Book of 2nd Corinthians Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 46_1CO_07_15
A brother or 46_1CO_13_11
a child but 46_1CO_10_27
a feast and 46_1CO_09_07
a flock and 46_1CO_05_06
a little leaven 46_1CO_05_06
a little leaven leaveneth 46_1CO_15_45
a living soul 46_1CO_04_02
a man be 46_1CO_06_18
a man doeth 46_1CO_11_14
a man have 46_1CO_13_11
a man I 46_1CO_09_08
a man or 46_1CO_04_01
a man so 46_1CO_07_26
a man so 46_1CO_06_01
a matter against 46_1CO_12_31
a more excellent 46_1CO_11_06
a shame for 46_1CO_14_35
a shame for 46_1CO_01_22
a sign and 46_1CO_07_35
a snare upon 46_1CO_01_23
a stumblingblock and 46_1CO_04_03
a very small 46_1CO_09_07
a vineyard and 46_1CO_10_13
a way to 46_1CO_07_34
a wife and 46_1CO_07_27
a wife seek not 46_1CO_07_27
a wife seek not 46_1CO_06_05
a wise man 46_1CO_11_15
a woman have 46_1CO_07_20
abide in the 46_1CO_03_02
able to bear 46_1CO_10_13
able to bear 46_1CO_03_02
able to bear it 46_1CO_10_13
able to bear it 46_1CO_06_05
able to judge 46_1CO_04_06
above that which 46_1CO_01_31
According as it 46_1CO_01_31
According as it is 46_1CO_03_08
according to his 46_1CO_03_08
according to his own 46_1CO_03_10
according to the 46_1CO_15_03
according to the 46_1CO_15_04
according to the 46_1CO_03_10
according to the grace 46_1CO_15_03
according to the scriptures 46_1CO_15_04
according to the scriptures 46_1CO_15_45
Adam was made a 46_1CO_15_45
Adam was made a 46_1CO_15_06
after that he 46_1CO_15_07
after that he 46_1CO_15_07
after that he was 46_1CO_01_21
after that in 46_1CO_01_26
after the flesh 46_1CO_10_18
after the flesh 46_1CO_15_32
after the manner 46_1CO_15_32
after the manner of 46_1CO_11_25
after the same 46_1CO_11_25
after the same manner 46_1CO_07_07
after this manner 46_1CO_07_07
after this manner and 46_1CO_03_20
again The Lord 46_1CO_15_04
again the third 46_1CO_08_12
against the brethren 46_1CO_15_39
all flesh is 46_1CO_12_06
all in all 46_1CO_15_28
all in all 46_1CO_14_31
all may be 46_1CO_09_22
all men that 46_1CO_10_01
all our fathers 46_1CO_12_30
all speak with 46_1CO_14_23
all speak with 46_1CO_12_30
all speak with tongues 46_1CO_14_23
all speak with tongues 46_1CO_09_19
all that I 46_1CO_15_03
all that which 46_1CO_14_21
all that will 46_1CO_12_12
all the members 46_1CO_12_26
all the members 46_1CO_10_11
all these things 46_1CO_08_06
all things and 46_1CO_11_02
all things and 46_1CO_08_06
all things and we 46_1CO_08_06
all things and we 46_1CO_03_21
All things are 46_1CO_06_12
All things are 46_1CO_06_12
All things are 46_1CO_10_23
All things are 46_1CO_10_23
All things are 46_1CO_15_27
All things are 46_1CO_06_12
All things are lawful 46_1CO_06_12
All things are lawful 46_1CO_10_23
All things are lawful 46_1CO_06_12
all things are not 46_1CO_10_23
all things are not 46_1CO_14_26
all things be 46_1CO_14_40
all things be 46_1CO_14_26
all things be done 46_1CO_14_40
all things be done 46_1CO_10_33
all things not 46_1CO_09_22
all things to 46_1CO_15_27
all things under 46_1CO_15_27
all things under him 46_1CO_15_28
all things under him 46_1CO_15_27
all things under his 46_1CO_04_13
all things unto 46_1CO_12_29
all workers of 46_1CO_07_22
also he that 46_1CO_07_22
also he that is 46_1CO_11_25
Also he took 46_1CO_13_12
also I am 46_1CO_14_15
Also I will 46_1CO_15_42
also is the 46_1CO_14_34
also saith the 46_1CO_05_12
also that are 46_1CO_16_04
also they shall 46_1CO_15_02
also ye are 46_1CO_15_01
also ye have 46_1CO_04_04
am I not 46_1CO_09_01
am I not 46_1CO_12_15
am not of 46_1CO_12_16
am not of 46_1CO_12_16
am not of the 46_1CO_12_16
am not the 46_1CO_01_12
am of Paul 46_1CO_03_04
am of Paul 46_1CO_01_12
am of Paul and 46_1CO_03_04
am of Paul and 46_1CO_15_09
am the least 46_1CO_05_01
among the Gentiles 46_1CO_05_01
among the Gentiles that 46_1CO_02_06
among them that 46_1CO_02_06
among them that are 46_1CO_05_01
among you and 46_1CO_11_18
among you and 46_1CO_11_30
among you and 46_1CO_01_10
among you but 46_1CO_11_19
among you that 46_1CO_15_12
among you that 46_1CO_01_01
an apostle of 46_1CO_01_01
an apostle of Jesus 46_1CO_16_20
an holy kiss 46_1CO_14_02
an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_04
an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_14
an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_19
an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_27
an unknown tongue 46_1CO_03_20
And again The Lord 46_1CO_14_31
and all may 46_1CO_12_12
and all the 46_1CO_15_41
and another glory of 46_1CO_15_41
and another glory of 46_1CO_15_39
And another of 46_1CO_04_13
and are the 46_1CO_09_05
and as the 46_1CO_15_49
and as we have 46_1CO_09_27
and bring it 46_1CO_06_11
and by the 46_1CO_06_11
and by the spirit 46_1CO_10_03
and did all 46_1CO_10_07
and drink and 46_1CO_10_07
and drink and rose 46_1CO_15_32
and drink for 46_1CO_15_32
and drink for to 46_1CO_11_28
and drink of that 46_1CO_11_26
and drink this 46_1CO_11_27
and drink this 46_1CO_11_26
and drink this cup 46_1CO_11_27
and drink this cup 46_1CO_09_07
and eateth not 46_1CO_09_07
and eateth not of 46_1CO_09_07
and eateth not of 46_1CO_03_08
and every man 46_1CO_09_25
and every man 46_1CO_03_08
and every man shall 46_1CO_09_25
and every man that 46_1CO_04_17
and faithful in 46_1CO_01_03
and from the 46_1CO_01_03
and from the Lord 46_1CO_06_14
and God hath 46_1CO_12_28
and God hath 46_1CO_04_11
and have no 46_1CO_13_01
and have not 46_1CO_13_02
and have not 46_1CO_13_03
and have not 46_1CO_13_01
and have not charity 46_1CO_13_02
and have not charity 46_1CO_03_08
And he that 46_1CO_14_11
And he that 46_1CO_03_08
and he that watereth 46_1CO_02_01
And I brethren 46_1CO_03_01
And I brethren 46_1CO_02_03
and I was 46_1CO_02_03
And I was with 46_1CO_14_15
And I will 46_1CO_04_08
and I would 46_1CO_10_20
and I would 46_1CO_10_20
and I would not 46_1CO_07_28
And if a 46_1CO_08_02
And if any 46_1CO_11_34
And if any 46_1CO_08_02
And if any man 46_1CO_11_34
And if any man 46_1CO_15_14
And if Christ 46_1CO_15_14
And if Christ be 46_1CO_07_13
and if he 46_1CO_07_13
and if he 46_1CO_07_13
And if he be 46_1CO_16_04
And if it 46_1CO_16_04
And if it be 46_1CO_07_11
And if she 46_1CO_06_02
And if the 46_1CO_12_16
And if the 46_1CO_12_19
and if they 46_1CO_14_35
and if they 46_1CO_07_28
and if thou 46_1CO_01_05
and in all 46_1CO_02_03
and in much 46_1CO_01_10
And in the 46_1CO_04_21
And in the 46_1CO_10_02
And in the 46_1CO_01_10
And in the same 46_1CO_06_20
and in your 46_1CO_11_02
and keep the 46_1CO_15_08
And last of 46_1CO_15_08
And last of all 46_1CO_07_02
and let every 46_1CO_07_11
and let not 46_1CO_07_11
and let not the 46_1CO_14_27
and let one 46_1CO_14_29
and let the 46_1CO_07_03
And likewise also 46_1CO_07_03
And likewise also the 46_1CO_06_15
and make them 46_1CO_02_04
and my speech 46_1CO_05_04
and my spirit 46_1CO_14_10
and none of 46_1CO_14_10
and none of them 46_1CO_07_06
and not of 46_1CO_10_20
and not to 46_1CO_03_02
and not with 46_1CO_10_21
and of the 46_1CO_11_21
and one is 46_1CO_01_03
and peace from 46_1CO_01_03
and peace from God 46_1CO_10_07
and rose up 46_1CO_10_07
and rose up to 46_1CO_11_24
and said Take 46_1CO_15_45
and so it 46_1CO_15_45
and so it is 46_1CO_03_03
and strife and 46_1CO_09_10
and that he 46_1CO_15_04
and that he 46_1CO_15_04
and that he 46_1CO_15_05
and that he 46_1CO_15_04
and that he was 46_1CO_15_05
and that he was 46_1CO_12_03
and that no 46_1CO_12_03
and that no man 46_1CO_01_10
and that there 46_1CO_08_04
and that there 46_1CO_08_04
and that there is 46_1CO_16_15
and that they 46_1CO_16_15
and that they have 46_1CO_15_37
and that which 46_1CO_15_37
and that which thou 46_1CO_07_35
And that ye 46_1CO_07_35
And that ye may 46_1CO_06_08
and that your 46_1CO_10_21
and the cup 46_1CO_15_52
and the dead 46_1CO_15_52
and the dead shall 46_1CO_03_13
and the fire 46_1CO_03_13
and the fire shall 46_1CO_10_26
and the fulness 46_1CO_10_28
and the fulness 46_1CO_10_26
and the fulness thereof 46_1CO_10_28
and the fulness thereof 46_1CO_15_40
And the glory 46_1CO_01_22
and the Greeks 46_1CO_11_03
and the head 46_1CO_11_03
and the head of 46_1CO_11_03
and the head of 46_1CO_06_13
And the LORD 46_1CO_11_34
and the rest 46_1CO_07_13
And the woman 46_1CO_07_13
And the woman which 46_1CO_04_05
And then shall 46_1CO_12_05
and there are 46_1CO_12_06
and there are 46_1CO_16_09
and there are 46_1CO_14_23
and there come 46_1CO_14_24
and there come 46_1CO_14_23
and there come in 46_1CO_14_24
and there come in 46_1CO_15_44
and there is 46_1CO_15_44
and there is a 46_1CO_04_06
And these things 46_1CO_10_11
and they are 46_1CO_07_30
And they that 46_1CO_07_30
And they that 46_1CO_07_31
And they that 46_1CO_09_13
and they which 46_1CO_01_28
and things which are 46_1CO_01_28
and things which are 46_1CO_07_35
And this I 46_1CO_09_23
And this I 46_1CO_15_53
and this mortal 46_1CO_15_54
and this mortal 46_1CO_13_02
and though I 46_1CO_13_03
and though I 46_1CO_13_03
and though I 46_1CO_13_02
And though I have 46_1CO_13_02
And though I have 46_1CO_09_04
and to drink 46_1CO_11_22
and to drink 46_1CO_15_38
and to every 46_1CO_16_16
and to every 46_1CO_14_28
and to God 46_1CO_10_08
and twenty thousand 46_1CO_01_23
and unto the 46_1CO_07_10
and unto the 46_1CO_09_20
and unto the 46_1CO_15_15
and we are 46_1CO_15_52
and we shall 46_1CO_15_52
and we shall be 46_1CO_10_02
and were all 46_1CO_10_02
and were all baptized 46_1CO_10_09
and were destroyed 46_1CO_10_10
and were destroyed 46_1CO_10_09
and were destroyed of 46_1CO_10_10
and were destroyed of 46_1CO_15_28
And when all 46_1CO_11_24
and when he 46_1CO_11_24
And when he had 46_1CO_16_03
and when I 46_1CO_03_05
and who is 46_1CO_01_19
and will bring 46_1CO_04_05
and will make 46_1CO_15_35
and with what 46_1CO_03_23
And ye are 46_1CO_05_02
And ye are 46_1CO_06_19
And ye are 46_1CO_13_01
angels and have 46_1CO_13_01
angels and have not 46_1CO_15_41
another glory of the 46_1CO_15_41
another glory of the 46_1CO_06_01
another Go to 46_1CO_16_20
another with an 46_1CO_16_20
another with an holy 46_1CO_09_03
answer to them 46_1CO_09_03
answer to them that 46_1CO_03_18
any man among 46_1CO_03_18
any man among you 46_1CO_14_38
any man be 46_1CO_08_03
any man love 46_1CO_16_22
any man love 46_1CO_10_28
any man say unto 46_1CO_08_10
any man see 46_1CO_09_15
any man should 46_1CO_14_27
any man speak 46_1CO_05_11
any man that 46_1CO_07_36
any man think 46_1CO_08_02
any man think 46_1CO_07_36
any man think that 46_1CO_08_02
any man think that 46_1CO_03_14
any man's work 46_1CO_03_15
any man's work 46_1CO_10_27
any of them 46_1CO_14_35
any thing let 46_1CO_14_35
any thing let them 46_1CO_03_07
any thing neither 46_1CO_01_01
apostle of Jesus 46_1CO_01_01
apostle of Jesus Christ 46_1CO_04_09
appointed to death 46_1CO_16_19
Aquila and Priscilla 46_1CO_08_06
are all things 46_1CO_08_06
are all things and 46_1CO_08_06
are all things and 46_1CO_06_20
are bought with 46_1CO_07_23
are bought with 46_1CO_06_20
are bought with a 46_1CO_07_23
are bought with a 46_1CO_12_04
are diversities of 46_1CO_12_06
are diversities of 46_1CO_15_06
are fallen asleep 46_1CO_15_18
are fallen asleep 46_1CO_14_22
are for a 46_1CO_05_04
are gathered together 46_1CO_05_04
are gathered together and 46_1CO_06_12
are lawful for 46_1CO_10_23
are lawful for 46_1CO_06_12
are lawful for me 46_1CO_10_23
are lawful for me 46_1CO_04_11
are naked and 46_1CO_06_12
are not expedient 46_1CO_10_23
are not expedient 46_1CO_06_12
are not expedient all 46_1CO_10_23
are not expedient all 46_1CO_06_19
are not your 46_1CO_01_11
are of the 46_1CO_07_33
are of the 46_1CO_07_33
are of the world 46_1CO_08_04
are offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_08_04
are offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_12_12
are one body 46_1CO_04_18
are puffed up 46_1CO_04_19
are puffed up 46_1CO_14_37
are the commandments 46_1CO_15_35
are the dead 46_1CO_03_16
are the temple 46_1CO_03_16
are the temple of 46_1CO_15_48
are they also that 46_1CO_15_48
are they also that 46_1CO_09_20
are under the law 46_1CO_12_13
are we all 46_1CO_08_08
are we the 46_1CO_11_30
are weak and 46_1CO_04_10
are wise in 46_1CO_03_02
Are ye able 46_1CO_01_30
are ye in 46_1CO_03_03
are ye not 46_1CO_03_04
are ye not 46_1CO_03_03
are ye not carnal 46_1CO_03_04
are ye not carnal 46_1CO_13_11
as a child 46_1CO_13_11
as a child I 46_1CO_13_11
as a child I 46_1CO_09_08
as a man 46_1CO_08_07
as a thing 46_1CO_16_02
as God hath 46_1CO_11_07
as he is 46_1CO_11_01
as I also 46_1CO_16_10
as I also 46_1CO_16_01
as I have 46_1CO_14_33
as in all 46_1CO_15_48
as is the 46_1CO_15_48
as is the 46_1CO_12_18
as it hath 46_1CO_15_38
as it hath 46_1CO_12_18
as it hath pleased 46_1CO_15_38
as it hath pleased 46_1CO_01_31
as it is 46_1CO_02_09
as it is 46_1CO_10_07
as it is 46_1CO_01_31
as it is written 46_1CO_02_09
as it is written 46_1CO_10_07
as it is written 46_1CO_04_09
as it were 46_1CO_07_39
as long as 46_1CO_15_08
as of one 46_1CO_11_25
as oft as 46_1CO_11_26
as often as 46_1CO_07_25
as one that 46_1CO_09_26
as one that 46_1CO_10_08
as some of 46_1CO_10_09
as some of 46_1CO_10_08
as some of them 46_1CO_10_09
as some of them 46_1CO_12_12
as the body 46_1CO_03_05
as the LORD 46_1CO_07_17
as the LORD 46_1CO_07_17
as the LORD hath 46_1CO_04_18
as though I 46_1CO_05_03
as though I 46_1CO_07_29
as though they 46_1CO_07_30
as though they 46_1CO_07_29
as though they had 46_1CO_15_49
as we have 46_1CO_09_05
as well as 46_1CO_05_07
as ye are 46_1CO_14_12
as ye are 46_1CO_15_58
as ye know 46_1CO_15_58
as ye know that 46_1CO_12_02
as ye were 46_1CO_10_25
asking no question 46_1CO_10_27
asking no question 46_1CO_10_25
asking no question for 46_1CO_10_27
asking no question for 46_1CO_15_23
at his coming 46_1CO_09_07
at his own 46_1CO_14_35
at home for 46_1CO_08_10
at meat in 46_1CO_09_13
at the altar 46_1CO_15_52
at the last 46_1CO_16_12
at this time 46_1CO_15_24
authority and power 46_1CO_05_02
away from among 46_1CO_05_13
away from among 46_1CO_05_02
away from among you 46_1CO_07_11
away his wife 46_1CO_15_29
baptized for the dead 46_1CO_15_29
baptized for the dead 46_1CO_01_13
baptized in the 46_1CO_01_13
baptized in the name 46_1CO_06_05
be able to 46_1CO_10_13
be able to 46_1CO_01_01
be an apostle 46_1CO_07_29
be as though they 46_1CO_12_13
be bond or 46_1CO_12_13
be bond or free 46_1CO_15_54
be brought to 46_1CO_15_54
be brought to pass 46_1CO_13_10
be done away 46_1CO_14_26
be done unto 46_1CO_16_14
be done with 46_1CO_04_17
be in Christ 46_1CO_06_02
be judged by 46_1CO_14_07
be known what 46_1CO_14_09
be known what 46_1CO_14_07
be known what is 46_1CO_14_09
be known what is 46_1CO_07_21
be made free 46_1CO_03_13
be made manifest 46_1CO_11_19
be made manifest 46_1CO_01_17
be made of 46_1CO_07_39
be married to 46_1CO_15_33
be not deceived 46_1CO_07_23
be not ye 46_1CO_06_16
be one flesh 46_1CO_09_10
be partaker of 46_1CO_09_12
be partakers of 46_1CO_10_21
be partakers of 46_1CO_10_21
be partakers of the 46_1CO_07_12
be pleased to 46_1CO_07_13
be pleased to 46_1CO_07_12
be pleased to dwell 46_1CO_07_13
be pleased to dwell 46_1CO_07_11
be reconciled to 46_1CO_05_05
be saved in the 46_1CO_09_15
be so done 46_1CO_15_28
be subject unto 46_1CO_05_02
be taken away 46_1CO_05_02
be taken away from 46_1CO_16_06
be that I 46_1CO_15_15
be that the 46_1CO_15_57
be to God 46_1CO_15_57
be to God which 46_1CO_14_11
be unto him 46_1CO_14_11
be unto him that 46_1CO_01_03
be unto you 46_1CO_01_03
be unto you and 46_1CO_03_18
be wise in 46_1CO_16_10
be with you 46_1CO_16_23
be with you 46_1CO_16_24
be with you 46_1CO_04_16
be ye followers 46_1CO_11_01
be ye followers 46_1CO_04_16
be ye followers of 46_1CO_11_01
be ye followers of 46_1CO_09_20
became as a 46_1CO_12_15
because I am 46_1CO_12_16
because I am 46_1CO_12_15
Because I am not 46_1CO_12_16
Because I am not 46_1CO_11_10
because of the 46_1CO_02_14
because they are 46_1CO_15_15
because we have 46_1CO_03_18
become a fool 46_1CO_02_07
before the world 46_1CO_07_21
being a servant 46_1CO_07_22
being a servant 46_1CO_10_17
being many are 46_1CO_10_17
being many are one 46_1CO_07_12
believeth not and 46_1CO_07_13
believeth not and 46_1CO_06_13
belly and the 46_1CO_07_32
belong to the 46_1CO_04_16
beseech you be 46_1CO_16_15
beseech you brethren 46_1CO_01_10
beseech you brethren by 46_1CO_13_03
bestow all my 46_1CO_09_15
better for me 46_1CO_10_16
blood of Christ 46_1CO_11_27
blood of the 46_1CO_07_34
body and in 46_1CO_12_18
body as it 46_1CO_15_38
body as it 46_1CO_12_18
body as it hath 46_1CO_15_38
body as it hath 46_1CO_12_15
body is it 46_1CO_12_16
body is it 46_1CO_12_15
body is it therefore 46_1CO_12_16
body is it therefore 46_1CO_06_13
body is not 46_1CO_12_14
body is not 46_1CO_10_16
body of Christ 46_1CO_13_03
body to be 46_1CO_11_24
body which is 46_1CO_12_13
bond or free 46_1CO_01_24
both Jews and Greeks 46_1CO_06_20
bought with a 46_1CO_07_23
bought with a 46_1CO_06_20
bought with a price 46_1CO_07_23
bought with a price 46_1CO_07_39
bound by the law 46_1CO_11_24
brake it and 46_1CO_11_26
bread and drink 46_1CO_11_27
bread and drink 46_1CO_11_28
bread and drink 46_1CO_11_28
bread and drink of 46_1CO_11_26
bread and drink this 46_1CO_11_27
bread and drink this 46_1CO_14_20
Brethren be not 46_1CO_01_10
brethren by the 46_1CO_03_01
brethren could not 46_1CO_10_01
brethren I would 46_1CO_12_01
brethren I would 46_1CO_10_01
brethren I would not 46_1CO_12_01
brethren I would not 46_1CO_14_06
brethren if I 46_1CO_07_24
Brethren let every 46_1CO_07_24
Brethren let every man 46_1CO_09_05
brethren of the 46_1CO_11_02
brethren that ye 46_1CO_11_33
brethren when ye 46_1CO_14_26
brethren when ye 46_1CO_11_33
brethren when ye come 46_1CO_14_26
brethren when ye come 46_1CO_16_15
brethren ye know 46_1CO_04_17
bring you into 46_1CO_06_06
brother and that 46_1CO_15_54
brought to pass 46_1CO_12_11
But all these 46_1CO_06_12
but all things 46_1CO_11_12
but all things 46_1CO_06_12
but all things are 46_1CO_10_23
but all things are 46_1CO_07_11
But and if 46_1CO_07_28
But and if 46_1CO_07_17
But as God 46_1CO_02_09
but as it 46_1CO_04_14
but as my 46_1CO_12_03
but by the 46_1CO_15_10
but by the 46_1CO_15_10
But by the grace 46_1CO_16_11
but conduct him forth 46_1CO_16_11
but conduct him forth 46_1CO_07_07
but every man 46_1CO_10_24
but every man 46_1CO_15_23
but every man 46_1CO_11_05
But every woman 46_1CO_07_35
but for that 46_1CO_06_13
but for the 46_1CO_11_17
but for the 46_1CO_14_22
but for them which 46_1CO_03_06
but God gave 46_1CO_01_27
but God hath 46_1CO_07_15
but God hath 46_1CO_12_24
but God hath 46_1CO_06_13
but God shall 46_1CO_03_15
But he himself 46_1CO_02_15
but he that 46_1CO_04_04
but he that 46_1CO_06_17
but he that 46_1CO_06_18
but he that 46_1CO_07_33
but he that 46_1CO_07_38
but he that 46_1CO_14_03
but he that 46_1CO_14_04
but he that 46_1CO_02_15
but he that is 46_1CO_06_17
but he that is 46_1CO_07_33
but he that is 46_1CO_07_33
but he that is 46_1CO_14_03
But he that prophesieth 46_1CO_14_04
But he that prophesieth 46_1CO_16_12
but he will 46_1CO_09_15
But I have 46_1CO_10_20
But I say 46_1CO_07_06
But I speak 46_1CO_16_07
but I trust 46_1CO_16_07
but I trust to 46_1CO_04_19
But I will 46_1CO_06_12
But I will 46_1CO_16_08
But I will 46_1CO_06_12
but I will not 46_1CO_07_32
But I would 46_1CO_11_03
But I would 46_1CO_07_32
But I would have 46_1CO_11_03
But I would have 46_1CO_11_15
But if a 46_1CO_07_36
But if any 46_1CO_08_03
But if any 46_1CO_10_28
But if any 46_1CO_11_16
But if any 46_1CO_14_38
But if any 46_1CO_08_03
But if any man 46_1CO_10_28
But if any man 46_1CO_11_16
But if any man 46_1CO_14_38
But if any man 46_1CO_07_39
But if her 46_1CO_07_39
But if her husband 46_1CO_11_06
but if it 46_1CO_11_06
but if it be 46_1CO_07_15
But if the 46_1CO_07_15
But if the 46_1CO_14_28
but if there 46_1CO_14_28
but if there be 46_1CO_07_09
But if they 46_1CO_07_21
But if thou 46_1CO_02_05
But in the 46_1CO_12_06
but it is 46_1CO_03_10
But let every 46_1CO_03_10
But let every man 46_1CO_07_14
but now are 46_1CO_12_20
but now are 46_1CO_07_14
but now are they 46_1CO_12_20
but now are they 46_1CO_12_18
But now hath 46_1CO_05_11
but now I 46_1CO_15_20
But now is Christ 46_1CO_15_20
But now is Christ 46_1CO_01_30
but of him 46_1CO_10_29
But of the 46_1CO_14_01
but rather that 46_1CO_14_05
but rather that 46_1CO_14_01
but rather that ye 46_1CO_14_05
but rather that ye 46_1CO_07_40
but she is 46_1CO_07_34
but she that 46_1CO_10_13
but such as 46_1CO_08_09
But take heed 46_1CO_15_57
But thanks be 46_1CO_15_57
But thanks be to 46_1CO_12_25
but that the 46_1CO_15_46
but that which 46_1CO_15_46
but that which is 46_1CO_01_10
but that ye 46_1CO_07_10
But the LORD 46_1CO_14_17
But the other 46_1CO_12_05
But the same 46_1CO_02_11
But the spirit 46_1CO_02_12
But the spirit 46_1CO_02_11
But the spirit of 46_1CO_11_08
But the woman 46_1CO_11_09
But the woman 46_1CO_15_39
but there is 46_1CO_14_34
but they are 46_1CO_07_29
But this I 46_1CO_07_29
But this I say 46_1CO_07_12
But to the 46_1CO_14_22
But to them that 46_1CO_14_02
but unto God 46_1CO_01_24
But unto them which 46_1CO_01_18
but unto us 46_1CO_04_10
but we are 46_1CO_15_51
but we shall 46_1CO_15_27
But when he 46_1CO_13_11
but when I 46_1CO_11_32
but when we 46_1CO_08_12
But when ye 46_1CO_04_03
but with me 46_1CO_05_08
but with the 46_1CO_04_10
but ye are 46_1CO_06_11
but ye are 46_1CO_09_22
by all means 46_1CO_08_09
by any means 46_1CO_09_27
by any means 46_1CO_14_27
by course and 46_1CO_03_13
by fire and 46_1CO_03_13
by fire and the 46_1CO_01_05
by him in 46_1CO_06_14
by his own 46_1CO_06_14
by his own power 46_1CO_01_04
by Jesus Christ 46_1CO_12_13
by one Spirit 46_1CO_14_31
by one that 46_1CO_15_10
by the grace 46_1CO_15_10
by the grace of 46_1CO_12_03
by the Holy 46_1CO_12_03
by the Holy Ghost 46_1CO_07_39
by the law 46_1CO_01_10
by the name 46_1CO_01_10
by the name of 46_1CO_12_08
by the same 46_1CO_12_09
by the same 46_1CO_12_08
by the same Spirit 46_1CO_12_09
by the same Spirit 46_1CO_06_11
by the spirit 46_1CO_12_03
by the spirit 46_1CO_12_08
by the spirit 46_1CO_06_11
by the spirit of 46_1CO_12_03
by the spirit of 46_1CO_16_07
by the way 46_1CO_16_07
by the way But 46_1CO_15_02
By which also 46_1CO_08_06
by whom are 46_1CO_08_06
by whom are all 46_1CO_01_09
by whom ye 46_1CO_03_05
by whom ye 46_1CO_01_02
call upon the 46_1CO_01_02
call upon the name 46_1CO_07_17
called every one 46_1CO_01_02
called to be 46_1CO_01_01
called to be an 46_1CO_01_02
called to be saints 46_1CO_01_09
called unto the 46_1CO_07_15
called us to 46_1CO_15_21
came also the 46_1CO_14_36
came the word 46_1CO_14_36
came the word of 46_1CO_03_11
can no man 46_1CO_07_32
careth for the 46_1CO_07_34
careth for the 46_1CO_07_32
careth for the things 46_1CO_07_33
careth for the things 46_1CO_07_34
careth for the things 46_1CO_12_02
carried away unto 46_1CO_04_17
cause have I 46_1CO_13_01
charity I am 46_1CO_13_02
charity I am 46_1CO_14_20
children but In 46_1CO_06_15
Christ and make 46_1CO_11_03
Christ and the 46_1CO_15_14
Christ be not 46_1CO_15_17
Christ be not 46_1CO_08_06
Christ by whom 46_1CO_16_24
Christ Jesus Amen 46_1CO_15_31
Christ Jesus our 46_1CO_15_31
Christ Jesus our Lord 46_1CO_01_30
Christ Jesus who 46_1CO_01_02
Christ our Lord 46_1CO_01_09
Christ our Lord 46_1CO_09_01
Christ our Lord 46_1CO_01_17
Christ should be 46_1CO_09_21
Christ that I 46_1CO_01_10
Christ that ye 46_1CO_04_10
Christ we are 46_1CO_15_19
Christ we are 46_1CO_14_28
church and let 46_1CO_01_02
church of God 46_1CO_11_22
church of God 46_1CO_15_09
church of God 46_1CO_11_22
church of God and 46_1CO_01_02
church of God which 46_1CO_16_19
church that is 46_1CO_16_19
church that is in 46_1CO_16_01
churches of Galatia 46_1CO_11_16
churches of God 46_1CO_14_33
churches of the 46_1CO_10_01
cloud and all 46_1CO_10_02
cloud and in 46_1CO_14_24
come in one 46_1CO_02_06
come to nought 46_1CO_04_18
come to you 46_1CO_04_19
come to you 46_1CO_11_18
come together in 46_1CO_16_11
come unto me 46_1CO_16_11
come unto me for 46_1CO_04_21
come unto you 46_1CO_14_06
come unto you 46_1CO_16_05
come unto you 46_1CO_16_12
come unto you 46_1CO_04_21
come unto you with 46_1CO_01_07
coming of our 46_1CO_01_07
coming of our Lord 46_1CO_14_34
commanded to be 46_1CO_07_25
commandment of the 46_1CO_07_25
commandment of the LORD 46_1CO_07_19
commandments of God 46_1CO_14_37
commandments of the 46_1CO_14_37
commandments of the LORD 46_1CO_09_17
committed unto me 46_1CO_06_18
committeth fornication sinneth against 46_1CO_06_18
committeth fornication sinneth against 46_1CO_10_16
communion of the 46_1CO_05_03
concerning him that 46_1CO_03_01
could not speak 46_1CO_03_01
could not speak unto 46_1CO_04_05
counsels of the 46_1CO_01_17
cross of Christ 46_1CO_11_25
cup is the 46_1CO_11_25
cup is the new 46_1CO_10_21
cup of the 46_1CO_10_21
cup of the Lord 46_1CO_11_27
cup of the Lord 46_1CO_15_04
day according to 46_1CO_01_08
day of our 46_1CO_05_05
day of the 46_1CO_16_02
day of the 46_1CO_05_05
day of the LORD 46_1CO_16_02
day of the week 46_1CO_15_15
dead rise not 46_1CO_15_16
dead rise not 46_1CO_15_32
dead rise not 46_1CO_15_01
declare unto you 46_1CO_01_11
declared unto me 46_1CO_11_02
delivered them to 46_1CO_11_23
delivered unto you 46_1CO_15_03
delivered unto you 46_1CO_15_24
delivered up the 46_1CO_07_10
depart from her 46_1CO_16_12
desired him to 46_1CO_10_10
destroyed of the 46_1CO_05_05
destruction of the 46_1CO_10_03
did all eat 46_1CO_09_17
dispensation of the 46_1CO_12_10
divers kinds of 46_1CO_01_10
divisions among you 46_1CO_11_18
divisions among you 46_1CO_09_23
do for the 46_1CO_11_24
do in remembrance 46_1CO_11_24
do in remembrance of 46_1CO_05_12
do not ye 46_1CO_11_26
do show the 46_1CO_09_17
do this thing 46_1CO_07_36
do what he 46_1CO_06_02
do ye not 46_1CO_06_07
do ye not 46_1CO_09_13
do ye not 46_1CO_06_02
do ye not know 46_1CO_06_07
do ye not rather 46_1CO_06_07
do ye not rather 46_1CO_05_02
done this deed 46_1CO_05_03
done this deed 46_1CO_09_15
done unto me 46_1CO_09_15
done unto me for 46_1CO_14_25
down on his face 46_1CO_10_07
down to eat 46_1CO_10_07
down to eat and 46_1CO_10_04
drink for they 46_1CO_15_32
drink for to 46_1CO_15_32
drink for to morrow 46_1CO_11_25
drink it in 46_1CO_11_28
drink of that 46_1CO_11_26
drink this cup 46_1CO_11_27
drink this cup 46_1CO_06_10
drunkards nor revilers nor 46_1CO_06_10
drunkards nor revilers nor 46_1CO_07_12
dwell with him 46_1CO_03_16
dwelleth in you 46_1CO_10_28
earth is the 46_1CO_10_28
earth is the LORD's 46_1CO_14_09
easy to be 46_1CO_10_07
eat and drink 46_1CO_15_32
eat and drink 46_1CO_10_07
eat and drink and 46_1CO_09_04
eat and to 46_1CO_11_22
eat and to 46_1CO_09_04
eat and to drink 46_1CO_11_22
eat and to drink 46_1CO_10_25
eat asking no 46_1CO_10_27
eat asking no 46_1CO_10_25
eat asking no question 46_1CO_10_27
eat asking no question 46_1CO_08_07
eat it as 46_1CO_10_18
eat of the 46_1CO_11_26
eat this bread 46_1CO_11_27
eat this bread 46_1CO_11_26
eat this bread and 46_1CO_11_27
eat this bread and 46_1CO_08_10
eat those things 46_1CO_11_29
eateth and drinketh 46_1CO_09_07
eateth not of 46_1CO_09_07
eateth not of the 46_1CO_09_07
eateth not of the 46_1CO_14_12
edifying of the 46_1CO_10_11
ends of the 46_1CO_02_09
entered into the 46_1CO_03_03
envying and strife 46_1CO_13_12
even as also 46_1CO_07_07
Even as I 46_1CO_07_08
Even as I 46_1CO_10_33
Even as I 46_1CO_11_01
Even as I 46_1CO_11_01
even as I also 46_1CO_01_06
even as the 46_1CO_03_05
even as the 46_1CO_03_01
even as unto 46_1CO_12_02
even as ye 46_1CO_02_11
even so the 46_1CO_14_12
Even so ye 46_1CO_15_24
even the Father 46_1CO_04_11
even unto this 46_1CO_07_07
every man hath his 46_1CO_04_05
every man have 46_1CO_07_02
every man have 46_1CO_15_23
every man in 46_1CO_15_23
every man in his 46_1CO_11_03
every man is 46_1CO_03_08
Every man shall 46_1CO_08_07
every man that 46_1CO_09_25
every man that 46_1CO_12_07
every man to 46_1CO_12_07
every man to 46_1CO_03_13
every man's work 46_1CO_03_13
every man's work 46_1CO_01_12
every one of 46_1CO_12_18
every one of 46_1CO_14_26
every one of 46_1CO_16_02
every one of 46_1CO_12_18
every one of them 46_1CO_01_12
every one of you 46_1CO_14_26
every one of you 46_1CO_16_02
every one of you 46_1CO_16_16
every one that 46_1CO_10_30
evil spoken of 46_1CO_10_06
evil things as 46_1CO_14_06
Except I shall 46_1CO_07_05
except it be 46_1CO_06_12
expedient all things 46_1CO_10_23
expedient all things 46_1CO_06_12
expedient all things are 46_1CO_10_23
expedient all things are 46_1CO_02_09
eye hath not 46_1CO_02_09
eye hath not seen 46_1CO_14_25
face he will 46_1CO_13_12
face to face 46_1CO_04_17
faithful in the 46_1CO_16_13
fast in the 46_1CO_01_03
Father and from 46_1CO_01_03
Father and from the 46_1CO_01_09
fellowship of his 46_1CO_04_13
filth of the 46_1CO_03_13
fire and the 46_1CO_16_02
first day of 46_1CO_16_02
first day of the 46_1CO_11_18
first of all 46_1CO_15_03
first of all 46_1CO_16_15
firstfruits of Achaia 46_1CO_15_20
firstfruits of them 46_1CO_15_50
flesh and blood 46_1CO_15_39
flesh is not 46_1CO_04_16
followers of me 46_1CO_11_01
followers of me 46_1CO_11_15
for a covering 46_1CO_07_01
for a man 46_1CO_07_26
for a man 46_1CO_11_07
for a man 46_1CO_07_26
for a man so 46_1CO_14_22
for a sign 46_1CO_07_05
for a time 46_1CO_01_21
For after that 46_1CO_14_21
for all that 46_1CO_03_21
for all things 46_1CO_03_21
for all things are 46_1CO_15_22
For as in 46_1CO_11_12
for as the 46_1CO_12_12
for as the 46_1CO_12_12
For as the body 46_1CO_12_13
For by one 46_1CO_04_10
for Christ's sake 46_1CO_10_25
for conscience sake 46_1CO_10_28
for conscience sake 46_1CO_05_07
For even Christ 46_1CO_14_33
for God is 46_1CO_14_33
For God is not 46_1CO_15_27
for he hath 46_1CO_07_22
for he that 46_1CO_11_29
for he that 46_1CO_14_02
for he that 46_1CO_07_22
for he that is 46_1CO_10_28
for his sake 46_1CO_15_09
for I am 46_1CO_15_09
for I am the 46_1CO_16_05
for I do 46_1CO_11_23
for I have 46_1CO_04_04
For I know 46_1CO_16_07
for I will 46_1CO_16_07
for I will not 46_1CO_07_07
For I would 46_1CO_07_07
For I would that 46_1CO_08_10
For if any 46_1CO_09_17
for if I 46_1CO_10_30
for if I 46_1CO_14_14
for if I 46_1CO_11_06
for if the 46_1CO_14_08
for if the 46_1CO_15_16
for if the 46_1CO_04_15
for in Christ 46_1CO_04_15
for in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_01_11
for it hath 46_1CO_01_19
for it is 46_1CO_03_19
for it is 46_1CO_07_09
for it is 46_1CO_09_09
for it is 46_1CO_14_34
for it is 46_1CO_14_35
for it is 46_1CO_14_35
for it is a 46_1CO_07_09
for it is better 46_1CO_14_34
For it is not 46_1CO_01_19
for it is written 46_1CO_03_19
for it is written 46_1CO_09_09
for it is written 46_1CO_06_12
for me but 46_1CO_10_23
for me but all 46_1CO_10_23
for me but all 46_1CO_09_15
for me to 46_1CO_14_02
for no man 46_1CO_13_12
For now we 46_1CO_12_24
For our comely parts 46_1CO_12_24
For our comely parts 46_1CO_09_10
for our sakes 46_1CO_15_03
for our sins 46_1CO_11_05
for that is 46_1CO_07_35
for that which 46_1CO_16_17
for that which 46_1CO_07_35
for that which is 46_1CO_16_17
for that which was 46_1CO_06_13
for the body 46_1CO_01_07
for the coming 46_1CO_01_07
for the coming of 46_1CO_03_13
for the day 46_1CO_15_29
for the dead 46_1CO_05_05
for the destruction 46_1CO_10_26
for the earth 46_1CO_10_28
for the earth 46_1CO_10_26
for the earth is 46_1CO_01_04
for the grace 46_1CO_01_04
for the grace of 46_1CO_01_22
for the Jews 46_1CO_04_20
for the kingdom 46_1CO_04_20
for the kingdom of 46_1CO_06_13
for the LORD 46_1CO_06_13
for the LORD and 46_1CO_11_08
for the man 46_1CO_11_09
for the man 46_1CO_07_26
for the present 46_1CO_16_01
for the saints 46_1CO_02_10
for the spirit 46_1CO_07_33
for the things 46_1CO_07_34
for the things 46_1CO_07_34
for the things of 46_1CO_07_32
for the things that 46_1CO_07_33
for the things that 46_1CO_03_19
for the wisdom 46_1CO_03_19
for the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_09
for them that 46_1CO_14_22
for them that 46_1CO_02_09
for them that love 46_1CO_14_22
for them which 46_1CO_05_10
for then must 46_1CO_02_14
for they are 46_1CO_16_18
for they have 46_1CO_10_05
for they were 46_1CO_04_17
for this cause 46_1CO_11_10
for this cause 46_1CO_11_30
for this cause 46_1CO_04_17
for this cause have 46_1CO_09_16
For though I 46_1CO_09_19
For though I 46_1CO_09_19
For though I be 46_1CO_04_15
For though ye 46_1CO_15_32
for to morrow 46_1CO_15_32
for to morrow we 46_1CO_03_09
for we are 46_1CO_04_09
for we are 46_1CO_10_17
for we are 46_1CO_10_17
for we are all 46_1CO_04_09
for we are made 46_1CO_13_09
For we know 46_1CO_10_30
for which I 46_1CO_02_16
For who hath 46_1CO_02_16
For who hath known 46_1CO_08_11
for whom Christ 46_1CO_08_11
for whom Christ died 46_1CO_03_03
for ye are 46_1CO_06_20
for ye are 46_1CO_14_09
for ye shall 46_1CO_11_24
for you this 46_1CO_11_24
for you this do 46_1CO_07_35
for your own 46_1CO_04_06
for your sakes 46_1CO_11_07
forasmuch as he 46_1CO_14_12
forasmuch as ye 46_1CO_15_58
forasmuch as ye 46_1CO_14_12
forasmuch as ye are 46_1CO_15_58
forasmuch as ye know 46_1CO_14_39
forbid not to 46_1CO_05_02
from among you 46_1CO_04_07
from another and 46_1CO_01_03
from God our 46_1CO_01_03
from God our Father 46_1CO_07_10
from her husband 46_1CO_15_12
from the dead 46_1CO_15_20
from the dead 46_1CO_15_20
from the dead and 46_1CO_01_03
from the LORD 46_1CO_01_03
from the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_09_20
gain them that 46_1CO_09_21
gain them that 46_1CO_09_20
gain them that are 46_1CO_09_21
gain them that are 46_1CO_05_04
gathered together and 46_1CO_06_19
Ghost which is 46_1CO_07_07
gift of God 46_1CO_12_09
gifts of healing 46_1CO_12_30
gifts of healing 46_1CO_12_08
given by the 46_1CO_12_08
given by the Spirit 46_1CO_12_08
given by the Spirit 46_1CO_02_12
given to us 46_1CO_03_10
given unto me 46_1CO_14_16
giving of thanks 46_1CO_16_17
glad of the 46_1CO_01_31
glorieth let him 46_1CO_01_31
glorieth let him glory 46_1CO_06_20
glorify God in 46_1CO_01_29
glory in his 46_1CO_01_31
glory in the 46_1CO_01_31
glory in the Lord 46_1CO_10_31
glory of God 46_1CO_11_07
glory of God 46_1CO_11_07
glory of the 46_1CO_15_40
glory of the 46_1CO_15_41
glory of the 46_1CO_15_41
glory of the stars 46_1CO_15_41
glory of the stars 46_1CO_05_10
go out of 46_1CO_05_10
go out of the 46_1CO_06_01
go to law 46_1CO_06_07
go to law 46_1CO_16_04
go with me 46_1CO_10_20
God and I 46_1CO_03_16
God and that 46_1CO_03_16
God and that the 46_1CO_01_24
God and the 46_1CO_06_19
God and ye 46_1CO_15_15
God because we 46_1CO_15_15
God because we have 46_1CO_11_07
God but the 46_1CO_03_16
God dwelleth in 46_1CO_15_24
God even the 46_1CO_15_24
God even the Father 46_1CO_03_19
God for it 46_1CO_03_19
God for it is 46_1CO_14_02
God for no 46_1CO_14_02
God for no man 46_1CO_02_14
god for they 46_1CO_01_27
God hath chosen 46_1CO_01_27
God hath chosen the 46_1CO_01_27
God hath chosen the 46_1CO_07_17
God hath distributed 46_1CO_07_17
God hath distributed to 46_1CO_12_28
God hath set 46_1CO_04_09
God hath set forth 46_1CO_15_10
God I am 46_1CO_14_18
God I speak 46_1CO_15_34
God I speak 46_1CO_02_07
God in a 46_1CO_06_20
God in your 46_1CO_01_09
God is faithful 46_1CO_10_13
God is faithful 46_1CO_03_17
God is holy 46_1CO_14_25
God is in 46_1CO_04_20
God is not 46_1CO_14_33
God is not 46_1CO_14_33
God is not the 46_1CO_15_28
God may be 46_1CO_01_03
God our Father 46_1CO_01_03
God our Father and 46_1CO_03_07
God that giveth 46_1CO_15_15
God that he 46_1CO_01_14
God that I 46_1CO_02_12
God that we 46_1CO_02_12
God that we might 46_1CO_08_06
God the Father 46_1CO_08_03
God the same 46_1CO_08_03
God the same is 46_1CO_01_02
God which is 46_1CO_01_04
God which is 46_1CO_03_10
God which is 46_1CO_01_02
God which is at 46_1CO_01_04
God which is given 46_1CO_03_10
God which is given 46_1CO_15_10
God which was 46_1CO_12_06
God which worketh 46_1CO_04_08
God ye did 46_1CO_07_26
good for a 46_1CO_07_01
good for a man 46_1CO_07_26
good for the 46_1CO_07_08
good for them 46_1CO_09_12
gospel of Christ 46_1CO_09_18
gospel of Christ 46_1CO_15_01
gospel which I 46_1CO_01_03
Grace be unto 46_1CO_01_03
Grace be unto you 46_1CO_01_04
grace of God 46_1CO_03_10
grace of God 46_1CO_15_10
grace of God 46_1CO_01_04
grace of God which 46_1CO_03_10
grace of God which 46_1CO_15_10
grace which was 46_1CO_09_11
great thing if 46_1CO_14_05
greater is he 46_1CO_14_05
greater is he that 46_1CO_16_20
Greet ye one 46_1CO_16_20
Greet ye one another 46_1CO_11_24
had given thanks 46_1CO_11_14
hair it is 46_1CO_11_15
hair it is 46_1CO_11_14
hair it is a 46_1CO_11_15
hair it is a 46_1CO_10_11
happened unto them 46_1CO_04_07
hast thou that 46_1CO_07_13
hath an husband 46_1CO_07_15
hath called us 46_1CO_07_15
hath called us to 46_1CO_07_17
hath distributed to 46_1CO_05_02
hath done this 46_1CO_02_16
hath known the 46_1CO_02_16
hath known the mind 46_1CO_01_20
hath not God 46_1CO_07_04
hath not power of 46_1CO_07_04
hath not power of 46_1CO_02_09
hath not seen 46_1CO_07_28
hath not sinned 46_1CO_12_18
hath pleased him 46_1CO_15_38
hath pleased him 46_1CO_07_37
hath power over 46_1CO_02_09
hath prepared for 46_1CO_02_09
hath prepared for them 46_1CO_15_25
hath put all 46_1CO_15_27
hath put all 46_1CO_15_27
hath put all things 46_1CO_04_09
hath set forth 46_1CO_09_14
hath the LORD 46_1CO_15_02
have believed in 46_1CO_15_49
have borne the 46_1CO_02_08
have crucified the 46_1CO_15_24
have delivered up 46_1CO_03_02
have fed you 46_1CO_10_20
have fellowship with 46_1CO_09_19
have I made 46_1CO_09_01
have I not 46_1CO_09_01
have I not seen 46_1CO_04_17
have I sent 46_1CO_05_12
have I to 46_1CO_05_12
have I to do 46_1CO_09_15
have I written 46_1CO_15_31
have in Christ 46_1CO_15_31
have in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_03_10
have laid the foundation 46_1CO_11_14
have long hair 46_1CO_11_15
have long hair 46_1CO_11_14
have long hair it 46_1CO_11_15
have long hair it 46_1CO_04_11
have no certain 46_1CO_12_24
have no need 46_1CO_12_21
have no need of 46_1CO_13_01
have not charity 46_1CO_13_02
have not charity 46_1CO_13_01
have not charity I 46_1CO_13_02
have not charity I 46_1CO_05_02
have not rather 46_1CO_15_34
have not the 46_1CO_09_16
have nothing to 46_1CO_04_05
have praise of 46_1CO_09_27
have preached to 46_1CO_15_24
have put down 46_1CO_15_54
have put on 46_1CO_11_23
have received of 46_1CO_11_23
have received of the 46_1CO_09_04
have we not 46_1CO_09_05
have we not 46_1CO_09_04
Have we not power 46_1CO_09_05
Have we not power 46_1CO_05_11
have written unto 46_1CO_05_11
have written unto you 46_1CO_04_15
have ye not 46_1CO_11_22
have ye not 46_1CO_12_01
have you ignorant 46_1CO_11_04
having his head 46_1CO_11_04
having his head covered 46_1CO_07_13
he be pleased 46_1CO_11_24
he had given 46_1CO_03_14
he hath built 46_1CO_15_25
he hath put 46_1CO_15_27
he hath put 46_1CO_15_25
he hath put all 46_1CO_15_27
he hath put all 46_1CO_02_15
he himself is 46_1CO_14_24
he is judged 46_1CO_11_07
he is the 46_1CO_03_18
he may be 46_1CO_16_10
he may be 46_1CO_16_11
he may come 46_1CO_07_32
he may please 46_1CO_07_33
he may please 46_1CO_15_12
he rose from 46_1CO_15_12
he rose from the 46_1CO_15_27
he saith All 46_1CO_06_16
he shall be 46_1CO_15_24
he shall have 46_1CO_16_12
he shall have 46_1CO_03_14
He shall receive 46_1CO_03_19
He taketh the wise 46_1CO_06_18
he that committeth 46_1CO_11_29
he that eateth 46_1CO_07_38
he that giveth 46_1CO_07_38
he that giveth her 46_1CO_07_38
he that giveth her 46_1CO_01_31
He that glorieth 46_1CO_01_31
He that glorieth let 46_1CO_05_02
he that hath 46_1CO_02_15
he that is 46_1CO_06_17
he that is 46_1CO_07_22
he that is 46_1CO_07_32
he that is 46_1CO_07_33
he that is 46_1CO_07_22
he that is called 46_1CO_07_22
he that is called 46_1CO_03_07
he that planteth 46_1CO_03_08
he that planteth 46_1CO_14_03
he that prophesieth 46_1CO_14_04
he that prophesieth 46_1CO_14_02
He that speaketh 46_1CO_14_04
He that speaketh 46_1CO_14_05
He that speaketh 46_1CO_14_11
He that speaketh 46_1CO_14_02
he that speaketh in 46_1CO_14_04
he that speaketh in 46_1CO_03_07
he that watereth 46_1CO_11_25
he took the 46_1CO_11_25
he took the cup 46_1CO_15_04
he was buried 46_1CO_15_04
he was buried and 46_1CO_07_20
he was called 46_1CO_15_06
he was seen 46_1CO_15_07
he was seen 46_1CO_15_08
he was seen 46_1CO_15_05
he was seen of 46_1CO_15_06
he was seen of 46_1CO_15_08
he was seen of 46_1CO_06_16
he which is 46_1CO_16_12
he will come 46_1CO_07_36
he will he 46_1CO_11_03
head of the 46_1CO_12_21
head to the 46_1CO_11_18
hear that there 46_1CO_02_09
heart of man 46_1CO_07_37
heart that he 46_1CO_08_05
heaven or in 46_1CO_08_05
heaven or in earth 46_1CO_10_12
heed lest he 46_1CO_07_11
her husband and 46_1CO_07_39
her husband be 46_1CO_07_39
her husband be dead 46_1CO_07_39
her husband liveth 46_1CO_07_13
her let her 46_1CO_07_38
her not in 46_1CO_04_05
hidden things of 46_1CO_15_38
him and to 46_1CO_02_16
him But we 46_1CO_07_36
him do what 46_1CO_02_11
him even so 46_1CO_01_31
him glory in 46_1CO_01_31
him glory in the 46_1CO_01_05
him in all 46_1CO_15_27
him It is 46_1CO_07_12
him let him 46_1CO_07_18
him not be 46_1CO_05_03
him that hath 46_1CO_05_03
him that hath 46_1CO_14_13
him that speaketh 46_1CO_16_02
him that there 46_1CO_15_28
him then shall 46_1CO_08_10
him which is 46_1CO_16_11
him with the 46_1CO_14_28
himself and to 46_1CO_14_04
himself but he 46_1CO_14_04
himself but he that 46_1CO_03_15
himself shall be 46_1CO_14_37
himself to be 46_1CO_14_08
himself to the 46_1CO_14_25
his face he will 46_1CO_05_01
his father's wife 46_1CO_15_27
his feet but 46_1CO_15_10
his grace which 46_1CO_07_37
his heart that 46_1CO_07_37
his heart that he 46_1CO_06_18
his own body 46_1CO_15_38
his own body 46_1CO_07_02
his own wife 46_1CO_07_37
his own will 46_1CO_07_37
his own will and 46_1CO_01_09
his Son Jesus 46_1CO_01_09
his Son Jesus Christ 46_1CO_14_30
hold his peace 46_1CO_06_19
Holy Ghost which 46_1CO_06_19
Holy Ghost which is 46_1CO_15_35
how are the 46_1CO_07_32
how he may 46_1CO_07_33
how he may 46_1CO_07_32
how he may please 46_1CO_07_33
how he may please 46_1CO_14_26
How is it 46_1CO_14_26
how is it then 46_1CO_07_16
How knowest thou 46_1CO_06_03
how much more 46_1CO_14_16
how shall he 46_1CO_14_07
how shall it 46_1CO_14_09
how shall it 46_1CO_14_07
how shall it be 46_1CO_14_09
how shall it be 46_1CO_14_02
Howbeit in the 46_1CO_08_07
howbeit there is 46_1CO_04_11
hunger and thirst 46_1CO_11_01
I also am 46_1CO_15_10
I AM and 46_1CO_13_01
I am become 46_1CO_09_22
I am made 46_1CO_12_15
I am not 46_1CO_12_16
I am not 46_1CO_12_15
I am not of 46_1CO_12_16
I am not of 46_1CO_12_16
I am not the 46_1CO_03_04
I am of 46_1CO_01_12
I am of Paul 46_1CO_03_04
I am of Paul 46_1CO_15_09
I am the 46_1CO_15_09
I am the least 46_1CO_09_02
I am to 46_1CO_09_02
I be not 46_1CO_13_11
I became a 46_1CO_01_10
I beseech you 46_1CO_04_16
I beseech you 46_1CO_16_15
I beseech you 46_1CO_04_16
I beseech you be 46_1CO_16_15
I beseech you brethren 46_1CO_13_03
I bestow all 46_1CO_13_03
I bestow all my 46_1CO_07_10
I but the 46_1CO_15_10
I but the 46_1CO_02_01
I came to 46_1CO_04_21
I come unto 46_1CO_14_06
I come unto 46_1CO_04_21
I come unto you 46_1CO_11_17
I declare unto 46_1CO_15_01
I declare unto 46_1CO_11_17
I declare unto you 46_1CO_15_01
I declare unto you 46_1CO_11_02
I delivered them 46_1CO_11_23
I delivered unto 46_1CO_15_03
I delivered unto 46_1CO_11_23
I delivered unto you 46_1CO_15_03
I delivered unto you 46_1CO_09_23
I do for 46_1CO_09_23
I do for the 46_1CO_09_17
I do this 46_1CO_07_25
I give my 46_1CO_12_03
I give you 46_1CO_14_19
I had rather 46_1CO_09_17
I have a 46_1CO_13_02
I have all 46_1CO_04_15
I have begotten 46_1CO_03_02
I have fed 46_1CO_03_02
I have fed you 46_1CO_15_32
I have fought 46_1CO_16_01
I have given 46_1CO_04_06
I have in 46_1CO_15_31
I have in 46_1CO_03_10
I have laid 46_1CO_03_10
I have laid the 46_1CO_07_25
I have no 46_1CO_12_21
I have no 46_1CO_12_21
I have no need 46_1CO_12_21
I have no need 46_1CO_09_16
I have nothing 46_1CO_09_16
I have nothing to 46_1CO_03_06
I have planted 46_1CO_09_27
I have preached 46_1CO_09_27
I have preached to 46_1CO_11_23
I have received of 46_1CO_07_40
I have the 46_1CO_13_02
I have the 46_1CO_05_11
I have written 46_1CO_05_11
I have written unto 46_1CO_01_16
I know not 46_1CO_14_11
I know not 46_1CO_14_11
I know not the 46_1CO_09_19
I made myself 46_1CO_08_13
I make my 46_1CO_07_35
I may cast 46_1CO_09_18
I may make 46_1CO_09_19
I might gain 46_1CO_09_20
I might gain 46_1CO_09_22
I might gain 46_1CO_09_19
I might gain the 46_1CO_09_20
I might gain the 46_1CO_09_20
I might gain them 46_1CO_09_21
I might gain them 46_1CO_09_26
I not as 46_1CO_09_01
I not seen 46_1CO_15_09
I persecuted the 46_1CO_15_09
I persecuted the church 46_1CO_11_02
I praise you 46_1CO_11_17
I praise you 46_1CO_11_17
I praise you not 46_1CO_11_22
I praise you not 46_1CO_09_16
I preach the 46_1CO_09_18
I preach the 46_1CO_09_16
I preach the gospel 46_1CO_09_18
I preach the gospel 46_1CO_15_01
I preached unto 46_1CO_15_02
I preached unto 46_1CO_15_01
I preached unto you 46_1CO_15_02
I preached unto you 46_1CO_13_11
I put away 46_1CO_07_29
I say brethren 46_1CO_15_50
I say brethren 46_1CO_01_12
I say that 46_1CO_07_26
I say that 46_1CO_10_20
I say that 46_1CO_10_20
I say that the 46_1CO_07_08
I say therefore 46_1CO_11_22
I say to 46_1CO_11_22
I say to you 46_1CO_04_17
I sent unto 46_1CO_14_11
I shall be 46_1CO_16_05
I shall pass 46_1CO_14_06
I shall speak 46_1CO_04_03
I should be 46_1CO_10_15
I speak as 46_1CO_07_06
I speak this 46_1CO_15_34
I speak this 46_1CO_06_05
I speak to 46_1CO_14_21
I speak unto 46_1CO_14_18
I speak with 46_1CO_01_14
I thank God 46_1CO_14_18
I thank my 46_1CO_14_18
I thank my God 46_1CO_06_15
I then take 46_1CO_10_19
I then that 46_1CO_05_12
I to do 46_1CO_16_07
I trust to 46_1CO_12_31
I unto you 46_1CO_13_11
I was a 46_1CO_02_03
I was with 46_1CO_02_03
I was with you 46_1CO_05_03
I were present 46_1CO_04_19
I will come 46_1CO_16_05
I will come 46_1CO_16_05
I will come unto 46_1CO_01_19
I will destroy 46_1CO_01_19
I will destroy the 46_1CO_06_12
I will not 46_1CO_16_07
I will not 46_1CO_06_12
I will not be 46_1CO_14_15
I will pray 46_1CO_14_15
I will pray with 46_1CO_14_15
I will pray with 46_1CO_14_15
I will sing 46_1CO_14_15
I will sing with 46_1CO_14_15
I will sing with 46_1CO_07_32
I would have 46_1CO_11_03
I would have 46_1CO_07_32
I would have you 46_1CO_04_18
I would not 46_1CO_10_01
I would not 46_1CO_10_20
I would not 46_1CO_12_01
I would not 46_1CO_04_18
I would not come 46_1CO_12_01
I would not have 46_1CO_10_01
I would not that 46_1CO_07_07
I would that 46_1CO_14_05
I would that ye 46_1CO_04_08
I would to 46_1CO_04_08
I would to God 46_1CO_14_37
I write unto 46_1CO_14_37
I write unto you 46_1CO_05_09
I wrote unto 46_1CO_05_09
I wrote unto you 46_1CO_08_01
idols we know 46_1CO_08_04
idols we know 46_1CO_08_01
idols we know that 46_1CO_08_04
idols we know that 46_1CO_11_14
if a man 46_1CO_11_14
If a man have 46_1CO_11_15
If a woman 46_1CO_11_15
If a woman have 46_1CO_03_12
if any man 46_1CO_03_17
if any man 46_1CO_03_18
if any man 46_1CO_05_11
if any man 46_1CO_07_36
if any man 46_1CO_08_02
if any man 46_1CO_08_03
if any man 46_1CO_08_10
if any man 46_1CO_10_28
if any man 46_1CO_11_16
if any man 46_1CO_11_34
if any man 46_1CO_14_27
if any man 46_1CO_14_37
if any man 46_1CO_14_38
if any man 46_1CO_16_22
if any man 46_1CO_03_18
If any man among 46_1CO_14_38
if any man be 46_1CO_08_03
if any man love 46_1CO_16_22
if any man love 46_1CO_08_10
if any man see 46_1CO_14_27
If any man speak 46_1CO_07_36
if any man think 46_1CO_08_02
if any man think 46_1CO_03_14
if any man's 46_1CO_03_15
if any man's 46_1CO_03_14
If any man's work 46_1CO_03_15
If any man's work 46_1CO_10_27
if any of 46_1CO_15_12
if Christ be 46_1CO_15_17
if Christ be 46_1CO_15_14
if Christ be not 46_1CO_15_17
if Christ be not 46_1CO_07_13
if he be 46_1CO_07_39
if her husband 46_1CO_07_39
if her husband be 46_1CO_09_02
If I be 46_1CO_14_06
if I come 46_1CO_11_06
If it be 46_1CO_16_04
If it be 46_1CO_11_06
if it be a 46_1CO_15_15
if so be 46_1CO_15_15
if so be that 46_1CO_15_16
if the dead 46_1CO_15_29
if the dead 46_1CO_15_16
if the dead rise 46_1CO_15_29
if the dead rise 46_1CO_04_19
If the LORD 46_1CO_16_07
If the LORD 46_1CO_04_19
if the Lord will 46_1CO_12_17
if the whole 46_1CO_11_06
if the woman be 46_1CO_06_02
If the world 46_1CO_14_28
If there be 46_1CO_15_13
If there be 46_1CO_14_28
if there be no 46_1CO_14_23
If therefore the 46_1CO_07_08
if they abide 46_1CO_14_35
if they will 46_1CO_04_07
If thou hadst 46_1CO_09_11
if we have 46_1CO_09_11
If we shall 46_1CO_15_49
image of the 46_1CO_04_06
in a figure 46_1CO_15_52
in a moment 46_1CO_15_52
in a moment in 46_1CO_07_17
in all churches 46_1CO_14_33
in all churches 46_1CO_09_25
in all things 46_1CO_10_33
in all things 46_1CO_11_02
in all things 46_1CO_11_02
in all things and 46_1CO_10_33
in all things not 46_1CO_14_02
in an unknown 46_1CO_14_04
in an unknown 46_1CO_14_14
in an unknown 46_1CO_14_19
in an unknown 46_1CO_14_27
in an unknown 46_1CO_14_02
in an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_04
in an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_14
in an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_19
in an unknown tongue 46_1CO_14_27
in an unknown tongue 46_1CO_15_18
in Christ are 46_1CO_01_02
in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_01_30
in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_04_15
in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_15_31
in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_16_24
in Christ Jesus 46_1CO_16_24
in Christ Jesus Amen 46_1CO_15_31
in Christ Jesus our 46_1CO_01_30
in Christ Jesus who 46_1CO_15_22
in Christ shall 46_1CO_04_10
in Christ we 46_1CO_15_19
in Christ we 46_1CO_04_10
in Christ we are 46_1CO_15_19
in Christ we are 46_1CO_08_05
in earth as 46_1CO_04_17
in every church 46_1CO_01_02
in every place 46_1CO_01_05
in every thing 46_1CO_08_05
in heaven or 46_1CO_08_05
in heaven or in 46_1CO_08_06
in him and 46_1CO_07_37
in his heart 46_1CO_15_23
in his own 46_1CO_01_29
in his presence 46_1CO_04_21
in love and 46_1CO_01_15
in mine own 46_1CO_10_08
in one day 46_1CO_16_11
in peace that 46_1CO_11_25
in remembrance of 46_1CO_11_24
in remembrance of me 46_1CO_08_04
in sacrifice unto 46_1CO_10_28
in sacrifice unto 46_1CO_08_04
in sacrifice unto idols 46_1CO_10_28
in sacrifice unto idols 46_1CO_12_18
in the body 46_1CO_12_25
in the body 46_1CO_11_18
in the church 46_1CO_12_28
in the church 46_1CO_14_19
in the church 46_1CO_14_28
in the church 46_1CO_14_35
in the church 46_1CO_11_18
in the church I 46_1CO_14_19
in the church I 46_1CO_14_34
in the churches 46_1CO_10_02
in the cloud 46_1CO_10_02
in the cloud and 46_1CO_01_08
in the day 46_1CO_05_05
in the day 46_1CO_01_08
in the day of 46_1CO_05_05
in the day of 46_1CO_16_13
in the faith 46_1CO_07_28
in the flesh 46_1CO_07_28
in the flesh but 46_1CO_09_18
in the gospel 46_1CO_09_09
in the law 46_1CO_14_21
in the law 46_1CO_09_09
in the law of 46_1CO_01_31
in the LORD 46_1CO_04_17
in the LORD 46_1CO_07_22
in the LORD 46_1CO_07_39
in the LORD 46_1CO_09_01
in the LORD 46_1CO_09_02
in the LORD 46_1CO_11_11
in the LORD 46_1CO_15_58
in the LORD 46_1CO_16_19
in the LORD 46_1CO_01_13
in the name 46_1CO_05_04
in the name 46_1CO_06_11
in the name 46_1CO_01_13
in the name of 46_1CO_05_04
in the name of 46_1CO_06_11
in the name of 46_1CO_02_05
in the power 46_1CO_02_05
in the power of 46_1CO_01_10
In the same 46_1CO_07_20
In the same 46_1CO_10_02
in the sea 46_1CO_04_21
in the spirit 46_1CO_14_02
in the spirit 46_1CO_14_02
in the spirit he 46_1CO_04_21
in the spirit of 46_1CO_10_05
in the wilderness 46_1CO_01_21
in the wisdom 46_1CO_02_05
in the wisdom 46_1CO_01_21
in the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_05
in the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_13
in the words 46_1CO_15_58
in the work 46_1CO_15_58
in the work of 46_1CO_08_04
in the world 46_1CO_14_10
in the world 46_1CO_14_10
in the world and 46_1CO_16_19
in their house 46_1CO_03_19
in their own 46_1CO_03_19
in their own craftiness 46_1CO_15_19
in this life 46_1CO_11_17
in this that 46_1CO_14_23
in those that 46_1CO_15_58
in vain in 46_1CO_11_23
in which he 46_1CO_11_23
in which he was 46_1CO_06_19
in you which 46_1CO_06_19
in you which ye 46_1CO_15_53
incorruption and this 46_1CO_15_54
incorruption and this 46_1CO_15_53
incorruption and this mortal 46_1CO_15_54
incorruption and this mortal 46_1CO_06_09
inherit the kingdom 46_1CO_15_50
inherit the kingdom 46_1CO_06_09
inherit the kingdom of 46_1CO_06_10
inherit the kingdom of 46_1CO_11_20
into one place 46_1CO_14_23
into one place 46_1CO_14_09
into the air 46_1CO_02_09
into the heart 46_1CO_02_09
into the heart of 46_1CO_11_14
is a shame 46_1CO_14_35
is a shame 46_1CO_03_03
is among you 46_1CO_10_19
Is any thing 46_1CO_01_02
is at Corinth 46_1CO_07_09
is better to 46_1CO_07_39
is bound by the 46_1CO_07_22
is called in 46_1CO_11_03
is Christ and 46_1CO_09_17
is committed unto 46_1CO_09_17
is committed unto me 46_1CO_10_13
is faithful who 46_1CO_12_08
is given by 46_1CO_12_08
is given by the 46_1CO_12_08
is given by the 46_1CO_12_07
is given to 46_1CO_03_10
is given unto 46_1CO_03_10
is given unto me 46_1CO_07_01
is good for 46_1CO_07_08
is good for 46_1CO_07_26
is good for 46_1CO_07_01
is good for a 46_1CO_03_07
is he that 46_1CO_14_05
is he that 46_1CO_02_11
is in him 46_1CO_16_19
is in their 46_1CO_16_19
is in their house 46_1CO_06_19
is in you 46_1CO_14_25
is in you 46_1CO_09_11
Is it a 46_1CO_10_16
is it not 46_1CO_10_16
is it not the 46_1CO_10_16
is it not the 46_1CO_14_15
is it then 46_1CO_12_15
is it therefore 46_1CO_12_15
is it therefore not 46_1CO_12_16
is it therefore not 46_1CO_06_17
is joined unto 46_1CO_02_15
is judged of 46_1CO_14_24
is judged of 46_1CO_09_16
is laid upon 46_1CO_01_30
is made unto 46_1CO_07_33
is married careth 46_1CO_07_34
is married careth 46_1CO_07_33
is married careth for 46_1CO_07_34
is married careth for 46_1CO_04_17
is my beloved 46_1CO_04_17
is my beloved Son 46_1CO_11_24
is my body 46_1CO_11_24
is my body which 46_1CO_15_12
is no resurrection 46_1CO_08_04
is none other 46_1CO_06_05
is not a 46_1CO_06_13
is not for 46_1CO_05_06
is not good 46_1CO_04_20
is not in 46_1CO_08_07
is not in 46_1CO_15_58
is not in 46_1CO_11_08
is not of 46_1CO_11_08
is not of the 46_1CO_05_01
is not so 46_1CO_14_33
Is not the 46_1CO_15_39
Is not the 46_1CO_07_19
is nothing And 46_1CO_08_04
is nothing in 46_1CO_02_12
is of God 46_1CO_11_12
is of the 46_1CO_15_47
is of the 46_1CO_15_47
is of the earth 46_1CO_10_19
is offered in 46_1CO_10_28
is offered in 46_1CO_10_19
is offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_10_28
is offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_12_12
is one and 46_1CO_06_16
is one body 46_1CO_15_42
is raised in 46_1CO_15_43
is raised in 46_1CO_07_14
is sanctified by 46_1CO_07_14
is sanctified by the 46_1CO_07_14
is sanctified by the 46_1CO_10_27
is set before 46_1CO_15_56
is sin and 46_1CO_15_56
is sin and the 46_1CO_15_42
is sown in 46_1CO_15_46
is spiritual but 46_1CO_01_25
is stronger than 46_1CO_15_54
is swallowed up 46_1CO_16_15
is the firstfruits 46_1CO_16_15
is the firstfruits of 46_1CO_11_07
is the glory 46_1CO_11_07
is the glory of 46_1CO_11_07
is the image 46_1CO_15_56
is the law 46_1CO_04_04
is the lord 46_1CO_12_03
is the lord 46_1CO_15_47
is the lord 46_1CO_07_22
is the LORD's 46_1CO_10_26
is the LORD's 46_1CO_10_28
is the LORD's 46_1CO_10_26
is the LORD's and 46_1CO_10_28
is the LORD's and 46_1CO_11_03
is the man 46_1CO_11_11
is the man 46_1CO_11_12
is the man 46_1CO_11_25
is the new 46_1CO_11_25
is the new testament 46_1CO_01_18
is the power 46_1CO_01_18
is the power of 46_1CO_12_06
is the same 46_1CO_01_20
is the scribe 46_1CO_01_20
is the scribe where 46_1CO_06_19
is the temple 46_1CO_01_20
is the wise 46_1CO_01_18
is to them 46_1CO_09_16
is unto me 46_1CO_06_18
is without the 46_1CO_01_31
is written He 46_1CO_03_19
is written He 46_1CO_01_31
is written He that 46_1CO_01_19
is written I 46_1CO_09_09
is written in 46_1CO_09_09
is written in the 46_1CO_09_09
is written in the 46_1CO_09_10
is written That 46_1CO_10_07
is written The 46_1CO_15_45
is written The 46_1CO_14_21
is written with 46_1CO_11_24
it and said 46_1CO_08_07
it as a 46_1CO_11_06
it be a 46_1CO_14_27
it be by 46_1CO_14_07
it be known 46_1CO_14_09
it be known 46_1CO_14_07
it be known what 46_1CO_14_09
it be known what 46_1CO_16_04
it be meet 46_1CO_03_13
it because it 46_1CO_07_21
it but if thou 46_1CO_07_31
it for the 46_1CO_01_11
it hath been 46_1CO_12_18
it hath pleased 46_1CO_15_38
it hath pleased 46_1CO_12_18
it hath pleased him 46_1CO_15_38
it hath pleased him 46_1CO_04_03
it is a 46_1CO_11_14
it is a 46_1CO_11_15
it is a 46_1CO_14_35
it is a 46_1CO_11_14
it is a shame 46_1CO_14_35
it is a shame 46_1CO_07_09
It is better 46_1CO_07_09
It is better to 46_1CO_07_01
It is good 46_1CO_07_08
It is good 46_1CO_07_26
It is good 46_1CO_07_01
it is good for 46_1CO_07_08
it is good for 46_1CO_07_26
it is good for 46_1CO_14_34
It is not 46_1CO_15_42
it is raised 46_1CO_15_43
it is raised 46_1CO_15_42
it is raised in 46_1CO_15_43
it is raised in 46_1CO_05_01
It is reported 46_1CO_15_43
it is sown 46_1CO_15_43
it is sown 46_1CO_15_44
it is sown 46_1CO_15_42
it is sown in 46_1CO_15_43
it is sown in 46_1CO_01_18
it is the 46_1CO_12_06
it is the 46_1CO_16_15
it is the 46_1CO_01_18
it is the power 46_1CO_01_19
it is written 46_1CO_01_31
it is written 46_1CO_02_09
it is written 46_1CO_03_19
it is written 46_1CO_10_07
it is written 46_1CO_14_21
it is written 46_1CO_15_45
it is written 46_1CO_01_31
it is written He 46_1CO_03_19
it is written He 46_1CO_01_19
it is written I 46_1CO_09_09
it is written in 46_1CO_15_45
it is written The 46_1CO_14_10
it may be 46_1CO_16_06
it may be 46_1CO_16_06
it may be that 46_1CO_15_32
it me if the 46_1CO_15_32
it me if the 46_1CO_10_16
it not the communion 46_1CO_10_16
it not the communion 46_1CO_01_21
it pleased God 46_1CO_07_29
it remaineth that 46_1CO_03_13
it shall be 46_1CO_09_15
it should be 46_1CO_12_15
it therefore not 46_1CO_12_16
it therefore not 46_1CO_12_15
it therefore not of 46_1CO_12_16
it therefore not of 46_1CO_14_36
it unto you 46_1CO_08_06
Jesus Christ by 46_1CO_08_06
Jesus Christ by whom 46_1CO_01_02
Jesus Christ our 46_1CO_01_09
Jesus Christ our 46_1CO_09_01
Jesus Christ our 46_1CO_01_02
Jesus Christ our Lord 46_1CO_01_09
Jesus Christ our Lord 46_1CO_09_01
Jesus Christ our Lord 46_1CO_01_10
Jesus Christ that 46_1CO_01_10
Jesus Christ that ye 46_1CO_12_03
Jesus is the 46_1CO_10_32
Jews nor to 46_1CO_10_32
Jews nor to the 46_1CO_01_10
joined together in 46_1CO_01_10
joined together in the 46_1CO_06_17
joined unto the 46_1CO_06_02
judge the world 46_1CO_06_02
judge the world and 46_1CO_07_40
judgment and I 46_1CO_06_11
justified in the 46_1CO_14_28
keep silence in 46_1CO_14_28
keep silence in the 46_1CO_14_34
keep silence in the 46_1CO_05_08
keep the feast 46_1CO_04_20
kingdom of God 46_1CO_06_09
kingdom of God 46_1CO_06_10
kingdom of God 46_1CO_15_50
kingdom of God 46_1CO_04_20
kingdom of God is 46_1CO_01_21
knew not God 46_1CO_02_02
know any thing 46_1CO_13_09
know in part 46_1CO_13_12
know in part 46_1CO_04_19
know not the 46_1CO_14_11
know not the 46_1CO_06_02
know that the 46_1CO_11_03
know that the 46_1CO_09_13
know that they 46_1CO_09_13
know that they which 46_1CO_08_01
know that we 46_1CO_12_02
know that ye 46_1CO_12_02
know that ye were 46_1CO_02_12
know the things 46_1CO_02_12
know the things that 46_1CO_03_16
Know ye not 46_1CO_05_06
Know ye not 46_1CO_06_03
Know ye not 46_1CO_06_09
Know ye not 46_1CO_06_15
Know ye not 46_1CO_06_16
Know ye not 46_1CO_06_19
Know ye not 46_1CO_09_24
Know ye not 46_1CO_03_16
Know ye not that 46_1CO_05_06
Know ye not that 46_1CO_06_03
Know ye not that 46_1CO_06_09
Know ye not that 46_1CO_06_15
Know ye not that 46_1CO_06_16
Know ye not that 46_1CO_06_19
Know ye not that 46_1CO_09_24
Know ye not that 46_1CO_03_20
knoweth the thoughts 46_1CO_03_20
knoweth the thoughts of 46_1CO_15_34
knowledge of God 46_1CO_02_16
known the mind 46_1CO_02_16
known the mind of 46_1CO_14_07
known what is 46_1CO_14_09
known what is 46_1CO_04_12
labour working with 46_1CO_03_10
laid the foundation 46_1CO_03_10
laid the foundation and 46_1CO_15_08
last of all 46_1CO_15_08
last of all he 46_1CO_06_01
law before the 46_1CO_09_09
law of Moses 46_1CO_09_20
law that I 46_1CO_09_20
law that I might 46_1CO_06_12
lawful for me 46_1CO_06_12
lawful for me but 46_1CO_10_23
lawful for me but 46_1CO_05_06
leaven leaveneth the 46_1CO_05_06
leaven leaveneth the whole 46_1CO_05_06
leaveneth the whole 46_1CO_05_06
leaveneth the whole lump 46_1CO_08_09
lest by any 46_1CO_08_09
lest by any means 46_1CO_10_12
lest he fall 46_1CO_08_13
lest I make 46_1CO_04_01
Let a man 46_1CO_11_28
Let a man 46_1CO_14_26
Let all things 46_1CO_14_40
Let all things 46_1CO_14_26
Let all things be 46_1CO_14_40
Let all things be 46_1CO_07_02
let every man 46_1CO_07_20
let every man 46_1CO_07_24
let every man 46_1CO_07_24
let every man wherein 46_1CO_07_24
let every man wherein 46_1CO_16_02
Let every one 46_1CO_11_06
let her be 46_1CO_07_13
Let her not 46_1CO_14_38
let him be 46_1CO_16_22
let him be 46_1CO_07_36
let him do 46_1CO_07_36
let him do what 46_1CO_11_28
let him eat 46_1CO_11_34
let him eat 46_1CO_01_31
let him glory 46_1CO_01_31
let him glory in 46_1CO_07_12
let him not 46_1CO_07_18
let him not 46_1CO_07_18
let him not be 46_1CO_14_28
let him speak 46_1CO_10_12
let him that 46_1CO_14_13
let him that 46_1CO_14_27
let it be 46_1CO_03_18
Let no man 46_1CO_03_21
Let no man 46_1CO_10_24
Let no man 46_1CO_16_11
Let no man 46_1CO_03_18
Let no man deceive 46_1CO_16_11
Let no man therefore 46_1CO_07_10
let not the 46_1CO_07_11
let not the 46_1CO_07_11
let not the 46_1CO_07_09
Let them marry 46_1CO_07_03
Likewise also the 46_1CO_07_04
Likewise also the 46_1CO_05_06
little leaven leaveneth 46_1CO_05_06
little leaven leaveneth the 46_1CO_09_13
live of the 46_1CO_09_14
live of the 46_1CO_07_39
liveth but if 46_1CO_11_14
long hair it 46_1CO_11_15
long hair it 46_1CO_11_14
long hair it is 46_1CO_11_15
long hair it is 46_1CO_16_11
look for him 46_1CO_06_13
LORD and the 46_1CO_10_21
LORD and the 46_1CO_06_13
LORD and the LORD 46_1CO_09_01
LORD are not 46_1CO_07_22
LORD being a 46_1CO_06_13
LORD for the 46_1CO_07_17
LORD hath called 46_1CO_07_32
Lord how he 46_1CO_06_11
Lord Jesus and 46_1CO_01_03
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_07
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_08
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_10
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_05_04
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_08_06
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_15_57
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_16_22
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_16_23
Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_08_06
Lord Jesus Christ by 46_1CO_01_10
Lord Jesus Christ that 46_1CO_03_20
LORD knoweth the 46_1CO_03_20
LORD knoweth the thoughts 46_1CO_07_10
LORD Let not the 46_1CO_02_08
Lord of glory 46_1CO_02_16
LORD that he 46_1CO_02_16
LORD that he may 46_1CO_11_23
LORD that which 46_1CO_07_25
LORD to be 46_1CO_04_17
LORD who shall 46_1CO_16_19
LORD with the 46_1CO_07_25
LORD yet I 46_1CO_10_26
LORD's and the 46_1CO_10_26
LORD's and the fulness 46_1CO_04_21
love and in 46_1CO_16_22
love not the 46_1CO_09_22
made all things 46_1CO_11_19
made manifest among 46_1CO_11_19
made manifest among you 46_1CO_14_25
made manifest and 46_1CO_01_17
made of none 46_1CO_01_17
made of none effect 46_1CO_10_13
make a way 46_1CO_08_13
make my brother to 46_1CO_08_13
make my brother to 46_1CO_03_18
man among you 46_1CO_11_03
man and the 46_1CO_07_17
man as the 46_1CO_10_13
man but God 46_1CO_02_11
man but the 46_1CO_03_21
man glory in 46_1CO_07_07
man hath his 46_1CO_15_23
man in his 46_1CO_15_23
man in his own 46_1CO_11_11
man in the 46_1CO_11_08
man is not 46_1CO_11_08
man is not of 46_1CO_02_11
man knoweth the 46_1CO_10_28
man say unto 46_1CO_10_28
man say unto you 46_1CO_03_08
man shall receive 46_1CO_05_11
man that is 46_1CO_05_11
man that is 46_1CO_05_11
man that is called 46_1CO_14_37
man think himself 46_1CO_14_37
man think himself to 46_1CO_07_36
man think that 46_1CO_08_02
man think that 46_1CO_07_36
man think that he 46_1CO_08_02
man think that he 46_1CO_02_11
man which is 46_1CO_02_11
man which is in 46_1CO_11_19
manifest among you 46_1CO_12_07
manifestation of the 46_1CO_03_13
man's work shall 46_1CO_03_15
man's work shall 46_1CO_03_13
man's work shall be 46_1CO_03_15
man's work shall be 46_1CO_10_17
many are one 46_1CO_12_12
many are one body 46_1CO_10_05
many of them 46_1CO_07_33
married careth for 46_1CO_07_34
married careth for 46_1CO_07_33
married careth for the 46_1CO_07_34
married careth for the 46_1CO_05_07
may be a 46_1CO_10_13
may be able 46_1CO_10_13
may be able to 46_1CO_01_08
may be blameless 46_1CO_14_31
may be comforted 46_1CO_11_19
may be made 46_1CO_11_19
may be made manifest 46_1CO_05_05
may be saved 46_1CO_10_33
may be saved 46_1CO_16_06
may be that 46_1CO_16_06
may be that I 46_1CO_14_31
may learn and 46_1CO_16_09
me And there 46_1CO_16_09
me and there are 46_1CO_03_10
me as a 46_1CO_06_12
me but all 46_1CO_10_23
me but all 46_1CO_06_12
me but all things 46_1CO_10_23
me but all things 46_1CO_06_12
me but I 46_1CO_06_12
me but I will 46_1CO_16_11
me for I 46_1CO_15_32
me if the 46_1CO_04_03
me it is 46_1CO_07_01
me it is 46_1CO_01_17
me not to 46_1CO_14_21
me saith the 46_1CO_14_21
me saith the LORD 46_1CO_09_15
me to die 46_1CO_08_10
meat in the 46_1CO_12_22
members of the 46_1CO_12_23
members of the 46_1CO_12_22
members of the body 46_1CO_12_23
members of the body 46_1CO_01_26
men after the 46_1CO_01_25
men and the 46_1CO_14_02
men but unto 46_1CO_14_02
men but unto God 46_1CO_03_21
men For all 46_1CO_09_22
men that I 46_1CO_09_22
men that I might 46_1CO_07_25
mercy of the LORD 46_1CO_05_02
might be taken 46_1CO_05_02
might be taken away 46_1CO_09_19
might gain the 46_1CO_09_20
might gain the 46_1CO_09_20
might gain them 46_1CO_09_21
might gain them 46_1CO_09_20
might gain them that 46_1CO_09_21
might gain them that 46_1CO_02_12
might know the 46_1CO_03_02
milk and not 46_1CO_09_07
milk of the 46_1CO_02_16
mind of the 46_1CO_04_03
mine own self 46_1CO_04_01
ministers of Christ 46_1CO_12_23
more abundant honour 46_1CO_12_24
more abundant honour 46_1CO_10_01
Moreover brethren I 46_1CO_15_01
Moreover brethren I 46_1CO_15_01
Moreover brethren I declare 46_1CO_15_01
Moreover brethren I declare 46_1CO_10_01
Moreover brethren I would 46_1CO_10_01
Moreover brethren I would 46_1CO_10_02
Moses in the 46_1CO_09_09
mouth of the 46_1CO_16_19
much in the Lord 46_1CO_15_58
my beloved brethren 46_1CO_04_17
my beloved Son 46_1CO_09_27
my body and 46_1CO_13_03
my body to 46_1CO_11_24
my body which 46_1CO_11_24
my body which is 46_1CO_08_13
my brother to 46_1CO_08_13
my brother to offend 46_1CO_08_13
my brother to offend 46_1CO_10_14
my dearly beloved 46_1CO_14_18
my God I 46_1CO_07_40
my judgment and 46_1CO_09_18
my power in 46_1CO_02_04
my speech and my 46_1CO_14_19
my voice I 46_1CO_04_06
myself and to 46_1CO_01_02
name of Jesus 46_1CO_01_02
name of Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_10
name of our 46_1CO_05_04
name of our 46_1CO_01_10
name of our Lord 46_1CO_06_11
name of the 46_1CO_06_11
name of the LORD 46_1CO_12_21
need of you 46_1CO_10_07
neither be ye 46_1CO_15_50
neither doth corruption inherit 46_1CO_15_50
neither doth corruption inherit 46_1CO_09_15
neither have I 46_1CO_03_07
neither he that 46_1CO_08_08
neither if we eat 46_1CO_08_08
neither if we eat 46_1CO_11_11
neither is the 46_1CO_10_08
Neither let us 46_1CO_10_09
Neither let us 46_1CO_10_32
neither to the 46_1CO_11_09
neither was the 46_1CO_11_25
new testament in 46_1CO_11_25
new testament in my 46_1CO_11_23
night in which 46_1CO_09_10
No doubt this 46_1CO_01_29
no flesh should 46_1CO_02_11
no man but 46_1CO_02_11
no man but the 46_1CO_12_03
no man can 46_1CO_03_18
no man deceive 46_1CO_16_11
no man therefore 46_1CO_06_05
no not one 46_1CO_04_06
no one of 46_1CO_10_25
no question for 46_1CO_10_27
no question for 46_1CO_10_25
no question for conscience 46_1CO_10_27
no question for conscience 46_1CO_15_12
no resurrection of 46_1CO_15_13
no resurrection of 46_1CO_15_12
no resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_13
no resurrection of the 46_1CO_02_08
none of the 46_1CO_14_10
none of them 46_1CO_14_10
none of them is 46_1CO_09_15
none of these 46_1CO_09_15
none of these things 46_1CO_01_14
none of you 46_1CO_02_06
nor of the 46_1CO_10_32
nor to the 46_1CO_03_02
not able to 46_1CO_03_02
not able to bear 46_1CO_09_01
not an apostle 46_1CO_09_02
not an apostle 46_1CO_07_13
not and if 46_1CO_07_30
not And they 46_1CO_07_30
not and they that 46_1CO_07_30
not and they that 46_1CO_15_29
not at all 46_1CO_16_12
not at all 46_1CO_11_32
not be condemned 46_1CO_11_31
not be judged 46_1CO_14_22
not but for 46_1CO_13_01
not charity I 46_1CO_13_02
not charity I 46_1CO_13_01
not charity I am 46_1CO_13_02
not charity I am 46_1CO_04_18
not come to 46_1CO_06_12
not expedient all 46_1CO_10_23
not expedient all 46_1CO_06_12
not expedient all things 46_1CO_10_23
not expedient all things 46_1CO_10_28
not for his 46_1CO_07_21
not for it 46_1CO_11_17
not for the 46_1CO_07_05
Not for your 46_1CO_12_01
not have you 46_1CO_12_01
not have you ignorant 46_1CO_14_21
not hear me 46_1CO_07_10
not I but 46_1CO_15_10
not I but 46_1CO_07_10
not I but the 46_1CO_15_10
not I but the 46_1CO_02_13
not in the 46_1CO_15_10
not in vain 46_1CO_04_20
not in word 46_1CO_06_09
not inherit the 46_1CO_06_09
not inherit the kingdom 46_1CO_06_02
not know that 46_1CO_07_13
not leave him 46_1CO_07_36
not let them 46_1CO_15_32
not let us 46_1CO_01_26
not many mighty 46_1CO_09_09
not muzzle the 46_1CO_09_07
not of the 46_1CO_11_08
not of the 46_1CO_12_15
not of the 46_1CO_12_16
not of the 46_1CO_12_15
not of the body 46_1CO_12_15
not of the body 46_1CO_12_16
not of the body 46_1CO_14_24
not or one unlearned 46_1CO_14_24
not or one unlearned 46_1CO_09_04
not power to 46_1CO_09_04
not power to eat 46_1CO_14_23
not say that 46_1CO_05_01
not so much 46_1CO_05_01
not so much as 46_1CO_03_01
not speak unto 46_1CO_02_05
not stand in the 46_1CO_06_16
not that he 46_1CO_07_35
not that I 46_1CO_06_09
not that the 46_1CO_09_24
not that they 46_1CO_06_03
not that we 46_1CO_03_16
not that ye 46_1CO_10_20
not that ye 46_1CO_11_17
not that ye 46_1CO_10_01
not that ye should 46_1CO_10_20
not that ye should 46_1CO_06_15
not that your 46_1CO_06_19
not that your 46_1CO_10_16
not the communion of 46_1CO_10_16
not the communion of 46_1CO_09_16
not the gospel 46_1CO_15_34
not the knowledge 46_1CO_15_34
not the knowledge of 46_1CO_09_08
not the law 46_1CO_07_12
not the Lord 46_1CO_16_22
not the Lord 46_1CO_02_12
not the Spirit of 46_1CO_02_14
not the things 46_1CO_04_14
not these things 46_1CO_07_27
not to be 46_1CO_05_11
not to eat 46_1CO_11_20
not to eat 46_1CO_08_08
not to God 46_1CO_05_11
not to keep 46_1CO_14_39
not to speak 46_1CO_04_06
not to think of 46_1CO_07_01
not to touch 46_1CO_14_02
not unto men 46_1CO_11_22
not What shall 46_1CO_06_19
not your own 46_1CO_08_04
nothing in the 46_1CO_07_14
now are they 46_1CO_03_02
now are ye 46_1CO_16_07
now by the 46_1CO_12_01
Now concerning spiritual gifts 46_1CO_12_01
Now concerning spiritual gifts 46_1CO_07_01
Now concerning the 46_1CO_16_01
Now concerning the 46_1CO_01_10
now I beseech 46_1CO_05_11
now I have 46_1CO_13_12
now I know 46_1CO_16_05
now I will 46_1CO_03_12
Now if any 46_1CO_03_12
Now if any man 46_1CO_04_07
now if thou 46_1CO_11_17
now in this 46_1CO_01_12
Now this I 46_1CO_15_50
Now this I 46_1CO_01_12
Now this I say 46_1CO_15_50
Now this I say 46_1CO_02_12
now we have 46_1CO_13_12
now we see 46_1CO_04_08
now ye are 46_1CO_12_27
now ye are 46_1CO_02_11
of a man 46_1CO_14_25
Of a truth 46_1CO_14_24
of all he 46_1CO_15_19
of all men 46_1CO_15_03
of all that 46_1CO_15_07
of all the 46_1CO_04_13
of all things 46_1CO_06_15
of an harlot 46_1CO_13_01
of angels and 46_1CO_13_01
of angels and have 46_1CO_04_01
of Christ and 46_1CO_06_15
of Christ and 46_1CO_11_03
of Christ is 46_1CO_06_15
of Christ shall 46_1CO_10_16
of Christ The 46_1CO_01_06
of Christ was confirmed 46_1CO_01_06
of Christ was confirmed 46_1CO_04_05
of darkness and 46_1CO_15_39
of fishes and 46_1CO_01_01
of God and 46_1CO_01_24
of God and 46_1CO_03_16
of God and 46_1CO_06_19
of God and 46_1CO_11_22
of God and 46_1CO_01_24
of God and the 46_1CO_06_09
of God Be not 46_1CO_15_15
of God because 46_1CO_15_15
of God because we 46_1CO_11_07
of God but 46_1CO_11_07
of God but the 46_1CO_03_16
of God dwelleth 46_1CO_02_14
of God For 46_1CO_02_14
of God for they 46_1CO_15_10
of God I 46_1CO_15_34
of God I 46_1CO_02_07
of God in 46_1CO_02_07
of God in a 46_1CO_01_25
of God is 46_1CO_01_30
of God is 46_1CO_03_17
of God is 46_1CO_04_20
of God is 46_1CO_15_50
of God neither 46_1CO_14_36
of God out 46_1CO_02_12
of God that 46_1CO_15_15
of God that 46_1CO_02_12
of God that we 46_1CO_01_21
of God the 46_1CO_01_02
of God which 46_1CO_01_04
of God which 46_1CO_01_04
of God which 46_1CO_15_10
of God which 46_1CO_01_02
of God which is 46_1CO_01_04
of God which is 46_1CO_03_10
of God which is 46_1CO_08_10
of him which is 46_1CO_14_25
of his heart 46_1CO_07_04
of his own 46_1CO_01_09
of his son 46_1CO_01_09
of his Son Jesus 46_1CO_01_01
of Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_02
of Jesus Christ 46_1CO_02_09
of man the 46_1CO_02_11
of man which 46_1CO_10_33
of many that 46_1CO_16_21
of me Paul 46_1CO_13_01
of men and 46_1CO_13_01
of men and 46_1CO_13_01
of men and of 46_1CO_02_05
of men but 46_1CO_02_15
of no man 46_1CO_01_17
of none effect 46_1CO_06_11
of our God 46_1CO_01_07
of our Lord 46_1CO_01_08
of our Lord 46_1CO_01_10
of our Lord 46_1CO_05_04
of our Lord 46_1CO_16_23
of our Lord 46_1CO_01_07
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_08
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_10
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_05_04
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_05_04
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_16_23
of our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_12
of Paul and 46_1CO_03_04
of Paul and 46_1CO_15_56
of sin is 46_1CO_15_37
of some other 46_1CO_10_17
of that one 46_1CO_12_12
of that one 46_1CO_10_18
of the altar 46_1CO_11_10
of the angels 46_1CO_15_09
of the apostles 46_1CO_10_16
of the blood 46_1CO_10_16
of the blood of 46_1CO_10_16
of the body 46_1CO_11_27
of the body 46_1CO_12_15
of the body 46_1CO_12_16
of the body 46_1CO_12_22
of the body 46_1CO_12_23
of the body 46_1CO_12_16
of the body is 46_1CO_10_16
of the body of 46_1CO_12_22
of the body which 46_1CO_12_23
of the body which 46_1CO_14_12
of the church 46_1CO_07_19
of the commandments 46_1CO_07_19
of the commandments of 46_1CO_01_18
of the cross 46_1CO_15_12
of the dead 46_1CO_15_13
of the dead 46_1CO_15_21
of the dead 46_1CO_15_42
of the dead 46_1CO_10_10
of the destroyer 46_1CO_15_47
of the earth 46_1CO_05_05
of the flesh 46_1CO_09_07
of the fruit 46_1CO_09_14
of the gospel 46_1CO_09_17
of the gospel 46_1CO_15_49
of the heavenly 46_1CO_06_19
of the holy 46_1CO_06_19
of the Holy Ghost 46_1CO_01_11
of the house 46_1CO_01_11
of the house of 46_1CO_02_16
of the LORD 46_1CO_05_05
of the LORD 46_1CO_06_11
of the LORD 46_1CO_07_25
of the LORD 46_1CO_07_34
of the LORD 46_1CO_09_05
of the LORD 46_1CO_10_21
of the LORD 46_1CO_11_23
of the LORD 46_1CO_11_27
of the LORD 46_1CO_11_32
of the LORD 46_1CO_14_37
of the LORD 46_1CO_15_58
of the LORD 46_1CO_16_10
of the LORD 46_1CO_09_05
of the LORD and 46_1CO_10_21
of the LORD and 46_1CO_16_10
of the LORD as 46_1CO_05_05
of the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_06_11
of the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_02_16
of the LORD that 46_1CO_07_34
of the LORD that 46_1CO_11_23
of the LORD that 46_1CO_11_32
of the LORD that 46_1CO_07_25
of the LORD to 46_1CO_07_25
of the LORD yet 46_1CO_10_21
of the LORD's 46_1CO_11_07
of the man 46_1CO_11_08
of the man 46_1CO_11_12
of the man 46_1CO_15_41
of the moon and 46_1CO_10_29
of the other 46_1CO_09_09
of the ox 46_1CO_02_06
of the princes 46_1CO_02_08
of the princes 46_1CO_02_06
of the princes of 46_1CO_02_08
of the princes of 46_1CO_14_32
of the prophets 46_1CO_10_18
of the sacrifices 46_1CO_14_33
of the saints 46_1CO_16_15
of the saints 46_1CO_02_04
of the spirit 46_1CO_02_14
of the spirit 46_1CO_12_07
of the spirit 46_1CO_02_04
of the spirit And 46_1CO_12_07
of the Spirit is 46_1CO_02_14
of the spirit of 46_1CO_15_41
of the stars 46_1CO_15_41
of the stars for 46_1CO_15_41
of the sun 46_1CO_09_13
of the temple 46_1CO_09_13
of the temple and 46_1CO_09_13
of the things 46_1CO_15_05
of the twelve 46_1CO_14_11
of the voice 46_1CO_16_02
of the week 46_1CO_01_19
of the wise 46_1CO_03_20
of the wise 46_1CO_01_19
of the wise and 46_1CO_11_03
of the woman 46_1CO_11_08
of the woman 46_1CO_01_27
of the world 46_1CO_01_28
of the world 46_1CO_02_12
of the world 46_1CO_04_13
of the world 46_1CO_05_10
of the world 46_1CO_07_33
of the world 46_1CO_07_34
of the world 46_1CO_10_11
of the world 46_1CO_01_28
of the world and 46_1CO_04_13
of the world and 46_1CO_10_11
of the world are 46_1CO_07_33
of the world how 46_1CO_07_34
of the world how 46_1CO_01_27
of the world to 46_1CO_10_09
of them also 46_1CO_10_10
of them also 46_1CO_10_07
of them as 46_1CO_12_18
of them in 46_1CO_12_18
of them in the 46_1CO_14_10
of them is 46_1CO_10_27
of them that 46_1CO_15_20
of them that 46_1CO_10_27
of them that believe 46_1CO_04_19
of them which 46_1CO_04_19
of them which are 46_1CO_13_13
of these is 46_1CO_09_15
of these things 46_1CO_01_20
of this world 46_1CO_02_06
of this world 46_1CO_02_08
of this world 46_1CO_03_19
of this world 46_1CO_05_10
of this world 46_1CO_07_31
of this world 46_1CO_01_20
of this world hath 46_1CO_03_19
of this world is 46_1CO_08_04
of those things 46_1CO_08_04
of those things that 46_1CO_04_01
of us as 46_1CO_08_06
of whom are 46_1CO_15_06
of whom the 46_1CO_06_11
of you but 46_1CO_06_01
of you having a 46_1CO_01_11
of you my 46_1CO_01_11
of you my brethren 46_1CO_04_03
of you or 46_1CO_04_03
of you or of 46_1CO_01_12
of you saith 46_1CO_08_04
offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_10_19
offered in sacrifice 46_1CO_08_04
offered in sacrifice unto 46_1CO_10_28
offered in sacrifice unto 46_1CO_11_10
on her head 46_1CO_14_25
on his face 46_1CO_15_53
on incorruption and 46_1CO_15_54
on incorruption and 46_1CO_15_53
on incorruption and this 46_1CO_15_54
on incorruption and this 46_1CO_01_04
on your behalf 46_1CO_16_17
on your part 46_1CO_04_06
one against another 46_1CO_12_12
one and hath 46_1CO_12_11
One and the 46_1CO_16_20
one another with 46_1CO_16_20
one another with an 46_1CO_06_16
one body for 46_1CO_10_17
one body for 46_1CO_14_31
one by one 46_1CO_11_33
one for another 46_1CO_12_25
one for another 46_1CO_12_08
one is given 46_1CO_12_18
one of them 46_1CO_12_18
one of them in 46_1CO_01_12
one of you 46_1CO_04_06
one of you 46_1CO_14_26
one of you 46_1CO_16_02
one of you 46_1CO_14_23
one place and 46_1CO_07_25
one that hath 46_1CO_06_05
one that shall 46_1CO_06_05
one that shall be 46_1CO_06_07
one with another 46_1CO_07_39
only in the 46_1CO_16_09
opened unto me 46_1CO_08_05
or in earth 46_1CO_15_37
or of some 46_1CO_15_37
or of some other 46_1CO_02_01
or of wisdom declaring 46_1CO_02_01
or of wisdom declaring 46_1CO_05_10
or with the 46_1CO_14_17
other is not 46_1CO_11_07
ought not to 46_1CO_01_03
our Father and from 46_1CO_01_03
our Father and from 46_1CO_01_07
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_08
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_10
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_05_04
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_15_57
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_16_23
our Lord Jesus 46_1CO_01_07
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_08
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_10
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_05_04
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_05_04
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_15_57
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_16_23
our Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_04_12
our own hands 46_1CO_05_10
out of the 46_1CO_05_10
out of the world 46_1CO_07_37
over his own 46_1CO_07_04
own body but the 46_1CO_07_04
own body but the 46_1CO_07_37
own will and 46_1CO_09_09
ox that treadeth 46_1CO_09_09
ox that treadeth out 46_1CO_13_10
part shall be 46_1CO_09_10
partaker of his 46_1CO_10_18
partakers of the 46_1CO_10_21
partakers of the 46_1CO_10_01
passed through the 46_1CO_16_21
Paul with mine 46_1CO_16_21
Paul with mine own 46_1CO_01_03
peace from God 46_1CO_01_03
peace from God our 46_1CO_10_07
people sat down 46_1CO_10_07
people sat down to 46_1CO_15_09
persecuted the church 46_1CO_15_09
persecuted the church of 46_1CO_14_23
place And all 46_1CO_11_20
place this is 46_1CO_09_07
planteth a vineyard 46_1CO_15_38
pleased him and 46_1CO_07_12
pleased to dwell 46_1CO_07_13
pleased to dwell 46_1CO_07_12
pleased to dwell with 46_1CO_07_13
pleased to dwell with 46_1CO_09_18
power in the 46_1CO_01_18
power of God 46_1CO_01_24
power of God 46_1CO_02_05
power of God 46_1CO_07_04
power of his 46_1CO_04_05
praise of God 46_1CO_11_17
praise you not 46_1CO_11_22
praise you not 46_1CO_11_13
pray unto God 46_1CO_01_17
preach the gospel 46_1CO_09_14
preach the gospel 46_1CO_09_16
preach the gospel 46_1CO_09_18
preach the gospel 46_1CO_09_16
preach the gospel I 46_1CO_09_18
preach the gospel I 46_1CO_01_17
preach the gospel not 46_1CO_15_02
preached unto you 46_1CO_02_09
prepared for them 46_1CO_02_06
princes of this 46_1CO_02_08
princes of this 46_1CO_02_06
princes of this world 46_1CO_02_08
princes of this world 46_1CO_10_33
profit but the 46_1CO_10_22
provoke the LORD 46_1CO_15_27
put all things 46_1CO_15_27
put all things under 46_1CO_15_28
put all things under 46_1CO_05_13
put away from 46_1CO_07_11
put away his 46_1CO_07_11
put away his wife 46_1CO_07_12
put her away 46_1CO_15_53
put on immortality 46_1CO_15_54
put on immortality 46_1CO_15_53
put on incorruption 46_1CO_15_54
put on incorruption 46_1CO_15_53
put on incorruption and 46_1CO_15_54
put on incorruption and 46_1CO_15_27
put under him 46_1CO_10_25
question for conscience 46_1CO_10_27
question for conscience 46_1CO_10_25
question for conscience sake 46_1CO_10_27
question for conscience sake 46_1CO_06_14
raise up us 46_1CO_15_35
raised up and 46_1CO_15_15
raised up Christ 46_1CO_06_14
raised up the 46_1CO_06_14
raised up the Lord 46_1CO_14_01
rather that ye 46_1CO_14_05
rather that ye 46_1CO_02_12
received not the 46_1CO_11_23
received of the 46_1CO_11_23
received of the Lord 46_1CO_13_06
rejoiceth in the 46_1CO_11_02
remember me in 46_1CO_11_24
remembrance of me 46_1CO_07_03
render unto the 46_1CO_15_12
resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_13
resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_21
resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_42
resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_12
resurrection of the dead 46_1CO_15_13
resurrection of the dead 46_1CO_15_21
resurrection of the dead 46_1CO_15_42
resurrection of the dead 46_1CO_15_20
risen from the 46_1CO_15_20
risen from the dead 46_1CO_14_16
room of the unlearned 46_1CO_14_16
room of the unlearned 46_1CO_10_07
rose up to 46_1CO_10_07
rose up to play 46_1CO_08_04
sacrifice unto idols 46_1CO_10_28
sacrifice unto idols 46_1CO_10_18
sacrifices partakers of the 46_1CO_10_18
sacrifices partakers of the 46_1CO_01_12
saith I am 46_1CO_03_04
saith I am 46_1CO_01_12
saith I am of 46_1CO_03_04
saith I am of 46_1CO_14_21
saith the LORD 46_1CO_10_28
sake for the 46_1CO_12_06
same God which worketh 46_1CO_12_06
same God which worketh 46_1CO_07_14
sanctified by the 46_1CO_10_07
sat down to 46_1CO_05_05
saved in the 46_1CO_12_15
say Because I 46_1CO_12_16
say Because I 46_1CO_12_15
say Because I am 46_1CO_12_16
say Because I am 46_1CO_01_15
say that I 46_1CO_12_03
say that Jesus 46_1CO_10_20
say that the 46_1CO_14_23
say that ye are 46_1CO_11_22
say to you 46_1CO_12_21
say unto the 46_1CO_10_28
say unto you 46_1CO_11_25
saying This cup 46_1CO_11_25
saying This cup is 46_1CO_01_20
scribe where is 46_1CO_01_20
scribe where is the 46_1CO_11_16
seem to be 46_1CO_12_22
seem to be 46_1CO_03_18
seemeth to be 46_1CO_04_17
sent unto you 46_1CO_10_27
set before you 46_1CO_11_34
set in order 46_1CO_15_51
shall all be 46_1CO_14_11
shall be a 46_1CO_06_05
shall be able 46_1CO_06_05
shall be able to 46_1CO_15_54
shall be brought 46_1CO_03_15
shall be burned 46_1CO_15_37
shall be but 46_1CO_15_26
shall be destroyed 46_1CO_13_10
shall be done 46_1CO_11_27
shall be guilty 46_1CO_06_02
shall be judged 46_1CO_06_02
shall be judged by 46_1CO_03_13
shall be made 46_1CO_06_16
shall be one 46_1CO_06_16
shall be one flesh 46_1CO_15_52
shall be raised 46_1CO_03_15
shall be saved 46_1CO_15_28
shall be subdued 46_1CO_14_11
shall be unto 46_1CO_04_17
shall bring you 46_1CO_04_17
shall bring you into 46_1CO_03_13
shall declare it 46_1CO_06_13
shall destroy both 46_1CO_04_05
shall every man 46_1CO_16_04
shall go with 46_1CO_15_24
shall have put 46_1CO_15_54
shall have put 46_1CO_15_54
shall have put on 46_1CO_15_54
shall have put on 46_1CO_14_16
shall he that 46_1CO_13_12
shall I know 46_1CO_11_22
shall I say 46_1CO_06_15
Shall I then take 46_1CO_06_10
shall inherit the 46_1CO_14_07
shall it be 46_1CO_14_09
shall it be 46_1CO_14_07
shall it be known 46_1CO_06_02
shall judge the 46_1CO_15_51
Shall not all 46_1CO_06_09
shall not inherit 46_1CO_06_09
shall not inherit the 46_1CO_08_10
Shall not the 46_1CO_16_05
shall pass through 46_1CO_03_14
shall receive a 46_1CO_12_15
shall say Because 46_1CO_12_15
shall say Because I 46_1CO_12_16
shall say Because I 46_1CO_14_06
shall speak to 46_1CO_15_28
shall the Son 46_1CO_15_29
shall they do 46_1CO_13_08
shall vanish away 46_1CO_09_09
shalt not muzzle 46_1CO_09_09
shalt not muzzle the 46_1CO_11_14
shame unto him 46_1CO_07_28
she hath not 46_1CO_07_34
she may be 46_1CO_07_34
she that is 46_1CO_09_27
should be a 46_1CO_10_01
should be ignorant 46_1CO_04_03
should be judged 46_1CO_01_17
should be made 46_1CO_12_25
should have the 46_1CO_11_31
should not be 46_1CO_11_32
should not be 46_1CO_15_51
show you a 46_1CO_14_28
silence in the 46_1CO_14_34
silence in the 46_1CO_15_56
sin is the 46_1CO_14_15
sing with the 46_1CO_06_18
sinneth against his 46_1CO_06_18
sinneth against his own 46_1CO_15_03
sins according to 46_1CO_15_03
sins according to the 46_1CO_08_10
sit at meat 46_1CO_04_03
small thing that 46_1CO_12_12
so also is 46_1CO_15_42
so also is the 46_1CO_15_15
so be that 46_1CO_15_15
so be that the 46_1CO_16_01
so do ye 46_1CO_05_03
so done this 46_1CO_09_14
so hath the 46_1CO_09_14
so hath the Lord 46_1CO_11_12
so is the 46_1CO_11_12
So is the man 46_1CO_15_45
so it is 46_1CO_07_17
so let him 46_1CO_14_09
So likewise ye 46_1CO_05_01
so much as 46_1CO_13_02
So that I 46_1CO_06_05
so that there 46_1CO_06_05
so that there is 46_1CO_07_26
so to be 46_1CO_15_54
So when this 46_1CO_10_07
some of them 46_1CO_10_08
some of them 46_1CO_10_09
some of them 46_1CO_10_10
some of them 46_1CO_10_10
some of them 46_1CO_10_09
Some of them also 46_1CO_06_11
some of you 46_1CO_01_09
Son Jesus Christ 46_1CO_01_09
Son Jesus Christ our 46_1CO_13_11
spake as a 46_1CO_14_05
spake with tongues 46_1CO_14_35
speak in the 46_1CO_02_13
Speak not in 46_1CO_02_13
Speak not in the 46_1CO_14_06
speak to you 46_1CO_14_21
speak unto this 46_1CO_14_21
speak unto this people 46_1CO_03_01
speak unto you 46_1CO_13_01
speak with the 46_1CO_12_30
speak with tongues 46_1CO_14_23
speak with tongues 46_1CO_14_39
speak with tongues 46_1CO_14_23
speak with tongues and 46_1CO_14_02
speaketh in an 46_1CO_14_04
speaketh in an 46_1CO_14_02
speaketh in an unknown 46_1CO_14_04
speaketh in an unknown 46_1CO_02_04
speech and my 46_1CO_14_15
spirit and I will 46_1CO_14_15
spirit and I will 46_1CO_02_04
Spirit and of 46_1CO_02_10
Spirit for the 46_1CO_02_11
Spirit of God 46_1CO_02_14
Spirit of God 46_1CO_03_16
Spirit of God 46_1CO_07_40
Spirit of God 46_1CO_12_03
Spirit of God 46_1CO_02_11
spirit of man 46_1CO_04_21
spirit of meekness 46_1CO_02_12
spirit of the 46_1CO_02_12
spirit which is 46_1CO_05_04
spirit with the 46_1CO_14_32
spirits of the 46_1CO_10_30
spoken of for 46_1CO_16_13
stand fast in 46_1CO_16_13
stand fast in the 46_1CO_02_05
Stand in the 46_1CO_07_37
stedfast in his 46_1CO_04_01
stewards of the 46_1CO_14_32
subject to the 46_1CO_15_28
subject unto him 46_1CO_16_16
submit yourselves unto 46_1CO_05_05
such an one 46_1CO_05_11
such an one 46_1CO_15_48
such are they also 46_1CO_15_48
such are they also 46_1CO_10_12
Take heed lest 46_1CO_10_12
take heed lest he 46_1CO_05_02
taken away from 46_1CO_03_19
taketh the wise 46_1CO_03_19
taketh the wise in 46_1CO_14_19
teach others also 46_1CO_11_14
teach you that 46_1CO_09_13
temple and they 46_1CO_03_17
temple of God 46_1CO_06_19
temple of the 46_1CO_11_25
testament in my 46_1CO_11_25
testament in my blood 46_1CO_14_05
than he that 46_1CO_01_04
thank my God 46_1CO_15_57
thanks be to 46_1CO_15_57
thanks be to God 46_1CO_04_02
that a man 46_1CO_06_18
that a man 46_1CO_06_18
that a man doeth 46_1CO_11_13
that a woman 46_1CO_07_07
that all men 46_1CO_09_15
that any man 46_1CO_09_15
that any man should 46_1CO_15_23
that are Christ's 46_1CO_07_33
that are of 46_1CO_07_33
that are of the 46_1CO_01_02
that are sanctified 46_1CO_16_18
that are such 46_1CO_09_20
that are under 46_1CO_09_20
that are under the 46_1CO_14_23
that are unlearned 46_1CO_05_12
that are within 46_1CO_05_12
that are without 46_1CO_09_21
that are without 46_1CO_09_21
that are without law 46_1CO_09_21
that are without law 46_1CO_10_27
that believe not 46_1CO_14_22
that believe not but 46_1CO_14_22
that believe not but 46_1CO_07_12
that believeth not 46_1CO_07_13
that believeth not 46_1CO_14_24
that believeth not 46_1CO_07_12
that believeth not and 46_1CO_07_13
that believeth not and 46_1CO_07_32
that belong to 46_1CO_11_28
that bread and drink 46_1CO_11_28
that bread and drink 46_1CO_11_29
that eateth and drinketh 46_1CO_11_29
that eateth and drinketh 46_1CO_01_12
that every one 46_1CO_10_04
that followed them 46_1CO_10_30
that for which 46_1CO_01_31
that glorieth let 46_1CO_01_31
that glorieth let him 46_1CO_04_09
that God hath 46_1CO_14_25
that God is 46_1CO_05_02
that hath done this 46_1CO_11_22
that have not 46_1CO_15_27
that he is 46_1CO_02_16
That he may 46_1CO_03_18
That he may 46_1CO_14_13
That he may 46_1CO_16_10
That he may 46_1CO_16_11
That he may 46_1CO_03_18
that he may be 46_1CO_16_10
that he may be 46_1CO_16_11
that he may come 46_1CO_15_15
that he raised 46_1CO_15_04
that he rose 46_1CO_05_02
that he that 46_1CO_09_10
that he that 46_1CO_15_04
that he was 46_1CO_15_05
that he was 46_1CO_15_06
that he was 46_1CO_15_07
that he was 46_1CO_15_05
that he was seen 46_1CO_15_06
that he was seen 46_1CO_06_16
that he which is 46_1CO_07_37
that he will 46_1CO_01_15
that I had 46_1CO_07_40
that I have 46_1CO_07_35
that I may 46_1CO_07_35
that I may cast 46_1CO_09_19
that I might 46_1CO_09_20
that I might 46_1CO_09_21
that I might 46_1CO_09_22
that I might 46_1CO_09_23
that I might 46_1CO_09_19
that I might gain 46_1CO_09_20
that I might gain 46_1CO_09_21
that I might gain 46_1CO_09_22
that I might gain 46_1CO_04_03
that I should 46_1CO_04_03
that I should be 46_1CO_16_06
that I will 46_1CO_14_37
that I write 46_1CO_14_37
that I write unto 46_1CO_11_14
that if a man 46_1CO_01_02
That in every 46_1CO_01_21
that in the 46_1CO_05_11
that is called 46_1CO_07_22
that is called 46_1CO_16_19
that is in 46_1CO_06_17
that is joined unto 46_1CO_07_33
that is married 46_1CO_07_34
that is married 46_1CO_07_33
that is married careth 46_1CO_07_34
that is married careth 46_1CO_15_54
that is written 46_1CO_07_26
that it is 46_1CO_16_15
that it is 46_1CO_07_26
that it is good 46_1CO_16_15
that it is the 46_1CO_09_15
that it should 46_1CO_12_03
that Jesus is 46_1CO_12_03
that Jesus is the 46_1CO_02_09
that love him 46_1CO_12_03
that no man 46_1CO_06_03
that pertain to 46_1CO_06_05
that shall be 46_1CO_15_26
that shall be 46_1CO_15_37
that shall be 46_1CO_07_34
that she may 46_1CO_14_02
that speaketh in 46_1CO_14_04
that speaketh in 46_1CO_14_02
that speaketh in an 46_1CO_14_04
that speaketh in an 46_1CO_11_23
that the LORD 46_1CO_11_23
that the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_06_02
that the saints 46_1CO_03_16
that the spirit 46_1CO_05_05
that the spirit 46_1CO_03_16
that the spirit of 46_1CO_10_20
that the things 46_1CO_14_37
that the things 46_1CO_10_20
that the things which 46_1CO_01_11
that there are 46_1CO_01_10
that there be 46_1CO_11_18
that there be 46_1CO_16_02
that there be 46_1CO_01_10
that there be no 46_1CO_16_02
that there be no 46_1CO_05_01
that there is 46_1CO_06_05
that there is 46_1CO_08_04
that there is 46_1CO_15_12
that there is 46_1CO_15_12
that there is no 46_1CO_08_04
that there is none 46_1CO_06_05
that there is not 46_1CO_12_25
that there should 46_1CO_12_25
that there should be 46_1CO_03_20
that they are 46_1CO_16_15
that they have 46_1CO_10_33
that they may 46_1CO_10_33
that they may be 46_1CO_09_13
that they which 46_1CO_09_14
that they which 46_1CO_09_24
that they which 46_1CO_11_19
that they which 46_1CO_11_19
that they which are 46_1CO_07_26
that this is 46_1CO_04_07
that thou didst 46_1CO_09_09
that treadeth out 46_1CO_09_09
that treadeth out the 46_1CO_15_46
that was not 46_1CO_04_08
That we also 46_1CO_02_12
that we might 46_1CO_11_32
that we should 46_1CO_11_32
that we should not 46_1CO_09_18
that when I 46_1CO_15_03
that which I 46_1CO_04_06
that which is 46_1CO_07_35
that which is 46_1CO_10_19
that which is 46_1CO_13_10
that which is 46_1CO_15_46
that which is 46_1CO_15_36
that which thou 46_1CO_15_37
that which thou 46_1CO_15_36
that which thou sowest 46_1CO_15_37
that which thou sowest 46_1CO_16_17
that which was 46_1CO_16_17
that which was lacking 46_1CO_01_10
that ye all 46_1CO_03_16
that ye are 46_1CO_10_13
that ye are 46_1CO_14_23
that ye are 46_1CO_03_16
that ye are the 46_1CO_01_10
that ye be 46_1CO_01_07
That ye come 46_1CO_11_34
That ye come 46_1CO_11_34
That ye come not 46_1CO_01_08
that ye may 46_1CO_05_07
that ye may 46_1CO_07_05
that ye may 46_1CO_07_35
that ye may 46_1CO_09_24
that ye may 46_1CO_10_13
that ye may 46_1CO_14_01
that ye may 46_1CO_14_12
that ye may 46_1CO_16_06
that ye may 46_1CO_01_08
that ye may be 46_1CO_05_07
that ye may be 46_1CO_10_13
that ye may be 46_1CO_16_06
that ye may bring 46_1CO_04_06
that ye might 46_1CO_10_01
that ye should 46_1CO_10_20
that ye should 46_1CO_10_01
that ye should be 46_1CO_02_05
that your faith 46_1CO_14_33
the author of 46_1CO_06_13
the belly and 46_1CO_10_16
the blood of 46_1CO_10_16
the blood of Christ 46_1CO_06_18
the body but 46_1CO_06_13
the body is 46_1CO_12_12
the body is 46_1CO_12_14
the body is 46_1CO_12_15
the body is 46_1CO_12_16
the body is 46_1CO_12_15
the body is it 46_1CO_12_16
the body is it 46_1CO_06_13
the body is not 46_1CO_12_14
the body is not 46_1CO_10_16
the body of 46_1CO_12_27
the body of 46_1CO_10_16
the body of Christ 46_1CO_12_22
the body which 46_1CO_12_23
the body which 46_1CO_10_16
the bread which 46_1CO_08_12
the brethren And 46_1CO_09_05
the brethren of 46_1CO_09_05
the brethren of the 46_1CO_14_28
the church and 46_1CO_14_28
the church and let 46_1CO_11_18
the church I 46_1CO_14_19
the church I 46_1CO_01_02
the church of 46_1CO_11_22
the church of 46_1CO_15_09
the church of 46_1CO_01_02
the church of God 46_1CO_11_22
the church of God 46_1CO_15_09
the church of God 46_1CO_16_19
the church that is 46_1CO_16_01
the churches of 46_1CO_16_19
the churches of 46_1CO_16_01
the churches of Galatia 46_1CO_11_16
the churches of God 46_1CO_10_01
the cloud and 46_1CO_10_02
the cloud and 46_1CO_01_07
the coming of 46_1CO_16_17
the coming of 46_1CO_01_07
the coming of our 46_1CO_07_19
the commandments of 46_1CO_07_19
the commandments of 46_1CO_07_19
the commandments of God 46_1CO_14_37
the commandments of the 46_1CO_10_16
the communion of 46_1CO_10_16
the communion of the 46_1CO_10_16
the communion of the 46_1CO_04_05
the counsels of 46_1CO_04_05
the counsels of the 46_1CO_01_17
the cross of 46_1CO_01_17
the cross of Christ 46_1CO_10_16
the cup of 46_1CO_10_21
the cup of 46_1CO_10_21
the cup of the 46_1CO_11_25
the cup when 46_1CO_01_08
the day of 46_1CO_05_05
the day of 46_1CO_01_08
the day of our 46_1CO_05_05
the day of the 46_1CO_15_20
the dead and 46_1CO_15_15
the dead rise 46_1CO_15_16
the dead rise 46_1CO_15_32
the dead rise 46_1CO_15_15
the dead rise not 46_1CO_15_16
the dead rise not 46_1CO_15_32
the dead rise not 46_1CO_15_52
the dead shall 46_1CO_15_52
the dead shall be 46_1CO_05_05
the destruction of 46_1CO_05_05
the destruction of the 46_1CO_12_16
the ear shall 46_1CO_10_26
the earth is 46_1CO_10_28
the earth is 46_1CO_10_28
the earth is the 46_1CO_14_12
the edifying of 46_1CO_14_12
the edifying of the 46_1CO_01_08
the end that 46_1CO_10_11
the ends of 46_1CO_10_11
the ends of the 46_1CO_10_11
the ends of the 46_1CO_07_31
the fashion of 46_1CO_08_06
the father of 46_1CO_15_24
the father When 46_1CO_05_08
the feast not 46_1CO_01_09
the fellowship of 46_1CO_01_09
the fellowship of his 46_1CO_04_13
the filth of 46_1CO_04_13
the filth of the 46_1CO_03_13
the fire shall 46_1CO_16_02
the first day 46_1CO_16_02
the first day of 46_1CO_15_45
the first man 46_1CO_15_20
the firstfruits of 46_1CO_16_15
the firstfruits of 46_1CO_16_15
the firstfruits of Achaia 46_1CO_15_20
the firstfruits of them 46_1CO_10_18
the flesh are 46_1CO_07_28
the flesh but 46_1CO_01_26
the flesh not 46_1CO_05_05
the flesh that 46_1CO_07_36
the flower of 46_1CO_01_25
the foolishness of 46_1CO_12_15
The foot shall 46_1CO_09_07
the fruit thereof 46_1CO_10_26
the fulness thereof 46_1CO_10_28
the fulness thereof 46_1CO_05_01
the Gentiles that 46_1CO_13_02
the gift of 46_1CO_12_09
the gifts of 46_1CO_12_30
the gifts of 46_1CO_12_09
the gifts of healing 46_1CO_12_30
the gifts of healing 46_1CO_10_31
the glory of 46_1CO_11_07
the glory of 46_1CO_15_40
the glory of 46_1CO_10_31
the glory of God 46_1CO_11_07
the glory of the 46_1CO_15_40
the glory of the 46_1CO_15_40
the glory of the 46_1CO_09_16
the gospel I 46_1CO_09_18
the gospel I 46_1CO_09_17
the gospel is 46_1CO_01_17
the gospel not 46_1CO_09_12
the gospel of 46_1CO_09_18
the gospel of 46_1CO_09_12
the gospel of Christ 46_1CO_09_18
the gospel of Christ 46_1CO_15_01
the gospel which 46_1CO_01_04
the grace of 46_1CO_03_10
the grace of 46_1CO_15_10
the grace of 46_1CO_16_23
the grace of 46_1CO_01_04
the grace of God 46_1CO_03_10
the grace of God 46_1CO_15_10
the grace of God 46_1CO_15_10
the grace of God 46_1CO_13_13
the greatest of 46_1CO_12_15
the hand I 46_1CO_12_21
the hand I 46_1CO_11_03
the head of 46_1CO_11_03
the head of the 46_1CO_02_09
the heart of man 46_1CO_04_05
the hearts and 46_1CO_04_05
the hidden things 46_1CO_04_05
the hidden things of 46_1CO_02_13
the Holy Ghost 46_1CO_06_19
the Holy Ghost 46_1CO_12_03
the Holy Ghost 46_1CO_06_19
the Holy Ghost which 46_1CO_01_11
the house of 46_1CO_16_15
the house of 46_1CO_01_16
the household of 46_1CO_15_49
the image of 46_1CO_15_49
the image of the 46_1CO_15_49
the image of the 46_1CO_12_10
the interpretation of 46_1CO_10_32
the Jews nor to 46_1CO_09_20
the Jews to 46_1CO_07_19
the keeping of 46_1CO_04_20
the kingdom of 46_1CO_06_09
the kingdom of 46_1CO_06_10
the kingdom of 46_1CO_15_50
the kingdom of 46_1CO_04_20
the kingdom of God 46_1CO_06_09
the kingdom of God 46_1CO_06_10
the kingdom of God 46_1CO_15_50
the kingdom of God 46_1CO_15_24
the kingdom to 46_1CO_15_34
the knowledge of 46_1CO_07_39
the law as 46_1CO_09_20
the law as 46_1CO_14_21
the law it 46_1CO_14_21
the law it is 46_1CO_09_09
the law of 46_1CO_09_09
the law of Moses 46_1CO_09_20
the law that 46_1CO_09_20
the law that I 46_1CO_09_08
the law the 46_1CO_09_21
the law to 46_1CO_15_09
the least of 46_1CO_05_08
the leaven of 46_1CO_06_13
the LORD and 46_1CO_06_14
the LORD and 46_1CO_09_05
the LORD and 46_1CO_10_21
the LORD and 46_1CO_06_13
the LORD and the 46_1CO_10_21
the LORD and the 46_1CO_16_10
the LORD as 46_1CO_07_22
the LORD being a 46_1CO_12_03
the LORD but 46_1CO_04_05
the LORD come 46_1CO_06_13
the LORD for 46_1CO_06_13
the LORD for the 46_1CO_15_47
the LORD from 46_1CO_03_05
the LORD gave 46_1CO_07_17
the LORD hath 46_1CO_07_17
the LORD hath called 46_1CO_07_32
the LORD how 46_1CO_07_32
the Lord how he 46_1CO_07_12
the LORD if 46_1CO_07_12
the Lord If any 46_1CO_07_12
the Lord If any 46_1CO_06_17
the LORD is 46_1CO_01_03
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_05_05
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_06_11
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_11_23
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_16_22
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_16_22
the Lord Jesus 46_1CO_06_11
the Lord Jesus and 46_1CO_01_03
the Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_16_22
the Lord Jesus Christ 46_1CO_03_20
the LORD knoweth 46_1CO_03_20
the LORD knoweth the 46_1CO_07_10
the LORD Let 46_1CO_07_10
the LORD Let not 46_1CO_02_08
the lord of 46_1CO_02_08
the Lord of glory 46_1CO_02_16
the LORD that 46_1CO_07_34
the LORD that 46_1CO_11_23
the LORD that 46_1CO_11_32
the LORD that 46_1CO_02_16
the LORD that he 46_1CO_11_23
the LORD that which 46_1CO_07_25
the LORD to 46_1CO_10_22
the LORD to 46_1CO_07_25
the LORD to be 46_1CO_04_17
the LORD who 46_1CO_04_17
the LORD who shall 46_1CO_04_19
the LORD will 46_1CO_16_19
the LORD with 46_1CO_16_19
the LORD with the 46_1CO_07_35
the LORD without 46_1CO_07_25
the LORD yet 46_1CO_07_25
the LORD yet I 46_1CO_10_26
the LORD's and 46_1CO_10_28
the LORD's and 46_1CO_10_26
the LORD's and the 46_1CO_11_03
the man and 46_1CO_11_03
the man and the 46_1CO_11_12
the man even 46_1CO_11_08
the man is 46_1CO_12_07
the manifestation of 46_1CO_12_07
the manifestation of the 46_1CO_15_32
the manner of 46_1CO_15_32
the manner of 46_1CO_15_32
the manner of men 46_1CO_06_15
the members of 46_1CO_12_12
the members of 46_1CO_06_15
the members of Christ 46_1CO_06_15
the members of Christ 46_1CO_09_07
the milk of 46_1CO_09_07
the milk of the 46_1CO_02_16
the mind of 46_1CO_02_16
the mind of the 46_1CO_04_01
the Ministers of 46_1CO_15_41
the moon and 46_1CO_09_09
the mouth of 46_1CO_09_09
the mouth of the 46_1CO_01_02
The name of 46_1CO_01_10
The name of 46_1CO_01_13
The name of 46_1CO_05_04
The name of 46_1CO_06_11
The name of 46_1CO_01_02
the name of Jesus 46_1CO_01_10
the name of our 46_1CO_05_04
the name of our 46_1CO_06_11
The name of the 46_1CO_11_25
the new testament 46_1CO_11_25
the new testament in 46_1CO_10_29
the other for 46_1CO_14_17
the other is 46_1CO_14_17
the other is not 46_1CO_09_09
the ox that 46_1CO_09_09
the ox that treadeth 46_1CO_10_07
the people sat down 46_1CO_13_03
the poor and 46_1CO_01_18
the power of 46_1CO_01_24
the power of 46_1CO_02_05
the power of 46_1CO_05_04
the power of 46_1CO_06_12
the power of 46_1CO_01_18
the power of God 46_1CO_01_24
the power of God 46_1CO_02_05
the power of God 46_1CO_01_18
the preaching of 46_1CO_02_06
the princes of 46_1CO_02_08
the princes of 46_1CO_02_06
the princes of this 46_1CO_02_08
the princes of this 46_1CO_10_33
the profit of 46_1CO_14_32
the prophets are 46_1CO_15_21
the resurrection of 46_1CO_15_42
the resurrection of 46_1CO_15_21
the resurrection of the 46_1CO_15_42
the resurrection of the 46_1CO_14_16
the room of 46_1CO_16_21
the salutation of 46_1CO_09_08
the same also 46_1CO_08_03
the same is 46_1CO_12_05
the same Lord 46_1CO_11_25
the same manner 46_1CO_01_10
the same mind 46_1CO_11_23
the same night 46_1CO_12_04
the same Spirit 46_1CO_12_08
the same Spirit 46_1CO_10_03
the same spiritual 46_1CO_10_04
the same spiritual 46_1CO_01_10
the same thing 46_1CO_01_20
the scribe where 46_1CO_01_20
the scribe where is 46_1CO_09_02
the seal of 46_1CO_14_25
the secrets of 46_1CO_07_23
the servants of 46_1CO_04_19
the speech of 46_1CO_02_04
the spirit and 46_1CO_14_15
the spirit and 46_1CO_14_15
the spirit and I 46_1CO_14_15
the spirit and I 46_1CO_12_07
the spirit is 46_1CO_02_11
the Spirit of 46_1CO_02_11
the Spirit of 46_1CO_02_12
the Spirit of 46_1CO_02_14
the Spirit of 46_1CO_03_16
the Spirit of 46_1CO_04_21
the Spirit of 46_1CO_06_11
the Spirit of 46_1CO_07_40
the Spirit of 46_1CO_12_03
the Spirit of 46_1CO_02_11
the Spirit of God 46_1CO_02_14
the Spirit of God 46_1CO_03_16
the Spirit of God 46_1CO_07_40
the Spirit of God 46_1CO_12_03
the Spirit of God 46_1CO_02_11
The spirit of man 46_1CO_04_21
the spirit of meekness 46_1CO_02_12
the spirit of the 46_1CO_12_08
the Spirit the 46_1CO_02_12
the spirit which is 46_1CO_15_56
the strength of 46_1CO_15_41
the sun and 46_1CO_10_21
the table of 46_1CO_09_13
the temple and 46_1CO_09_13
the temple and they 46_1CO_03_16
the temple of 46_1CO_03_17
the temple of 46_1CO_06_19
the temple of 46_1CO_03_17
the temple of God 46_1CO_03_17
the temple of God 46_1CO_01_06
the testimony of 46_1CO_02_01
the testimony of 46_1CO_02_11
the things of 46_1CO_02_14
the things of 46_1CO_07_34
the things of 46_1CO_09_13
the things of 46_1CO_02_14
the things of the 46_1CO_07_34
the things of the 46_1CO_07_34
the things of the 46_1CO_09_13
the things of the 46_1CO_02_12
the things that 46_1CO_07_32
the things that 46_1CO_07_33
the things that 46_1CO_14_37
the things that 46_1CO_02_12
the things that are 46_1CO_07_33
the things that are 46_1CO_14_37
the things that I 46_1CO_01_27
the things which 46_1CO_01_27
the things which 46_1CO_10_20
the things which 46_1CO_01_27
the things which are 46_1CO_15_04
the third day 46_1CO_03_20
the thoughts of 46_1CO_03_20
the thoughts of the 46_1CO_07_29
the time is 46_1CO_01_19
the understanding of 46_1CO_01_19
the understanding of the 46_1CO_16_07
the way but 46_1CO_12_17
the whole body 46_1CO_05_06
the whole lump 46_1CO_07_14
the wife and 46_1CO_01_01
the will of 46_1CO_01_01
the will of God 46_1CO_01_19
the wisdom of 46_1CO_01_20
the wisdom of 46_1CO_01_21
the wisdom of 46_1CO_01_24
the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_05
the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_06
the wisdom of 46_1CO_02_07
the wisdom of 46_1CO_03_19
the wisdom of 46_1CO_01_24
the wisdom of God 46_1CO_02_07
the wisdom of God 46_1CO_01_19
The wisdom of the 46_1CO_01_20
the wisdom of this 46_1CO_02_06
the wisdom of this 46_1CO_01_19
the wise and 46_1CO_01_27
the wise and 46_1CO_03_19
the wise in 46_1CO_03_19
the wise in their 46_1CO_03_20
the wise that 46_1CO_11_06
the woman be 46_1CO_11_06
the woman be not 46_1CO_11_08
the woman but 46_1CO_11_09
the woman but 46_1CO_11_08
the woman but the 46_1CO_11_09
the woman but the 46_1CO_11_09
the woman for 46_1CO_11_03
the woman is 46_1CO_11_07
the woman is 46_1CO_11_03
the woman is the 46_1CO_11_07
the woman is the 46_1CO_11_08
the woman of 46_1CO_11_10
the woman to 46_1CO_07_13
the woman which 46_1CO_07_13
the woman which hath 46_1CO_12_08
the word of 46_1CO_14_36
the word of 46_1CO_14_36
the word of God 46_1CO_02_13
the words which 46_1CO_15_58
the work of 46_1CO_16_10
the work of 46_1CO_15_58
the work of the 46_1CO_16_10
the work of the 46_1CO_12_10
the working of 46_1CO_01_28
the world and 46_1CO_04_09
the world and 46_1CO_04_13
the world and 46_1CO_06_02
the world and 46_1CO_08_04
the world and 46_1CO_14_10
the world and 46_1CO_10_11
the world are 46_1CO_02_12
the world but 46_1CO_07_33
the world how 46_1CO_07_34
the world how 46_1CO_01_27
the world to 46_1CO_01_27
the world to confound 46_1CO_01_27
the world to confound 46_1CO_02_07
the world unto 46_1CO_03_19
their own craftiness 46_1CO_05_12
them also that 46_1CO_10_04
them and that 46_1CO_02_14
them because they 46_1CO_02_14
them because they are 46_1CO_12_18
them in the 46_1CO_06_13
them now the 46_1CO_01_02
them that are 46_1CO_02_06
them that are 46_1CO_05_12
them that are 46_1CO_05_13
them that are 46_1CO_08_09
them that are 46_1CO_09_20
them that are 46_1CO_09_21
them that are 46_1CO_16_18
them that are 46_1CO_01_02
them that are sanctified 46_1CO_16_18
them that are such 46_1CO_09_20
them that are under 46_1CO_09_20
them that are under 46_1CO_05_13
them that are without 46_1CO_09_21
them that are without 46_1CO_01_21
them that believe 46_1CO_10_27
them that believe 46_1CO_14_22
them that believe 46_1CO_10_27
them that believe not 46_1CO_14_22
them that believe not 46_1CO_09_03
them that do 46_1CO_11_22
them that have 46_1CO_02_09
them that love 46_1CO_02_09
them that love him 46_1CO_01_18
them that perish 46_1CO_02_10
them unto us 46_1CO_01_11
them which are 46_1CO_01_24
them which are 46_1CO_04_19
them which are 46_1CO_01_11
them which are of 46_1CO_14_22
them which believe 46_1CO_16_03
them will I 46_1CO_16_15
themselves to the 46_1CO_06_09
themselves with mankind 46_1CO_14_15
then I will 46_1CO_14_15
then I will 46_1CO_15_16
then is not 46_1CO_15_54
then shall be 46_1CO_13_12
then shall I 46_1CO_15_28
then shall the 46_1CO_06_15
Then take the 46_1CO_10_19
then That the 46_1CO_13_10
then that which 46_1CO_13_10
then that which is 46_1CO_12_04
there are diversities 46_1CO_12_06
there are diversities 46_1CO_12_04
there are diversities of 46_1CO_12_06
there are diversities of 46_1CO_16_09
There are many 46_1CO_01_10
there be no 46_1CO_14_28
there be no 46_1CO_15_13
there be no 46_1CO_16_02
there be no 46_1CO_08_05
there be that 46_1CO_14_23
there come in 46_1CO_14_24
there come in 46_1CO_15_44
There is a 46_1CO_15_44
There is a 46_1CO_08_06
there is but one 46_1CO_15_12
there is no 46_1CO_15_12
there is no resurrection 46_1CO_08_04
There is none 46_1CO_08_04
there is none other 46_1CO_06_05
there is not 46_1CO_08_07
there is not 46_1CO_06_05
there is not a 46_1CO_15_39
there is one 46_1CO_15_41
there is one 46_1CO_11_19
There must be 46_1CO_12_25
there should be 46_1CO_12_25
there should be no 46_1CO_05_08
therefore let us 46_1CO_12_15
therefore not of 46_1CO_12_16
therefore not of 46_1CO_12_15
therefore not of the 46_1CO_12_16
therefore not of the 46_1CO_06_07
therefore there is 46_1CO_09_15
these things that 46_1CO_09_15
these things that it 46_1CO_10_06
these things were 46_1CO_15_48
They also that 46_1CO_15_48
they also that are 46_1CO_15_48
they also that are 46_1CO_15_18
They also which 46_1CO_03_20
they are vain 46_1CO_10_11
they are written 46_1CO_09_25
they do it 46_1CO_10_33
they may be 46_1CO_13_08
they shall cease 46_1CO_16_04
they shall go 46_1CO_16_04
They shall go with 46_1CO_15_23
they that are 46_1CO_15_23
they that are Christ's 46_1CO_07_29
they that have 46_1CO_12_19
they were all 46_1CO_11_19
they which are 46_1CO_02_08
they would not 46_1CO_01_10
thing and that 46_1CO_14_35
thing let them 46_1CO_04_03
thing that I 46_1CO_08_06
things and we 46_1CO_06_12
things are lawful 46_1CO_10_23
things are lawful 46_1CO_06_12
things are lawful for 46_1CO_10_23
things are lawful for 46_1CO_06_12
things are not 46_1CO_10_23
things are not 46_1CO_06_12
things are not expedient 46_1CO_10_23
things are not expedient 46_1CO_10_06
things as they 46_1CO_14_26
things be done 46_1CO_16_14
things be done 46_1CO_02_10
things of God 46_1CO_02_11
things of God 46_1CO_01_27
things of the 46_1CO_01_28
things of the 46_1CO_02_14
things of the 46_1CO_07_34
things of the 46_1CO_09_13
things of the 46_1CO_02_14
things of the Spirit 46_1CO_01_27
things of the world 46_1CO_01_27
things of the world 46_1CO_07_34
things of the world 46_1CO_06_04
things pertaining to 46_1CO_15_28
things shall be 46_1CO_01_28
things that are 46_1CO_02_12
things that are 46_1CO_07_33
things that are 46_1CO_08_04
things that are 46_1CO_07_32
things that belong 46_1CO_07_32
things that belong to 46_1CO_14_37
things that I 46_1CO_09_15
things that it 46_1CO_06_03
things that pertain 46_1CO_03_22
things to come 46_1CO_15_27
things under him 46_1CO_15_28
things under him 46_1CO_15_27
things under his 46_1CO_15_27
things under his feet 46_1CO_01_27
things which are 46_1CO_01_28
things which are 46_1CO_08_10
things which are 46_1CO_01_28
things which are not 46_1CO_02_09
things which God hath 46_1CO_10_20
things which the 46_1CO_14_37
think himself to 46_1CO_14_37
think himself to be 46_1CO_07_36
think that he 46_1CO_12_23
think to be 46_1CO_11_26
this bread and 46_1CO_11_27
this bread and 46_1CO_11_26
this bread and drink 46_1CO_11_26
this bread and drink 46_1CO_11_27
this bread and drink 46_1CO_04_17
this cause have 46_1CO_04_17
this cause have I 46_1CO_11_25
This cup is 46_1CO_11_25
This cup is the 46_1CO_11_24
this do in 46_1CO_11_24
this do in remembrance 46_1CO_01_12
this I say 46_1CO_07_29
this I say 46_1CO_07_29
this I say brethren 46_1CO_15_50
this I say brethren 46_1CO_01_12
this I say that 46_1CO_07_26
this is good 46_1CO_11_24
This is my 46_1CO_11_24
this is my body 46_1CO_11_20
this is not 46_1CO_14_21
this people and 46_1CO_11_17
this that I 46_1CO_01_20
this world hath 46_1CO_03_19
this world is 46_1CO_02_06
this world that 46_1CO_12_22
those members of 46_1CO_12_23
those members of 46_1CO_12_22
those members of the 46_1CO_12_23
those members of the 46_1CO_14_23
those that are 46_1CO_08_04
those things that 46_1CO_08_04
those things that are 46_1CO_08_10
those things which 46_1CO_08_10
those things which 46_1CO_08_10
those things which are 46_1CO_04_07
thou didst not 46_1CO_07_28
thou hast not 46_1CO_07_21
thou mayest be 46_1CO_07_16
thou O man 46_1CO_14_16
thou shalt bless 46_1CO_09_09
thou shalt not 46_1CO_09_09
Thou shalt not muzzle 46_1CO_07_16
thou shalt save thy 46_1CO_07_16
thou shalt save thy 46_1CO_04_07
thou that thou 46_1CO_09_19
though I be 46_1CO_13_02
though I have 46_1CO_13_01
Though I speak 46_1CO_04_18
though I would 46_1CO_07_29
though they had 46_1CO_03_20
thoughts of the 46_1CO_04_15
through the gospel 46_1CO_07_05
time that ye 46_1CO_09_22
to all men 46_1CO_14_30
to another that 46_1CO_12_08
to another the 46_1CO_12_09
to another the 46_1CO_12_10
to another the 46_1CO_14_37
to be a 46_1CO_14_37
to be a prophet 46_1CO_01_01
to be an 46_1CO_01_01
to be an apostle 46_1CO_13_03
to be burned 46_1CO_15_09
to be called 46_1CO_07_25
to be faithful 46_1CO_12_22
to be more 46_1CO_01_02
to be saints 46_1CO_10_13
to be tempted 46_1CO_14_34
to be under 46_1CO_14_09
to be understood 46_1CO_03_02
to bear it 46_1CO_10_13
to bear it 46_1CO_01_28
to bring to 46_1CO_16_12
to come at 46_1CO_16_12
to come unto 46_1CO_16_12
to come unto you 46_1CO_04_09
to death for 46_1CO_05_12
to do to 46_1CO_07_12
to dwell with 46_1CO_07_13
to dwell with 46_1CO_09_04
to eat and 46_1CO_10_07
to eat and 46_1CO_11_22
to eat and 46_1CO_11_22
to eat and 46_1CO_09_04
to eat and to 46_1CO_11_22
to eat and to 46_1CO_11_20
to eat the 46_1CO_14_03
to edification and 46_1CO_03_05
to every man 46_1CO_07_17
to every man 46_1CO_12_07
to every man 46_1CO_12_11
to every man 46_1CO_16_16
to every one 46_1CO_16_16
to every one that 46_1CO_13_03
to feed the 46_1CO_10_20
to God and 46_1CO_15_57
to God which 46_1CO_04_08
to God ye 46_1CO_11_15
to her for 46_1CO_07_11
to her husband 46_1CO_14_28
to himself and to 46_1CO_03_08
to his own 46_1CO_06_02
to judge the 46_1CO_05_11
to keep company 46_1CO_04_05
to light the 46_1CO_15_54
to pass the 46_1CO_01_17
to preach the 46_1CO_01_17
to preach the gospel 46_1CO_14_39
to prophesy and 46_1CO_14_35
to speak in 46_1CO_14_35
to speak in the 46_1CO_14_39
to speak with 46_1CO_14_08
to the battle 46_1CO_10_32
to the church 46_1CO_10_32
to the Gentiles 46_1CO_10_31
to the glory 46_1CO_10_31
to the glory of 46_1CO_03_10
to the grace of 46_1CO_10_06
to the intent 46_1CO_10_32
to the Jews 46_1CO_10_32
to the Jews nor 46_1CO_07_32
to the LORD 46_1CO_16_15
to the ministry 46_1CO_16_15
to the ministry of 46_1CO_14_32
to the prophets 46_1CO_07_12
to the rest 46_1CO_15_03
to the scriptures 46_1CO_15_04
to the scriptures 46_1CO_09_22
To the weak 46_1CO_01_02
to them that 46_1CO_01_18
to them that 46_1CO_08_09
to them that 46_1CO_09_03
to them that 46_1CO_09_20
to them that 46_1CO_09_21
to them that 46_1CO_14_22
to them that 46_1CO_01_02
to them that are 46_1CO_08_09
to them that are 46_1CO_09_20
to them that are 46_1CO_09_21
to them that are 46_1CO_14_22
to them that believe 46_1CO_04_06
to think of 46_1CO_06_03
to this life 46_1CO_06_04
to this life 46_1CO_09_02
to you for 46_1CO_06_05
to your shame 46_1CO_15_34
to your shame 46_1CO_01_10
together in the 46_1CO_11_18
together in the 46_1CO_11_25
took the cup 46_1CO_09_09
treadeth out the 46_1CO_09_09
treadeth out the corn 46_1CO_03_13
try every man's work 46_1CO_03_13
try every man's work 46_1CO_14_29
two or three 46_1CO_15_25
under his feet 46_1CO_15_27
under his feet 46_1CO_09_20
under the law 46_1CO_09_21
under the law 46_1CO_09_20
under the law that 46_1CO_01_19
understanding of the 46_1CO_04_05
Until the LORD 46_1CO_09_19
unto all that 46_1CO_09_19
unto all that I 46_1CO_14_02
unto God for 46_1CO_14_11
unto him that 46_1CO_15_28
unto him that 46_1CO_15_28
unto him Then 46_1CO_08_01
unto idols we 46_1CO_08_04
unto idols we 46_1CO_08_01
unto idols we know 46_1CO_08_04
unto idols we know 46_1CO_16_09
unto me and 46_1CO_03_10
unto me as 46_1CO_03_10
unto me as a 46_1CO_06_12
unto me but 46_1CO_09_15
unto me for 46_1CO_16_11
unto me for 46_1CO_07_01
unto me It 46_1CO_07_01
unto me It is 46_1CO_14_02
unto men but 46_1CO_14_02
unto men but unto 46_1CO_10_02
unto Moses in 46_1CO_10_02
unto Moses in the 46_1CO_01_02
unto the church 46_1CO_01_02
Unto the church of 46_1CO_01_08
unto the end 46_1CO_01_23
unto the Jews 46_1CO_09_20
unto the Jews 46_1CO_06_17
unto the LORD 46_1CO_07_03
unto the wife 46_1CO_04_09
unto the world 46_1CO_10_11
unto them for 46_1CO_14_34
unto them to 46_1CO_01_24
unto them which 46_1CO_01_24
unto them which are 46_1CO_04_13
unto this day 46_1CO_08_07
unto this hour 46_1CO_14_21
unto this people 46_1CO_14_21
unto this people and 46_1CO_04_11
unto this present 46_1CO_15_06
unto this present 46_1CO_02_10
unto us by 46_1CO_02_10
unto us by his 46_1CO_12_31
unto you a 46_1CO_01_03
unto you and 46_1CO_01_03
unto you and peace 46_1CO_03_01
unto you as 46_1CO_03_01
unto you as unto 46_1CO_15_03
Unto you first 46_1CO_11_17
unto you I 46_1CO_05_09
unto you in 46_1CO_05_11
unto you not 46_1CO_11_23
unto you that 46_1CO_11_23
unto you that the 46_1CO_02_01
unto you the 46_1CO_15_01
unto you the 46_1CO_15_01
unto you the gospel 46_1CO_10_28
unto you this 46_1CO_10_28
unto you this is 46_1CO_15_01
unto you which 46_1CO_16_12
unto you with 46_1CO_16_12
unto you with the 46_1CO_05_02
up and have 46_1CO_15_24
up the kingdom 46_1CO_06_14
up the Lord 46_1CO_10_07
up to play 46_1CO_16_02
upon the first 46_1CO_16_02
upon the first day 46_1CO_07_35
upon the LORD 46_1CO_01_02
upon the name 46_1CO_01_02
upon the name of 46_1CO_10_11
upon whom the 46_1CO_07_35
upon you but 46_1CO_02_10
us by his 46_1CO_15_32
us eat and drink 46_1CO_04_06
us not to 46_1CO_08_08
us not to 46_1CO_04_09
us the apostles 46_1CO_08_06
us there is 46_1CO_01_07
waiting for the 46_1CO_13_11
was a child 46_1CO_15_04
was buried and 46_1CO_01_06
was confirmed in 46_1CO_15_10
was not in 46_1CO_15_10
was not in vain 46_1CO_02_04
was not with 46_1CO_15_05
was seen of 46_1CO_15_06
was seen of 46_1CO_15_08
was seen of 46_1CO_02_03
was with you 46_1CO_10_17
We are all 46_1CO_04_10
we are despised 46_1CO_04_09
we are made 46_1CO_04_13
we are made 46_1CO_15_19
we are of 46_1CO_04_10
we are weak 46_1CO_10_17
we being many 46_1CO_10_17
we being many are 46_1CO_15_49
we have borne 46_1CO_11_16
We have no 46_1CO_09_12
we have not 46_1CO_02_12
we have received 46_1CO_02_16
we have the 46_1CO_08_01
we know that 46_1CO_08_04
we know that 46_1CO_08_01
we know that we 46_1CO_09_04
we not power 46_1CO_09_05
we not power 46_1CO_09_04
we not power to 46_1CO_09_05
we not power to 46_1CO_15_51
we shall all 46_1CO_15_49
we shall also 46_1CO_15_52
we shall be 46_1CO_15_51
we shall not 46_1CO_09_11
we shall reap 46_1CO_10_06
we should not 46_1CO_11_32
we should not 46_1CO_11_31
we should not be 46_1CO_11_32
we should not be 46_1CO_02_13
we speak not 46_1CO_10_05
well pleased for 46_1CO_10_02
were all baptized 46_1CO_10_09
were destroyed of 46_1CO_10_10
were destroyed of 46_1CO_03_02
were not able 46_1CO_03_02
were not able to 46_1CO_06_11
were some of 46_1CO_10_07
were some of 46_1CO_12_19
were the body 46_1CO_10_01
were under the 46_1CO_01_13
were ye baptized 46_1CO_04_07
What hast thou 46_1CO_05_12
what have I 46_1CO_05_12
What have I to 46_1CO_07_36
what he will 46_1CO_14_15
What is it 46_1CO_09_18
what is my 46_1CO_06_16
What know ye 46_1CO_06_19
What know ye 46_1CO_06_16
What know ye not 46_1CO_06_19
What know ye not 46_1CO_07_16
What knowest thou 46_1CO_11_22
what shall I 46_1CO_11_22
what shall I 46_1CO_11_22
what shall I say 46_1CO_14_16
what thou sayest 46_1CO_04_21
What will ye 46_1CO_10_31
whatsoever ye do 46_1CO_10_31
whatsoever ye do do 46_1CO_11_24
when he had 46_1CO_11_25
when he had 46_1CO_11_24
when he had given 46_1CO_15_27
when he saith 46_1CO_15_24
when he shall 46_1CO_16_12
when he shall 46_1CO_15_24
when he shall have 46_1CO_16_12
when he shall have 46_1CO_02_01
when I came 46_1CO_11_34
when I come 46_1CO_16_02
when I come 46_1CO_16_03
when I come 46_1CO_09_27
when I have 46_1CO_16_05
when I shall 46_1CO_13_11
When I was 46_1CO_14_16
when thou shalt 46_1CO_11_32
when we are 46_1CO_05_04
when ye are 46_1CO_05_04
when ye are gathered 46_1CO_11_18
When ye come 46_1CO_11_20
When ye come 46_1CO_11_33
When ye come 46_1CO_14_26
When ye come 46_1CO_11_18
when ye come together 46_1CO_11_20
when ye come together 46_1CO_14_26
when ye come together 46_1CO_01_20
where is the 46_1CO_01_20
Where is the scribe 46_1CO_15_55
where is thy 46_1CO_12_17
where were the 46_1CO_04_16
wherefore I beseech 46_1CO_04_16
Wherefore I beseech you 46_1CO_10_12
Wherefore let him 46_1CO_14_13
Wherefore let him 46_1CO_10_12
Wherefore let him that 46_1CO_14_13
Wherefore let him that 46_1CO_11_33
Wherefore my brethren 46_1CO_11_33
Wherefore my brethren when 46_1CO_11_33
Wherefore my brethren when 46_1CO_15_01
wherein ye stand 46_1CO_15_11
whether it were 46_1CO_13_08
whether there be 46_1CO_07_16
whether thou shalt save 46_1CO_07_16
whether thou shalt save 46_1CO_12_13
whether we be 46_1CO_11_23
which also I 46_1CO_15_01
which also ye 46_1CO_15_02
which also ye 46_1CO_15_02
which also ye are 46_1CO_01_24
which are called 46_1CO_01_28
which are not 46_1CO_01_11
which are of 46_1CO_01_11
which are of the 46_1CO_08_10
which are offered 46_1CO_01_18
which are saved 46_1CO_04_17
which be in 46_1CO_02_09
which God hath 46_1CO_02_09
which God hath prepared 46_1CO_02_09
which God hath prepared 46_1CO_07_13
which hath an 46_1CO_07_13
which hath an husband 46_1CO_03_14
which he hath 46_1CO_11_23
which he was 46_1CO_15_03
which I also 46_1CO_10_30
which I give 46_1CO_15_31
which I have 46_1CO_15_31
which I have in 46_1CO_01_02
which is at 46_1CO_01_02
which is at Corinth 46_1CO_01_04
which is given 46_1CO_03_10
which is given 46_1CO_02_11
which is in 46_1CO_06_19
which is in 46_1CO_13_10
which is in 46_1CO_06_19
which is in you 46_1CO_02_12
which is of 46_1CO_02_12
which is of God 46_1CO_13_10
which is perfect 46_1CO_04_06
which is written 46_1CO_15_36
which thou sowest 46_1CO_15_37
which thou sowest 46_1CO_16_17
which was lacking 46_1CO_06_19
which ye have 46_1CO_02_16
who hath known 46_1CO_02_16
who hath known the 46_1CO_04_17
Who is my 46_1CO_01_08
who shall also 46_1CO_03_05
who then is 46_1CO_10_13
who will not 46_1CO_08_06
whom are all 46_1CO_08_06
whom are all things 46_1CO_08_06
whom are all things 46_1CO_08_11
whom Christ died 46_1CO_10_30
why am I 46_1CO_06_07
Why do ye 46_1CO_06_07
Why do ye 46_1CO_06_07
Why do ye not 46_1CO_06_07
Why do ye not 46_1CO_04_07
why dost thou 46_1CO_10_29
Why is my 46_1CO_07_03
wife unto the 46_1CO_01_19
will bring to 46_1CO_04_05
will bring to 46_1CO_04_19
will come to 46_1CO_16_05
will come unto 46_1CO_16_12
will come when 46_1CO_01_19
will destroy the 46_1CO_11_34
will I set 46_1CO_14_21
will I speak 46_1CO_06_12
will not be 46_1CO_16_07
will not see 46_1CO_10_13
will not suffer 46_1CO_01_01
will of God 46_1CO_01_01
will of God and 46_1CO_14_15
will pray with the 46_1CO_14_15
will pray with the 46_1CO_14_15
will sing with the 46_1CO_14_15
will sing with the 46_1CO_14_21
will they not 46_1CO_14_23
will they not 46_1CO_01_24
wisdom of God 46_1CO_02_07
wisdom of God 46_1CO_01_19
wisdom of the 46_1CO_01_20
wisdom of this 46_1CO_02_06
wisdom of this 46_1CO_01_20
wisdom of this world 46_1CO_02_06
wisdom of this world 46_1CO_02_07
wisdom which God 46_1CO_01_27
wise and God 46_1CO_01_19
wise and will bring 46_1CO_06_05
wise man among 46_1CO_06_05
wise man among you 46_1CO_03_20
wise that they 46_1CO_06_20
with a price 46_1CO_07_23
with a price 46_1CO_04_21
with a rod 46_1CO_01_02
with all that 46_1CO_16_20
with an holy 46_1CO_16_20
with an holy kiss 46_1CO_02_04
with enticing words 46_1CO_03_19
with God for 46_1CO_03_02
with milk and 46_1CO_16_21
with mine own 46_1CO_16_21
with mine own hand 46_1CO_04_12
with our own 46_1CO_04_12
with our own hands 46_1CO_16_11
with the brethren 46_1CO_16_19
with the church 46_1CO_14_15
with the spirit 46_1CO_14_16
with the spirit 46_1CO_14_15
with the spirit and 46_1CO_14_15
with the spirit and 46_1CO_14_15
with the understanding also 46_1CO_14_15
with the understanding also 46_1CO_16_16
with us and 46_1CO_01_17
with wisdom of 46_1CO_16_07
with you if 46_1CO_02_03
with you in 46_1CO_16_06
with you that 46_1CO_11_06
woman be not 46_1CO_11_08
woman but the 46_1CO_11_09
woman but the 46_1CO_11_08
woman but the woman 46_1CO_11_09
woman but the woman 46_1CO_11_09
woman for the 46_1CO_11_12
woman is of 46_1CO_11_03
woman is the 46_1CO_11_07
woman is the 46_1CO_11_08
woman of the 46_1CO_07_13
woman which hath 46_1CO_07_13
woman which hath an 46_1CO_09_01
work in the 46_1CO_15_58
work of the 46_1CO_16_10
work of the 46_1CO_15_58
work of the LORD 46_1CO_16_10
work of the LORD 46_1CO_03_13
work shall be 46_1CO_03_15
work shall be 46_1CO_01_20
world hath not 46_1CO_07_31
world passeth away 46_1CO_01_27
world to confound the 46_1CO_01_27
world to confound the 46_1CO_07_32
would have you 46_1CO_04_18
would not come 46_1CO_04_18
would not come to 46_1CO_02_08
would not have 46_1CO_12_01
would not have 46_1CO_12_01
would not have you 46_1CO_10_01
would not that 46_1CO_10_20
would not that 46_1CO_10_01
would not that ye 46_1CO_10_20
would not that ye 46_1CO_14_05
would that ye 46_1CO_04_08
Would to God 46_1CO_04_08
would to God ye 46_1CO_14_37
write unto you 46_1CO_10_11
written for our 46_1CO_01_31
written He that 46_1CO_09_09
written in the 46_1CO_09_09
written in the law 46_1CO_04_06
written that no 46_1CO_05_11
written unto you 46_1CO_05_09
wrote unto you 46_1CO_06_20
ye are bought 46_1CO_07_23
ye are bought 46_1CO_06_20
ye are bought with 46_1CO_07_23
ye are bought with 46_1CO_04_08
ye are full 46_1CO_05_04
ye are gathered 46_1CO_05_04
ye are gathered together 46_1CO_06_19
ye are not 46_1CO_15_02
ye are saved 46_1CO_04_10
ye are strong 46_1CO_03_16
Ye are the 46_1CO_12_27
Ye are the 46_1CO_03_16
ye are the temple 46_1CO_03_03
ye are yet 46_1CO_15_17
ye are yet 46_1CO_11_34
ye come not 46_1CO_11_17
ye come together 46_1CO_11_18
ye come together 46_1CO_11_33
ye come together 46_1CO_14_26
ye come together 46_1CO_10_31
ye do do 46_1CO_14_09
ye except ye 46_1CO_04_16
ye followers of 46_1CO_11_01
ye followers of 46_1CO_04_16
ye followers of me 46_1CO_11_01
ye followers of me 46_1CO_06_07
ye go to 46_1CO_06_19
ye have of 46_1CO_15_01
ye have received 46_1CO_09_02
ye in the 46_1CO_09_02
ye in the LORD 46_1CO_12_02
ye know that 46_1CO_15_58
ye know that 46_1CO_12_02
Ye know that ye 46_1CO_16_15
ye know the 46_1CO_01_08
ye may be 46_1CO_05_07
ye may be 46_1CO_10_13
ye may be 46_1CO_10_13
ye may be able 46_1CO_01_08
ye may be blameless 46_1CO_16_06
ye may bring 46_1CO_03_03
ye not carnal 46_1CO_03_04
ye not carnal 46_1CO_09_13
ye not know 46_1CO_06_02
ye not know that 46_1CO_09_13
ye not know that 46_1CO_03_16
ye not that 46_1CO_05_06
ye not that 46_1CO_06_03
ye not that 46_1CO_06_09
ye not that 46_1CO_06_15
ye not that 46_1CO_06_16
ye not that 46_1CO_06_19
ye not that 46_1CO_09_24
ye not that 46_1CO_06_09
ye not that the 46_1CO_09_24
ye not that they 46_1CO_06_15
ye not that your 46_1CO_06_19
ye not that your 46_1CO_16_20
ye one another 46_1CO_16_20
ye one another with 46_1CO_10_01
ye should be 46_1CO_10_01
ye should be ignorant 46_1CO_10_20
ye should have 46_1CO_08_12
ye sin against 46_1CO_16_13
ye Stand fast 46_1CO_16_13
ye stand fast in 46_1CO_16_18
ye them that are 46_1CO_03_02
ye were not 46_1CO_10_15
ye what I 46_1CO_15_15
Yea and we 46_1CO_04_04
yet am I 46_1CO_14_21
yet for all 46_1CO_14_21
yet for all that 46_1CO_09_19
Yet have I 46_1CO_04_15
yet have ye 46_1CO_04_15
yet have ye not 46_1CO_07_10
yet not I 46_1CO_15_10
yet not I 46_1CO_07_10
yet not I but 46_1CO_15_10
yet not I but 46_1CO_16_24
you all in 46_1CO_11_18
you and I 46_1CO_01_03
you and peace 46_1CO_01_03
you and peace from 46_1CO_03_01
you as unto 46_1CO_04_16
you be ye 46_1CO_06_07
you because ye 46_1CO_01_10
you brethren by 46_1CO_01_10
you brethren by the 46_1CO_11_02
you brethren that 46_1CO_11_02
you brethren that ye 46_1CO_04_14
you but as 46_1CO_06_11
you but ye 46_1CO_01_04
you by Jesus 46_1CO_09_02
you for the 46_1CO_06_01
you having a 46_1CO_11_22
you in this 46_1CO_01_11
you my brethren 46_1CO_11_17
you not that 46_1CO_04_03
you or of 46_1CO_11_23
you that the 46_1CO_15_12
you That there 46_1CO_16_06
you that ye 46_1CO_16_06
you that ye may 46_1CO_15_01
you the gospel 46_1CO_11_24
you this do 46_1CO_11_24
you this do in 46_1CO_10_28
you this is 46_1CO_04_15
you through the 46_1CO_10_13
you to be 46_1CO_01_08
you unto the 46_1CO_16_05
you when I 46_1CO_06_19
you which ye 46_1CO_06_19
you which ye have 46_1CO_16_12
you with the 46_1CO_15_14
your faith is 46_1CO_06_07
yourselves to be 47_2CO_02_12
a door was 47_2CO_02_12
a door was opened 47_2CO_12_06
a fool for 47_2CO_12_17
a gain of 47_2CO_12_18
a gain of 47_2CO_12_17
a gain of you 47_2CO_12_18
a gain of you 47_2CO_07_11
a godly sort 47_2CO_07_08
a letter I 47_2CO_11_01
a little in 47_2CO_08_12
a man hath 47_2CO_12_02
a man in 47_2CO_02_06
a man is 47_2CO_12_04
a man to 47_2CO_09_05
a matter of 47_2CO_05_17
a new creature 47_2CO_11_25
a night and 47_2CO_08_11
a readiness to 47_2CO_10_06
a readiness to 47_2CO_02_15
a sweet savour 47_2CO_08_12
a willing mind 47_2CO_08_10
a year ago 47_2CO_09_02
a year ago 47_2CO_09_08
able to make 47_2CO_12_06
above that which 47_2CO_05_06
absent from the 47_2CO_05_08
absent from the 47_2CO_12_07
abundance of the 47_2CO_09_07
according as he 47_2CO_10_15
according to our 47_2CO_05_10
according to that 47_2CO_08_12
according to that 47_2CO_05_10
according to that he 47_2CO_08_12
according to that he 47_2CO_10_02
according to the 47_2CO_10_13
according to the 47_2CO_13_10
according to the 47_2CO_01_17
according to the flesh 47_2CO_10_02
according to the flesh 47_2CO_10_13
according to the measure 47_2CO_13_10
according to the power 47_2CO_11_15
according to their 47_2CO_11_15
according to their works 47_2CO_08_19
administered by us 47_2CO_08_20
administered by us 47_2CO_07_09
after a godly 47_2CO_07_11
after a godly 47_2CO_07_11
after a godly sort 47_2CO_05_16
after the flesh 47_2CO_10_03
after the flesh 47_2CO_11_18
after the flesh 47_2CO_11_18
after the flesh I 47_2CO_11_17
after the LORD 47_2CO_09_14
after you for 47_2CO_13_02
again I will 47_2CO_01_16
again out of 47_2CO_02_01
again to you 47_2CO_05_12
again unto you 47_2CO_13_08
against the truth 47_2CO_01_04
all our tribulation 47_2CO_07_04
all our tribulation 47_2CO_02_03
all that my 47_2CO_05_15
all that they 47_2CO_08_18
all the churches 47_2CO_13_13
all the saints 47_2CO_13_13
All the saints salute 47_2CO_01_01
all the saints which 47_2CO_04_15
All things are 47_2CO_05_17
All things are 47_2CO_05_18
All things are 47_2CO_11_09
all things I 47_2CO_09_08
all things may 47_2CO_07_14
all things to 47_2CO_07_11
all things ye 47_2CO_04_13
also believe and 47_2CO_08_21
also in the 47_2CO_08_21
also in the sight 47_2CO_04_10
also of Jesus 47_2CO_04_11
also of Jesus 47_2CO_04_10
also of Jesus might 47_2CO_04_11
also of Jesus might 47_2CO_01_07
also of the 47_2CO_01_07
also of the 47_2CO_08_11
also out of 47_2CO_08_10
also to be 47_2CO_01_14
also ye have 47_2CO_12_11
am become a 47_2CO_11_22
am I Are they 47_2CO_11_22
am I Are they 47_2CO_07_14
am not ashamed 47_2CO_10_02
am present with 47_2CO_12_14
am ready to 47_2CO_06_17
among them and 47_2CO_12_21
among you and 47_2CO_12_21
among you and that 47_2CO_10_01
among you but 47_2CO_01_19
among you by 47_2CO_11_06
among you in 47_2CO_12_12
among you in 47_2CO_11_06
among you in all 47_2CO_12_12
among you in all 47_2CO_11_14
an angel of 47_2CO_01_01
an apostle of 47_2CO_01_01
an apostle of Jesus 47_2CO_11_25
and a day 47_2CO_05_18
and all things 47_2CO_05_18
and all things are 47_2CO_06_17
and be ye 47_2CO_08_24
and before the 47_2CO_06_09
and behold we 47_2CO_09_14
and by their 47_2CO_11_31
and Father of 47_2CO_11_31
and Father of our 47_2CO_09_13
and for your 47_2CO_01_02
and from the 47_2CO_01_02
and from the Lord 47_2CO_09_08
and God is 47_2CO_05_18
and hath given 47_2CO_12_21
and have not 47_2CO_12_09
And he said 47_2CO_12_09
And he said unto 47_2CO_08_15
And he that 47_2CO_08_15
and he that had 47_2CO_09_06
and he which 47_2CO_11_29
and I am 47_2CO_12_03
and I knew 47_2CO_01_13
and I trust 47_2CO_05_11
and I trust 47_2CO_06_16
And I will 47_2CO_06_17
And I will 47_2CO_12_14
And I will 47_2CO_12_15
And I will 47_2CO_06_16
and I will be 47_2CO_12_14
and I will not 47_2CO_02_03
and I wrote 47_2CO_08_07
and in all 47_2CO_11_09
and in all 47_2CO_11_09
And in all things 47_2CO_01_20
and in him 47_2CO_06_02
And in the 47_2CO_06_02
and in the day 47_2CO_02_15
And in them 47_2CO_08_07
and in your 47_2CO_03_13
and not as 47_2CO_09_05
and not as 47_2CO_07_07
and not by 47_2CO_10_08
and not for 47_2CO_05_12
and not in 47_2CO_04_07
and not of 47_2CO_08_19
and not that 47_2CO_10_16
and not to 47_2CO_13_10
and not to 47_2CO_01_16
and of you to 47_2CO_01_16
and of you to 47_2CO_06_07
And on the 47_2CO_01_07
and our hope 47_2CO_13_11
and peace shall 47_2CO_05_15
and rose again 47_2CO_01_19
and Silvanus and 47_2CO_01_19
and Silvanus and Timotheus 47_2CO_11_09
and so will I 47_2CO_05_15
and that he 47_2CO_12_20
and that I 47_2CO_12_21
and that I 47_2CO_12_20
and that I shall 47_2CO_08_23
And the glory 47_2CO_08_23
And the glory of 47_2CO_01_03
and the God 47_2CO_13_11
and the God 47_2CO_01_03
and the God of 47_2CO_13_11
and the God of 47_2CO_13_14
and the love 47_2CO_13_14
and the love of 47_2CO_04_13
and therefore have 47_2CO_04_13
and therefore have I 47_2CO_06_16
and they shall 47_2CO_06_16
and they shall be 47_2CO_13_09
And this also 47_2CO_08_05
and this they 47_2CO_01_01
and Timothy our 47_2CO_01_01
and Timothy our brother 47_2CO_13_02
and to all 47_2CO_05_08
and to be 47_2CO_01_16
and to come 47_2CO_08_08
and to prove 47_2CO_02_16
and to the 47_2CO_02_16
and to the other 47_2CO_09_13
and unto all 47_2CO_06_16
and walk in 47_2CO_08_18
and we have 47_2CO_08_22
and we have 47_2CO_08_18
And we have sent 47_2CO_08_22
And we have sent 47_2CO_11_09
and when I 47_2CO_01_06
and whether we 47_2CO_02_16
and who is 47_2CO_06_18
and will be 47_2CO_12_18
and with him 47_2CO_12_12
and wonders and 47_2CO_13_09
And ye are 47_2CO_06_18
and ye shall 47_2CO_06_18
and ye shall be 47_2CO_05_17
any man be 47_2CO_12_06
any man should 47_2CO_12_17
any of them 47_2CO_03_05
any thing as 47_2CO_06_03
any thing that 47_2CO_02_10
any thing to 47_2CO_07_14
any thing to 47_2CO_01_01
apostle of Jesus 47_2CO_01_01
apostle of Jesus Christ 47_2CO_11_13
apostles of Christ 47_2CO_05_10
appear before the 47_2CO_05_06
are at home 47_2CO_13_09
are glad when 47_2CO_01_01
are in all 47_2CO_05_11
are made manifest 47_2CO_05_18
are of God 47_2CO_01_14
are ours in 47_2CO_01_07
are partakers of 47_2CO_13_09
are strong and 47_2CO_06_16
are the temple 47_2CO_06_16
are the temple of 47_2CO_13_09
are weak and 47_2CO_11_23
as a fool 47_2CO_01_14
As also ye 47_2CO_03_18
as by the 47_2CO_10_14
As far as 47_2CO_10_14
as far as to 47_2CO_06_16
as God hath 47_2CO_08_06
as he had 47_2CO_10_07
as he is 47_2CO_09_03
as I said 47_2CO_10_09
as if I 47_2CO_13_02
as if I 47_2CO_10_02
as if we 47_2CO_03_18
as in a 47_2CO_04_13
as it is 47_2CO_08_15
as it is 47_2CO_09_09
as it is 47_2CO_04_13
as it is written 47_2CO_08_15
as it is written 47_2CO_09_09
as it is written 47_2CO_11_17
as it were 47_2CO_11_17
as it were 47_2CO_06_04
as the ministers 47_2CO_11_15
as the ministers 47_2CO_06_04
as the ministers of 47_2CO_11_15
as the ministers of 47_2CO_11_10
As the truth 47_2CO_08_11
as there was 47_2CO_10_14
as though we 47_2CO_11_21
as though we 47_2CO_09_01
as touching the 47_2CO_10_11
as we are 47_2CO_04_01
as we have 47_2CO_04_01
as we have received 47_2CO_01_14
as ye also 47_2CO_01_07
as ye are 47_2CO_03_03
as ye are 47_2CO_01_07
as ye are partakers 47_2CO_12_20
as ye would 47_2CO_04_18
at the things which 47_2CO_04_18
at the things which 47_2CO_08_14
at this time 47_2CO_03_14
away in the 47_2CO_06_18
be a father 47_2CO_12_06
be a fool 47_2CO_08_11
be a performance 47_2CO_08_14
be a supply for 47_2CO_08_14
be a supply for 47_2CO_01_04
be able to 47_2CO_05_09
be accepted of 47_2CO_11_15
be according to 47_2CO_11_15
be according to their 47_2CO_09_04
be ashamed in 47_2CO_10_02
be bold when I 47_2CO_10_02
be bold when I 47_2CO_01_16
be brought on 47_2CO_01_16
be brought on my 47_2CO_12_07
be exalted above measure 47_2CO_12_07
be exalted above measure 47_2CO_11_12
be found even 47_2CO_12_20
be found unto 47_2CO_05_10
be good or 47_2CO_05_10
be good or bad 47_2CO_05_17
be in Christ 47_2CO_13_05
be in the 47_2CO_09_03
be in vain 47_2CO_08_23
be inquired of 47_2CO_04_10
be made manifest 47_2CO_04_11
be made manifest 47_2CO_04_10
be made manifest in 47_2CO_06_16
be my people 47_2CO_04_07
be of God 47_2CO_13_11
Be of good 47_2CO_13_11
be of good comfort 47_2CO_13_11
be of one 47_2CO_12_06
be or that he 47_2CO_12_06
be or that he 47_2CO_13_11
Be perfect be 47_2CO_05_08
be present with 47_2CO_05_04
be swallowed up 47_2CO_03_16
be taken away 47_2CO_06_16
be their God 47_2CO_06_16
be their God and 47_2CO_08_16
be to God 47_2CO_08_16
be to God which 47_2CO_01_02
be to you 47_2CO_01_02
be to you and 47_2CO_02_14
be unto God 47_2CO_09_15
be unto God 47_2CO_13_11
be with you 47_2CO_13_14
be with you 47_2CO_13_14
be with you all 47_2CO_06_13
be ye also 47_2CO_06_14
be ye not 47_2CO_01_17
be Yea yea 47_2CO_11_07
because I have 47_2CO_12_11
become a fool 47_2CO_11_25
been in the 47_2CO_01_15
before that ye 47_2CO_07_03
before that ye 47_2CO_11_05
behind the very 47_2CO_12_11
behind the very 47_2CO_11_05
behind the very chiefest 47_2CO_12_11
behind the very chiefest 47_2CO_05_17
behold all things 47_2CO_05_17
behold all things are 47_2CO_06_02
behold now is the 47_2CO_06_02
behold now is the 47_2CO_12_14
Behold the third 47_2CO_07_01
beloved let us 47_2CO_05_20
beseech you by 47_2CO_10_01
beseech you by 47_2CO_02_08
beseech you that 47_2CO_10_02
beseech you that 47_2CO_02_08
beseech you that ye 47_2CO_12_08
besought the LORD 47_2CO_01_11
bestowed upon us 47_2CO_11_31
blessed for evermore knoweth 47_2CO_11_31
blessed for evermore knoweth 47_2CO_05_10
body according to 47_2CO_12_02
body I cannot 47_2CO_12_03
body I cannot 47_2CO_12_02
body I cannot tell 47_2CO_12_02
body I cannot tell 47_2CO_09_05
brethren that they 47_2CO_11_20
bring you into 47_2CO_01_01
brother unto the 47_2CO_01_16
brought on my 47_2CO_01_16
brought on my way 47_2CO_12_13
burdensome to you 47_2CO_12_14
burdensome to you 47_2CO_10_13
but according to 47_2CO_08_21
but also in 47_2CO_01_18
But as God 47_2CO_11_17
but as it 47_2CO_11_17
but as it were 47_2CO_02_17
but as of 47_2CO_07_14
but as we 47_2CO_04_18
But at the 47_2CO_01_12
but by the 47_2CO_07_07
but by the 47_2CO_01_12
But by the grace 47_2CO_04_17
but for a 47_2CO_07_08
but for a 47_2CO_13_08
but for the 47_2CO_10_17
but he that 47_2CO_10_02
But I beseech 47_2CO_10_02
But I beseech you 47_2CO_02_05
But if any 47_2CO_04_03
But if our 47_2CO_06_04
but in all 47_2CO_12_05
But in mine 47_2CO_04_08
but not in 47_2CO_12_06
but now I 47_2CO_08_22
but now much 47_2CO_08_22
but now much more 47_2CO_03_06
But of the 47_2CO_08_16
But thanks be 47_2CO_08_16
But thanks be to 47_2CO_02_04
but that ye 47_2CO_07_09
but that ye 47_2CO_13_07
but that ye 47_2CO_02_02
But the same 47_2CO_03_06
But the spirit 47_2CO_04_18
but the things which 47_2CO_09_06
But this I say 47_2CO_05_15
but unto him 47_2CO_05_11
but we are 47_2CO_04_07
but we have 47_2CO_11_06
but we have 47_2CO_13_04
but we shall 47_2CO_07_05
but we were 47_2CO_10_13
but we will 47_2CO_11_12
but what I 47_2CO_10_18
but whom the 47_2CO_10_18
but whom the LORD 47_2CO_03_03
but with the 47_2CO_06_12
but ye are 47_2CO_11_03
by any means 47_2CO_05_18
by Jesus Christ 47_2CO_05_18
by Jesus Christ and 47_2CO_01_19
by me and 47_2CO_03_10
by reason of 47_2CO_03_10
by reason of the 47_2CO_07_06
by the coming 47_2CO_07_06
by the coming of 47_2CO_01_12
by the grace 47_2CO_01_12
by the grace of 47_2CO_06_06
by the Holy 47_2CO_06_06
by the Holy Ghost 47_2CO_01_11
by the means 47_2CO_01_11
by the means of 47_2CO_06_07
by the power 47_2CO_06_07
by the power of 47_2CO_13_04
by the power of 47_2CO_03_18
by the spirit 47_2CO_03_18
by the spirit of 47_2CO_11_33
by the wall 47_2CO_11_33
by the wall and 47_2CO_01_01
by the will 47_2CO_08_05
by the will 47_2CO_01_01
by the will of 47_2CO_08_05
by the will of 47_2CO_06_07
by the word 47_2CO_06_07
by the word of 47_2CO_10_12
by themselves and 47_2CO_02_14
by us in 47_2CO_07_09
by us in 47_2CO_01_16
by you into 47_2CO_12_02
cannot tell God 47_2CO_12_03
cannot tell God 47_2CO_12_02
cannot tell God knoweth 47_2CO_12_03
cannot tell God knoweth 47_2CO_03_07
children of Israel 47_2CO_03_13
children of Israel 47_2CO_03_07
children of Israel could 47_2CO_01_21
Christ and hath 47_2CO_05_18
Christ and hath 47_2CO_01_01
Christ by the 47_2CO_01_01
Christ by the will 47_2CO_11_10
Christ is in 47_2CO_13_05
Christ is in 47_2CO_04_05
Christ Jesus the 47_2CO_04_05
Christ Jesus the Lord 47_2CO_01_03
Christ the Father 47_2CO_01_03
Christ the Father of 47_2CO_11_31
Christ which is 47_2CO_04_04
Christ Who is 47_2CO_04_04
Christ who is the 47_2CO_01_01
church of God 47_2CO_08_23
churches and the 47_2CO_11_32
city of the 47_2CO_13_02
come again I 47_2CO_13_02
come again I will 47_2CO_01_16
come again out 47_2CO_01_16
come again out of 47_2CO_02_01
come again to 47_2CO_02_01
come again to you 47_2CO_06_17
come out from 47_2CO_12_14
come to you 47_2CO_01_15
come unto you 47_2CO_09_04
come with me 47_2CO_09_04
Come with me and 47_2CO_13_01
coming to you 47_2CO_13_14
communion of the 47_2CO_02_03
confidence in you 47_2CO_07_16
confidence in you 47_2CO_03_07
could not stedfastly 47_2CO_03_13
could not stedfastly 47_2CO_04_16
day by day 47_2CO_11_25
day I have 47_2CO_06_02
day of salvation 47_2CO_06_02
day of salvation have 47_2CO_01_14
day of the 47_2CO_01_14
day of the LORD 47_2CO_02_16
death and to the 47_2CO_03_03
declared to be 47_2CO_03_03
declared to be the 47_2CO_04_11
delivered unto death 47_2CO_12_08
depart from me 47_2CO_05_02
desiring to be 47_2CO_07_12
did it not 47_2CO_08_05
did not as 47_2CO_05_14
died for all 47_2CO_05_15
died for all 47_2CO_12_19
do all things 47_2CO_11_12
do that I 47_2CO_13_07
do that which 47_2CO_13_07
do that which is 47_2CO_10_07
do ye look 47_2CO_02_12
door was opened 47_2CO_11_33
down by the 47_2CO_11_33
down by the wall 47_2CO_06_16
dwell in them 47_2CO_01_22
earnest of the 47_2CO_05_05
earnest of the 47_2CO_01_22
earnest of the Spirit 47_2CO_05_05
earnest of the Spirit 47_2CO_05_02
earnestly desiring to be 47_2CO_05_02
earnestly desiring to be 47_2CO_10_08
edification and not 47_2CO_13_10
edification and not 47_2CO_11_15
end shall be 47_2CO_11_12
even as we 47_2CO_01_14
even as ye 47_2CO_03_10
Even that which 47_2CO_01_03
even the Father of 47_2CO_01_13
even to the 47_2CO_03_15
even unto this 47_2CO_03_15
even unto this day 47_2CO_09_08
every good work 47_2CO_09_07
every man according 47_2CO_09_07
every man according as 47_2CO_04_07
excellency of the 47_2CO_12_13
except it be 47_2CO_08_10
expedient for you 47_2CO_03_07
face of Moses 47_2CO_10_14
far as to 47_2CO_01_02
Father and from 47_2CO_01_02
Father and from the 47_2CO_01_03
Father of our 47_2CO_01_03
Father of our Lord 47_2CO_07_15
fear and trembling 47_2CO_07_01
fear of God 47_2CO_08_04
fellowship of the 47_2CO_12_04
for a man 47_2CO_12_04
for a man to 47_2CO_04_17
for a moment 47_2CO_07_08
for a season 47_2CO_05_15
for all that 47_2CO_05_15
for all that they 47_2CO_01_20
For all the 47_2CO_04_15
for all things 47_2CO_01_05
for as the 47_2CO_12_10
for Christ's sake 47_2CO_05_21
for he hath 47_2CO_06_02
For he saith 47_2CO_07_12
for his cause that 47_2CO_07_12
for his cause that 47_2CO_11_02
for I am 47_2CO_07_03
for I have 47_2CO_11_02
for I have 47_2CO_07_03
For I have said 47_2CO_09_02
For I know 47_2CO_12_14
for I seek 47_2CO_12_06
for I will 47_2CO_11_04
for if he 47_2CO_02_02
for if I 47_2CO_02_10
for if I 47_2CO_07_14
for if I 47_2CO_03_11
For if that 47_2CO_03_09
for if the 47_2CO_08_12
For if there 47_2CO_08_17
For indeed he 47_2CO_09_01
for me to 47_2CO_09_01
for me to write 47_2CO_02_04
for out of 47_2CO_05_04
for that we 47_2CO_11_09
for that which 47_2CO_12_14
for the children 47_2CO_01_11
for the gift 47_2CO_03_07
for the glory 47_2CO_03_07
for the glory of 47_2CO_07_13
for the joy 47_2CO_07_13
for the joy of 47_2CO_05_14
for the love of 47_2CO_01_19
for the son 47_2CO_01_19
for the son of 47_2CO_04_18
for the things 47_2CO_05_15
for them and 47_2CO_02_16
for these things 47_2CO_08_10
for this is 47_2CO_12_08
for this thing 47_2CO_13_04
for though he was 47_2CO_10_08
For though I 47_2CO_12_06
For though I 47_2CO_02_09
For to this 47_2CO_02_09
For to this end 47_2CO_01_11
for us that 47_2CO_05_21
for us who 47_2CO_13_04
for we also 47_2CO_02_11
for we are 47_2CO_02_15
for we are 47_2CO_02_17
for we are 47_2CO_10_14
for we are 47_2CO_13_09
for we are 47_2CO_02_11
for we are not 47_2CO_02_17
for we are not 47_2CO_05_01
For we know 47_2CO_04_11
For we which 47_2CO_12_13
For what is 47_2CO_05_13
For whether we 47_2CO_04_16
For which cause 47_2CO_09_02
for which I 47_2CO_06_16
for ye are 47_2CO_08_09
for ye know 47_2CO_08_09
for ye know the 47_2CO_11_19
For ye suffer 47_2CO_11_20
For ye suffer 47_2CO_07_09
for ye were 47_2CO_09_14
for you which 47_2CO_01_06
for your consolation and 47_2CO_01_06
for your consolation and 47_2CO_09_10
for your food 47_2CO_09_10
for your food and 47_2CO_02_10
for your sakes 47_2CO_04_15
for your sakes 47_2CO_08_09
for your sakes 47_2CO_04_15
for your sakes that 47_2CO_03_03
forasmuch as ye are 47_2CO_11_12
found even as 47_2CO_06_17
from among them 47_2CO_05_08
from the body 47_2CO_01_02
from the LORD 47_2CO_05_06
from the LORD 47_2CO_01_02
from the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_09_10
fruits of your 47_2CO_09_10
fruits of your righteousness 47_2CO_09_10
fruits of your righteousness 47_2CO_12_17
gain of you 47_2CO_12_18
gain of you 47_2CO_08_15
gathered little had 47_2CO_08_15
gathered little had no 47_2CO_08_15
gathered much had 47_2CO_08_15
gathered much had nothing 47_2CO_12_07
given to me 47_2CO_09_09
given to the 47_2CO_09_09
given to the poor 47_2CO_05_05
given unto us 47_2CO_10_08
given us for 47_2CO_10_17
glorieth let him 47_2CO_10_17
glorieth let him glory 47_2CO_09_13
glorify God for 47_2CO_04_04
glorious gospel of 47_2CO_11_30
glory I will 47_2CO_12_01
glory I will 47_2CO_10_17
glory in the 47_2CO_10_17
glory in the Lord 47_2CO_03_10
glory in this 47_2CO_01_20
glory of God 47_2CO_04_06
glory of God 47_2CO_04_15
glory of God 47_2CO_03_07
glory of his 47_2CO_03_18
glory of the 47_2CO_08_19
glory of the 47_2CO_11_30
glory of the 47_2CO_03_18
glory of the LORD 47_2CO_11_31
God and Father 47_2CO_11_31
God and Father of 47_2CO_05_11
God and I 47_2CO_04_07
God and not 47_2CO_04_07
god and not of 47_2CO_13_14
God and the 47_2CO_06_16
God and they 47_2CO_06_16
God and they shall 47_2CO_06_07
God by the 47_2CO_01_03
God even the 47_2CO_01_23
God for a 47_2CO_09_15
God for his 47_2CO_13_04
God for we 47_2CO_09_13
God for your 47_2CO_10_13
God hath distributed 47_2CO_10_13
God hath distributed to 47_2CO_12_19
God in Christ 47_2CO_01_20
God in him 47_2CO_02_17
God in the 47_2CO_04_06
God in the 47_2CO_06_01
God in vain 47_2CO_09_14
God in you 47_2CO_09_08
God is able 47_2CO_01_18
God is TRUE 47_2CO_04_04
God of this 47_2CO_05_13
God or whether 47_2CO_13_07
God that ye 47_2CO_10_04
God to the 47_2CO_01_01
God which is 47_2CO_01_01
God which is at 47_2CO_05_05
God who also 47_2CO_05_18
God who hath 47_2CO_05_10
good or bad 47_2CO_04_04
gospel of Christ 47_2CO_09_13
gospel of Christ 47_2CO_10_14
gospel of Christ 47_2CO_11_04
gospel which ye 47_2CO_11_04
gospel which ye have 47_2CO_01_02
Grace be to 47_2CO_01_02
Grace be to you 47_2CO_01_12
grace of God 47_2CO_06_01
grace of God 47_2CO_08_01
grace of God 47_2CO_09_14
grace of God 47_2CO_06_01
grace of God in 47_2CO_09_14
grace of God in 47_2CO_08_09
grace of our 47_2CO_08_09
grace of our Lord 47_2CO_13_14
grace of the 47_2CO_13_14
grace of the Lord 47_2CO_07_04
great is my 47_2CO_07_04
great is my 47_2CO_11_15
great thing if 47_2CO_08_15
had no lack 47_2CO_02_13
had no rest 47_2CO_07_05
had no rest 47_2CO_08_15
had nothing over 47_2CO_08_15
had nothing over and 47_2CO_01_12
had our conversation 47_2CO_01_12
had our conversation in 47_2CO_06_07
hand and on 47_2CO_10_13
hath distributed to 47_2CO_13_10
hath given me 47_2CO_13_10
hath given me to 47_2CO_05_18
hath given to 47_2CO_09_09
hath given to 47_2CO_05_18
hath given to us 47_2CO_05_05
hath given unto 47_2CO_05_05
hath given unto us 47_2CO_10_08
hath given us 47_2CO_05_21
hath made him 47_2CO_03_06
hath made us 47_2CO_07_08
hath made you 47_2CO_06_16
hath said I 47_2CO_06_16
hath said I will 47_2CO_11_25
have been in the 47_2CO_07_16
have confidence in 47_2CO_07_16
have confidence in you 47_2CO_01_24
have dominion over 47_2CO_09_03
have I sent 47_2CO_04_13
have I spoken 47_2CO_11_09
have kept myself 47_2CO_11_09
have kept myself from 47_2CO_11_04
have not received 47_2CO_11_07
have preached to 47_2CO_08_18
have sent with 47_2CO_08_22
have sent with 47_2CO_13_02
have sinned and 47_2CO_05_12
have somewhat to 47_2CO_02_03
having confidence in 47_2CO_04_13
having the same 47_2CO_08_06
he had begun 47_2CO_09_09
He hath dispersed 47_2CO_05_10
he hath done 47_2CO_09_09
he hath given 47_2CO_09_09
he hath given to 47_2CO_05_21
he hath made 47_2CO_02_05
he hath not 47_2CO_08_12
he hath not 47_2CO_05_17
he is a 47_2CO_08_23
He is my 47_2CO_12_09
he said unto 47_2CO_12_09
he said unto me 47_2CO_06_02
he saith I 47_2CO_06_15
he that believeth 47_2CO_11_04
he that cometh 47_2CO_10_17
He that glorieth 47_2CO_10_17
He that glorieth let 47_2CO_08_15
he that had 47_2CO_08_15
he that had 47_2CO_08_15
He that had gathered 47_2CO_08_15
He that had gathered 47_2CO_05_05
he that hath 47_2CO_07_07
He told us 47_2CO_07_07
he was comforted 47_2CO_13_04
he was crucified 47_2CO_08_09
he was rich 47_2CO_09_06
he which soweth 47_2CO_09_06
he which soweth 47_2CO_01_10
he will yet 47_2CO_04_02
hidden things of 47_2CO_13_04
him But we 47_2CO_13_04
him by the 47_2CO_10_17
him glory in 47_2CO_10_17
him glory in the 47_2CO_05_16
him no more 47_2CO_05_21
him to be 47_2CO_10_07
himself that he is 47_2CO_03_13
his face that 47_2CO_08_17
his own accord 47_2CO_07_13
his spirit was 47_2CO_05_02
house which is 47_2CO_12_04
how that he 47_2CO_13_01
I am coming 47_2CO_11_02
I am jealous 47_2CO_11_23
I am more 47_2CO_07_14
I am not 47_2CO_11_29
I am not 47_2CO_07_14
I am not ashamed 47_2CO_10_02
I am present 47_2CO_10_02
I am present with 47_2CO_12_14
I am ready 47_2CO_12_14
I am ready to 47_2CO_12_10
I am weak 47_2CO_08_03
I bear record 47_2CO_02_08
I beseech you 47_2CO_10_02
I beseech you 47_2CO_02_08
I beseech you that 47_2CO_10_02
I beseech you that 47_2CO_12_08
I besought the 47_2CO_12_08
I besought the LORD 47_2CO_01_23
I came not 47_2CO_02_12
I came to 47_2CO_12_02
I cannot tell 47_2CO_12_02
I cannot tell God 47_2CO_12_03
I cannot tell God 47_2CO_12_21
I come again 47_2CO_13_02
I come again 47_2CO_13_02
I come again I 47_2CO_12_20
I come I 47_2CO_07_12
I did it 47_2CO_12_16
I did not 47_2CO_07_08
I do not 47_2CO_11_12
I do that 47_2CO_11_12
I do that I 47_2CO_11_03
I fear lest 47_2CO_12_20
I fear lest 47_2CO_02_13
I found not 47_2CO_08_10
I give my 47_2CO_11_25
I have been 47_2CO_07_16
I have confidence 47_2CO_07_16
I have confidence in 47_2CO_06_02
I have heard 47_2CO_06_02
I have heard thee 47_2CO_11_09
I have kept 47_2CO_11_07
I have preached 47_2CO_11_07
I have preached to 47_2CO_07_03
I have said 47_2CO_09_02
I know the 47_2CO_11_31
I lie not 47_2CO_11_11
I love you 47_2CO_12_15
I love you 47_2CO_07_08
I made you 47_2CO_12_17
I make a 47_2CO_11_12
I may cut 47_2CO_11_12
I may cut off 47_2CO_02_05
I may not 47_2CO_10_02
I may not 47_2CO_10_09
I may not 47_2CO_11_30
I must needs 47_2CO_12_11
I ought to 47_2CO_07_08
I perceive that 47_2CO_09_03
I said Ye 47_2CO_05_08
I say and 47_2CO_09_06
I say he 47_2CO_09_03
I sent the 47_2CO_12_17
I sent unto 47_2CO_12_17
I sent unto you 47_2CO_12_20
I shall be 47_2CO_12_06
I shall not 47_2CO_12_20
I shall not 47_2CO_12_06
I shall not be 47_2CO_12_07
I should be 47_2CO_12_07
I should be exalted 47_2CO_12_07
I should be exalted 47_2CO_02_03
I should have 47_2CO_02_03
I should have sorrow 47_2CO_10_08
I should not 47_2CO_10_08
I should not be 47_2CO_11_21
I speak as 47_2CO_11_23
I speak as 47_2CO_11_23
I speak as a 47_2CO_07_03
I speak not 47_2CO_08_08
I speak not 47_2CO_11_05
I suppose I 47_2CO_09_05
I thought it 47_2CO_13_06
I trust that 47_2CO_11_05
I was not 47_2CO_13_02
I were present 47_2CO_06_16
I will be 47_2CO_06_16
I will be their 47_2CO_12_01
I will come 47_2CO_12_01
I will come to 47_2CO_11_12
I will do 47_2CO_06_16
I will dwell 47_2CO_06_16
I will dwell in 47_2CO_11_18
I will glory 47_2CO_11_30
I will glory 47_2CO_12_05
I will not 47_2CO_12_14
I will not 47_2CO_13_02
I will not 47_2CO_12_14
I will not be 47_2CO_06_17
I will receive 47_2CO_12_06
I will say 47_2CO_12_06
I would desire 47_2CO_02_01
I would not 47_2CO_02_01
I would not come 47_2CO_02_04
I wrote unto 47_2CO_02_04
I wrote unto you 47_2CO_11_20
if a man 47_2CO_11_20
if a man take 47_2CO_05_17
if any man 47_2CO_10_07
if any man 47_2CO_11_04
if he that 47_2CO_13_02
if I come 47_2CO_07_14
if I have 47_2CO_13_02
If I were 47_2CO_10_09
if I would 47_2CO_05_03
if so be 47_2CO_05_03
if so be that 47_2CO_03_11
if that which 47_2CO_03_07
if the ministration 47_2CO_03_09
if the ministration 47_2CO_03_07
if the ministration of 47_2CO_03_09
if the ministration of 47_2CO_08_12
If there be 47_2CO_11_33
in a basket 47_2CO_03_18
in a glass 47_2CO_08_02
in a great 47_2CO_06_02
in a time 47_2CO_01_04
in all our 47_2CO_07_04
in all our 47_2CO_01_04
in all our tribulation 47_2CO_07_04
in all our tribulation 47_2CO_02_09
in all things 47_2CO_06_04
in all things 47_2CO_07_11
in all things 47_2CO_07_16
in all things 47_2CO_09_08
in all things 47_2CO_11_06
in all things 47_2CO_11_09
in all things 47_2CO_11_09
in all things I 47_2CO_09_08
in all things may 47_2CO_07_11
in all things ye 47_2CO_10_16
in another man's 47_2CO_06_03
in any thing 47_2CO_06_03
in any thing that 47_2CO_02_14
in Christ and 47_2CO_02_14
in every place 47_2CO_08_07
in every thing 47_2CO_08_07
in faith and 47_2CO_13_04
in him but 47_2CO_01_19
In him was 47_2CO_09_07
in his heart 47_2CO_09_07
in his heart so 47_2CO_11_27
in hunger and 47_2CO_08_22
in many things 47_2CO_02_13
in my spirit 47_2CO_06_04
in necessities in 47_2CO_12_10
in necessities in 47_2CO_01_22
in our hearts 47_2CO_04_06
in our hearts 47_2CO_07_03
in our hearts 47_2CO_04_06
in our hearts to 47_2CO_07_03
in our hearts to 47_2CO_01_14
in part that 47_2CO_02_05
in part that 47_2CO_13_11
in peace and 47_2CO_11_26
in perils in the 47_2CO_11_26
in perils in the 47_2CO_05_06
in the body 47_2CO_12_02
in the body 47_2CO_12_03
in the body 47_2CO_11_26
in the city 47_2CO_01_14
in the day 47_2CO_06_02
in the day 47_2CO_01_14
in the day of 47_2CO_06_02
in the day of 47_2CO_11_25
in the deep 47_2CO_04_06
in the face 47_2CO_13_05
in the faith 47_2CO_07_01
in the fear 47_2CO_07_01
in the fear of 47_2CO_10_03
in the flesh 47_2CO_12_07
in the flesh 47_2CO_12_07
in the flesh the 47_2CO_05_01
in the heavens 47_2CO_10_17
in the LORD 47_2CO_13_01
in the mouth 47_2CO_13_01
in the mouth of 47_2CO_10_16
in the regions 47_2CO_11_10
in the regions 47_2CO_06_13
In the same 47_2CO_12_18
In the same 47_2CO_11_26
in the sea 47_2CO_02_17
in the sight 47_2CO_04_02
in the sight 47_2CO_07_12
in the sight 47_2CO_08_21
in the sight 47_2CO_02_17
in the sight of 47_2CO_04_02
in the sight of 47_2CO_07_12
in the sight of 47_2CO_08_21
in the sight of 47_2CO_08_21
in the sight of 47_2CO_11_26
in the wilderness 47_2CO_11_26
in the wilderness in 47_2CO_01_12
in the world 47_2CO_01_12
in the world and 47_2CO_06_16
in them and 47_2CO_06_16
in them and I 47_2CO_02_15
in them that 47_2CO_02_15
in them that perish 47_2CO_01_15
in this confidence 47_2CO_11_17
in this confidence 47_2CO_07_11
in this matter 47_2CO_05_04
in this tabernacle 47_2CO_04_12
in us but 47_2CO_06_12
in us but 47_2CO_09_03
in vain in 47_2CO_04_04
in whom the 47_2CO_01_10
in whom we 47_2CO_02_03
in you all 47_2CO_07_16
in you in 47_2CO_08_06
in you the 47_2CO_06_12
in your own 47_2CO_01_08
insomuch that we 47_2CO_08_06
insomuch that we 47_2CO_01_16
into Macedonia and 47_2CO_04_16
inward man is renewed 47_2CO_04_16
inward man is renewed 47_2CO_09_08
is able to 47_2CO_09_08
is able to make 47_2CO_08_19
is administered by 47_2CO_08_20
is administered by 47_2CO_08_19
is administered by us 47_2CO_08_20
is administered by us 47_2CO_01_01
is at Corinth 47_2CO_11_31
is blessed for 47_2CO_04_17
is but for 47_2CO_04_17
is but for a 47_2CO_03_11
is done away 47_2CO_03_14
is done away 47_2CO_08_10
is expedient for you 47_2CO_01_06
is for your 47_2CO_01_06
is for your consolation 47_2CO_01_06
is for your consolation 47_2CO_11_10
is in me 47_2CO_08_18
is in the 47_2CO_13_03
is mighty in 47_2CO_12_04
is not lawful 47_2CO_12_04
is not lawful for 47_2CO_03_05
is of God 47_2CO_02_16
is sufficient for 47_2CO_12_09
is sufficient for thee 47_2CO_03_17
is that Spirit 47_2CO_06_02
is the day 47_2CO_04_04
is the image 47_2CO_04_04
is the image of 47_2CO_02_03
is the joy 47_2CO_02_03
is the joy of 47_2CO_13_01
is the third 47_2CO_01_12
is this the 47_2CO_03_15
is upon their 47_2CO_10_10
is weak and 47_2CO_11_29
is weak and 47_2CO_08_15
is written He 47_2CO_09_09
is written He 47_2CO_08_15
is written He that 47_2CO_04_13
is written I 47_2CO_03_07
Israel could not 47_2CO_03_07
Israel could not stedfastly 47_2CO_03_13
Israel could not stedfastly 47_2CO_05_10
it be good 47_2CO_05_10
it be good or 47_2CO_12_13
it be that 47_2CO_02_10
it in the 47_2CO_01_06
it is for 47_2CO_05_13
it is for 47_2CO_01_06
it is for your 47_2CO_01_06
it is for your 47_2CO_04_03
it is hid 47_2CO_11_15
it is no 47_2CO_12_01
It is not 47_2CO_12_04
It is not 47_2CO_12_04
It is not lawful 47_2CO_05_13
it is to 47_2CO_04_13
it is written 47_2CO_08_15
it is written 47_2CO_09_09
it is written 47_2CO_08_15
it is written He 47_2CO_09_09
it is written He 47_2CO_04_13
it is written I 47_2CO_09_05
it necessary to 47_2CO_07_08
it were but 47_2CO_05_18
Jesus Christ and 47_2CO_13_14
Jesus Christ and 47_2CO_13_14
Jesus Christ and the 47_2CO_01_01
Jesus Christ by the 47_2CO_13_05
Jesus Christ is 47_2CO_08_09
Jesus Christ that 47_2CO_01_03
Jesus Christ the Father 47_2CO_11_31
Jesus Christ which 47_2CO_11_31
Jesus Christ which is 47_2CO_01_19
Jesus Christ who 47_2CO_04_10
Jesus might be 47_2CO_04_10
Jesus might be made 47_2CO_04_11
Jesus might be made 47_2CO_04_05
Jesus the Lord 47_2CO_05_10
judgment seat of 47_2CO_05_10
judgment seat of Christ 47_2CO_05_01
know that if 47_2CO_13_06
know that we are 47_2CO_02_04
know the love 47_2CO_02_09
know the proof 47_2CO_02_09
know the proof of 47_2CO_13_05
Know ye not 47_2CO_04_14
knowing that he 47_2CO_08_07
knowledge and in 47_2CO_10_05
knowledge of God 47_2CO_10_05
knowledge of God and 47_2CO_04_06
knowledge of the 47_2CO_04_06
knowledge of the glory 47_2CO_12_06
lest any man 47_2CO_12_06
lest any man should 47_2CO_11_03
lest by any 47_2CO_11_03
lest by any means 47_2CO_12_07
lest I should 47_2CO_12_07
lest I should be 47_2CO_12_07
lest I should be 47_2CO_12_20
lest there be 47_2CO_02_03
lest when I 47_2CO_12_20
lest when I 47_2CO_12_20
lest when I come 47_2CO_12_21
lest when I come 47_2CO_09_07
let him give 47_2CO_10_17
let him glory 47_2CO_10_17
let him glory in 47_2CO_11_16
Let no man 47_2CO_04_10
life also of 47_2CO_04_11
life also of 47_2CO_04_10
life also of Jesus 47_2CO_04_11
life also of Jesus 47_2CO_04_12
life in you 47_2CO_04_04
light of the 47_2CO_04_06
light of the 47_2CO_04_06
light to shine 47_2CO_08_15
little had no 47_2CO_08_15
little had no lack 47_2CO_13_04
live with him 47_2CO_09_14
long after you 47_2CO_03_13
look to the 47_2CO_10_08
LORD hath given 47_2CO_13_10
LORD hath given 47_2CO_13_10
LORD hath given me 47_2CO_03_17
LORD is there 47_2CO_01_02
Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_01_03
Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_08_09
Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_11_31
Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_11_31
Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_08_09
Lord Jesus Christ that 47_2CO_01_03
Lord Jesus Christ the 47_2CO_11_31
Lord Jesus Christ which 47_2CO_04_14
Lord Jesus shall 47_2CO_04_10
Lord Jesus that 47_2CO_08_24
love and of 47_2CO_05_14
love of Christ 47_2CO_13_14
love of God 47_2CO_13_14
love of God and 47_2CO_05_21
made him to 47_2CO_11_06
made manifest among 47_2CO_11_06
made manifest among you 47_2CO_04_10
made manifest in 47_2CO_05_11
made manifest in 47_2CO_04_10
made manifest in our 47_2CO_04_11
made manifest in our 47_2CO_05_11
made manifest unto 47_2CO_12_09
made perfect in 47_2CO_05_01
made with hands 47_2CO_12_17
make a gain 47_2CO_12_18
make a gain 47_2CO_12_17
make a gain of 47_2CO_12_18
make a gain of 47_2CO_09_07
man according as 47_2CO_09_07
man according as he 47_2CO_05_17
man be in 47_2CO_11_09
man for that 47_2CO_02_06
man is this 47_2CO_11_06
manifest among you 47_2CO_04_10
manifest in our 47_2CO_04_11
manifest in our 47_2CO_09_08
may abound to 47_2CO_08_11
may be a 47_2CO_08_14
may be a 47_2CO_08_14
may be a supply 47_2CO_08_14
may be a supply 47_2CO_01_04
may be able 47_2CO_01_04
may be able to 47_2CO_05_09
may be accepted of 47_2CO_11_12
may be found 47_2CO_01_11
may be given 47_2CO_04_07
may be of 47_2CO_10_02
may not be 47_2CO_05_10
may receive the 47_2CO_11_01
me a little 47_2CO_09_04
me and find 47_2CO_12_11
me for I 47_2CO_02_12
me of the 47_2CO_11_10
me of this 47_2CO_07_07
me so that I 47_2CO_11_16
me that I 47_2CO_11_16
me that I may 47_2CO_12_06
me to be 47_2CO_09_01
me to write 47_2CO_10_15
measure that is 47_2CO_04_10
might be made 47_2CO_05_21
might be made 47_2CO_04_10
might be made manifest 47_2CO_04_11
might be made manifest 47_2CO_01_15
might have a 47_2CO_02_09
might know the 47_2CO_08_04
ministering to the 47_2CO_08_04
ministering to the saints 47_2CO_09_01
ministering to the saints 47_2CO_11_23
ministers of Christ 47_2CO_03_06
ministers of the 47_2CO_11_23
more abundant in 47_2CO_01_12
more abundantly to 47_2CO_08_01
Moreover brethren we do 47_2CO_08_01
Moreover brethren we do 47_2CO_03_07
Moses for the 47_2CO_13_01
mouth of two 47_2CO_13_01
mouth of two or 47_2CO_08_15
much had nothing 47_2CO_08_15
much had nothing over 47_2CO_09_10
multiply your seed 47_2CO_12_21
my God will 47_2CO_12_09
My strength is 47_2CO_12_05
myself I will 47_2CO_05_16
no man after 47_2CO_11_09
no man for 47_2CO_11_10
no man shall 47_2CO_08_20
no man should 47_2CO_07_02
no man we have 47_2CO_07_02
no man we have 47_2CO_01_13
none other things 47_2CO_08_12
not according to 47_2CO_11_17
not after the 47_2CO_01_23
not as yet 47_2CO_04_18
not at the 47_2CO_12_06
not be a 47_2CO_10_08
not be ashamed 47_2CO_05_03
not be found 47_2CO_07_07
not by his 47_2CO_07_12
not for his 47_2CO_01_24
not for that 47_2CO_01_24
Not for that we 47_2CO_05_04
Not for that we 47_2CO_10_18
not he that 47_2CO_02_11
not ignorant of 47_2CO_05_12
not in heart 47_2CO_12_18
not in the 47_2CO_12_18
not in the same 47_2CO_12_18
not in the same 47_2CO_12_04
not lawful for 47_2CO_04_04
not lest the 47_2CO_05_01
not made with 47_2CO_05_01
not made with hands 47_2CO_03_06
not of the 47_2CO_04_07
not of us 47_2CO_08_21
not only in 47_2CO_08_10
not only to 47_2CO_13_07
not that we 47_2CO_02_04
not that ye 47_2CO_07_09
not that ye 47_2CO_07_03
not this to 47_2CO_07_10
not to be 47_2CO_01_09
not trust in 47_2CO_10_14
not unto you 47_2CO_03_03
not with ink 47_2CO_01_18
not yea and 47_2CO_01_19
not yea and 47_2CO_01_18
not yea and nay 47_2CO_01_19
not yea and nay 47_2CO_13_05
not your own 47_2CO_12_14
not yours but 47_2CO_13_08
nothing against the 47_2CO_08_15
nothing over and 47_2CO_08_15
nothing over and he 47_2CO_05_05
Now he that 47_2CO_09_10
Now he that 47_2CO_05_05
now he that hath 47_2CO_13_07
now I pray 47_2CO_06_02
Now is the 47_2CO_08_22
now much more 47_2CO_03_17
Now the LORD 47_2CO_08_02
of affliction the 47_2CO_03_02
of all men 47_2CO_11_28
of all the 47_2CO_09_13
of Christ and 47_2CO_02_15
of Christ in 47_2CO_11_10
of Christ is 47_2CO_04_04
of Christ who 47_2CO_10_01
of Christ who 47_2CO_10_01
of Christ who in 47_2CO_10_01
of Christ who in 47_2CO_01_09
of death in 47_2CO_05_01
of God an 47_2CO_01_01
of God and 47_2CO_04_07
of God and 47_2CO_10_05
of God and 47_2CO_13_14
of God and 47_2CO_13_14
of God and the 47_2CO_02_17
of God but 47_2CO_06_07
of God by 47_2CO_13_04
of God For 47_2CO_01_20
of God in 47_2CO_02_17
of God in 47_2CO_04_06
of God in 47_2CO_05_21
of God in 47_2CO_06_01
of God in 47_2CO_06_04
of God in 47_2CO_06_04
of God in 47_2CO_01_20
of God in him 47_2CO_05_21
of God in him 47_2CO_02_17
of God in the 47_2CO_04_06
of God in the 47_2CO_09_14
of God in you 47_2CO_07_12
of God might 47_2CO_04_04
of God should 47_2CO_13_04
of God toward 47_2CO_01_12
of God we 47_2CO_01_01
of God which 47_2CO_01_01
of God which is 47_2CO_05_18
of God who 47_2CO_05_18
of God who hath 47_2CO_06_16
of God with 47_2CO_13_11
of good comfort 47_2CO_03_07
of his countenance 47_2CO_08_17
of his own 47_2CO_08_17
of his own accord 47_2CO_03_07
of Israel could 47_2CO_03_07
of Israel could not 47_2CO_08_11
of it that 47_2CO_01_01
of Jesus Christ 47_2CO_04_06
of Jesus Christ 47_2CO_01_01
of Jesus Christ by 47_2CO_04_10
of Jesus might 47_2CO_04_10
of Jesus might be 47_2CO_02_16
of life unto 47_2CO_13_11
of love and 47_2CO_12_05
of myself I 47_2CO_13_11
of one mind 47_2CO_10_15
of other men's 47_2CO_01_03
of our Lord 47_2CO_08_09
of our Lord 47_2CO_11_31
of our Lord 47_2CO_01_03
of our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_08_09
of our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_11_31
of our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_11_26
of robbers in 47_2CO_06_02
of salvation have 47_2CO_06_02
of salvation have I 47_2CO_12_05
of such an 47_2CO_12_05
of such an one 47_2CO_03_13
of that which 47_2CO_08_11
of that which 47_2CO_03_13
of that which is 47_2CO_12_02
of the body 47_2CO_12_03
of the body 47_2CO_12_02
of the body I 47_2CO_12_03
of the body I 47_2CO_08_19
of the churches 47_2CO_08_23
of the churches 47_2CO_07_01
of the flesh 47_2CO_04_04
of the glorious 47_2CO_03_10
of the glory 47_2CO_04_06
of the glory 47_2CO_04_06
of the glory of 47_2CO_03_10
of the glory that 47_2CO_08_01
of the grace of 47_2CO_03_03
of the heart 47_2CO_13_14
of the holy 47_2CO_13_14
of the Holy Ghost 47_2CO_03_06
of the letter 47_2CO_03_03
of the living 47_2CO_06_16
of the living 47_2CO_03_03
of the living God 47_2CO_06_16
of the living God 47_2CO_01_14
of the LORD 47_2CO_02_12
of the LORD 47_2CO_03_17
of the LORD 47_2CO_03_18
of the LORD 47_2CO_04_10
of the LORD 47_2CO_05_11
of the LORD 47_2CO_08_21
of the LORD 47_2CO_12_01
of the LORD 47_2CO_13_14
of the LORD 47_2CO_03_18
of the LORD are 47_2CO_08_21
of the LORD but 47_2CO_03_17
of the LORD is 47_2CO_01_14
of the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_04_10
of the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_13_14
of the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_05_11
of the LORD we 47_2CO_08_04
of the ministering 47_2CO_03_06
of the new 47_2CO_10_12
of the number 47_2CO_03_14
of the old 47_2CO_09_12
of the saints 47_2CO_01_06
of the same 47_2CO_08_19
of the same 47_2CO_01_22
of the spirit 47_2CO_03_06
of the spirit 47_2CO_03_08
of the spirit 47_2CO_05_05
of the spirit 47_2CO_01_22
of the Spirit in 47_2CO_01_07
of the sufferings 47_2CO_11_30
of the things 47_2CO_11_30
of the things which 47_2CO_04_02
of the truth 47_2CO_12_21
of the uncleanness 47_2CO_07_10
of the world 47_2CO_11_08
of them to 47_2CO_04_04
of them which 47_2CO_04_04
of them which believe 47_2CO_12_17
of them whom 47_2CO_10_13
of things without 47_2CO_10_15
of things without 47_2CO_10_13
of things without our 47_2CO_10_15
of things without our 47_2CO_04_04
of this world 47_2CO_04_04
of this world hath 47_2CO_13_01
of two or 47_2CO_13_01
of two or three 47_2CO_02_11
of us for 47_2CO_11_26
of waters in 47_2CO_02_03
of whom I 47_2CO_07_15
of you all 47_2CO_12_17
of you by 47_2CO_12_11
of you for 47_2CO_07_04
of you I 47_2CO_07_04
of you I am 47_2CO_07_14
of you I am 47_2CO_09_03
of you should 47_2CO_01_16
of you to 47_2CO_09_02
of you to 47_2CO_08_08
of your love 47_2CO_08_24
of your love 47_2CO_09_02
of your mind 47_2CO_04_08
on every side 47_2CO_07_05
on every side 47_2CO_01_16
on my way 47_2CO_01_11
on our behalf 47_2CO_05_12
on our behalf 47_2CO_11_20
on the face 47_2CO_06_07
on the left 47_2CO_06_07
on the right 47_2CO_06_07
on the right hand 47_2CO_07_07
only but by 47_2CO_08_19
only but who 47_2CO_08_21
only in the 47_2CO_02_12
opened unto me 47_2CO_12_03
or out of the 47_2CO_12_06
or that he 47_2CO_13_01
or three witnesses shall 47_2CO_01_06
or whether we 47_2CO_05_13
or whether we 47_2CO_01_06
or whether we be 47_2CO_05_13
or whether we be 47_2CO_12_14
ought not to 47_2CO_12_11
ought to have 47_2CO_12_11
ought to have been 47_2CO_01_01
our brother unto 47_2CO_01_12
our conversation in 47_2CO_01_02
our father and 47_2CO_01_02
our Father and from 47_2CO_06_11
Our heart is 47_2CO_04_06
our hearts to 47_2CO_07_03
our hearts to 47_2CO_01_03
our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_08_09
our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_11_31
our Lord Jesus 47_2CO_01_03
our Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_08_09
our Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_11_31
our Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_06_17
out from among 47_2CO_04_06
out of darkness 47_2CO_01_08
out of measure 47_2CO_08_11
Out of that 47_2CO_08_11
out of that which 47_2CO_12_02
out of the 47_2CO_12_03
out of the 47_2CO_12_02
out of the body 47_2CO_08_15
over and he 47_2CO_08_15
over and he that 47_2CO_03_13
over his face 47_2CO_01_01
Paul an apostle 47_2CO_01_01
Paul an apostle of 47_2CO_13_11
peace and the 47_2CO_13_11
peace and the God 47_2CO_13_11
peace shall be with 47_2CO_07_08
perceive that the 47_2CO_09_09
poor his righteousness 47_2CO_06_07
power of God 47_2CO_13_04
power of God 47_2CO_10_16
preach the gospel 47_2CO_10_14
preaching the gospel 47_2CO_10_14
preaching the gospel of 47_2CO_11_09
present with you 47_2CO_01_20
promises of God 47_2CO_03_13
put a veil 47_2CO_04_14
raise up us 47_2CO_04_14
raised up the 47_2CO_04_14
raised up the Lord 47_2CO_03_14
reading of the 47_2CO_03_10
reason of the 47_2CO_08_04
receive the gift 47_2CO_05_20
reconciled to God 47_2CO_07_09
rejoice not that 47_2CO_02_13
rest in my 47_2CO_06_07
right hand and 47_2CO_06_07
right hand and on 47_2CO_05_21
righteousness of God 47_2CO_06_16
said I will 47_2CO_12_09
said unto me 47_2CO_13_13
saints salute you 47_2CO_06_02
saith I have 47_2CO_06_17
saith the LORD 47_2CO_06_18
saith the LORD 47_2CO_06_17
saith the LORD and 47_2CO_04_15
sakes that the 47_2CO_06_02
salvation have I 47_2CO_01_06
salvation which is 47_2CO_09_04
Say not ye 47_2CO_10_10
say they are 47_2CO_05_10
seat of Christ 47_2CO_13_02
second time and 47_2CO_08_07
See that ye 47_2CO_11_22
seed of Abraham 47_2CO_09_10
seed to the 47_2CO_09_10
seed to the sower 47_2CO_03_12
Seeing then that we 47_2CO_04_01
seeing we have 47_2CO_12_17
sent unto you 47_2CO_08_18
sent with him 47_2CO_11_15
shall be according 47_2CO_11_15
shall be according to 47_2CO_12_20
shall be found 47_2CO_06_16
shall be my 47_2CO_06_18
shall be my 47_2CO_06_16
shall be my people 47_2CO_03_16
shall be taken 47_2CO_03_16
shall be taken away 47_2CO_13_11
shall be with 47_2CO_13_06
shall know that 47_2CO_13_04
shall live with 47_2CO_05_03
shall not be 47_2CO_12_06
shall not be 47_2CO_12_06
shall not be a 47_2CO_05_03
shall not be found 47_2CO_12_20
shall not find 47_2CO_03_08
Shall not the 47_2CO_03_16
shall turn to 47_2CO_01_07
shall ye be 47_2CO_12_07
should be exalted above 47_2CO_12_07
should be exalted above 47_2CO_02_03
should have sorrow 47_2CO_02_03
should have sorrow from 47_2CO_02_03
should have sorrow from 47_2CO_10_08
should not be 47_2CO_02_17
sight of God 47_2CO_04_02
sight of God 47_2CO_07_12
sight of God 47_2CO_08_21
sight of men 47_2CO_08_21
sight of the 47_2CO_08_21
sight of the LORD 47_2CO_12_12
signs and wonders 47_2CO_12_12
signs and wonders and 47_2CO_01_19
Silvanus and Timotheus 47_2CO_05_21
sin that we 47_2CO_11_22
So am I 47_2CO_11_22
so am I Are 47_2CO_11_22
so am I Are 47_2CO_10_07
so are we 47_2CO_05_03
so be that 47_2CO_01_10
so great a 47_2CO_09_07
so let him 47_2CO_01_07
So shall ye 47_2CO_01_07
so shall ye be 47_2CO_07_07
So that I 47_2CO_03_07
so that the 47_2CO_11_09
so will I 47_2CO_11_09
so will I keep 47_2CO_01_19
Son of God 47_2CO_06_18
sons and daughters 47_2CO_07_10
sorrow of the 47_2CO_11_23
speak as a 47_2CO_03_06
Spirit for the 47_2CO_03_03
spirit of the 47_2CO_03_17
spirit of the 47_2CO_03_18
spirit of the 47_2CO_03_03
spirit of the living 47_2CO_03_17
spirit of the LORD 47_2CO_03_18
spirit of the LORD 47_2CO_09_13
subjection unto the 47_2CO_02_06
such a man 47_2CO_12_03
such a man 47_2CO_10_11
such an one 47_2CO_12_02
such an one 47_2CO_12_05
such an one 47_2CO_12_20
such as I 47_2CO_10_11
such as we 47_2CO_01_05
sufferings of Christ 47_2CO_12_09
sufficient for thee 47_2CO_05_04
swallowed up of 47_2CO_03_03
tables of stone 47_2CO_03_03
tables of the 47_2CO_12_02
tell God knoweth 47_2CO_12_03
tell God knoweth 47_2CO_06_16
temple of God 47_2CO_06_16
temple of the 47_2CO_05_11
terror of the 47_2CO_01_12
testimony of our 47_2CO_08_16
thanks be to 47_2CO_08_16
thanks be to God 47_2CO_02_14
thanks be unto 47_2CO_09_15
thanks be unto 47_2CO_02_14
thanks be unto God 47_2CO_09_15
thanks be unto God 47_2CO_08_12
that a man 47_2CO_07_06
that are cast 47_2CO_05_04
that are in 47_2CO_11_28
that are without 47_2CO_08_06
that as he 47_2CO_10_07
that as he 47_2CO_09_03
that as I 47_2CO_01_07
that as ye 47_2CO_05_10
that every one 47_2CO_01_11
that for the 47_2CO_10_17
that glorieth let 47_2CO_10_17
that glorieth let him 47_2CO_05_19
that God was 47_2CO_05_05
that hath wrought 47_2CO_05_15
that he died 47_2CO_05_15
that he died for 47_2CO_05_10
that he hath 47_2CO_08_12
that he hath 47_2CO_05_10
that he hath done 47_2CO_08_12
that he hath not 47_2CO_10_07
that he is 47_2CO_12_04
that he was 47_2CO_04_14
that he which 47_2CO_01_10
that he will 47_2CO_07_16
that I have 47_2CO_02_05
that I may 47_2CO_10_02
that I may 47_2CO_10_09
that I may 47_2CO_11_02
that I may 47_2CO_11_12
that I may 47_2CO_11_16
that I may 47_2CO_11_12
that I may cut 47_2CO_10_02
that I may not 47_2CO_10_09
that I may not 47_2CO_02_09
that I might 47_2CO_12_20
that I shall 47_2CO_12_21
that I shall 47_2CO_11_12
that I will 47_2CO_11_12
that I will do 47_2CO_02_01
that I would 47_2CO_02_01
that I would not 47_2CO_11_03
that is in 47_2CO_11_03
that is in Christ 47_2CO_10_15
that is of 47_2CO_12_08
that it might 47_2CO_13_05
that Jesus Christ is 47_2CO_02_03
that my joy 47_2CO_08_20
that no man 47_2CO_08_20
that no man should 47_2CO_08_14
that now at 47_2CO_10_11
that such as 47_2CO_03_07
that the children 47_2CO_03_13
that the children 47_2CO_03_07
that the children of 47_2CO_03_13
that the children of 47_2CO_04_10
that the life 47_2CO_04_11
that the life 47_2CO_04_10
that the life also 47_2CO_04_11
that the life also 47_2CO_07_08
that the same 47_2CO_08_14
that there may 47_2CO_08_14
that there may be 47_2CO_05_15
that they which 47_2CO_09_05
that they would 47_2CO_01_14
that we are 47_2CO_03_05
that we are 47_2CO_13_06
that we are 47_2CO_08_06
that we desired 47_2CO_01_24
that we have 47_2CO_03_12
that we have 47_2CO_01_04
that we may 47_2CO_01_04
that we may be 47_2CO_05_21
that we might 47_2CO_05_21
that we might be 47_2CO_10_15
that we shall 47_2CO_01_09
that we should 47_2CO_13_07
that we should 47_2CO_01_09
that we should not 47_2CO_08_04
that we would 47_2CO_11_28
that which cometh 47_2CO_12_06
that which he 47_2CO_11_17
that which I 47_2CO_03_11
that which is 47_2CO_03_13
that which is 47_2CO_13_07
that which is 47_2CO_03_11
that which remaineth 47_2CO_03_10
that which was 47_2CO_11_09
that which was 47_2CO_11_09
that which was lacking 47_2CO_08_11
that which ye 47_2CO_08_11
that which ye have 47_2CO_07_03
that ye are 47_2CO_13_07
that ye do 47_2CO_05_12
that ye may have 47_2CO_01_15
that ye might 47_2CO_02_04
that ye might 47_2CO_07_09
that ye might 47_2CO_11_07
that ye might 47_2CO_11_07
that ye might be 47_2CO_01_15
that ye might have 47_2CO_02_04
that ye might know 47_2CO_06_01
that ye receive not 47_2CO_13_06
that ye shall 47_2CO_13_06
that ye shall 47_2CO_02_04
that ye should 47_2CO_13_07
that ye should 47_2CO_02_04
that ye should be 47_2CO_13_07
that ye should do 47_2CO_07_09
that ye sorrowed 47_2CO_07_11
that ye sorrowed 47_2CO_07_09
that ye were 47_2CO_02_08
that ye would 47_2CO_08_02
the abundance of 47_2CO_12_07
the abundance of 47_2CO_12_07
the abundance of the 47_2CO_11_13
the apostles of 47_2CO_11_13
the apostles of Christ 47_2CO_05_08
the body and 47_2CO_12_02
the body I 47_2CO_12_03
the body I 47_2CO_12_02
the body I cannot 47_2CO_12_02
the body I cannot 47_2CO_04_10
the body the 47_2CO_09_05
the brethren that 47_2CO_11_09
the brethren which 47_2CO_03_07
the children of 47_2CO_03_13
the children of 47_2CO_03_07
the children of Israel 47_2CO_03_13
the children of Israel 47_2CO_01_01
the church of 47_2CO_01_01
the church of God 47_2CO_08_01
the churches of 47_2CO_08_19
the churches to 47_2CO_11_26
the city in 47_2CO_11_32
the city of 47_2CO_11_32
the city of the 47_2CO_07_06
the coming of 47_2CO_13_14
the communion of 47_2CO_01_14
the day of 47_2CO_06_02
the day of 47_2CO_06_02
the day of salvation 47_2CO_06_02
the day of salvation 47_2CO_01_14
the day of the 47_2CO_01_22
the earnest of 47_2CO_05_05
the earnest of 47_2CO_01_22
the earnest of the 47_2CO_05_05
the earnest of the 47_2CO_03_13
The end of 47_2CO_03_13
the end of that 47_2CO_04_07
the excellency of 47_2CO_04_07
the excellency of the 47_2CO_03_07
the face of 47_2CO_04_06
the face of 47_2CO_03_07
the face of Moses 47_2CO_01_03
the father of 47_2CO_01_03
the Father of our 47_2CO_07_01
the fear of 47_2CO_07_01
the fear of God 47_2CO_08_04
the fellowship of 47_2CO_08_04
the fellowship of the 47_2CO_07_01
the flesh and 47_2CO_11_18
the flesh I 47_2CO_05_16
the flesh yet 47_2CO_08_08
the forwardness of 47_2CO_09_02
the forwardness of 47_2CO_09_10
the fruits of 47_2CO_09_10
the fruits of your 47_2CO_04_04
the glorious gospel 47_2CO_04_04
the glorious gospel of 47_2CO_01_20
the glory of 47_2CO_03_07
the glory of 47_2CO_03_18
the glory of 47_2CO_04_06
the glory of 47_2CO_04_15
the glory of 47_2CO_08_19
the glory of 47_2CO_08_23
the glory of 47_2CO_01_20
the glory of God 47_2CO_04_06
the glory of God 47_2CO_04_15
the glory of God 47_2CO_03_07
the glory of his 47_2CO_03_18
the glory of the 47_2CO_08_19
the glory of the 47_2CO_03_10
the glory that 47_2CO_11_31
The God and 47_2CO_11_31
The God and Father 47_2CO_01_03
the God of 47_2CO_04_04
the God of 47_2CO_13_11
the God of 47_2CO_04_04
The God of this 47_2CO_10_16
the gospel in 47_2CO_09_13
the gospel of 47_2CO_10_14
the gospel of 47_2CO_11_07
the gospel of 47_2CO_09_13
the gospel of Christ 47_2CO_10_14
the gospel of Christ 47_2CO_01_12
the grace of 47_2CO_06_01
the grace of 47_2CO_08_01
the grace of 47_2CO_08_09
the grace of 47_2CO_13_14
the grace of 47_2CO_01_12
the grace of God 47_2CO_06_01
the grace of God 47_2CO_08_01
the grace of God 47_2CO_08_09
The grace of our 47_2CO_13_14
the grace of the 47_2CO_08_16
the heart of 47_2CO_11_26
the heathen in 47_2CO_04_02
the hidden things 47_2CO_04_02
the hidden things of 47_2CO_06_06
the Holy Ghost 47_2CO_13_14
the Holy Ghost 47_2CO_04_04
the image of 47_2CO_04_16
the inward man 47_2CO_02_03
the joy of 47_2CO_07_13
the joy of 47_2CO_05_10
the judgment seat 47_2CO_05_10
the judgment seat of 47_2CO_04_06
the knowledge of 47_2CO_10_05
the knowledge of 47_2CO_10_05
the knowledge of God 47_2CO_04_06
the knowledge of the 47_2CO_04_10
the life also 47_2CO_04_11
the life also 47_2CO_04_10
the life also of 47_2CO_04_11
the life also of 47_2CO_04_04
the light of 47_2CO_04_06
the light of 47_2CO_04_04
the light of the 47_2CO_04_06
the light of the 47_2CO_03_03
the living God 47_2CO_06_16
the living God 47_2CO_04_05
the LORD and 47_2CO_06_17
the LORD and 47_2CO_08_05
the LORD and 47_2CO_08_05
the LORD and unto 47_2CO_03_18
the LORD are 47_2CO_08_21
the LORD but 47_2CO_11_17
the LORD but 47_2CO_10_08
the LORD hath 47_2CO_13_10
the LORD hath 47_2CO_10_08
the LORD hath given 47_2CO_13_10
the LORD hath given 47_2CO_03_17
the LORD is 47_2CO_03_17
The LORD is there 47_2CO_01_14
the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_04_10
the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_04_14
the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_13_14
the Lord Jesus 47_2CO_01_02
the Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_13_14
the Lord Jesus Christ 47_2CO_04_14
the Lord Jesus shall 47_2CO_04_10
the Lord Jesus that 47_2CO_03_16
the LORD the 47_2CO_05_11
the LORD we 47_2CO_05_14
the love of 47_2CO_13_14
the love of 47_2CO_05_14
the love of Christ 47_2CO_13_14
the love of God 47_2CO_02_04
the love which 47_2CO_01_11
the means of 47_2CO_10_13
the measure of 47_2CO_08_23
the messengers of 47_2CO_08_04
the ministering to 47_2CO_09_01
the ministering to 47_2CO_08_04
the ministering to the 47_2CO_09_01
the ministering to the 47_2CO_06_04
the Ministers of 47_2CO_11_15
the Ministers of 47_2CO_03_07
the ministration of 47_2CO_03_08
the ministration of 47_2CO_05_18
the ministry of 47_2CO_12_15
the more abundantly 47_2CO_13_01
the mouth of 47_2CO_13_01
the mouth of two 47_2CO_03_06
the new testament 47_2CO_10_05
the obedience of 47_2CO_10_07
the outward appearance 47_2CO_02_10
the person of 47_2CO_09_09
the poor his righteousness 47_2CO_06_07
the power of 47_2CO_12_09
the power of 47_2CO_13_04
the power of 47_2CO_06_07
the power of God 47_2CO_13_04
the power of God 47_2CO_13_04
the power of God 47_2CO_01_20
the promises of 47_2CO_01_20
the promises of God 47_2CO_02_09
the proof of 47_2CO_08_24
the proof of 47_2CO_03_14
the reading of 47_2CO_03_14
the reading of the 47_2CO_11_10
the regions of 47_2CO_08_02
the riches of 47_2CO_06_07
the right hand 47_2CO_06_07
the right hand and 47_2CO_05_21
The righteousness of 47_2CO_05_21
the righteousness of God 47_2CO_13_13
the saints salute 47_2CO_13_13
the saints salute you 47_2CO_01_01
the saints which 47_2CO_01_01
the saints which are 47_2CO_04_13
the same Spirit 47_2CO_12_18
the same Spirit 47_2CO_02_02
the same which 47_2CO_02_16
the savour of 47_2CO_13_02
the second time 47_2CO_13_02
the second time and 47_2CO_11_22
the seed of 47_2CO_11_22
the seed of Abraham 47_2CO_11_03
The serpent beguiled 47_2CO_02_17
the sight of 47_2CO_04_02
the sight of 47_2CO_07_12
the sight of 47_2CO_08_21
the sight of 47_2CO_02_17
the sight of God 47_2CO_04_02
the sight of God 47_2CO_07_12
the sight of God 47_2CO_08_21
the sight of men 47_2CO_08_21
the sight of the 47_2CO_01_19
the son of 47_2CO_01_19
the Son of God 47_2CO_03_08
the spirit be 47_2CO_01_22
the Spirit in 47_2CO_03_03
the Spirit of 47_2CO_03_17
the Spirit of 47_2CO_03_18
the Spirit of 47_2CO_03_03
the spirit of the 47_2CO_03_17
the spirit of the 47_2CO_03_18
the spirit of the 47_2CO_01_05
the sufferings of 47_2CO_01_05
the sufferings of Christ 47_2CO_06_16
the temple of 47_2CO_06_16
the temple of God 47_2CO_06_16
the temple of the 47_2CO_05_11
the terror of the 47_2CO_01_12
the testimony of 47_2CO_01_12
the testimony of our 47_2CO_01_17
the things that 47_2CO_04_18
the things which 47_2CO_11_30
the things which 47_2CO_04_18
the things which are 47_2CO_04_18
the things which are 47_2CO_04_18
the things which are 47_2CO_04_18
the things which are 47_2CO_12_14
the third time 47_2CO_13_01
the third time 47_2CO_12_14
the third time I 47_2CO_13_01
the third time I 47_2CO_12_06
the truth but 47_2CO_11_10
the truth of 47_2CO_03_16
the veil shall 47_2CO_11_05
the very chiefest 47_2CO_12_11
the very chiefest 47_2CO_11_05
the very chiefest apostles 47_2CO_12_11
the very chiefest apostles 47_2CO_11_33
the wall and 47_2CO_09_12
the want of 47_2CO_10_04
the weapons of 47_2CO_11_26
the wilderness in 47_2CO_01_01
the will of 47_2CO_08_05
the will of 47_2CO_01_01
the will of God 47_2CO_08_05
the will of God 47_2CO_02_17
the word of 47_2CO_04_02
the word of 47_2CO_05_19
the word of 47_2CO_06_07
the word of 47_2CO_02_17
the word of God 47_2CO_02_17
the word of God 47_2CO_06_07
the word of truth 47_2CO_01_12
the world and 47_2CO_05_19
the world unto 47_2CO_12_09
thee for my 47_2CO_06_02
thee in a 47_2CO_06_02
thee in a time 47_2CO_06_16
their God and 47_2CO_06_16
their God and they 47_2CO_08_05
their own selves 47_2CO_05_19
them and hath 47_2CO_06_16
them and I 47_2CO_06_16
them and I will 47_2CO_05_15
them and rose 47_2CO_09_13
them and unto 47_2CO_09_13
them and unto all 47_2CO_09_02
them of Macedonia 47_2CO_02_03
them of whom 47_2CO_02_15
them that are 47_2CO_04_03
them that are 47_2CO_02_15
them that perish 47_2CO_11_08
them to do 47_2CO_01_04
them which are 47_2CO_01_04
them which are in 47_2CO_04_04
them which believe 47_2CO_12_17
them whom I 47_2CO_05_15
themselves but unto 47_2CO_03_12
then that we have 47_2CO_08_11
there may be 47_2CO_08_14
there may be 47_2CO_01_17
there should be 47_2CO_08_11
there was a 47_2CO_12_07
there was given 47_2CO_04_13
therefore have I 47_2CO_04_13
therefore have I spoken 47_2CO_11_15
therefore it is 47_2CO_05_06
Therefore we are 47_2CO_07_13
therefore we were 47_2CO_12_09
Therefore will I 47_2CO_08_23
they are the 47_2CO_08_05
they did not 47_2CO_12_21
they have committed 47_2CO_11_12
they may be 47_2CO_06_16
they shall be 47_2CO_06_16
they shall be my 47_2CO_06_03
thing that the 47_2CO_07_11
thing that ye 47_2CO_10_07
things after the 47_2CO_05_18
things are of 47_2CO_05_17
things are passed 47_2CO_05_17
things are passed away 47_2CO_08_22
things but now 47_2CO_11_28
things that are 47_2CO_11_28
things that are 47_2CO_01_17
things that I 47_2CO_07_14
things to you 47_2CO_01_13
things unto you 47_2CO_04_18
things which are 47_2CO_04_18
things which are not 47_2CO_04_18
things which are seen 47_2CO_04_18
things which are seen 47_2CO_11_30
things which concern 47_2CO_10_13
things without our 47_2CO_10_15
things without our 47_2CO_10_13
things without our measure 47_2CO_10_15
things without our measure 47_2CO_10_02
think to be 47_2CO_12_19
think ye that 47_2CO_12_14
third time I 47_2CO_13_01
third time I 47_2CO_12_14
third time I am 47_2CO_13_01
third time I am 47_2CO_01_15
this confidence I 47_2CO_09_06
this I say 47_2CO_13_01
This is the 47_2CO_04_04
this world hath 47_2CO_07_06
those that are 47_2CO_11_28
those things that 47_2CO_11_28
those things that are 47_2CO_08_09
though he was 47_2CO_12_11
though I be 47_2CO_12_06
though I would 47_2CO_07_12
though I wrote 47_2CO_05_16
though we have 47_2CO_12_07
through the abundance 47_2CO_12_07
through the abundance of 47_2CO_08_18
throughout all the 47_2CO_12_14
time I am 47_2CO_01_01
Timothy our brother 47_2CO_01_01
Timothy our brother unto 47_2CO_01_16
to be brought 47_2CO_01_16
to be brought on 47_2CO_03_07
to be done 47_2CO_05_08
to be present 47_2CO_05_08
to be present with 47_2CO_03_03
to be the 47_2CO_12_14
to come to 47_2CO_01_15
to come unto 47_2CO_01_15
to come unto you 47_2CO_13_10
to edification and 47_2CO_09_08
to every good 47_2CO_09_08
to every good work 47_2CO_04_02
to every man's 47_2CO_09_05
to exhort the brethren 47_2CO_09_05
to exhort the brethren 47_2CO_04_06
to give the 47_2CO_12_01
to glory I 47_2CO_12_06
to glory I 47_2CO_13_07
to God that 47_2CO_03_04
to God ward 47_2CO_08_16
to God which 47_2CO_12_11
to have been 47_2CO_10_07
to himself that 47_2CO_11_09
to me the 47_2CO_11_09
to no man 47_2CO_01_16
to pass by 47_2CO_10_16
to preach the 47_2CO_10_16
to preach the gospel 47_2CO_02_06
to such a 47_2CO_02_06
to such a man 47_2CO_05_10
to that he 47_2CO_08_12
to that he 47_2CO_05_10
to that he hath 47_2CO_08_12
to that he hath 47_2CO_01_13
to the end 47_2CO_03_13
to the end 47_2CO_03_13
to the end of 47_2CO_01_17
to the flesh 47_2CO_10_02
to the flesh 47_2CO_08_19
to the glory 47_2CO_08_19
to the glory of 47_2CO_03_16
to the LORD 47_2CO_08_05
to the LORD 47_2CO_08_05
to the LORD And 47_2CO_03_16
to the LORD the 47_2CO_10_13
to the measure 47_2CO_10_13
to the measure of 47_2CO_02_16
to the one 47_2CO_02_16
to the other 47_2CO_09_09
to the poor 47_2CO_09_09
to the poor his 47_2CO_13_10
to the power 47_2CO_08_04
to the saints 47_2CO_09_01
to the saints 47_2CO_09_10
to the sower 47_2CO_08_03
to their power 47_2CO_11_15
to their works 47_2CO_08_24
to them and 47_2CO_09_02
to them of 47_2CO_04_03
to them that are 47_2CO_13_02
to them which 47_2CO_02_09
to this end 47_2CO_02_14
to triumph in 47_2CO_10_13
to us a 47_2CO_01_08
to us in 47_2CO_08_07
to us see 47_2CO_05_18
to us the 47_2CO_02_10
to whom I 47_2CO_02_10
to whom ye 47_2CO_08_01
to wit of 47_2CO_08_01
to wit of the 47_2CO_01_02
to you and 47_2CO_12_14
to you and 47_2CO_01_02
to you and peace 47_2CO_12_14
to you for 47_2CO_12_14
to you for I 47_2CO_07_14
to you in 47_2CO_13_01
to you in 47_2CO_11_07
to you the 47_2CO_01_12
to you ward 47_2CO_13_03
to you ward 47_2CO_06_01
together with him 47_2CO_06_17
touch not the 47_2CO_04_08
troubled on every 47_2CO_07_05
troubled on every 47_2CO_04_08
troubled on every side 47_2CO_07_05
troubled on every side 47_2CO_13_06
trust that ye 47_2CO_03_16
turn to the 47_2CO_03_16
turn to the LORD 47_2CO_13_01
two or three 47_2CO_13_01
two or three witnesses 47_2CO_03_14
until this day 47_2CO_09_13
unto all men 47_2CO_02_16
unto death And 47_2CO_02_15
unto God a 47_2CO_05_11
unto God and 47_2CO_02_14
unto God which 47_2CO_05_15
unto him which 47_2CO_02_16
unto life and 47_2CO_12_09
unto me my 47_2CO_02_12
unto me of 47_2CO_01_01
Unto the church of 47_2CO_01_20
unto the glory 47_2CO_09_13
unto the gospel 47_2CO_09_13
unto the gospel of 47_2CO_05_19
unto them and 47_2CO_09_13
unto them and 47_2CO_09_13
unto them and unto 47_2CO_05_15
unto themselves but 47_2CO_05_15
unto themselves but unto 47_2CO_03_15
unto this day 47_2CO_08_05
unto us by 47_2CO_05_05
unto us the 47_2CO_05_19
unto us the 47_2CO_01_16
unto you and 47_2CO_06_18
unto you and 47_2CO_09_05
unto you and 47_2CO_11_09
unto you and 47_2CO_09_05
unto you and make 47_2CO_06_18
unto you and ye 47_2CO_01_15
unto you Before 47_2CO_05_12
unto you but 47_2CO_10_14
unto you for 47_2CO_07_12
unto you I 47_2CO_02_03
unto you lest 47_2CO_01_13
unto you than 47_2CO_02_04
unto you with 47_2CO_12_14
up for the 47_2CO_04_14
up the Lord 47_2CO_12_02
up to the 47_2CO_08_22
upon the great 47_2CO_05_14
us because we 47_2CO_06_12
us but ye 47_2CO_01_11
us by the 47_2CO_08_05
us by the 47_2CO_05_05
us for the 47_2CO_02_11
us for we 47_2CO_02_11
us for we are 47_2CO_01_04
us in all 47_2CO_08_19
us to the 47_2CO_08_19
us to the glory 47_2CO_07_02
us we have 47_2CO_01_21
us with you 47_2CO_04_14
us with you 47_2CO_11_05
very chiefest apostles 47_2CO_12_11
very chiefest apostles 47_2CO_10_03
walk in the 47_2CO_10_02
walked according to 47_2CO_10_02
walked according to the 47_2CO_12_18
walked we not in 47_2CO_12_18
walked we not in 47_2CO_09_12
want of the 47_2CO_12_04
was caught up 47_2CO_12_07
was given to 47_2CO_11_05
was not a 47_2CO_01_18
was not yea 47_2CO_01_18
was not yea and 47_2CO_01_19
was not yea and 47_2CO_03_07
was to be 47_2CO_13_04
We also are 47_2CO_05_06
we are absent 47_2CO_10_14
We are come 47_2CO_13_09
we are glad 47_2CO_10_11
we are in 47_2CO_02_11
we are not 47_2CO_02_17
we are not 47_2CO_13_06
we are not 47_2CO_02_16
We are the 47_2CO_13_09
we are weak 47_2CO_01_14
We are your 47_2CO_10_03
we do not 47_2CO_04_01
we faint not 47_2CO_04_16
we faint not 47_2CO_11_21
we had been 47_2CO_05_01
We have a 47_2CO_11_06
we have been 47_2CO_01_12
we have had 47_2CO_05_16
we have known 47_2CO_11_04
we have not 47_2CO_08_18
We have sent 47_2CO_08_18
we have sent with 47_2CO_08_22
we have sent with 47_2CO_03_12
we have such 47_2CO_04_01
we have this 47_2CO_04_07
we have this 47_2CO_05_01
we know that 47_2CO_01_04
we may be 47_2CO_05_09
we may be 47_2CO_05_21
we might be 47_2CO_12_18
we not in the 47_2CO_12_18
we not in the 47_2CO_10_15
we shall be 47_2CO_13_04
we shall live 47_2CO_05_03
we shall not 47_2CO_01_09
we should not 47_2CO_05_04
we that are 47_2CO_09_04
we that we 47_2CO_10_03
we walk in 47_2CO_10_03
we walk in the 47_2CO_07_13
we were comforted 47_2CO_10_13
we will not 47_2CO_01_08
we would not 47_2CO_07_05
were come into 47_2CO_11_12
What I do 47_2CO_12_13
What is it 47_2CO_10_02
When I am 47_2CO_12_10
When I am 47_2CO_10_02
when I am present 47_2CO_02_03
when I came 47_2CO_02_12
when I came 47_2CO_02_12
when I came to 47_2CO_12_20
when I come 47_2CO_12_21
when I come 47_2CO_11_09
When I was 47_2CO_03_16
when it shall 47_2CO_13_09
when we are 47_2CO_10_11
when we are absent 47_2CO_07_05
when we were 47_2CO_07_05
when we were come 47_2CO_02_08
Wherefore I beseech you 47_2CO_07_12
Wherefore though I 47_2CO_12_13
wherein ye were 47_2CO_07_07
wherewith he was 47_2CO_12_02
whether in the 47_2CO_12_03
whether in the 47_2CO_12_02
whether in the body 47_2CO_12_03
whether in the body 47_2CO_05_10
whether it be 47_2CO_05_10
whether it be good 47_2CO_01_06
whether we be 47_2CO_02_09
whether ye be 47_2CO_13_05
whether ye be 47_2CO_01_01
which are in 47_2CO_01_04
which are in 47_2CO_01_04
which are in 47_2CO_01_01
which are in all 47_2CO_04_18
which are not 47_2CO_04_18
which are not seen 47_2CO_04_18
which are not seen 47_2CO_04_18
which are seen 47_2CO_11_09
which came from 47_2CO_01_08
which came to 47_2CO_09_11
which causeth through us 47_2CO_09_11
which causeth through us 47_2CO_10_13
which God hath 47_2CO_02_04
which I have 47_2CO_08_22
which I have 47_2CO_08_22
which I have in 47_2CO_07_14
which I made 47_2CO_08_19
which is administered 47_2CO_08_20
which is administered 47_2CO_08_19
which is administered by 47_2CO_08_20
which is administered by 47_2CO_01_01
which is at 47_2CO_01_01
which is at Corinth 47_2CO_03_11
which is done 47_2CO_05_02
which is from 47_2CO_12_04
which it is 47_2CO_12_04
which it is not 47_2CO_10_08
which the LORD 47_2CO_13_10
which the LORD 47_2CO_10_08
which the LORD hath 47_2CO_13_10
which the LORD hath 47_2CO_12_21
which they have 47_2CO_12_21
which they have committed 47_2CO_11_09
which was lacking 47_2CO_03_10
which was made 47_2CO_08_11
which ye have 47_2CO_11_04
which ye have 47_2CO_11_04
which ye have not 47_2CO_03_06
Who also hath 47_2CO_01_10
Who delivered us from 47_2CO_01_10
Who delivered us from 47_2CO_01_22
Who hath also 47_2CO_02_02
Who is he 47_2CO_04_04
who is the 47_2CO_04_04
who is the image 47_2CO_11_29
who is weak 47_2CO_08_19
who was also 47_2CO_12_17
whom I sent 47_2CO_12_17
whom I sent unto 47_2CO_10_18
whom the LORD 47_2CO_08_22
whom we have 47_2CO_11_04
whom we have 47_2CO_08_18
whose praise is 47_2CO_06_18
will be a 47_2CO_06_16
will be their 47_2CO_06_16
will be their God 47_2CO_12_01
will come to 47_2CO_06_16
will dwell in 47_2CO_12_14
will not be 47_2CO_01_01
will of God 47_2CO_08_05
will of God 47_2CO_12_06
will say The 47_2CO_10_11
will we be 47_2CO_08_01
wit of the 47_2CO_01_01
with all the 47_2CO_07_15
with fear and trembling 47_2CO_13_04
with him by 47_2CO_12_18
with him I 47_2CO_08_18
with him the 47_2CO_02_04
with many tears 47_2CO_09_04
with me and 47_2CO_02_01
with myself that 47_2CO_02_01
with myself that I 47_2CO_05_08
with the LORD 47_2CO_03_03
with the spirit 47_2CO_03_03
with the spirit of 47_2CO_13_14
with you all 47_2CO_11_09
with you and 47_2CO_01_21
with you in 47_2CO_10_13
without our measure 47_2CO_10_15
without our measure 47_2CO_02_17
word of God 47_2CO_04_02
word of God 47_2CO_06_07
word of truth 47_2CO_01_18
word toward you 47_2CO_04_12
worketh in us 47_2CO_01_08
would not brethren 47_2CO_02_01
would not come 47_2CO_11_01
Would to God 47_2CO_11_01
would to God ye 47_2CO_13_10
write these things 47_2CO_08_15
written He that 47_2CO_02_04
wrote unto you 47_2CO_12_12
wrought among you 47_2CO_07_03
ye are in 47_2CO_06_12
ye are not 47_2CO_01_07
ye are partakers 47_2CO_01_07
ye are partakers of 47_2CO_13_09
ye are strong 47_2CO_13_09
ye are strong and 47_2CO_06_16
Ye are the 47_2CO_06_16
ye are the temple 47_2CO_13_05
ye be in 47_2CO_11_04
ye have not 47_2CO_11_04
ye have not received 47_2CO_08_09
ye know the 47_2CO_09_03
ye may be 47_2CO_05_12
ye may have 47_2CO_11_07
ye might be 47_2CO_01_15
ye might have 47_2CO_02_04
ye might know 47_2CO_07_09
ye might receive 47_2CO_06_01
ye receive not 47_2CO_06_18
ye shall be 47_2CO_06_18
ye shall be my 47_2CO_13_06
ye shall know 47_2CO_13_06
ye shall know that 47_2CO_02_04
ye should be 47_2CO_09_04
ye should be 47_2CO_13_07
ye should do 47_2CO_08_24
ye to them 47_2CO_07_09
ye were made 47_2CO_07_09
ye were made sorry 47_2CO_07_09
ye were made sorry 47_2CO_12_20
ye would not 47_2CO_11_19
ye yourselves are 47_2CO_01_17
yea and nay 47_2CO_01_18
yea and nay 47_2CO_08_09
yet for your 47_2CO_09_03
Yet have I 47_2CO_10_15
you according to 47_2CO_02_03
you all that 47_2CO_10_14
you also in 47_2CO_12_14
you and I 47_2CO_12_14
you and I will 47_2CO_09_05
you and make 47_2CO_11_09
you and so 47_2CO_12_21
you and that 47_2CO_06_18
you and ye 47_2CO_06_18
you and ye shall 47_2CO_11_02
you as a 47_2CO_01_15
you before that 47_2CO_12_17
you by any 47_2CO_10_01
you by the 47_2CO_01_19
you by us 47_2CO_05_20
you by us 47_2CO_13_05
you Except ye be 47_2CO_07_03
you for I 47_2CO_12_14
you for I 47_2CO_09_14
you for the 47_2CO_12_14
you for the 47_2CO_07_04
you I am 47_2CO_07_14
you I am 47_2CO_07_14
you I am not 47_2CO_11_20
you If a 47_2CO_11_20
you If a man 47_2CO_07_16
you in all 47_2CO_12_12
you in all 47_2CO_07_16
you in all things 47_2CO_11_06
you in all things 47_2CO_01_21
you in Christ 47_2CO_07_12
you in the 47_2CO_13_01
you in the 47_2CO_11_20
you on the 47_2CO_10_02
you that I 47_2CO_10_02
you that I may 47_2CO_02_08
you that ye 47_2CO_09_08
you that ye 47_2CO_02_08
you that ye would 47_2CO_11_07
you the gospel 47_2CO_11_07
you the gospel of 47_2CO_08_06
you the same 47_2CO_01_16
you to be 47_2CO_09_02
you to them 47_2CO_07_07
you when he 47_2CO_08_10
you who have 47_2CO_01_06
your consolation and salvation 47_2CO_01_06
your consolation and salvation 47_2CO_10_15
your faith is 47_2CO_09_10
your food and 47_2CO_10_06
your obedience is 47_2CO_04_15
your sakes that 47_2CO_04_15
your sakes that the