Book of 1st John Phrase Concordance (c) 2021 Ray Hamilton 62_1JO_01_10
a liar and 62_1JO_02_04
a liar and 62_1JO_02_04
a liar and the 62_1JO_04_20
a man say 62_1JO_02_08
A new commandment 62_1JO_02_08
A new commandment I 62_1JO_02_27
abide in him 62_1JO_02_28
abide in him 62_1JO_02_24
abide in you 62_1JO_02_17
abideth for ever 62_1JO_02_06
abideth in him 62_1JO_03_06
abideth in him 62_1JO_02_10
abideth in the 62_1JO_02_14
abideth in you 62_1JO_02_27
abideth in you 62_1JO_02_14
abideth in you and 62_1JO_02_27
abideth in you and 62_1JO_05_14
according to his 62_1JO_05_14
according to his will 62_1JO_02_16
all that is 62_1JO_02_16
all that is in 62_1JO_02_27
all things and 62_1JO_02_02
also for the 62_1JO_05_01
also that is 62_1JO_04_16
and believed the 62_1JO_01_06
and do not 62_1JO_01_06
and do not the 62_1JO_02_27
And even as 62_1JO_03_03
and every man 62_1JO_04_07
and every one 62_1JO_05_01
and every one 62_1JO_04_07
and every one that 62_1JO_05_01
and every one that 62_1JO_04_03
and every spirit 62_1JO_02_09
and hateth his 62_1JO_04_20
and hateth his 62_1JO_02_09
and hateth his brother 62_1JO_04_20
and hateth his brother 62_1JO_05_20
and hath given 62_1JO_03_09
and he cannot 62_1JO_03_24
and he in 62_1JO_04_15
and he in 62_1JO_02_02
and he is 62_1JO_02_02
and he is the 62_1JO_05_16
and he shall 62_1JO_05_16
and he shall give 62_1JO_03_24
And he that 62_1JO_04_16
And he that 62_1JO_05_12
And he that 62_1JO_05_12
And he that hath 62_1JO_03_24
and he that keepeth 62_1JO_02_03
And hereby we 62_1JO_03_19
And hereby we 62_1JO_03_19
And hereby we know 62_1JO_03_24
And hereby we know 62_1JO_03_12
And his brother's 62_1JO_05_03
and his commandments 62_1JO_01_10
and his word 62_1JO_02_01
And if any 62_1JO_02_01
And if any man 62_1JO_05_15
And if we 62_1JO_03_05
and in him 62_1JO_01_05
and in him is 62_1JO_03_05
and in him is 62_1JO_02_24
And in the 62_1JO_03_18
and in truth 62_1JO_02_08
and in you 62_1JO_05_06
and it is 62_1JO_05_06
and it is the 62_1JO_05_02
and keep his 62_1JO_05_02
and keep his commandments 62_1JO_02_28
and not be 62_1JO_02_02
and not for 62_1JO_04_10
And sent his 62_1JO_03_12
and slew his 62_1JO_05_13
And that ye 62_1JO_05_13
And that ye may 62_1JO_01_07
And the blood 62_1JO_05_08
And the blood 62_1JO_05_08
and the blood and 62_1JO_01_07
and the blood of 62_1JO_03_10
And the children 62_1JO_03_10
And the children of 62_1JO_05_07
And the holy 62_1JO_02_16
and the lust 62_1JO_02_17
and the lust 62_1JO_02_16
and the pride 62_1JO_02_16
and the pride of 62_1JO_02_22
and the son 62_1JO_04_06
And the Spirit 62_1JO_04_06
And the Spirit of 62_1JO_02_04
and the truth 62_1JO_01_08
and the truth is 62_1JO_02_04
and the truth is 62_1JO_05_08
And the water 62_1JO_05_19
And the whole 62_1JO_02_14
And the word 62_1JO_02_14
And the word of 62_1JO_02_17
and the world 62_1JO_04_05
and the world 62_1JO_05_08
and there are 62_1JO_02_10
and there is 62_1JO_05_17
and there is 62_1JO_05_17
and there is a 62_1JO_02_10
and there is none 62_1JO_01_04
And these things 62_1JO_05_07
And these three 62_1JO_02_25
And this is 62_1JO_03_23
And this is 62_1JO_04_03
And this is 62_1JO_05_04
And this is 62_1JO_05_11
And this is 62_1JO_05_14
And this is 62_1JO_03_23
and this is his 62_1JO_02_25
And this is the 62_1JO_05_04
And this is the 62_1JO_05_11
And this is the 62_1JO_05_14
And this is the 62_1JO_01_06
and walk in 62_1JO_05_20
and we are 62_1JO_05_20
and we are in 62_1JO_01_02
and we have 62_1JO_04_14
and we have 62_1JO_04_16
and we have 62_1JO_01_02
and we have seen 62_1JO_04_14
and we have seen 62_1JO_05_19
and we know 62_1JO_05_20
and we know 62_1JO_05_20
and we know that 62_1JO_01_03
and with his 62_1JO_02_14
And ye have 62_1JO_02_20
And ye know 62_1JO_03_05
And ye know 62_1JO_03_15
And ye know 62_1JO_03_05
And ye know that 62_1JO_01_07
another and the 62_1JO_05_16
any man see 62_1JO_02_27
any man teach 62_1JO_04_01
are gone out 62_1JO_02_05
are in him 62_1JO_05_20
are in him 62_1JO_02_15
are in the 62_1JO_04_01
are of God 62_1JO_04_06
are of God 62_1JO_05_19
are of God 62_1JO_03_19
are of the 62_1JO_04_05
are of the 62_1JO_04_05
are of the world 62_1JO_05_07
are three that 62_1JO_05_08
are three that 62_1JO_05_07
are three that bear 62_1JO_05_08
are three that bear 62_1JO_03_02
are we the 62_1JO_01_07
as he is 62_1JO_03_02
as he is 62_1JO_03_03
as he is 62_1JO_03_07
as he is 62_1JO_04_17
as he is 62_1JO_02_06
as he walked 62_1JO_02_18
as ye have 62_1JO_02_18
as ye have heard 62_1JO_05_14
ask any thing 62_1JO_04_12
at any time 62_1JO_02_28
at his coming 62_1JO_02_17
away And the 62_1JO_03_05
away our sins 62_1JO_03_01
be called The 62_1JO_02_19
be made manifest 62_1JO_02_19
be made manifest that 62_1JO_04_13
because he hath 62_1JO_04_13
because he hath given 62_1JO_03_09
because he is 62_1JO_03_16
because he laid 62_1JO_05_06
because the spirit 62_1JO_02_14
because ye are 62_1JO_02_13
because ye have 62_1JO_02_14
because ye have 62_1JO_02_13
because ye have known 62_1JO_02_13
because ye have known 62_1JO_02_21
because ye know 62_1JO_02_21
because ye know not 62_1JO_03_11
beginning that we 62_1JO_05_13
believe on the 62_1JO_03_23
believe on the name 62_1JO_05_13
believe on the name 62_1JO_05_10
believeth not the 62_1JO_05_10
believeth on the 62_1JO_05_10
believeth on the Son 62_1JO_05_01
believeth that Jesus 62_1JO_05_05
believeth that Jesus 62_1JO_05_01
believeth that Jesus is 62_1JO_05_05
believeth that Jesus is 62_1JO_03_01
bestowed upon us 62_1JO_01_07
blood of Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_17
boldness in the 62_1JO_03_09
born of God 62_1JO_04_07
born of God 62_1JO_05_04
born of God 62_1JO_05_18
born of God 62_1JO_04_07
born of God and 62_1JO_05_01
born of God and 62_1JO_03_14
brethren He that 62_1JO_02_10
brother abideth in 62_1JO_03_14
brother abideth in 62_1JO_03_15
brother is a 62_1JO_02_09
brother is in 62_1JO_02_11
brother is in 62_1JO_02_09
brother is in darkness 62_1JO_02_11
brother is in darkness 62_1JO_04_20
brother whom he 62_1JO_02_02
but also for 62_1JO_02_27
but as the 62_1JO_02_11
but he that 62_1JO_02_17
but he that 62_1JO_02_22
but he that 62_1JO_02_23
but he that 62_1JO_05_05
but he that 62_1JO_05_18
but he that 62_1JO_02_22
But he that denieth 62_1JO_02_17
but he that doeth 62_1JO_02_11
but he that hateth 62_1JO_05_18
but he that is 62_1JO_01_07
But if we 62_1JO_04_10
but that he 62_1JO_02_19
but they went 62_1JO_02_19
but they were 62_1JO_02_19
but they were not 62_1JO_03_02
But we know 62_1JO_03_02
But we know that 62_1JO_02_20
but ye have 62_1JO_03_24
by the spirit 62_1JO_05_06
by water and blood 62_1JO_05_06
by water and blood 62_1JO_03_10
children of God 62_1JO_05_02
children of God 62_1JO_03_10
children of the 62_1JO_02_22
Christ he is 62_1JO_04_02
Christ is come 62_1JO_04_03
Christ is come 62_1JO_04_02
Christ is come in 62_1JO_04_03
Christ is come in 62_1JO_04_02
come in the 62_1JO_04_03
come in the 62_1JO_04_02
come in the flesh 62_1JO_04_03
come in the flesh 62_1JO_02_07
commandment unto you 62_1JO_03_22
commandments and do 62_1JO_05_03
commandments and his 62_1JO_03_08
committeth sin is 62_1JO_02_26
concerning them that 62_1JO_04_15
confess that Jesus 62_1JO_02_24
continue in the 62_1JO_04_17
day of judgment 62_1JO_05_16
death there is 62_1JO_03_14
death unto life 62_1JO_01_05
declare unto you 62_1JO_05_15
desired of him 62_1JO_02_03
do know that 62_1JO_05_16
do not say 62_1JO_03_22
do those things 62_1JO_02_29
doeth righteousness is 62_1JO_03_07
doeth righteousness is 62_1JO_02_17
doeth the will 62_1JO_02_17
doeth the will of 62_1JO_03_16
down his life 62_1JO_03_16
down his life for 62_1JO_03_24
dwelleth in him 62_1JO_04_15
dwelleth in him 62_1JO_03_24
dwelleth in him and 62_1JO_04_15
dwelleth in him and 62_1JO_04_12
dwelleth in us and 62_1JO_05_11
eternal life and 62_1JO_05_13
eternal life and 62_1JO_01_02
eternal life which 62_1JO_02_06
even as he 62_1JO_03_03
even as he 62_1JO_03_07
even as he 62_1JO_03_03
even as he is 62_1JO_03_07
even as he is 62_1JO_02_27
even as it 62_1JO_05_20
even in his 62_1JO_02_09
even until now 62_1JO_03_03
every man that 62_1JO_02_29
every one that 62_1JO_04_07
every one that 62_1JO_05_01
every one that 62_1JO_04_07
every one that loveth 62_1JO_05_01
every one that loveth 62_1JO_04_02
Every spirit that 62_1JO_04_03
Every spirit that 62_1JO_04_02
Every spirit that confesseth 62_1JO_04_03
Every spirit that confesseth 62_1JO_03_12
evil and his 62_1JO_02_16
eyes and the 62_1JO_02_22
father and the 62_1JO_02_22
Father and the Son 62_1JO_01_03
father and with 62_1JO_02_13
fathers because ye 62_1JO_02_14
fathers because ye 62_1JO_02_13
fathers because ye have 62_1JO_02_14
fathers because ye have 62_1JO_02_16
flesh and the 62_1JO_04_03
flesh is not 62_1JO_02_16
for all that 62_1JO_02_16
for all that is 62_1JO_04_08
for God is 62_1JO_04_20
for he that loveth 62_1JO_02_19
For if they 62_1JO_04_07
for love is 62_1JO_02_02
for our sins 62_1JO_04_10
for our sins 62_1JO_02_02
for our sins and 62_1JO_03_08
for the devil 62_1JO_01_02
For the life 62_1JO_02_02
for the sins 62_1JO_02_02
for the sins of 62_1JO_05_16
for them that 62_1JO_05_07
For there are 62_1JO_05_03
for this is 62_1JO_05_09
for this is 62_1JO_03_11
for this is the 62_1JO_05_03
for this is the 62_1JO_05_09
for this is the 62_1JO_03_08
for this purpose 62_1JO_03_16
for us and 62_1JO_03_16
for us and we 62_1JO_03_02
for we shall 62_1JO_01_09
forgive us our sins 62_1JO_03_14
from death unto 62_1JO_03_14
from death unto life 62_1JO_04_21
from him that 62_1JO_04_21
from him that he 62_1JO_01_01
from the beginning 62_1JO_02_07
from the beginning 62_1JO_02_13
from the beginning 62_1JO_02_14
from the beginning 62_1JO_02_24
from the beginning 62_1JO_03_08
from the beginning 62_1JO_03_11
from the beginning 62_1JO_02_13
from the beginning I 62_1JO_02_24
from the beginning if 62_1JO_03_11
from the beginning that 62_1JO_05_11
given to us 62_1JO_04_07
God and every 62_1JO_04_07
God and every one 62_1JO_05_01
God and every one 62_1JO_04_16
God and God 62_1JO_03_02
God and it 62_1JO_05_02
God and keep 62_1JO_05_19
God and the 62_1JO_04_12
God at any 62_1JO_04_12
God at any time 62_1JO_03_16
God because he 62_1JO_04_12
God dwelleth in 62_1JO_04_08
God for God 62_1JO_04_08
God for God is 62_1JO_05_11
God hath given 62_1JO_05_10
God hath made 62_1JO_05_12
God hath not 62_1JO_04_06
God heareth not 62_1JO_03_17
God in him 62_1JO_04_16
God in him 62_1JO_05_20
God is come 62_1JO_05_09
God is greater 62_1JO_04_08
God is love 62_1JO_04_16
God is love 62_1JO_04_11
God so loved 62_1JO_05_03
God that we 62_1JO_05_13
God that ye 62_1JO_05_13
God that ye may 62_1JO_03_01
God therefore the 62_1JO_05_09
God which he 62_1JO_05_09
God which he hath 62_1JO_04_20
god whom he 62_1JO_04_04
greater is he 62_1JO_04_04
greater is he that 62_1JO_02_19
had been of 62_1JO_02_07
had from the 62_1JO_02_07
had from the beginning 62_1JO_02_09
hateth his brother 62_1JO_02_11
hateth his brother 62_1JO_04_20
hateth his brother 62_1JO_02_09
hateth his brother is 62_1JO_02_11
hateth his brother is 62_1JO_03_15
hath eternal life 62_1JO_05_11
hath given to 62_1JO_05_11
hath given to us 62_1JO_03_24
hath given us 62_1JO_04_13
hath given us 62_1JO_05_20
hath given us 62_1JO_05_12
hath life and 62_1JO_05_10
hath made him 62_1JO_03_06
hath not seen 62_1JO_04_20
hath not seen 62_1JO_02_23
Hath not the 62_1JO_05_12
Hath not the 62_1JO_04_12
hath seen God 62_1JO_04_12
hath seen God at 62_1JO_02_19
have continued with 62_1JO_05_13
have eternal life 62_1JO_05_13
have eternal life and 62_1JO_01_06
have fellowship with 62_1JO_02_07
have heard from 62_1JO_02_07
have heard from the 62_1JO_02_24
have heard from the 62_1JO_01_05
have heard of 62_1JO_01_05
have heard of him 62_1JO_02_18
have heard that 62_1JO_04_03
have heard that 62_1JO_04_03
have heard that it 62_1JO_02_26
have I written 62_1JO_02_26
have I written unto 62_1JO_05_13
have I written unto 62_1JO_02_13
have known him 62_1JO_02_14
have known him 62_1JO_02_13
have known him that 62_1JO_02_14
have known him that 62_1JO_02_13
have known the 62_1JO_01_01
have looked upon 62_1JO_01_08
have no sin 62_1JO_01_10
have not sinned 62_1JO_02_13
have overcome the 62_1JO_02_13
have overcome the wicked 62_1JO_02_14
have overcome the wicked 62_1JO_02_27
have received of 62_1JO_01_03
have seen and 62_1JO_04_14
have seen and 62_1JO_01_02
have seen it 62_1JO_01_01
have seen with 62_1JO_02_14
have written unto you 62_1JO_02_06
he abideth in 62_1JO_03_24
he abideth in 62_1JO_05_10
He believeth not 62_1JO_03_24
he hath given 62_1JO_04_13
he hath given 62_1JO_03_24
he hath given us 62_1JO_04_20
he hath not 62_1JO_02_25
he hath promised 62_1JO_04_20
he hath seen 62_1JO_04_20
he is a 62_1JO_04_20
he is a liar 62_1JO_01_09
he is faithful 62_1JO_01_07
he is in 62_1JO_02_09
he is in 62_1JO_01_07
he is in the 62_1JO_02_09
he is in the 62_1JO_02_29
He is righteous 62_1JO_02_02
he is the 62_1JO_04_10
he loved us 62_1JO_03_08
he might destroy 62_1JO_03_08
he might destroy the 62_1JO_03_02
he shall appear 62_1JO_02_28
he shall appear we 62_1JO_03_02
he shall appear we 62_1JO_05_16
he shall ask 62_1JO_05_16
he shall give 62_1JO_05_16
he shall give him 62_1JO_05_16
he shall pray for 62_1JO_05_05
he that believeth 62_1JO_05_10
he that believeth 62_1JO_05_10
he that believeth 62_1JO_05_10
he that believeth not 62_1JO_05_10
He that believeth on 62_1JO_05_06
he that came 62_1JO_02_22
he that denieth 62_1JO_02_17
He that doeth 62_1JO_03_07
He that doeth 62_1JO_03_07
he that doeth righteousness 62_1JO_04_16
He that dwelleth 62_1JO_04_16
He that dwelleth in 62_1JO_04_18
he that feareth 62_1JO_02_11
he that hateth 62_1JO_02_11
he that hateth his 62_1JO_05_12
he that hath 62_1JO_05_12
he that hath 62_1JO_05_12
he that hath the 62_1JO_04_04
he that is 62_1JO_04_06
he that is 62_1JO_05_18
he that is 62_1JO_04_04
he that is in 62_1JO_04_04
he that is in 62_1JO_04_06
He that is not 62_1JO_03_24
he that keepeth 62_1JO_02_10
he that loveth 62_1JO_03_10
he that loveth 62_1JO_03_14
he that loveth 62_1JO_04_08
he that loveth 62_1JO_04_20
he that loveth 62_1JO_03_10
he that loveth not 62_1JO_03_14
he that loveth not 62_1JO_04_20
he that loveth not 62_1JO_05_05
he that overcometh 62_1JO_05_05
he that overcometh the 62_1JO_02_06
He that saith 62_1JO_02_09
He that saith 62_1JO_02_06
He that saith he 62_1JO_02_09
He that saith he 62_1JO_02_07
heard from the 62_1JO_03_11
heard from the 62_1JO_02_07
heard from the beginning 62_1JO_02_24
heard from the beginning 62_1JO_03_11
heard from the beginning 62_1JO_01_05
heard of him 62_1JO_01_05
heard of him and 62_1JO_04_03
heard that it 62_1JO_03_20
heart condemn us 62_1JO_03_21
heart condemn us 62_1JO_02_05
hereby know we 62_1JO_04_06
hereby know we 62_1JO_02_05
hereby know we that 62_1JO_04_13
hereby know we that 62_1JO_03_19
hereby we know 62_1JO_03_24
hereby we know 62_1JO_03_19
hereby we know that 62_1JO_03_24
hereby we know that 62_1JO_01_10
him a liar 62_1JO_05_10
him a liar 62_1JO_05_01
him also that 62_1JO_05_01
him also that is 62_1JO_03_09
him and he 62_1JO_03_24
him and he 62_1JO_04_13
him and he 62_1JO_04_15
him and he 62_1JO_03_24
him and he in 62_1JO_04_13
him and he in 62_1JO_02_08
him and in 62_1JO_03_02
him as he 62_1JO_02_28
him at his 62_1JO_04_19
him because he 62_1JO_03_12
him because his 62_1JO_03_22
him because we 62_1JO_02_03
him if we 62_1JO_01_05
him is no 62_1JO_03_05
him is no 62_1JO_04_21
him that he 62_1JO_02_13
him that is 62_1JO_02_14
him that is 62_1JO_05_20
him that is 62_1JO_02_13
him that is from 62_1JO_02_14
him that is from 62_1JO_05_20
him that is TRUE 62_1JO_05_20
him that is TRUE 62_1JO_05_18
himself and that 62_1JO_02_10
his brother abideth 62_1JO_03_14
his brother abideth 62_1JO_02_10
his brother abideth in 62_1JO_03_14
his brother abideth in 62_1JO_03_12
his brother and 62_1JO_04_20
his brother he 62_1JO_02_11
his brother is 62_1JO_03_15
his brother is 62_1JO_02_09
his brother is in 62_1JO_02_11
his brother is in 62_1JO_04_20
his brother whom 62_1JO_04_20
his brother whom he 62_1JO_03_23
his commandment that 62_1JO_03_22
his commandments and 62_1JO_05_03
his commandments and 62_1JO_05_03
his commandments and his 62_1JO_05_03
his commandments are 62_1JO_03_16
his life for 62_1JO_01_03
his Son Jesus 62_1JO_03_23
his Son Jesus 62_1JO_05_20
his Son Jesus 62_1JO_03_23
his Son Jesus Christ 62_1JO_05_20
his Son Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_10
his son to 62_1JO_05_14
his will he 62_1JO_05_07
Holy Ghost and 62_1JO_03_03
hope in him 62_1JO_04_20
how can he 62_1JO_05_16
I do not 62_1JO_05_16
I do not say 62_1JO_02_21
I have not 62_1JO_02_14
I have written 62_1JO_02_14
I have written unto 62_1JO_02_04
I know him 62_1JO_02_01
I unto you 62_1JO_02_01
I unto you that 62_1JO_02_08
I write unto 62_1JO_02_12
I write unto 62_1JO_02_13
I write unto 62_1JO_02_08
I write unto you 62_1JO_02_12
I write unto you 62_1JO_02_13
I write unto you 62_1JO_02_13
I write unto you 62_1JO_02_13
I write unto you 62_1JO_02_26
I written unto 62_1JO_05_13
I written unto 62_1JO_02_26
I written unto you 62_1JO_05_13
I written unto you 62_1JO_04_20
if a man 62_1JO_02_01
if any man 62_1JO_02_15
if any man 62_1JO_05_16
if any man 62_1JO_05_16
if any man see 62_1JO_04_11
if God so 62_1JO_03_20
if our heart 62_1JO_03_21
if our heart 62_1JO_03_20
if our heart condemn 62_1JO_03_21
if our heart condemn 62_1JO_02_24
if that which 62_1JO_03_13
If the world hate 62_1JO_02_19
if they had 62_1JO_01_08
If we say 62_1JO_01_10
If we say 62_1JO_01_06
If we say that 62_1JO_01_08
If we say that 62_1JO_02_29
If ye know 62_1JO_02_11
in darkness and 62_1JO_03_18
in deed and 62_1JO_04_16
in God and 62_1JO_05_07
in heaven the 62_1JO_02_08
in him and 62_1JO_03_09
in him and 62_1JO_03_24
in him and 62_1JO_03_24
in him and 62_1JO_04_13
in him and 62_1JO_04_15
in him and 62_1JO_03_09
in him and he 62_1JO_04_13
in him and he 62_1JO_04_15
in him and he 62_1JO_02_08
in him and in 62_1JO_01_05
in him is 62_1JO_03_05
in him is 62_1JO_01_05
in him is no 62_1JO_03_05
in him is no 62_1JO_02_28
in him that 62_1JO_05_20
in him that 62_1JO_03_22
in his sight 62_1JO_05_11
in his Son 62_1JO_05_20
in his Son 62_1JO_04_17
in the day 62_1JO_04_17
in the day of 62_1JO_04_02
in the flesh 62_1JO_04_03
in the flesh 62_1JO_04_03
in the flesh 62_1JO_04_02
in the flesh is 62_1JO_01_07
in the light 62_1JO_02_09
in the light 62_1JO_02_10
in the light 62_1JO_02_09
in the light and 62_1JO_02_24
in the son 62_1JO_02_15
in the world 62_1JO_02_16
in the world 62_1JO_04_03
in the world 62_1JO_04_04
in the world 62_1JO_04_17
in this world 62_1JO_04_12
in us and 62_1JO_02_14
in you and 62_1JO_02_27
in you and 62_1JO_02_14
in you and ye 62_1JO_02_27
in you and ye 62_1JO_02_24
in you which ye 62_1JO_02_24
in you ye 62_1JO_04_01
into the world 62_1JO_04_09
into the world 62_1JO_02_04
is a liar 62_1JO_04_20
is a liar 62_1JO_02_04
is a liar and 62_1JO_03_15
is a murderer 62_1JO_05_16
is a sin 62_1JO_05_17
is a sin 62_1JO_05_01
is begotten of 62_1JO_05_18
is begotten of 62_1JO_02_29
is born of 62_1JO_03_09
is born of 62_1JO_04_07
is born of 62_1JO_05_01
is born of 62_1JO_05_04
is born of 62_1JO_05_18
is born of 62_1JO_03_09
is born of God 62_1JO_03_09
is born of God 62_1JO_05_01
is born of God 62_1JO_05_04
is born of God 62_1JO_05_18
is born of God 62_1JO_05_20
is come and 62_1JO_04_02
is come in 62_1JO_04_03
is come in 62_1JO_04_02
is come in the 62_1JO_04_03
is come in the 62_1JO_01_09
is faithful and 62_1JO_02_13
is from the 62_1JO_02_14
is from the 62_1JO_02_13
is from the beginning 62_1JO_02_14
is from the beginning 62_1JO_03_20
is greater than 62_1JO_04_04
is he that 62_1JO_05_05
is he that 62_1JO_05_06
is he that 62_1JO_04_04
is he that is 62_1JO_02_09
is in darkness 62_1JO_02_11
is in darkness 62_1JO_05_11
is in his 62_1JO_01_07
is in the 62_1JO_02_09
is in the 62_1JO_02_16
is in the 62_1JO_04_04
is in the 62_1JO_01_07
is in the light 62_1JO_02_09
is in the light 62_1JO_02_16
is in the world 62_1JO_04_04
is in you 62_1JO_01_05
is light and 62_1JO_01_05
is no darkness 62_1JO_01_08
is not in 62_1JO_01_10
is not in 62_1JO_02_04
is not in 62_1JO_02_15
is not in 62_1JO_02_04
is not in him 62_1JO_02_15
is not in him 62_1JO_01_08
is not in us 62_1JO_04_18
is not made 62_1JO_02_16
is not of 62_1JO_03_10
is not of 62_1JO_04_03
is not of 62_1JO_04_06
is not of 62_1JO_03_10
is not of God 62_1JO_04_06
is not of God 62_1JO_02_16
is not of the 62_1JO_05_16
is not unto 62_1JO_05_16
is not unto death 62_1JO_04_02
is of God 62_1JO_04_07
is of God 62_1JO_02_16
is of the 62_1JO_02_21
is of the 62_1JO_03_08
is of the 62_1JO_02_08
is past and 62_1JO_04_03
is that Spirit 62_1JO_05_01
is the Christ 62_1JO_02_18
is the last time 62_1JO_02_18
is the last time 62_1JO_02_05
is the love 62_1JO_05_03
is the love 62_1JO_02_05
is the love of 62_1JO_05_03
is the love of 62_1JO_01_05
is the message 62_1JO_03_11
is the message 62_1JO_02_25
is the promise 62_1JO_05_11
is the record 62_1JO_04_15
is the son 62_1JO_05_05
is the son 62_1JO_04_15
is the son of 62_1JO_05_05
is the son of 62_1JO_05_06
is the spirit 62_1JO_05_06
is the spirit that 62_1JO_03_04
is the transgression 62_1JO_03_04
is the transgression of 62_1JO_05_20
is the TRUE God 62_1JO_02_07
is the word 62_1JO_05_20
is TRUE and 62_1JO_02_08
is TRUE in 62_1JO_02_27
is truth And 62_1JO_01_03
is with the 62_1JO_04_03
it in the 62_1JO_02_18
it is the 62_1JO_05_06
it is the 62_1JO_02_18
it is the last 62_1JO_02_18
it is the last 62_1JO_05_06
It is the spirit 62_1JO_04_03
it should come 62_1JO_03_23
Jesus Christ and 62_1JO_04_02
Jesus Christ is 62_1JO_04_03
Jesus Christ is 62_1JO_04_02
Jesus Christ is come 62_1JO_04_03
Jesus Christ is come 62_1JO_02_01
Jesus Christ the 62_1JO_04_15
Jesus is the 62_1JO_05_01
Jesus is the 62_1JO_05_05
Jesus is the 62_1JO_02_22
Jesus is the Christ 62_1JO_04_15
Jesus is the Son 62_1JO_05_05
Jesus is the Son 62_1JO_01_04
joy may be 62_1JO_01_04
joy may be full 62_1JO_02_03
keep his commandments 62_1JO_03_22
keep his commandments 62_1JO_05_02
keep his commandments 62_1JO_05_03
keep his commandments 62_1JO_03_22
keep his commandments and 62_1JO_05_03
keep his commandments and 62_1JO_05_21
keep yourselves from 62_1JO_03_01
knew him not 62_1JO_02_20
know all things 62_1JO_02_04
know him and 62_1JO_02_21
know not the 62_1JO_02_29
know that he 62_1JO_03_05
know that he 62_1JO_03_24
know that he 62_1JO_05_15
know that he 62_1JO_02_18
know that it 62_1JO_02_18
know that it is 62_1JO_03_15
know that no 62_1JO_05_20
know that the 62_1JO_05_20
know that the Son 62_1JO_02_03
know that we 62_1JO_03_14
know that we 62_1JO_03_19
know that we 62_1JO_05_02
know that we 62_1JO_05_15
know that we 62_1JO_05_19
know that we 62_1JO_05_19
know that we are 62_1JO_03_14
know that we have 62_1JO_05_15
know that we have 62_1JO_05_18
know that whosoever 62_1JO_05_13
know that ye 62_1JO_05_13
know that ye have 62_1JO_02_05
know we that 62_1JO_04_13
know we that 62_1JO_02_05
know we that we 62_1JO_04_13
know we that we 62_1JO_04_08
knoweth not God 62_1JO_02_11
knoweth not whither 62_1JO_02_11
knoweth not whither he 62_1JO_02_13
known him that 62_1JO_02_14
known him that 62_1JO_02_13
known him that is 62_1JO_02_14
known him that is 62_1JO_02_13
known the Father 62_1JO_03_07
Let no man 62_1JO_03_07
Let no man deceive 62_1JO_03_18
Let us not 62_1JO_02_04
liar and the 62_1JO_05_12
life and he 62_1JO_05_12
life and he that 62_1JO_05_11
life is in 62_1JO_02_10
light and there 62_1JO_04_04
little children and 62_1JO_02_12
little children because 62_1JO_02_13
little children because 62_1JO_03_07
Little children let 62_1JO_03_18
Little children let 62_1JO_03_16
lives for the 62_1JO_04_20
love God and 62_1JO_05_02
love God and 62_1JO_02_15
love not the 62_1JO_02_05
love of God 62_1JO_03_16
love of God 62_1JO_03_17
love of God 62_1JO_04_09
love of God 62_1JO_05_03
love of God 62_1JO_03_17
love of God in 62_1JO_02_15
love of the 62_1JO_03_11
love one another 62_1JO_03_23
love one another 62_1JO_04_07
love one another 62_1JO_04_11
love one another 62_1JO_04_12
love one another 62_1JO_04_07
love one another for 62_1JO_03_01
love the Father 62_1JO_05_01
loveth him that 62_1JO_03_10
loveth not his 62_1JO_03_14
loveth not his 62_1JO_03_10
loveth not his brother 62_1JO_03_14
loveth not his brother 62_1JO_02_16
lust of the 62_1JO_02_16
lust of the flesh 62_1JO_05_10
made him a 62_1JO_02_19
made manifest that 62_1JO_02_19
made manifest that they 62_1JO_01_10
make him a 62_1JO_03_07
man deceive you 62_1JO_04_12
man hath seen 62_1JO_04_12
man hath seen God 62_1JO_03_03
man that hath 62_1JO_02_19
manifest that they 62_1JO_04_01
many FALSE prophets 62_1JO_05_13
may know that 62_1JO_05_13
may know that ye 62_1JO_02_13
men because ye 62_1JO_02_14
men because ye 62_1JO_02_19
might be made 62_1JO_03_08
might destroy the 62_1JO_02_01
My little children 62_1JO_03_23
name of his 62_1JO_05_13
name of the 62_1JO_05_13
name of the Son 62_1JO_05_13
name of the Son 62_1JO_02_27
need not that 62_1JO_02_08
new commandment I 62_1JO_02_07
new commandment unto 62_1JO_03_07
no man deceive 62_1JO_03_07
no man deceive you 62_1JO_04_12
no man hath 62_1JO_02_01
not and if any 62_1JO_02_28
not be ashamed 62_1JO_03_01
not because it 62_1JO_05_18
not but he 62_1JO_05_18
not but he that 62_1JO_03_10
not his brother 62_1JO_03_14
not his brother 62_1JO_02_04
not in him 62_1JO_01_08
not in us 62_1JO_03_10
not of God 62_1JO_04_03
not of God 62_1JO_04_06
not of God 62_1JO_02_16
not of the 62_1JO_02_19
not of us 62_1JO_05_16
not say that 62_1JO_03_06
not seen him 62_1JO_03_06
not seen him neither 62_1JO_02_27
not that any 62_1JO_02_27
not that any man 62_1JO_04_03
not that Jesus 62_1JO_04_03
not that Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_10
not that we 62_1JO_02_23
not the Father 62_1JO_05_12
not the son 62_1JO_01_06
not the truth 62_1JO_02_21
not the truth but 62_1JO_05_16
not unto death 62_1JO_02_11
not whither he 62_1JO_02_11
not whither he goeth 62_1JO_03_02
Now are we 62_1JO_02_27
of all things 62_1JO_02_27
of all things and 62_1JO_02_17
of God abideth 62_1JO_03_02
of God and 62_1JO_04_03
of God and 62_1JO_04_07
of God and 62_1JO_05_01
of God and 62_1JO_05_19
of God and 62_1JO_04_07
of God and every 62_1JO_05_01
of God and every 62_1JO_05_19
of God and the 62_1JO_04_03
of God and this 62_1JO_03_10
of God are 62_1JO_03_16
of God because 62_1JO_04_01
of God because 62_1JO_03_16
of God because he 62_1JO_05_10
of God hath 62_1JO_05_12
of God hath 62_1JO_04_06
of God he 62_1JO_04_06
of God he that 62_1JO_04_06
of God heareth 62_1JO_03_17
of God in 62_1JO_05_09
of God is 62_1JO_05_20
of God is 62_1JO_05_20
of God is come 62_1JO_05_09
of God is greater 62_1JO_05_03
of God that 62_1JO_05_13
of God that 62_1JO_05_13
of God that ye 62_1JO_04_09
of God toward 62_1JO_03_08
of God was 62_1JO_05_02
of God when 62_1JO_05_09
of God which 62_1JO_01_05
of him and 62_1JO_03_23
of his son 62_1JO_05_09
of his son 62_1JO_05_10
of his son 62_1JO_03_23
of his Son Jesus 62_1JO_01_07
of Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_17
Of judgment because 62_1JO_02_16
of life is 62_1JO_03_08
of the devil 62_1JO_03_10
of the devil 62_1JO_03_08
of the devil for 62_1JO_02_16
of the eyes 62_1JO_02_15
of the father 62_1JO_02_16
of the father 62_1JO_02_16
of the flesh 62_1JO_02_16
of the flesh and 62_1JO_05_13
of the son 62_1JO_05_13
of the son 62_1JO_05_13
of the son of 62_1JO_05_13
of the son of 62_1JO_02_21
of the truth 62_1JO_03_19
of the truth 62_1JO_02_02
of the whole 62_1JO_02_02
of the whole world 62_1JO_01_01
of the word 62_1JO_01_01
of the word of 62_1JO_02_16
of the world 62_1JO_04_05
of the world 62_1JO_04_14
of the world 62_1JO_04_05
of the world and 62_1JO_04_05
of the world therefore 62_1JO_04_06
of truth and 62_1JO_04_06
of truth and the 62_1JO_02_19
of us for 62_1JO_02_19
of us they 62_1JO_03_23
on the name 62_1JO_05_13
on the name 62_1JO_03_23
on the name of 62_1JO_05_13
on the name of 62_1JO_05_13
on the name of 62_1JO_05_10
On the son 62_1JO_05_10
On the son of 62_1JO_03_23
one another as 62_1JO_04_07
one another for 62_1JO_04_07
one that loveth 62_1JO_05_01
one that loveth 62_1JO_01_07
one with another 62_1JO_01_07
one with another and 62_1JO_04_09
only begotten Son 62_1JO_02_02
only but also 62_1JO_01_01
Our hands have 62_1JO_03_20
our heart condemn 62_1JO_03_21
our heart condemn 62_1JO_03_20
our heart condemn us 62_1JO_03_21
our heart condemn us 62_1JO_02_02
our sins and 62_1JO_03_05
our sins and 62_1JO_01_09
our sins and to 62_1JO_01_08
ourselves and the 62_1JO_02_19
out from us 62_1JO_02_13
overcome the wicked 62_1JO_02_14
overcome the wicked 62_1JO_02_13
overcome the wicked one 62_1JO_02_14
overcome the wicked one 62_1JO_05_04
overcometh the world 62_1JO_05_05
overcometh the world 62_1JO_03_14
passed from death 62_1JO_03_14
passed from death unto 62_1JO_02_08
past and the 62_1JO_03_22
pleasing in his 62_1JO_02_25
promise that he 62_1JO_02_02
propitiation for our 62_1JO_04_10
propitiation for our 62_1JO_02_02
propitiation for our sins 62_1JO_04_10
propitiation for our sins 62_1JO_05_10
record that God 62_1JO_05_11
record that God 62_1JO_02_24
remain in you 62_1JO_04_14
Saviour of the world 62_1JO_05_16
say that he 62_1JO_01_06
say that we 62_1JO_01_08
say that we 62_1JO_01_06
say that we have 62_1JO_01_08
say that we have 62_1JO_03_02
see him as 62_1JO_03_02
see him as he 62_1JO_01_03
seen and heard 62_1JO_04_12
seen God at 62_1JO_04_12
seen God at any 62_1JO_03_06
seen him neither 62_1JO_02_27
shall abide in 62_1JO_02_28
shall appear we 62_1JO_03_02
shall appear we 62_1JO_03_02
shall be but 62_1JO_03_02
shall be like 62_1JO_04_15
shall confess that 62_1JO_02_24
shall continue in 62_1JO_02_24
shall continue in the 62_1JO_02_24
shall remain in 62_1JO_03_02
shall see him 62_1JO_03_23
should believe on 62_1JO_04_03
should come and 62_1JO_02_01
sin not and 62_1JO_05_16
sin not unto 62_1JO_05_17
sin not unto 62_1JO_05_16
sin not unto death 62_1JO_05_17
sin not unto death 62_1JO_05_16
sin unto death 62_1JO_02_02
sins of the 62_1JO_04_17
so are we 62_1JO_02_24
son and in 62_1JO_02_24
son and in the 62_1JO_01_07
Son cleanseth us from 62_1JO_01_07
Son cleanseth us from 62_1JO_04_09
Son into the 62_1JO_04_09
Son into the world 62_1JO_03_23
Son Jesus Christ 62_1JO_05_20
Son Jesus Christ 62_1JO_03_08
Son of God 62_1JO_04_15
Son of God 62_1JO_05_05
Son of God 62_1JO_05_10
Son of God 62_1JO_05_12
Son of God 62_1JO_05_13
Son of God 62_1JO_05_20
Son of God 62_1JO_05_10
Son of God hath 62_1JO_05_12
Son of God hath 62_1JO_04_10
Son to be 62_1JO_04_14
Son to be 62_1JO_04_10
Son to be the 62_1JO_04_14
Son to be the 62_1JO_03_01
sons of God 62_1JO_03_02
sons of God 62_1JO_05_08
Spirit and the 62_1JO_04_02
Spirit of God 62_1JO_04_06
Spirit of truth 62_1JO_04_02
spirit that confesseth 62_1JO_04_03
spirit that confesseth 62_1JO_02_14
strong and the 62_1JO_03_05
take away our 62_1JO_04_04
than he that 62_1JO_02_27
that any man 62_1JO_02_15
that are in 62_1JO_02_15
that are in the 62_1JO_02_15
that are in the 62_1JO_05_08
that bear witness 62_1JO_05_06
that beareth witness 62_1JO_05_10
that believeth not 62_1JO_05_10
that believeth on 62_1JO_05_10
that believeth on the 62_1JO_05_06
that came by 62_1JO_02_29
that doeth righteousness 62_1JO_02_29
that doeth righteousness is 62_1JO_03_07
that doeth righteousness is 62_1JO_02_17
that doeth the 62_1JO_02_17
that doeth the will 62_1JO_04_16
that dwelleth in 62_1JO_02_29
that every one 62_1JO_02_29
that every one that 62_1JO_04_16
that God hath 62_1JO_05_11
that God hath 62_1JO_01_05
that God is 62_1JO_02_11
that hateth his 62_1JO_05_12
that hath not 62_1JO_05_12
that hath the 62_1JO_02_25
that he hath 62_1JO_02_29
that he is 62_1JO_04_10
that he loved 62_1JO_03_08
that he might 62_1JO_03_08
that he might destroy 62_1JO_05_16
that he shall 62_1JO_03_05
that he was 62_1JO_05_01
that is begotten 62_1JO_05_18
that is begotten 62_1JO_05_01
that is begotten of 62_1JO_05_18
that is begotten of 62_1JO_02_13
that is from 62_1JO_02_13
that is from the 62_1JO_02_14
that is from the 62_1JO_02_16
that is in 62_1JO_04_04
that is in 62_1JO_02_16
that is in the 62_1JO_04_04
that is in the 62_1JO_04_04
that is in you 62_1JO_04_06
that is not 62_1JO_05_20
that is TRUE 62_1JO_02_18
that it is 62_1JO_04_03
that it should 62_1JO_04_03
that it should come 62_1JO_04_02
that Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_03
that Jesus Christ 62_1JO_04_02
that Jesus Christ is 62_1JO_04_03
that Jesus Christ is 62_1JO_04_15
that Jesus is 62_1JO_05_01
that Jesus is 62_1JO_05_05
that Jesus is 62_1JO_04_15
that Jesus is the 62_1JO_05_01
that Jesus is the 62_1JO_05_05
that Jesus is the 62_1JO_05_01
that loveth him 62_1JO_02_10
that loveth his brother 62_1JO_02_10
that loveth his brother 62_1JO_03_10
that loveth not 62_1JO_03_14
that loveth not 62_1JO_04_20
that loveth not 62_1JO_03_10
that loveth not his 62_1JO_03_14
that loveth not his 62_1JO_05_04
that overcometh the 62_1JO_05_05
that overcometh the 62_1JO_05_04
that overcometh the world 62_1JO_05_05
that overcometh the world 62_1JO_02_06
that saith he 62_1JO_02_04
That saith I 62_1JO_04_14
that the Father 62_1JO_05_20
that the son 62_1JO_05_20
that the son of 62_1JO_02_19
that they might 62_1JO_02_19
that they might be 62_1JO_02_19
that they were 62_1JO_02_05
that we are 62_1JO_03_19
that we are 62_1JO_05_19
that we are 62_1JO_02_05
that we are in 62_1JO_03_19
that we are of 62_1JO_05_19
that we are of 62_1JO_05_15
that we desired 62_1JO_01_06
that we have 62_1JO_01_08
that we have 62_1JO_01_10
that we have 62_1JO_03_14
that we have 62_1JO_05_14
that we have 62_1JO_05_15
that we have 62_1JO_02_03
that we know 62_1JO_05_02
that we love 62_1JO_04_17
that we may 62_1JO_05_20
that we may 62_1JO_05_20
that we may know 62_1JO_04_09
that we might 62_1JO_03_01
that we should 62_1JO_03_11
that we should 62_1JO_03_23
that we should 62_1JO_03_01
that we should be 62_1JO_02_28
that when he 62_1JO_03_02
that when he 62_1JO_02_28
that when he shall 62_1JO_03_02
that when he shall 62_1JO_01_01
that which was 62_1JO_01_03
that which we 62_1JO_01_03
that which we have 62_1JO_02_24
that which ye 62_1JO_02_24
that which ye have 62_1JO_05_18
That whosoever is 62_1JO_03_12
that wicked one 62_1JO_05_18
that wicked one 62_1JO_01_03
That ye also 62_1JO_01_03
that ye also may 62_1JO_05_13
that ye have 62_1JO_03_11
that ye heard 62_1JO_05_13
that ye may 62_1JO_05_13
that ye may know 62_1JO_02_01
that ye sin 62_1JO_02_01
that ye sin not 62_1JO_01_04
that your joy may 62_1JO_02_13
the beginning I 62_1JO_02_24
the beginning if 62_1JO_03_11
the beginning that 62_1JO_03_11
the beginning that we 62_1JO_02_07
the beginning the 62_1JO_05_08
the blood and 62_1JO_01_07
the blood of 62_1JO_03_10
the children of 62_1JO_05_02
the children of 62_1JO_03_10
the children of God 62_1JO_05_02
the children of God 62_1JO_03_10
the children of the 62_1JO_04_17
the day of 62_1JO_04_17
the day of judgment 62_1JO_03_08
the devil for 62_1JO_01_02
the father and 62_1JO_01_03
the father and 62_1JO_02_22
the father and 62_1JO_02_22
the father and the 62_1JO_02_16
the Father but 62_1JO_03_01
the Father hath 62_1JO_02_15
the Father is 62_1JO_05_07
the father the 62_1JO_02_16
the flesh and 62_1JO_02_16
the flesh and the 62_1JO_04_02
the flesh is 62_1JO_04_03
the flesh is 62_1JO_05_07
the Holy Ghost 62_1JO_05_07
the Holy Ghost and 62_1JO_02_20
the Holy One 62_1JO_02_20
the Holy One and 62_1JO_02_18
the last time 62_1JO_03_04
the law for 62_1JO_01_02
the life was 62_1JO_02_09
the light and 62_1JO_02_10
the light and 62_1JO_02_05
the love of 62_1JO_02_15
the love of 62_1JO_03_16
the love of 62_1JO_03_17
the love of 62_1JO_04_09
the love of 62_1JO_05_03
the love of 62_1JO_02_05
the love of God 62_1JO_03_16
the love of God 62_1JO_03_17
the love of God 62_1JO_04_09
the love of God 62_1JO_05_03
the love of God 62_1JO_02_15
the love of the 62_1JO_02_16
the lust of 62_1JO_02_16
the lust of the 62_1JO_03_23
The name of 62_1JO_05_13
The name of 62_1JO_03_23
the name of his 62_1JO_05_13
The name of the 62_1JO_05_13
The name of the 62_1JO_02_16
the pride of 62_1JO_02_25
the promise that 62_1JO_02_25
the promise that he 62_1JO_02_02
the propitiation for 62_1JO_04_10
the propitiation for 62_1JO_02_02
the propitiation for our 62_1JO_04_10
the propitiation for our 62_1JO_05_10
the record that 62_1JO_05_11
the record that 62_1JO_05_10
the record that God 62_1JO_05_11
the record that God 62_1JO_04_14
the Saviour of 62_1JO_02_02
the sins of the 62_1JO_02_24
the Son and 62_1JO_05_12
the son hath 62_1JO_03_08
the son of 62_1JO_04_15
the son of 62_1JO_05_05
the son of 62_1JO_05_10
the son of 62_1JO_05_12
the son of 62_1JO_05_13
the son of 62_1JO_05_20
the son of 62_1JO_03_08
the Son of God 62_1JO_04_15
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_05
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_10
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_12
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_13
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_13
the Son of God 62_1JO_05_20
the Son of God 62_1JO_02_23
the son the 62_1JO_04_14
the Son to 62_1JO_03_01
the sons of 62_1JO_03_02
the sons of 62_1JO_03_01
the sons of God 62_1JO_03_02
the sons of God 62_1JO_05_08
the spirit and 62_1JO_05_08
the Spirit and the 62_1JO_05_06
the spirit is 62_1JO_04_02
the Spirit of 62_1JO_04_06
the Spirit of 62_1JO_04_02
the Spirit of God 62_1JO_04_06
the Spirit of truth 62_1JO_05_06
the spirit that 62_1JO_03_24
the spirit which 62_1JO_02_15
the things that 62_1JO_02_15
the things that are 62_1JO_03_04
the transgression of 62_1JO_05_20
the TRUE God and 62_1JO_02_08
the TRUE Light 62_1JO_03_19
the truth and 62_1JO_03_19
the truth and shall 62_1JO_02_21
the truth but 62_1JO_01_08
the truth is 62_1JO_01_08
the truth is not 62_1JO_02_04
the truth is not 62_1JO_05_04
the victory that 62_1JO_05_08
the water and 62_1JO_02_02
the whole world 62_1JO_05_19
the whole world 62_1JO_02_14
the wicked one 62_1JO_02_17
the will of 62_1JO_02_17
the will of God 62_1JO_05_09
the witness of 62_1JO_05_09
the witness of God 62_1JO_05_09
the witness of God 62_1JO_05_07
the word and 62_1JO_01_01
the word of 62_1JO_02_14
the word of 62_1JO_02_14
the word of God 62_1JO_01_01
the word of life 62_1JO_02_07
the word which 62_1JO_02_07
the word which ye 62_1JO_03_08
the works of 62_1JO_03_08
the works of the 62_1JO_04_05
the world and 62_1JO_05_04
the world and 62_1JO_04_05
the world and the 62_1JO_05_05
the world but 62_1JO_05_04
the world even 62_1JO_03_13
the world hate 62_1JO_03_13
the world hate you 62_1JO_04_09
the world that 62_1JO_04_09
the world that we 62_1JO_02_15
the world the 62_1JO_02_16
the world the 62_1JO_04_05
the world therefore 62_1JO_05_16
Them that sin 62_1JO_01_05
then is the 62_1JO_05_07
There are three 62_1JO_05_07
there are three that 62_1JO_05_08
there are three that 62_1JO_05_16
There is a 62_1JO_05_17
There is a 62_1JO_05_16
There is a sin 62_1JO_05_17
There is a sin 62_1JO_04_18
there is no 62_1JO_02_10
There is none 62_1JO_03_01
therefore the world 62_1JO_02_26
these things have 62_1JO_05_13
these things have 62_1JO_02_26
these things have I 62_1JO_05_13
these things have I 62_1JO_01_04
These things write 62_1JO_02_01
These things write I 62_1JO_04_05
They are of 62_1JO_02_19
they had been 62_1JO_02_19
they might be 62_1JO_04_05
they of the 62_1JO_02_19
they went out 62_1JO_02_19
they were not 62_1JO_02_19
they were not of 62_1JO_02_08
thing is TRUE 62_1JO_02_26
things have I 62_1JO_05_13
things have I 62_1JO_02_26
things have I written 62_1JO_05_13
things have I written 62_1JO_02_15
things that are 62_1JO_03_22
things that are 62_1JO_02_15
things that are in 62_1JO_02_01
things write I 62_1JO_02_01
things write I unto 62_1JO_04_21
This commandment have 62_1JO_05_06
this is he 62_1JO_04_03
this is that 62_1JO_02_25
This is the 62_1JO_03_11
This is the 62_1JO_05_03
This is the 62_1JO_05_04
This is the 62_1JO_05_09
This is the 62_1JO_05_11
This is the 62_1JO_05_14
This is the 62_1JO_05_20
This is the 62_1JO_05_11
this is the record 62_1JO_05_20
this is the TRUE 62_1JO_03_22
those things that 62_1JO_03_22
those things that are 62_1JO_05_07
three that bear 62_1JO_05_08
three that bear 62_1JO_04_10
to be the 62_1JO_04_14
to be the 62_1JO_05_14
to his will 62_1JO_03_05
to take away 62_1JO_03_05
to take away our 62_1JO_05_20
TRUE God and eternal 62_1JO_05_20
TRUE God and eternal 62_1JO_03_19
truth and shall 62_1JO_04_06
truth and the 62_1JO_01_08
truth is not 62_1JO_02_04
truth is not 62_1JO_01_08
truth is not in 62_1JO_02_04
truth is not in 62_1JO_02_21
unto you because 62_1JO_02_07
unto you but 62_1JO_02_13
unto you fathers 62_1JO_02_14
unto you fathers 62_1JO_02_13
unto you fathers because 62_1JO_02_14
unto you fathers because 62_1JO_02_12
unto you little 62_1JO_02_13
unto you little 62_1JO_02_12
unto you little children 62_1JO_02_13
unto you little children 62_1JO_01_02
unto you that 62_1JO_01_03
unto you that 62_1JO_01_04
unto you that 62_1JO_01_05
unto you that 62_1JO_05_13
unto you that 62_1JO_01_03
unto you that ye 62_1JO_02_01
unto you that ye 62_1JO_02_13
unto you young 62_1JO_02_14
unto you young 62_1JO_02_13
unto you young men 62_1JO_02_14
unto you young men 62_1JO_03_01
upon us that 62_1JO_03_01
upon us that we 62_1JO_03_16
us and we 62_1JO_03_24
us by the 62_1JO_01_07
us from all 62_1JO_03_20
us God is 62_1JO_04_16
us God is 62_1JO_04_13
us of his 62_1JO_01_09
us our sins 62_1JO_03_01
us that we 62_1JO_03_01
us that we should 62_1JO_05_15
us whatsoever we 62_1JO_01_07
walk in the 62_1JO_02_11
walketh in darkness 62_1JO_01_01
was from the 62_1JO_01_02
was with the 62_1JO_05_08
water and the 62_1JO_02_05
we are in 62_1JO_05_20
we are in 62_1JO_02_05
we are in him 62_1JO_05_20
we are in him 62_1JO_03_19
we are of 62_1JO_05_19
we are of 62_1JO_04_06
We are of God 62_1JO_05_19
We are of God 62_1JO_03_22
we ask we 62_1JO_05_15
we ask we 62_1JO_05_15
we desired of 62_1JO_02_03
we do know 62_1JO_02_01
We have an 62_1JO_01_06
we have fellowship 62_1JO_01_07
we have fellowship 62_1JO_01_01
we have heard 62_1JO_01_05
we have heard 62_1JO_01_05
We have heard of 62_1JO_05_14
we have in 62_1JO_04_16
we have known 62_1JO_01_08
We have no 62_1JO_01_10
we have not 62_1JO_03_14
we have passed 62_1JO_01_01
we have seen 62_1JO_01_02
we have seen 62_1JO_01_03
we have seen 62_1JO_04_14
we have seen 62_1JO_04_14
we have seen and 62_1JO_01_02
we have seen it 62_1JO_05_15
we have the 62_1JO_02_03
we keep his 62_1JO_03_22
we keep his 62_1JO_02_03
we keep his commandments 62_1JO_03_22
we keep his commandments 62_1JO_02_03
We know him 62_1JO_02_18
we know that 62_1JO_03_02
we know that 62_1JO_03_14
we know that 62_1JO_03_19
we know that 62_1JO_03_24
we know that 62_1JO_05_02
we know that 62_1JO_05_15
we know that 62_1JO_05_18
we know that 62_1JO_05_18
we know that 62_1JO_05_20
we know that 62_1JO_03_24
we know that he 62_1JO_05_15
we know that he 62_1JO_05_20
we know that the 62_1JO_03_14
we know that we 62_1JO_05_02
we know that we 62_1JO_05_15
we know that we 62_1JO_05_19
we know that we 62_1JO_04_12
we love one 62_1JO_04_12
we love one another 62_1JO_03_14
we love the 62_1JO_05_02
we love the 62_1JO_02_28
we may have 62_1JO_04_17
we may have 62_1JO_05_20
we may know 62_1JO_05_20
we may know him 62_1JO_05_09
we receive the 62_1JO_01_06
we say that 62_1JO_01_10
we say that 62_1JO_01_06
we say that we 62_1JO_01_08
we say that we 62_1JO_03_02
we shall be 62_1JO_03_02
we shall see 62_1JO_03_02
we shall see him 62_1JO_03_01
we should be 62_1JO_02_05
we that we 62_1JO_01_03
we unto you 62_1JO_01_04
we unto you 62_1JO_01_03
we unto you that 62_1JO_01_04
we unto you that 62_1JO_01_07
we walk in the 62_1JO_02_19
went out from 62_1JO_02_19
went out from us 62_1JO_02_19
went out that 62_1JO_02_19
were not of 62_1JO_03_01
What manner of 62_1JO_03_02
what we shall 62_1JO_03_22
whatsoever we ask 62_1JO_05_15
whatsoever we ask 62_1JO_03_22
whatsoever we ask we 62_1JO_05_15
whatsoever we ask we 62_1JO_02_28
when he shall 62_1JO_03_02
when he shall 62_1JO_02_28
when he shall appear 62_1JO_03_02
when he shall appear 62_1JO_03_24
which he hath 62_1JO_05_09
which he hath 62_1JO_03_24
which he hath given 62_1JO_05_16
which is not 62_1JO_01_01
which was from 62_1JO_01_02
which was with 62_1JO_01_02
Which was with the 62_1JO_01_01
which we have 62_1JO_01_03
which we have 62_1JO_01_05
which we have 62_1JO_01_05
Which we have heard 62_1JO_01_01
which we have seen 62_1JO_02_07
which ye had 62_1JO_02_07
which ye have 62_1JO_02_24
which ye have 62_1JO_02_24
which ye have 62_1JO_02_07
which ye have heard 62_1JO_02_24
which ye have heard 62_1JO_02_11
whither he goeth 62_1JO_02_22
who is a 62_1JO_05_05
Who is he 62_1JO_05_05
Who is he that 62_1JO_03_12
who was of 62_1JO_04_20
whom he hath 62_1JO_02_05
Whoso keepeth his 62_1JO_03_04
Whosoever committeth sin 62_1JO_03_09
Whosoever is born 62_1JO_05_18
Whosoever is born 62_1JO_03_09
Whosoever is born of 62_1JO_05_18
Whosoever is born of 62_1JO_04_15
Whosoever shall confess 62_1JO_03_12
wicked one and 62_1JO_02_17
will of God 62_1JO_01_07
with another and 62_1JO_01_07
with another and the 62_1JO_01_06
with him and 62_1JO_01_02
with the father 62_1JO_02_01
with the father 62_1JO_01_02
with the Father and 62_1JO_01_03
with the Father and 62_1JO_01_03
with us and 62_1JO_05_07
word and the 62_1JO_01_10
word is not 62_1JO_01_10
word is not in 62_1JO_02_14
word of God 62_1JO_01_01
word of life 62_1JO_02_07
word which ye 62_1JO_03_08
works of the 62_1JO_04_05
world and the 62_1JO_04_05
world and the world 62_1JO_03_13
world hate you 62_1JO_02_17
world passeth away 62_1JO_04_09
world that we 62_1JO_02_01
write I unto 62_1JO_02_08
write unto you 62_1JO_02_12
write unto you 62_1JO_02_13
write unto you 62_1JO_02_12
write unto you little 62_1JO_02_13
write unto you little 62_1JO_02_14
written unto you 62_1JO_02_21
written unto you 62_1JO_02_26
written unto you 62_1JO_05_13
written unto you 62_1JO_01_03
ye also may 62_1JO_02_24
ye also shall 62_1JO_04_04
ye are of 62_1JO_02_14
ye are strong and 62_1JO_05_13
ye have eternal 62_1JO_05_13
ye have eternal life 62_1JO_02_07
ye have heard 62_1JO_02_18
ye have heard 62_1JO_02_24
ye have heard 62_1JO_04_03
ye have heard 62_1JO_02_07
ye have heard from 62_1JO_02_24
ye have heard from 62_1JO_02_18
Ye have heard that 62_1JO_04_03
Ye have heard that 62_1JO_02_13
ye have known 62_1JO_02_13
ye have known him 62_1JO_02_14
ye have known him 62_1JO_02_13
ye have overcome 62_1JO_02_14
ye have overcome 62_1JO_02_13
ye have overcome the 62_1JO_02_14
ye have overcome the 62_1JO_02_27
ye have received 62_1JO_02_27
ye have received of 62_1JO_02_20
ye know all 62_1JO_02_21
ye know not 62_1JO_02_21
ye know not the 62_1JO_02_29
ye know that 62_1JO_03_05
ye know that 62_1JO_03_15
ye know that 62_1JO_02_29
ye know that he 62_1JO_03_05
ye know that he 62_1JO_03_15
ye know that no 62_1JO_05_13
ye may know 62_1JO_05_13
ye may know that 62_1JO_02_27
ye need not 62_1JO_02_27
ye need not that 62_1JO_02_27
ye shall abide 62_1JO_02_27
ye shall abide in 62_1JO_02_01
ye sin not 62_1JO_04_02
ye the Spirit 62_1JO_02_14
you and ye 62_1JO_02_27
you and ye 62_1JO_02_14
you and ye have 62_1JO_02_21
you because ye 62_1JO_02_27
you but as 62_1JO_02_13
you fathers because 62_1JO_02_14
you fathers because 62_1JO_02_13
you fathers because ye 62_1JO_02_14
you fathers because ye 62_1JO_02_12
you for his 62_1JO_03_07
you He that 62_1JO_02_12
you little children 62_1JO_02_13
you little children 62_1JO_02_12
you little children because 62_1JO_02_13
you little children because 62_1JO_02_27
you of all 62_1JO_05_13
you that believe 62_1JO_01_05
you that God 62_1JO_01_03
you that ye 62_1JO_02_01
you that ye 62_1JO_02_24
you which ye 62_1JO_02_24
you which ye have 62_1JO_02_27
you ye shall 62_1JO_02_13
you young men 62_1JO_02_14
you young men 62_1JO_02_13
you young men because 62_1JO_02_14
you young men because 62_1JO_02_13
young men because 62_1JO_02_14
young men because 62_1JO_02_13
young men because ye 62_1JO_02_14
young men because ye 62_1JO_01_04
your joy may 62_1JO_01_04
your joy may be