Book of 1 Peter Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 60_1PE_02_16
a cloak of 60_1PE_05_04
a crown of 60_1PE_05_04
a crown of glory 60_1PE_03_16
a good conscience 60_1PE_03_21
a good conscience 60_1PE_02_19
a man for 60_1PE_01_22
a pure heart 60_1PE_05_08
a roaring lion 60_1PE_02_08
a rock of 60_1PE_02_08
a rock of offence 60_1PE_02_08
a stone of 60_1PE_02_08
a stone of stumbling 60_1PE_01_23
abideth for ever 60_1PE_02_05
acceptable to God 60_1PE_01_17
according to every 60_1PE_01_17
according to every man's 60_1PE_01_03
according to his 60_1PE_03_07
according to knowledge 60_1PE_01_02
according to the 60_1PE_01_14
according to the 60_1PE_04_19
according to the 60_1PE_03_14
afraid of their 60_1PE_05_10
after that ye 60_1PE_05_10
after that ye have 60_1PE_03_05
after this manner 60_1PE_03_05
after this manner in 60_1PE_02_11
against the soul 60_1PE_03_12
against them that 60_1PE_03_12
against them that do 60_1PE_02_12
against you as 60_1PE_01_24
all flesh is 60_1PE_01_15
all manner of 60_1PE_03_08
all of one 60_1PE_05_05
all of you 60_1PE_05_14
all that are 60_1PE_05_14
all that are in 60_1PE_01_24
all the glory 60_1PE_04_08
All things have 60_1PE_04_07
all things is 60_1PE_04_11
all things may 60_1PE_03_19
also he went 60_1PE_02_08
Also they were 60_1PE_02_18
also to the 60_1PE_04_06
also to them 60_1PE_04_06
also to them that 60_1PE_02_12
among the Gentiles 60_1PE_02_12
among the Gentiles that 60_1PE_05_01
among you I 60_1PE_03_15
an answer to 60_1PE_01_01
an apostle of 60_1PE_01_01
an apostle of Jesus 60_1PE_02_21
an example that 60_1PE_02_21
an example that ye 60_1PE_02_09
an holy nation 60_1PE_05_01
and a witness 60_1PE_01_24
and all the 60_1PE_01_24
and all the glory 60_1PE_05_01
and also a 60_1PE_03_06
and are not 60_1PE_03_14
And be not 60_1PE_03_14
and be not afraid 60_1PE_03_11
and do good 60_1PE_04_11
and dominion for 60_1PE_05_11
and dominion for 60_1PE_04_11
and dominion for ever 60_1PE_05_11
and dominion for ever 60_1PE_04_11
and ever Amen 60_1PE_05_11
and ever Amen 60_1PE_01_03
and Father of 60_1PE_02_14
and for the 60_1PE_01_08
and full of 60_1PE_01_21
and gave him 60_1PE_01_18
and gold from 60_1PE_02_06
And he that 60_1PE_03_12
and his ears 60_1PE_03_12
and his ears are 60_1PE_03_10
and his lips 60_1PE_01_07
and honour and 60_1PE_01_07
and honour and glory 60_1PE_04_17
And if it 60_1PE_04_17
And if it 60_1PE_04_18
And if the 60_1PE_01_17
And if ye 60_1PE_03_14
And if ye 60_1PE_04_14
and of God 60_1PE_01_02
and peace be multiplied 60_1PE_03_19
and preached unto 60_1PE_04_05
and the dead 60_1PE_01_24
and the flower thereof 60_1PE_01_11
And the glory 60_1PE_04_18
and the sinner 60_1PE_01_25
And this is 60_1PE_01_25
And this is the 60_1PE_05_04
And when the 60_1PE_03_13
and who is 60_1PE_01_22
another with a 60_1PE_04_11
any man speak 60_1PE_01_01
apostle of Jesus 60_1PE_01_01
apostle of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_05_01
are among you 60_1PE_02_05
are built up a 60_1PE_02_05
are built up a 60_1PE_05_09
are in the 60_1PE_05_09
are in the world 60_1PE_03_06
are not afraid 60_1PE_02_10
are now the 60_1PE_03_12
are open unto 60_1PE_03_12
are open unto their 60_1PE_04_13
are partakers of 60_1PE_05_08
As a roaring 60_1PE_05_08
As a roaring lion 60_1PE_04_15
as a thief 60_1PE_04_10
as every man 60_1PE_03_06
as long as 60_1PE_03_06
as long as ye 60_1PE_01_19
as of a 60_1PE_04_11
as of the 60_1PE_01_18
as silver and 60_1PE_02_16
as the servants 60_1PE_02_16
as the servants of 60_1PE_02_04
as unto a 60_1PE_04_19
as unto a 60_1PE_02_14
as unto them 60_1PE_04_13
as ye are 60_1PE_04_13
as ye are partakers 60_1PE_03_06
as ye do 60_1PE_01_18
as ye know 60_1PE_01_18
as ye know that 60_1PE_04_16
ashamed but let 60_1PE_03_21
away of the 60_1PE_04_16
be ashamed but 60_1PE_04_16
be ashamed but let 60_1PE_03_16
be ashamed that 60_1PE_01_13
be brought unto 60_1PE_05_05
be clothed with 60_1PE_01_07
be found unto 60_1PE_05_11
be glory and 60_1PE_05_11
be glory and dominion 60_1PE_03_01
be in subjection 60_1PE_03_14
be not afraid 60_1PE_03_14
be not afraid 60_1PE_03_14
be not afraid of 60_1PE_03_07
be not hindered 60_1PE_04_17
be of them 60_1PE_03_17
be so that 60_1PE_02_18
be subject to 60_1PE_01_03
be the God 60_1PE_01_03
be the God and 60_1PE_02_13
be to the 60_1PE_05_14
be with you 60_1PE_05_14
be with you all 60_1PE_03_08
be ye all 60_1PE_01_15
be ye holy 60_1PE_01_16
be ye holy for 60_1PE_04_07
Be ye therefore 60_1PE_01_16
because it is 60_1PE_02_06
Behold I lay 60_1PE_01_21
believe in God 60_1PE_02_06
believeth on him 60_1PE_01_03
Blessed be the 60_1PE_01_19
blood of Christ 60_1PE_01_02
blood of Jesus 60_1PE_01_02
blood of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_05_09
brethren that are 60_1PE_02_05
built up a 60_1PE_02_18
but also to 60_1PE_03_14
But and if 60_1PE_02_10
but are now 60_1PE_02_25
but are now 60_1PE_01_15
But as he 60_1PE_02_16
but as the 60_1PE_02_16
but as the servants 60_1PE_03_04
but let it 60_1PE_04_15
But let none 60_1PE_04_07
but the end 60_1PE_05_10
but the God 60_1PE_05_10
but the God of 60_1PE_01_25
But the word 60_1PE_01_25
But the word of 60_1PE_04_02
But to the 60_1PE_02_07
but unto them 60_1PE_02_07
But unto them which 60_1PE_01_19
but with the 60_1PE_02_09
but ye are 60_1PE_02_14
by him for 60_1PE_02_14
by him for the 60_1PE_02_05
by Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_25
by the gospel 60_1PE_01_05
by the power 60_1PE_01_05
by the power of 60_1PE_01_03
by the resurrection 60_1PE_01_03
by the resurrection of 60_1PE_03_21
by the resurrection of 60_1PE_03_18
by the spirit 60_1PE_01_23
by the word 60_1PE_01_23
by the word of 60_1PE_01_12
by them that 60_1PE_03_19
By which also 60_1PE_01_17
call on the 60_1PE_05_10
called us unto 60_1PE_02_06
chief corner stone 60_1PE_02_04
chosen of God 60_1PE_03_18
Christ also hath 60_1PE_01_11
Christ and the 60_1PE_01_03
Christ from the dead 60_1PE_05_14
Christ Jesus Amen 60_1PE_04_11
Christ to whom 60_1PE_04_11
Christ to whom be 60_1PE_01_10
come unto you 60_1PE_02_19
conscience toward God 60_1PE_03_21
conscience toward God 60_1PE_02_06
contained in the 60_1PE_03_01
conversation of the 60_1PE_05_04
crown of glory 60_1PE_02_12
day of visitation 60_1PE_03_20
days of Noah 60_1PE_03_18
death in the 60_1PE_02_20
do well and 60_1PE_03_06
do well and 60_1PE_04_11
dominion for ever 60_1PE_05_11
dominion for ever 60_1PE_04_11
dominion for ever and 60_1PE_05_11
dominion for ever and 60_1PE_01_12
down from heaven 60_1PE_03_07
dwell with them 60_1PE_03_12
ears are open 60_1PE_03_12
ears are open unto 60_1PE_04_07
end of all 60_1PE_01_25
endureth for ever 60_1PE_04_11
ever and ever 60_1PE_05_11
ever and ever 60_1PE_04_11
ever and ever Amen 60_1PE_05_11
ever and ever Amen 60_1PE_01_25
ever and this 60_1PE_01_25
ever and this is 60_1PE_04_10
every man hath 60_1PE_03_15
every man that 60_1PE_03_15
every man that asketh 60_1PE_03_10
evil and his 60_1PE_03_16
evil of you 60_1PE_04_04
evil of you 60_1PE_02_12
evildoers they may 60_1PE_03_16
evildoers they may 60_1PE_02_21
example that ye 60_1PE_02_21
example that ye should 60_1PE_03_12
eyes of the 60_1PE_03_12
eyes of the LORD 60_1PE_03_12
face of the 60_1PE_03_12
face of the LORD 60_1PE_01_04
fadeth not away 60_1PE_05_04
fadeth not away 60_1PE_01_03
Father of our 60_1PE_01_03
Father of our Lord 60_1PE_05_02
feed the flock 60_1PE_05_02
filthy lucre but 60_1PE_01_24
flower thereof falleth 60_1PE_01_06
for a season 60_1PE_01_24
for all flesh 60_1PE_01_25
for ever and 60_1PE_04_11
for ever and 60_1PE_05_11
for ever and 60_1PE_04_11
for ever and ever 60_1PE_05_11
for ever and ever 60_1PE_01_25
for ever and this 60_1PE_04_06
For for this 60_1PE_04_06
For for this cause 60_1PE_03_10
for he that 60_1PE_04_01
for he that 60_1PE_04_01
for he that 60_1PE_01_16
for I am 60_1PE_01_16
for I am holy 60_1PE_03_17
for it is 60_1PE_02_15
for so is 60_1PE_03_12
for the eyes 60_1PE_01_13
for the grace 60_1PE_02_13
for the Lord's sake 60_1PE_04_14
for the name 60_1PE_04_14
for the name of 60_1PE_04_14
for the spirit 60_1PE_04_14
for the spirit of 60_1PE_04_03
for the time 60_1PE_04_17
for the time 60_1PE_04_17
For the time is 60_1PE_04_06
for this cause 60_1PE_02_19
for this is 60_1PE_02_19
for this is 60_1PE_04_01
for us in 60_1PE_02_25
for ye were 60_1PE_01_18
forasmuch as ye 60_1PE_01_18
forasmuch as ye know 60_1PE_04_01
Forasmuch then as 60_1PE_01_02
foreknowledge of God 60_1PE_02_09
forth the praises 60_1PE_02_09
forth the praises of 60_1PE_02_22
found in his 60_1PE_01_20
foundation of the 60_1PE_01_20
foundation of the world 60_1PE_03_10
from evil and 60_1PE_01_12
from heaven which 60_1PE_01_03
from the dead 60_1PE_01_21
from the dead 60_1PE_01_21
from the dead and 60_1PE_03_15
give an answer 60_1PE_03_15
give an answer to 60_1PE_02_12
glorify God in 60_1PE_05_11
glory and dominion 60_1PE_05_11
glory and dominion for 60_1PE_05_10
glory by Christ 60_1PE_05_10
glory by Christ Jesus 60_1PE_04_13
glory shall be 60_1PE_01_03
God and Father 60_1PE_01_03
God and Father of 60_1PE_03_21
God by the 60_1PE_02_12
God in the 60_1PE_04_06
God in the 60_1PE_02_12
GOD In the day 60_1PE_04_06
God in the spirit 60_1PE_03_15
God in your 60_1PE_05_10
God of all 60_1PE_05_05
God resisteth the 60_1PE_05_05
God resisteth the proud 60_1PE_05_06
God that he 60_1PE_01_02
God the Father 60_1PE_02_10
God which had 60_1PE_05_02
God which is 60_1PE_02_12
good works which 60_1PE_01_25
gospel is preached 60_1PE_04_17
gospel of God 60_1PE_01_12
gospel unto you 60_1PE_04_10
grace of God 60_1PE_05_12
grace of God 60_1PE_01_13
grace that is 60_1PE_05_05
grace to the 60_1PE_01_02
Grace unto you 60_1PE_01_02
Grace unto you and 60_1PE_01_24
grass and all 60_1PE_01_24
grass and all the 60_1PE_05_14
Greet ye one 60_1PE_05_14
Greet ye one another 60_1PE_02_10
had not obtained 60_1PE_02_10
had not obtained mercy 60_1PE_03_22
hand of God 60_1PE_05_06
hand of God 60_1PE_05_06
hand of God that 60_1PE_04_12
happened unto you 60_1PE_03_14
happy are ye 60_1PE_05_10
hath called us 60_1PE_01_15
hath called you 60_1PE_04_01
hath ceased from 60_1PE_01_12
have preached the 60_1PE_03_16
having a good 60_1PE_03_18
he might bring 60_1PE_03_18
he might bring us 60_1PE_02_06
he that believeth 60_1PE_02_06
He that believeth on 60_1PE_04_01
he that hath 60_1PE_03_10
he that will 60_1PE_03_13
he that will 60_1PE_03_19
he went and 60_1PE_01_15
he which hath 60_1PE_02_07
head of the 60_1PE_02_07
head of the corner 60_1PE_03_22
heaven and is 60_1PE_01_04
heaven for you 60_1PE_05_11
him be glory 60_1PE_05_11
him be glory and 60_1PE_04_11
him do it 60_1PE_05_07
him for he 60_1PE_02_14
him for the 60_1PE_04_16
him not be 60_1PE_02_06
him shall not 60_1PE_02_06
him shall not be 60_1PE_04_05
him that is 60_1PE_04_05
him that is ready 60_1PE_01_21
him up from 60_1PE_01_21
him up from the 60_1PE_02_09
him Who hath 60_1PE_03_12
his ears are 60_1PE_03_12
his ears are open 60_1PE_04_13
his glory shall be 60_1PE_03_10
his lips that 60_1PE_02_24
his own body 60_1PE_01_16
holy for I 60_1PE_01_16
holy for I am 60_1PE_01_07
honour and glory 60_1PE_02_17
honour the King 60_1PE_03_15
hope that is 60_1PE_04_17
house of God 60_1PE_04_17
house of God and 60_1PE_01_16
I am holy 60_1PE_02_11
I beseech you 60_1PE_05_12
I have written 60_1PE_02_06
I lay in Sion 60_1PE_05_12
I suppose I 60_1PE_02_19
if a man 60_1PE_04_11
if any man 60_1PE_04_11
if any man 60_1PE_04_16
if any man 60_1PE_04_11
If any man speak 60_1PE_02_03
if so be 60_1PE_03_13
If ye be 60_1PE_04_14
If ye be 60_1PE_01_15
in all manner 60_1PE_01_15
in all manner of 60_1PE_04_11
in all things 60_1PE_04_11
in all things may 60_1PE_05_14
in Christ Jesus 60_1PE_05_14
in Christ Jesus Amen 60_1PE_05_06
in due time 60_1PE_01_04
in heaven for 60_1PE_02_22
in his mouth 60_1PE_02_24
in his own 60_1PE_02_06
in Sion a 60_1PE_03_05
in subjection unto 60_1PE_03_04
in that which 60_1PE_03_04
in that which is 60_1PE_02_12
in the day 60_1PE_02_12
in the day of 60_1PE_03_20
in the days 60_1PE_03_20
in the days of 60_1PE_05_09
in the faith 60_1PE_03_18
in the flesh 60_1PE_04_01
in the flesh 60_1PE_04_02
in the flesh 60_1PE_04_06
in the flesh 60_1PE_04_06
in the flesh but 60_1PE_01_05
in the last 60_1PE_01_05
in the last time 60_1PE_02_06
in the scripture 60_1PE_03_04
in the sight 60_1PE_03_04
in the sight of 60_1PE_04_06
in the spirit 60_1PE_05_09
in the world 60_1PE_01_20
in these last 60_1PE_02_10
in time past 60_1PE_04_19
in well doing 60_1PE_03_15
in your hearts 60_1PE_03_12
is against them 60_1PE_03_12
is against them that 60_1PE_05_02
is among you 60_1PE_04_07
is at hand 60_1PE_04_17
is come that 60_1PE_03_22
is gone into 60_1PE_03_13
is he that 60_1PE_03_13
is he that will 60_1PE_03_04
is in the 60_1PE_03_15
is in you 60_1PE_02_20
is it if 60_1PE_03_22
is on the 60_1PE_01_25
is preached unto 60_1PE_01_25
is preached unto you 60_1PE_04_05
is ready to 60_1PE_05_12
is the TRUE 60_1PE_02_15
is the will 60_1PE_02_15
is the will of 60_1PE_01_25
is the word 60_1PE_01_25
is the word which 60_1PE_01_13
is to be 60_1PE_02_13
it be to 60_1PE_02_13
it be to the 60_1PE_03_17
It is better 60_1PE_01_16
it is written 60_1PE_03_03
it not be 60_1PE_01_02
Jesus Christ Grace 60_1PE_01_01
Jesus Christ to 60_1PE_04_11
Jesus Christ to 60_1PE_04_11
Jesus Christ to whom 60_1PE_01_03
Jesus Christ which 60_1PE_04_05
judge the quick 60_1PE_04_05
judge the quick and 60_1PE_04_06
judged according to 60_1PE_03_18
just for the 60_1PE_01_18
know that ye 60_1PE_01_18
know that ye were 60_1PE_03_09
knowing that ye 60_1PE_01_19
lamb without blemish 60_1PE_02_06
lay in Sion 60_1PE_02_06
lay in Sion a 60_1PE_04_11
let him do 60_1PE_04_11
let him do it 60_1PE_04_16
let him not 60_1PE_04_16
let him not be 60_1PE_03_04
let it be 60_1PE_03_03
Let it not 60_1PE_03_03
Let it not be 60_1PE_04_15
let none of 60_1PE_04_19
let them that 60_1PE_03_06
long as ye 60_1PE_01_25
LORD endureth for 60_1PE_01_25
LORD endureth for ever 60_1PE_03_15
Lord GOD In 60_1PE_03_12
LORD is against them 60_1PE_01_03
Lord Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_22
love of the 60_1PE_01_22
love one another 60_1PE_02_07
made the head 60_1PE_02_07
made the head of 60_1PE_05_10
Make you perfect 60_1PE_02_13
man for the 60_1PE_03_04
man of the 60_1PE_03_15
man that asketh 60_1PE_03_16
may be ashamed 60_1PE_04_11
may be glorified 60_1PE_04_06
men in the 60_1PE_04_08
multitude of sins 60_1PE_04_14
name of Christ 60_1PE_04_15
none of you 60_1PE_02_10
not a people 60_1PE_03_14
not afraid of 60_1PE_04_16
not be ashamed 60_1PE_04_16
not be ashamed but 60_1PE_02_06
not be confounded 60_1PE_05_02
not for filthy 60_1PE_02_10
not obtained mercy 60_1PE_04_17
not the gospel 60_1PE_04_04
not with them 60_1PE_04_04
not with them to 60_1PE_01_06
Now for a 60_1PE_01_14
obedient children not fashioning 60_1PE_01_14
obedient children not fashioning 60_1PE_03_01
obey not the 60_1PE_04_17
obey not the gospel 60_1PE_03_21
of a good 60_1PE_03_21
of a good conscience 60_1PE_01_19
of a lamb 60_1PE_05_02
of a ready 60_1PE_04_07
of all things 60_1PE_01_11
of Christ and 60_1PE_05_01
of Christ and 60_1PE_01_11
of Christ which 60_1PE_02_14
of evildoers and 60_1PE_04_14
of glory and 60_1PE_02_04
of God and 60_1PE_04_17
of God and 60_1PE_03_17
of God be 60_1PE_03_04
of God of 60_1PE_05_06
of God that 60_1PE_05_06
of God that he 60_1PE_01_02
of God the 60_1PE_01_02
of God the Father 60_1PE_01_05
of God through 60_1PE_05_12
of God wherein 60_1PE_01_23
of God which 60_1PE_02_10
of God which 60_1PE_05_02
of God which 60_1PE_05_02
of God which is 60_1PE_03_03
of gold or 60_1PE_01_07
of gold that 60_1PE_03_04
of great price 60_1PE_02_09
of him who 60_1PE_02_09
of him who hath 60_1PE_04_02
of his time 60_1PE_01_01
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_02
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_03
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_07
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_13
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_03_21
of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_01_01
of Jesus Christ to 60_1PE_01_24
of man as 60_1PE_02_13
of man for 60_1PE_02_13
of man for the 60_1PE_02_04
of men but 60_1PE_04_02
of men but 60_1PE_01_03
of our Lord 60_1PE_01_03
of our Lord Jesus 60_1PE_02_08
of stumbling and 60_1PE_03_13
of that which 60_1PE_03_13
of that which is 60_1PE_01_02
of the blood 60_1PE_01_02
of the blood of 60_1PE_01_22
of the brethren 60_1PE_02_07
of the corner 60_1PE_03_21
of the flesh 60_1PE_04_03
of the Gentiles 60_1PE_05_01
of the glory 60_1PE_05_01
of the glory that 60_1PE_01_10
of the grace 60_1PE_03_07
of the grace 60_1PE_03_07
of the grace of 60_1PE_01_10
of the grace that 60_1PE_03_04
of the heart 60_1PE_01_25
of the LORD 60_1PE_03_12
of the LORD 60_1PE_03_12
of the LORD are 60_1PE_01_25
of the LORD endureth 60_1PE_03_12
of the LORD is 60_1PE_01_02
of the spirit 60_1PE_05_01
of the sufferings 60_1PE_03_01
of the wives 60_1PE_02_02
of the word 60_1PE_01_20
of the world 60_1PE_01_20
of the world but 60_1PE_02_14
of them that 60_1PE_04_17
of them that 60_1PE_01_11
of time the 60_1PE_03_16
of you as 60_1PE_05_05
of you be 60_1PE_01_07
of your faith 60_1PE_01_09
of your faith 60_1PE_01_13
of your mind 60_1PE_01_09
of your souls 60_1PE_02_25
of your souls 60_1PE_03_22
on the right 60_1PE_03_22
on the right hand 60_1PE_04_14
on your part 60_1PE_01_22
one another with 60_1PE_05_14
one another with 60_1PE_01_22
one another with a 60_1PE_05_14
one another with a 60_1PE_03_08
one of another 60_1PE_04_09
one to another 60_1PE_04_10
one to another 60_1PE_05_05
one to another 60_1PE_05_05
one to another and 60_1PE_04_10
one to another as 60_1PE_02_18
only to the 60_1PE_03_12
open unto their 60_1PE_04_15
or as a 60_1PE_04_15
Or as an 60_1PE_01_03
our Lord Jesus 60_1PE_01_03
our Lord Jesus Christ 60_1PE_02_24
our sins in 60_1PE_02_24
our sins in his 60_1PE_02_09
out of darkness 60_1PE_03_01
own husbands that 60_1PE_05_14
peace be with you 60_1PE_02_10
people of God 60_1PE_02_09
people that ye should 60_1PE_01_05
power of God 60_1PE_01_12
preached the gospel 60_1PE_01_12
preached the gospel unto 60_1PE_03_19
preached unto the 60_1PE_01_25
preached unto you 60_1PE_03_18
put to death 60_1PE_03_18
put to death in 60_1PE_02_15
put to silence 60_1PE_03_03
putting on of 60_1PE_04_05
quick and the 60_1PE_04_05
quick and the dead 60_1PE_01_21
raised him up 60_1PE_01_21
raised him up from 60_1PE_03_15
reason of the 60_1PE_05_05
resisteth the proud 60_1PE_01_17
respect of persons 60_1PE_04_02
rest of his 60_1PE_01_03
resurrection of Jesus 60_1PE_03_21
resurrection of Jesus 60_1PE_01_03
resurrection of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_03_21
resurrection of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_02_25
returned unto the 60_1PE_01_13
revelation of Jesus 60_1PE_01_13
revelation of Jesus Christ 60_1PE_03_22
right hand of 60_1PE_03_22
right hand of God 60_1PE_03_12
righteous and his 60_1PE_03_12
righteous and his ears 60_1PE_01_02
sanctification of the 60_1PE_01_02
sanctification of the Spirit 60_1PE_03_15
Sanctify the LORD 60_1PE_03_21
save us not 60_1PE_01_08
see him not 60_1PE_01_22
See that ye 60_1PE_04_13
shall be revealed 60_1PE_05_01
shall be revealed 60_1PE_02_06
shall not be 60_1PE_02_20
shall take it 60_1PE_04_17
shall the end 60_1PE_02_09
show forth the 60_1PE_02_09
show forth the praises 60_1PE_03_04
sight of God 60_1PE_01_18
silver and gold 60_1PE_02_24
sins in his 60_1PE_02_24
sins in his own 60_1PE_01_15
so be ye 60_1PE_02_03
so be ye 60_1PE_02_15
so is the 60_1PE_03_17
so that ye 60_1PE_03_16
speak evil of 60_1PE_01_11
Spirit of Christ 60_1PE_03_04
spirit which is 60_1PE_04_10
stewards of the 60_1PE_02_08
stone of stumbling 60_1PE_02_08
stone of stumbling and 60_1PE_02_07
stone which the 60_1PE_02_07
stone which the builders 60_1PE_02_11
strangers and pilgrims 60_1PE_02_08
stumble at the 60_1PE_03_22
subject unto him 60_1PE_05_05
submit yourselves unto 60_1PE_04_15
suffer as a 60_1PE_04_16
suffer as a 60_1PE_02_21
suffered for us 60_1PE_04_01
suffered for us 60_1PE_01_11
sufferings of Christ 60_1PE_01_11
sufferings of Christ and 60_1PE_05_01
sufferings of Christ and 60_1PE_04_06
that are dead 60_1PE_05_09
that are in 60_1PE_05_14
that are in 60_1PE_05_09
that are in the 60_1PE_02_14
that are sent 60_1PE_02_06
that believeth on 60_1PE_02_06
that believeth on him 60_1PE_03_12
that do evil 60_1PE_01_04
that fadeth not 60_1PE_05_04
that fadeth not 60_1PE_01_04
that fadeth not away 60_1PE_05_04
that fadeth not away 60_1PE_05_06
That he may 60_1PE_03_18
that he might 60_1PE_03_18
that he might bring 60_1PE_03_01
that if any 60_1PE_05_13
that is at 60_1PE_03_20
that is eight 60_1PE_03_15
that is in 60_1PE_03_15
that is in you 60_1PE_01_13
that is to be 60_1PE_04_17
that obey not 60_1PE_04_17
that obey not the 60_1PE_05_01
that shall be 60_1PE_01_10
that should come 60_1PE_02_03
that the LORD 60_1PE_02_03
that the LORD is 60_1PE_05_09
that the same 60_1PE_04_06
that they might 60_1PE_04_06
that they might be 60_1PE_03_10
that they speak 60_1PE_05_12
that this is 60_1PE_02_24
that we being 60_1PE_02_12
that whereas they 60_1PE_03_16
that whereas they 60_1PE_02_12
that whereas they speak 60_1PE_03_16
that whereas they speak 60_1PE_03_04
that which is 60_1PE_03_13
that which is 60_1PE_03_13
that which is good 60_1PE_03_04
that which is not 60_1PE_03_09
that ye are 60_1PE_05_10
that ye have 60_1PE_01_22
that ye love 60_1PE_01_22
That ye love one 60_1PE_02_02
that ye may 60_1PE_02_09
that ye should 60_1PE_02_09
that ye should 60_1PE_03_09
that ye should 60_1PE_01_18
that ye were 60_1PE_01_21
that your faith 60_1PE_03_21
the answer of 60_1PE_01_02
the blood of 60_1PE_01_02
the blood of Jesus 60_1PE_05_13
the church that 60_1PE_02_12
the day of 60_1PE_02_12
the day of visitation 60_1PE_03_20
the days of 60_1PE_03_20
the days of Noah 60_1PE_01_21
the dead and 60_1PE_04_17
the end be 60_1PE_01_09
The end of 60_1PE_04_07
The end of 60_1PE_04_07
The end of all 60_1PE_03_12
the eyes of 60_1PE_03_12
the eyes of the 60_1PE_03_12
the face of 60_1PE_03_12
the face of the 60_1PE_01_17
the Father who 60_1PE_03_18
the flesh but 60_1PE_03_21
the flesh but 60_1PE_04_06
the flesh but 60_1PE_04_01
the flesh hath 60_1PE_05_02
the flock of 60_1PE_01_24
the flower of 60_1PE_01_24
the flower thereof 60_1PE_01_24
the flower thereof falleth 60_1PE_01_20
the foundation of 60_1PE_01_20
the foundation of 60_1PE_01_20
the foundation of the 60_1PE_02_12
the Gentiles that 60_1PE_01_24
the glory of 60_1PE_01_11
the glory that 60_1PE_05_10
the God of 60_1PE_05_10
the God of all 60_1PE_02_18
the good and 60_1PE_01_25
the gospel is preached 60_1PE_04_17
the gospel of God 60_1PE_01_12
the gospel unto 60_1PE_01_12
the gospel unto you 60_1PE_03_07
the grace of 60_1PE_01_10
the grace that 60_1PE_01_13
the grace that 60_1PE_01_13
the grace that is 60_1PE_02_07
the head of 60_1PE_02_07
the head of the 60_1PE_01_12
the Holy Ghost 60_1PE_04_17
the house of 60_1PE_04_17
the house of God 60_1PE_03_18
the just for the 60_1PE_04_19
the keeping of 60_1PE_01_05
the last time 60_1PE_01_13
the loins of 60_1PE_03_20
the longsuffering of 60_1PE_03_12
the LORD are 60_1PE_01_25
the LORD endureth 60_1PE_01_25
the LORD endureth for 60_1PE_03_15
the LORD God 60_1PE_03_15
the Lord GOD In 60_1PE_02_03
the LORD is 60_1PE_03_12
the LORD is 60_1PE_02_13
the Lord's sake 60_1PE_04_02
the lusts of 60_1PE_05_06
the mighty hand 60_1PE_04_08
the multitude of 60_1PE_04_14
The name of 60_1PE_04_14
the name of Christ 60_1PE_03_04
the ornament of 60_1PE_02_10
the people of 60_1PE_02_10
the people of God 60_1PE_01_05
the power of 60_1PE_01_05
the power of God 60_1PE_02_14
the praise of 60_1PE_02_09
the praises of 60_1PE_02_14
the punishment of 60_1PE_04_05
the quick and 60_1PE_04_05
the quick and the 60_1PE_04_02
the rest of 60_1PE_04_02
the rest of his 60_1PE_01_03
the resurrection of 60_1PE_03_21
the resurrection of 60_1PE_01_03
the resurrection of Jesus 60_1PE_03_21
the resurrection of Jesus 60_1PE_01_13
the revelation of Jesus 60_1PE_03_22
the right hand 60_1PE_03_22
the right hand of 60_1PE_03_12
the righteous and 60_1PE_03_12
the righteous and his 60_1PE_01_09
the salvation of 60_1PE_02_07
the same is 60_1PE_04_01
the same mind 60_1PE_02_16
the servants of 60_1PE_02_25
the shepherd and 60_1PE_03_04
the sight of 60_1PE_03_04
the sight of God 60_1PE_01_11
the Spirit of 60_1PE_04_14
the Spirit of 60_1PE_01_11
the Spirit of Christ 60_1PE_01_02
the spirit unto 60_1PE_02_07
The stone which 60_1PE_02_07
The stone which the 60_1PE_05_01
the sufferings of 60_1PE_01_11
the sufferings of Christ 60_1PE_01_12
the things which 60_1PE_01_12
the things which are 60_1PE_04_17
the time is 60_1PE_01_17
the time of 60_1PE_01_17
the time of your 60_1PE_02_24
The tree that 60_1PE_01_07
the trial of 60_1PE_04_18
the ungodly and 60_1PE_02_15
the will of 60_1PE_03_17
the will of 60_1PE_04_02
the will of 60_1PE_04_03
the will of 60_1PE_04_19
the will of 60_1PE_02_15
the will of God 60_1PE_03_17
the will of God 60_1PE_04_02
the will of God 60_1PE_04_19
the will of God 60_1PE_04_03
the will of the 60_1PE_03_01
the word be 60_1PE_01_23
the word of 60_1PE_01_25
the word of 60_1PE_01_23
the word of God 60_1PE_01_25
the word of the 60_1PE_02_02
the word that 60_1PE_01_25
the word which 60_1PE_01_20
the world but 60_1PE_03_07
them according to 60_1PE_02_14
them that are 60_1PE_04_06
them that are 60_1PE_02_14
them that are sent 60_1PE_02_14
them that do 60_1PE_03_12
them that do 60_1PE_03_12
them that do evil 60_1PE_01_12
them that have 60_1PE_04_04
them to the 60_1PE_02_07
them which be 60_1PE_01_12
themselves but unto 60_1PE_03_16
they may be 60_1PE_03_16
they may be 60_1PE_04_06
they might be 60_1PE_02_12
they shall behold 60_1PE_02_12
they speak against 60_1PE_01_25
This is the 60_1PE_05_12
This is the 60_1PE_05_12
this is the TRUE 60_1PE_01_25
This is the word 60_1PE_03_05
this manner in 60_1PE_01_07
though it be 60_1PE_04_11
through Jesus Christ 60_1PE_04_11
through Jesus Christ to 60_1PE_01_02
through sanctification of 60_1PE_01_02
through sanctification of the 60_1PE_01_22
through the Spirit 60_1PE_04_02
time in the 60_1PE_04_17
time is come 60_1PE_01_17
time of your 60_1PE_05_05
to another and 60_1PE_04_10
to another as 60_1PE_01_13
to be brought 60_1PE_01_13
to be brought unto 60_1PE_01_05
to be revealed 60_1PE_03_18
to death in the 60_1PE_03_15
to every man 60_1PE_03_15
to every man that 60_1PE_02_05
to God by 60_1PE_04_06
to God in 60_1PE_05_11
To him be glory 60_1PE_04_19
to him in 60_1PE_02_23
to him that 60_1PE_04_05
to him that is 60_1PE_04_05
to judge the 60_1PE_02_05
to offer up 60_1PE_01_13
to the end 60_1PE_01_13
to the end 60_1PE_05_03
to the flock 60_1PE_02_18
to the good 60_1PE_02_18
to the good and 60_1PE_02_13
to the king 60_1PE_04_04
to the same 60_1PE_04_19
to the will 60_1PE_04_19
to the will of 60_1PE_04_06
to them that 60_1PE_04_06
to them that are 60_1PE_02_08
to them which 60_1PE_04_11
to whom be 60_1PE_03_07
together of the 60_1PE_05_13
together with you 60_1PE_03_10
tongue from evil 60_1PE_03_10
tongue from evil and 60_1PE_03_05
trusted in God 60_1PE_03_07
unto the wife 60_1PE_03_05
unto their own 60_1PE_02_14
unto them That 60_1PE_02_14
unto them that are 60_1PE_02_07
unto them which 60_1PE_01_12
unto themselves but unto 60_1PE_01_12
unto us they 60_1PE_01_02
unto you and 60_1PE_01_02
unto you and peace 60_1PE_05_12
unto you as 60_1PE_01_13
unto you at 60_1PE_01_12
unto you by 60_1PE_02_07
unto you therefore 60_1PE_01_12
unto you with 60_1PE_01_12
unto you with the 60_1PE_01_21
up from the 60_1PE_05_07
upon him for 60_1PE_05_07
upon him for he 60_1PE_04_01
us in the 60_1PE_03_21
us not the 60_1PE_03_18
us to God 60_1PE_04_17
us what shall 60_1PE_03_20
waited in the 60_1PE_02_11
war against the 60_1PE_01_11
was in them 60_1PE_01_20
was manifest in 60_1PE_04_06
was the gospel 60_1PE_04_06
was the gospel preached 60_1PE_02_25
were as sheep 60_1PE_01_11
What manner of 60_1PE_04_17
what shall the 60_1PE_02_23
when he was 60_1PE_03_20
When once the 60_1PE_05_04
When the chief 60_1PE_02_20
when ye be 60_1PE_02_20
When ye do 60_1PE_02_12
whereas they speak 60_1PE_03_16
whereas they speak 60_1PE_05_12
wherein ye stand 60_1PE_02_13
whether it be 60_1PE_05_01
which are among 60_1PE_05_01
which are among you 60_1PE_01_12
which are now 60_1PE_02_10
which had not 60_1PE_02_10
Which in time 60_1PE_02_10
Which in time past 60_1PE_05_02
which is among you 60_1PE_03_13
which is good 60_1PE_03_04
which is in 60_1PE_03_04
which is in the 60_1PE_03_04
which is not 60_1PE_04_12
which is to 60_1PE_02_07
which the builders 60_1PE_02_12
which they shall 60_1PE_01_11
which was in 60_1PE_03_20
while the ark 60_1PE_02_09
who hath called 60_1PE_02_09
who hath called you 60_1PE_03_22
who is gone 60_1PE_03_13
Who is he 60_1PE_03_13
Who is he that 60_1PE_04_05
Who shall give 60_1PE_02_23
Who when he 60_1PE_02_23
who when he was 60_1PE_05_08
whom he may 60_1PE_01_12
whom it was 60_1PE_02_15
will of God 60_1PE_03_17
will of God 60_1PE_04_02
will of God 60_1PE_04_19
will of God 60_1PE_04_03
will of the 60_1PE_05_14
with a kiss 60_1PE_04_13
with exceeding joy 60_1PE_01_12
with the holy 60_1PE_01_12
with the Holy Ghost 60_1PE_04_04
with them to 60_1PE_05_14
with you all 60_1PE_01_19
without blemish and 60_1PE_05_01
witness of the 60_1PE_01_23
word of God 60_1PE_01_25
word of the 60_1PE_01_25
word of the LORD 60_1PE_02_12
works which they 60_1PE_03_08
ye all of 60_1PE_03_14
ye and be 60_1PE_02_09
Ye are a 60_1PE_03_06
ye are as 60_1PE_04_13
ye are partakers 60_1PE_04_13
ye are partakers of 60_1PE_02_20
ye do well 60_1PE_02_20
ye do well and 60_1PE_03_06
ye do well and 60_1PE_01_16
ye holy for 60_1PE_01_16
ye holy for I 60_1PE_01_18
ye know that 60_1PE_01_18
Ye know that ye 60_1PE_01_22
ye love one 60_1PE_01_22
ye love one another 60_1PE_04_13
ye may be 60_1PE_02_15
ye may put 60_1PE_05_14
ye one another with 60_1PE_01_08
ye see him 60_1PE_05_04
ye shall receive 60_1PE_02_20
ye shall take 60_1PE_02_20
ye shall take it 60_1PE_03_14
ye suffer for 60_1PE_03_17
ye suffer for 60_1PE_05_05
yea all of 60_1PE_01_02
you and peace 60_1PE_05_13
you and so 60_1PE_05_12
you as I 60_1PE_04_12
you as though 60_1PE_03_13
you If ye 60_1PE_02_09
you out of 60_1PE_01_12
you with the 60_1PE_01_12
you with the Holy 60_1PE_05_09
your brethren that 60_1PE_05_09
your brethren that are 60_1PE_03_02
your chaste conversation coupled 60_1PE_03_02
your chaste conversation coupled 60_1PE_02_12
your good works 60_1PE_03_15
your hearts and 60_1PE_01_22
your souls in 60_1PE_01_14
yourselves according to 60_1PE_01_14
yourselves according to the 60_1PE_05_05
yourselves unto the