ACT_09_18
it had been 44_ACT_10_11
it had been 44_ACT_11_05
it had been 44_ACT_11_05
it had been a 44_ACT_03_12
it he answered 44_ACT_28_19
it I was 44_ACT_13_33
It is also 44_ACT_13_33
It is also written 44_ACT_10_28
it is an 44_ACT_02_15
it is but 44_ACT_09_05
it is hard 44_ACT_26_14
it is hard 44_ACT_09_05
it is hard for 44_ACT_26_14
it is hard for 44_ACT_10_42
it is he 44_ACT_12_15
it is his 44_ACT_01_07
It is not 44_ACT_06_02
It is not 44_ACT_22_22
It is not 44_ACT_25_16
It is not 44_ACT_01_07
it is not for 44_ACT_28_22
it is spoken 44_ACT_12_22
it is the 44_ACT_12_22
it is the voice 44_ACT_01_20
it is written 44_ACT_07_42
it is written 44_ACT_15_15
it is written 44_ACT_23_05
it is written 44_ACT_01_20
it is written in 44_ACT_07_42
it is written in 44_ACT_04_10
it known unto 44_ACT_13_38
it known unto 44_ACT_04_10
it known unto you 44_ACT_22_25
it lawful for 44_ACT_05_04
it not in 44_ACT_21_03
it on the 44_ACT_12_03
it pleased the 44_ACT_15_25
it seemed good 44_ACT_15_28
it seemed good 44_ACT_15_28
It seemed good to 44_ACT_25_27
It seemeth to 44_ACT_25_27
It seemeth to me 44_ACT_09_06
it shall be 44_ACT_19_39
it shall be 44_ACT_22_10
it shall be 44_ACT_27_25
it shall be 44_ACT_27_25
it shall be even 44_ACT_09_06
it shall be told 44_ACT_22_10
it shall be told 44_ACT_02_17
it shall come 44_ACT_02_21
it shall come 44_ACT_03_23
it shall come 44_ACT_02_17
it shall come to 44_ACT_02_21
it shall come to 44_ACT_03_23
it shall come to 44_ACT_05_09
it that ye 44_ACT_07_31
it the voice 44_ACT_07_31
it the voice of 44_ACT_07_05
it to him 44_ACT_07_05
it to him for 44_ACT_11_30
it to the 44_ACT_13_41
it unto you 44_ACT_05_07
it was about 44_ACT_05_07
it was about the 44_ACT_23_31
it was commanded 44_ACT_23_31
it was commanded them 44_ACT_12_18
it was day 44_ACT_16_35
it was day 44_ACT_23_12
it was day 44_ACT_27_39
it was day 44_ACT_16_35
it was day the 44_ACT_01_19
it was known 44_ACT_01_19
it was known unto 44_ACT_15_05
it was needful 44_ACT_02_24
it was not 44_ACT_21_35
it was that 44_ACT_23_30
it was told 44_ACT_27_25
it was told 44_ACT_23_30
it was told me 44_ACT_27_25
it was told me 44_ACT_18_14
it were a 44_ACT_20_16
it were possible 44_ACT_27_39
it were possible 44_ACT_05_38
it will come to 44_ACT_07_08
Jacob and Jacob 44_ACT_07_08
Jacob and Jacob begat 44_ACT_07_12
Jacob heard that 44_ACT_01_13
James and John 44_ACT_01_13
James and John and 44_ACT_01_13
James the son 44_ACT_01_13
James the son of 44_ACT_01_08
Jerusalem and in 44_ACT_25_09
Jerusalem and there 44_ACT_25_20
Jerusalem and there 44_ACT_25_09
Jerusalem and there be 44_ACT_25_20
Jerusalem and there be 44_ACT_08_01
Jerusalem and they 44_ACT_11_22
Jerusalem and they 44_ACT_21_13
Jerusalem for the 44_ACT_22_18
Jerusalem for they 44_ACT_08_27
Jerusalem for to 44_ACT_22_05
Jerusalem for to 44_ACT_08_27
Jerusalem for to worship 44_ACT_24_11
Jerusalem for to worship 44_ACT_01_12
Jerusalem from the 44_ACT_15_02
Jerusalem unto the 44_ACT_16_31
Jesus Christ and 44_ACT_02_38
Jesus Christ for 44_ACT_08_37
Jesus Christ is 44_ACT_03_06
Jesus Christ of 44_ACT_04_10
Jesus Christ of 44_ACT_03_06
Jesus Christ of Nazareth 44_ACT_04_10
Jesus Christ of Nazareth 44_ACT_08_12
Jesus Christ they 44_ACT_16_18
Jesus Christ to 44_ACT_03_20
Jesus Christ which 44_ACT_28_31
Jesus Christ with 44_ACT_28_31
Jesus Christ with all 44_ACT_02_22
Jesus of Nazareth 44_ACT_06_14
Jesus of Nazareth 44_ACT_10_38
Jesus of Nazareth 44_ACT_22_08
Jesus of Nazareth 44_ACT_26_09
Jesus of Nazareth 44_ACT_03_26
Jesus sent him 44_ACT_18_05
Jesus was Christ 44_ACT_18_28
Jesus was Christ 44_ACT_04_27
Jesus whom thou 44_ACT_09_05
Jesus whom thou 44_ACT_09_05
Jesus whom thou persecutest 44_ACT_26_15
Jesus whom thou persecutest 44_ACT_02_36
Jesus whom ye 44_ACT_03_13
Jesus whom ye 44_ACT_13_06
Jew whose name 44_ACT_13_06
Jew whose name was 44_ACT_24_27
Jews a pleasure 44_ACT_25_09
Jews a pleasure 44_ACT_14_01
Jews and also 44_ACT_20_21
Jews and also 44_ACT_19_10
Jews and Greeks 44_ACT_19_17
Jews and Greeks 44_ACT_13_05
Jews and they 44_ACT_20_03
Jews laid wait 44_ACT_23_30
Jews laid wait 44_ACT_20_03
Jews laid wait for 44_ACT_23_30
Jews laid wait for 44_ACT_13_50
Jews stirred up 44_ACT_14_02
Jews stirred up 44_ACT_13_50
Jews stirred up the 44_ACT_14_02
Jews stirred up the 44_ACT_21_21
Jews which are 44_ACT_17_05
Jews which believed 44_ACT_09_22
Jews which dwelt 44_ACT_21_27
Jews which were 44_ACT_16_03
Jews which were in 44_ACT_01_13
John and Andrew 44_ACT_12_12
John whose surname 44_ACT_12_25
John whose surname 44_ACT_12_12
John whose surname was 44_ACT_12_25
John whose surname was 44_ACT_05_13
join himself to 44_ACT_09_26
join himself to 44_ACT_10_05
Joppa and call 44_ACT_10_32
Joppa and call 44_ACT_10_05
Joppa and call for 44_ACT_11_13
Joppa and call for 44_ACT_07_09
Joseph into Egypt 44_ACT_20_24
joy and the 44_ACT_13_52
joy and with 44_ACT_21_10
Judaea a certain 44_ACT_02_14
Judaea and all 44_ACT_15_27
Judas and Silas 44_ACT_15_32
Judas and Silas 44_ACT_01_13
Judas the brother 44_ACT_01_13
Judas the brother of 44_ACT_07_27
judge over us 44_ACT_17_31
judge the world 44_ACT_17_31
judge the world in 44_ACT_24_06
judged according to 44_ACT_25_09
judged of these 44_ACT_25_20
judged of these 44_ACT_18_17
judgment seat And 44_ACT_25_17
judgment seat And 44_ACT_10_22
just man and 44_ACT_13_39
justified by the 44_ACT_13_39
justified by the law 44_ACT_15_24
keep the law 44_ACT_15_05
keep the law of 44_ACT_16_27
keeper of the 44_ACT_16_36
keeper of the 44_ACT_16_27
keeper of the prison 44_ACT_16_36
keeper of the prison 44_ACT_12_05
kept in prison 44_ACT_15_12
kept silence and 44_ACT_09_05
kick against the 44_ACT_26_14
kick against the 44_ACT_09_05
kick against the pricks 44_ACT_26_14
kick against the pricks 44_ACT_10_13
kill and eat 44_ACT_07_28
kill me as 44_ACT_07_28
kill me as thou 44_ACT_28_02
kindled a fire 44_ACT_03_25
kindreds of the 44_ACT_03_25
kindreds of the earth 44_ACT_25_13
king Agrippa and 44_ACT_25_24
king Agrippa and 44_ACT_26_07
king Agrippa I 44_ACT_26_19
king Agrippa I 44_ACT_07_10
king of Egypt 44_ACT_07_10
king of Egypt and 44_ACT_26_30
king rose up 44_ACT_01_03
kingdom of God 44_ACT_08_12
kingdom of God 44_ACT_14_22
kingdom of God 44_ACT_19_08
kingdom of God 44_ACT_20_25
kingdom of God 44_ACT_28_23
kingdom of God 44_ACT_28_31
kingdom of God 44_ACT_08_12
kingdom of God and 44_ACT_28_31
kingdom of God and 44_ACT_04_26
kings of the 44_ACT_04_26
kings of the earth 44_ACT_07_60
kneeled down and 44_ACT_20_36
kneeled down and 44_ACT_09_40
kneeled down and prayed 44_ACT_13_27
knew him not 44_ACT_07_18
knew not Joseph 44_ACT_27_39
knew not the 44_ACT_19_34
knew that he 44_ACT_22_29
knew that he 44_ACT_19_34
knew that he was 44_ACT_22_29
knew that he was 44_ACT_03_10
knew that it 44_ACT_03_10
knew that it was 44_ACT_28_01
knew that the 44_ACT_26_04
know all the 44_ACT_20_18
know from the 44_ACT_10_28
know how that 44_ACT_15_07
know how that 44_ACT_12_11
Know of a 44_ACT_12_11
Know of a surety 44_ACT_28_22
know that every 44_ACT_22_19
know that I 44_ACT_24_10
know that thou 44_ACT_26_27
know that thou 44_ACT_24_10
know that thou hast 44_ACT_20_25
know that ye 44_ACT_20_29
know this that 44_ACT_05_07
knowing what was 44_ACT_05_07
knowing what was done 44_ACT_24_08
knowledge of all 44_ACT_19_17
known to all 44_ACT_02_28
known to me 44_ACT_02_28
known to me the 44_ACT_01_19
known unto all 44_ACT_15_18
Known unto God 44_ACT_04_10
known unto you 44_ACT_13_38
known unto you 44_ACT_04_10
known unto you all 44_ACT_25_16
laid against him 44_ACT_25_27
laid against him 44_ACT_07_58
laid down their 44_ACT_04_03
laid hands on 44_ACT_21_27
laid hands on 44_ACT_21_27
laid hands on him 44_ACT_13_29
laid him in 44_ACT_19_06
laid his hands 44_ACT_28_08
laid his hands 44_ACT_28_08
laid his hands on 44_ACT_19_06
laid his hands upon 44_ACT_07_16
laid in the 44_ACT_04_37
laid it at 44_ACT_05_02
laid it at 44_ACT_04_37
laid it at the 44_ACT_05_02
laid it at the 44_ACT_05_18
laid their hands 44_ACT_06_06
laid their hands 44_ACT_13_03
laid their hands 44_ACT_05_18
laid their hands on 44_ACT_13_03
laid their hands on 44_ACT_04_35
laid them down 44_ACT_05_15
laid them on 44_ACT_20_03
laid wait for 44_ACT_23_30
laid wait for 44_ACT_27_39
land but they 44_ACT_07_11
land of Egypt 44_ACT_07_36
land of Egypt 44_ACT_07_40
land of Egypt 44_ACT_13_17
land of Egypt 44_ACT_07_11
land of Egypt and 44_ACT_07_36
land of Egypt and 44_ACT_13_17
land of Egypt and 44_ACT_07_04
land of the 44_ACT_10_39
land of the 44_ACT_07_03
land which I 44_ACT_07_03
land which I shall 44_ACT_24_14
law and in 44_ACT_24_14
law and in the 44_ACT_13_15
law and the 44_ACT_13_15
law and the prophets 44_ACT_23_29
law but to 44_ACT_07_53
law by the 44_ACT_22_12
law having a 44_ACT_13_39
law of Moses 44_ACT_15_05
law of Moses 44_ACT_28_23
law of Moses 44_ACT_28_23
law of Moses and 44_ACT_22_03
law of the 44_ACT_25_08
law of the 44_ACT_28_08
lay sick of 44_ACT_28_08
lay sick of a 44_ACT_08_18
laying on of 44_ACT_08_18
laying on of the 44_ACT_08_10
least to the 44_ACT_08_10
least to the greatest 44_ACT_02_27
leave my soul 44_ACT_02_27
leave my soul in 44_ACT_21_06
leave one of 44_ACT_22_11
led by the 44_ACT_21_03
left hand and 44_ACT_27_42
lest any of 44_ACT_05_26
lest they should 44_ACT_27_17
lest they should 44_ACT_28_27
lest they should 44_ACT_27_29
lest we should 44_ACT_02_36
let all the 44_ACT_01_20
let another take 44_ACT_09_25
let him down 44_ACT_03_13
let him go 44_ACT_24_23
let him have 44_ACT_28_18
let me go 44_ACT_01_20
Let no man 44_ACT_05_38
Let them alone 44_ACT_04_21
let them go 44_ACT_05_40
let them go 44_ACT_17_09
let them go 44_ACT_25_05
Let them therefore 44_ACT_15_36
let us go 44_ACT_15_36
let us go again 44_ACT_23_09
Let us not 44_ACT_16_36
let you go 44_ACT_22_05
letters unto the 44_ACT_23_21
lie in wait 44_ACT_23_21
lie in wait for 44_ACT_05_03
lie to the 44_ACT_27_12
lieth toward the 44_ACT_20_10
life is in 44_ACT_02_28
life thou shalt 44_ACT_09_41
lifted her up 44_ACT_09_41
lifted her up and 44_ACT_03_07
lifted him up 44_ACT_03_07
lifted him up and 44_ACT_02_14
lifted up his 44_ACT_02_14
lifted up his voice 44_ACT_04_24
lifted up their 44_ACT_14_11
lifted up their 44_ACT_22_22
lifted up their 44_ACT_04_24
lifted up their voice 44_ACT_14_11
lifted up their voices 44_ACT_22_22
lifted up their voices 44_ACT_09_03
light from heaven 44_ACT_26_13
light from heaven 44_ACT_13_47
light of the 44_ACT_13_47
light of the Gentiles 44_ACT_27_18
lightened the ship 44_ACT_27_38
lightened the ship 44_ACT_08_32
like a lamb 44_ACT_02_03
like as of 44_ACT_07_37
like unto me 44_ACT_03_22
like unto me him 44_ACT_07_37
like unto me him 44_ACT_14_11
likeness of men 44_ACT_25_24
live any longer 44_ACT_15_26
lives for the 44_ACT_27_24
lo God hath 44_ACT_03_12
look ye so 44_ACT_10_04
looked on him 44_ACT_23_21
looking for a promise 44_ACT_23_21
looking for a promise 44_ACT_02_25
LORD always before 44_ACT_04_26
LORD and against his 44_ACT_15_17
lord and all 44_ACT_15_17
LORD and all the 44_ACT_10_04
LORD and he 44_ACT_22_08
LORD and he 44_ACT_26_15
LORD and he 44_ACT_22_08
LORD and he said 44_ACT_26_15
LORD and he said 44_ACT_09_31
LORD and in 44_ACT_09_31
LORD and in the 44_ACT_21_20
LORD and said 44_ACT_15_36
LORD and see 44_ACT_09_05
LORD and the 44_ACT_22_10
LORD and the 44_ACT_09_05
LORD and the LORD 44_ACT_22_10
LORD and the LORD 44_ACT_16_32
LORD and to 44_ACT_05_09
LORD behold the 44_ACT_07_31
LORD came unto 44_ACT_07_31
LORD came unto him 44_ACT_12_07
LORD came upon 44_ACT_12_07
LORD came upon him 44_ACT_13_47
LORD commanded us 44_ACT_10_14
LORD for I 44_ACT_10_14
LORD for I have 44_ACT_16_10
LORD had called 44_ACT_12_11
LORD hath sent 44_ACT_11_16
lord how that 44_ACT_09_13
LORD I have 44_ACT_09_13
LORD I have heard 44_ACT_07_30
LORD in a 44_ACT_09_27
LORD in the 44_ACT_13_11
LORD is upon 44_ACT_04_33
Lord Jesus and 44_ACT_09_29
Lord Jesus and 44_ACT_11_17
Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_15_11
Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_16_31
Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_20_21
Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_28_31
Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_16_31
Lord Jesus Christ and 44_ACT_28_31
Lord Jesus Christ with 44_ACT_20_24
Lord Jesus to 44_ACT_10_36
lord of all 44_ACT_17_24
Lord of heaven 44_ACT_17_24
Lord of heaven and 44_ACT_02_39
LORD our God 44_ACT_02_39
LORD our God shall 44_ACT_09_05
LORD said I 44_ACT_02_34
LORD said unto 44_ACT_09_06
LORD said unto 44_ACT_09_11
LORD said unto 44_ACT_09_15
LORD said unto 44_ACT_22_10
LORD said unto 44_ACT_09_06
LORD said unto him 44_ACT_09_11
LORD said unto him 44_ACT_09_15
LORD said unto him 44_ACT_09_15
LORD said unto him 44_ACT_22_10
LORD said unto me 44_ACT_02_34
LORD said unto my 44_ACT_02_21
LORD shall be 44_ACT_02_21
Lord shall be saved 44_ACT_02_34
Lord Sit thou 44_ACT_02_34
Lord Sit thou on 44_ACT_12_23
LORD smote him 44_ACT_08_26
LORD spake unto 44_ACT_04_24
lord thou art 44_ACT_04_24
LORD thou art God 44_ACT_11_21
LORD was with 44_ACT_11_21
LORD was with them 44_ACT_09_06
LORD what wilt 44_ACT_09_06
LORD what wilt thou 44_ACT_01_06
Lord wilt thou 44_ACT_18_08
LORD with all 44_ACT_20_19
LORD with all 44_ACT_18_08
LORD with all his 44_ACT_03_22
LORD your God 44_ACT_07_37
LORD your God 44_ACT_03_22
Lord your God raise 44_ACT_07_37
Lord your God raise 44_ACT_01_26
lot fell upon 44_ACT_01_26
lots and the 44_ACT_01_26
lots and the lot 44_ACT_07_57
loud voice and 44_ACT_16_28
loud voice saying 44_ACT_20_19
lying in wait 44_ACT_23_16
lying in wait 44_ACT_19_21
Macedonia and Achaia 44_ACT_19_21
Macedonia and Achaia to 44_ACT_07_41
made a calf 44_ACT_07_41
made a calf in 44_ACT_21_40
made a great 44_ACT_07_50
made all these things 44_ACT_04_24
made heaven and 44_ACT_14_15
made heaven and 44_ACT_04_24
made heaven and earth 44_ACT_14_15
made heaven and earth 44_ACT_18_12
made insurrection with 44_ACT_07_13
made known to 44_ACT_07_13
made known unto 44_ACT_17_24
made the world 44_ACT_07_27
made thee a 44_ACT_07_35
made thee a 44_ACT_07_27
made thee a ruler 44_ACT_07_35
made thee a ruler 44_ACT_03_12
made this man 44_ACT_03_16
made this man 44_ACT_13_32
made unto the 44_ACT_13_32
made unto the fathers 44_ACT_07_48
made with hands 44_ACT_19_26
made with hands 44_ACT_03_25
made with our 44_ACT_03_25
made with our fathers 44_ACT_22_18
make haste and 44_ACT_26_16
make thee a 44_ACT_04_35
man according as 44_ACT_04_35
man according as he 44_ACT_11_29
man according to 44_ACT_22_12
man according to 44_ACT_11_29
man according to his 44_ACT_22_12
man according to the 44_ACT_11_24
man and full 44_ACT_11_24
man and full of 44_ACT_10_02
man and one 44_ACT_10_22
man and one 44_ACT_10_02
man and one that 44_ACT_10_22
man and one that 44_ACT_25_05
man if there 44_ACT_25_05
man if there be 44_ACT_02_08
man in our 44_ACT_04_17
man in this 44_ACT_19_16
man in whom 44_ACT_22_26
man is a 44_ACT_28_04
man is a 44_ACT_08_10
man is the 44_ACT_19_35
man is there 44_ACT_19_35
man is there that 44_ACT_25_14
man left in 44_ACT_05_01
man named Ananias 44_ACT_09_12
man named Ananias 44_ACT_13_21
man of the 44_ACT_28_07
man of the 44_ACT_05_37
man rose up 44_ACT_10_28
man that is 44_ACT_22_25
man that is 44_ACT_10_28
man that is a 44_ACT_22_25
man that is a 44_ACT_23_22
man that thou 44_ACT_25_17
man to be 44_ACT_23_17
man unto the 44_ACT_21_39
man which am 44_ACT_22_03
man which am 44_ACT_21_39
man which am a 44_ACT_22_03
man which am a 44_ACT_03_11
man which was 44_ACT_04_14
man which was 44_ACT_03_11
man which was healed 44_ACT_04_14
man which was healed 44_ACT_17_31
man whom he 44_ACT_26_04
manner of life 44_ACT_22_03
manner of the 44_ACT_25_16
manner of the 44_ACT_10_45
many as came 44_ACT_03_24
many as have 44_ACT_05_36
many as obeyed 44_ACT_05_37
many as obeyed 44_ACT_05_36
many as obeyed him 44_ACT_05_37
many as obeyed him 44_ACT_04_34
many as were 44_ACT_13_48
many as were 44_ACT_04_06
many as were of 44_ACT_09_42
many believed in 44_ACT_09_43
many days in 44_ACT_13_43
many of the 44_ACT_18_08
many of the 44_ACT_26_10
many of the 44_ACT_13_43
many of the Jews 44_ACT_04_04
many of them 44_ACT_17_12
many of them 44_ACT_19_19
many of them 44_ACT_08_07
many that were 44_ACT_10_27
many that were 44_ACT_08_07
many that were possessed 44_ACT_21_20
many thousands of 44_ACT_12_12
many were gathered 44_ACT_12_12
many were gathered together 44_ACT_01_14
Mary the mother 44_ACT_12_12
Mary the mother 44_ACT_01_14
Mary the mother of 44_ACT_12_12
Mary the mother of 44_ACT_04_30
may be done 44_ACT_19_40
may give an 44_ACT_21_24
may know that 44_ACT_08_19
may receive the 44_ACT_08_31
me And he 44_ACT_27_21
me and not 44_ACT_07_28
me as thou 44_ACT_20_19
me by the 44_ACT_26_05
me from the 44_ACT_26_05
me from the beginning 44_ACT_03_22
me him shall 44_ACT_07_37
me him shall 44_ACT_03_22
me him shall ye 44_ACT_07_37
me him shall ye 44_ACT_22_08
me I am 44_ACT_23_11
me in Jerusalem 44_ACT_24_12
me in the 44_ACT_26_21
me in the 44_ACT_24_12
me in the temple 44_ACT_26_21
me in the temple 44_ACT_07_07
me in this 44_ACT_07_07
me in this place 44_ACT_26_14
me it is 44_ACT_22_18
me make haste 44_ACT_25_11
me no man 44_ACT_12_11
me out of 44_ACT_12_11
me out of 44_ACT_12_11
me out of the 44_ACT_07_49
me saith the 44_ACT_07_49
me saith the LORD 44_ACT_10_28
me that I 44_ACT_10_28
me that I should 44_ACT_09_17
me that thou 44_ACT_02_28
me the ways 44_ACT_02_28
me the ways of 44_ACT_26_29
me this day 44_ACT_27_23
me this night 44_ACT_08_36
me to be 44_ACT_16_15
me to be 44_ACT_23_03
me to be 44_ACT_26_28
me to be 44_ACT_23_18
me to bring 44_ACT_09_06
me to do 44_ACT_21_39
me to speak 44_ACT_21_39
me to speak unto 44_ACT_24_20
me while I 44_ACT_26_20
meet for repentance 44_ACT_01_16
Men and brethren 44_ACT_02_29
Men and brethren 44_ACT_13_15
Men and brethren 44_ACT_13_26
Men and brethren 44_ACT_13_38
Men and brethren 44_ACT_15_07
Men and brethren 44_ACT_15_13
Men and brethren 44_ACT_23_01
Men and brethren 44_ACT_23_06
Men and brethren 44_ACT_28_17
Men and brethren 44_ACT_23_01
Men and brethren I 44_ACT_23_06
Men and brethren I 44_ACT_05_38
men and let 44_ACT_05_38
men and let them 44_ACT_21_26
men and the 44_ACT_19_19
men and they 44_ACT_05_14
men and women 44_ACT_08_03
men and women 44_ACT_08_12
men and women 44_ACT_22_04
men and women 44_ACT_07_02
Men brethren and 44_ACT_22_01
Men brethren and 44_ACT_07_02
Men brethren and fathers 44_ACT_22_01
Men brethren and fathers 44_ACT_05_04
men but unto 44_ACT_05_04
men but unto God 44_ACT_17_30
men every where 44_ACT_21_28
men every where 44_ACT_04_16
men for that 44_ACT_02_22
men of Israel 44_ACT_03_12
men of Israel 44_ACT_05_35
men of Israel 44_ACT_13_16
men of Israel 44_ACT_21_28
men of Israel 44_ACT_13_16
men of Israel and 44_ACT_13_50
men of the 44_ACT_25_23
men of the 44_ACT_13_50
men of the city 44_ACT_25_23
men of the city 44_ACT_15_22
men of their 44_ACT_02_05
men out of 44_ACT_02_17
men shall dream 44_ACT_02_17
men shall dream dreams 44_ACT_02_17
men shall see 44_ACT_02_17
men shall see visions 44_ACT_01_10
men stood by 44_ACT_01_10
men stood by them 44_ACT_15_26
men that have 44_ACT_21_38
men that were 44_ACT_10_05
men to Joppa 44_ACT_11_13
men to Joppa 44_ACT_10_05
men to Joppa and 44_ACT_11_13
men to Joppa and 44_ACT_19_37
men which are 44_ACT_25_24
men which are 44_ACT_01_21
men which have 44_ACT_23_21
men which have 44_ACT_10_17
men which were 44_ACT_10_21
men which were 44_ACT_10_17
men which were sent 44_ACT_10_21
men which were sent 44_ACT_10_25
met him and 44_ACT_01_15
midst of the 44_ACT_27_21
midst of them 44_ACT_27_21
midst of them and 44_ACT_09_02
might bring them 44_ACT_09_21
might bring them 44_ACT_09_02
might bring them bound 44_ACT_09_21
might bring them bound 44_ACT_01_25
might go to 44_ACT_26_32
might have been 44_ACT_08_15
might receive the 44_ACT_20_19
mind and with 44_ACT_11_06
mine eyes I 44_ACT_21_13
mine heart for 44_ACT_21_13
mine heart for I 44_ACT_26_04
mine own nation 44_ACT_13_02
ministered to the 44_ACT_19_22
ministered unto him 44_ACT_06_04
ministry of the 44_ACT_02_22
miracles and wonders 44_ACT_15_12
miracles and wonders 44_ACT_07_16
money of the 44_ACT_02_20
moon into blood 44_ACT_02_20
moon into blood before 44_ACT_23_13
more than forty 44_ACT_23_21
more than forty 44_ACT_25_06
more than ten 44_ACT_10_24
morrow after they 44_ACT_06_11
Moses and against 44_ACT_16_17
most high God 44_ACT_16_17
most high God which 44_ACT_10_34
mouth and said 44_ACT_03_18
mouth of all 44_ACT_03_21
mouth of all 44_ACT_03_21
mouth of all his 44_ACT_04_25
mouth of thy 44_ACT_07_09
moved with envy 44_ACT_17_05
moved with envy 44_ACT_07_05
much as to 44_ACT_18_10
much people in 44_ACT_06_02
multitude of the 44_ACT_14_04
multitude of the 44_ACT_21_36
multitude of the 44_ACT_25_24
multitude of the 44_ACT_06_02
multitude of the disciples 44_ACT_01_16
must needs have 44_ACT_17_03
must needs have 44_ACT_02_25
my face for 44_ACT_02_26
my flesh shall 44_ACT_10_30
my house and 44_ACT_16_15
my house and 44_ACT_22_06
my journey and 44_ACT_02_34
my Lord Sit 44_ACT_02_34
my Lord Sit thou 44_ACT_15_17
my name is 44_ACT_09_16
my name's sake 44_ACT_02_25
my right hand 44_ACT_02_34
my right hand 44_ACT_13_33
my Son this 44_ACT_13_33
my Son this day 44_ACT_02_27
my soul in 44_ACT_02_27
my soul in hell 44_ACT_02_18
my spirit and 44_ACT_02_17
my spirit upon 44_ACT_02_17
my spirit upon all 44_ACT_10_26
myself also am 44_ACT_26_09
myself that I 44_ACT_24_16
myself to have 44_ACT_02_38
name of Jesus 44_ACT_03_06
name of Jesus 44_ACT_04_18
name of Jesus 44_ACT_05_40
name of Jesus 44_ACT_08_12
name of Jesus 44_ACT_09_27
name of Jesus 44_ACT_16_18
name of Jesus 44_ACT_26_09
name of Jesus 44_ACT_02_38
name of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_03_06
name of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_08_12
name of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_16_18
name of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_15_26
name of our 44_ACT_15_26
name of our Lord 44_ACT_02_21
name of the 44_ACT_08_16
name of the 44_ACT_09_29
name of the 44_ACT_10_48
name of the 44_ACT_19_05
name of the 44_ACT_19_13
name of the 44_ACT_19_17
name of the 44_ACT_21_13
name of the 44_ACT_22_16
name of the 44_ACT_02_21
name of the LORD 44_ACT_08_16
name of the LORD 44_ACT_09_29
name of the LORD 44_ACT_10_48
name of the LORD 44_ACT_19_05
name of the LORD 44_ACT_19_13
name of the LORD 44_ACT_19_17
name of the LORD 44_ACT_21_13
name of the LORD 44_ACT_22_16
name of the LORD 44_ACT_07_58
name was Saul 44_ACT_24_02
nation by thy providence 44_ACT_24_02
nation by thy providence 44_ACT_10_22
nation of the 44_ACT_13_46
necessary that the 44_ACT_15_10
neck of the 44_ACT_25_08
neither against the 44_ACT_25_08
neither against the 44_ACT_28_21
neither any of 44_ACT_09_09
neither did eat 44_ACT_23_12
neither eat nor 44_ACT_23_12
neither eat nor drink 44_ACT_24_12
neither in the 44_ACT_04_12
neither is there 44_ACT_04_34
neither was there 44_ACT_04_34
neither was there any 44_ACT_02_27
neither wilt thou 44_ACT_02_27
neither wilt thou suffer 44_ACT_07_26
next day he 44_ACT_14_20
next day he 44_ACT_16_11
next day to 44_ACT_28_13
next day to 44_ACT_20_15
next day we 44_ACT_21_08
next day we 44_ACT_10_09
nigh unto the 44_ACT_10_09
nigh unto the city 44_ACT_20_31
night and day 44_ACT_09_25
night and let 44_ACT_18_09
night by a 44_ACT_13_28
no cause of 44_ACT_13_28
no cause of death 44_ACT_15_09
no difference between 44_ACT_28_04
No doubt this 44_ACT_09_08
no man but 44_ACT_18_10
no man shall 44_ACT_23_22
No man that 44_ACT_08_39
no more And 44_ACT_20_38
no more And 44_ACT_20_38
no more and they 44_ACT_13_34
no more to 44_ACT_12_18
no small stir 44_ACT_19_23
no small stir 44_ACT_21_25
no such thing 44_ACT_07_05
none inheritance in 44_ACT_24_23
none of his 44_ACT_08_16
none of them 44_ACT_20_24
none of these 44_ACT_25_11
none of these 44_ACT_26_26
none of these 44_ACT_08_24
none of these things 44_ACT_25_11
none of these things 44_ACT_26_26
none of these things 44_ACT_18_17
none of those 44_ACT_18_17
none of those things 44_ACT_26_22
none other things 44_ACT_23_12
nor drink till 44_ACT_23_21
nor drink till 44_ACT_23_12
nor drink till they 44_ACT_23_21
nor drink till they 44_ACT_24_12
nor in the 44_ACT_13_27
nor yet the 44_ACT_17_12
not a few 44_ACT_20_12
not a little 44_ACT_06_10
not able to 44_ACT_02_25
not be moved 44_ACT_23_05
not brethren that 44_ACT_13_10
not cease to 44_ACT_13_10
not cease to pervert 44_ACT_13_10
not cease to pervert 44_ACT_09_38
not delay to 44_ACT_01_04
not depart from 44_ACT_26_26
not done in 44_ACT_17_27
not far from 44_ACT_01_07
not for you 44_ACT_01_07
not for you to 44_ACT_21_04
not go up 44_ACT_15_38
not good to 44_ACT_08_32
not his mouth 44_ACT_07_48
not in temples 44_ACT_17_24
not in temples 44_ACT_07_48
not in temples made 44_ACT_17_24
not in temples made 44_ACT_05_22
not in the 44_ACT_21_34
not know the 44_ACT_20_22
not knowing the 44_ACT_05_07
not knowing what 44_ACT_16_21
not lawful for 44_ACT_16_21
not lawful for us 44_ACT_02_27
not leave my 44_ACT_02_27
not leave my soul 44_ACT_12_22
not of a 44_ACT_19_27
not only this 44_ACT_02_24
not possible that 44_ACT_22_11
not see for 44_ACT_13_11
not seeing the 44_ACT_10_14
Not so Lord 44_ACT_11_08
Not so Lord 44_ACT_10_14
Not so Lord for 44_ACT_11_08
Not so Lord for 44_ACT_07_05
not so much 44_ACT_19_02
not so much 44_ACT_07_05
not so much as 44_ACT_19_02
not so much as 44_ACT_05_40
not speak in 44_ACT_05_40
not speak in the 44_ACT_09_26
not that he 44_ACT_09_26
not that he was 44_ACT_28_19
not that I 44_ACT_12_09
not that it 44_ACT_12_09
not that it was 44_ACT_25_16
not the manner 44_ACT_22_09
not the voice 44_ACT_22_09
not the voice of 44_ACT_05_04
not thine own 44_ACT_09_21
not this he that 44_ACT_10_15
not thou common 44_ACT_11_09
not thou common 44_ACT_18_09
not thy peace 44_ACT_21_13
not to be 44_ACT_25_24
not to live 44_ACT_28_04
not to live 44_ACT_04_18
not to speak 44_ACT_17_29
not to think 44_ACT_28_26
not understand and 44_ACT_28_26
not understand and seeing 44_ACT_07_40
not what is 44_ACT_15_38
not with them 44_ACT_15_38
not with them to 44_ACT_13_25
not worthy to 44_ACT_07_52
not your fathers 44_ACT_28_17
nothing against the 44_ACT_17_21
nothing else but 44_ACT_25_25
nothing worthy of 44_ACT_25_25
nothing worthy of death 44_ACT_07_20
nourished up in 44_ACT_23_21
now are they 44_ACT_12_18
Now as soon 44_ACT_12_18
Now as soon as 44_ACT_20_22
now behold I 44_ACT_20_25
now behold I 44_ACT_20_22
now behold I go 44_ACT_20_25
now behold I know 44_ACT_13_11
now behold the 44_ACT_03_17
now brethren I 44_ACT_20_32
now brethren I 44_ACT_07_34
now come I 44_ACT_12_11
now I know 44_ACT_05_38
now I say 44_ACT_09_36
now there was 44_ACT_13_01
Now there were 44_ACT_15_10
Now therefore why 44_ACT_23_15
Now therefore ye 44_ACT_05_24
Now when the 44_ACT_08_14
Now when the 44_ACT_13_43
Now when the 44_ACT_04_13
Now when they 44_ACT_16_06
Now when they 44_ACT_17_01
Now when they 44_ACT_16_06
Now when they had 44_ACT_17_01
Now when they had 44_ACT_02_06
Now when this 44_ACT_01_15
number of names 44_ACT_04_04
number of the 44_ACT_06_01
number of the 44_ACT_06_07
number of the 44_ACT_06_01
number of the disciples 44_ACT_06_07
number of the disciples 44_ACT_04_04
number of the men 44_ACT_25_26
O king Agrippa 44_ACT_26_19
O king Agrippa 44_ACT_26_13
O king I 44_ACT_07_42
O ye house 44_ACT_07_42
O ye house of 44_ACT_05_36
obeyed him were 44_ACT_05_37
obeyed him were 44_ACT_28_08
of a fever and 44_ACT_12_22
of a man 44_ACT_12_11
of a surety 44_ACT_12_11
of a surety that 44_ACT_04_27
Of a truth 44_ACT_10_34
Of a truth 44_ACT_03_13
of Abraham And 44_ACT_07_32
of Abraham And 44_ACT_13_26
of Abraham And 44_ACT_07_32
of Abraham and the 44_ACT_08_27
of all her 44_ACT_03_18
of all his 44_ACT_03_18
of all his 44_ACT_07_10
of all his 44_ACT_01_24
of all men 44_ACT_20_26
of all men 44_ACT_01_01
of all that 44_ACT_22_12
of all the 44_ACT_22_12
of all the Jews 44_ACT_24_08
of all these 44_ACT_24_08
of all these things 44_ACT_03_21
of all things 44_ACT_10_39
of all things 44_ACT_22_10
of all things 44_ACT_03_21
of all things which 44_ACT_22_10
of all things which 44_ACT_01_13
of Alphaeus and 44_ACT_01_13
of Alphaeus and Simon 44_ACT_07_53
of angels and 44_ACT_07_53
of angels and have 44_ACT_10_28
of another nation 44_ACT_27_22
of any man's 44_ACT_27_34
of any of 44_ACT_27_34
of any of you 44_ACT_13_21
of Benjamin by the 44_ACT_02_42
of bread and 44_ACT_02_31
of Christ that 44_ACT_06_09
of Cilicia and 44_ACT_27_05
of Cilicia and 44_ACT_26_20
of Damascus and 44_ACT_15_16
of David which 44_ACT_15_16
of David which is 44_ACT_25_25
of death and 44_ACT_13_28
of death in 44_ACT_13_28
of death in him 44_ACT_23_29
of death or 44_ACT_26_31
of death or 44_ACT_23_29
of death or of 44_ACT_26_31
of death or of 44_ACT_07_10
of Egypt and 44_ACT_07_11
of Egypt and 44_ACT_07_36
of Egypt and 44_ACT_13_17
of Egypt and 44_ACT_13_17
of Egypt and with 44_ACT_13_15
of exhortation for 44_ACT_06_05
of faith and 44_ACT_06_08
of faith and 44_ACT_06_05
of faith and of 44_ACT_02_03
of fire and 44_ACT_02_03
of fire and it 44_ACT_07_30
of fire in a 44_ACT_07_42
of forty years 44_ACT_13_21
of forty years 44_ACT_16_06
of Galatia and 44_ACT_18_23
of Galatia and 44_ACT_02_22
of God among 44_ACT_18_11
of God among 44_ACT_06_02
of God and 44_ACT_07_55
of God and 44_ACT_08_12
of God and 44_ACT_19_20
of God and 44_ACT_28_31
of God and 44_ACT_06_02
of God and serve 44_ACT_08_12
of God and the 44_ACT_10_41
of God even 44_ACT_14_26
of God For 44_ACT_26_22
of God I 44_ACT_13_05
of God in 44_ACT_13_05
of God in the 44_ACT_28_28
of God is 44_ACT_08_20
of God may 44_ACT_08_20
of God may be 44_ACT_18_26
of God more 44_ACT_20_25
of God Shall 44_ACT_13_46
of God should 44_ACT_04_19
of God to 44_ACT_10_42
of God to 44_ACT_10_42
of God to be 44_ACT_26_06
of God unto 44_ACT_11_23
of God was 44_ACT_17_13
of God was 44_ACT_17_29
of God we 44_ACT_20_28
of God which 44_ACT_20_28
of God which he 44_ACT_27_23
of God whose 44_ACT_04_31
of God with 44_ACT_02_23
of God ye 44_ACT_23_11
of good cheer 44_ACT_27_22
of good cheer 44_ACT_27_25
of good cheer 44_ACT_27_36
of good cheer 44_ACT_27_22
of good cheer for 44_ACT_27_25
of good cheer for 44_ACT_10_22
of good report 44_ACT_09_36
of good works 44_ACT_28_27
of hearing and 44_ACT_28_27
of hearing and their 44_ACT_17_24
of heaven and 44_ACT_17_24
of heaven and earth 44_ACT_16_18
of her And 44_ACT_09_26
of him and 44_ACT_01_06
of him saying 44_ACT_22_09
of him that 44_ACT_13_29
of him they 44_ACT_13_25
of his feet 44_ACT_14_03
of his grace 44_ACT_20_32
of his grace 44_ACT_10_07
of his household 44_ACT_02_30
of his loins 44_ACT_22_14
of his mouth 44_ACT_12_10
of his own 44_ACT_12_10
of his own accord 44_ACT_01_22
of his resurrection 44_ACT_16_27
of his sleep 44_ACT_16_27
of his sleep and 44_ACT_01_18
of iniquity and 44_ACT_03_13
of Isaac and 44_ACT_07_32
of Isaac and 44_ACT_03_13
of Isaac and of 44_ACT_07_32
of Isaac and the 44_ACT_07_37
of Israel a 44_ACT_05_21
of Israel and 44_ACT_13_16
of Israel and 44_ACT_13_16
of Israel and ye 44_ACT_13_17
of Israel chose 44_ACT_07_42
of Israel have 44_ACT_02_22
of Israel hear 44_ACT_28_20
of Israel I 44_ACT_28_20
of Israel I AM 44_ACT_05_35
of Israel Take 44_ACT_04_10
of Israel that 44_ACT_04_27
of Israel were 44_ACT_04_27
of Israel were gathered 44_ACT_03_12
of Israel why 44_ACT_14_06
of it and 44_ACT_17_05
of Jason and 44_ACT_17_09
of Jason and 44_ACT_22_18
of Jerusalem for 44_ACT_01_14
of Jesus and 44_ACT_05_40
of Jesus and 44_ACT_02_38
of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_03_06
of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_04_10
of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_08_12
of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_16_18
of Jesus Christ 44_ACT_02_38
of Jesus Christ for 44_ACT_03_06
of Jesus Christ of 44_ACT_04_10
of Jesus Christ of 44_ACT_16_18
of Jesus Christ to 44_ACT_02_14
of Judaea and 44_ACT_08_01
of Judaea and 44_ACT_26_20
of Judaea and 44_ACT_26_04
of life from 44_ACT_02_28
of life thou 44_ACT_02_28
of life thou shalt 44_ACT_16_09
of Macedonia and 44_ACT_16_12
of Macedonia and 44_ACT_08_07
of many that 44_ACT_23_11
of me in 44_ACT_05_14
of men and 44_ACT_05_14
of men and women 44_ACT_17_26
of men for 44_ACT_17_11
of mind and 44_ACT_20_19
of mind and 44_ACT_28_23
of Moses and 44_ACT_24_14
of my fathers 44_ACT_07_34
of my people 44_ACT_07_34
of my people which 44_ACT_07_49
of my rest 44_ACT_02_17
of my spirit 44_ACT_02_18
of my spirit 44_ACT_04_10
of Nazareth whom 44_ACT_22_08
of Nazareth whom 44_ACT_15_21
of old time 44_ACT_15_21
of old time hath 44_ACT_04_32
of one heart 44_ACT_03_13
of our fathers 44_ACT_05_30
of our fathers 44_ACT_07_45
of our fathers 44_ACT_22_14
of our fathers 44_ACT_28_17
of our fathers 44_ACT_03_13
of our fathers hath 44_ACT_22_14
of our fathers hath 44_ACT_24_07
of our hands 44_ACT_15_26
of our Lord 44_ACT_15_26
of our Lord Jesus 44_ACT_07_10
of Pharaoh king 44_ACT_07_10
of Pharaoh king of 44_ACT_16_14
of purple of 44_ACT_08_05
of Samaria and 44_ACT_09_24
of Saul and 44_ACT_09_24
of Saul and they 44_ACT_02_38
of sins and 44_ACT_08_34
of some other 44_ACT_28_03
of sticks and 44_ACT_25_18
of such things 44_ACT_25_18
of such things as 44_ACT_22_11
of that Light 44_ACT_21_12
of that place 44_ACT_19_09
of that way 44_ACT_24_22
of that way 44_ACT_11_06
of the air 44_ACT_07_35
of the angel which 44_ACT_02_37
of the apostles 44_ACT_05_12
of the apostles 44_ACT_16_04
of the apostles 44_ACT_15_04
of the apostles and 44_ACT_16_04
of the apostles and 44_ACT_10_01
of the band 44_ACT_28_21
of the brethren 44_ACT_17_04
of the chief 44_ACT_19_31
of the chief 44_ACT_28_07
of the chief 44_ACT_19_31
of the chief of 44_ACT_05_21
of the children 44_ACT_05_21
of the children of 44_ACT_08_03
of the church 44_ACT_11_22
of the church 44_ACT_12_05
of the church 44_ACT_15_04
of the church 44_ACT_20_17
of the church 44_ACT_15_04
of the church and 44_ACT_11_22
of the church which 44_ACT_10_45
of the circumcision 44_ACT_05_16
of the cities 44_ACT_07_58
of the city 44_ACT_13_50
of the city 44_ACT_14_04
of the city 44_ACT_14_19
of the city 44_ACT_16_13
of the city 44_ACT_16_14
of the city 44_ACT_16_39
of the city 44_ACT_17_06
of the city 44_ACT_17_08
of the city 44_ACT_21_05
of the city 44_ACT_25_23
of the city 44_ACT_07_58
of the city and 44_ACT_13_50
of the city and 44_ACT_21_05
of the city and 44_ACT_25_23
of the city at 44_ACT_16_14
of the city of 44_ACT_14_04
of the city was 44_ACT_28_02
of the cold 44_ACT_07_52
of the coming 44_ACT_07_52
of the coming of 44_ACT_04_11
of the corner 44_ACT_04_15
of the council 44_ACT_04_36
of the country 44_ACT_13_07
of the country 44_ACT_04_36
of the country of 44_ACT_03_25
of the covenant 44_ACT_03_25
of the covenant which 44_ACT_02_15
of the day 44_ACT_10_03
of the day 44_ACT_21_26
of the days 44_ACT_21_26
of the days of 44_ACT_17_32
of the dead 44_ACT_23_06
of the dead 44_ACT_24_15
of the dead 44_ACT_24_21
of the dead 44_ACT_23_06
of the dead I 44_ACT_24_21
of the dead I 44_ACT_10_38
of the devil 44_ACT_13_10
of the devil 44_ACT_10_38
of the devil for 44_ACT_06_01
of the disciples 44_ACT_06_02
of the disciples 44_ACT_06_07
of the disciples 44_ACT_14_22
of the disciples 44_ACT_15_10
of the disciples 44_ACT_21_16
of the disciples 44_ACT_01_15
of the disciples and 44_ACT_14_22
of the disciples and 44_ACT_01_08
of the earth 44_ACT_03_25
of the earth 44_ACT_04_26
of the earth 44_ACT_10_12
of the earth 44_ACT_11_06
of the earth 44_ACT_13_47
of the earth 44_ACT_17_26
of the earth 44_ACT_10_12
of the earth and 44_ACT_11_06
of the earth and 44_ACT_17_26
of the earth and 44_ACT_03_25
of the earth be 44_ACT_07_22
of the Egyptians 44_ACT_07_22
of the Egyptians and 44_ACT_22_05
of the elders 44_ACT_19_28
of the Ephesians 44_ACT_19_34
of the Ephesians 44_ACT_08_27
of the Ethiopians 44_ACT_01_04
of the father 44_ACT_02_33
of the father 44_ACT_01_04
of the Father which 44_ACT_22_03
of the fathers 44_ACT_22_03
of the fathers and 44_ACT_02_30
of the fruit 44_ACT_02_30
of the fruit of 44_ACT_12_13
of the gate 44_ACT_07_45
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_13_47
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_14_05
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_15_03
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_15_23
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_21_11
of the Gentiles 44_ACT_14_05
of the Gentiles and 44_ACT_15_03
of the Gentiles and 44_ACT_15_23
of the Gentiles in 44_ACT_13_47
of the Gentiles that 44_ACT_04_09
of the good 44_ACT_15_07
of the gospel 44_ACT_20_24
of the grace 44_ACT_20_24
of the grace of 44_ACT_19_27
of the great 44_ACT_19_35
of the great 44_ACT_19_27
of the great goddess 44_ACT_19_35
of the great goddess 44_ACT_28_16
of the guard 44_ACT_12_11
of the hand 44_ACT_12_11
of the hand of 44_ACT_04_06
of the high 44_ACT_04_06
of the high priest 44_ACT_02_33
of the holy 44_ACT_02_38
of the holy 44_ACT_06_03
of the holy 44_ACT_06_05
of the holy 44_ACT_07_55
of the holy 44_ACT_09_31
of the holy 44_ACT_10_45
of the holy 44_ACT_11_24
of the holy 44_ACT_16_06
of the holy 44_ACT_02_33
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_02_38
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_06_03
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_06_05
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_07_55
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_09_31
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_10_45
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_11_24
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_16_06
of the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_23_06
of the hope 44_ACT_19_35
of the image 44_ACT_19_35
of the image which 44_ACT_28_07
of the island 44_ACT_10_22
of the Jews 44_ACT_10_39
of the Jews 44_ACT_12_11
of the Jews 44_ACT_13_05
of the Jews 44_ACT_13_43
of the Jews 44_ACT_14_01
of the Jews 44_ACT_14_05
of the Jews 44_ACT_16_03
of the Jews 44_ACT_17_01
of the Jews 44_ACT_17_10
of the Jews 44_ACT_20_19
of the Jews 44_ACT_22_30
of the Jews 44_ACT_23_12
of the Jews 44_ACT_23_27
of the Jews 44_ACT_25_02
of the Jews 44_ACT_25_08
of the Jews 44_ACT_25_15
of the Jews 44_ACT_25_24
of the Jews 44_ACT_26_02
of the Jews 44_ACT_26_07
of the Jews 44_ACT_28_17
of the Jews 44_ACT_10_39
of the Jews and 44_ACT_13_05
of the Jews and 44_ACT_13_43
of the Jews and 44_ACT_14_01
of the Jews and 44_ACT_14_01
of the Jews and 44_ACT_23_27
of the Jews and 44_ACT_25_02
of the Jews informed 44_ACT_25_15
of the Jews informed 44_ACT_10_22
of the Jews was 44_ACT_16_03
of the Jews which 44_ACT_07_52
of the just 44_ACT_24_15
of the just 44_ACT_05_03
of the land 44_ACT_07_04
of the land 44_ACT_07_40
of the land 44_ACT_07_04
of the land of 44_ACT_07_40
of the land of 44_ACT_05_34
of the law 44_ACT_13_15
of the law 44_ACT_21_20
of the law 44_ACT_22_03
of the law 44_ACT_28_23
of the law 44_ACT_22_03
of the law of 44_ACT_28_23
of the law of 44_ACT_02_20
of the LORD 44_ACT_02_21
of the LORD 44_ACT_03_19
of the LORD 44_ACT_04_33
of the LORD 44_ACT_05_09
of the LORD 44_ACT_05_19
of the LORD 44_ACT_07_30
of the LORD 44_ACT_07_31
of the LORD 44_ACT_08_16
of the LORD 44_ACT_08_25
of the LORD 44_ACT_08_26
of the LORD 44_ACT_08_39
of the LORD 44_ACT_09_01
of the LORD 44_ACT_09_29
of the LORD 44_ACT_09_31
of the LORD 44_ACT_10_48
of the LORD 44_ACT_11_16
of the LORD 44_ACT_11_21
of the LORD 44_ACT_12_07
of the LORD 44_ACT_12_23
of the LORD 44_ACT_13_10
of the LORD 44_ACT_13_11
of the LORD 44_ACT_13_12
of the LORD 44_ACT_13_48
of the LORD 44_ACT_13_49
of the LORD 44_ACT_15_11
of the LORD 44_ACT_15_35
of the LORD 44_ACT_15_36
of the LORD 44_ACT_16_32
of the LORD 44_ACT_18_25
of the LORD 44_ACT_19_05
of the LORD 44_ACT_19_10
of the LORD 44_ACT_19_13
of the LORD 44_ACT_19_17
of the LORD 44_ACT_20_24
of the LORD 44_ACT_20_35
of the LORD 44_ACT_21_13
of the LORD 44_ACT_21_14
of the LORD 44_ACT_22_16
of the LORD 44_ACT_09_31
of the LORD and 44_ACT_13_48
of the LORD and 44_ACT_15_36
of the LORD and 44_ACT_16_32
of the LORD and 44_ACT_18_25
of the LORD and 44_ACT_21_14
of the LORD be 44_ACT_05_19
of the LORD by 44_ACT_07_31
of the LORD came 44_ACT_12_07
of the LORD came 44_ACT_02_20
of the LORD come 44_ACT_11_16
of the LORD how 44_ACT_07_30
of the LORD in 44_ACT_13_11
of the LORD is 44_ACT_04_33
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_09_29
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_15_11
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_19_05
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_19_10
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_19_13
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_19_17
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_20_24
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_20_35
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_21_13
of the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_02_21
of the LORD shall 44_ACT_10_48
of the LORD then 44_ACT_11_21
of the LORD was 44_ACT_13_49
of the LORD was 44_ACT_09_01
of the LORD went 44_ACT_15_35
of the LORD with 44_ACT_04_04
of the men 44_ACT_16_17
of the most 44_ACT_16_17
of the most high 44_ACT_19_33
of the multitude 44_ACT_16_33
of the night 44_ACT_23_23
of the night 44_ACT_17_09
of the other 44_ACT_09_33
of the palsy 44_ACT_04_08
of the people 44_ACT_04_21
of the people 44_ACT_21_35
of the people 44_ACT_21_36
of the people 44_ACT_04_08
of the people and 44_ACT_21_36
of the people followed 44_ACT_04_21
of the people for 44_ACT_12_11
of the people of 44_ACT_15_05
of the Pharisees 44_ACT_05_02
of the price 44_ACT_05_03
of the price 44_ACT_06_07
of the priests 44_ACT_19_14
of the priests 44_ACT_19_14
of the priests which 44_ACT_12_17
of the prison 44_ACT_16_26
of the prison 44_ACT_16_27
of the prison 44_ACT_16_36
of the prison 44_ACT_16_40
of the prison 44_ACT_12_17
of the prison and 44_ACT_16_40
of the prison and 44_ACT_07_17
of the promise 44_ACT_26_06
of the promise 44_ACT_03_25
of the prophets 44_ACT_07_42
of the prophets 44_ACT_07_52
of the prophets 44_ACT_13_27
of the prophets 44_ACT_15_15
of the prophets 44_ACT_28_23
of the prophets 44_ACT_03_25
of the prophets and 44_ACT_05_13
of the rest 44_ACT_02_31
of the resurrection 44_ACT_17_32
of the resurrection 44_ACT_02_31
of the resurrection of 44_ACT_04_33
of the resurrection of 44_ACT_25_16
of the Romans 44_ACT_28_17
of the Romans 44_ACT_23_05
of the ruler of 44_ACT_05_17
of the Sadducees 44_ACT_26_10
of the saints 44_ACT_08_25
of the Samaritans 44_ACT_18_03
of the same 44_ACT_08_32
of the scripture 44_ACT_17_02
of the scriptures 44_ACT_15_05
of the sect 44_ACT_24_05
of the sect 44_ACT_15_05
of the sect of 44_ACT_24_05
of the sect of 44_ACT_21_08
of the seven 44_ACT_21_08
of the seven and 44_ACT_27_11
of the ship 44_ACT_27_19
of the ship 44_ACT_27_22
of the ship 44_ACT_27_30
of the ship 44_ACT_27_44
of the ship 44_ACT_21_35
of the soldiers 44_ACT_07_16
of the sons 44_ACT_07_16
of the sons of 44_ACT_13_26
of the stock 44_ACT_13_26
of the stock of 44_ACT_26_13
of the sun 44_ACT_06_09
of the synagogue 44_ACT_13_15
of the synagogue 44_ACT_13_42
of the synagogue 44_ACT_18_08
of the synagogue 44_ACT_18_17
of the synagogue 44_ACT_18_17
of the synagogue and 44_ACT_03_02
of the temple 44_ACT_03_10
of the temple 44_ACT_04_01
of the temple 44_ACT_05_24
of the temple 44_ACT_21_30
of the temple 44_ACT_03_10
of the temple and 44_ACT_04_01
of the temple and 44_ACT_05_24
of the temple and 44_ACT_21_30
of the temple and 44_ACT_20_04
of the Thessalonians 44_ACT_01_03
of the things 44_ACT_04_32
of the things 44_ACT_04_34
of the things 44_ACT_04_34
of the things that 44_ACT_04_32
of the things which 44_ACT_13_21
of the tribe 44_ACT_13_21
of the tribe of 44_ACT_08_39
of the water 44_ACT_27_41
of the waves 44_ACT_20_07
of the week 44_ACT_20_07
of the week when 44_ACT_06_04
of the word 44_ACT_15_18
of the world 44_ACT_21_21
of thee that 44_ACT_13_50
of their coasts 44_ACT_13_51
of their feet 44_ACT_17_26
of their habitation 44_ACT_07_41
of their own 44_ACT_15_22
of their own 44_ACT_25_19
of their own 44_ACT_07_41
of their own hands 44_ACT_01_09
of their sight 44_ACT_15_14
of them a 44_ACT_27_35
of them all 44_ACT_19_19
of them and 44_ACT_27_21
of them and 44_ACT_17_04
of them believed 44_ACT_17_12
of them believed 44_ACT_01_03
of them forty 44_ACT_11_28
of them named 44_ACT_06_09
of them of 44_ACT_27_42
of them should 44_ACT_07_24
of them suffer 44_ACT_03_02
of them that 44_ACT_04_13
of them that 44_ACT_04_32
of them that 44_ACT_10_07
of them that 44_ACT_19_22
of them that 44_ACT_22_11
of them that 44_ACT_22_20
of them that 44_ACT_04_13
of them that they 44_ACT_22_11
of them that were 44_ACT_11_20
of them were 44_ACT_04_04
of them which 44_ACT_05_09
of them which 44_ACT_13_31
of them which 44_ACT_13_31
of them which came 44_ACT_05_09
of them which have 44_ACT_01_21
of these men 44_ACT_05_32
of these things 44_ACT_08_24
of these things 44_ACT_11_22
of these things 44_ACT_20_24
of these things 44_ACT_25_09
of these things 44_ACT_25_11
of these things 44_ACT_26_16
of these things 44_ACT_26_26
of these things 44_ACT_25_09
of these things before 44_ACT_26_26
of these things before 44_ACT_08_24
of these things which 44_ACT_08_22
of thine heart 44_ACT_13_23
of this man's 44_ACT_17_32
of this matter 44_ACT_01_17
of this ministry 44_ACT_01_25
of this ministry 44_ACT_13_17
of this people 44_ACT_28_27
of this people 44_ACT_18_17
of those things 44_ACT_26_16
of those things 44_ACT_20_31
of three years 44_ACT_07_03
of thy country 44_ACT_07_03
of thy country and 44_ACT_07_32
of thy fathers 44_ACT_07_32
of thy fathers the 44_ACT_04_25
of thy servant 44_ACT_04_25
of thy servant David 44_ACT_26_25
of truth and 44_ACT_19_10
of two years 44_ACT_12_20
of Tyre and 44_ACT_12_20
of Tyre and Sidon 44_ACT_12_03
of unleavened bread 44_ACT_20_06
of unleavened bread 44_ACT_20_06
of unleavened bread and 44_ACT_28_15
of us they 44_ACT_25_26
of whom I 44_ACT_25_26
of whom I have 44_ACT_07_52
of whom ye 44_ACT_19_28
of wrath and 44_ACT_03_16
of you all 44_ACT_02_38
of you in 44_ACT_02_38
of you in the 44_ACT_03_22
of your brethren 44_ACT_07_37
of your brethren 44_ACT_03_22
of your brethren like 44_ACT_07_37
of your brethren like 44_ACT_07_43
of your God 44_ACT_17_28
of your own 44_ACT_20_30
of your own 44_ACT_20_30
of your own selves 44_ACT_12_07
off from his 44_ACT_13_51
off the dust of 44_ACT_16_22
off their clothes 44_ACT_22_23
off their clothes 44_ACT_16_22
off their clothes and 44_ACT_22_23
off their clothes and 44_ACT_07_33
off thy shoes 44_ACT_07_33
off thy shoes from 44_ACT_15_29
offered to idols 44_ACT_21_25
offered to idols 44_ACT_15_29
offered to idols and 44_ACT_21_25
offered to idols and 44_ACT_21_26
offering should be 44_ACT_02_17
old men shall 44_ACT_02_17
old men shall dream 44_ACT_15_21
old time hath 44_ACT_05_30
on a tree 44_ACT_10_39
on a tree 44_ACT_17_26
on all the 44_ACT_05_05
on all them 44_ACT_05_05
on all them that 44_ACT_13_11
on him a 44_ACT_20_10
on him and 44_ACT_28_08
on him and 44_ACT_10_04
on him he 44_ACT_28_03
on his hand 44_ACT_02_30
on his throne 44_ACT_08_39
on his way 44_ACT_02_25
on my right 44_ACT_02_34
on my right 44_ACT_02_25
on my right hand 44_ACT_02_34
on my right hand 44_ACT_08_18
on of the 44_ACT_28_03
on the fire 44_ACT_10_45
on the Gentiles 44_ACT_25_06
on the judgment 44_ACT_25_06
on the judgment seat 44_ACT_21_03
on the left 44_ACT_21_03
on the left hand 44_ACT_11_17
on the LORD 44_ACT_16_31
on the LORD 44_ACT_18_08
on the LORD 44_ACT_11_17
on the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_16_31
on the Lord Jesus 44_ACT_04_05
on the morrow 44_ACT_10_09
on the morrow 44_ACT_10_23
on the morrow 44_ACT_20_07
on the morrow 44_ACT_22_30
on the morrow 44_ACT_23_32
on the morrow 44_ACT_25_17
on the morrow 44_ACT_25_23
on the morrow 44_ACT_20_07
on the morrow and 44_ACT_04_05
on the morrow that 44_ACT_25_23
on the morrow when 44_ACT_02_21
on the name 44_ACT_22_16
on the name 44_ACT_02_21
on the name of 44_ACT_22_16
on the name of 44_ACT_07_55
on the right 44_ACT_07_56
on the right 44_ACT_07_55
on the right hand 44_ACT_07_56
on the right hand 44_ACT_13_14
on the sabbath 44_ACT_16_13
on the sabbath 44_ACT_13_14
on the sabbath day 44_ACT_21_05
on the shore 44_ACT_12_07
on the side 44_ACT_10_09
on their journey 44_ACT_08_36
on their way 44_ACT_04_03
on them and 44_ACT_08_17
on them and 44_ACT_19_06
on them and 44_ACT_19_16
on them and 44_ACT_08_17
on them and they 44_ACT_19_06
on them and they 44_ACT_13_03
on them they 44_ACT_07_06
On this wise 44_ACT_13_34
On this wise 44_ACT_01_14
one accord in 44_ACT_02_01
one accord in 44_ACT_05_12
one accord in 44_ACT_12_20
one accord to 44_ACT_15_25
one accord to 44_ACT_03_14
One and the 44_ACT_28_13
one day the 44_ACT_15_39
one from the 44_ACT_15_39
one from the other 44_ACT_05_34
one in the 44_ACT_21_06
one of another 44_ACT_21_08
one of the 44_ACT_23_17
one of the 44_ACT_21_08
one of the seven 44_ACT_07_24
one of them 44_ACT_11_28
one of them 44_ACT_21_26
one of them 44_ACT_11_28
one of them named 44_ACT_02_38
one of you 44_ACT_03_26
one of you 44_ACT_02_38
one of you in 44_ACT_10_06
one Simon a 44_ACT_10_32
one Simon a 44_ACT_09_43
one Simon a tanner 44_ACT_10_06
one Simon a tanner 44_ACT_10_02
one that feared 44_ACT_10_02
one that feared God 44_ACT_10_22
one that feareth 44_ACT_19_32
one thing and 44_ACT_02_07
one to another 44_ACT_02_12
one to another 44_ACT_07_26
one to another 44_ACT_02_07
one to another Behold 44_ACT_02_12
one to another What 44_ACT_02_27
One to see 44_ACT_02_27
One to see corruption 44_ACT_21_13
only but also to 44_ACT_18_14
open his mouth 44_ACT_07_56
opened and the 44_ACT_09_40
opened her eyes 44_ACT_09_40
opened her eyes and 44_ACT_10_34
opened his mouth 44_ACT_08_35
opened his mouth and 44_ACT_12_16
opened the door 44_ACT_12_16
opened the door and 44_ACT_23_09
or an angel 44_ACT_10_28
or come unto 44_ACT_24_23
or come unto 44_ACT_20_33
or gold or 44_ACT_23_29
or of bonds 44_ACT_26_31
or of bonds 44_ACT_08_34
or of some 44_ACT_08_34
or of some other 44_ACT_10_42
ordained of God 44_ACT_17_34
others with them 44_ACT_17_29
ought not to 44_ACT_21_21
ought not to 44_ACT_25_24
ought not to 44_ACT_04_32
ought of the 44_ACT_25_10
ought to be 44_ACT_26_09
ought to do 44_ACT_24_19
ought to have 44_ACT_24_19
ought to have been 44_ACT_10_06
oughtest to do 44_ACT_13_17
our fathers and 44_ACT_07_44
our fathers had 44_ACT_03_13
our fathers hath 44_ACT_22_14
our fathers hath 44_ACT_02_39
our God shall 44_ACT_15_26
our Lord Jesus 44_ACT_20_21
our Lord Jesus 44_ACT_15_26
our Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_20_21
our Lord Jesus Christ 44_ACT_27_19
our own hands 44_ACT_07_45
out before the 44_ACT_15_24
out from us 44_ACT_23_06
out in the 44_ACT_21_38
out into the 44_ACT_21_38
out into the 44_ACT_21_38
out into the wilderness 44_ACT_21_28
out men of 44_ACT_07_10
out of all 44_ACT_02_05
out of every 44_ACT_16_18
out of her 44_ACT_16_27
out of his 44_ACT_16_27
out of his sleep 44_ACT_13_17
out of it 44_ACT_22_18
out of Jerusalem 44_ACT_08_07
out of many 44_ACT_02_17
out of my 44_ACT_19_16
Out of that 44_ACT_19_16
out of that house 44_ACT_04_15
out of the 44_ACT_05_16
out of the 44_ACT_07_04
out of the 44_ACT_07_40
out of the 44_ACT_07_58
out of the 44_ACT_08_39
out of the 44_ACT_12_11
out of the 44_ACT_12_17
out of the 44_ACT_13_42
out of the 44_ACT_14_19
out of the 44_ACT_16_13
out of the 44_ACT_16_39
out of the 44_ACT_16_40
out of the 44_ACT_17_02
out of the 44_ACT_19_33
out of the 44_ACT_21_05
out of the 44_ACT_21_30
out of the 44_ACT_27_29
out of the 44_ACT_27_30
out of the 44_ACT_28_03
out of the 44_ACT_28_23
out of the 44_ACT_05_16
out of the cities 44_ACT_05_16
out of the cities 44_ACT_07_58
out of the city 44_ACT_14_19
out of the city 44_ACT_16_13
out of the city 44_ACT_16_39
out of the city 44_ACT_21_05
out of the city 44_ACT_12_11
out of the hand 44_ACT_07_04
out of the land 44_ACT_07_40
out of the land 44_ACT_28_23
out of the law 44_ACT_16_40
out of the prison 44_ACT_27_30
out of the ship 44_ACT_13_42
out of the synagogue 44_ACT_21_30
out of the temple 44_ACT_08_39
out of the water 44_ACT_01_09
out of their 44_ACT_13_50
out of their 44_ACT_01_09
out of their sight 44_ACT_15_14
out of them 44_ACT_19_12
out of them 44_ACT_07_03
out of thy 44_ACT_07_03
out of thy country 44_ACT_17_05
out to the 44_ACT_07_57
out with a 44_ACT_27_19
out with our 44_ACT_07_11
over all the 44_ACT_18_23
over all the 44_ACT_07_11
over all the land 44_ACT_27_05
over the sea 44_ACT_27_05
over the sea of 44_ACT_19_13
over them which 44_ACT_27_11
owner of the 44_ACT_01_08
part of the 44_ACT_05_02
part of the 44_ACT_05_03
part of the 44_ACT_05_02
part of the price 44_ACT_05_03
part of the price 44_ACT_01_17
part of this 44_ACT_01_25
part of this 44_ACT_01_17
part of this ministry 44_ACT_01_25
part of this ministry 44_ACT_02_17
pass in the 44_ACT_11_28
pass in the 44_ACT_11_28
pass in the days 44_ACT_02_17
pass in the last 44_ACT_09_37
pass in those 44_ACT_09_37
pass in those days 44_ACT_04_05
pass on the 44_ACT_04_05
pass on the 44_ACT_04_05
pass on the morrow 44_ACT_28_17
pass that after 44_ACT_28_17
pass that after three 44_ACT_22_06
pass that as 44_ACT_03_23
pass that every 44_ACT_09_43
pass that he 44_ACT_28_08
pass that the 44_ACT_27_44
pass that they 44_ACT_22_17
pass that when 44_ACT_02_21
pass that whosoever shall 44_ACT_17_23
passed by and 44_ACT_19_01
passed through the 44_ACT_13_43
Paul and Barnabas 44_ACT_13_46
Paul and Barnabas 44_ACT_15_02
Paul and Barnabas 44_ACT_15_22
Paul and Barnabas 44_ACT_13_50
Paul and Barnabas and 44_ACT_15_02
Paul and Barnabas and 44_ACT_18_12
Paul and brought 44_ACT_23_31
Paul and brought 44_ACT_18_12
Paul and brought him 44_ACT_23_31
Paul and brought him 44_ACT_16_19
Paul and Silas 44_ACT_16_25
Paul and Silas 44_ACT_17_04
Paul and Silas 44_ACT_17_10
Paul and Silas 44_ACT_16_19
Paul and Silas and 44_ACT_17_04
Paul and Silas and 44_ACT_17_33
Paul departed from 44_ACT_18_01
Paul departed from 44_ACT_16_09
Paul in the 44_ACT_18_09
Paul in the 44_ACT_16_09
Paul in the night 44_ACT_18_09
Paul in the night 44_ACT_21_39
Paul said I 44_ACT_26_29
Paul said I 44_ACT_15_36
Paul said unto 44_ACT_16_37
Paul said unto 44_ACT_23_18
Paul the prisoner 44_ACT_26_01
Paul Thou art 44_ACT_26_24
Paul Thou art 44_ACT_05_37
people after him 44_ACT_21_27
people and laid 44_ACT_28_26
people and say 44_ACT_02_47
people and the 44_ACT_06_12
people and the 44_ACT_11_26
people and the 44_ACT_17_08
people and the 44_ACT_17_08
people and the 44_ACT_02_47
people and the LORD 44_ACT_05_12
people and they 44_ACT_10_42
people and to 44_ACT_26_23
people and to 44_ACT_26_23
people and to the 44_ACT_21_40
people and when 44_ACT_04_21
people for all 44_ACT_04_21
people for all men 44_ACT_19_35
people he said 44_ACT_05_26
people lest they 44_ACT_04_10
people of Israel 44_ACT_04_27
people of Israel 44_ACT_13_17
people of Israel 44_ACT_13_24
people of Israel 44_ACT_04_27
people of Israel were 44_ACT_12_11
people of the 44_ACT_12_11
people of the Jews 44_ACT_03_11
people ran together 44_ACT_21_30
people ran together 44_ACT_03_09
people saw him 44_ACT_14_18
people that they 44_ACT_19_04
people that they 44_ACT_19_04
people that they should 44_ACT_04_01
people the priests and 44_ACT_13_17
people when they 44_ACT_07_34
people which is 44_ACT_07_34
people which is in 44_ACT_27_10
perceive that this 44_ACT_08_23
perceive that thou 44_ACT_08_23
perceive that thou art 44_ACT_23_06
perceived that the 44_ACT_04_13
perceived that they 44_ACT_14_09
perceiving that he 44_ACT_14_09
perceiving that he had 44_ACT_13_41
perish for I work 44_ACT_13_41
perish for I work 44_ACT_09_04
persecutest thou me 44_ACT_22_07
persecutest thou me 44_ACT_01_03
pertaining to the 44_ACT_01_13
Peter and James 44_ACT_01_13
Peter and James and 44_ACT_03_03
Peter and John 44_ACT_03_11
Peter and John 44_ACT_04_13
Peter and John 44_ACT_04_19
Peter and John 44_ACT_08_14
Peter and John 44_ACT_04_13
Peter and John and 44_ACT_05_29
Peter and the 44_ACT_02_37
Peter and to 44_ACT_02_37
Peter and to the 44_ACT_02_38
Peter said unto 44_ACT_05_09
Peter said unto 44_ACT_08_20
Peter said unto 44_ACT_09_34
Peter said unto 44_ACT_08_20
Peter said unto him 44_ACT_09_34
Peter said unto him 44_ACT_03_12
Peter saw it 44_ACT_03_12
Peter saw it he 44_ACT_11_02
Peter was come 44_ACT_12_11
Peter was come to 44_ACT_10_09
Peter went up 44_ACT_07_10
Pharaoh king of 44_ACT_07_10
Pharaoh king of Egypt 44_ACT_23_07
Pharisees and the 44_ACT_19_19
pieces of silver 44_ACT_13_28
Pilate that he 44_ACT_03_13
Pilate when he 44_ACT_06_14
place and shall 44_ACT_06_13
place and the 44_ACT_07_49
place of my 44_ACT_07_49
place of my rest 44_ACT_08_32
place of the 44_ACT_07_33
place where thou 44_ACT_27_41
place where two 44_ACT_27_08
place which is 44_ACT_27_08
place which is called 44_ACT_07_45
possession of the 44_ACT_08_10
power of God 44_ACT_02_47
praising God and 44_ACT_08_34
pray thee of 44_ACT_24_04
pray thee that 44_ACT_27_34
pray you to 44_ACT_13_03
prayed and laid 44_ACT_28_08
prayed and laid 44_ACT_08_15
prayed for them 44_ACT_16_09
prayed him saying 44_ACT_01_14
prayer and supplication with 44_ACT_10_31
prayer is heard 44_ACT_10_31
prayer is heard and 44_ACT_16_06
preach the word 44_ACT_14_15
preach unto you 44_ACT_17_03
preach unto you 44_ACT_08_40
preached in all 44_ACT_08_40
preached in all the 44_ACT_08_25
preached the gospel 44_ACT_14_21
preached the gospel 44_ACT_08_25
preached the word 44_ACT_14_25
preached the word 44_ACT_15_36
preached the word 44_ACT_08_25
preached the word of 44_ACT_13_05
preached the word of 44_ACT_13_42
preached to them 44_ACT_17_18
preached unto them 44_ACT_20_07
preached unto them 44_ACT_03_20
preached unto you 44_ACT_13_38
preached unto you 44_ACT_13_38
preached unto you the 44_ACT_20_25
preaching the kingdom 44_ACT_28_31
preaching the kingdom 44_ACT_20_25
preaching the kingdom of 44_ACT_28_31
preaching the kingdom of 44_ACT_08_04
preaching the word 44_ACT_11_19
preaching the word 44_ACT_05_41
presence of the 44_ACT_03_19
presence of the LORD 44_ACT_27_35
presence of them 44_ACT_05_03
price of the 44_ACT_05_24
priest and the 44_ACT_25_02
priest and the 44_ACT_25_02
priest and the chief 44_ACT_05_21
priest came and 44_ACT_05_17
priest rose up 44_ACT_04_23
priests and elders 44_ACT_23_14
priests and elders 44_ACT_23_14
priests and elders and 44_ACT_04_01
priests and the 44_ACT_25_15
priests and the 44_ACT_18_18
Priscilla and Aquila 44_ACT_12_07
prison and he 44_ACT_12_17
prison and he 44_ACT_26_06
promise made of 44_ACT_01_04
promise of the 44_ACT_02_33
promise of the 44_ACT_08_30
prophet Esaias And 44_ACT_03_23
prophet shall be 44_ACT_03_22
prophet shall the 44_ACT_07_37
prophet shall the 44_ACT_03_22
prophet shall the Lord 44_ACT_07_37
prophet shall the Lord 44_ACT_03_25
prophets and of 44_ACT_03_25
prophets and of the 44_ACT_10_37
published throughout all 44_ACT_12_04
put him in 44_ACT_12_04
put him in prison 44_ACT_01_07
put in his 44_ACT_05_25
put in prison 44_ACT_15_09
put no difference 44_ACT_15_09
put no difference between 44_ACT_07_33
put off thy 44_ACT_07_33
put off thy shoes 44_ACT_09_40
put them all 44_ACT_04_03
put them in 44_ACT_05_18
put them in 44_ACT_05_18
put them in the 44_ACT_12_19
put to death 44_ACT_26_10
put to death 44_ACT_12_19
put to death and 44_ACT_22_18
quickly out of 44_ACT_19_36
quiet and to 44_ACT_19_36
quiet and to do 44_ACT_04_25
rage and the 44_ACT_04_25
rage and the people 44_ACT_14_17
rain from heaven 44_ACT_26_08
raise the dead 44_ACT_03_22
raise up unto 44_ACT_07_37
raise up unto 44_ACT_03_22
raise up unto you 44_ACT_07_37
raise up unto you 44_ACT_03_15
raised from the 44_ACT_04_10
raised from the 44_ACT_04_10
raised from the dead 44_ACT_13_30
raised him from 44_ACT_13_30
raised him from the 44_ACT_12_07
raised him up 44_ACT_13_34
raised him up from 44_ACT_05_30
raised up Jesus 44_ACT_13_33
raised up Jesus 44_ACT_10_40
raised up the 44_ACT_08_28
read Esaias the prophet 44_ACT_08_28
read Esaias the prophet 44_ACT_15_21
read in the 44_ACT_23_34
read the letter 44_ACT_13_15
reading of the 44_ACT_02_38
receive the gift 44_ACT_08_15
receive the Holy 44_ACT_08_19
receive the Holy 44_ACT_08_15
receive the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_08_19
receive the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_09_17
Receive thy sight 44_ACT_09_17
receive thy sight and 44_ACT_22_13
receive thy sight and 44_ACT_15_04
received of the 44_ACT_20_24
received of the 44_ACT_20_24
received of the Lord 44_ACT_08_17
received the Holy 44_ACT_10_47
received the Holy 44_ACT_08_17
received the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_10_47
received the Holy Ghost 44_ACT_07_53
received the law 44_ACT_08_14
received the word 44_ACT_11_01
received the word 44_ACT_08_14
received the word of 44_ACT_11_01
received the word of 44_ACT_20_26
record this day 44_ACT_07_36
Red sea and 44_ACT_07_36
Red sea and in 44_ACT_15_31
rejoiced for the 44_ACT_07_41
rejoiced in the 44_ACT_02_38
remission of sins 44_ACT_10_43
remission of sins 44_ACT_14_14
rent their clothes and 44_ACT_26_20
Repent and turn 44_ACT_22_12
report of all 44_ACT_02_26
rest in hope 44_ACT_02_37
rest of the 44_ACT_04_02
resurrection from the 44_ACT_04_02
resurrection from the dead 44_ACT_17_32
resurrection of the 44_ACT_23_06
resurrection of the 44_ACT_24_15
resurrection of the 44_ACT_24_21
resurrection of the 44_ACT_17_32
resurrection of the dead 44_ACT_24_15
resurrection of the dead 44_ACT_24_21
resurrection of the dead 44_ACT_15_16
return and will 44_ACT_15_16
return and will build 44_ACT_05_22
returned and told 44_ACT_08_25
returned to Jerusalem 44_ACT_13_13
returned to Jerusalem 44_ACT_08_25
returned to Jerusalem and 44_ACT_23_32
returned to the 44_ACT_03_07
right hand and 44_ACT_02_33
right hand of 44_ACT_07_55
right hand of 44_ACT_07_56
right hand of 44_ACT_02_33
right hand of God 44_ACT_07_56
right hand of God 44_ACT_02_25
right hand that 44_ACT_02_25
right hand that I 44_ACT_05_31
right hand to 44_ACT_04_19
right in the 44_ACT_08_21
right in the 44_ACT_04_19
right in the sight 44_ACT_08_21
right in the sight 44_ACT_13_10
righteousness wilt thou 44_ACT_26_23
rise from the 44_ACT_03_06
Rise up and 44_ACT_03_06
Rise up and walk 44_ACT_17_03
risen again from 44_ACT_17_03
risen again from the 44_ACT_10_41
rose from the 44_ACT_10_41
rose from the dead 44_ACT_14_20
rose up and 44_ACT_15_07
rose up and 44_ACT_26_30
rose up and 44_ACT_05_17
rose up and all 44_ACT_15_07
rose up and said 44_ACT_26_30
rose up and the 44_ACT_15_05
rose up certain 44_ACT_15_05
rose up certain of 44_ACT_25_07
round about and 44_ACT_09_03
round about him 44_ACT_14_20
round about him 44_ACT_26_13
round about me 44_ACT_05_16
round about unto 44_ACT_07_27
ruler and a 44_ACT_07_35
ruler and a 44_ACT_07_27
ruler and a judge 44_ACT_07_35
ruler and a judge 44_ACT_18_08
ruler of the 44_ACT_18_17
ruler of the 44_ACT_18_08
ruler of the synagogue 44_ACT_18_17
ruler of the synagogue 44_ACT_23_05
ruler of thy 44_ACT_23_05
ruler of thy people 44_ACT_04_08
rulers of the 44_ACT_13_15
rulers of the 44_ACT_17_06
rulers of the 44_ACT_17_08
rulers of the 44_ACT_17_06
rulers of the city 44_ACT_13_15
rulers of the synagogue 44_ACT_13_14
sabbath day and 44_ACT_07_41
sacrifice unto the 44_ACT_14_13
sacrifice with the 44_ACT_23_06
Sadducees and the 44_ACT_23_07
Sadducees and the 44_ACT_28_04
said among themselves 44_ACT_07_56
said Behold I 44_ACT_09_10
said Behold I 44_ACT_10_21
said Behold I 44_ACT_09_10
said Behold I am 44_ACT_22_28
said But I was 44_ACT_22_28
said But I was 44_ACT_25_22
said he thou 44_ACT_25_22
said he thou shalt 44_ACT_08_31
said How can I 44_ACT_09_05
said I am 44_ACT_21_39
said I am 44_ACT_26_15
said I am 44_ACT_26_25
said I am 44_ACT_09_05
said I am Jesus 44_ACT_26_15
said I am Jesus 44_ACT_26_25
said I am not 44_ACT_13_22
said I have 44_ACT_08_34
said I pray 44_ACT_08_34
said I pray thee 44_ACT_26_29
said I would 44_ACT_08_37
said If thou 44_ACT_09_21
said Is not 44_ACT_09_21
said Is not this 44_ACT_06_02
said It is 44_ACT_20_35
said It is 44_ACT_06_02
said It is not 44_ACT_04_24
said Lord thou 44_ACT_10_14
said Not so 44_ACT_10_14
said Not so Lord 44_ACT_11_08
said Not so Lord 44_ACT_10_34
said Of a 44_ACT_10_34
said Of a truth 44_ACT_13_34
said on this 44_ACT_23_05
said Paul I 44_ACT_25_10
said Paul I 44_ACT_19_25
said Sirs ye 44_ACT_27_21
said Sirs ye 44_ACT_28_06
said that he 44_ACT_28_06
said that he was 44_ACT_22_14
said The God 44_ACT_22_14
said The God of 44_ACT_23_20
said the Jews 44_ACT_07_33
said The LORD 44_ACT_09_10
said The LORD 44_ACT_07_33
said the LORD to 44_ACT_02_13
said these men 44_ACT_28_29
said these words 44_ACT_21_11
said Thus saith 44_ACT_21_11
said Thus saith the 44_ACT_16_18
said to the 44_ACT_27_31
said to the 44_ACT_05_09
said unto her 44_ACT_12_15
said unto her 44_ACT_05_09
said unto her How 44_ACT_12_15
said unto her Thou 44_ACT_07_03
said unto him 44_ACT_08_20
said unto him 44_ACT_09_06
said unto him 44_ACT_09_11
said unto him 44_ACT_09_15
said unto him 44_ACT_09_34
said unto him 44_ACT_10_04
said unto him 44_ACT_10_19
said unto him 44_ACT_11_13
said unto him 44_ACT_12_08
said unto him 44_ACT_19_02
said unto him 44_ACT_21_20
said unto him 44_ACT_22_27
said unto him 44_ACT_28_21
said unto him 44_ACT_09_06
said unto him Arise 44_ACT_09_11
said unto him Arise 44_ACT_10_19
said unto him Behold 44_ACT_12_08
said unto him Gird 44_ACT_09_15
said unto him Go 44_ACT_11_13
said unto him Send 44_ACT_21_20
said unto him Thou 44_ACT_08_20
said unto him Thy 44_ACT_10_04
said unto him Thy 44_ACT_19_02
said unto him We 44_ACT_28_21
said unto him We 44_ACT_22_08
said unto me 44_ACT_22_10
said unto me 44_ACT_22_13
said unto me 44_ACT_22_21
said unto me 44_ACT_22_10
said unto me Arise 44_ACT_22_08
said unto me I 44_ACT_02_34
said unto my 44_ACT_02_34
said unto my lord 44_ACT_26_01
said unto Paul 44_ACT_26_28
said unto Paul 44_ACT_02_37
said unto Peter 44_ACT_03_22
said unto the 44_ACT_07_37
said unto the 44_ACT_18_14
said unto the 44_ACT_21_37
said unto the 44_ACT_22_25
said unto the 44_ACT_22_25
said unto the centurion 44_ACT_21_37
said unto the chief 44_ACT_07_37
said unto the children 44_ACT_18_14
said unto the Jews 44_ACT_01_07
said unto them 44_ACT_02_14
said unto them 44_ACT_02_38
said unto them 44_ACT_04_08
said unto them 44_ACT_04_19
said unto them 44_ACT_04_23
said unto them 44_ACT_05_35
said unto them 44_ACT_10_28
said unto them 44_ACT_15_07
said unto them 44_ACT_16_37
said unto them 44_ACT_18_06
said unto them 44_ACT_19_02
said unto them 44_ACT_19_03
said unto them 44_ACT_20_18
said unto them 44_ACT_27_10
said unto them 44_ACT_28_17
said unto them 44_ACT_19_02
said unto them Have 44_ACT_01_07
said unto them It 44_ACT_15_07
said unto them Men 44_ACT_28_17
said unto them Men 44_ACT_16_37
said unto them They 44_ACT_19_03
said unto them Unto 44_ACT_04_19
said unto them Whether 44_ACT_02_14
said unto them Ye 44_ACT_04_08
said unto them Ye 44_ACT_05_35
said unto them Ye 44_ACT_05_35
said unto them Ye 44_ACT_20_18
said unto them Ye 44_ACT_06_11
said We have 44_ACT_23_14
said We have 44_ACT_17_32
said We will 44_ACT_10_04
said What is 44_ACT_10_04
said What is it 44_ACT_22_10
said What shall 44_ACT_17_18
said What will 44_ACT_09_05
said Who art 44_ACT_26_15
said Who art 44_ACT_09_05
said Who art thou 44_ACT_26_15
said Who art thou 44_ACT_14_10
said with a 44_ACT_14_10
said with a loud 44_ACT_01_11
said Ye men 44_ACT_17_22
said Ye men 44_ACT_01_11
said Ye men of 44_ACT_17_22
said Ye men of 44_ACT_13_35
saith also in 44_ACT_13_35
saith also in another 44_ACT_07_49
saith the LORD 44_ACT_15_17
saith the LORD 44_ACT_12_08
saith unto him 44_ACT_13_47
salvation unto the 44_ACT_01_08
Samaria and unto 44_ACT_01_08
Samaria and unto the 44_ACT_01_22
same day that 44_ACT_01_22
same day that he 44_ACT_02_41
same day there 44_ACT_13_20
Samuel the prophet 44_ACT_16_13
sat down and 44_ACT_20_09
sat in a 44_ACT_06_15
sat in the 44_ACT_25_17
sat on the 44_ACT_12_21
sat upon his 44_ACT_12_21
sat upon his throne 44_ACT_12_25
Saul returned from 44_ACT_09_04
Saul Saul why 44_ACT_22_07
Saul Saul why 44_ACT_09_04
Saul Saul why persecutest 44_ACT_22_07
Saul Saul why persecutest 44_ACT_13_21
Saul the son 44_ACT_13_21
Saul the son of 44_ACT_09_26
Saul was come 44_ACT_09_04
Saul why persecutest 44_ACT_22_07
Saul why persecutest 44_ACT_09_04
Saul why persecutest thou 44_ACT_22_07
Saul why persecutest thou 44_ACT_21_25
Save only that 44_ACT_20_23
Save that the 44_ACT_11_05
saw a vision 44_ACT_12_09
saw a vision 44_ACT_10_11
saw heaven opened 44_ACT_10_11
saw heaven opened and 44_ACT_09_35
saw him and 44_ACT_08_39
saw him no 44_ACT_08_39
saw him no more 44_ACT_12_16
saw him they 44_ACT_12_16
saw him they were 44_ACT_26_13
saw in the 44_ACT_03_12
saw it he 44_ACT_07_31
saw it he 44_ACT_16_19
saw that the 44_ACT_13_45
saw the multitudes 44_ACT_13_12
saw what was 44_ACT_13_12
saw what was done 44_ACT_23_08
say that there 44_ACT_23_08
say that there is 44_ACT_21_23
say to thee 44_ACT_23_18
say unto thee 44_ACT_03_22
say unto you 44_ACT_05_38
say unto you 44_ACT_19_21
saying After I 44_ACT_08_26
saying Arise and 44_ACT_08_26
saying Arise and go 44_ACT_05_25
saying Behold the 44_ACT_05_28
saying Did not 44_ACT_27_24
saying Fear not 44_ACT_08_19
saying Give me 44_ACT_07_32
saying I am 44_ACT_07_32
saying I am the 44_ACT_13_47
saying I have 44_ACT_16_15
saying If ye 44_ACT_14_11
saying In the 44_ACT_26_14
saying In the 44_ACT_12_22
saying It is 44_ACT_02_12
saying one to 44_ACT_02_12
saying one to another 44_ACT_06_05
saying pleased the 44_ACT_22_26
saying Take heed 44_ACT_19_26
saying that they 44_ACT_23_12
saying that they 44_ACT_16_17
saying These men 44_ACT_16_20
saying These men 44_ACT_08_10
saying This man 44_ACT_26_31
saying This man 44_ACT_08_10
saying This man is 44_ACT_09_04
saying unto him 44_ACT_10_03
saying unto him 44_ACT_11_07
saying unto me 44_ACT_22_07
saying unto me 44_ACT_04_16
saying What shall 44_ACT_04_16
saying What shall we 44_ACT_07_27
saying Who made 44_ACT_07_35
saying Who made 44_ACT_07_27
saying Who made thee 44_ACT_07_35
saying Who made thee 44_ACT_08_01
scattered abroad throughout 44_ACT_11_19
scattered abroad upon 44_ACT_11_19
scattered abroad upon the 44_ACT_04_24
sea and all 44_ACT_14_15
sea and all 44_ACT_04_24
sea and all that 44_ACT_07_36
sea and in 44_ACT_07_36
sea and in the 44_ACT_05_17
sect of the 44_ACT_15_05
sect of the 44_ACT_19_26
see and hear 44_ACT_28_26
see and not 44_ACT_28_26
see and not perceive 44_ACT_20_25
see my face 44_ACT_23_22
See thou tell 44_ACT_23_22
See thou tell no 44_ACT_28_27
see with their 44_ACT_28_27
see with their eyes 44_ACT_07_05
seed after him 44_ACT_03_25
seed shall all 44_ACT_03_25
seed shall all the 44_ACT_02_15
seeing it is 44_ACT_19_36
Seeing then that 44_ACT_28_26
seeing ye shall 44_ACT_28_26
seeing ye shall see 44_ACT_15_17
seek after the 44_ACT_17_27
seek the LORD 44_ACT_17_27
seek the LORD 44_ACT_15_28
seemed good to 44_ACT_17_18
seemeth to be 44_ACT_25_27