Book of Colossians Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 51_COL_04_07
a beloved brother 51_COL_04_07
a beloved brother and 51_COL_04_11
a comfort unto 51_COL_04_03
a door of 51_COL_04_09
a faithful and 51_COL_01_07
a faithful minister 51_COL_04_07
a faithful minister 51_COL_01_25
a minister according 51_COL_01_25
a minister according to 51_COL_04_12
a servant of 51_COL_02_17
a shadow of 51_COL_02_15
a show of 51_COL_02_23
a show of 51_COL_01_11
according to his 51_COL_01_29
according to his 51_COL_01_25
according to the 51_COL_03_22
according to the 51_COL_03_22
according to the flesh 51_COL_02_08
after the tradition 51_COL_03_17
all in the 51_COL_02_10
all principality and 51_COL_02_10
all principality and power 51_COL_02_09
all the fulness 51_COL_02_09
all the fulness of 51_COL_01_04
all the saints 51_COL_02_03
all the treasures 51_COL_02_03
all the treasures of 51_COL_01_06
all the world 51_COL_01_06
all the world and 51_COL_03_14
all these things 51_COL_01_17
all things and 51_COL_01_17
all things and by 51_COL_03_20
all things for 51_COL_01_20
all things unto 51_COL_01_20
all things unto himself 51_COL_04_09
all things which 51_COL_04_09
all things which are 51_COL_04_16
also in the 51_COL_01_06
also in you 51_COL_02_11
also ye are 51_COL_03_15
also ye are 51_COL_01_03
always for you 51_COL_02_05
am I with you 51_COL_01_23
am made a 51_COL_01_25
am made a 51_COL_01_23
am made a minister 51_COL_01_25
am made a minister 51_COL_01_27
among the Gentiles 51_COL_01_01
an apostle of 51_COL_01_01
an apostle of Jesus 51_COL_03_14
and above all 51_COL_01_23
And be not 51_COL_03_19
And be not 51_COL_03_15
and be ye 51_COL_01_06
and bringeth forth 51_COL_02_07
and built up 51_COL_01_17
And by him 51_COL_01_17
And by him all 51_COL_02_22
and doctrines of 51_COL_01_02
and faithful brethren in 51_COL_01_02
and faithful brethren in 51_COL_02_01
and for them 51_COL_01_20
and having made 51_COL_01_17
and he is 51_COL_01_18
and he is 51_COL_01_18
and he is the 51_COL_03_16
and hymns and 51_COL_03_16
and hymns and spiritual 51_COL_03_11
and in all 51_COL_01_06
and knew the 51_COL_03_15
and let the 51_COL_02_08
and not after 51_COL_03_23
and not unto 51_COL_02_02
and of Christ 51_COL_01_04
and of the 51_COL_02_02
and of the 51_COL_01_02
and peace from 51_COL_01_02
and peace from God 51_COL_04_17
and say to 51_COL_03_16
and spiritual songs 51_COL_03_16
and spiritual songs singing 51_COL_01_16
and that are 51_COL_04_16
And that ye 51_COL_04_15
and the church 51_COL_01_03
and the father 51_COL_03_17
and the father 51_COL_01_03
and the father of 51_COL_01_02
And the LORD 51_COL_04_13
And them that 51_COL_04_13
And them that are 51_COL_03_25
and there is 51_COL_03_25
and there is no 51_COL_02_04
And this I 51_COL_02_04
And this I say 51_COL_02_14
and took it 51_COL_02_02
and unto all 51_COL_03_23
and whatsoever ye 51_COL_03_17
And whatsoever ye do 51_COL_03_23
And whatsoever ye do 51_COL_04_16
And when this 51_COL_01_23
and which was 51_COL_02_10
And ye are 51_COL_01_21
and you that 51_COL_03_13
any man have 51_COL_03_13
any man have a 51_COL_03_13
any man have a 51_COL_02_04
any man should 51_COL_01_01
apostle of Jesus 51_COL_01_01
apostle of Jesus Christ 51_COL_02_17
are a shadow 51_COL_03_15
are called in 51_COL_03_15
are called in one 51_COL_02_11
are circumcised with 51_COL_02_11
are circumcised with the 51_COL_01_16
are in heaven 51_COL_04_13
are in Laodicea 51_COL_04_15
are in Laodicea 51_COL_04_13
are in Laodicea and 51_COL_04_15
are in Laodicea and 51_COL_04_11
are of the 51_COL_03_05
are upon the 51_COL_03_05
are upon the earth 51_COL_02_01
as have not 51_COL_04_04
as I ought 51_COL_04_04
as I ought to 51_COL_01_06
as it is 51_COL_01_06
as it is in 51_COL_02_01
as many as 51_COL_02_01
as many as 51_COL_02_01
as many as have 51_COL_03_22
as menpleasers but 51_COL_03_23
as to the Lord 51_COL_01_07
as ye also 51_COL_02_06
as ye have 51_COL_02_07
as ye have 51_COL_01_23
away from the 51_COL_02_20
be dead with 51_COL_02_20
be dead with Christ 51_COL_01_09
be filled with 51_COL_01_09
be filled with the 51_COL_01_23
be not moved 51_COL_01_12
be partakers of the 51_COL_01_02
be unto you 51_COL_04_18
be with you 51_COL_04_18
be with you Amen 51_COL_01_05
before in the 51_COL_04_07
beloved brother and 51_COL_01_14
blood even the 51_COL_01_20
blood of his 51_COL_01_22
body of his 51_COL_01_22
body of his flesh 51_COL_02_11
body of the 51_COL_03_11
bond nor free 51_COL_04_15
brethren which are 51_COL_04_15
brethren which are in 51_COL_04_07
brother and a 51_COL_02_12
buried with him 51_COL_03_25
but he that 51_COL_01_26
but now is 51_COL_01_26
But now is made 51_COL_01_17
by him all 51_COL_01_16
by him and 51_COL_04_18
by the hand 51_COL_01_01
by the will 51_COL_01_01
by the will of 51_COL_03_15
called in one 51_COL_03_20
Children obey your 51_COL_03_20
Children obey your parents 51_COL_01_01
Christ by the 51_COL_02_20
Christ from the 51_COL_01_04
Christ Jesus and 51_COL_02_06
Christ Jesus the Lord 51_COL_04_16
church of the 51_COL_04_16
church of the Laodiceans 51_COL_04_15
church which is 51_COL_02_11
circumcised with the 51_COL_01_06
come unto you 51_COL_04_10
come unto you 51_COL_04_08
comfort your hearts 51_COL_01_23
continue in the 51_COL_01_23
continue in the faith 51_COL_01_23
creature which is 51_COL_01_13
darkness and hath 51_COL_03_03
dead and your 51_COL_02_20
dead with Christ 51_COL_04_07
declare unto you 51_COL_01_13
delivered us from 51_COL_01_09
desire that ye 51_COL_03_23
do do it 51_COL_03_25
done and there 51_COL_03_25
done and there is 51_COL_03_13
even as Christ 51_COL_01_23
every creature which 51_COL_01_23
every creature which is 51_COL_01_10
every good work 51_COL_01_28
every man and 51_COL_01_28
every man in 51_COL_03_22
eyeservice as menpleasers 51_COL_03_22
eyeservice as menpleasers but 51_COL_02_05
faith in Christ 51_COL_01_04
faith in Christ Jesus 51_COL_04_09
faithful and beloved 51_COL_01_02
faithful brethren in Christ 51_COL_01_02
faithful brethren in Christ 51_COL_01_02
father and the 51_COL_01_03
Father of our 51_COL_01_03
Father of our Lord 51_COL_01_12
Father which hath 51_COL_03_21
fathers provoke not 51_COL_03_21
fathers provoke not your 51_COL_01_09
filled with the 51_COL_01_09
filled with the knowledge 51_COL_02_01
for as many 51_COL_02_01
for as many as 51_COL_04_13
For I bear 51_COL_02_01
For I would that 51_COL_02_09
For in him 51_COL_01_05
for the hope 51_COL_04_08
for the same 51_COL_04_08
for the same purpose 51_COL_02_01
for them at 51_COL_01_09
for this cause 51_COL_03_20
for this is 51_COL_02_05
For though I 51_COL_02_05
For though I be 51_COL_04_03
for us that 51_COL_04_03
for which I 51_COL_04_03
For which I am 51_COL_03_03
for ye are 51_COL_01_09
for you and 51_COL_01_24
for you and 51_COL_02_01
for you and 51_COL_04_13
for you and 51_COL_02_01
for you and for 51_COL_01_05
for you in 51_COL_04_12
for you in 51_COL_01_25
for you to 51_COL_03_13
forbearing one another 51_COL_01_14
forgiveness of sins 51_COL_03_13
forgiving one another 51_COL_01_02
from God our 51_COL_01_02
from God our Father 51_COL_01_18
from the dead 51_COL_02_12
from the dead 51_COL_01_18
from the dead that 51_COL_01_13
from the power 51_COL_01_13
from the power of 51_COL_02_02
full assurance of 51_COL_02_09
fulness of the 51_COL_01_03
give thanks to 51_COL_01_03
give thanks to God 51_COL_03_17
giving thanks to 51_COL_01_12
giving thanks unto 51_COL_01_12
giving thanks unto the 51_COL_02_02
God and of the 51_COL_01_03
God and the 51_COL_03_17
God and the 51_COL_01_03
God and the Father 51_COL_01_06
God in truth 51_COL_01_02
God our Father 51_COL_01_02
God our Father and 51_COL_01_25
God which is 51_COL_01_25
God which is given 51_COL_02_12
God who hath 51_COL_01_23
gospel which ye 51_COL_01_23
gospel which ye have 51_COL_04_18
Grace be with 51_COL_04_18
Grace be with you 51_COL_01_06
grace of God 51_COL_03_01
hand of God 51_COL_04_18
hand of me Paul 51_COL_04_18
hand of me Paul 51_COL_01_26
hath been hid 51_COL_02_13
hath he quickened 51_COL_01_12
hath made us 51_COL_02_18
hath not seen 51_COL_04_11
have been a 51_COL_02_07
have been taught 51_COL_01_23
have heard and 51_COL_02_01
have not seen 51_COL_03_09
have put off 51_COL_01_14
have redemption through 51_COL_01_14
have redemption through his 51_COL_04_08
have sent unto 51_COL_01_18
have the preeminence 51_COL_04_13
he hath a 51_COL_03_25
he hath done 51_COL_02_18
he hath not 51_COL_02_18
he hath not seen 51_COL_01_17
he is before 51_COL_01_18
he is the 51_COL_01_18
he is the 51_COL_01_18
he is the head 51_COL_02_15
he made a 51_COL_01_18
he might have 51_COL_04_08
he might know 51_COL_03_25
He that doeth 51_COL_01_18
head of the 51_COL_01_06
heard of it 51_COL_01_06
heard of it and 51_COL_01_04
heard of your 51_COL_01_04
heard of your faith 51_COL_03_15
hearts to the 51_COL_03_16
hearts to the 51_COL_01_17
him all things 51_COL_02_12
him from the 51_COL_02_12
him from the dead 51_COL_02_12
him through the 51_COL_02_10
him which is 51_COL_01_09
his will in 51_COL_01_23
hope of the 51_COL_04_06
how ye ought 51_COL_04_06
how ye ought to 51_COL_03_19
Husbands love your 51_COL_03_19
Husbands love your wives 51_COL_03_16
hymns and spiritual 51_COL_03_16
hymns and spiritual songs 51_COL_01_25
I am made 51_COL_02_01
I have for 51_COL_04_08
I have sent 51_COL_04_08
I have sent unto 51_COL_04_04
I may make 51_COL_04_04
I ought to 51_COL_04_04
I ought to speak 51_COL_02_05
I with you 51_COL_02_01
I would that 51_COL_02_01
I would that ye 51_COL_03_13
if any man 51_COL_03_13
if any man have 51_COL_04_10
if he come 51_COL_02_20
If ye be 51_COL_01_23
If ye continue 51_COL_01_23
If ye continue in 51_COL_03_01
If ye then 51_COL_03_01
If ye then be 51_COL_01_06
in all the 51_COL_04_12
in all the 51_COL_01_06
in all the world 51_COL_01_18
in all things 51_COL_03_20
in all things 51_COL_03_22
in all things 51_COL_01_28
in all wisdom 51_COL_03_16
in all wisdom 51_COL_01_04
in Christ Jesus 51_COL_01_28
in Christ Jesus 51_COL_01_04
in Christ Jesus and 51_COL_01_10
in every good 51_COL_01_10
in every good work 51_COL_01_16
in heaven and 51_COL_02_07
in him and 51_COL_04_15
in his house 51_COL_01_22
in his sight 51_COL_04_13
in Laodicea and 51_COL_04_15
in Laodicea and 51_COL_02_02
in love and 51_COL_01_24
in my flesh 51_COL_03_15
in one body and 51_COL_03_16
in psalms and 51_COL_03_16
in psalms and hymns 51_COL_02_16
in respect of 51_COL_03_22
in singleness of 51_COL_01_22
in the body 51_COL_04_16
in the church 51_COL_01_23
in the faith 51_COL_02_07
in the faith 51_COL_02_01
in the flesh 51_COL_02_05
in the flesh 51_COL_01_10
in the knowledge 51_COL_01_10
in the knowledge of 51_COL_03_18
in the LORD 51_COL_04_07
in the LORD 51_COL_04_17
in the LORD 51_COL_03_17
in the name 51_COL_03_17
in the name of 51_COL_04_02
In the same 51_COL_01_08
in the spirit 51_COL_02_05
in the spirit 51_COL_03_07
in the which 51_COL_03_07
in the which ye 51_COL_01_05
in the word 51_COL_02_20
in the world 51_COL_01_14
in whom we 51_COL_03_15
in your hearts 51_COL_03_16
in your hearts 51_COL_03_15
in your hearts to 51_COL_03_16
in your hearts to 51_COL_02_13
in your sins 51_COL_01_12
inheritance of the 51_COL_01_13
into the kingdom 51_COL_01_13
into the kingdom of 51_COL_01_06
is come unto 51_COL_01_06
is come unto you 51_COL_01_07
is for you 51_COL_01_25
is given to 51_COL_01_25
is given to me 51_COL_01_06
is in all 51_COL_04_15
is in his 51_COL_04_01
is just and 51_COL_01_05
is laid up 51_COL_01_05
is laid up for 51_COL_01_26
is made manifest 51_COL_03_25
is no respect 51_COL_03_25
is no respect of 51_COL_04_09
is one of 51_COL_04_12
is one of 51_COL_04_09
is one of you 51_COL_04_12
is one of you 51_COL_01_18
is the beginning 51_COL_01_24
is the church 51_COL_01_18
is the head 51_COL_02_10
is the head 51_COL_02_10
is the head of 51_COL_01_15
is the image of 51_COL_01_06
It is in 51_COL_02_14
it out of 51_COL_02_14
it out of the 51_COL_01_19
it pleased the 51_COL_02_14
it to his 51_COL_01_01
Jesus Christ by 51_COL_02_06
Jesus the Lord 51_COL_04_11
Jesus which is 51_COL_04_11
kingdom of God 51_COL_01_13
kingdom of his 51_COL_04_06
know how ye 51_COL_04_06
know how ye ought 51_COL_04_01
knowing that ye 51_COL_01_10
knowledge of God 51_COL_04_09
known unto you 51_COL_04_09
known unto you all 51_COL_01_05
laid up for 51_COL_02_04
lest any man 51_COL_02_08
lest any man 51_COL_02_16
Let no man 51_COL_02_18
Let no man 51_COL_02_16
Let no man therefore 51_COL_01_02
Lord Jesus Christ 51_COL_01_03
Lord Jesus Christ 51_COL_04_17
LORD that thou 51_COL_01_10
LORD unto all 51_COL_03_24
LORD ye shall 51_COL_01_08
love in the 51_COL_01_04
love which ye 51_COL_01_04
love which ye have 51_COL_03_19
love your wives 51_COL_01_23
made a minister 51_COL_01_25
made a minister according 51_COL_01_26
made manifest to 51_COL_02_11
made without hands 51_COL_04_09
make known unto 51_COL_03_13
man have a 51_COL_03_10
man which is 51_COL_03_09
man with his 51_COL_02_01
many as have not 51_COL_03_22
masters according to 51_COL_03_22
masters according to the 51_COL_04_06
may know how 51_COL_04_04
may make it 51_COL_01_12
meet to be 51_COL_02_08
men after the 51_COL_01_11
might according to 51_COL_01_09
might be filled 51_COL_01_09
might be filled with 51_COL_01_18
might have the 51_COL_01_21
mind by wicked works 51_COL_01_21
mind by wicked works 51_COL_01_25
minister according to 51_COL_01_25
minister according to the 51_COL_04_03
mystery of Christ 51_COL_02_02
mystery of God 51_COL_03_17
name of the 51_COL_03_17
name of the LORD 51_COL_03_10
new man which 51_COL_02_16
no man therefore 51_COL_03_25
no respect of 51_COL_03_25
no respect of persons 51_COL_01_09
not cease to 51_COL_02_19
not holding the 51_COL_03_22
Not with eyeservice 51_COL_03_22
Not with eyeservice as 51_COL_03_21
not your children 51_COL_03_21
not your children to 51_COL_01_21
now hath he 51_COL_01_26
now is made 51_COL_01_26
now is made manifest 51_COL_03_20
obey your parents 51_COL_03_20
obey your parents in 51_COL_04_03
of Christ for 51_COL_01_24
of Christ in 51_COL_01_13
of darkness and 51_COL_01_15
of every creature 51_COL_01_01
of God and 51_COL_02_02
of God and 51_COL_02_02
of God and of 51_COL_03_06
of God cometh 51_COL_01_06
of God in 51_COL_01_25
of God which 51_COL_04_11
of God which 51_COL_01_25
of God which is 51_COL_02_12
of God who 51_COL_02_12
of God who hath 51_COL_03_10
of him that 51_COL_01_22
of his flesh 51_COL_01_06
of it and 51_COL_01_01
of Jesus Christ 51_COL_01_01
of Jesus Christ 51_COL_04_18
of me Paul 51_COL_01_03
of our Lord 51_COL_01_03
of our Lord Jesus 51_COL_01_24
of the afflictions 51_COL_01_24
of the afflictions of 51_COL_01_18
of the body 51_COL_02_23
of the body 51_COL_04_11
of the circumcision 51_COL_02_02
of the father 51_COL_02_02
of the Father and 51_COL_02_11
of the flesh 51_COL_02_23
of the flesh 51_COL_02_23
of the flesh 51_COL_01_27
of the glory 51_COL_01_27
of the glory of 51_COL_01_05
of the gospel 51_COL_01_23
of the gospel 51_COL_01_12
of the inheritance 51_COL_03_24
of the inheritance 51_COL_01_12
of the inheritance of 51_COL_04_16
of the Laodiceans 51_COL_01_10
of the LORD 51_COL_03_17
of the LORD 51_COL_03_24
of the LORD 51_COL_03_17
of the Lord Jesus 51_COL_01_10
of the LORD unto 51_COL_03_24
of the LORD ye 51_COL_02_16
of the new 51_COL_02_16
of the sabbath 51_COL_01_12
of the saints 51_COL_01_05
of the truth 51_COL_02_14
of the way 51_COL_02_08
of the world 51_COL_02_20
of the world 51_COL_02_08
of the world and 51_COL_02_17
of things to 51_COL_02_17
of things to come 51_COL_01_27
of this mystery 51_COL_02_03
of wisdom and 51_COL_02_03
of wisdom and knowledge 51_COL_04_12
of you a 51_COL_02_05
of your faith 51_COL_01_04
of your faith in 51_COL_03_08
of your mouth 51_COL_03_02
on the earth 51_COL_03_10
on the new 51_COL_03_10
on the new man 51_COL_03_01
on the right 51_COL_03_01
on the right hand 51_COL_03_13
one another and 51_COL_03_16
one another in 51_COL_04_09
one of you 51_COL_04_12
one of you 51_COL_03_09
one to another 51_COL_04_03
open unto us 51_COL_02_16
or of the 51_COL_02_05
order and the 51_COL_04_04
ought to speak 51_COL_01_02
our father and 51_COL_01_02
our Father and the 51_COL_01_03
our Lord Jesus 51_COL_01_03
our Lord Jesus 51_COL_02_14
out of the 51_COL_02_14
out of the way 51_COL_03_08
out of your 51_COL_03_08
out of your mouth 51_COL_02_15
over them in 51_COL_03_18
own husbands as 51_COL_01_12
partakers of the 51_COL_01_01
Paul an apostle 51_COL_01_02
peace from God 51_COL_01_02
peace from God our 51_COL_03_15
peace of God 51_COL_01_13
power of darkness 51_COL_01_09
pray for you 51_COL_02_15
principalities and powers 51_COL_02_10
principality and power 51_COL_03_21
provoke not your 51_COL_03_21
provoke not your children 51_COL_03_16
psalms and hymns 51_COL_03_16
psalms and hymns and 51_COL_03_09
put off the 51_COL_03_10
put on the 51_COL_03_10
put on the new 51_COL_02_12
raised him from 51_COL_02_12
raised him from the 51_COL_03_25
receive for the 51_COL_03_24
receive the reward 51_COL_03_24
receive the reward of 51_COL_04_17
received in the 51_COL_04_05
Redeeming the time 51_COL_01_14
redemption through his 51_COL_01_14
redemption through his blood 51_COL_01_24
rejoice in my 51_COL_03_25
respect of persons 51_COL_03_24
reward of the 51_COL_01_27
riches of the 51_COL_02_02
riches of the 51_COL_01_27
riches of the glory 51_COL_03_01
right hand of 51_COL_03_01
right hand of God 51_COL_02_08
rudiments of the 51_COL_02_20
rudiments of the 51_COL_02_08
rudiments of the world 51_COL_02_20
rudiments of the world 51_COL_04_10
saluteth you and 51_COL_04_08
same purpose that 51_COL_03_09
seeing that ye 51_COL_04_08
sent unto you 51_COL_04_08
sent unto you for 51_COL_04_12
servant of Christ 51_COL_03_24
serve the LORD 51_COL_04_09
shall make known 51_COL_03_24
shall receive the 51_COL_03_24
shall receive the reward 51_COL_01_06
since the day 51_COL_01_09
since the day 51_COL_03_22
singleness of heart 51_COL_02_13
sins and the 51_COL_02_11
sins of the 51_COL_03_01
sitteth on the 51_COL_03_01
sitteth on the right 51_COL_03_01
sitteth on the right 51_COL_03_16
spiritual songs singing 51_COL_03_18
submit yourselves unto your 51_COL_04_17
take heed to 51_COL_04_17
take heed to the 51_COL_01_03
thanks to God 51_COL_01_03
thanks to God and 51_COL_03_17
thanks to God and 51_COL_01_12
thanks unto the 51_COL_01_16
that are in 51_COL_04_13
that are in 51_COL_04_05
that are without 51_COL_04_03
that God would 51_COL_04_13
that he hath 51_COL_04_08
that he might 51_COL_04_08
that he might know 51_COL_04_04
that I may 51_COL_01_18
that in all 51_COL_01_18
that in all things 51_COL_04_16
that it be 51_COL_03_24
that of the 51_COL_02_14
that was against 51_COL_01_28
that we may 51_COL_01_24
that which is 51_COL_04_01
that which is 51_COL_04_01
That ye also 51_COL_04_01
That ye also have 51_COL_03_09
that ye have 51_COL_03_09
that ye have put 51_COL_04_06
that ye may 51_COL_04_12
that ye may 51_COL_04_06
that ye may know 51_COL_01_09
that ye might 51_COL_01_10
that ye might 51_COL_01_09
that ye might be 51_COL_01_24
the afflictions of 51_COL_01_18
the beginning the 51_COL_01_20
the blood of 51_COL_01_20
the blood of his 51_COL_01_20
the blood of his 51_COL_02_17
the body is 51_COL_01_22
the body of 51_COL_02_11
the body of 51_COL_02_11
the body of the 51_COL_01_18
the body the 51_COL_03_14
the bond of 51_COL_04_15
the brethren which 51_COL_04_15
the brethren which are 51_COL_03_06
the children of 51_COL_04_16
the church of 51_COL_04_16
the church of the 51_COL_04_15
the church which 51_COL_04_15
the church which is 51_COL_02_22
the commandments and 51_COL_01_09
the day we 51_COL_01_06
the day ye 51_COL_02_12
the faith of 51_COL_02_02
the father and 51_COL_02_02
the Father and of 51_COL_01_03
the father of 51_COL_01_03
the Father of our 51_COL_01_19
the Father that 51_COL_01_12
the Father which 51_COL_01_12
the Father which hath 51_COL_01_15
the firstborn of 51_COL_03_22
the flesh not 51_COL_02_05
the flesh yet 51_COL_02_02
the full assurance 51_COL_02_02
the full assurance of 51_COL_02_09
the fulness of 51_COL_02_09
the fulness of the 51_COL_01_27
the Gentiles which 51_COL_01_27
the glory of 51_COL_01_27
The glory of this 51_COL_01_06
the grace of 51_COL_01_06
the grace of 51_COL_01_06
the grace of God 51_COL_04_18
the hand of 51_COL_01_18
the head of 51_COL_02_10
the head of 51_COL_01_18
the head of the 51_COL_01_23
the hope of 51_COL_01_27
the hope of 51_COL_01_23
the hope of the 51_COL_01_15
the image of 51_COL_03_10
the image of 51_COL_02_19
the increase of 51_COL_01_12
the inheritance of 51_COL_01_12
the inheritance of the 51_COL_01_12
the inheritance of the 51_COL_01_13
the kingdom of 51_COL_04_11
the kingdom of 51_COL_01_13
the kingdom of his 51_COL_01_09
the knowledge of 51_COL_01_10
the knowledge of 51_COL_01_10
the knowledge of God 51_COL_03_23
the LORD and 51_COL_01_02
the Lord Jesus 51_COL_03_17
the Lord Jesus 51_COL_01_02
the Lord Jesus Christ 51_COL_02_06
the LORD so 51_COL_04_17
the LORD that 51_COL_04_17
the LORD that thou 51_COL_01_10
the LORD unto 51_COL_01_10
the LORD unto all 51_COL_03_24
the LORD ye 51_COL_03_24
the LORD ye shall 51_COL_01_04
the love which 51_COL_04_17
the ministry which 51_COL_02_02
the mystery of 51_COL_04_03
the mystery of 51_COL_04_03
the mystery of Christ 51_COL_02_02
the mystery of God 51_COL_03_17
The name of 51_COL_03_17
The name of the 51_COL_03_10
the new man 51_COL_03_10
the new man which 51_COL_02_16
the new moon 51_COL_03_09
the old man 51_COL_03_15
the peace of 51_COL_03_15
the peace of God 51_COL_01_13
the power of 51_COL_01_13
the power of darkness 51_COL_03_24
the reward of 51_COL_03_24
the reward of the 51_COL_01_27
the riches of 51_COL_01_27
the riches of the 51_COL_03_01
the right hand 51_COL_03_01
the right hand of 51_COL_02_08
the rudiments of 51_COL_02_20
the rudiments of 51_COL_02_08
the rudiments of the 51_COL_02_20
the rudiments of the 51_COL_02_16
the sabbath days 51_COL_01_02
the saints and 51_COL_01_12
the saints in 51_COL_04_08
the same purpose 51_COL_04_08
the same purpose that 51_COL_04_02
the same with 51_COL_02_23
the satisfying of 51_COL_02_11
the sins of 51_COL_02_11
the sins of the 51_COL_02_08
the tradition of 51_COL_02_08
the tradition of men 51_COL_02_03
the treasures of 51_COL_01_05
the truth of 51_COL_01_05
the truth of the 51_COL_03_07
the which ye 51_COL_01_01
the will of 51_COL_01_01
the will of 51_COL_01_01
the will of God 51_COL_04_12
the will of God 51_COL_01_05
the word of 51_COL_01_25
the word of 51_COL_03_16
the word of 51_COL_01_25
the word of God 51_COL_01_05
the word of the 51_COL_01_06
the world and 51_COL_02_08
the world and 51_COL_02_08
the world and 51_COL_03_06
the wrath of 51_COL_03_06
The wrath of God 51_COL_04_05
them that are 51_COL_04_13
them that are 51_COL_04_13
them that are in 51_COL_04_05
them that are without 51_COL_03_04
then shall ye 51_COL_03_11
there is neither 51_COL_03_25
there is no 51_COL_03_25
there is no respect 51_COL_03_12
therefore as the 51_COL_03_14
these things put 51_COL_04_09
they shall make 51_COL_01_17
things and by 51_COL_01_20
things in earth 51_COL_01_20
things in heaven 51_COL_03_02
things on the 51_COL_02_17
things to come 51_COL_01_20
things unto himself 51_COL_03_01
things which are 51_COL_04_09
things which are 51_COL_04_09
things which are done 51_COL_02_18
things which he 51_COL_02_04
this I say 51_COL_02_18
those things which 51_COL_03_01
those things which 51_COL_03_01
those things which are 51_COL_02_18
those things which he 51_COL_04_17
thou hast received 51_COL_02_05
though I be 51_COL_01_14
through his blood 51_COL_01_20
through the blood 51_COL_01_20
through the blood of 51_COL_02_12
through the faith 51_COL_02_12
through the faith of 51_COL_01_01
Timotheus our brother 51_COL_01_04
to all the 51_COL_01_04
to all the saints 51_COL_01_23
to every creature 51_COL_01_25
to fulfil the 51_COL_01_25
To fulfil the word 51_COL_01_03
to God and 51_COL_03_17
to God and 51_COL_01_03
to God and the 51_COL_03_17
to God and the 51_COL_01_26
to his saints 51_COL_01_25
to me for 51_COL_01_09
to pray for 51_COL_01_09
to pray for you 51_COL_01_22
to present you 51_COL_04_03
to speak the 51_COL_03_22
to the flesh 51_COL_03_16
to the LORD 51_COL_03_23
to the LORD 51_COL_03_23
to the LORD And 51_COL_01_02
to the saints 51_COL_01_02
To the saints and 51_COL_02_23
to the satisfying 51_COL_02_23
to the satisfying of 51_COL_03_15
to the which 51_COL_02_14
to us and 51_COL_02_14
to us and took 51_COL_02_14
took it out of 51_COL_04_05
toward them that 51_COL_04_05
toward them that are 51_COL_02_08
tradition of men 51_COL_01_05
truth of the 51_COL_02_02
understanding to the 51_COL_01_12
unto the father 51_COL_04_11
unto the kingdom 51_COL_04_11
unto the kingdom of 51_COL_03_20
unto the LORD 51_COL_04_03
unto us a 51_COL_04_09
unto you all 51_COL_01_02
unto you and 51_COL_01_06
unto you as 51_COL_04_08
unto you for 51_COL_04_08
unto you for the 51_COL_03_18
unto your own 51_COL_03_18
unto your own husbands 51_COL_01_05
up for you 51_COL_01_24
up that which 51_COL_01_24
up that which is 51_COL_03_05
upon the earth 51_COL_02_14
us and took 51_COL_01_13
us from the 51_COL_01_13
us into the 51_COL_01_10
walk worthy of 51_COL_01_10
walk worthy of the 51_COL_01_03
we give thanks 51_COL_01_03
We give thanks to 51_COL_01_14
we have redemption 51_COL_01_14
we have redemption through 51_COL_01_04
we heard of 51_COL_01_27
What is the 51_COL_03_17
whatsoever ye do 51_COL_03_23
whatsoever ye do do 51_COL_03_11
where there is 51_COL_01_25
whereof I am 51_COL_01_16
whether they be 51_COL_01_20
whether they be 51_COL_03_15
which also ye are 51_COL_01_02
which are at 51_COL_04_09
which are done 51_COL_04_15
which are in 51_COL_03_05
which are upon 51_COL_03_05
which are upon the 51_COL_01_26
which hath been 51_COL_01_12
which hath made 51_COL_04_11
which have been 51_COL_02_18
which he hath 51_COL_03_25
which he hath 51_COL_03_25
which he hath done 51_COL_04_11
which is called 51_COL_01_06
which is come 51_COL_01_06
which is come unto 51_COL_01_25
which is given 51_COL_04_15
which is in 51_COL_01_24
which is the 51_COL_02_10
which is the 51_COL_03_14
which is the 51_COL_01_24
which is the church 51_COL_02_10
which is the head 51_COL_01_23
which is under 51_COL_04_17
which thou hast 51_COL_01_23
which was preached 51_COL_01_29
which worketh in 51_COL_03_07
which ye also 51_COL_01_04
which ye have 51_COL_01_23
which ye have 51_COL_01_23
which ye have heard 51_COL_04_11
who are of 51_COL_04_07
who is a 51_COL_04_09
who is one 51_COL_04_12
who is one 51_COL_04_09
who is one of 51_COL_04_12
who is one of 51_COL_01_15
who is the 51_COL_01_18
who is the 51_COL_01_15
who is the image 51_COL_04_08
whom I have 51_COL_04_08
whom I have 51_COL_04_08
whom I have sent 51_COL_01_14
whom we have 51_COL_01_14
whom we have redemption 51_COL_01_01
will of God 51_COL_04_12
will of God 51_COL_01_01
will of God and 51_COL_02_03
wisdom and knowledge 51_COL_02_04
with enticing words 51_COL_03_22
with eyeservice as 51_COL_03_22
with eyeservice as menpleasers 51_COL_02_12
with him in 51_COL_03_04
with him in 51_COL_02_19
with the increase 51_COL_02_19
with the increase of 51_COL_01_09
with the knowledge 51_COL_01_09
with the knowledge of 51_COL_04_18
with you Amen 51_COL_02_05
with you in 51_COL_02_05
with you in the 51_COL_03_18
Wives submit yourselves 51_COL_03_18
Wives submit yourselves unto 51_COL_01_25
word of God 51_COL_01_05
word of the 51_COL_02_01
would that ye 51_COL_03_06
wrath of God 51_COL_04_01
ye also have 51_COL_03_15
ye are called in 51_COL_01_23
ye continue in 51_COL_03_23
ye do do 51_COL_03_17
ye do in 51_COL_02_07
ye have been 51_COL_02_07
ye have been taught 51_COL_01_23
ye have heard 51_COL_03_09
ye have put 51_COL_01_04
ye have to 51_COL_01_06
ye heard of 51_COL_02_06
ye in him 51_COL_04_06
ye may know 51_COL_01_09
ye might be 51_COL_01_09
ye might be filled 51_COL_04_06
ye ought to 51_COL_03_24
ye serve the 51_COL_03_24
ye serve the LORD 51_COL_03_24
ye shall receive 51_COL_03_01
ye then be 51_COL_04_09
you all things 51_COL_02_01
you and for 51_COL_01_02
you and peace 51_COL_01_02
you and peace from 51_COL_01_09
you and to 51_COL_01_06
you as it is 51_COL_04_08
you for the 51_COL_04_08
you for the same 51_COL_02_05
you in the 51_COL_02_18
you of your 51_COL_01_04
your faith in 51_COL_01_04
your faith in Christ 51_COL_02_05
your faith in Christ 51_COL_03_15
your hearts to 51_COL_03_16
your hearts to 51_COL_03_15
your hearts to the 51_COL_03_16
your hearts to the 51_COL_03_22
your masters according 51_COL_03_22
your masters according to 51_COL_03_18
your own husbands 51_COL_03_18
your own husbands as 51_COL_03_20
your parents in 51_COL_02_18
your reward in 51_COL_03_19
your wives and 51_COL_03_18
yourselves unto your 51_COL_03_18
yourselves unto your own